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  1. This Capstone Class: Practice of Ethical and Social Responsibility
    From my own experience in Hands on Greater Portland, after numerous readings and class discussions, now, it is easy for me to give a clear explanation to ethical and social responsibility, and compare it with […]
  2. Tesco History Corporate Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Advertising
    This strategy which was initiated in 1997 is the one that ensured the growth and success of the company. Tesco capitalizes on the power of strategic advertisement to sell its brand locally and globally.
  3. Fair Isaac Co and Experian PLC Companies’ Social Responsibility
    However, the response by stakeholders is going to affect the success of the project far and large. The rivals and partners to Fair Isaac’s innovation agree that the credit score innovation is one of a […]
  4. Some social responsibility practices
    Even though the corporate sector may argue that it is the work of the government to ensure safety for their citizen by taking care of all environmental and social issues which may arise in the […]
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility Concept in Modern Economy
    In essence, these aspects will interrelate and interact to produce a viable CSR model that covers the six dimensions of the business strategy.
  6. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay
    In this light, this paper discusses the importance of ethics and social responsibility and various practices and theories employed in different organizations. In future, ethics and social responsibility will have a new meaning in the […]
  7. Nestlé Ethics and Social Responsibility
    The research in the sphere of Nestle’s ethics shows that the company has lots of low-rated ethical criteria to be accused of.
  8. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs)
    In the years 2007 to 2009, the company had the least satisfaction in a comparison of ten major motor companies in the world.
  9. Review of the corporate social responsibility for Siemens Company
    Foote 1999 says “For Siemens, devoting their time and expertise to assist the needy children, the youth and the elderly is a part of their identity”.
  10. Social Responsibility Role in the Business Success
    This is a theory or ideology that states an individual, manager, has the obligation to perform actions that are of benefit or profit to the society as well as the organization.
  11. Resource Distribution: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
    History The vision of the organisation is to improve the lives of the most susceptible individuals in Australia and across the world by mobilisation of the humanitarian support.
  12. The Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior of Qantas Airways
    The fact that the Group has been featuring in the index is a clear indication of its sustainability levels. The group has been acknowledged and recognized in the area of sustainability performance and disclosure.
  13. Riordan Manufacturing – Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility
    One of the ways through which this can be attained is by integrating ethics and social responsibility in its strategic planning.
  14. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
    The employees’ and officers’ workplace responsibilities include compulsory compliance with their company’s corporate social responsibility policies. Indeed, compulsory strategic corporate social responsibility improves the company’s public image.
  15. The Importance of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport: Creating and Maintaining the Perfect Balance
    The objective of this study is to identify the primary factors that influence a corporation’s involvement in CSR, and make recommendations on how a balance between marketing and corporate social responsibility can be achieved A […]
  16. Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai
    In ensuring the implementation of corporate social responsibilities, the University of Dubai partners and does dialogue with the communities around it through activities such as voluntary programs to the good of the society.
  17. Corporate Social Responsibilities of McDonalds UAE
    The company has been in operation since 1940 and has diversified in the number of food products it offers to the global markets. The company has adhered to the legal provisions of the country.
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept Analysis
    Second it is faced with the social responsibility of contributing to the societal wellbeing of the community in its environs and the stake holders in general.
  19. Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility
    It may not bridge the gap between the underprivileged and the privileged but it helps to improve the lives of those with a lower social status.”You should be the change you wish to see in […]
  20. Corporate social responsibility and corporate social irresponsibility: Introduction to a special topic section
    The concept very much reflects the views and values of society and looks at the greater context of all corporate institutions and practices.
  21. Ethics and Social Responsibilities in Business
    Incorporating strong business ethics as well as social responsibility in the company mission and vision statement is the beginning of promoting these values in the company general conduct and practices.
  22. Ethics Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
    The role of a business activity is to benefit the investor and also the community where the business is located. It seems that food poisoning is becoming a common problem in China and this issue […]
  23. The Positive Aspects of Ethical and Social Responsibility on Business
    The analysis section identifies the effects of ethics and CSR on the relationship of a business to its major stakeholders, who are identified as employees, investors, and customers.
  24. Corporate Social Responsibility at Starbucks
    The employees are the one who are directly connected to the production and offering of the goods and thus their conduct and performance is of great importance. The operation of the business usually takes into […]
  25. Disney in China and Its Working Conditions
    Since the company is a frontrunner in technology and media network, it needs to be aware of environmental effects of these activities.
  26. The Global Corporation and Social Responsibility: Multinational Decision Making and International Values
    In the article the writer is of the opinion that when operating in international market, the company should invest in knowing the legal, social, and economic frameworks that operate in the country.
