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  1. Juvenile Justice System in “Sleepers” Film by Barry Levinson
    This gang was at the disposal of these boys and they would join anytime they wanted hence the community pushed these juveniles to join the gang.
  2. The Promotion of Justice
    The actual question in justice is whether the consideration to be made is first of all for the overall justice of the society or the individual.
  3. Criminal justice
    The criminal process should operate smoothly and swiftly and the main goal of the criminal justice process should be uncovering the truth and establishing factual guilt of the arrestees.
  4. Roads to Justice
    Transitional justice can be defined as a kind of justice that is used to promote or put a stop to a widespread in the violation of human rights.
  5. Justice Favors the Rich
    Michael Vick’s case displayed just how long the legal system had take long to act on high-profile persons as it would to the rest of the population.
  6. Social Justice and Gay Rights
    This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their roots to the 1960s and the Stonewall Riots of 1969 which marked the birth of the gay […]
  7. John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice
    The first clause calls for distribution economic and social disparities in a way that, “they are to be of the greatest benefit to the least-advantaged members of society”.
  8. John Rawls’ Theory of Justice
    1 This is a classless principle calling for justice equality promoting mutual understanding; nevertheless, taken the way it is, this principle would confuse people on some issues and this is why Rawls compliments it with […]
  9. The criminal justice system
    The prosecutor is entitled to inform the court about the type of crime and also avail the proof that subjects the accused to punishment.
  10. Theory of Justice
    Justice, which is suitable for the constitution of the country, is also beneficial to the people. The Plato’s theory of justice tries to balance what people and societies practice.”Justice is the good of another”.
  11. Justice on guns control
    The argument that possession of the guns by the civilians protects them against the tyranny of the state is frequently advanced.
  12. Running Head: Juvenile Justice System and Rehabilitation
    The children/teenagers who are sentenced by the juvenile court are not termed as guilty but as delinquent children However, the juvenile courts have the responsibility of handing over the children/teenagers to the adult court whenever […]
  13. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
    According to Ward there are some people who think that journalists are out to make money which is very wrong because the information they collect is not only useful to us but its also referred […]
  14. Young offenders and the Criminal Justice System
    This is attributed to the fact that juvenile courts are predisposed to have the best interest of the children or youths in consideration and offer some form of defense and rehabilitation for the children in […]
  15. Statements about Justice
    The manner in which the trial is carried out and the judge’s attitude indicate that the trial of a black man especially in a case against a white lady was influenced to a large extent […]
  16. Criminal Justice Department
    The criminal justice department is one sector of public administration that has had to go through a period of transformation as far as the usage of technology in the fulfillment of its role to the […]
  17. Nozick Entitlement Theory of Justice
    It is from deduction of this principle that gives rise to the third principle of rectification in which Nozick brings forth suggestions of solutions that should be adopted to rectify the unjust distribution and ownership […]
  18. Epicurus’ Perception of Pleasure and Justice
    Pain which is brought about by harm is the main source of injustice, pursuing pleasure involved refraining from doing what does not bring pleasure to oneself but ensuring that obtaining utmost personal pleasure would be […]
  19. Love and Justice
    Love and justice are intertwined and this essay will explain the Christian understanding of love and justice. It is worth noting that love and justice are important virtues in human life and as such should […]
  20. Justice for Socrates and Augustine
    For a person to be seen as just, he or she ought to be a good person and the crucial question here is to know what good is.
  21. Socrates’ Conception of Law and Justice
    Socrates advocated the idea that justice was good, and that meant that injustice was equal to evil. The point he makes here is that justice is the cure for evil, and that a man who […]
  22. Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action
    The book, The Living Justice, talks about the Bible and the many encounters God had with the people of Israel. It is depicted, in several occasions, to come up to to the help of those […]
  23. All three levels of justice
    According to Pizzitola: Law was enacted to safeguard members of society from aggression; to institute the rules that would ensured community was united; to develop the community upon conditions raised by community members; to make […]
  24. Techniques for Influencing Criminal Justice System Change
    The criminal justice system is a big and an extensive section of the legislative and judicial limbs of the United States.
  25. A Defence of Thrasymachus Concept of Justice
    As they argue with Socrates on the issue of injustice, Thrasymachus says that justice “is nothing more than the advantage of the stronger”. According to them, the cardinal aim of Thrasymachus is to prove that […]
  26. The Trial by Franz Kafka and Its Reference to Current Justice System
    The novel offers a distorted version of the court system, where the readers focus on the trial process, although the opening part of the story already focuses on the ambiguity of the situation.
  27. Environmental justice issues affecting African Americans: Water Pollution
    Water pollution in the 1960s occurred due to poor sewage systems in the urban and rural areas. Unlike in the 1960s, there are reduced cases of water pollution today.
  28. Death and Justice by Edward I. Koch: A Book
    Although the issue of the death penalty is quite controversial, it is the most effective deterrence and the fairest justice that can be done to the victims of the most serious offenses.
