Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

The Centripetal Theory of Democratic Governance

Introduction In their book “A centripetal theory of democratic governance” published in 2008, political scientists and leading researchers John Gerring and Strom Thacker attempt to develop a comprehensive analysis of the role of political institutions in developing good governance. Using an empirical study, the researchers sought to address the questions on why some democratic governments […]

NATO: Purpose, History, Members and Alliances

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an international alliance that was established in 1949 and mostly focuses on collective security. Currently, it consists of 28 members and has built numerous partnerships with other regions. The Headquarters is the primary center that hosts thousands of conferences each year. It is located in Brussels, the capital […]

The Crimean Crisis

Introduction Though the Crimean crisis is between Ukraine and Russia, it is considered a global crisis due to the involvement of the various nations, particularly the European Union and the United States. The crisis began when Russia decided to annex the Crimean Black Sea peninsula from Ukraine, a move considered by the international community, particularly […]

Chemical Weapons in Syria and the UN Role

Introduction Syria has been going through a crisis since time immemorial. The force that has been driving the crisis is the need for Syria to stay at the peak of power. However, since other countries have also been struggling to assume the same power, Syria has found itself in a situation that has forced it […]

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Introduction The rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) after it had been outlawed in Egypt. After the erstwhile president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, a leader of MB, the Egyptian government banned the party. However, the party’s ascent and descent remain an area of interest. A party that had gained support in the Islamic […]

Multinational Corporations and Its Relations

Current studies show that at least a hundred stable economies exist globally and it is surprising to note that fifty-one of them are multinational corporations while just forty-one are states. The sales of the two-hundred best performing corporations amount to a quarter of the global economic activity meaning the revenues of just two-hundred multinational companies […]

California’s Political Issue: San Francisco Disruption

Introduction The change in the economic status among residents of a city alters the consumption patterns of people. This situation may also change immigration patterns across different cities within the state. For a nation that has people from diverse backgrounds, homogenous distribution of such people within the nation in terms of their differences in cultural […]

Public Safety and Marijuana Legalization

Executive Summary In most states, public expenditures and demand for public services have continued to grow exponentially as populations increase. However, sources of revenues to fund increased demands for such services have continued to dwindle. Consequently, public policymakers face critical challenges. While economic principles stress scarcity of resources, public policymakers can always find new ways […]

The Leisure Class Theory by Veblen

How the emulation motive affects people’s consumption choices Veblen asserts that emulation is a strong economic force that influences many people in society (Veblen 678). Emulation makes people do what they think they should do because they belong to certain social classes. This force of comparison encourages individuals to outperform other people in the community. […]

Abu Dhabi Police Organizational Change

Introduction Organizational change is the process through which the strategies or major sections of a company are altered significantly to improve its performance (Reiss, 2012). Organizational change can be planned, unplanned or radical. Planned change occurs when deliberate decisions and actions are taken to modify the organization. Unplanned change is often “imposed on the organization […]

US, Ukraine and Russia International Relations

In order for us to be able to define the actual motivations behind the so-called ‘democratic revolution’ of February 22, 2014 in Ukraine, we will need to begin this report by mentioning the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The reason for this is quite apparent – this crisis exposed the sheer weakness of the U.S. Dollar, […]

Humanitarianism Functions in Government

Researchers identify several important functions of humanitarianism. In particular, one should speak about the containment of instability, compassion for individuals who experience suffering, and change of the inefficient social, political, or legal institutions (Donini 223). These aspects reflect the goals of various organizations that try to assist people who require urgent assistance. Overall, it is […]

Election Campaign Financing Comparison

The first article is an opinion-piece appearing in the “LA Times” and it is titled “Money Won’t Buy you Votes”. The author of this article is Peter Schuck a law professor and an expert in government and political policies. According to Schuck, campaign-financing stakeholders are concerned that new developments in electoral guidelines will promote inequality […]

Capitalism Spirit and the Protestant Ethic

Lots of people have claimed that the spirit of capitalism is another word for greed and sin. However, numerous sociologists and researchers reveal another facet of the concept. More so, they unveil the tie between the spirit of capitalism and the Protestant ethic. For instance, Max Weber points out that the two concepts are closely […]