  27. Effectively Enacting Corporate Social Responsibility
    The aim of corporate social responsibility is to hold accountability for the firm’s actions and egg on an affirmative result by way of its doings on the environment, end-users, members of staff, the public, stakeholders […]
  28. Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Society
    The critical areas that CSR managers focus on include the conservation of the environment, the development of the local community, and the general welfare of their employees.
  29. Corporate Social Responsibility: Emirates and ADNOC
    The second division is to obey the law, third is ethical implications and responsibilities and fourth is the responsibility of being a part of society and bettering the world around. It is important to consider […]
  30. Corporate Social Responsibility Role in Operations Management
    Furthermore, this concept can be used to describe the efforts of a company to increase the social, environmental, and economic benefits of their activities. The main advantage of this policy is that it can give […]
  31. Corporate Social Responsibility Importance for Business Organizations
    Companies that fail to adhere to the provisions of ethical behaviour and CSR related to the preservation of the environment are bound to experience a great deal of problems.
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility at the Tesco PLC
    Most of them look at the poor and superior activities that the company is engaged in.the impact of both their produce is scrutinized in terms of the value it brings to the society.
  33. Corporate Social Responsibility Challenges
    Corporate Social Responsibility as an Effective Business Opportunity to Companies with a Mix of Stakeholders Strategic options to companies with a mix of stakeholders Nowadays, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is widely discussed by […]
  34. Social responsibility and ethical analysis of Darden
    The employees of the firm are expected to maintain the business conducts and ethics policies. Darden recognizes the fact that it has a responsibility to respond to the needs in the community.
  35. British Petroleum Corporate Social Responsibility
    In the case of the oil spill, the article seeks to show that even though British Petroleum did go to great lengths in their CSR campaign; other firms that did not do this would have […]
  36. Ethical and Social responsibility issues in IHRM
    Despite the fact that different scholars hold different opinions about ethics and corporate social responsibility, there is need for a multinational firm to include the two in its operations so as to create a good […]
  37. Social Trends, Social Responsibility and Ethics
    On this basis, business ethics is a vital approach in doing business, whereby it’s potential of ensuring success and sustainability of a business, as it is part of corporate social responsibility, where it judges the […]
  38. Corporate Social Responsibility at the Kajima Corp.
    The point is that the concepts of CSR is usually closely related to the concepts of ethics, still, the main difference is that these activities are predetermined by law and are of voluntary nature so […]
  39. Corporate Responsibility at Singapore Airlines
    The article sought to establish the responsibility of businesspeople to the society. It is the company’s attempt to remain responsive to the needs of its shareholders and to behave in accordance with certain values that […]
  40. Ethical Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibilities in a Workplace
    These stakeholders include customers, employees, shareholders, the government, the suppliers and the public in general Corporations have started addressing business ethics in various ways, including the introduction of well grounded training programs for its staff, […]
  41. IBM Promotes Social Responsibility Goals
    The company’s responsibility is notable in many places of the society since it has a number of projects that target the betterment of the lives of challenged persons in the society.
  42. The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility
    By so doing, the article gives an outline on how the idea of how the practice of business participation in community activities has been viewed over the past as well as the evolution of these […]
  43. Qantas Airline Corporate Social Responsibility
    The first thing that the company must ensure is that all its fleet uses the latest technology in the aviation industry such that carbon emission from the fleet of airlines is reduced.
  44. Google’s Strategic Use of Information Technology: Profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility
    One can just imagine the confusion, anguish and despair felt by the residents of the city in the aftermath of the disaster.
  45. McDonalds Company Corporate Social Responsibility
    As in case with McDonalds that is the subject of the present paper, the mission statement of the company clearly states that the main task of the company is to create unique and unforgettable experiences […]
  46. Corporate social responsibility in UAE
    To these scholars corporate social responsibility refers to the continuing commitment by an organization to act ethically and contribute to economic growth while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life of the employees, their families, the […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Social Responsibility

  1. Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Business Projects
    In fact, business firms perceive conformity to regulations both as price of undertaking businesses and as foundation of prospective outlay factors in terms of status and legal action.
  2. Applying a Gender Perspective to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): An Exploratory Study in the United Arab Emirates
    Corporate Social Responsibility is the involvement of corporate bodies in the social aspects of life of people in the community in which the corporate exists.
  3. Can Aristotle’s Theory of Happiness Be Achieved by Applying Friedman’s Ideas of Corporate Social Responsibilities?
    According to Aristotle, politics is the master of all arts since it is concerned with the end in itself. This is a central argument to the ideas of Aristotle and underscores his idea that politics […]
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Development
    Both the customers and the suppliers would see the firm as a member of the society who is concerned with a positive transformation of the society.
  5. Mission, Vision, Social Responsibility and Strategic Planning For WAL-MART and TARGET
    The further statement clarification indicates the corporation seeks to provide the ordinary society with the opportunity to purchase similar things with the rich personalities.
