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148 Budget Research Titles & Examples

Writing about the budgetary control, savings, or spending behavior? Look through our research titles about budgeting collected by our team.

🏆 Best Budget Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Concepts of Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
    A liability are any claims against the assets of a business or financial organization, they are the obligations that the business has for or against the external stakeholders of the business which may be the […]
  2. Concept of the Budget Management
    According to QFinance dictionary, budget management refers to “the comparison of actual financial results with the estimated expenditures and revenues for the given time period of a budget and the taking of corrective action”.
  3. Budget Deficits and the Economy
    In order to understand the relationship that does occur between the budget deficit and the economic growth of a country, it is important to examine factors that are associated with each of them.
  4. The California’s Budget Process
    The study will also focus on the financiers of the budgeting process and the different criteria employed by the government of the California state to facilitate the smooth funding operations of the budget process to […]
  5. Relationship Between Budget Deficits and Tax Cutting
    Tax cuts impact the economy by reducing the real income of the government while increasing the real income of the taxpayers.
  6. Earth’s global Energy Budget
    It is appropriate to inspect the ocean and land spheres independently so as to take advantage of the limitations that arises with them and particularly to the capability of the land and ocean to store […]
  7. Federal Budget Simulation
    It is impossible to reduce the budget deficit by only cutting spending, the revenue should be raised as well as only in this case the balance may be achieved and the participants of the budget […]
  8. How Defense Budget Cuts Are Affecting National Security
    For the last few decades, most of the Americans were of the opinion that common defense entails the activities of a single agency, the Department of Defense, in enhancing national security.
  9. The Costs and Benefits of Incurring an Annual Federal Budget Deficit
    The table 1 elaborates the federal deficits in figures between the year 2000 and the projected deficit up to the year 2016. A decrease in the standardized budget deficit relative to potential GDP would be […]
  10. Manage Your College Budget Efficiently with These Tools and Tips
    This scrimping is only for a few years, and if you can keep your college expenses down, you will be free of debt sooner.
  11. Logrolling in Politics and Its Impact on Government Budget
    The oscillation of legislators in support and against the propositions by the governmental coalition gave strong indications that logrolling was extensively used by the government and the opposition in order to influence the number of […]
  12. Volkswagen Group of America: IT Budgeting
    This was very significant as it was a step to ensure that funds were allocated in the right way and to the right projects such that the object of the NRG program could be achieved.
  13. Budget For Server Desktop Upgrade
    The amount of money will be used to upgrade the 2000, 2003 widow server and Linux server with widow 2008 server that is better in performance, connectivity as well as in security.
  14. Kansas Sales Budget Memo
    The aim of the budget is to identify the potential of the market to actually attain the sales target of $10,000,000.
  15. Family Budget: How to Live With Annual Income 15300$
    Having the information about the annual income of the family and the list of the obligatory costs, it is possible to calculate the expenses of the family, the cloths they can buy and the number […]
  16. Material Supply Budgeting
    Importance of a material supply budget Materials supply budget represents the estimates of the materials required for a project. The budget helps in setting the mentioned goals themselves and monitors the way towards achieving them, […]
  17. Cost saving approach of budget airlines and its impact
    Ryanair has been typified by swift advancement, owing to the deregulation in the airline sector and the accomplishment of the cost saving operation model.
  18. State Management of Taxes and Policies
    This is in the attempt to institute efficient tax systems. The tax system in the majority of the developing countries is lopsided.
  19. The Budget Tyre Market
    There is an extremely huge number of consumers in the market, and consumers opt for companies with lower prices and discounts when the products are homogenous.
  20. The Role Played by the Chinese in the Budget Tyre Market
    The impact on profits in the period of the rise in budget tyre prices The budget tyre prices rose as tyre production in America and Europe decreased.
  21. Federal Government Budget
    Another approach to the budget was the reduction of the tax loopholes that have in the past led to the loss of the expected revenue.
  22. The Public Budget Cycle
    A public budget cycle is the process from the start of developing a budget to the final execution of the budget.
  23. Local government agencies budget in the United States
    Public policy decisions, such as the revenue restriction amendment bill, are meant to uphold transparency in the use of public funds. In such cases, the control of funds is removed from the local government and […]
  24. The Idea of Cutting the Budget in US
    As such, cutting the government spending on education in Texas will have far reaching impacts on the future of the education sector as well as the quality of education delivered to the pupils.
  25. Budget Deficit: Our Nations Budget Deficit and How It Relates To Economic Theory and Crisis
    For example, government spending affects budget allocation, and that is why in the article, the republicans feel that the manner in which the white house is spending money is affecting the budget in USA. The […]
  26. Project time horizon and budget
    The remaining $35 million will finance EHR implementation. 05 million of the budget.
  27. Library Budget Ethical Concerns
    These ethics ensure that the actions and decisions that they make with regards to their work are professional and will result to the achievement of the overall goals and objectives in the projects of processes […]
  28. Budget Comparison Analysis
    The Office of Management and Budget supervises the development of budget estimates from these agencies. This law had many provisions, such as the reinstatement of the estate tax up to 2012, the expansion of the […]
  29. Federal Budget Preparation
    The implementation of the approved budget is mostly in the powers of the executives. The congress and the treasury play a significant role in ensuring that the apportioning of the funds is as per the […]
  30. Proposed Budget for an additional five police officers for the city council
    To achieve its objectives, the chief of the police shall deliver relevant justifications for the proposed increase of the number of police by about five officers.

