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  1. Criminal justice
    The criminal process should operate smoothly and swiftly and the main goal of the criminal justice process should be uncovering the truth and establishing factual guilt of the arrestees.
  2. A Short Guide to the Criminal Justice System
    The prosecutor is entitled to inform the court about the type of crime and also avail the proof that subjects the accused to punishment.
  3. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
    According to Ward there are some people who think that journalists are out to make money which is very wrong because the information they collect is not only useful to us but its also referred […]
  4. Young offenders and the Criminal Justice System
    This is attributed to the fact that juvenile courts are predisposed to have the best interest of the children or youths in consideration and offer some form of defense and rehabilitation for the children in […]
  5. Criminal Justice Department
    The criminal justice department is one sector of public administration that has had to go through a period of transformation as far as the usage of technology in the fulfillment of its role to the […]
  6. Techniques for Influencing Criminal Justice System Change
    The criminal justice system is a big and an extensive section of the legislative and judicial limbs of the United States.
  7. The Many Faces of Criminal Justice: What Concerns Students Face Most Often
    Therefore, it goes without saying that, to become a professional in criminal justice, one will have to face the challenge of extremely hard studying.
  8. The Criminal Justice System
    On the other hand, the executive branch is mandated with the role of furnishing the criminal justice system with judges and heads of law-enforcing agencies.
  9. Racism in U.S. Criminal Justice System
    Despite the small number of African American in comparison to the whites in the United States, the number of blacks imprisoned is very high.
  10. Death Penalty: Every For and Against
    By passing the death penalty, the judge ensures that retribution is served to the victim of the murder. A claim made by opponents of the death penalty is that this is a barbaric form of […]
  11. Application of Probability and Statistics in Criminal Justice
    In criminal justice system, the assessment of the evidence adduced by witnesses determines the innocence or the guilt of the accused.
  12. Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System
    Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare system has evolved according to shifting values and attitudes about what responsibilities governmental agencies should take in the defence and care of abandoned and abused […]
  13. Theories Required to be Successful in Supervisory Practices in the Criminal Justice Field
    In the field of criminal justice, it is necessary to understand whether failure to satisfy the following needs may result to the criminal acts.
  14. Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work
    The negative attitude of the community and the criminalization of sex works made workers of his industry vulnerable and susceptible for the physical assaults of men in the street, their customers and even policemen.
  15. The Death Penalty in the US Criminal Justice System
    Due to this, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of an Oklahoma court by explaining that the execution of the minor violated the eighth amendment statute.
  16. Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion
    The second framework that could be used to illuminate the politicization of criminal justice and subsequent control and manipulation of the penal policy is the theory of punitiveness.
  17. People With Disabilities and Abuse of People With Disabilities and Criminal Justice
    In addition, there is need to train police, lawyers and other persons in the criminal justice system on how to interact with persons with disabilities.
  18. Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems
    Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Therefore, discipline in law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice system is essential […]
  19. Criminal Justice System Role in Curbing Crime Rates
    One of the devastating effects of crime that has been associated with violence is that it brings about social waste which emanates from the loss of value of goods as well as the destruction of […]
  20. Death Penalty Role in the Criminal Justice System
    The question posed by Cynthia Tucker in the article is whether the criminals in America deserve the death penalty or not. Many people believe that the death penalty is the best punishment for people perceived […]
  21. Forensic Psychology Guidelines for Criminal Justice
    These include: Psychologists holding attitudes and beliefs that can negatively influence the perceptions of other individuals. Psychologists utilizing organizational dynamism in enhancing the practices and development of organizations through culturally informed procedures.
  22. Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration
    This is one of the approaches that can be taken. This is one of the main points that can be made.
  23. Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
    The integration of mental health service providers in the criminal justice system addresses the needs of people with mental illness. Criminal justice system involvement in the issue is attributed to the stigma of mental illness […]
  24. Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
    Therefore, the current situation requires criminal justice systems to push for the adoption of new laws to ensure their professionals adhere to higher standards of practice to enable them to discharge their duties more effectively.
  25. Historical Criminal Justice Theories
    Moreover, the study of these theories can demonstrate some of the principles that govern the work of law-enforcement agencies. It should be noted that this person attached much importance to the training of law-enforcement officers.