  29. Islam, Modernity, and Justice for Women
    The modernists seek to “define Islam by bringing out fundamentals in a rational and liberal manner; to emphasize the basic ideals of Islam; and to interpret the Islamic teachings in order to bring out its […]
  30. The Many Faces of Criminal Justice: What Concerns Students Face Most Often
    Therefore, it goes without saying that, to become a professional in criminal justice, one will have to face the challenge of extremely hard studying.
  31. Justice as the Advantage of the Stronger: Thrasymachus’s Ideas (plato’s the republic) vs. Charles Darwin’s Principle of Natural Selection: a Comparison
    However, despite the seeming similarity between Thrasymachus’s point of view and Darwin’s concept of the strongest as the most possible survivors and leaders, there is a mile of small differences that sets Darwin’s idea of […]
  32. Is Social Justice the Same Thing as Political Egalitarianism? An Analysis from a Theory of Justice Perspective
    This is the question that is likely to arise when one is analyzing social justice in the context of political developments in the society.
  33. International Court of Justice in Hague
    The Rules of the international court of justice dictates the procedure of ICJ similar to those of the supreme court of Canada, where a complaint is filed by an applicant and in return the accused […]
  34. The Criminal Justice System
    On the other hand, the executive branch is mandated with the role of furnishing the criminal justice system with judges and heads of law-enforcing agencies.
  35. Justice and Leadership as Expressed by Plato and Ibn Khaldum
    The political idea compared is justice and equality, the paper tries to describe the ideas of the two scholars as far as justice is concerned.
  36. Racism in U.S. Criminal Justice System
    Despite the small number of African American in comparison to the whites in the United States, the number of blacks imprisoned is very high.
  37. The Concept of Justice
    Socrates and Euthyphro show that the application of justice in different societies is not always fair. Plato’s arguments are ambiguous because they do not offer a rational basis about how religion can be used to […]
  38. Criminal justice system
    By passing the death penalty, the judge ensures that retribution is served to the victim of the murder. A claim made by opponents of the death penalty is that this is a barbaric form of […]
  39. Extent to which the UN can shape order and ensure justice in world politics
    In this regard, an international body such as the UN must address the conflicts of justice and order before deciding on the side that it will be taking.
  40. Organizational Justice and the Psychological Contract
    Justice in the organization therefore entails the way the employees comprehend the way they are treated by the organizational management in terms of task assignments, awarding of gifts and rewards, promotions and any other matters […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Justice

  1. Social Justice and the Australian Indigenous people
    The main idea behind the formation of the social justice commission was to give the indigenous Australian people choice by empowering them to stand up for their rights.
  2. Relation Between Justice and Inequality
    The structure of institutions needs to be changed in that everyone can relate hence creating a rift in the judgment delivered between the rich and the poor is unproductive.
  3. Application of Probability and Statistics in Criminal Justice
    In criminal justice system, the assessment of the evidence adduced by witnesses determines the innocence or the guilt of the accused.
  4. Peace and Justice
    Revolving around a prominent hotel in Kigali, George features Don Cheadle as the manager of the hotel and a representative of the majority Hutus, the wealthy tribe that enjoys majority of the country’s resources.
  5. Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System
    Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare system has evolved according to shifting values and attitudes about what responsibilities governmental agencies should take in the defence and care of abandoned and abused […]
  6. Procedures in the Justice System: Plea Bargaining
    Among the main arguments for implementing plea bargaining are the improved flow of the cases, the benefits for the defendants and the increased victims’ satisfaction.
  7. The Justice System: the Right to Counsel
    The meaning of the right to counsel includes the right of defendants who have no funds for hiring a lawyer to assistance of an appointed counsel which is especially meaningful in proceedings leading to imprisonment […]
  8. Procedures in the justice system
    The business inspections can be conducted for checking the business records, the state of equipment and firearms without a warrant. The courts do not need to authorize more inspections for avoiding the violation of the […]
  9. The Justice System: the Case Carroll vs. United States
    After the enforcement of the automobile exception in 1925, courts recognized the difference between the searches of buildings and searches of ships, automobiles and wagons which can be quickly moved from the location before the […]
  10. Morality and Justice
    With regards to environmentalists, Callicott noted that they were more holistic and real than the animal liberationists since they allocated moral values to the natural ecosystems and resources of the environment.
  11. Theories Required to be Successful in Supervisory Practices in the Criminal Justice Field
    In the field of criminal justice, it is necessary to understand whether failure to satisfy the following needs may result to the criminal acts.
  12. Juvenile Justice Case Management
    Under this model the manager in charge of implementing the treatment plan on the client is expected to have great regard for the juvenile and that such a person has an inward ability to discover […]
  13. Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work
    The negative attitude of the community and the criminalization of sex works made workers of his industry vulnerable and susceptible for the physical assaults of men in the street, their customers and even policemen.
  14. The Death Penalty in the US Criminal Justice System
    Due to this, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of an Oklahoma court by explaining that the execution of the minor violated the eighth amendment statute.