  6. General electric – Social responsibility
    The company effectively utilizes television and video in its corporate social responsibility plan this involves countless television advertisements that aired daily by television channels around the world and tens of videos available on the General […]
  7. Share Holder Wealth Maximization Vis a Vis Social Responsibility
    If for instance wealth is the main argument in the utility of the shareholder, maximizing the anticipated utility of the wealth of the shareholder reduces the core objective of the entity as maximization of shareholder […]
  8. Contemporary Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility
    The main goal of business ethics for a firm is to ensure that there is a positive relationship between the firm and the society within which it operates.
  9. Definition of Corporate and Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility refers to all the efforts made by an organization to satisfy the interests of the society and its stakeholders.
  10. Real-World Example of a Business Facing a Social Responsibility Issue – IBM
    The company has to structure vital social responsibility programs so as to outdo other competitors in the global market. This grants IBM a critical mandate to deal with the social responsibility issue on sustainable development.
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility in Q’s Company
    The opponents of social responsibility argue that it is the duty of the government to look after the society social welfare since the organizations pay taxes to the government.
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies
    According to IISD, CSR is the internal enactment of regulating policies, which ensures that the involved organization conforms to the legal, social, environmental, and ethical concerns of the society.
  13. Organizational Responsibility at the Panasonic Corporation
    The main way that the firm has adopted is to recycle the resources. There is increased exploitation of resources around the world in the many manufacturing branches of the firm.
  14. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Certainly, for-profit organizations can bring some improvements into the live of the community, by creating jobs or participating in charity; however, the capabilities of companies are limited and managers should also think about the profitability […]
  15. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to the Business Financial Performance?
    Therefore, the supporters of CSR and business ethics should be aware of this limitation when speaking about the alleged benefits of improving the social performance of a company.
  16. Ethical and social responsibility of the alcohol industry in the UK?
    The continuous public scrutiny measures the extent of social responsibility and accountability that the alcohol industry has on the consumption of alcohol. The CSR approach asserts that the sole responsibility of the firm is to […]
  17. The Corporate Social Responsibility in the United Arab Emirates
    Supporting art and museums, gardens, and public places: This strategy is also fulfilled as a part of the program implemented in the ‘society and culture’ section of the bank whereby the company has set to […]
  18. Promoting Ethical Behaviours and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The management has given employees the right to rob customers of their hard-earned money and this aspect has a great impact on the lives of the customers, as money is a very important element in […]
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility: Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts
    Businesses should engage in corporate social responsibility since it contributes to the sustainability and growth of the world. Although there are several organizations, notably the agencies grouped under the umbrella of the UN, whose main […]
  20. Introducing Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE
    The gist of this argument therefore premises on the continued improvement of the quality of life for employees and the society, in general.
  21. News of the Ethics and Social Responsibility
    As evident in the case of Nike Inc, ethics and social responsibility is important to managers and other stakeholders since it demands that partners’ management performances revere the rights of personnel, reduce the influence on […]
  22. Corporate Social Responsibility and Apparel Industry
    The need for CSR in the textile and apparel industry is underscored by the fact that in view of the lacking political, social and legal guidelines, the organizations operating in the industry have societal obligations […]
  23. Strong Corporate Social Responsibility Program
    Research conducted on CSR Programs have found out that 70% of customer buying decisions, stakeholders and staff decisions are influenced by the level of social contribution that the company makes to the society.
  24. Corporate Social Responsibility: Starbucks
    With the goal of the company to source 100% of its coffee from ethically responsible suppliers the resulting price of a standard cup of coffee at Starbucks also happens to increase, which indicates that even […]
  25. Corporate Social Responsibility
    Like wise if the organization carries out the activities that pollute the environment the people can sue the organization for its harmful activities to the people and the environment.
  26. Towards a Critical Evaluation of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Advertising
    In any part of the world, ethical and social responsibility issues are considered as mainstream topics in the advertising literature, in part, due to the self-regulating nature of the industry and the influence that advertisements […]
  27. Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business
    The recent expansion of global business as well as decline of trade barriers has necessitated the world over to further underpin the interest in the topics of ethical behavior and social responsibility.
  28. Premier Oil Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia
    The company’s image is greatly enhanced in Indonesia as a result of the kind of support it offers to the people of that country.
  29. Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Perspective from Joseph Stiglitz
    On the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility, he argues that all companies have an obligation to the society and should thus try to act in the best interest of the society.
  30. Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility
    This therefore dictates that it is advisable to support the idea of corporate social responsibility for the sake of one’s prosperity as well as that of the society at large despite the cost that could […]
  31. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
    A fundamental theme of corporate governance is the nature and extent of responsibility and accountability of specific individuals in the corporation’s hierarchy, and mechanisms that attempt to eliminate or mitigate the problems that arise due […]
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility Major Aims
    Its major aim was to ensure that businesses were behaving ethically as well as contributing to the economic development, but at the same time the business is improving life quality of its employees, their families, […]
  33. Coca Cola Company’ Corporate Social Responsibility
    Coca Cola Company has used the aforementioned CRS models in order to execute its social responsibility towards the community within which it operates.