Remarks by the President on National Security

The article “Remarks by the President on National Security” examines the issue of harsh interrogation techniques. The article explains why the United States should be part of the world. The country should always promote the best practices for the sake of every global citizen. The author explains why certain methods of interrogation might be necessary […]

Karl Marx’s Social Theory of Alienation

In this easy, Karl Marx’s theory of alienation will be discussed. The discussion will focus on the meaning of alienation and the structures that promote it in the capitalist society. The four main types of alienation identified by Marx will also be discussed. Alienation and the Capitalist Society Alienation refers to the transformation of individuals’ […]

Rousseau Social Contract

“Finally, each man, in giving himself to all, gives himself to nobody; and as there is no associate over whom he does not acquire the same right as he yields others over himself, he gains an equivalent for everything he loses, and an increase of force for the preservation of what he has” (Rousseau 1913, […]

Guardians Gardens Orphanage

Guardians Gardens Orphanage must implement effective and competitive strategies to become outstanding. This can be facilitated by building client trust on care and adoption issues. First, it is not possible for the people to adopt/take children from/to untrustworthy organizations. Essentially, churches, governmental organizations, and some private sectors are taking roles in this area. This implies […]

Karl Marx Ideology

Most noted for influential ideas in the spheres of economics and labor, development of communist ideology. Marx’s most famous works are “The Communist Manifesto” and “Capital.” Biographical Information Marx’s ideology made a big impact on multiple spheres of life, such as economics, politics, and the structure of society. These ideas influenced educational systems and ideologies […]

Guantanamo’s Ethical and Political Issues

The global political arena is dominated by instances of ethical and moral dilemmas. Governments have had to make tough choices that seem to transgress ethical, moral, and sometimes political boundaries. In the United States, both Obama and Bush administrations have had several differences in political and ethical opinions. Consequently, when Obama came to power, part […]

Global Migration and Governance

Introduction Migration entails relocating from one place to the other. The relocation takes place for a number of reasons. More specifically, international migration occurs under instances where people cross state or national borders to settle in the host territory for a given duration of time (Newland 332). When this phenomenon occurs at a large scale, […]

Israel Parties Policies

The issue of peacemaking between the Arabs and the Israelites is a major political concern in the Middle East. The Arab regime is trying to adjust to Israel’s policies in order to settle the conflicts between the two states. Israel is a multi-party state with more than twenty registered political parties (Arieff 4). This essay […]

Civil Rights of the Black Americans

The primary responsibility of the police is to serve and protect the right of the citizens. Though most policemen and women carry out their functions diligently, there are some who willingly violate the rules and regulations of their work and use the powers that have been vested in them wrongly. The police take advantage of […]

Land Grabbing Causes and Problems

Introduction Attention getter Stories of land grabbing have existed since colonial times. In this context, land grabbing practices have evolved with time, as greed for wealth seems to take a toll on individuals, corporations, and countries. Interestingly, land grabbing has evolved from being illegal to the legal acquisition of property (Toulmin, 2009). The current practices […]

Problematic Social Security and Ways of Solution

Introduction Social security is an insurance program where workers pay when they are employed. Moreover, the employers pay a matching contribution to the programs. Therefore, social security’s guaranteed benefits are available to support workers and their families after retirement or after they lose their career due to disabilities or death of a breadwinner. The social […]

Political Sciences: American Immigration

In the context of the majority of Americans, the issue of immigration brings out mixed feelings that include insecurity, ambivalence, sympathy, and tolerance. A study by the Pew Research Center suggests that many Americans are of the opinion that illegal immigrants should remain. In fact, many citizens have supported the deportations that have been executed […]

Immigration Debate in the US

According to Mathews, there are at least 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. However, this number has elicited a heated debate. Some people maintain that apart from being a security concern, immigrants are a burden to the US economy (Moses). In contrast, others argue that immigrant workers are important to the US economy. In […]

Government in War Time

Many nations today have had to ask themselves whether the US really respects the sovereignty of other nations. The US has been accused of conspiring to oust heads of state in foreign countries to assert its economic objectives. Countries like Iraq have been attacked by the US in which Saddam Hussein was captured and later […]

San Diego Police Department

San Diego Police Department values its employees. The department works with “different communities in order to maintain public safety, support, and trust” (San Diego Police Department, 2014, p. 1). The department’s goal is to provide efficient policing in San Diego (San Diego Police Department, 2014). The department also addresses the issues affecting the surrounding community. […]

