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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

Bridging Institution in Sociopolitical Environment

Globalization has resulted in increased conflicting demands as organizations strive to address local, regional, and internal institutional demands in the field of academics and industry. The logic of bridging organizations is to respond to conflicting [...]

The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Enhancing Ties

Akagawa asserts that one of the most important roles that diplomats play in ensuring that peace prevails between their countries and the nations that they are serving in is the act of exchanging cultural information [...]

Political Economy of Communication and Media

Some view the political economy of communication as a study area that places the main focus on the mass media and the ownership influences their institutions have on the political system of a society.

Jordan River in Middle Eastern Hydropolitics

The introduction of Israel as an independent state could be viewed as one of the problems and generators of the conflict, as the country responded negatively to the sharing of the dam between Syria and [...]

Liberia’s War, Peace, and Foreign Aid

According to the data provided by the World Bank Group, Liberia has been receiving FA since before the 1980s, and its amount has had the tendency to increase with some of the years breaking this [...]

Arab Unity and Its Barriers and Obstacles

Some of these events include the "The Arab Revolt of 1916", "The Arab Congresses of the 1930s", "The League of Arab States of 1944", and the brief unity between Syria and Egypt.

Capital Punishment in Indonesia

The government is also known to safeguard the details of capital punishment in the country. The targeted prisoners are "executed in the middle of the night".

Racism in Trump’s and Clinton’s Campaigns

The Catholic Church stated that racism should not be a part of our social consciousness since it promotes ideas and concepts that are against the teachings of brotherhood and solidarity that church leaders actively promote.

Genocide Factors in Rwanda and Cambodia

By the start of the last decade of the 20th Century, animosity between the Hutus and the Tutsis had escalated with the former accusing the latter of propagating socioeconomic and political inequalities within the country.

Iraq War from Political Realist Standpoint

In the conclusion the paper touches on the flaws of realism theory such as pessimism from the view of human affairs at the global arena and its inability to explain the boundaries or limits in [...]

Running Mates in Presidential Elections

This essay will analyze the factors considered in the selection of a running mate by a presidential candidate, as examined in the article, and will try to make a case for why Paul Ryan was [...]

International Systems Analysis and Its Levels

The individual level looks at the contributions that individuals make towards the circumstances that occur in the international system. In this level of analysis, the states are assumed to determine the states of war at [...]

Global Commons and International Environmental Policies

These issues include an increased consumption and utilization of natural and environmental resources, lack of property, poor defined property rights governing the use of the commons, lack of well-structured international enforcement mechanisms competent enough to [...]

Ann Richards’ Biography and Governorship

It is worth noting that Ann Richards was a vocal debater and represented her school well in interschool debates. Ann married David Richards and they resided at Austin where her husband was to enrol for [...]

Utilitarianism in Ron Paul’s Rhetoric

In fact, former Congressman Ron Paul believes that in order to create the most good, the best strategy is to reduce the involvement of big government in the affairs of men.

India’s Road Infrastructure and Economic Development

The government has therefore been focusing on the problem of infrastructure in order to support the growing economy. The past one decade has been characterized by numerous challenges and obstacles due to the inefficiency of [...]

Drone Aircraft in Military Encounters

Sovereignty and international security are the greatest ethical issues behind the use of drones in military conflicts. According to Kant's theory, the need, in this case, is having international peace and sovereignty.

Human Service Organizations, Structures, Processes

The organization is a state agency that builds the community by providing child support, catering for the welfare of children, offering assistance to families, and other children and families related programs.

Civil Disobedience, Protests, and Heroism

Gandhi travelled to London to learn the law in the University of London in the year 1888. He says that he had wished for the white moderates to recognize that the existence of law and [...]

The Peace of Westphalia and Its Hierarchy

Consequently, the signing of the peace of Westphalia became a hallmark for the development of the principle of international law, which introduced the concept of nation-states and sovereignty in global politics.

Canadian Technological Socialist Party’s Ideology

The main focus of the party is on the provision of industrial automation reform, social programs, and the creation of non-market socialism based on the manufacturing of products through the most efficient automated means, their [...]

Texas and Florida Governments Comparison

The government structure helps determine the functional role of each county government in the entire system of the state and identify the legal responsibilities of each agent, as well as delineating the legal system of [...]

The United States-China Cyber Warfare

Since the specified framework implies that the strategies used by state governments are dictated primarily by the interests of the states in question as opposed to the need to be altruistic and compromising, it will [...]

The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

He shares his experience of belonging to the New Left movement: "the dynamic center of the decade" which pushed the youth forward by proclaiming the arrival of the change and "forming the template for the [...]

“The Race Beat” Book Analysis

In reality, in the middle of the twentieth century, the issues connected to race were largely obscured in the society and unanimously ignored in the press.