  34. Suncorp-Metway Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies
    Difficult decisions include the moral duty of the company to do the right thing, the company commitment to sustainability as well as the need to maintain the company operations besides safeguarding its reputations.
  35. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    It is the responsibility an organization takes upon itself to better the social lives of both the workforce and society. As more and more organisations take up the challenge of conserving the environment, it is […]
  36. Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing
    CSR has been defined as the continuing commitment by businesses to conduct their activities ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, the local community and the society […]
  37. Corporate Social Responsibility in Apple Inc.
    However, Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of the company in 1985, after he was phased out by directors of the company. The biography of Steve Jobs shows that he was dedicated to improve ethics […]
  38. The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in the Hospitality Industry and How They Add Value to the Customer
    Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethic on the Global Hospitality Industry Corporate Social Responsibility refers to an organization’s promise to the elimination and the minimization of harmful effect on the community while ensuring […]
  39. Apple Inc.’ Short Term Action Plans To Improve Its Corporate Social Responsibility
    Several issues have affected the corporate image of the company over the recent past and therefore there is need to try as much as possible to restore the corporate image of the company.
  40. Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Interests
    If one chooses to engage in a corporate responsibility initiative that does not add shareholder value, then that person is already making the decision for shareholders on how to spend their money.
  41. Toyota’s Crisis Communication Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The main issues that affected the brand reputation and customers’ reactions are the inadequate Toyota’s response to the problem in 2009 and 2010; the impossibility to accept the responsibility for accidents; and the concealment of […]
  42. Ethical Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility in Yelp
    The possible decreases in the company’s stocks associated with the documentary’s release and discussions of the ethical practices of Yelp in the media should also be analyzed to conclude regarding the public’s perceptions of the […]
  43. Corporate Social Responsibility of DU Company
    That is, how the business can impact the society with the kind of results it obtains, and how the business is committed to improving economic development while improving the living standards of its workforce.
  44. Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Aspects
    This will provide the company with accountability mechanisms and ways of ensuring that funds allocated to Social Corporate responsibility are not embezzled.
  45. Corporate Social Responsibility in International Human Resource Strategy
    This means that the application of CSR in the global business environment is likely to increase in the future. In a nutshell, incorporating CSR in human resource management is beneficial to the firm and all […]
  46. Differences in Corporate Social Responsibility Between European and Azerbaijan Oil Corporations
    Scopes of the study The researcher of this dissertation has research on an exceptional topic, which has number of scopes to discuss, such as Firstly, this dissertation would investigate the both negative side and positive […]
  47. Corporate Social Responsibility: Honda and Nissan
    Honda’s CSR report focuses on the company’s achievements in the environment, safety concerns, educational initiatives and the company’s relationship with the society.

✅ Most Interesting Social Responsibility Topics to Write about

  1. Strategic Social Responsibilities for Comparison Sites
    The aim of the consumer when using the search is to look for the cheapest retailer for the item, and this is what the price engine does; listing the best deals available for the consumer.
  2. Branding and Social Responsibility
    Customers around the world are known to associate themselves with brands that play social roles. The roles that brands play in the society are, therefore, more of brand marketing activities.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Effects on Business Operations
    Therefore, these activities do not generate profits to the business but are a reflection of the appreciation of the business to the community.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibilities in Russia
    With a small arm in the society in the hands of the civilians, the rate of crime is reduced because the criminal knows that the target can fight back.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices at Etihad Airways
    For example, the company’s CSR initiatives aim to promote Abu Dhabi’s “beauty” to the rest of the world. This assessment shows that Etihad Airways and the Abu Dhabi government benefit economically from the airline’s CSR […]
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility: Viacom Company
    For instance, the ‘Get Schooled’ initiative by the Viacom Company was informed by the need to provide a long term solution to education crisis in the US and other parts of the globe.
  7. Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in transitioning economies
    While profitability is the key goal of the company, the stakeholders have also been the center of attention of the company.
  8. Management Perspectives: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Ensuring that the restructuring is necessary: it is important to ensure that the process is necessary in order to avoid mistakes that may cost the company in future in terms of new employees’ recruitment costs.
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility in the United States
    The fact that there are no laws that require organizations to issue CSR reports in the United States is a clear indication that the country does not emphasize corporate social responsibility. The majority of organizations […]
  10. Toyota Company’s Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility
    The discussion therefore begins with a brief description of the topic and theoretical framework, summary of the article about the company, how the company has used or is utilising the practice of corporate social responsibility […]
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility of Coca Cola Company
    One of the major arguments of companies against CSR is that they are in business to generate revenues to their stakeholders and not the society.
