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  1. Social Problem of Abortion: Dealing with Media
    By focusing on the concept of abortion and the legislations or the medical reports that are related to the act, the media houses succeed in applying pathos, an emotional appeal, to influence the perceptions of […]
  2. The Role of Social Initiatives in the Alleviating Social Problems in Society
    This has been precipitated by adamant poverty and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor in the society. This saw the adoption of policies that advocated for social initiatives such as: The government […]
  3. Economic and Social Problems in the Tampa City
    The city of Tampa is one of the most populous cities in Florida with its population representing a third of the total Hillsborough County.
  4. The Social Problem of Drug Use
    Many analysts, however, feel that the government and other stakeholders are using the wrong methodologies to tackle the problem such as pursuing the drug traffickers while totally ignoring the multiplicity of factors that leads people […]
  5. Reading between the Lines: Poetry, Movies and Social Problems
    The unceasing string of comparisons is cleaving the poem, picturing the natural beauty of a woman as the beauty of the world at dawn, comparing the marvelous sight with the wonders of the nature which […]
  6. Drug Abuse as a Social Problem
    This poses as problem to the society because many of the people who are unemployed will resort to different ways of seeking money and pleasure.
  7. Social Problem: Abortion
    The willingness of the students to partake in the procurement of abortion was significantly correlated with the views that they held regarding the issue of abortion, the extent to which they would be required to […]
  8. Responsibility of Artists to Address Social Problems in their work
    In light of the significant power that art and by extension artists hold, there arises the question of whether artists have a responsibility to address social problems through their works.
  9. Aging as a Social Problem
    The social challenges of the old people are further worsened by the economic constrains, and labeling. Ageism is another social challenge and it refers to a situation where people look down upon the elderly people […]
  10. Jonathan Swift’s a Modest Proposal: Swift’s Satire Approach Concerning the Social Problem of Dublin’s Starving Children
    Instead of suggesting the obvious limiting the number of children each female “breeder” should have he encourages the “breeders” to get pregnant, enjoy motherhood and nursing of their suckling infants for one year, and then […]
  11. Social Problems in the Japanese Literature
    This hopelessness that has been impeded on her makes her aware of her future in the world and provokes her to build a wall around her.
  12. Racial and Ethnic Inequalities as a Social Problem
    Racial and ethnic inequalities affect an individual and the society in different ways including the socioeconomic position of an individual or of the society.
  13. Deviance: Social Problems of Youth Gangs
    Youth gangs are usually targets of terror groups that recruit and use them to perpetuate social injustice in the society. Gangs apply violence to ensure that all members in the gang adhere to their rules […]
  14. Urban Sprawl and Environmental and Social Problems
    The concept of immense use of automobiles, which goes hand in hand with increase in the number and size of cities, is well known as urban sprawl and motorization.
  15. Alcoholism as a social problem
    The first attempt to tackle the problem was in the 1920s when the government passed the prohibition Act. This may cause them to turn to alcohol as a way of neutralizing the problem.
  16. Unemployment as a Social Problem
    To gauge the rate of unemployment the number of the people who are idle is calculated versus the number of people who have been hired.
  17. Social problem facing the contemporary US
    Although several persons have ignored such a concern, it is evident that for an individual to comprehend the current health care crisis of the African American population, one must understand the legacy of the experience […]
  18. Meth epidemic as a social problem
    The problem of the meth epidemic originated from the western sides of the US, and later spread to the East Coast.
  19. Induced beauty as a Social Problem
    It is with great concern that the perceived superstars do not look similar to the photos used in the adverts, magazines, and the newspapers.
  20. Social Problems in IBM
    The other important fact of the situation is that the company should establish social responsibility programs in order to outdo its competitors in the market.
  21. The sociological viewpoint toward social problems
    Sociologists can enlighten the society about the problems, conduct research about the problem and give report to the public on what needs to be done. Sociologists can use social media platform to excite members of […]
  22. Social problems and solutions: American perspective
    When it comes to the provision of facts, the constructionist has to state what the condition is, the consequences of the condition and the number of victims in the given phenomenon.
  23. Social Theory & its Relation to Social Problems: Unemployment.
    Furthermore, classical economists perceive unemployment as a result of excess supply that is influenced due to elevated price level of work labor.
  24. Social Conditions and Social Problems
    One of the immense challenges in setting of an agenda is the determination of the tactic to deploy in placing a problem into an agenda.