  26. Organizational Behavior Concepts in the Criminal Justice
    In the criminal justice setup, the managers are to possess both technical and interpersonal skills, because the managers are responsible for managing the organization’s finances, resources, information and personnel.
  27. Criminal Justice Workplace Management
    In the interview, the focus was to identify some of the factors that may influence the climate of the workplace either positively or negatively.
  28. Criminal Justice System and Forensic Psychology
    The body of the victim belonged to a Mr. Sheldon and the killer, it can be related to the study of the Forensics psychology in various ways.Mr.
  29. Criminal Justice in Canada
    This type of sentencing is based on the philosophy that the offender should maintain close family ties, be productive in the workplace, and actively participate in the community programs that are available to him/her. The […]
  30. The Criminal Justice System Effective Communication
    The main objective of this paper is to attempt to clarify what effective communication comprises of in the criminal Justice setting.
  31. Effective Communication in Criminal Justice Settings
    The officer should also package information in a way that it is easy to decode and understand. Such communication enables police officers in charge of the inmates to access important information from them.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Criminal Justice

  1. The Criminal Justice System Network
    Some say that the disorder is so severe that it causes criminal behavior and is linked to the other people directly.
  2. The Criminal Justice’ and the Drug Policy’ Relations
    Heavier sentences are being imposed, and the anti-drug war is attributed to the development of the prison system in the US.
  3. Technologies in Canadian Criminal Justice System
    The criminal justice system is a collection of government institutions that the law mandates to oversee the management of crime. The justice system uses the deoxyribonucleic acid technology to identify a suspect at the scene […]
  4. Globalization and Criminal Justice Policy
    In the end, globalization ends up affecting the criminal justice system of the country. To combat the increase in drug trafficking, the criminal justice policy of the country enforces stringent penalties on any drug peddler […]
  5. US Criminal Justice Information System
    The criminal justice information systems are one of the most usable among the police officers, and it contains all data about the offender, which had been used and obtained by the criminal justice system.
  6. US Criminal Justice Policy: History and Future
    The police have implemented these policies and the correctional facilities have been the drivers of the policy on the convicts. Courts were more considerate of the state of the imprisoned and their place in the […]
  7. Criminal Justice Employees’ Duties and Rights
    The establishment of community oversight boards is an affirmation of the interests of the community in the issues of the justice system.
  8. Ethics and Professional Behavior in Criminal Justice
    One of the most important components of the criminal justice system is a code of ethics, which governs the behavior and conduct of professionals working within the system.
  9. Criminal Justice Administration
    Moreover, the security of officers in the criminal justice system is affected by the proliferation of illegal arms in the society.
  10. Antiterrorism Response Unit in Criminal Justice
    The administrative change will play a critical role towards combating terrorism in the country. The change will also improve the level of interaction between the criminal justice agency and every Police Department.
  11. Criminal Justice from a Global Perspective
    When it comes to the primary source of law, common law is mainly based on the customs in a society while civil law originates from written code that is provided by rulers and legislators.
  12. Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Trends
    Moreover, the paper will discuss the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will have on the department of criminal justice system.
  13. The United States Constitution and Criminal Justice
    The legal principle called the Exclusionary Rule is the result of the Supreme Court interpretation of the constitutional right of the United States citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  14. US Supreme Court’s Role in Criminal Justice System
    The Supreme Court is the highest institution of justice in the United States that has a special role in the system of the American government.
  15. International Criminal Justice and Atrocity
    The end of the Second World War saw the establishment of international structures such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice that aimed at safeguarding the rights of all individuals and ensuring […]
  16. Illicit Drugs Policy and Criminal Justice
    The key premise of the development and establishment of this policy was the increase in illegal drug shipments and criminal activity under the influence of narcotic substances.
  17. Bureaucracy and Criminal Justice Policies
    This means that the bureaucracy expects to find a balance between the needs of the population and the requirements of the upcoming policy.
  18. Criminal Justice in Fisher v. University of Texas
    Following the admission plan, the University had to organize its admission practice based on the interests of the government and adjust it in terms of admission of those who did not belong to the top-10% […]
  19. Criminal Justice Policy Formulation Participants
    The key objective of the final paper is to explain the issues inherent in the contents of the legislation and its ability to provide administrative equal protection to all the citizens of the United States […]
  20. Criminal Justice: Discipline, Liability and Labor Relations
    As a result, a criminal justice agency administration is torn between the need to protect the people from their employees’ misconduct and uphold the reputation of the institution and, at the same time, to protect […]
  21. Psychologist’s Roles in Criminal Justice System
    The purpose of this article is to outline the function of a psychologist in the criminal justice system. For example, the expert can act in a consultative or counselor capacity in the court of law.