  15. Juvenile Justice and status offence: enforcement, sentencing and prosecution
    The role of the intake worker is to find the reason for the minor behavior and to determine whether the case should be dismissed, go for full trial or handle by the social worker and […]
  16. Does the Death Sentence Offer Justice to the Criminal?
    It is not enough to be locked in prison for ending the life of a fellow human being. Revenge is one of the ways that can be used.
  17. First Nations/Aboriginal People and Justice System
    One of the major problems facing aborigines in the modern society is injustices in the court system. This is a suggestion that the rate of crimes among the aborigines is high or they are discriminated […]
  18. Social Justice: The Catholic’s Social Teachings on Justice
    The church also seeks to instill value in the prisoners’ lives through teachings and practices that accept prisoners as people who deserve to be treated with dignity.
  19. Social Justice: Wray’s Essential Aspects of Biblical Law and Justice
    Wray has conducted an extensive study on the subject of social justice and suggests that students taking any course on law or social justice must go back to the origins of these laws and justice, […]
  20. A Critique of John Rawls’ Theory of Justice
    These principles are the principles of social justice; they provide a way of assigning duties and privileges in the basic institutions of society and they define the appropriate distribution of the benefits and burdens of […]
  21. Prosperity and Social Justice
    The short story was also the subject of debate when it was first written because it failed to fit in any particular genre at the time.”The Yellow Wallpaper” was mostly considered a horror story when […]
  22. Environmental Justice Concern Of Groundwork Lawrence
    In Massachusetts, the Groundwork Lawrence MA is one of such nonprofit making organizations where it works with residents of Lawrence to make Lawrence a greener, cleaner, and a safer place to live in by addressing […]
  23. The Language of Justice to Excuse the Violence of Those in Power
    The abuse of power is a prevalent phenomenon in diverse societies and systems of governance as evident by the practice of judges in the context of law and the ability of a president to pardon […]
  24. Environmental Justice and Water: Quality, Affordability and Sustainable Use. Facing the Dilemmas of the XXI Century
    Despite the fact that in the XXI century, environmental awareness was raised considerably and the exhaustion of resources was mentioned several times as the key threat to not only major industries and enterprises, but also […]
  25. The Justice Process for a Felony Criminal Charge
    The thesis of this paper is that the process of handling felony criminal cases in a state court is efficient as to ensure justice for both the accused and the complainant.
  26. Setting an Agenda for Social Justice
    According to Wilkinson, Brundrett is a professor of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education, Community, and Leisure and the head of the Centre for Research and Evaluation, in the Liverpool John Moores University.
  27. Poor, Minorities & Justice
    The interplay between minority groups and the justice system has significant impact in shaping the perception of people towards the system and how these people are likely to feel secure and acceptable in the wider […]
  28. Global Justice in Modern World
    The Concept of Globalization Globalization can be defined as the minimization of the differences between people of the world and the maximization of their similarities through interactions, cooperation and communication.
  29. Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion
    The second framework that could be used to illuminate the politicization of criminal justice and subsequent control and manipulation of the penal policy is the theory of punitiveness.
  30. Do Justice Perceptions Influence Styles of Handling Conflicts with Supervisors?
    The main purpose of the article is to examine the relationships that exist between organizational justice and the concept of conflict management.
  31. Restorative Justice regarding current Egypt situation
    This is set to be addressed by the military that has been brought in to calm the situation. As much as the people of Tunisia had their way, this is not a good trend that […]
  32. Economic Justice versus Political Participation
    It is therefore important to take necessary actions to achieve economic justice in a country so that the political, social, and economic stability of a country be attained.
  33. People With Disabilities and Abuse of People With Disabilities and Criminal Justice
    In addition, there is need to train police, lawyers and other persons in the criminal justice system on how to interact with persons with disabilities.
  34. Social justice and the black – white achievement gap
    From a national perspective, the achievement gap between the Black and White is reported to have narrowed down in 2007 as compared to the same gap in 1990.
  35. Social Justice in Education
    With a clear distinction between justice taught in class and justice allowed to thrive in the school environments, teachers can be able to observe how their students perceive and response to social injustices in the […]
  36. Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems
    Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Therefore, discipline in law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice system is essential […]
  37. Occupy Wall Street – Movement for Social and Economic Justice
    The aim of the paper is to provide a coherent analysis of the issues by bringing out the moral issues of the Movement and analyze the Movement in relation to philosophical theories like Kantian, utilitarianism […]
  38. The Justice System: Prison Congestion
    The criminal justice system often fails to respond to crime in a humane and efficient manner hence in most parts of the world, prisons display elements of violation of human rights.
  39. Adr Impact on the Substance of Justice
    2 Relevance of the ADR as an alternative method of settling disputes The ADR process facilitates the involvement of the affected party in making new agreements that can prevent future occurrences of a dispute.
  40. Structural Violence Theory and the Role of Justice in the Reconciliation Process
    Secondly, the paper evaluates the degree to which reconciliation is important in building long-term peace and the role of justice in the reconciliation process.