  25. Narcissism as a Social Problem of Personality
    The psychologists acknowledge that the trait of narcissism provokes a range of undesirable behaviors, which damage both the personal self of a person and the surrounding society.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Social Problems

  1. Social Problems in The Godfather Movie
    Although at some points the main characters of “The Godfather” are represented as honoured and fair, the analysis of the events constituting the movie’s plot make it clear that the criminal behaviour can be proliferated […]
  2. China’s Economic Development and Social Problems
    Despite the profitableness caused by the development, the wealth is still available only for a small number of people, and the majority of the Chinese population cannot afford such ordinary things as education and medical […]
  3. Marriage Decline as a Social Problem in the US
    To discuss the social illness of declining marriages in the US, the incorporated is the social constructionist perspective. The origins of the constructionism can be traced back to the attempts to establish the nature of […]
  4. Social Location and Its Role in Social Problems
    For a condition to qualify as a social problem, it has to have consequences that affect a large number of people. Income is the flow of money anticipated to be earned in a given period.
  5. Child Marriage in Egypt as a Social Problem
    The proposed study will also be limited to the period in which it will be conducted because the legal, social, and cultural dynamics of Egypt are volatile and any of the variables that will be […]
  6. Social Problems
    The second step within the model is associated with the political stream, in which the previously identified problem is reviewed between communities of policy experts who possess knowledge of the problem.
  7. Urban Social Problems: Slums and Segregation
    The 19th century was the period of the industrial revolution in Britain. According to Engel’s work, slum dwelling in Britain was because of the huge numbers of people who moved from rural areas to the […]
  8. Social Problems and Its Impact on the Economy
    Despite the rapid development in education in the past years, the GDP of various countries has not improved in the same proportion.
  9. The Psychological and Social Problems in Students
    Taking into consideration such factors as the number of students with anxiety and depression and the effects of these problems on human health and development, this topic has to be explored further within the frames […]
  10. Contemporary Social Problems & The Workplace: Sexual Harassment
    Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual courtship, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical manifestations of a sexual nature in the workplace, educational institutions, and other places.
  11. Human Sexuality. Social Problems of Queer People
    It means that the stigmatization associated with same-sex relationships still exists and that there is a situation where it is simpler for gay and lesbian adolescents not to accept their sexual orientation.
  12. Disability as a Social Problem in the UK’s History
    A brief historical analysis of the European disability policy of the selected period is needed to show what determined and directly influenced the development of the current disability policy in the UK.
  13. Social Problem of Poverty in the United States
    In fact, it should be stated that the institution of poverty is as old as the world. However, the Liberals and the Conservatives have different viewpoints as to why the problem of poverty exists.
  14. Women Writers and Artists About Social Problems
    The uniqueness of Mary Cassatt’s style is that she depicts the natural desires and values of women, women, and their hopes.
  15. Homelessness: A Huge Social Problem in Canada
    Lastly, homelessness was chosen as a topic of research because there is very little information about the issue especially in relation to health.
  16. Japanese Social Problems Analysis
    The role of Japanese workers is significant in the rise of Japan to the status of economic super power. The overall living conditions are acceptable and admirable; however the scenario is not the same in […]
  17. Most Cruel Social Problems Analysis
    In our daily life everyone faces the social problem. The social problems are listed below:- Gender discrimination Human rights Poverty World population AIDS Violence Child labor pollution
  18. Juvenile Drinking as a Social Problem
    You find that most of the students in the small towns do not usually have a lot of money since most of them are from the poor families and hence it’s due to the cheapness […]
  19. Environment and Consumption as a Social Problem
    Thus, offering the necessity to keep the financial increase, joined with the supremacy of corporations and the media to restrict the matters to their advantage, persuading people to essentially decrease their consumption of patterns is […]
  20. Health, Disease and Social Problems
    As AIDS is relevant to the end of the last century, and the beginning of the millennium, there were questions, on whether the new disease is connected to the cultural changes that occurred in the […]
  21. Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Conflicts as Social Problems
    It is suggested, that indigenous people will be living in states which have populations compiled of various ethnic or racial groups who are successors of the earliest populaces which endure in the area, and who […]
  22. Social Problems Which Appeared in the Society With Swine Flu Appearance
    The article gives the information about the condition in the society and provides us with the statistics about the disease cases in the United States and all over the world.

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