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103 Taxes Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Fat Tax Concept
    Therefore more research is needed to establish the estimates for the national obesity-related cost, and the benefits in order to settle the uncertainty of fat tax implications.
  2. Australian Goods and Services Tax System
    The GST system provides a lot of revenue for the Australian government due to the fact that most of the goods normally consumed in the due course of everyday life have to be charged GST.
  3. American Tendency of Rising Taxes
    Although the above points call for reduction of taxes for the benefit of consumers and investors, some scholars believe that low taxes are not beneficial to the economy.
  4. How tax cuts help revive the economy
    The most important thing in a tax cut process is to ensure that there are mechanisms in the economy that can “repay” the amount of taxes lost.
  5. Budgeting in USA: Property Tax
    Property tax began being levied on the property itself and not on the occupancy of the property owner. The tax is levied on a certain tax rate of the given value of the property.
  6. The Significance of Lower Taxes to the average Canadian Citizen
    However, the immediate effects of lower taxes are a decrease in the actual income of the government and an increase in the actual income of the ordinary citizens whose taxation rates have been reduced.
  7. Fair Tax and Laffer Curve
    The disadvantage of the Laffer curve shows that the increase in the tax rates will become too unbearable to the paying individuals and business people.
  8. Tax efficient financial planning
    Taxes are inevitable, and since their impacts on our clients, investment, and income are adverse, our company should create awareness on the various vehicles one can use to reduce taxation.
  9. Relationship Between Budget Deficits and Tax Cutting
    Tax cuts impact the economy by reducing the real income of the government while increasing the real income of the taxpayers.
  10. Welfare Expenditure Reduction: Obama’s Federal Worker “Tax”
    Within the plan, the federal government is asking federal employees to more than double their contributions towards their pensions, by about 1.8%.
  11. Government spending and tax legislation signed by the president
    This is mainly because most of its expenses go to defense. This will influence change in fiscal policy as more revenue is received.
  12. The Internal Revenue Service Uncovers Tax Fraud with a Data Warehouse
    However, it was not easy to query and analyze data, especially from flat files, and that is why the IRS together with the group decided to implement the CDW, which allows flexible queries in the […]
  13. The Issue of Huge Taxes
    Increased taxes are perceived to be detrimental to the growth of economy in the sense that, increased taxes on income discourage majority of people from working, more so due to the fact that, they work […]
  14. U.S. Corporate Tax Havens
    But it can be argued that many multinational corporations have found a way to reduce the amount of taxes they are supposed to pay the government through the use of tax havens.
  15. We Should Use Tax Money to Enforce Mandatory Drug Treatments on Drug
    In sum, it is agreeable that the significance of using tax payers’ money to fund the mandatory treatment of drug addicts is a necessary and worthy course.
  16. The raise of Taxes at the United States
    When there is an increase in the rate of income tax, the effect will be that the post-tax income of individuals will reduce.
  17. The Evaluation of Tax Reform Strategies in the United States
    On the other hand “the average state and local tax rate for residents in the middle 20 percent of the income spectrum is higher at 9.
  18. The Debate About Tax Cuts
    Therefore, understanding the pros and cons of the tax-cut arguments shows that state and local taxes have a small burden on the businesses and are unlikely to affect their operating costs.
  19. Tax Avoidance Legal and Illegal Ways
    Tax avoidance is a serious threat to the ability of tax system to adhere to code of ethics in democratic nations.
  20. Tax Evasion in Egypt
    A gauge of the degree of tax evasion is the quantity of the unreported revenue, which denotes the variation between the quantity of revenue that ought to be accounted in the tax systems and the […]
  21. Economic Effects of Tax Reform
    The objectives of this study were; To investigate the effects of tax reforms on the economic growth and development of a county To investigate the best tax systems that support the growth and development of […]
  22. Effect of tax on Vietnamese hangers
    The effects of the duty have already been felt in the U.S.and other parts of the world. To begin with, the duty imposed on the hangers forced the wholesale prices of the hangers to rise.
  23. Roles of Property Tax
    It will also highlight the roles that can be attributed to the property tax in encouraging the foreign investors to invest in the nation.
  24. Legal and Illegal Tax Shelters
    In this arrangement the shareholders are recompensed in two ways; the first one is the almost immediate tax savings while the other one is the probable huge returns in the case that the firm discovers […]
  25. Fraudulent accounting and tax evasion
    As a result it is still difficult to observe whether the act has made trade in the securities markets more profitable.
  26. Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
    Changes in the government policies are the driving force behind the society’s change in the volume, composition and location of their income.
  27. Self Managed Super Fund: Superannuation and Tax
    Superannuation is a project or rather a system that is used in Australia with the aim of securing the old people and their plans in terms of investments.