Government and Constitution of the United States of America

The author describes the structures that governments in the US should aim at achieving (Madison par. 1). The Federal Constitution provides the best platform upon which power could be shared between the state and national governments. The sharing of power is essential in the process of governance because government services are taken closer to the […]

Controlling Corruption

Corruption involves a slight deviation from what is expected from an individual, institution, or organization in terms of trying to acquire or sell something without following the required procedure. It is unethical to be corrupt as it involves bending of the engineers’ code of ethics. I chose this topic because corruption is a moral ill […]

Casino Gambling Legalization in Texas

Casino gambling is traditionally discussed in the society as the negative phenomenon which can affect the community significantly because of influencing the crime rates and provoking the gambling addiction instead of supporting the persons’ welfare. That is why the legalization of casino gambling in Texas is considered as the first step to creating risky environments […]

Crisis in Ukraine

The eastern part of the country is facing a continuous state of political instability. As a result, Russia has become the target of the United States and the European Union. The two political players are accusing Russia of meddling in the affairs of Ukraine without considering the humanitarian crisis facing that country. Further costs and […]

Racism in Michigan University

Factual Background The policy of Michigan University provided for a race as a consideration in admissions. This policy aimed at increasing diversity in the university. Ms. Barbara Grutter, a white Michigan resident with 161 LSAT and 3.8 grades, applied for admission to the university. The university rejected her application because of her race. Ms. Grutter […]

India’s Dominant Proprietary Classes

In India, there exist three dominant proprietary classes, namely: the industrial capitalists, the rich farmers and the professionals from both the civilian and military groups plus the white-collar workers. The discussion below relates to specific characteristics of the above groups, as evidenced by India’s economy. The Industrial Capitalist Class This class is controlled by the […]

War and Conflict in Africa and Asia

Introduction The Gaza conflict became notorious quite a while ago. Starting in 2005 after the election of Hamas, a political party, as the Gaza government, it was caused by the outcomes of the disengagement plan, in accordance with which Israel was given the right to retain the territory, which the Palestinian government considered the property […]

Nelson Mandela Leadership Style

Introduction Leadership is a social process through which one person makes use of others’ support in accomplishing certain goals. A leader is a person who is moving towards a particular direction while managing to influence others to follow him or her. A leader becomes a coordinator, a commander, a manager, a counsellor, and an initiator […]

Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt

Aims and Objectives The aim of the paper is to understand the reasons – domestic and international – that may have attributed to the rise of MB in Egypt even when the party did not garner support from neighboring Islamic states like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. The paper will delineate the reason […]

Hezbollah: Political Movement and Aspiration

Hezbollah is a Lebanese faction with both political and religious aspirations (Alagha 14). The group forms a powerful political party in Lebanon. The Islamic militant group was formed in 1982 after Israel invaded Lebanon. Many people across the globe believe that Hezbollah is a terrorist faction (Moghadam 21). Hezbollah has always supported different countries and […]

Politics: the Gulf Cooperation Council Trade Agreements

Cooperation among member states The formation of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) took place way back in 1981 at the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The original member countries that entered into this agreement included United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Broad aim of establishing this trade agreement was to forge a close […]

Great Debates on International Relations Theories

Introduction International relations theory refers to the study of transnational relations by the use of theoretical perspectives. Great debates refer to intellectual clashes that occurred amongst scholars due to conflicting theories that were developed in an attempt to explain the history and development of international relations. One group of scholars and their proponents initiated a […]

Wahhabism Movement and Its Political Influence

Introduction According to Algar (34), “Islam has two distinct sects called the Sunnis and Shiites”. These two Islamic groups have unique sub-orders or schools. Wahhabism is a popular Sunni Movement in the Middle East. This movement is common in many countries across the Middle East. The Islamic Movement emerged in the 1700s. This movement “was […]

The Islamic Political Movements Influence

Introduction The global split concerning political ideologies is eminent, especially when one considers the political differences that exist amongst the Asian economies, the Arab economies, and the European nations (Fox 415). Behind all these differences in the political divergences is the concept of religion, which seems to affect the global politics. Islam is one of […]

Virginia and New Jersey Plans Comparison

Both of them comprise of the three arms of government, including the Legislative body, the executive, and the judiciary. In both cases, the legislature would appoint people to serve in the executive branch. In New Jersey, the executive branch of government had the main role of appointing the top most judges, including those of the […]

Police Authority or Brutality?

