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United States Department of Justice Essay

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The United States Department of Justice starts its existence in 1789, and in 2020 the 150th anniversary became the most significant celebration of the Agency. Nowadays, the Department consists of more than 113,000 employees with about 10,000 federal lawyers. The first steps towards the development of the Department of Justice were taken with the creation of the First United States Congress when the Judiciary Act became accepted (Feldt, 2020). The Department of Justice provides citizens of the United States with protection and represents hundreds of agencies with reliable lawyers. The Department’s main mission is effective and efficient control of justice and creating a peaceful society. Trust, reliability, and stability can be defined as the main visions of the Department of Justice.

Agency Functions

The functions of the Agency are safety and fighting against external and internal aggressions, controlling and preventing crime, creating fair punishments, and decreasing adverse outcomes of final decisions of the Department’s workers. The American society receives more benefits than drawbacks from the Department’s actions as justice always has a better chance of success. The Department has many divisions such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Prison, which function in different ways. More precise functions of work can be represented in three various Agency activities: Immigration regulation, International support, and the provision of a trusted lawyer.

The Department of Justice is responsible for the implementation of immigration and naturalization laws. Also, visa approvals and rejections are key responsibilities of the Agency. However, deportation is not included in the work of the Department (Green & Roiphe, 2018). Moreover, it processes requests of refugees and decides who might receive the status. Participation in international courts provides the basis for the creation of mutual assistance. The Department of Justice negotiates with foreign countries and sets specific legal regulations on trading (Green & Roiphe, 2018). Moreover, it follows international conventions to influence injustice abroad and indirectly improve the situation in other countries. The Department of Justice is an official representative of trusted lawyers. Many huge organizations in conflict situations need legal help and resolution (Green & Roiphe, 2018). The appointed secretary processes requests from private or public parties, and acts according to protocols solving specific tasks.

Agency News

Actions related to laws occur every day, and they might affect personnel in different ways. While facing new cases, many workers might feel pressure and negativity from others, which is often complicated. Adherence to rules positively influences staff, and unusual cases do not stump (Werden, 2018). Many cases, which expand the capabilities of the department, happen every day and their differences increase professional skills of the staff and improve the quality of provided services.

According to the official site of the Department of Justice, one of the latest cases happened in Louisiana on July 28, 2021, when a woman confessed to conspiracy to trick the United States. In 2015 Brittany Patterson and her partners decided to provide false tax declarations for Pelicans Income Tax and Payroll Services’ customers to receive more tax refunds from January to April. Brittany also confessed that she was collecting the personal information of clients without their permission. In general, Patterson and her partners caused a loss of about $550,000. She will be sentenced in January 2022, facing five years in prison. Brittany also receives restitution and large penalties. Moreover, in November 2019, Patterson pleaded guilty to the same issue of fake declarations for Crown Tax Service LLC’s clients. The sentence is planned for August 5, 2021. This case implicates personnel to take the situation seriously and not look at parallel distractions.

Another case provided by the official site of the Department of Justice is about a Mexican woman who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for participating in the transfer of kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine to the United States. Fajardo Campos and her adult children delivered cocaine from Columbia to Central America and Mexico, hiring pilots and buying jets. She was cooperating with many suppliers to distribute prohibited substances to the United States. Fajardo gave bribes to Mexican and Columbian law enforcement to transfer cocaine using airports. Moreover, she tried to bribe the police to arrest opponents and improve restrictions on domestic production. Consequently, five years of supervised release and penalty of $18 million were added to 22 years in prison. Fajardo Campos’s case forces the Department of Justice workers to spread consequences to society and prevent negative outcomes.

Representatives of law enforcement can also be accused and cause damages. For instance, the officer of the Mississippi Police Department pleaded guilty to the use of pressure on a person while arresting a car. Daniel Starks pushed the victim twice while putting him in handcuffs and used a stun gun. The victim fell and could not stand when Starks pointed the stun gun and threatened to use it again. Daniel Starks faces a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of around $250,000. The main conclusion from this situation should be done by law personnel to stop the abuse of authority by law enforcement officers and make them equal to ordinary citizens.

Rationale for Selecting Agency

The United States Department of Justice affects almost all areas of life, and laws that protect our world from lawlessness are an integral part of existence. Analyzing the agencies, it is crucial to understand how they might connect with each other to get the most out of discussions (Feldt, 2020). The Department of Justice can be associated with the Department of Health and Human Services when solving a conflict during patients’ treatments. Moreover, it may have a close connection to the Department of Labor as workplace conditions, hiring, and firing must be legal and follow all laws. Finally, the relationship with the Department of Education is significant when it comes to the equity between teachers and students and the reduction of discrimination by sex, age, race, and social status.

Furthermore, laws created over the years, which almost do not undergo changes, may oppose the human will and negatively influence. Studying and evaluating the Department of Justice’s work can help defend a person’s rights in any sphere of life, such as interpersonal conflicts at shops, car accidents, and workplace harassment. Consequently, selecting this agency can become a lifeboat in a critical situation.


The development of the United States Department of Justice has been one of the main parts of modern life for a long period of time. The missions of the department continue to grow along with success in solving set goals. Participation in different cases with various scenarios expand working strategies and increases the speed of making the right decision. Being an individual, it is helpful to understand the system of the department and be able to prove existing rights.


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