  28. International students should be exempted from paying taxes, unless they are working in the host country
    According to Dwyer, 2009, international students refer to those individuals who are seeking education in other countries and they will stay in that country for the period they will be studying.
  29. Fixing Illinois’ Taxation Mess
    The proposed tax hike was a reaction to the problem of budget deficit that threatened to derail the state of Illinois.
  30. The Mineral Resource Rent Tax in Australia
    This essay will look into the effect of Mineral Resources Rent Tax on the accounting policies of the affected mining industry prior to the introduction of the tax and after the introduction of this tax.
  31. Carbon Tax Advantages and Disadvantages in Australia
    Reduction of the effects of global warming The levying of tax on the amount of carbon dioxide produced is an important step towards the reduction of the effects of global warming.
  32. Australian Taxation: Minerals Resource Rent Tax
    As a result, the prime undertaking of the kingdom of Australia is to get a hold of transfer tax scheme that look forward to and has the aptitude of acting in response to these prospects.
  33. Inflation Tax – Printing More Money to Cover the War Expenses
    The subsequent encroachment of inflation diminishes the value of money hence even if people had more money, the value of their cash was meaningless, a phenomenon similar to tax collection, which reduces the total amount […]
  34. State Management of Taxes and Policies
    This is in the attempt to institute efficient tax systems. The tax system in the majority of the developing countries is lopsided.
  35. Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking?
    According to the article under consideration, increase in price of cigarettes can positively or negatively affect the rate of smoking among the youth.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Taxes

  1. Income Taxation in Canada
    Simplicity: In terms of simplicity, Canadians believe that the progressive tax structure is simpler as compared to the flat tax structure.
  2. Tax Cuts in Keynesian Economics
    Manipulating government’s spending leads to change in position of the aggregate demand because the government forms part of the aggregate demand.
  3. Bush Tax Cuts Debate
    Calls to end the federal tax cuts are majorly spearheaded by the democrats because they are of the opinion that the tax cuts majorly favor the rich and consequently lead to the growth of the […]
  4. Impacts of the Implementation of Australia’s “Carbon Tax”
    The focus of this paper is on the examination of the Australia’s Carbon Tax and its impacts on the strategies of firms within the country.
  5. Using Taxes to Address Traffic Safety Problems in Oman
    If this form of tax is properly applied it can generate money for the government which can be used to address traffic problems and eventually reduce the number of accidents in the country.
  6. Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy
    According to Golob, the MRRT policy was expected to expand the coverage of the present Petroleum Resource Rent Tax; in such a way that as from 2012 1st July the proposed tax policy would be […]
  7. Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida
    For example, the studies showed that the success of a given firm is determined by how well the management aligns the positive attributes of the firm to the factors significant in that industry.
  8. Tax Equity in Countries Economy
    Therefore, a tax bracket should be created to cushion the poor from high income taxes. This is because the poor will be forced to spend a large portion of their pay on taxes.
  9. Effectiveness of Carbon Tax in Environmental Sustainability
    This research will seek to achieve the following objectives: To investigate the extent to which assessing the social cost of carbon is valuable in enhancing environmental sustainability To find out the effectiveness of assessing carbon […]
  10. Organizational Change Project “Fat Tax” in Denmark
    Analyzing the effects of the reform in the context of a specific organization and taking a closer look at the changes that the Fat Tax has inflicted on it, one can possibly decide whether the […]
  11. Tax Law Sources: Substantial Authority and Courts
    This essay explores the primary and secondary sources of tax law, substantial authority and the roles of the courts and internal revenue service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law.
  12. Property Taxes for Owners of Habitat for Humanity Houses
    The second argument for establishing a tax break for the owners of the Habitat for Humanity houses is the patent unfairness of the current system of determining the tax rate for this category of property […]
  13. Taxes Effects on Goods and Services
    On the other hand, if the elasticity of demand is higher than the elasticity of supply for a given commodity, suppliers will have to bear the burden of the tax alone or pay the higher […]
  14. Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry
    The article “Hollywood Asks California to cut Taxes for the Film Industry” discusses a petition launched by Film Works aimed at convincing the state of California to implement tax cuts for the film industry.
  15. Taxes and Education: A Cooperation That Went Awry
    By means of comparison, logical evaluations, social references, and a number of jeers in the text, the author chooses a kind of angry tone of writing to prove how irrational and unfair the attitude of […]
  16. University Students Should Not Pay Tax
    The government stepped in and tried to even out the disparities in university education that are as a direct result of income differences between students.
  17. Need of Tax Cuts
    However, in the long term, a tax cut is speculated to have macro-economic benefits if the taxpayers use the supplementary income they get wisely, and at the same time, the governments adjust well to its […]
  18. VAT Versus Flat Tax Versus More Progressive Tax
    On the other hand, progressive tax is the form of tax where tax rate varies with income. In this case, the VAT tax may reduce the level of aggregate demand in the country.