👍 Good Budgeting Research Titles

  1. Public Budgeting Issue in a Hospital
    In realization of its objectives and goals, the hospital has adequately embraced the concept of budgeting. In case of the King Faisal specialist hospital, site-based budgeting has been adopted.
  2. Budget Forecasting and Its Importance in Planning
    Sales = Variable Expenses + Fixed Costs Management team costs = $5,000,000 Interest expense = 3,000,000 Amortization Costs = $200,000,000/10yrs = $20,000,000 Total fixed costs per year = $28,000,000 Variable Costs per Unit Direct material […]
  3. Project Schedule and Budget
    It is also important to note that this can help project managers to focus on more important projects. In fact, when tackling voluminous projects, it can be effective to combine the two types of project […]
  4. Budget Planning and Control: Tootsie Roll Industries
    A review of the trend of the performance of the company over the years shows that the performance of the company has improved.
  5. Overview of the Budget
    The budget is a crucial component of a proposal, as it portrays a financial image of the project. However, it is crucial to ensure that the costs considered as indirect and are non-core should be […]
  6. Budgets Management Reference to the Budget of Aardvark Company
    Budgeting is worth evaluating in the concept of a changing environment and forms the core part of the organization driving performance and controlling of resources through strategies and the setting of targets.
  7. Budget for Chronic Kidney Disease
    With the increase in the prevalence rate of CKD the cost of administering the treatment of the diseases is also expected to increase.
  8. Local Government Budget Reduction Processes
    Notably, budget reduction varies from local government to the other, from an institution to the other, and from a state to the other.
  9. Alpine Wear’s Cash Budget
    When the volume of sales declines, it is important to add the variable target balance to the cash flow in the budget.
  10. Analysis of Hamden Fire Department’s Budget
    According to the two authors, the budgetary process is the mandate of the office of the leader of a local authority.
  11. How to Manage Budget Hotels – Cases in London
    The quality of service offered and the satisfaction of the customer are factors that have been considered to be leading to the retaining of customers and the general success of the hotel industry.
  12. Federal Budget Making Options
    The CBO gives advice on array of the policy options in the annual budget is to provide solutions on how to save through thrift use of resources.
  13. Balancing the Budget for US
    There are a number of measures that the federal government can put in place in order to lower the deficit. One of the key areas of the federal government expenditure is social security.
  14. The Sequestration Effects on the Budget and Government
    Moreover, the paper will look into the impacts of sequestration on government agencies and the operations of the government. This followed the ratification of the Federal Budget Control Act of 2011; the process targets to […]
  15. 10 Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget
    It is possible to note that the major idea of the article is to make entrepreneurs understand that they should use appropriate marketing strategies instead of trying to adopt other businesses’ approaches and methods.
  16. Federal Budget Deficits: Cost and Benefits
    Huntley notes that the most important consideration when discussing the benefits accrued from this type of deficits is that the economy is not slowed down by any margin contrary to the perception of some economic […]
  17. The Federal Budget: the Financial Year 2008
    This paper provides and analysis of the operation and maintenance section of the 2008 financial year of the department of defense.
  18. Balancing the Budget: Planning and Prioritization
    A balanced budget is the one that addresses all the crucial issues especially the ones concerning the public. Again, national defense funds have to be provided to enhance the country’s security, which is a mandatory […]
  19. Educational Budget Cuts and Counterstrategies
    A reduction in the number of students means that teachers are likely to be required to renegotiate their terms of services.
  20. Volkswagen of America: IT Projects and Budget
    The PMO occupies the position of the budget controller. It is the process of relating projects to organizational strategy and ability to execute the strategy.
  21. School District Budget Development
    Thus, it alerts the owner of the organization about what is going on with the money and helps organize spending and savings, makes the leader decide in advance how the financing strategy will work within […]
  22. Starbucks Corporation’s Flexible Budget
    Further, the growth rate of net income is more volatile than the growth rate of the other items. In 2014, the growth rate rose to 2.4%.
  23. US Government Budget: Sources and Expenditures
    The main sources of the U.S.’s national government revenues are payroll taxes and individual income taxes; another source is the corporate income tax. 11 The appropriations are responsible for the provision of a large part […]
  24. Theatre Budget: Proposals and Perspectives
    The main source of clash is the difference in views of the team of accountants and the team of artists who generally have opposite perspectives on the purposes of the theatre budget.
  25. Robotic Satellites: Implementation Plan and Budget
    One of the most effective methods of reaching the maximum level of security, not to feel restricted, and reduce spending is the usage of electronic or robotic companions.
  26. Oklahoma City’s Operating Budget and Challenges
    The goals and objectives of Oklahoma City are also determined by the goals of the various agencies that form part of the city’s budget.
  27. Oklahoma City’s Capital Budget and Expenditure
    This paper will analyze the payroll of the Oklahoma City public workers, analyze the trend of expenditure, forecast the future of the expenditures, and give a brief overview of capital budgeting.
  28. Technology and Budget Management Issues in Nursing
    Overall, there is a need for nurse managers to use their budgetary insights to prioritize the adoption of emerging technology solutions that promise to improve patient care outcomes.
  29. Congressional Budget Office’s Policy and Forecasting
    At the same time, one of the objectives of this paper is the estimation of critiques of the CBO work regarding budgetary forecasting issued by both outside analysts and the Congressional Budget Office’s officials.
  30. Orchid Ltd.’s Actual and Flexed Budget Variance
    The management feels that if the company does not control the rising cost of manufacturing, the company’s profit may decline in the future.