  22. Criminal Justice Process and Investigation Changes
    A concise chronology of the events can also be attached if it helps me improve the structure of the report. It is a significant part of the report as any relevant background data can affect […]
  23. Media Influence on Criminal Justice and Community
    This paper will discuss the effect of the media on the relationship between the criminal justice system and the community. As a result, the level of crime is likely to reduce, thereby improving the relationship […]
  24. Stanford Prison Experiment and Criminal Justice
    The researchers used cameras and microphones to assess the behavior of the correctional staffs and inmates. The capability of managing the correctional facility depends on effective communication between the inmates and the prison guards.
  25. Cybercrime Impact on Global Criminal Justice System
    Reports show that the crime is on the rise because more people have access to computers and the internet than ever before.
  26. Stereotyping Individuals in the Criminal Justice System
    Cultural Deviance theory is based upon two other theories, which are: Social Disorganization Theory Strain Theory Social disorganization theory focuses on the environment and places it as the main reason for crime.
  27. Forensic Psychology in the Criminal Justice System
    To evaluate the competency of a defendant, the forensic psychologist is guided by the scientific principles espoused in the field of psychological science.
  28. Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice
    If one is to discuss the issue with the senior management of the organization in which the crime occurred, there is a high chance that the issue will not be taken as seriously due to […]
  29. Criminal Justice Systems in the US, the UK, Norway
    When it comes to the corrections, the very first thing that has to be addressed is the improvement of the situation in prisons.
  30. Criminal Justice System: Supervision and Recidivism
    A major disadvantage of classification is the fact that it affects the trust that the public has on the criminal justice system and their officers.
  31. Domestic Violence in International Criminal Justice
    The United Nations organization is deeply concerned with the high level of violence experienced by women in the family, the number of women killed, and the latency of sexual violence.

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Criminal Justice

  1. Psychology in Criminal Justice
    One of the most prevalent examples of the connection between psychology and criminal justice is the use of the word “insanity”.
  2. Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice
    The reporting should be handled by the media and not by the punishing governmental body due to the fact that the influence of criminal justice on the news may become a new case of bias […]
  3. Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects
    Also, it may be necessary to outline the basics of behavior that is acceptable in the workplace. There is also a supposition that an intensification of the organizational strictness may be harmful to trust.
  4. Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice
    The misrepresentation of the original argument is not taken into account, and the key objective of this fallacy is to confuse the opponent and form one’s opinion on the wrong argument.
  5. Community Corrections and Criminal Justice
    Community corrections are the topic that has been the easiest to understand because, unlike other aspects of criminal justice, this is the area of the administration of punishment that is the most familiar to me.
  6. Criminal Justice Policy in Action
    The basis of research on the issue of wrongful convictions is supported by a number of articles that address this criminal justice misconception from a number of perspectives and define police misconduct as one of […]
  7. Criminal Justice: Investigating Problems
    Dependent variables: Number of racial hate crimes committed in a locality per year, the number of fatalities associated with racial hate crimes, the total population of the locality, racial disparity within the locality.
  8. Criminal Justice in the Film “Gideon’s Trumpet”
    The case displayed in the movie could be considered as highly important, as Gideon’s complaint changed the whole American judicial system and increased the strength of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments while making judges highly […]
  9. US Criminal Justice System, Theories and Methods
    To begin with, I would like to state that my opinion on the criminal justice system has changed due to additional knowledge that I gained during the course with the help of additional materials that […]
  10. Criminal Justice from the Historical Perspective
    Before the Civil War, there was a rapid increase in crime rates caused by the move of rural Americans and the influx of immigrants to cities.
  11. Criminal Justice System Reforms
    This essay selects the enactment of Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and International Parental Child Kidnapping Act from the study by Karmen and searches for evidence of the success of the provided measures […]
  12. Key Criminal Justice Issues
    That being the case, the criminal justice system must consider the most desirable approaches in an attempt to deal with this issue.