📃 Interesting Topics to Write about Justice

  1. Theories of Justice: Utilitarian theory
    With utilitarian theory being one of the theories of justice, the need to know how the theory offers justice to people, how it determines the conduct between individuals and the challenges the theory is facing […]
  2. ‘International Institutions’ Contribution to Justice After War or Political Violence’
    According to these authors, it is obvious that nobody has the capacity to convince the LRA leaders in the Ugandan case to come to the negotiating table in the presence of international arrest warrants by […]
  3. Natural Catastrophes and Environmental Justice
    A robust environmental justice framework should be put in place in order to minimize the negative impacts of natural catastrophes to certain segments of the population.
  4. Education and Social Justice
    The society should also reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. The current level of inequality explains why “every school should reinvent itself in order to deal with social injustice”.
  5. Criminal Justice
    One of the devastating effects of crime that has been associated with violence is that it brings about social waste which emanates from the loss of value of goods as well as the destruction of […]
  6. Death Penalty Role in the Criminal Justice System
    The question posed by Cynthia Tucker in the article is whether the criminals in America deserve the death penalty or not. Many people believe that the death penalty is the best punishment for people perceived […]
  7. Forensic Psychology Guidelines for Criminal Justice
    These include: Psychologists holding attitudes and beliefs that can negatively influence the perceptions of other individuals. Psychologists utilizing organizational dynamism in enhancing the practices and development of organizations through culturally informed procedures.
  8. Justice and Social Equity
    In a nutshell, the concept of justice and social equity is inevitable when it comes to public administration and thus of high importance.
  9. BHP Waste Managements. Environmental Justice
    In connection to the responses, the essay will vividly discuss the effects of the plant on the environment, indigenous people of the village, the government, and many others.
  10. Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World
    Quran: The Most Ancient and Sacred Islamic Book as the Basis for the Laws on Human Rights Considering the Issue from a Different Perspective: The Fifteen Postulates Security of life and property: bi-al haqq and […]
  11. Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration
    This is one of the approaches that can be taken. This is one of the main points that can be made.
  12. Law and Justice in Ancient Societies
    In essence, the Twelve Tables were a set of rules that were used to govern Roman citizens by the empire’s rulers.
  13. Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
    “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” is a book that discusses the theory of justice and the diverse ways in which it is perceived by different people in the society.
  14. Innocence and Justice: The Comparison of Characters from Shen Congwen and Huang Chun-ming’s Works
    Although it is rather difficult to find similarities while focusing on the characters’ gender and age differences, it is important to concentrate on the fact of how Shen Congwen’s Hsiao-hsiao and Huang Chun-ming’s Uncle Ah-sheng […]
  15. Violence and Justice in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell
    Considering this, the novel conveys the overall impact of the brutality on the minds of human beings, as part of society, by raising a question of the justifiable murder.
  16. Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
    The integration of mental health service providers in the criminal justice system addresses the needs of people with mental illness. Criminal justice system involvement in the issue is attributed to the stigma of mental illness […]
  17. Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
    Therefore, the current situation requires criminal justice systems to push for the adoption of new laws to ensure their professionals adhere to higher standards of practice to enable them to discharge their duties more effectively.
  18. Ethics Issues: Social Justice
    In other words, it is observed that an individual has a duty of ensuring that the law is followed while the government is expected to provide the basic rights and freedoms.
  19. Informal Justice Systems in England and Wales
    The critique of informal justice systems is extended to the gender composition of the persons adjudicating the dispute. The latter is gaining acceptance owing to the need to have an option when it comes to […]
  20. Economic Justice for All in the United States
    The authors identified the position held by this country in the world economy and propose that it is not easy to be an economic superpower and neglect the needs of its citizens.
  21. Realms of Restorative Justice and Wrongful Conviction
    Definition of Restorative Justice It is necessary to analyze the strengths of the two realms to fully understand the downsides of these principles.
  22. Literature Studies: Justice and Guilt in Hrafnkels Saga
    Hrafnkell is a man of his time, he has his own image of justice and punishment and under such conditions it is impossible to call him guilty.
  23. Historical Criminal Justice Theories
    Moreover, the study of these theories can demonstrate some of the principles that govern the work of law-enforcement agencies. It should be noted that this person attached much importance to the training of law-enforcement officers.
  24. Justice in the Education System in the US
    Richmond is one of the cities in the United States struggling to stem the tide of a deteriorating number of students transitioning from high school to college education. This perspective is narrow and it fails […]
  25. Environmental Justice and Minority Groups
    Developed in the 1980s, environmental justice refers to fair treatment and involvement of people in the design and implementation of policies and laws that touch on the environment, regardless of their skin color, ethnic and […]
  26. Organizational Behavior Concepts in the Criminal Justice
    In the criminal justice setup, the managers are to possess both technical and interpersonal skills, because the managers are responsible for managing the organization’s finances, resources, information and personnel.