📌 Most Interesting Budget Topics for Projects

  1. New York State Budget for Educational Policies
    Most of the issues that have been persistent in the education department of the New York State have revolved around budget allocation, the assessment of the performance of the teachers, the agendas proposed by the […]
  2. Dubai Cap Sports Shop’s Master Budget
    The main purpose of a master budget is to make estimations of costs and expenses that are likely to incur in the future.
  3. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Budget Planning
    While the specified precaution measures might seem redundant for an organization of a comparatively small size, where bureaucracy is unlikely to be a problem, a quarterly account of the financial moves made is essential for […]
  4. US Government Excessive Spending and Budget Cuts
    The spending does not negate the need for secrecy, especially when it comes to the security of the President of the US.
  5. Unethical Budget Cuts and Sustainable Alternatives
    It is unethical for a CEO to enforce such budget cuts due to the possibility of consequences for the safety and lives of employees and clients.
  6. Budget Planning and Strategic Planning Phases
    A budget is an official document containing the company’s perspectives and expectations regarding the achievements of financial character within a set period of time. The purposes of budget planning may vary, and they are contingent […]
  7. The US Budget Making Process
    After creating the budget, the Congress must then pass a law that is signed by the president authorizing the government to spend the money through the authorization bill. The presence of long-term and short-term deficits […]
  8. Budget Deficit and Surplus in US Fiscal Policy
    One of the major initiatives the government is likely to undertake in case of a budget deficit is to reduce national spending.
  9. The Necessity of a Budget Narrative
    To give the funder an opportunity to evaluate the project’s financial costs and understand whether the implementation of the project is real, the budget narrative is necessary.
  10. Houston ISD and Galena Park Texas Budget
    There is no actual financial data from the years 2015-2016 for Galena Park ISD, so budgeted financial data will be used.
  11. Oakland Family Wellness Center’s Budget Allocation
    Salaries and benefits for the staff represent the largest portion of the planned budget. The budget for childcare services is planned to include food and clothing.
  12. Phonia Phelps Company’s Semi-Annual Budget
    Phonia Phelps Company is making a budget preparation for the semi-annual of the year ending 30 July. The sales budget is a schedule showing sales expected for a given time in detail.
  13. Lawsona City’s Budget Balancing Challenges
    The rate should be based on the condition of the city budget and possible contingencies in the economy. A carefully planned and socially competent approach to implementing a sales tax will help the city of […]
  14. California Budget Crisis in 2010-2011
    According to the Legislative Analysts Office, the shortfall in the 2010/2011 budget was $18. The residents of California had to bear the brunt of the shortfall in their budget.
  15. Municipal Budget of Miami-Dade District Public Schools
    Miami-Dade district public schools has inoculated guiding principles to effect the achievement of the proposed budget, and among them include, improving student achievement, protecting the classroom, protecting effective workforce, and maintaining the monetary feasibility of […]