  12. Backward Integration and Corporate Social Responsibility
    One of the major advantages of this form of vertical integration is that it helps the company in creating a stable supply of inputs, in addition to ensuring that the company uses the right quality […]
  13. Understanding the Strengths of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Coca Cola
    In the Coca Cola’s case, academics and mainstream commentators have argued that the “Live Positively” campaign is only a mere tactic that is used by the soft drinks giant to redirect the responsibility for health […]
  14. Business Ethics – Corporate Social Responsibility
    The premise of business ethics is that every firm or corporation is able to behave in a moral manner. Business ethics is a wide field because it explores the conduct and behaviour of individuals, business […]
  15. Corporate Social Responsibility: Shell and BP
    The merger resulted in the development of one of the largest companies in the world in terms of the size of revenue.
  16. BMW and GM Corporate Social Responsibility
    This encompasses not only in the way in which it sells its products but the manner in which it manufacturers them and how it addresses the long term impact of the company’s operations on society […]
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility for Gulftainer
    The description is followed by an overview of the components of CSR which is followed by an analysis of the organisation using the three aspects mentioned above, that is; the environment, people and the community, […]
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities at the Toyota Motor
    This paper analyzes the hybrid car project, which is one of the most successful CSR activities by the Toyota Motor Corporation in terms of the positive impacts that the activity has had on societies and […]
  19. Relationship between Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
    The relationship between social responsibility and business ethics is especially explicit when it comes to operations of multinational companies. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the concepts of business ethics and social responsibility […]
  20. Corporate Social Responsibility at Bristol-Briston-Myers Squibb
    However, Deogun and Harris are of the opinion that using the company’s money to support other noble causes shows that the company is not only concerned about the money it makes, but also about the […]
  21. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Toyota Company
    Besides, based on the technology of fuel switching, the company has allowed a room for the switching of the car’s engine between gas and electricity, hence reducing the amount of fuel that is consumed per […]
  22. Ethics and Social Responsibility Roles in Strategic Plan
    Corporate social responsibility is very crucial to the future of the organization, as it places the organization at a very competitive edge by giving it a positive image to the stakeholders and the general public.
  23. The Role of Governments in Corporate Social Responsibility
    The purpose for the incorporation of CSR in organizations should be based on the moral purpose of such organizations to the community and the society.
  24. Company Q’s Current Attitude to Social Responsibility
    In consistence with the broader socioeconomic model of social responsibility, the firm should have a responsibility to stakeholders, suppliers, customers, employees and the society.
  25. Corporate Social Responsibility is Integral to the Long-Term Success of Five-Star Hotels
    The CSR policies also contain corporate governance, which ensures that the hotels protect the rights of the investors. It is also notable that CSR practices contribute to sustainable growth of the hotels.
  26. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at AstraZeneca
    The concept of corporate responsibility of the company includes various activities like the working conditions of employees, issues that relate to the environment, responsibility on the products of the company, marketing, and other related activities […]
  27. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
    Corporate tax is the amount of tax that a corporation is required to pay based on factors like the profit of the company, the size of the company, and the location of the company.
  28. The Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility
    P&G needs to have effective policies that evaluate the impacts of various CSR programs in different communities they are implemented. The firm needs to make all stakeholders understand that CSR activities help to improve various […]
  29. Social Responsibility Demonstrated by McDonald’s
    In addition to this, McDonald’s stresses on the safety of their consumers. The serious concentration on the safety of their consumers is one of McDonald’s social responsibility initiatives.
  30. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Strategies
    In particular, in this way the management can strengthen the loyalty of workers and their commitment to the goals of the organization.
  31. “Urgency Matters on Non-discretionary Corporate Social Responsibility”
    The economic obligation comprises taking care of the interests of the shareholders, investors and customers, profit maximization, the minimization of the costs in undertaking the business and the formulation and implementation of strategic policies which […]
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Role in Business
    However, the companies themselves benefit from CSR due to the value which the social and environmental programs provide to their image.”The positioning of the firm with respect to social issues is clearly a way to […]
  33. Corporate Social Responsibility Perception and Perspectives
    The community feels that the corporation is using its power and influence to improve the standard of living in the areas it operates.
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility and Development
    Social Responsibility refers to the formulation of policies by companies geared at protecting the surrounding community and the environment from the negative effects of its operations.