  27. United States Government and Infinite Justice
    According to Arundhati Roy, there is a logical explanation for the phenomenon in question; as the author of the article The algebra of infinite justice claims, by instilling the principles of the “American Life,” which […]
  28. Ecological Consciousness, Justice and Science
    In particular, people should bear in mind that they are a part of the planet; more importantly, their survival can depend on the preservation of the environment. This is one of the principles that can […]
  29. ”Reform Without Justice” by Alfonso Gonzalez
    He asserted that it was created through the criminalization of migrants and immigrants. He also mentioned the ideas of other academics and social leaders.
  30. Urban Environmental Justice
    The concept evaluates the increasing differences in economic, health, and the environment among ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups toward the end of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century.
  31. Criminal Justice Workplace Management
    In the interview, the focus was to identify some of the factors that may influence the climate of the workplace either positively or negatively.
  32. Justice in “The Trial” by Franz Kafka
    One of the central themes in The Trial is the theme of bureaucracy, law, and an individual’s utter powerlessness against them.
  33. Justice Anthony Kennedy
    In 2003, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court by the government against a decision by the Supreme Court located in Missouri.
  34. Religion View on Compassion and Justice
    The current state of the world is very insensitive to the plight of the poor and the sick because the government and the church alone have great responsibility of helping the needy.
  35. Environmental Justice and Air Pollution in Canada
    One of the best ways is to explain that air pollution is a major contributor to the burgeoning problem of global warming.
  36. Price Gouging and Virtue: “Justice” by Michael Sandel
    If one summarizes the information from the book, the virtue can be defined as a somewhat vague idealistic image of the “good” of the correct way of living.
  37. Supreme Court and State of the U.S. Justice System
    Particularly, the decline of the death penalty as the final decision of the court can be deemed as a proof of the liberal attitudes to become the mainstream tendency in the U.S.
  38. Justice in Human Gene Transfer Therapy: Plato Views
    Plato’s idea of non-interference also can be applied to the first example of genetic treatment that individuals with an illness have their own specialization, thus treatment should not be provided as a disease is something […]
  39. Human Justice in All Religions
    However, before the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, various religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism also had their own set of rights that helped to create the basic structure that helped […]
  40. Justice in Dante’s Poem “Inferno”
    It is possible to consider three sins and the way the sinners are punished to see Dante’s idea of justice and the way it is similar to the contemporary concept of justice.

💡 Simple & Easy Justice Essay Titles

  1. Justice of Immigration in the United States
    The debate on the legalization of immigration is considered a racial justice issue because opponents argue that giving immigrants the citizenship would lead to the rise in the crime rates, overpopulation/urban sprawl, and national insecurity.
  2. Philosophy Terms: Justice, Happiness, Power and Virtue
    Socrates argues that autocratic leadership is an important structure of ensuring that the rule of law is followed and that the common good of all societal members is enhanced.
  3. Criminal Justice in Canada
    This type of sentencing is based on the philosophy that the offender should maintain close family ties, be productive in the workplace, and actively participate in the community programs that are available to him/her. The […]
  4. Social Values: Freedom and Justice
    It is evident that freedom and justice are mutually exclusive, as “the theory of justice signifies its implications in regards to freedom as a key ingredient to happiness”.
  5. The Criminal Justice System Effective Communication
    The main objective of this paper is to attempt to clarify what effective communication comprises of in the criminal Justice setting.
  6. Effective Communication in Criminal Justice Settings
    The officer should also package information in a way that it is easy to decode and understand. Such communication enables police officers in charge of the inmates to access important information from them.
  7. What Is the Difference between Justice and Vengeance?
    However, research has confirmed that this is very true only that real justice tries to balance the needs of the society and the victim and the offender. In addition to this, the societal understanding of […]
  8. First Amendment in Modern US Justice
    Also, the paper discusses the significance of the verdict passed by the Supreme Court in each case and their relevance or influence on the rights of American citizens today.
  9. Justice: a Natural Fact or a Social Construction?
    Although both viewpoints seem very legitimate, Hobbes’s idea that the state of nature is the state of war and, therefore, all people are free to pursue their desires, is more credible, seeing how in nature, […]
  10. The Criminal Justice System Network
    Some say that the disorder is so severe that it causes criminal behavior and is linked to the other people directly.
  11. What Is Justice?
    This paper discusses the subject of justice and specifically holds the view that justice is to follow one’s consciousness, and not to obey the unjust law.
  12. The Criminal Justice’ and the Drug Policy’ Relations
    Heavier sentences are being imposed, and the anti-drug war is attributed to the development of the prison system in the US.
  13. Justice in War: Arguments For and Against
    For war to be justifiable, it needs to promise good intentions, such as establishing peace and justice in a region where violence is the order of the day.
  14. “Justice, Gender and Family” by Susan Okin
    The issue of social equality of men and women has been one of the most for the last couple of centuries.
  15. Society’s Response to Crime Impacts on Justice
    True, the decisions of the court are generally based on nature of the crime, evidence and the manner of the plaintiff and defendant.