  16. Budget Management Tools in Atlanta and Georgia
    Unlike the budget system of Atlanta/Georgia, the federal government’s budget is required to follow certain rules to propose or implement the budget, for example, the resident initially submits the budget request to the Congress, and […]
  17. Excessive Budget Deficit Causes in Tanzania
    One of the primary causes of the excessive budget deficit is the fiscal policy that the Tanzanian government has pursued for the last two decades.
  18. Managing a Hospital Budget
    Understanding the costs associated with the expenses of running a hospital is vital since it is from the costs that we are able to determine the amount of profit the hospital can make in relation […]
  19. Dalles City’s Budget Issues and Priorities
    This budget can be used to evaluate performance when the budgeted level of activity is the same as the actual results Budgeting is a process of planning and controlling the use of assets in running […]
  20. Former Senator Pushed for Balancing the Budget
    Although both Democrats and Republicans want to avert the fiscal cliff because of the expected consequences, an agreement is yet to be achieved. The economic growth rate lacks the capacity to reduce the rate of […]
  21. Jonesboro Newspaper’s Budget and Cash Flow
    A budget enables an individual to forecast the amount of money to be realized upon the execution of a given undertaking. A part of the income from the company will be used to cater for […]
  22. Budget Objectives and Strategy in the Marketing Plan
    In calculating the unit cost of the old and new models we will apply the Conjoint Analysis, which is a marketing research tool that is used to determine attributes of the new product and how […]
  23. The Budget as Control: Agency Management Strategies
    One of the instances of budgeting changes is the constraint of the IT budget for most of the federal agencies across the US.
  24. Production Department: Budget Report
    The quantification of the cost of the inventory is based on the current consumption, and the trends observed in the business, and the anticipations for the three months.
  25. Higher Education: Personnel Management and Budget
    In this project, the impact of a collective bargaining agreement on performance evaluation will be discussed along with the analysis of the role of a leader in personnel management.
  26. The Intelligence Community’s Budget Issues
    The National Intelligence Program covers a wide range of activities, projects, and budgets that support the goals and decisions of the Intelligence Community.
  27. Health Science Project’s Sustainability and Budget
    The main sources of funds for the sustainability of the project are donations, grants, and gifts provided by interested organizations and citizens.
  28. The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibiting on a Small Budget
    In the case study, the event planners underestimated the importance of researching a way of creating a realistic budget for the trade show.
  29. Babycakes Bakery’s Budget Planning and Control
    It is obvious that the budget figures cannot be the same for the NY bakery and the LA one due to changes in customer behavior.
  30. Sacramento County Financing a Capital Budget
    Even though there seems to be enough money allocated for the project, the developer, the Judicial Branch of California, may want to consider additional funding sources to avoid a money shortage. In short, the Judicial […]