  35. Movies’ Views on Corporate Social Responsibility
    In other words, one can make a conclusion that he is a supporter of the modern values; so, according to him, power and profit are recognized to be the basic issues the contemporary business is […]
  36. Emirates National Factory Social Responsibility
    The emirates national factory for plastic industry is one of the industries that are at the forefront in promoting business ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  37. Management Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility
    The results of the article agreed with the hypothesis, as the study reveals that leadership theories explain the manner in which managers adopt or disregard corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  38. Corporate Social Responsibility’ Conceptual Provisions
    I will also aim to illustrate that CSR is, in fact, the integral part of the neo-Liberal economic agenda, reflective of the assumption that the ideal state of affairs in the realm of economics can […]
  39. Corporate Social Responsibility: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and Emirates Airline
    The corporate social responsibility report is the documented statement of the taken actions in the field of the community relations or in the area where the interests of the organization meet the stakeholders’ interests.
  40. British Petroleum Company Corporate Social Responsibility
    In terms of environmental impacts, BP has received much support globally for its hands-on standpoint on environmental challenges, most notably for not only investing heavily in technologies aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, but also […]
  41. Massey Energy Company’s Social Responsibility
    According to Williams, this decision is contrary to the justice rule of ethics in a business because it continues to do more harm than good to the people. Consequently, it would be easier said than […]
  42. Women’s Family and Social Responsibilities and Rights
    The uniqueness of Addams and Sanger’s approach to discussing the rights of females is in the fact that these authors discuss any social responsibilities of women as the key to improving their roles in the […]
  43. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning
    Therefore, whenever the organization makes decisions, the process must take into consideration the wishes of the public. The management should try as much as possible to keep the public updated on the progress of the […]
  44. The British Petroleum Company Social Responsibility
    One of the cultural aspects that could have contributed to the spill is the negligence of the regulations that have been put in place.
  45. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Corporate Social Responsibility
    The company has focused on CSR activities in order to enhance safety and sustainability by engaging several stakeholders in the process.
  46. The Current Corporate Social Responsibility’ State in the UAE
    That is, amongst the administrators of the United Arab Emirates, the perception of the corporate social responsibility idea and the impact appended to it has given rise to the surfacing of an assortment of CSR […]
  47. LM Ericsson Company Social Responsibility
    This shows how valuable the company is to society and the world at large. This is for the good of society and works towards prolonging life in the world.

📝 Simple & Easy Social Responsibility Essay Titles

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and HR Connection
    The culture is created and spread by people, and the human resource department is responsible for the people who work for the company.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders
    According to some specialists, the intention to receive the status of an ethically grounded company might be connected with the development of social media and the Internet, which has made the details of any corporate […]
  3. Colgate-Palmolive Company’s Social Responsibility
    It is necessary to note that Colgate-Palmolive Company makes considerable profit but it also contributes to development of the community when it comes to its impact on consumers, environment and employees.
  4. Walt Disney Company Ethical and Social Responsibilities
    While the controversy that the coexistence of the Miramax Studios and the Disney Studios creates can be defined as the main source of the conflict, it is the clash of the Christian culture and the […]
  5. Nestle Company Social Responsibility and Shared Value
    This enables this company to get quality raw materials that improve the value and taste of its products. Thirdly, CSV concentrates on the activities of a business and its publics while CSR involves participation in […]
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility in Zygmunt Bauman’s Book
    The chapter of the book is trying to analyze some of the questions related to the social dynamics of life that shape society.
  7. Altruism and Social Responsibility in Psychology
    Although, my act of kindness was based on the need to meet my assignment expectations, it instilled the desire in me to continue with such acts because of the sense of responsibility and pleasure I […]
  8. Social Responsibility: Coles Unconscionable Conduct Scandal Case
    Coles’ used the strategy of receiving discounts from its suppliers in order to increase the company’s profitability at the expense of fair business practices.
  9. Little Sun Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    The move will make it easier for Little Sun to develop and support more charities in different parts of the globe.
  10. Tesla Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues, Activities, and Strategy | Essay Example
    The Tesla Roadster electric sports car was the first major production that brought the company to the limelight. It helped the company to speed up with the development of its second car.
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility’ and Shareholder’ Issues
    Second, after all, the shareholders’ liability is limited and they are not assuming the entire risks of the business as in the event of loss, the stakeholders will suffer more than the shareholders do. What […]
  12. UK/UAE Corporate Social Responsibility Regulation
    One of the examples of practices inspired by the religion and accepted in the business world is the commitment to Zakat.
  13. Big Data and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Particularly, the application of the Big Data analysis to solve the problems related to the improvement of Supply Chain Management processes needs to be addressed.
  14. McDonald’s: The Costs Involved in Enhancing Nutritional Standards
    The table below summarizes some of the relevant costs and costs that are not relevant to the company’s decision to improve its nutrition standards.