  16. Technologies in Canadian Criminal Justice System
    The criminal justice system is a collection of government institutions that the law mandates to oversee the management of crime. The justice system uses the deoxyribonucleic acid technology to identify a suspect at the scene […]
  17. David Miller’s Theory of Desert in Social Justice
    The dependence of rewards on the variety of external and conditional factors makes the public and scholars question the idea of the desert and its use for justice.
  18. Globalization and Criminal Justice Policy
    In the end, globalization ends up affecting the criminal justice system of the country. To combat the increase in drug trafficking, the criminal justice policy of the country enforces stringent penalties on any drug peddler […]
  19. European Court of Justice and Regional Integration
    The European Union is one of the best examples of regional integration frameworks in the world. In the current essay, the author examined this organisation from the perspective of the European Court of Justice.
  20. US Criminal Justice Information System
    The criminal justice information systems are one of the most usable among the police officers, and it contains all data about the offender, which had been used and obtained by the criminal justice system.
  21. US Criminal Justice Policy: History and Future
    The police have implemented these policies and the correctional facilities have been the drivers of the policy on the convicts. Courts were more considerate of the state of the imprisoned and their place in the […]
  22. Criminal Justice Employees’ Duties and Rights
    The establishment of community oversight boards is an affirmation of the interests of the community in the issues of the justice system.
  23. Justice Trends: From Retributive to Restorative
    The orientation of the society in the contemporary society denotes the modernization of the social structures of the society to promote the cohesiveness of people in the society.
  24. Justice in Ethics: Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls
    The actions of people are considered moral or immoral based on the assessment of the consequences of such acts on the people engaged in the acts and the people who are affected by the acts.
  25. Rawls and Marx on Distributive Justice
    However, the real issue here is whether the resources that are produced in the society can be shared equally among the members of the society because of the nature and orientation of people in the […]
  26. Ethics and Professional Behavior in Criminal Justice
    One of the most important components of the criminal justice system is a code of ethics, which governs the behavior and conduct of professionals working within the system.
  27. Step to Justice in Uncle Tom’s Cabin by H. Beecher
    It is necessary to note that the book is a piece of fictional writing and it is aimed at evoking readers’ emotions and make them think about the society and its cruelties.
  28. Criminal Justice Administration
    Moreover, the security of officers in the criminal justice system is affected by the proliferation of illegal arms in the society.
  29. Antiterrorism Response Unit in Criminal Justice
    The administrative change will play a critical role towards combating terrorism in the country. The change will also improve the level of interaction between the criminal justice agency and every Police Department.
  30. U.S. Postal Service’s Ethics and Social Justice
    In spite of the fact that the current agency was organized in 1971, the background of the organization is related to the development of the first postal service in the country based on the U.S.
  31. Criminal Justice from a Global Perspective
    When it comes to the primary source of law, common law is mainly based on the customs in a society while civil law originates from written code that is provided by rulers and legislators.
  32. Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Trends
    Moreover, the paper will discuss the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will have on the department of criminal justice system.
  33. The Environmental Justice Concept
    It is important to mention that the planning decisions regarding the transportation system can influence the economic development of the community.
  34. Justice and Inequality in Oedipus Rex and Antigone
    For instance, in the case of Oedipus Rex, the origin behind the tragedy can be traced to the belief of King Laius in the words of an oracle.
  35. The International Fields of Justice
    The inefficiency of the justice system, the location of the courts, and the absence of transparency are some of the factors that have increased the double standards in the international bodies of justice.
  36. International Justice for Human Rights Violation
    In order to understand the status of these amendments, it is important to appreciate the relevance of the definition given in reference to acts and the crime of aggression.
  37. Post-Apartheid Restorative Justice Reconciliation
    Asmal suggests that restorative justice and reconciliation were chosen out of a strong desire to end the illegitimate and violent governance of the old regime while ensuring that the nature of governance changes under the […]
  38. The United States Constitution and Criminal Justice
    The legal principle called the Exclusionary Rule is the result of the Supreme Court interpretation of the constitutional right of the United States citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  39. US Supreme Court’s Role in Criminal Justice System
    The Supreme Court is the highest institution of justice in the United States that has a special role in the system of the American government.
  40. International Criminal Justice and Atrocity
    The end of the Second World War saw the establishment of international structures such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice that aimed at safeguarding the rights of all individuals and ensuring […]

📌 Writing Prompts about Justice