  19. Increasing Sin Tax for Increasing Costs of Medical Care
    Should The United States Federal Government increase “sin taxes” on alcohol and tobacco to help pay for the increasing costs of medical care?
  20. Federal Tax Law: Implications of Replacement
    The integration of the federal tax rate would improve the government’s capacity to ensure equity in the administration of the tax law. Replacing the federal income tax rate would contribute to considerable promotion in the […]
  21. Liberty Tax Services Company Analysis
    This essay describes an interview conducted to establish the reasons why the management of this company decided to ignore all norms and jokingly use phrases that seem to belittle the quality of services offered by […]
  22. Tax Shelter and Offshore: Control and Investment
    From this point, the long-term investment can be discussed as the effective tax shelter method to reduce the taxable income and tax payments.
  23. The Strategy of Toyota and H & R Tax Service
    As such, the key to success as well as prolonged existence in the market calls for the organizations to establish a tradition that ensures the development of modern initiatives, training and the application of new […]
  24. Taxes on Alcohol and Cigarettes as a Healthcare Costs
    According to the Senate Committee mandated to oversee the department of finance, the cost of managing diseases related to liquor and cigarettes in the next ten years will be over $1.
  25. The “Waist Banned” Article – Taxes on Junk Food
    On the other hand, the article describes the possibility of a failure in the projected effects of taxation on junk foods because of the likelihood of junk food addicts to forego expenditures of important foods […]
  26. Effects of Taxes and Economic Incentives on Business
    In spite of the wide array of these elements, analysts argue that taxes play the most critical role in influencing the location choices. In this paper, the author will assess the impacts of taxes and […]
  27. UAE Tax Policy Analysis
    Put back on the blue hat and make recommendations
  28. Drug Legalization: Increased Taxes v Health Issues
    A brief analysis of the problem shows that legalisation of drugs is an efficient and even necessary measure to address the problem.
  29. Value-Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates
    The discovering of the oil sources transformed the UAE to the economically powerful country; however, the other side of the problem is that oil and gas made the UAE dependent from the sources and can […]
  30. American Estate Tax, Laws and Ways of Minimization
    The fair market value of the estate is adjusted with the amount of related allowable deductions to obtain the value of the net value of the Estate.
  31. US Corporate Taxes Improvement and Alternatives
    The repatriation process will also increase the total US income; since many companies will relocate, back home and their tax revenues will benefit the country.
  32. Personal Income Tax: Arguments For and Against
    In addition, there is a liability to a personal income tax and the responsible tax paying entity must compute, file and pay tax as per the rules of the state.
  33. Tax Lien as a Car Purchasing Hindrance
    In case one is buying a house or a car and the tax lien is a hindrance to the purchasing process the Taxpayer Advocate service should be contacted for immediate action to be taken towards […]
  34. Legal Marijuana Market Analysis and Taxes Impact
    Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to understand the impact of taxes on the financial stability of the market for legal marijuana with the help of the law of supply and demand and […]
  35. Corporate Tax Rates and Project Valuation
    In this paper, the influence of corporate tax rates and the importance of project valuation, cash flows, and risk analysis will be discussed.

📌 Simple & Easy Taxes Essay Titles

  1. Tax Reform in the United States
    Furthermore, the adoption of the Consumption Tax as the foundation for the current fiscal system will encourage the residents of the United States to change their buying behavior.
  2. Republican Tax Rewrite: Helps Some, Hurts Others
    The purpose of the piece is to explore the consequences of the recent tax rewrite, pushed by the Republicans. An excellent alternative to the government’s actions, in this case, would be to involve the public, […]
  3. Repealing Soda Tax: Pros and Cons
    The article titled “Chicago’s Soda Tax is Repealed,” published by The Economist on October 13th, 2017, celebrates the repeal of the infamous soda tax, which received large amounts of criticism from both the soft drink […]
  4. The Importance of Tax in Our Life
    A critical view of the tax reveals that its intention was not to boost health outcomes for the citizens of Cook County, but to help the administration in raising about $1.
  5. Deferred Tax Assets and Future Payments Study
    The author also establishes the significance of the research question, explaining that determining the presence of a strong association between deferred taxes and future tax payments could be used to improve the current financial accounting […]
  6. New Tax Reform of 2017 in the United States
    The paper consists of two parts: the essence of the reform and its perception by various social and political stakeholders will be summarized, and then the reform will be investigated in the context of the […]
  7. Corporate Tax Assignment in the UK and the US
    It is noteworthy that companies-residents of countries that have established income tax treaties with the US are only subjected to taxation “only to the extent the income is attributable to a permanent establishments in the […]
  8. Income Tax Breaks and Housing for the Elderly
    This policy was formulated in 2002 to cater to the elderly as it had been found that the majority of them suffered from fall-related injuries.