✅ Simple & Easy Budget Essay Titles

  1. Budget Methodology in Alabama
    The state has a bifurcated budget system, which implies that it is divided into the General Fund and the Education Trust Fund.
  2. Presidential Leadership in Domestic and Budget Policy-Making
    The necessity of signing executive orders that will impact the country’s future and the lives of millions of people is influenced by the opinions of the members of the administration, the current state of affairs […]
  3. City of Rome Budget Analysis
    The analysis of the budget of the city of Rome, GA, as well as the review of the press, revealed no privatization efforts and plans.
  4. Budget Analysis: City of Rome, GA
    According to Figure 1, the primary income sources of the city during the three years were Ad Valorem Tax and Local Option Sales Tax, which are attributed to more than 50% of the government’s annual […]
  5. City of Rome: Budget and Revenue Analysis
    The analysis of the City of Rome, GA budget showed that the policymakers highlighted the importance of the state budget for public safety and general government.
  6. Budget in the American Government
    For the purpose of this paper, we are going to examine the budget cycle and analysis of a public district school. In this step, the budget is made public for the citizen to view and […]
  7. The European Union’s Budget Expenditures
    The third resource is that based on the GNI, Gross National Product, of each of the member states of the Union.
  8. Ways to Save Costs for D.O.C. Budget
    The gadget operates on the motion of the objects and is able to detect when inmates are moving in and out thus putting on and off the light as necessary.suggested that, the budget on the […]
  9. Capital Budget: Term Definition
    It is concerned with a process of evaluating and choosing project for long-term which are better consistent with the goal to maximize the wealth of the owner.
  10. Federal Budget Deficit of the United States
    Following committee approval, the resolution is submitted for a vote and possible amendments by the entire membership of the Senate and House.
  11. Budget Aspects of a Family
    As disclosed by the couple, they have been living off borrowed money by taking loans on credit cards and taking loans for their car as well.
  12. Marketing Plan-budget of AT & T Sync Phone
    Sales projections: Sales have been projected to be 500,000 units in the first month which will increase at a rate of 1850 per month and 6,122,100 units in the first year.
  13. US Federal Budget and Economic Scarcity
    Unfortunately, the U.S.federal budget is no exception to this, and the reason for it may be seen, inter alia, in the fact that for years the U.S.government has been driven by a desire to reduce […]
  14. The New Education Budget-Cutting Scheme
    And this is really going to be a matter of worry for both the schools and the parents who want their wards to get a good education.
  15. UK Budget Deficit: Alternative Policies
    The root causes of the budget deficit problem can to a large extent be attributed to the feeble economy of the time; and the impacts of the increased government channeling of funds into the funding […]
  16. Budget Deficits: Hicks–Hansen (IS-LM) Model
    Therefore, this model explains the relationship between investments and savings and how this affects the liquidity preference and the availability of money in the economy.
  17. Budget Reduction in Criminal Justice Administrations
    The mission of the police is to maintain law and order among the citizens. The main positive effect of this training is the ability of some members to provide security to the rest of the […]
  18. Resolute Energy Corporation: Project Budget Development
    D 350 for meals to the team. The project has presented a budget line of U.S.
  19. President Obama’s Budget Proposal for the United States
    The budget is also expected to have an expansion of the earned income tax credit for the working poor. Contrary to the above, Republicans argue that raising the tax of the wealthy during a downturn […]
  20. The U.S. National Security: Budget Issues
    Despite the fact that the transfer of funds should remain secret, it is possible to disclose some details of the change in costs and explain them by an increase in costs due to a shift […]
  21. The Approval of the Draft Defense Budget in the US Congress
    The control figures should be submitted to the agency before the start of the fiscal year as the main guide in the preparation of their budget applications for the planned year.
  22. Intelligence Budget Transparency Act
    It is worth noting that the issue of budget transparency about the Intelligence Community is acute, and it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of whether it is worth supporting or rejecting the Intelligence […]
  23. Quality Budget Development Process: Strategic Planning and Doctor of Nursing Practice Education
    There are many important steps in developing a Doctor of Nursing Practice project, and the discussion of its financing and strategic planning is one of them.
  24. Budget Execution by Director of National Intelligence
    Director of National Intelligence is an official of the executive branch of the US federal government appointed by the President of the United States with the consent of the US Senate According to the Intelligence […]
  25. UAV Pro Inc.’s Budget, Costs and Revenues
    The demand for the product is expected to decrease with time; however, the implementation of an aggressive marketing campaign and rebranding is expected to raise the interest in the UAV Pro.
  26. Budget Analysis of the Terrels for the Year 2003
    The Income and expenditure statement of the Terrels prepared with the forecasted income and expenditure figures shows that the total gross income will be $ 52596 for the year 2003.
  27. Informed Decisions Toolbox Within the Organizational Setting
    Through wide consultations, there is likely to be less rebellion of criticism on decision that was initially acknowledged by every significant person in the organization.
  28. Nursing Training: Strategic Budget Planning
    The unit considered in this paper is a respiratory care unit in which medical services are presented to patients that experience respiratory disorders and difficulties due to such diverse reasons as pneumonia, cardiac problems, and/or […]

