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American Occupation Policy Towards Japan

According to the primary principles of the occupation policy that the United States was executed in Japan, Okinawa, the Amami Islands, the Ogasawara Islands, and the areas that were subordinate to Japan at the time [...]

19th-Century Marxism with Emphasis on Freedom

As the paper reveals through various concepts and theories by Marx, it was the responsibility of the socialists and scientists to transform the society through promoting ideologies of class-consciousness and social action as a way [...]

Islamic Political Ideologies in Egypt and Algeria

The topic of Islamic politics in the context of Egypt and Algeria is a problem that requires an in-depth exploration. The Islamic Salvation Front stepped into the arena of Algerian politics in the 1980s to [...]

Alternative Facts in 2016 US Presidential Election

While the majority of politicians usually stretch the truth, giving momentum to the practice of political fact-checking long before the 2016 election, the current President of the United States went much farther than the usual [...]

Bribery and Corruption in International Arbitration

The tendency towards the globalization created the basis for the improved cooperation between states, companies, agencies, individuals, etc.and preconditioned the shift of priorities towards the global discourse as the most promising mean of cooperation.

Police Departments: Defective Areas and Solutions

The police are the main actors in the first cog of the criminal justice domain popularly referred to as "entry into the system", whereby citizens bring criminal incidents to the attention of law enforcement officers [...]

Interrogation Techniques Used by the Police

The literature on the subject shows the prevalence of Reid techniques in interrogation. The study makes a good representation of the entire population, as the participants were diversified in age, sex, race, and rank.

Digital Age Initiatives of the United Nations

When it comes to the positive side of the problem, it is important to note that many representatives of the United Nations are deeply concerned about the problem of safety and privacy inherent in the [...]

Digital Technology Promotion by the United Nations

One of the most important indicators of the activities of international organizations is the activation of their participation in the development, transfer, and diffusion of the most modern technologies for progress.

Digital Media Diplomacy for the United Networks

What is even more important, the latter increases unpredictably on a daily basis, and this reveals a number of opportunities for the UN to develop a successful approach to the effective use of social media [...]

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The constructivist point of view, however, focuses on the perception of the roles of the international norms for the subject state, their legitimacy, and domestic value, as the major aspects that determine the response of [...]

Privacy and Security as Conflicting Priorities

On the whole, it should be stressed that there appears to be a conflict of opinions in the society when it comes to the problem of choosing between protecting the privacy of individuals and their [...]

Warlordism Through the Looking Glass

As a resultant effect, expanding markets allow warlords to buy and sell commodities throughout the globe; moreover, they continue to take advantage of valuable natural resources in the locality, attracting foreign imperialists on the spot, [...]

Police Communication Skills Importance

One of the main causes of misconceptions is the difference in the perception of each party. Suspects, on the other hand, often feel frustrated by the actions of police officers and administration, regardless of whether [...]

People’s Attitudes Towards Law Enforcement Agencies

Training based on the results of this research should be developed and provided to police officers. To achieve this goal, it can be effective to develop interventions that will involve police officers and representatives of [...]

Neighborhood Watch, Its Problems and Solutions

Considering that the formal side of the participation in the program of the Neighboring Watch is minimal and the main goal is to promote the desire to create safer conditions of life, it is necessary [...]

The American Red Cross and Its Financial Reporting

There is a number of not-for-profit organizations operating in the United States, and it is important to review their financial statements in order to get an idea of financial accounting in such organizations.

“Naked Diplomacy” by Tom Fletcher

What it means is that, when it comes to assessing the book's practical implications, one must be able to do it from the critical perspective while never ceasing to take into account the fact that [...]

Israeli Apartheid Ideology Towards Palestinians

Scholars, humanitarian organizations and the United Nations have also contributed to this discussion by critically evaluating Israel's policy on the treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories and within the Israeli sovereign state.

Australian National Aged Care Strategy

The problem of adaptation of the older generation in modern society is a rather significant issue because many old people can not afford some of the opportunities that are available to the youth.

Marijuana Legislation and Americans’ Contribution

To identify whether patients with intractable pain hold more favorable views regarding legislation of marijuana use than the general public, it is necessary to determine various inclusion and exclusion criteria that might influence the society's [...]

Women and Political Power: Causes and Opportunities

Caused by a patriarchal system, male dominance, and Muslim values, the underrepresentation of the UAE women in politics may be improved by the promotion of awareness, gender equality, and prevention of violence against them.

City-Wide Anti-Robbery Strategic Plan

After the consistency of the data is ensured, the fifth recommended step is to contact the police organizations within the city and locate the data on the robberies, which would make it possible to spot [...]

Sunni–Shia Religious Conflict in Iraq

It would be proper to state that approximately sixty-five percent if Iraq inhabitants are the followers of the Shia movement, whereas the other thirty-five percent of the state's population contributes to the Sunni group.

Smart Services and Re-Engineered Government in Dubai

The study aims to examine the subject of smart services and re-engineered processes in government operation and activities in Dubai. The first research objective is to establish possible benefits from the automation of services and [...]

Dubai Government Accelerators and Accomplishments

Initially, the program focused on the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and Ministry of Education.