Introduction Police is a law enforcement agency that ensures order and supremacy of law in the US cities. At least, police is aimed to be such an agency. However, recent events and numerous cases of police brutality and misconduct show that supremacy of law and order are becoming more of proclamations. For instance, Ferguson has […]

Politics: the “Islamic State” Crisis and U.S Policy

Agitators have existed in the society from time immemorial in one form or the other. Some of the major objectives of these individuals include upsetting the status quo prevailing in the society (Bowers, Ochs, Jensen & Schulz, 2009). The motivation for such actions may be, among others, political, social, or economic. Agitators usually use other […]

“Reform without Justice” by Alfonso Gonzalez

Introduction The speaker was Alfonso Gonzalez. He is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lehman College of the City University of New York. He was launching at book tour for “Reform without Justice: Latino Migrant Politics and the Homeland Security State”, on December 4, 2013 at a small independent bookstore in Manhattan called Bluestockings. The […]

Government Internet Surveillance: Privacy Threat

Introduction The internet is the most important invention of the twentieth century and it has dramatically transformed human life. This invention has greatly increased the speed and efficiency with which communication occurs. Its unrivalled benefits in information processing have made this technology a part of most aspects of modern-daily activities. Boghosian (2013) notes that while […]

The Hidden Face of Globalization Video

Introduction The prime principle of globalization is featured by the interconnected holistic phenomenon. Due to globalization, the world has become a village on the periphery of politics, economical endeavors, and cultural interaction. However, exploitation and misuse of labor have remained at the same level as was noticed by Karl Marx. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts […]

United States Government and Infinite Justice

Because of the convoluted and often ambiguous policies of the American government, the very state seems to have gained a rather notorious reputation in the eyes of millions of people all over the world. According to Arundhati Roy, there is a logical explanation for the phenomenon in question; as the author of the article The […]

Primary Elections’ Importance for the Americans

Introduction A president is a leader of a country, who takes responsibility for the lives of millions of people and promotes the well-being of a particular country. To be a good president is probably one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for all candidates because it is impossible to be good for everyone. There […]

Security Dilemma in Pakistan and Iceland

Introduction Security is paramount when a nation is planning its resources and strategies. Having better security instils faith and determination in foreign investors and even citizens who in turn work towards maintaining the good status of their country. The issue of security in Pakistan, which is one of the weak Asian countries, has always been […]

Immigration Issues

Being an immigrant is one of the greatest challenges. Living in a foreign country with its own rules and regulations is not easy. However, it seems that most of the existing immigration issues come right on the heels of another important problem, which is the sense of belonging. Hence, to understand the major problems that […]

Political Sciences: China’s Success in the Urbanization Process

Johnson’s article China Rethinks Urbanization It’s New Plan Is a Big Policy Overhaul introduces several interesting and educational ideas on how the New Urbanization Plan in China may and should be implemented. It turns out to be evident that certain technological, economic, and social achievements are hard to avoid; this is why the question of […]

Political Sciences: Reconnaissance in Middle East-North Africa

The process of retrieving information from the inhabitants of the MENA region may become extremely complicated for the representatives of another ethnicity due to the obvious cultural differences between the representatives of the reconnaissance team and the local residents. Therefore, for the mission to be successful, the understanding of the Arab culture and mentality is […]

Social Sciences: Newark Family Success Center

Introduction Overview Family Success Centres were established in Newark in 2007. The establishments aimed to help needy persons, families, and communities. To achieve these goals, the centers ensure there is a proper exchange of knowledge, skills, and resources. In addition, the facilities foster strong relations between members of staff and the needy (Tuttle, 2009). The […]

Public Administration: Family Success Centre’s in Newark

Introduction Individuals are the building blocks of the community they reside in. They have significant impacts on the outlook of the community. In addition, the individuals are the only ones capable of dealing with the challenges that face them (Elliot, Frances & Parietti, 2000). Consequently, success is attained when all persons combine their efforts to […]