  15. Hospitality Industry’ Corporate Social Responsibility
    The data analysis revealed that while the hospitality industry is suitable for the evaluation of benefits and challenges of CSR implementation, the majority of studies are poorly designed and explore profitability, perceived outcomes, and processes […]
  16. Walmart Stores: Corporate Social Responsibility
    It is a complex notion that is claimed to be connected with: The economic responsibility: the company has a total revenue of almost $422 billion in 2011, which is a great number. The interest of […]
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility and Decision-Making
    These warranties could be provided in different ways, however, the main thing is that with the help of this remedy a person will be protected and a company will be able to save its positive […]
  18. Business-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility
    The article delved into investigating the issue of health promotion and the manner in which it interacts with the idea of CSR in the healthcare management paradigm.
  19. Abu Dhabi National Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    It is a mechanism whereby companies and businesses take responsibility of the effects of their activities on the welfare of the occupants of the environment.
  20. Volkswagen Company: Social Responsibility Issues
    The case of Volkswagen’s cheating draws people’s attention to such major corporate social responsibility issues as the efficacy of self-reporting by companies and the responsibility of customers owning compromised products.
  21. Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE
    The three main forms of CSR in the UAE include emiritization, corporate philanthropy, and environment. This is driven by the teachings of Islam that value giving to the needy and mitigating the pain and suffering […]
  22. Saudi Arabia and USA Corporate Social Responsibility
    There is a possibility that the way in which the SA and the U.S.view the concept of CSR are likely to change in the nearest future.
  23. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Hospitality
    Some best practices for CSR in the hospitality industry include a focus on staff training and retention as well as the health, safety, and lifestyle of staff.
  24. Consumer Ethics and Social Responsibility
    It has driven industries to cope with the trend in demand that results in the use of both cheap labor and also the production of substandard products to meet the cheap demand.
  25. Staff Members: Ethical and Social Responsibility
    When considering the issue of Mega Food employees’ relocation from the Orchard facility to Frostburg, one must mention the dilemma between the comfort of the staff members and the benefits that the firm will receive.
  26. Introduction of “Social Responsibility” by Duckworth and Moore
    The authors of the first chapter “An Introduction to Social Responsibility” begin with the definition of the term “social responsibility” and introduce a number of contexts within the frames of which it is possible to […]
  27. Social Responsibility in Global Environment
    However, the ISO standards can be used to narrow down the definition, describing SR as “the responsibility of an organization for the impact of its decisions”. The introduction of SR allows for a range of […]
  28. Ethics and Social Responsibility Aspects
    This theory is similar to the virtue theory in the sense that both insist on careful consideration and assessment of a decision before embarking on it Nicholas and Paul, 2000).
  29. Wesfarmers Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    It is crucial to point out that the definition of the CSR by the company is not the problem. From the definition, the CSR is more about the opportunities that the company presents to its […]
  30. The Wider Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda
    They argue that the purpose of CSR is to ensure that the business goes a step further than minding the needs of the shareholders alone.
  31. Rana Plaza and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The transnational corporations are now in the limelight, whose commands from the native factory possessors have led to the recent quick progress of the clothing industry in Bangladesh, which takes second place after China among […]
  32. Globalization and Sweatshops: Social Responsibility
    On the other hand, globalization makes people think about the importance of inequality, the understanding of personal abilities in regards to the requirements that are usually similar to all people, and the evaluation of the […]
  33. Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Organization
    Regarding the attitudes of people to sustainability, the issues it entails, and the impact it has on the work of organizations and particular people, all these varied meanings are acceptable in their own ways. According […]
  34. Edge Incorporated: Ethics and Social Responsibility Plan
    To achieve these goals, it will prioritize fair and honest attitude and gratitude, follow non-discrimination laws, and constantly increase the diversity of the workforce to reflect and support the concepts of multiculturalism.
  35. Nike Inc.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project
    The following paper aims at analyzing the CSR program of Nike, a publicly traded sportswear company, in order to determine the transparency and effectiveness of social and environmental responsibilities stated in their report.
  36. Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Regulation
    Many corporations implement CSR programs that are detrimental to people, communities, and the environment. Indeed, the IOE considers CSR as a fundamental element of corporations’ activities and operations and recognizes it as a strategy required […]
  37. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre: Social Responsibility
    On the other hand, the company’s environmental sustainability initiative started in 2011 with the establishment of an internal green team to create awareness on the overarching need to practice environmentally responsible behavior.
  38. Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance Improvement
    Ma aityt and VirbaSi t explain that the most typical outcomes of poor performance related to CSR factors include the loss of sales, the fall of stock prices, and the decrease in reputation.
  39. Columbia Roxx Company: Ethics and Social Responsibility
    Furthermore, Columbia Roxx implements the best practices to act as a responsible corporate citizen, taking into the account not only obligations and ethics existing inside the organization but also those related to social, cultural, and […]
  40. Corporate Social Responsibility Impact on Customers
    The main objective of the study is to scrutinize the impact of corporate social responsibilities on the organization’s clients. Besides, this study will add more knowledge to the existing literature on the impact of corporate […]
  41. Corporate Social Responsibility: JPMorgan Chase and Barclays Pls Banking Scandals
    The power to imply comprised the basis for recognition of the obligation of good faith and fair dealing in a number of transactions, including banking.