❓ Research Questions About Budgeting

  1. Has Sweden’s Government Budget Policy Been Too Discretionary?
  2. Does Capital Account Liberalization Discipline Budget Deficit?
  3. Are Audit Committee Characteristics Important to the Internal Audit Budget in Malaysian Firms?
  4. Does Capitated Managed Care Affect Budget Predictability?
  5. Is There a Link Between Budget Deficit and Interest Rates?
  6. Does Fiscal Illusion Impact Budget Policy?
  7. Can Budget Institutions Counteract Political Indiscipline?
  8. Does Government Ideology Influence Budget Composition?
  9. Are Biopharmaceutical Budget Caps Good Public Policy?
  10. Does Local Governments’ Budget Deficit Push up Housing Prices in China?
  11. Can Expenditure Cuts Eliminate a Budget Deficit?
  12. Does Tax Competition Soften Regional Budget Constraint?
  13. Are Budget Deficits Inflationary?
  14. Does the Structural Budget Balance Guide Fiscal Policy Pro-cyclically?
  15. Can Fiscal Budget-Neutral Reforms Stimulate Growth?
  16. Does the Wage Tax System Cause Budget Deficits?
  17. Are Budget Deficits Too Large?
  18. Can Governments Mandate Hard Budget Constraints?
  19. Have Large Budget Deficits Caused Increasing Trade Deficits?
  20. Are Budget Deficits Used Strategically?
  21. Has Federal Budget Deficit Policy Changed in Recent Years?
  22. Can Increasing Taxes Reduce the Budget Deficit?
  23. Are Hard Budget Constraints for Sub-National Governments Always Efficient?
  24. Can Tax Revenue Rise and the Budget Deficit Decline?
  25. Are School Budget Cuts Affecting Student’s Chances?
  26. Can the Intertemporal Budget Constraint Explain the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle?
  27. Are the Poor Protected From Budget Cuts?
  28. Can the Stability and Growth Pact in EMU Cause Budget Deficit Cycles?
  29. Does Better Governance and Commitment to Development Attract General Budget Support?
  30. Has the Annual Budget Outlived Its Usefulness?

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