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  1. Social Security System In The United States
    This might not be a major blow to the scheme because the small differences on the rates of return make huge pension over the years, hence the current improvement on living standards of many retirees […]
  2. Problems with Social Security
    The reduced liquidity of the program has been due to the fact that contributions have been to the decrease, a fact that has been realized due to aging population that is being realized in America […]
  3. The Portuguese Financial Sustainability of Social Security System
    This data will make it easy to analyze financial sustainability of the Portuguese social security system by comparing the rate of growth of revenue collected from the citizens and growth rate of the fund’s beneficiaries.
  4. Social security system in Britain
    The focus on the rights and responsibilities begin with the Poor’s Law of the early 1900s where there was the initial reference of the rights of the claimants as well as the responsibility of the […]
  5. The Historical, Present, and Future Perspectives of the Social Security Program in the US
    This essay discusses the historical, present, and future perspectives of the social security program in the US. At the onset of the industrial revolution, the demand for a working social security was inevitable.
  6. Social Security Agency
    Evidently, the financial report of the agency is quite detailed due to the huge costs incurred in both health and social security services.
  7. Social Security in the United States
    The following discussion is inclusive of the causes of this great variance between Greece and the United State on income replacement.
  8. Unemployed Insurance in Social Security
    The unemployment benefits given to those who have lost their jobs are usually on a basis of insurance systems that are made mandatory by the government.
  9. Social Security Administration
    The liabilities also grew due to the increase in the number of beneficiaries as well as the benefits that had accrued from the past years. The net position of the organization had increased due to […]
  10. Social Security Act of 1935
    The text of this document can be regarded as the excellent primary source that can throw light on the intentions of policy-makers who attempted to create the model of state that could better ensure the […]
  11. Excluding Health Insurance from Social Security Act
    This paper will explore the effects of excluding health Insurance from Social Security Act. This is mainly due to exclusion of health care insurance from Social Security Act.
  12. US Social Security vs. Canadian Social Security
    Social Security in the United States is considered as the largest government program in the globe that takes a significant portion of the federal budget. In addition, social security is the biggest social insurance program […]
  13. Social Security Reform
    In a situation where the social security revenues are not adequate to take care of the benefits, the benefits are covered by the trust funds. Cuts on Social Security program should be considered to secure […]
  14. Problematic Social Security and Ways of Solution
    Therefore, this paper tries to explain and differentiate social security from a pension that is paid to support the income of retired employees because it is also designed to ensure and protect the families of […]
  15. Social Security Dilemma
    It has been realized that the huge retirement of baby boomers is likely to affect this social security program. It has offered tens of millions of employees with the base earnings they need to have […]
  16. Social Security Act and Its Negative Impacts
    Thirdly, a Social Security Act will ensure people with the rights to a benefit, which is likely to reduce their ability and willingness to save.
  17. “The Retirement Gamble”: Privatizing Social Security
    This paper uses “The Retirement Gamble” film and other scholarly articles to not only discuss the pros and cons of privatizing social security, but also to reflect on some of the pertinent issues raised in […]
  18. American Social Security Policy Evaluation
    In this essay, the key concepts of program evaluation will be applied to the social security policy of the U. Thus, the issue of control and degree to which the freedom of fund usage should […]
  19. Social Security Act and Political Priorities
    Analyzing the given sphere, it is possible to admit the fact that nowadays people are still not sure in their future and suffer from the lack of social guarantees.
  20. Social Security Incentives and Tendencies
    In short, a glance at Social Security policy grants the understanding that it reduces the amount of savings US citizens have to make, although people still need to save money for retirement.
  21. Budgeting, Public Administration and Social Security
    The amount of resources available to any individual organization is finite, which calls for financial management and budgeting activities. The functions of budgeting in these organizations are as follows: Prioritization and allocation of available financial […]
  22. Social Security and Its Impact
    Thus, among the key changes that the alterations to the social security system will include in the future, an increase in my retirement age and a drop in the number of financial resources that will […]
  23. The Problem of Identity Theft and Social Security
    As suggested, it is vital to know and analyze the signs of identity theft to determine if one’s identity is stolen and what course of action is needed in such a situation.
  24. Social Security Challenges in Tanzania
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of education and analyze the current educational environment in Tanzania. It is crucial to note that commitment to life-long learning is the key to the […]
  25. Social Security as a Public Policy Problem in the US
    Reforming the system is equivalent to doing justice for the generations of the nation that’s known for such actions. This is the same procedure that was followed in Chile, a country that was the first […]
  26. Public Finance. American Social Security Reform
    The present paper explains the reform of the social security program proposed by President Bush and the current social security problems and its alternative solution, which includes privatization. That means a current system of Social […]

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