  13. Criminal Justice System Enforcement Issues
    For example, the supervisor argued that the criminal justice department was embracing the use of modern technologies to improve security in the country.
  14. Leadership Issues in the Criminal Justice System
    Thus, they seek for collaboration with the FBI and want to implement a considerable change that is likely to affect the whole population and organization and transform the existing order to achieve this goal.
  15. Criminal Justice System: Racial Policy Change
    This paper examines the Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, the new document aimed at the development of a new approach to equality, in the context of the FBI’s activity.
  16. Johnnie Cochran’s Leadership in the Criminal Justice
    Although his influence on the team members was huge, it would be quite a stretch to claim that it was a game-changer in the history of the criminal justice system.
  17. Criminal Justice Administration Issues
    The two judiciary issues that will become prominent in the Criminal Justice System are the sentencing reform and the improvement of criminal procedures.
  18. Military Trials: The Criminal Justice Procedures Violations
    According to the currently established procedure of most of the states, the accused has the right to gain access to all of the evidence at any time in the process.
  19. Criminal Justice Process in the US
    The administrative record of this person is made to ensure that one is in the system and can be found if needed.
  20. Criminal Justice: Punishment and Sentencing
    The representatives of the general public got used to the fact that one party is to be punished, and another one is to provide punishment.
  21. Criminal Justice Careers in the Modern Society
    The purpose of the presentation: The given presentation is devoted to the most important aspects related to the criminal justice career and role specialists of this sort play in any community.
  22. Women and Minorities Recruits in Criminal Justice
    Thus, it might be amended, and one of the directions for this in terms of this paper is to consider the possibility of recruiting women and minorities in the criminal justice field.
  23. Ethics in Criminal Justice and Fuller’s Principle
    There is also no need in applying professional discretion because the gift in the scenario is just a sign of respect and appreciation of a community member for the service of a police officer in […]
  24. Criminal Justice: Balancing in Philosophy and Practice
    I believe that the ability to balance rights of separate individuals with the protection of the general public is one of the key issues involved in the daily practice of any criminal justice specialist as […]
  25. Research Inquiry Methods in Criminal Justice Project
    In experimental studies, the assignment of participants to control and experimental groups is random. Phenomenological research can be useful in projects where it is needed to comprehend the opinions and experiences of people.
  26. Gang Violence: Criminal Justice Research
    The primary purpose of the article in question was to explore “processes and mechanisms” that contributed to the escalation of gang violence as well as its spread. The researcher tried to answer the question concerning […]
  27. Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice Process
    The purpose of this paper is to present, define, and propose restorative justice as the best model for addressing the challenges affecting the effectiveness of the United States’ criminal justice process.
  28. Criminal Justice Systems: Saudi Arabia, Germany and the US
    The primary religion of the nation is Islam, which guides the cultural development of the country. The primary factor is the development of the US because the common law system was established in England.
  29. Criminal Justice System and Inequilty in America
    As highlighted by Reiman and Leighton, the resultant effect of inequality and poverty is a crime and the emergence of criminals.
  30. Women Working in the Criminal Justice System
    There are many women that have opted to purse the carrier on criminal justice as a result of the inspiration to learn about law so that they can effectively apply it in the real life […]
  31. Women in Legal and Criminal Justice Occupations
    The authors confirm that the absence of women workers in the criminal justice system is attributed to less time and effort in learning and recruitment processes.

🔍 Good Research Topics about Criminal Justice

  1. Crime and Criminal Justice News
    Ultimately, the news is one of the aspects that influence the development of the concept of criminal justice and help the government find weak spots in the legislation.
  2. Criminal Justice Administration and Police Functions
    To ensure the success of these aims, all the components of the justice system including the courts, the police, and the correctional section need to work in harmony.
  3. Policy and Criminal Justice
    It is apparent that the specifics of the process will differ depending on a particular case: the object of the policy, the people involved, time and resources available, and the approach to policy-making are going […]
  4. Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies
    In the end, the reputation of the agency and the justice system as such depends on the maintenance of discipline. Also, the case law, which is the law based on precedents, affects the legislation and […]
  5. Criminal Justice Employees’ Rights and Laws
    An employer is expected to comply with privacy requirements, but it is notable that in certain cases, the line between private life and duty is blurred, which may change the attitude of the law to […]
  6. Diversity Training for Criminal Justice Employees
    The key aim of such training consists in the increased diversity awareness; the expected outcome is the lack of discrimination, harassment, and the promotion of a positive, inclusive environment at the workplace.