  1. Counselors as Social Justice Advocates
  2. Illicit Drugs Policy and Criminal Justice
  3. Bureaucracy and Criminal Justice Policies
  4. Criminal Justice in Fisher v. University of Texas
  5. Criminal Justice Policy Formulation Participants
  6. Administrative Constitutionalism and Social Justice
  7. Criminal Justice: Discipline, Liability and Labor Relations
  8. Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Sandel
  9. Sandel’s “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?”
  10. Justice in “Ultimate Punishment” by Scott Turow
  11. Psychologist’s Roles in Criminal Justice System
  12. Reintegrative Shame Theory in the US Justice System
  13. Criminal Justice Process and Investigation Changes
  14. Ethnicity and Justice in the United States
  15. Media Influence on Criminal Justice and Community
  16. Right and Wrong in Justice in ‘A World of Ideas’
  17. Stanford Prison Experiment and Criminal Justice
  18. Violence and Justice in Mahabharata
  19. Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
  20. Cybercrime Impact on Global Criminal Justice System
  21. Capital Punishment, Its Ethics and Infair Justice
  22. Justice of Punishment in “The Book of Job”
  23. Stereotyping Individuals in the Criminal Justice System
  24. Forensic Psychology in the Criminal Justice System
  25. Juvenile Justice and Race
  26. Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice
  27. Ethical Decision Making: Restorative Justice
  28. Mental Health as the Juvenile Justice System Challenge
  29. Mental Health: Challenge of the Juvenile Justice System
  30. The American Juvenile Justice System
  31. Presentation Methods and Techniques: Juvenile Justice
  32. Juvenile Justice: Major Principles and Problems
  33. Criminal Justice Systems in the US, the UK, Norway
  34. Criminal Justice System: Supervision and Recidivism
  35. Domestic Violence in International Criminal Justice
  36. Violence and Juvenile Justice
  37. Psychology in Criminal Justice
  38. Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice
  39. Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects
  40. Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice

🥇 Most Interesting Justice Topics to Write about

  1. Black Lives Matter and Social Justice
  2. Community Corrections and Criminal Justice
  3. ”Crime and Justice in the United States” by Bohm & Haley
  4. Criminal Justice Policy in Action
  5. Justice in “Letter to Ren An” by Sima Qian
  6. Restorative Justice Programs’ Criticisms
  7. Criminal Justice: Investigating Problems
  8. Criminal Justice in the Film “Gideon’s Trumpet”
  9. Juvenile Justice in Brazil, India, South Africa
  10. US Criminal Justice System, Theories and Methods
  11. Social Justice Issues: Elderly Minority Groups
  12. Criminal Justice from the Historical Perspective
  13. Criminal Justice System Reforms
  14. Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform
  15. Key Criminal Justice Issues
  16. Criminal Justice System Enforcement Issues
  17. Juvenile Justice System and Recommendations
  18. Pretrial Justice Institute
  19. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
  20. The Common Good: Justice and Entitlement
  21. Leadership Issues in the Criminal Justice System
  22. Criminal Justice System: Racial Policy Change
  23. Johnnie Cochran’s Leadership in the Criminal Justice
  24. Criminal Justice Administration Issues
  25. Modern Justice System
  26. Military Trials: the Criminal Justice Procedures Violations
  27. Criminal Justice Process in the US
  28. Criminal Justice: Punishment and Sentencing
  29. Criminal Justice Careers in the Modern Society
  30. Health Care Services: Social Justice Analysis
  31. The Book “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice”
  32. Women and Minorities Recruits in Criminal Justice
  33. Ethics in Criminal Justice and Fuller’s Principle
  34. American and Russian Justice Systems and Legislation
  35. Racial Disparities in American Justice System
  36. Juvenile Justice Agencies, Their Challenges and Solutions
  37. Criminal Justice: Balancing in Philosophy and Practice
  38. Research Inquiry Methods in Criminal Justice Project
  39. Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development in Justice System