Political Sciences: US Response to Russia’s Actions

The action of Russia in Crimea and Ukraine is of great concern to the United States and its western allies because it signifies aggression. The Ukrainian populace managed to oust their ineffectual and fraudulent regime after demonstrating for three months. The country’s parliament observed the democratic ideals by pardoning all political prisoners that the government […]

Political Sciences: US and UAE Policy and Presidency

President Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East covers the interests of the US in Iran, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Libya. The Obama’s foreign policy in this block includes strategies for ending the Iraqi war, militarization of local groups fighting terrorism, the provision of aid to Gaza and Syria, rebuilding and constructing strong alliances […]

International Relations: Ukraine Crisis

Players and Stakeholders The major players and stakeholders in the current Ukraine crisis are the residents of Russia and Ukraine. The secondary players and stakeholders are the residents of the following countries: 1) the United States of America; 2) Bulgaria; 3) Romania; 4) Poland; 5) Germany, and 6) France. These countries are included in the […]

Government: Michelle Obama’s Remarks on American Dream

Michelle Obama was the guest speaker in the NAACP National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. She started her speech by remembering the reason for the creation of the NAACP. She said that the NAACP was created in pursuit of the ideals of the nation’s founding fathers. She added that the main goal was to secure […]

Politics: Controversial Immigration Policy in Brazil

Introduction Immigration policy is one of the greatest issues that have raised debates in Brazilian society. According to Giralda, Brazil is one of the emerging economic giants in Latin America. The large population of the country and its political stability has resulted in massive economic growth over the past few decades. The economic prosperity and […]

Public Administration: Union Gospel Mission

Apart from collecting donations from well-wishers and churches to feed, cloth and provide shelter for thousands of the poor people, the Union Gospel Mission of Vancouver’s program can be redesigned in such a way that it can sustain itself for a long time without relying on regular donations. To begin with, a revolving fund can […]

Political Sciences: Privacy in the Future

Introduction Privacy is one of the main issues of concern in the current society where technology has become highly sophisticated. People are concerned about the need to protect their personal feelings, especially when they express them to people whom they consider their confidants. However, many governments around the world are trying to use modern technology […]

Political Issues: Voter Turnout in Texas

Voter turnout is one of the determining factors of a healthy democracy as voters elect the kind of leaders that they think are competent to fulfill the different agendas espoused in different parties’ manifestos. The effectiveness of the voting process can be measured by the proportion of people who cast their ballots, as some people […]

The Gulf War’s Diplomatic Choice

The Gulf War must be one of the most notorious attempts of the United States to expand their influence outside the boundaries of North America. However, not only the USA but also Kuwaiti officials seem to be in charge of an ethically questioned process of establishing democracy in Kuwait. Despite the fact that the Gulf […]

Is There a Danger in Allowing Politics to Define Science?

Many people, including politicians, have made connections between science and politics in controversial areas related to “global warming, biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming, and human cloning” (Strauss 1). Strauss observes that the new law encourages teachers to “present the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the […]

Political Issues: The Protection of Civil Liberties

The connection between federalism and protection of civil liberties is discussed by many researchers as the controversial point. In their article “State Courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Protection of Civil Liberties”, Howard, Graves, and Flowers focus on the role of federalism for the further protection of the people’s civil liberties with references to […]

Illegal Immigration in the United States

Introduction Immigration refers to the movement of people from their country into another to stay in that country permanently. Such immigration is said to be illegal if they contravene the established laws of that country. This paper seeks to argue for strict deportation of illegal immigrants. The paper will look into factors surrounding illegal immigration […]

Proper Governance

Proper governance is an important aspect as far as the development initiatives of any country are concerned. Governance is a collective term that refers to any activities that are related to the formulation, decision making, and generally overseeing the operations of a country or organization. There are various bodies and authorities that are usually tasked […]

Public Administration: Fire Department in America

Fire Department’s History in America In the past 400 years, fires have caused a lot of havoc in America. Even though firefighting efforts could be traced to the 2nd century, firefighting in America traces to the 16th and 17th centuries (AFP 1). State-funded firefighting departments were nonexistent then. The only tangible firefighting efforts were either […]