  42. Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility Link
    Additionally, the article focuses on social corporate responsibility as the viable underpinning for gaining social recognition, as well as a fresh insight into a series of activities that produce benefits both to society and to […]
  43. Corporate Social Responsibility Department in Oil Industry
    With this CSR process structure in place, the organization will be able to improve social and environmental welfare through compliance with ethically considered virtues and operations like human rights, corporate governance, and Environment Health and […]
  44. McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project
    The Green and Clean Kuwait Company is a Kuwaiti company with environmental and ecological technology and know-how and the company is interested to bid in the CSR project of McDonald’s Corporation as its project partner […]
  45. Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    In this case, the focus should be made on the outcome of a situation, and the very fact that the matter was solved by forcing a chief executive out means that Terris was wrong and […]
  46. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
    Traditionally defined as the rearrangement of the company’s priorities and the redesign of the leadership style so that the staff could understand their role in and impact on the social and economic aspects of people’s […]
  47. Corporate Social Responsibility in Manufacturing
    They discussed the new ultramodern plant with the perspective in mind that it was going to generate more income for the business.

📌 Good Research Topics about Social Responsibility

  1. Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Social Responsibility and Pressures in Business
  3. Company Q’s Social Responsibility Issues
  4. The Role of Social Responsibility in Organization
  5. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business and Society
  6. Shareholder Activism and Responsible Investment as Integral Parts of Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Behavior
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility in CEMEX
  9. Elegance Clothing: Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Profits
  10. Insurance in Developing Social Responsibility
  11. Ethics and Social Responsibility in a Global Business Environment
  12. Importance of Social Responsibility in Financial Accounting
  13. Capitalism, Individualism, and Social Responsibility
  14. The Union Carbide Corporation’s Social Responsibility
  15. Ethical and Social Responsibility Toward Environment
  16. Starbucks: Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Climate Change
  17. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Marketing
  18. Ethics and Social Responsibility Are Important in Marketing
  19. Employer’s Social Responsibility in Fair Employment Practices
  20. Social Responsibility in Business: Friedman Vs Drucker
  21. Ethics and Corporaye Social Responsibility
  22. The Issue of Corporate Social Responsibility in Organizations
  23. Stakeholder Relationships, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance
  24. New Balance Focus to Develop an Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  25. MillerCoors Corporate Social Responsibility
  26. South India Paper Mills’ Corporate Social Responsibility
  27. “Supercapitalism” and Corporate Social Responsibility
  28. Employee-Focused Corporate Social Responsibility Review
  29. Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Ethics Pressures
  30. Management Concepts and Social Responsibility
  31. The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility
  32. Apple: Codes of Conduct and Social Responsibility
  33. McDonald’s Corporation’s Social Responsibility
  34. Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility
  35. “Corporate Social Responsibility” by Aneel Karnani
  36. Corporate Social Responsibility & Poverty Alleviation
  37. Facebook Corporate Social Responsibility Health Check
  38. TOMS’s Code of Social Responsibility
  39. Ethics and the Social Responsibility of Business
  40. Corporate Social Responsibility Activity
  41. Initial Thinking: Social Responsibility
  42. Illycaffė: Business Model and Corporate Social Responsibilities

❓Research Questions on Social Responsibility

  1. How Important Are Ethics and Social Responsibility?
  2. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to Strengthen Brand Equity?
  3. Can Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce Firms Idiosyncratic Risk?
  4. How Should Civil Society (And the Government) Respond to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility?
  5. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Impact on Development of Women in Small-Scale Fisheries of Sub-Saharan Africa?
  6. Are Socially Responsible Managers Ethical?
  7. Should the Voluntary Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility Be Replaced?
  8. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Improve Credit Ratings?
  9. Can Corporate Social Responsibility Promote Employees Take Charge?
  10. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Improve Firm Investment Efficiency?
  11. How and When Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Employees’ Organizational Identification?
  12. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Firms’ Performance?
  13. Has Globalization Eroded Firms’ Responsibility for Their Employees?
  14. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Make a Difference in Labor Conditions?
  15. How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Effect the Consumers’ Attitude and Behavior?
  16. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Matter for Corporate Stability?
  17. How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to Firm Financial Performance?
  18. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce the Costs of High Leverage?
  19. How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Create Customer Loyalty?
  20. Does Product Market Competition Foster Corporate Social Responsibility?
  21. How Does Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Matter in a Dysfunctional Institutional Environment?
  22. Does Religious Piety Inspire Corporate Social Responsibility?
  23. How Important Are CEOs to Corporate Social Responsibility Practices?
  24. What Are Luxury Brands Doing About Social Responsibility?

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