  7. Americans With Disabilities in Criminal Justice Agencies
    Since the legislation is relatively new, the process of the change requires such guidelines given the lack of an appropriate number of the best practices for the time being.
  8. Criminal Justice Policy Development and Implementation
    The US Constitution directly influences the development of criminal justice policy because criminal justice procedures are based on the provisions of the US Constitution.
  9. Ethical Conduct in Criminal Justice
    Another thing that is expected from the future member of the organization is the presence of a license of a clinical psychologist.
  10. Applied Research in Criminal Justice Profession
    As for the further exploration of the subject, I would examine ways to enhance the validity and reliability of my research.
  11. Racism Effects on Criminal Justice System
    Overall, the reforms carried out by the government in the nineties bear some similarities to Jim Crow laws; firstly, both of them were partly premised on rhetoric that dehumanized African Americans; furthermore, in each case, […]
  12. Criminal Justice System Representation in Media
    In the television shows and films examined in this paper, the creators attempt to display various aspects of the criminal justice system realistically and positively.
  13. Separation of Powers in the Kuwait Criminal Justice System
    The proposed research addresses the question of separating powers within the criminal justice system of Kuwait, examining the function of this division and the structures that are designed to protect the rights of citizens.
  14. Ethics in Criminal Justice
    The morality of punishing people for their actions will always be a topic that is worth discussion because, in the majority of the cases, no one has the ability to view the issue from a […]
  15. Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System
    This essay is intended to explain the meaning of forensic science in the criminal justice system and to explore the evolution of methods introduced by such figures as Sir Francis Galton and Dr.
  16. Determination of Professionalism in Criminal Justice Organizations
    In the 1900s-1920s, the reform was supported by the Progressive movement, which opposed police dependence on local bosses and ingrained the concept of public service as the basis for social mobility.
  17. Criminal Justice as an Open System
    The same society and government also receive the output of the law enforcement organizations, meaning that the activity of the criminal justice system is never focused unto itself.
  18. Contemporary Criminal Justice Leadership
    In this case, we will try to delve into the current state of leadership in the criminal justice system and try to assess if it is satisfactory enough to promote the development of the organization.
  19. Wrongful Capital Convictions in Criminal Justice
    The term ‘Wrongful Capital Conviction’, means a conviction reached in a disputed or unfair trial. There are several causes or factors that played a role in wrongful conviction.
  20. Criminal Justice Agency Organizational Behavior
    In terms of organizational behavior studies, a criminal justice agency is seen as a system organization based on legal, social, and moral values, visions, and social environment.
  21. Criminal Justice: Race, Age, and Gender Factors
    The will belongs to the realm of natural phenomena, all of which follow the rules of cause and effect. Being exploited organically by the generative process and the growing child, the female, in turn, exploits […]
  22. Criminal Justice Correction Professions and Careers
    All the requirements of level III are also required in this level but the officer must have an additional year of experience Parole and probation officers perform many similar duties in assisting the courts to […]
  23. Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology
    One of the major aspects that have to be considered while going for data collection is that, the selection of the data collection team.
  24. Effects of Technology in Criminal Justice Systems
    In the United States, a policy was made in 1967 about the Law Enforcement and Justice Administration by the president’s commission, and the aim of the policy was to stop crimes in society.
  25. Washington County Court Services
    The former held notion about unaccepted restorative justice and the victim offender mediation has been reviewed and now the aim of this Court is to restore the relationship between the offenders and the victims and […]
  26. Criminal Justice: Recidivism and Corrections
    In fact, one of the chief areas for discussion in the case of research would be with regard to the causes and reasons for variances and how it would impinge upon the results.
  27. The Instrumental Theory in Criminal Justice
    In criminal justice, the instrumental theory is based on the idea that criminal justice and criminology is one of the main tools which help to control the poor.
  28. Criminal Justice: Term Definition
    So in this case the law enforcement makes the various laws which are supposed to be followed by the citizens of that country and incase anyone deviates from the law, the accused is processed by […]
  29. Criminal Justice for Physically Injured Crime Victims
    Overall, the actual goal of the DVD is to provide education to the victims of physical violence crime in the criminal justice system.