The Democratization of Japan

This essay argues that the Japanese people are the main agents in the successful democratization of post-war Japan due to their support of the new constitution and their spirit of cooperation.

The Development of Capitalism in Canada

To begin with, Pentland states that by the middle of the nineteenth century there were a plenty of signs indicating that the changes of the course of the economy "had gone too far to be [...]

Free Internet and Traffic Jams Elimination

Due to continuous population growth, the local authority has made some changes to make the city more accommodating and smart to serve the interests of the dwellers within the technological and transportation needs of the [...]

Press Secretary Profession in Public Relations

This study aims to research the history of the public relations industry and to examine the effects of government regulations, the internet, and the international community on the industry.

Reforms in the United Nations Agencies

Though the issues expressed by the founding fathers of the organization are not the same as of the 21st world century, there is a need to reform the UN to have a realignment of its [...]

Death Penalty for Murder by Terrorism

The case of Timothy is the first instance of the death sentence against a terrorist in the United States. The law enforcement agencies try their best to get rid of the terrorists and their activities [...]

Egypt’s Political Situation in the Next 5 Years

Still, the evaluation of the current financial reports and the observations of the current achievements that are defined as the means to survive help to realize that Egypt may see the significant changes in the [...]

Anti-Trump Protests for Third Night on CNN

In the segment, the panelists are discussing what is likely to happen after the election especially in regards to the rising incidences of anti-Trump protests that were going on across America. First, the protests that [...]

Struggle for Democracy: President Interview

In a recent episode of the 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl mentioned some of the problems on the tip of the tongue of many Americans, addressing the pillars that the American political system had been founded [...]

Social Media Impact on Voter Turnout

The evaluation of voting as a rational choice made by people with specific social preferences and concerns about their social welfare will be developed to explain the factors that give people the incentive to vote [...]

Celebrity Diplomacy in Paul Valley’s Article

One of the first celebrities acting as a goodwill ambassador mentioned by Valley in the article is Angelina Jolie, one of the world's most loved and admired actresses who have devoted herself to the noble [...]

Transparency in California State Politics

The fundamental problem that is associated with governmental transparency is the fact that getting information, the majority of people is not satisfied with it and demand more and more. The bill is considered to be [...]

Social Media Impact on Digital Diplomacy

Department of State and "Digital Diplomacy: A New Era of Advancing Policy" by Carnegie Endowment have provided the audience with the chance to see the official point of view of the American government and the [...]

Neighborhood Watch Program and Community Involvement

The literature review focuses, inter alia, on such points as the definition of the concept of the Neighborhood Watch program and its goals, community involvement levels, and challenges, technology opportunities that may be used in [...]

Dubai 10x Initiative and Future Agenda

Thus, in terms of the Organization pillar, the authorities will focus on the engagement of different public and private organizations by introducing "Future Teams" to apply the best modern technologies.

World Bank’s & International Monetary Fund’s Rise

The goals of these organizations are ultimately similar as both aim at the increase of the well-being of the countries throughout the world, either by reducing poverty and granting financial support in the case of [...]

Gun Violence’s Contribution to State Fragile

That is why the further deterioration of the situation will obviously lead to state fragility and the development of anarchy. Investigating the problem, one could understand that the mass export of guns by the USA [...]

Presidential Campaigns and Print Medias

The article from the Dallas News by Gillman, suggests that the move by Romney to take Paul Ryan as his running mate raises the stakes for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Mass Communication and Public Policy

One example of the websites that help to exchange ideas but negatively is the In the real sense, there several public interests in conflict when the information about the funding of a politician is disclosed [...]

Government Influences on Private Projects

The type of the project is not taken into account, and the paper is devoted to the general ideas concerning the importance of government influence for project evaluation that are illustrated with specific examples.

International Organizations in Global Politics

A number of scientists tend to prove the idea that the progress in the evolution of the international relations results from the growth of companies and organizations which become influential enough to act at the [...]

Political Deviance: Meaning and Forms

These negative impacts of political deviance can be in the form of work performance, self- esteem of the other colleague, demotions, transfers, or even loss of work.

Canadian Cities and National Identity

Although this has several advantages, it is a major weakness and cause of the financial problems in the local governments because the provincial authorities place strict budget requirements and limitations to the local governments.

John Winthrop and the Puritan Concept of Freedom

For instance, in Colonial America society had another perspective on the understanding of freedom that could be demonstrated by John Winthrops Speech to the Massachusetts General Court in which he cogitated about the nature of [...]

The Mexico-United States Barrier

The building of the wall has already been detrimental to the nature of surrounding territories and killed people, therefore the citizens of the United States of America, Mexico, and people all over the world must [...]