The United State’ and Great Britain Government Systems

The United States (US) and Great Britain have the most powerful and influential political systems in the world. Despite this fact, their political systems have few similarities and remarkable differences. In the two systems, there are two major political parties which form their respective governments. In the US, the main political parties are democratic and […]

Political Issues: Welfare Programs for Illegal Immigrants

Introduction There are various reasons that make a person to traverse a border illegally into the foreign territory or overstay their visa. Such a person goes by various titles like an illegal immigrant or illegal alien, undocumented immigrant, unauthorized migrant, and so on (US Immigration Support, 2012). Commonly, the reasons given for such illegalities include […]

Cyprus Implications of Exiting the Euro Zone

The indication that Cyprus might leave the euro zone raises questions on the socioeconomic effects of adopting the Cyprus pound. The current economic crisis facing Cyprus highlights the ripple effects of the discontinuity in economies sharing a common currency. Cyprus exit from the euro zone would allow the country to restructure its economic infrastructure by […]

The Iraq War: Reconsidering the Invasion Reasons

One of the most memorable conflicts of the XX century, the Iraq War is also the issue of numerous controversies, especially when it comes to discussing the reasons for the United States to start an armed conflict against the Iraqi leaders. Despite the fact that the issue has been worn out completely in numerous discussions, […]

Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theories

The society should be the judge of happiness or harms, and establish ways of ensuring people enjoy their lives. Utilitarianism is a belief advanced by many scholars, including John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. It emphasizes on the need for more people to be happy even if a minority will suffer in the process of […]

Political Sciences: Nelson Mandela as a Critical Thinker

“If we cultivate the habit of considering both-or even several- sides of a question, as Mandela did … we may see solutions that would not otherwise have occurred to us” (Stengel 214). Nelson Mandela is one of the most notable statesmen and politicians. Mandela was the first African to be democratically elected as president in […]

Federal Budget Issues

Outline The federal budget deficit is on the highest mark ever. This calls for tough choices that will involve cutting down the budget expenditures as well as the adoption of tough austere measures to curb the wastage. The recommended work efforts of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)on a budget regarding the process of budget making […]

Police Work in Community

Every community in the world has its unique makeup and environment. An article titled “Neighborhood Organizations and Resident Assistance to Police” talks about the ways local communities can participate in high goals and prosperous future within policing. People’s traditions and beliefs center on bettering the lives of the local residences, as well as their own. […]

Political Issues: National Interest in America

The idea of states pursuing national interest can be the source of many problems. In America, this idea is the subject of debate by various groups and organizations. Currently, there are several scholarly materials that theorize the concept of national interest. Most of the theories that are forwarded on the subject of national interest tend […]

Government Issues: the Population Rate Reduction

Introduction There has been a consistent decline in population in most of some of the developed countries over the past three decades. In the past, there was a general belief that the solution to higher standards of living in a country would be to reduce birth rates. This strategy worked, but countries have come to […]

Latin America and US Relationships

When George W. Bush entered the White House in 2001, he promised to embrace the Powell Doctrine and employ the military only to clear threats to America’s public interests. Following the attacks of the 9/11, however, anger overcame him and he distorted his humble foreign policy to a president who sought to kick evil out […]

The International Institutions in the South African and Ugandan

Question: To what extent, using the South African and Ugandan cases, can international institutions contribute to justice within a state after war or political violence, and to what extent do those institutions reflect problematic conceptions or relations of power that might inhibit justice? The role of the international institutions in promoting justice in the states […]

Sheikh Mohammed leadership

Introduction Good leadership is central to the success of change management in an organization or a country. A good leader inspires his followers and provides the vision and the resources that facilitate the achievement of the desired change (Bass & Riggio, 2012, p. 47). This paper discusses the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin […]

Libya’s Uniqueness in North Africa and the Arab World

Though located in North Africa, Libya has portrayed several characteristics that make it a unique nation in North Africa and the Middle East. According to Hajjar (188), several factors have contributed to this uniqueness. The political system Jamahiriya, political Islam, and the Kaddafi factor are important aspects that make Libya a unique nation and determine […]

Political Issues: Libertarianism Advantages

Introduction Libertarianism is a philosophy that embraces freedoms in the choices and pursuance of issues in all the realms of society. Within the philosophy of libertarianism lies the question of moral responsibility and moral justice for the actions of individuals or states when looked at from a broader perspective. One of the areas where this […]