  30. Problem Analysis in the Criminal Justice System
    The first one is sham prosecutors, overconfident eyewitnesses, lying informants from jailhouses and the inept lawyers and overzealous prosecutors who jeopardize the chances of the accused for fair trials and conviction of the accused prior […]
  31. The Criminal Justice Ethics Principles
    It is the goal of the present paper to review such areas of ethical issues within the field of criminal justice as: pretexting during investigation and police misconduct, and their influence on the investigated case.

💡 Most Interesting Criminal Justice Topics to Write about

  1. Criminal Justice Ethics Definition
    Criminal justice ethics involves all the codes as well as standards that apply to all the concerned parties in the criminal justice system for example attorneys, prosecutors, and the other entire professionals in the criminal […]
  2. Management in Criminal Justice and Related Areas
    One way of overcoming this is that the leaders need to properly hear out and understand the staff members and also listen to them.
  3. Criminal Justice System in Australia
    There have been fears that the criminal justice system in Australia is not as strong as it should be considering there have been lapses when dealing with gender, social class, and even racial matters.
  4. Criminal Justice System: Halloween Party Accident
    But from the general point of view of the criminal justice system the main culprits were Tom Randell and Kelly Greene and it is obvious that they should be charged and prosecuted in the eyes […]
  5. Criminal Justice Experimentation: Threats to Validity
    Therefore it is becoming more and more evident that the threats to validity play a major role in the research and experimental designs.
  6. Criminal Justice: Misconduct by Prison Wardens
    The purpose of the study would be to examine the misconduct of prison wardens specifically as it relates to how they treat inmates.
  7. Criminal Justice Agency Records, Content & Secondary Data Analysis
    In this case, there is the need to ensure that the specifics of the statistics are very clear from the start.
  8. Issues in Comparative Criminal Justice
    Under civil disobedience, the citizens reserve the rights to defy the authority of the state when in their opinion the stat is taking them n the wrong direction.
  9. The Discipline of Criminal Justice: The Use of Mathematics
    The knowledge applied here is purely scientific and therefore the police can hire the services of such experts to assist in the investigation of crime.
  10. Math and Criminal Justice: The Effective Conduction of Investigation
    The use of mathematics in the form of statistical analysis and interpretation is profound in all the three parts of the criminal justice system- “law enforcement, adjudication and corrections “.
  11. Criminal Justice System: Crime Scene Investigation
    A gas store employee, who was present in the time of the event, nodded to be the witness of the crime.
  12. Ethics Theories in the Criminal Justice Field
    The gratuity that the public extend to officers and doormen within the criminal justice system has the capacity to spiral and develop a culture of exchange.
  13. The Effects of Poverty Within Criminal Justice
    The approach used in this study is deductive since the reasoning in the study proceeds from the general principle regarding the fact that poverty has a role to play in the administering of fairness in […]
  14. Criminal Justice Centralization and Decentralization
    This assignment briefly examines the issue of centralization and decentralization, overviewing the negative consequences of the attorney’s office funded by the state, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the commission’s recommendations.
  15. Integrity and Its Place in Criminal Justice System
    It is plausible to say that Integrity is truthfulness; the truthfulness of one’s character. The integrity of a professional is not something that is personally his.
  16. Leadership and Management as Applied to Criminal Justice Organizations
    The differences between them are significant and crucial to understanding for executives to be able to reach the goals of a company.
  17. Criminal Justice System in the United States Evolution
    The emergence of English common law in the period of the reign of Henry II had the biggest impact on the development of the criminal justice system in the United States.
  18. Budget Reduction in Criminal Justice Administrations
    The mission of the police is to maintain law and order among the citizens. The main positive effect of this training is the ability of some members to provide security to the rest of the […]
  19. California’s Criminal Justice System, Problems and Solutions
    The attention is focused on the fact that even though the system is designed to lower the recidivism rate and help inmates in the future, rehabilitate, it is still ineffective.
  20. Key Social Issues Affecting Criminal Justice Professionals
    The absence of a decline in this percentage suggests that the criminal justice system has not been effective in addressing this issue. The criminal justice system has failed to decrease crime rates due to the […]
  21. “Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice” by Pollock
    If hunting is the primary means of survival of a particular society, the euthanasia of the elderly and the sick can be deemed acceptable.