  40. US Juvenile Justice System’s Issues and Imperfections
  41. Gang Violence: Criminal Justice Research
  42. Social Justice Group Work for Homeless Young Mothers
  43. Justice in “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by King
  44. Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice Process
  45. Criminal Justice Systems: Saudi Arabia, Germany and the US
  46. Juvenile Justice and Punishment in Public Opinion
  47. Justice and Ideal Society in Plato’s Republic
  48. Justice and Conflict & Cooperation and Competition
  49. American Women’s Movements for Social Justice
  50. Criminal Justice System and Inequilty in America
  51. “Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection” by Henry Shue
  52. Women Working in the Criminal Justice System
  53. Cancer Alley: Environmental Justice Analysis
  54. Women in Legal and Criminal Justice Occupations
  55. Crime and Criminal Justice News
  56. Criminal Justice Administration and Police Functions
  57. Organizational Justice Theory and Its Application
  58. Regional and International Justice Mechanisms
  59. The Relation Between Poverty and Justice
  60. Justice: A Natural Law or a Social Construction?
  61. Juvenile justice: Redeeming Our Children
  62. Social Justice: Philosophy of Employment
  63. Military Justice Issues: People’s Rights and Freedoms
  64. Policy and Criminal Justice
  65. Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies
  66. Retributive Justice vs. Restorative Justice
  67. Public Shaming and Justice
  68. What Is Social Justice?
  69. Empathy, Equality and Justice as Reflective Values
  70. Organizational Justice: Identical Treatment for All Employees
  71. Criminal Justice Employees’ Rights and Laws
  72. Diversity Training for Criminal Justice Employees
  73. Americans with Disabilities in Criminal Justice Agencies
  74. Community Psychology: Social Change and Justice
  75. Social Justice in Quality Health Care
  76. Criminal Justice Policy Development and Implementation
  77. Ethical Conduct in Criminal Justice
  78. Politics and Justice Challenges in American Society
  79. Justice and Vengeance: What Is the Difference?
  80. Applied Research in Criminal Justice Profession
  81. The United States Juvenile Justice System
  82. Ethical Criteria in Decision-Making: Utilitarian, Justice, Rights
  83. Racism Effects on Criminal Justice System
  84. Criminal Justice System Representation in Media
  85. Justice Administration and Ethical Considerations
  86. Social Justice and Educational Reform in the US
  87. Environmental Justice in Different Communities
  88. House Arrest in Juvenile Justice
  89. The Cab Rank Rule and Access to Justice
  90. Separation of Powers in the Kuwait Criminal Justice System
  91. Ethics in Criminal Justice
  92. Justice for the Mentally Ill
  93. Kafka’s “The Trial” Compared to the Justice System
  94. Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System
  95. Justice in Islamic and Western Societies
  96. The State of American Juvenile Justice
  97. Appiah’s Ideas of Racism, Equality, and Justice
  98. In the Pursuit of Justice: Dale and Mike Parak’s Case
  99. Juvenile Justice System: Correction and Sentencing
  100. The Code of Hammurabi: The King of Justice
  101. Social Justice for Indigenous Women in Canada
  102. Advocating for Social Justice in Healthcare
  103. Determination of Professionalism in Criminal Justice Organizations
  104. Criminal Justice as an Open System
  105. Correctional Education: An Incomprehensible View on Justice?
  106. Justice and Injustice in Medea’s and Socrates’ View
  107. Crime of Genocide: Justice and Ethical Issues
  108. Relationship Between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice
  109. US Department of Justice: Drug Courts
  110. The Vision in “Blind” Justice Theory Analysis
  111. The Ministry of Justice of the UAE: Creativity and Innovation
  112. Justice and Injustice in Genesis 4: The Story of Cain and Abel
  113. Justice in Errol Morris’s The Thin Blue Line Film
  114. The Philosophical Problems Behind Annette Bayer’s Article ‘the Need For More Than Justice’
  115. Crime, Justice and the Media Relations
  116. Juvenile Justice System vs. Adult Prosecution
  117. The World Court or International Court of Justice
  118. Ethical Issues of the Juvenile Justice Policy Reform
  119. Christianity Religion and Asian World: Social Justice
  120. Theory of Justice According to Plato
  121. Contemporary Criminal Justice Leadership
  122. The Problem of Justice and Law in American Literature
  123. Truth and Justice in “Anil’s Ghost” by Michael Ondaatje
  124. Structured Inequality in Justice System
  125. The Concept of “Justice” in All Its Manifestations
  126. Justice of Execution of R. Ludman & King Louis XVI
  127. The Management of Organizational Justice by Cropanzana et al.
  128. Administration of Justice: America History
  129. Money and Justice: High-Profile Cases
  130. The Coordination and Sharing of Information Between Government, Justice Agencies and Others
  131. Wrongful Capital Convictions in Criminal Justice
  132. Justice in America: “It Is Not Fair”
  133. Criminal Justice Agency Organizational Behavior
  134. Juvenile Justice in America
  135. Equality of Opportunity and Social Justice: Affirmative Action
  136. Social Justice and Feminism in America
  137. Principles of Justice: Serial Killers and Rapers
  138. Criminal Justice: Race, Age, and Gender Factors
  139. Criminal Justice Correction Professions and Careers
  140. European Union & Court of Justice
  141. Role and Composition of the European Count of Justice
  142. Justice as Guarantee Fairness in the Society
  143. Social Justice and Ethics: Beneficiaries of U.S. Welfare Programs
  144. The Best Principle in Distributive Justice
  145. Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  146. Effects of Technology in Criminal Justice Systems
  147. The Theory of Justice Need a Theory of Citizenship
  148. Criminal Justice Today
  149. Risk Management in Justice and Security Organizations
  150. Justice in America Based on Famous Speeches
  151. Young Murders and Juvenile Justice in Canada
  152. Criminal Justice: Recidivism and Corrections
  153. The Instrumental Theory in Criminal Justice
  154. Justice and Society: Meritocracy
  155. Criminal Justice: Term Definition
  156. Criminal Justice for Physically Injured Crime Victims
  157. Problem Analysis in the Criminal Justice System
  158. The Problem of Justice Highlighted in American Literature
  159. Re-Examining Criminal and Social Justice Systems: Reducing Incarceration Rates in the US
  160. The Criminal Justice Ethics Principles
  161. “The Republic”: Socrates Defense of Justice
  162. Uniform Code of Military Justice
  163. Justice in Society in the Movie “The Ox-Bow Incident”
  164. Criminal Justice Ethics Definition

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