Political Issues: Globalization’s Negative Side

Although globalization has advantages, it has been associated with negative impacts. Globalization has led to many problems such as terrorism and the financial crisis, among others. People can now move from one country to another easily. The world has become a global village. Therefore, communication has improved because people can communicate easily from distant places. […]

Political Issues: Recognition of an Entity as a State

Introduction The relationship among members of the international community is central to the process of maintaining peace and promoting socio-economic development at the global level. The states that form the international community regulate their relationships through agreements or treaties that facilitate the peaceful resolution of trade and political conflicts. In this context, the international community […]

Administration of Building Development in Tempe, AZ

A city with well-developed infrastructure and a distinct dominance of quiet suburban atmosphere, Tempe has recently become notorious for the lack of facilities for the numerous families, the number of which has been growing increasingly over the past few years. The lack of rentable area has triggered the question concerning the possibilities of building several […]

Michael Foucault View on Power Relations

The interview reflects Michael Foucault’s interpretation of truth and power. The French thinker is interested in explaining how power and truth interact with different leadership positions. Power affects truth because the things that people communicate while in power are either true or false. Michael Foucault is convinced that truth emanates from the power relations, including […]

Government Elections: Marihelen Wheeler and Ted Yoho

In the 3rd District of Florida, Marihelen Wheeler, the Democratic candidate is the rival of the Republican candidate, Ted Yoho. It is noteworthy that the two candidates have similar views on some issues and, at the same time, hold different positions on certain problems persistent in society. They both consider economic issues, illegal immigration, job […]

Political Sciences: China’s Democracy Movement

Introduction The China’s democracy movement denotes the various slackly planned political movements in the People’s Republic of China. The movements were targeted at diluting and consequently end the single-party rule by the Communist Party. Among these movements was the Beijing Spring in 1978. The Beijing Spring was succeeded by various democratic movements aimed at the […]

Political Sciences: the United States Army

The United States is considered to be a country with the strongest army in the entire world. Therefore, the most critical question that ought to be answered here is about the secret behind the establishment of a strong army in the world. Besides the expansive role of protecting the country’s territory, the United States Army […]

Public Administration: National Park Service

The concept of the ranger is ancient. The professions similar to this appeared all over the world – in Africa, Asia and Europe. The rangers of all times had the same basic functions and purposes – to protect and patrol the lands belonging to their country. The history of American rangers counts at least three […]

Government: Islam as a Source of Legitimacy

Introduction Across the world, religions have a significant influence on regimes. Islam is one of the religions that influence political regimes in Arab countries. Islam is a religion that is dominant in the Middle East and among Arabs in diverse countries. The fundamentals beliefs of Islam are that Allah is the creator of the universe […]

Reflection on David Cameron’s ‘Evangelical Turn’ Article

From the article, it is evident that religion and politics are two hotly contested subjects in society. While the prime minister made his honest opinion regarding the place of religion in society, it was perceived differently from various quarters. Nonetheless, it is prudent to mention that the politics of the state and religious beliefs can […]

Political Issues: John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle

The harm principle is one of the concepts discussed by John Stuart Mill in his essay On Liberty. The essay addresses the issue of power and authority about society as well as individuals. It explores and discusses the limits of the power that society can exert on an individual to control their actions and behavior. […]

Political Issues: Ideological State Apparatuses and Violence

This paper is aimed at discussing Louis Althusser’s notion of ideological state apparatuses and the views on violence expressed by Slavoj Žižek. The comparison of their theories can throw light on the origins of conflict within a community. On the whole, Althusser’s views can be reconciled with Žižek only if one removes the premise that […]

Public Administration: Homeless in Phoenix

Introduction Homelessness is a serious problem in the USA and is one that seriously affects the socio-economic structure of the country. The problem is more intense in the urban metropolis as it is hard to eradicate. Homeless people are often found on the streets of many US cities and Phoenix is one of the large […]

Power and Politics in Films “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Cry Freedom”

Politics of difference can be considered as a simple approach followed in empires or in states resembling the pattern of an empire according to which different social and ethnic groups are governed differently because of the authorities’ focus of separating these groups and on accentuating the rights of the dominant group. The issue of politics […]