  9. “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” by Matt Apuzzo
    In this work, some economic models will be considered in order to understand the intentions of the author of the article “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” and clear up whether the information presented is reliable […]
  10. International Tax Havens and Impact on Arizona and World
    The study will be focusing on examining the impact of international tax havens on Arizona and the world, specifically the international financial market, which in turn has the capacity to affect the agribusiness environment, its […]
  11. Federal Government’s Tax Spending: Rules and Limits
    The article called “Federal employees ask taxpayers to buy them personal items” posted on The Washington Examiner news portal by Sarah Westwood discusses the areas of expenditures of the federal employees and the prohibitions concerning […]
  12. Swobodaville City’s Tax Revenues
    Most of the tax rates are imposed by either the central government or the local authority. When the income tax rates are set locally, there is a tendency for the authority to offer lower tax […]
  13. Tobin Tax for the United Kingdom and United States
    The reason is that the commission has put it clear that the financial transaction tax will not only be implemented to financial institutions that are within the FTT region.
  14. The Political Stream: New Tax on Sweetened Beverages
    We delegate our rights to the government, including the local government of San Francisco, so that they can perform the measures that are beneficial to us.
  15. Microeconomics: Cigarette Taxes and Public Smoking Ban
    The problem of passive smoking will be minimized when the number of smokers decreases. It is agreeable that the meager incomes of such families will be used to purchase cigarettes.
  16. Tax Policies in Sweden and Ireland
    The tax burden on the economy is more significant in Sweden than in Ireland, and the rules of fiscal laws are more stringent in the Scandinavian country, although its self-regulation is more advanced.
  17. Sweden’s vs. Ireland’s Tax Policy
    In this regard, it can be expressed differently, noting that in Sweden, there is no tax on the property of individuals in its classical sense.
  18. Property Taxes and Assessment System
    The government should consider not only the current value of the property in the area and state of the evaluated object but also the term of ownership to distribute taxes equitably.
  19. Property Taxes Concepts Analysis
    To adjust this indicator, it is necessary to review the market value of the property regularly, which will be the main function of the group of market agents.
  20. How to Tax the Digitalized Economy
    As such, the company has to pay fees twice, which results in a significant economic burden, increased prices to compensate for the loss and a general slowing of business growth.
  21. The Provision of the Information on Tax Treatments
    The complexity of this framework might be confusing for people and presuppose some difficulties with the determination of various types of payments that are obliged to do.
  22. Lomanno: Tax Law and Court Rulings Report
    The second fact is that the husband of a petitioner did not have the permission to sign her name to income tax in the years that are discussed and there was also no approval to […]
  23. Internal Revenue Service in Tax Administration
    This is an analytical as well as empirical study with a view to exploring the deficiencies and impediments in the way of effective operation and management of the Internal Revenue Service.
  24. Ecology of Commerce: Green Taxes
    The Ecology of Commerce is a critical analysis of the way we conduct our business and our society today. This will provide incentives for businesses to produce things in an environmentally sound way, and it […]
  25. Tax Authority’s Effectiveness and Implications
    Apply the provisions of tax treaties in a fair and consistent manner; promote the fair sharing of taxing rights in tax treaties and the development of domestic laws; not promote or facilitate tax evasion or […]
  26. Carbon Tax in Norway & Denmark: Economic Analysis
    In the long term, carbon tax can make the use of alternative energy sources the new norm and set the standard in stone.
  27. Approaches of Different Tax Systems
    The advantage of National sales tax is that it is not a direct tax and accordingly the taxpayers may not feel that as a cut from their income is being made directly.
  28. Tax Law in Accounting
    Thus, it is not surprising to see that the higher the income of the individual the higher would be share in taxes. Similarly, difference in net income between financial accounting and tax accounting could be […]
  29. Accounting for Sales Tax Revenue in Florida State
    The Florida State Department of Revenue has the responsibility of administering revenue laws of the state to its citizens as well as the laws that are related to the inspection of the books of accounts […]
  30. Should Tax Laws Be Reformed to Encourage Saving?
    Because of the lack of honesty by taxpayers, there is always a shortfall of about 300 billion dollars compared with the amount of tax owed to the federal government.
  31. President Bush’s Tax Cut Policies
    The impact of the tax cuts on the high-income households, the middle-income households and the low-income households have been assessed. Taylor argues that the tax cut policies of President Bush have minimized the amount of […]
  32. Efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003
    This paper critically examines the efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003, passed by former President Bush by cutting personal taxes and depreciation rates, in order to create more incomes and thus increase consumer spending, leading […]
  33. Obama’s Tax Relief Plan Analysis
    The following graph outlines the proposed tax cut relief plan in detail and it would be analyzed in terms of the effect that it has had on the economy and it’s bearing on the American […]

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