  22. Criminal Justice Reform in the Black Community
    A progressive change of the United States’ drug policy is a fundamental step in the restoration of the criminal justice system.
  23. How Is the Criminal Justice System Portrayed in the News?
    In the case it is underrepresented, it means that the news has not been depicted in full and in a truthful manner and in accordance with the wishes of the American people.
  24. The History and Transformation of Criminal Justice System
    The State Police seeks the help of the local police divisions for the search of the criminals and arrest of them to announce sentence according to the Code of |Criminal Procedure applied and observed by […]
  25. The Criminal Justice Funnel and Globalization
    There are several cases in the initial stages of the criminal process which are then eliminated as the process continues to the top.
  26. Searches in the Criminal Justice System
    The reasoning behind this lies in the mobility of vehicles which can enable the owners of the vehicles to tamper with the probable evidence should a warrant be necessary to conduct a search of the […]
  27. Racial Discrimination in the US Criminal Justice System
    This report argues that when one studies the proportion of blacks in the Cincinnati community and the number of times that they have been stopped for traffic violations, one finds that there is a large […]
  28. Criminal Justice and DNA: “Genetic Fingerprinting”
    DNA is one of the popular methods used by criminologists today, DNA technique is also known as “genetic fingerprinting”.the name given the procedure by Cellmark Diagnostics, a Maryland company that certified the technique used in […]
  29. Pros and Cons of Using Discretion in System of Criminal Justice
    The initial stage in which discretion is applied in the system of criminal justice is where police officers make a decision on whether a suspect should be arrested for a particular offense or not., argues […]
  30. Contemporary Criminology and Criminal Justice Theory
    The model of a political society in which law restrains and guides the implementation of power by rulers dates from the early stages of systematic thought in the Western world.
  31. Impact of Globalization and Neoliberalism on Crime and Criminal Justice
    Globalization entails the conception of principles, perpetuated by both governments and organizations that have altered the way nations perceive the obligation for a criminal justice system and the ability of the governments to control crime […]

❓ Criminal Justice Research Questions

  1. What Does the Future Hold for the Criminal Justice System?
  2. How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime?
  3. What Makes the Criminal Justice System So Slow?
  4. Does the Criminal Justice System Work?
  5. How Are Computers Essential in Criminal Justice Field?
  6. Are Individual Mental Health Issues Treated Fairly by the Criminal Justice System?
  7. What Should the Criminal Justice System Do With Drug Abusers?
  8. How Might Crime Data Be Used as either Predictor for Crime or Used by Criminal Justice Professionals?
  9. Does the Criminal Justice System Depend on the Disparities of the People That It Serves?
  10. How Does Criminal Justice System Work and How Does It Have Problems?
  11. Are Males and Females Treated Differently in the Criminal Justice System?
  12. How Did the Current Criminal Justice System in the US Evolve?
  13. Does the Criminal Justice System Extend More Rights to Criminal Defendants?
  14. How Does Society Shape the Experiences of the Criminal Justice?
  15. Are Youth Offenders Responsive to Changing Sanctions?
  16. How Does the Australian Criminal Justice System Respond to Domestic Violence?
  17. Does the Criminal Justice System Have a Gendered Response Towards Filicide When It Comes to Punishing the Offender?
  18. How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to Illicit Drugs?
  19. Should the Criminal Justice System Be the Primary Solution to Drug Problems in Australia?
  20. How Does Our Criminal Justice System Reflect the U.S. Constitution?
  21. Should the Death Penalty Be Used in the Criminal Justice System?
  22. How Does Television Depict the Criminal Justice System?
  23. Should the Texas Criminal Justice System Be Legal?
  24. How Does the Criminal Justice System Deals With Sex Offenders?
  25. What Are Effective Writing Principles for Criminal Justice Professionals in Their Respective Communications?
  26. How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to Organized Crime Within Our Society?
  27. What Are the Major Components of the Criminal Justice System?
  28. How Can the Past Assist the Modern Criminal Justice System?
  29. What Are the Three Most Challenging Issues of Criminal Justice?
  30. Why Are Confidentiality and Ethics Important in Investigating the Legal Concerns of the Criminal Justice and Criminology?

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