Political Cartoon: Trump’s Healthcare Amendments

The entry of the new regime with different political views intends to make changes to the established healthcare reforms in an attempt to show its devotion to improving the lives of the citizens and challenging [...]

South Sudan Refugees and Their Status

Also, the situation in Southern Sudan, low productivity, ongoing conflicts, and the lack of required aid might lead to a humanitarian crisis.[2] Many refugees are forced to live under the open sky, they do not [...]

History of Yemen Conflict

The principle cause of the conflict in Yemen was the onset of what is known as the Arab Spring that was supposed to be a positive political transition to the country.

Roads & Transport Authority and Environmental Changes

To cope with the environmental changes, the organization aims to plan, direct, control, and coordinate the development and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the various operational objectives.

Mediation in the USA and Saudi Arabia

This paper outlines the benefits of mediation practice over other methods of conflict resolution and provides information on the history, culture, system, and satisfaction related to mediation in the United States and Saudi Arabia, making [...]

Military Families and Their Sacrifices

While the acts of heroism made by soldiers are not to be underrated, either, the great sacrifice of their families, who provide consistent support, are proud of their family members in the military, and put [...]

The United Arab Emirates’ Economic Diplomacy

The high number of international passengers entering or passing through the UAE means that the diplomats can work in liaison with the government to develop strategies and policy directives to help local companies in the [...]

Military Social Worker Intervention

Nevertheless, the state and military apparatus are not likely to consider the case filed by a civilian with a request to return a soldier home because of concern for him.

The American Hegemony Decline

This paper examines the re-emergence of geopolitics, the weakening of the U.S.defense strategy, and the internal divisions among political elites in the foreign policy team as part of the key problems that have triggered the [...]

Qatar and GCC Countries Conflict

The background of the conflict dates back to 2014 when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from Qatar because the latter supported the government under the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, while the [...]

Why Allowing Owning a Gun Is Potentially Deleterious?

Therefore, the specified issue is likely to fuel the race-related issues and spark further confrontations among the representatives of different cultures to an even greater degree, thus, leading to misconceptions and conflicts in the process [...]

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The challenging economic situation of 2008-2009 was the environment where the actions under the ARRA were to be taken, and the Act was the response to the situation.

The Creation of the Nonaligned Movement

It is proposed for the Union of Burma to reevaluate its views on the non-alignment movement, which is abandoned, to ensure sustainable growth and compliance with global standards.

Effects of the UK Exit From the Union

Based on the reasons summarised in this report, the UK regarded the move of being part of the EU as costly since it had resulted in excessive immigration into the country in line with the [...]

Jules Ferry: On French Colonial Expansion

He is known for some of the strategies that were developed at the time of his services, such as the strategy of secular education and that of France becoming a colonial empire.

Roots of Swiss Neutrality Policy

It is a general opinion that the neutrality of Switzerland started after the Battle of Marignano when the state's limits of military resolution of the conflict were exhausted.

Seychelles People Defense Force

Because of the need to embrace a wide array of factors that may contribute to the aggravation of Seychelles' security levels, a TA must carry out a range of tasks, including the responsibilities associated with [...]

The Study of the Civilizations Evolution

In the first section of the paper, the author presents the idea that previous research on the evolution of civilizations was inconsequential due to the focus on either an ecological approach or humanitarian approach but [...]

Canadian Refugees and the Refugee Crisis

While some countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa, are the source of the refugees, countries in the west, including the USA and Canada are among the popular destinations.

The Compromise That Pleases Palestinians and Israelis

The territorial conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, especially the ambitious plan by Israel to expand its territory to include West Bank and Gaza, has led to massive loss of lives and displacement of hundreds [...]

Inequality and Public Policy

The presence of men and women in the labor force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has been unequal for decades.

The German Intelligence System Analysis

Therefore, the relations of the country span across the region and influence Germany's history. For example, the presence of the US among Germany's allies also grants the latter a status and security needed to ensure [...]

Smoking Bans: Preventive Measures

There have been several public smoking bans that have proved to be promising since the issue of smoking prohibits smoking in all public places. This means it is a way of reducing the exposure to [...]

Eduardo Porter’s Views on Capitalism

In the meantime, the latest change in the economic trends shows that the economist's expectations were inflated as well as the potential that he assigned to the free market turned out to be exaggerated.

Corruption and Society: Critical Analysis

Because of the latter, the political and social traditions of these societies are built on the beneficial effects of corruption. However, it is a mistake to believe that the social structure of traditional societies will [...]

Roads and Transport Authority of the UAE

Roads and Transport Authority or RTA is a governmental organization responsible for the implementation of traffic projects and the maintenance of the transport system in the Emirate of Dubai and within the country as well.

Nationalism: Theory, Ideology and History

Instances of nationalism provided in the annals of history are the rise of Nazi Germany or the Arab nationalism. Nationalism and national identity is created through this common sense of the nation.

Marxism and International Law

The inclination of international laws is also highlighted by the political and economic imbalances that foster the development of laws to accommodate the changes.

The US Policing Systems Development

Supreme Court and the facilitation of the community policing movement, and explain their meaning for the present-day policing. One of the most prominent figures in the history of the Supreme Court is John Marshall.