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Infrastructure: American Society of Civil Engineers

The ASEC believes that the energy infrastructure is especially critical for the economy. American society makes the following suggestions to enhance the country's infrastructure: The federal leadership in infrastructure is required.

Policy and Government Programs

Moreover, GAO's mission is to help improve the image and assure the accountability of the government in front of the citizens of the United States.

Electioneering Process in Canada

The issue in this article is based on the fact that there is caution with regard to the voting culture in Canada.

Democratic Society: Basic Values and Priorities

Political equality is another concept that exists within the domain of democracy about the political rights that should be given to all members of a democratic society.

Power Forms in Developed Industrial Societies

The transition from the exercise of power in the Monarchial period to the disciplinary power has been successful through the application of simple technologies and techniques.

Government Concept in Relation to Classical Liberalism

The government formulates, implements, and monitors public policy And a proponent of Classical liberalism Some tenets of Classical Liberalism: The individual comes before the state Private property ownership "capitalism" Pre-political individuality Limited government control over [...]

Public Water Supply System in New York

It is vital to note that due to the shortage of clean water, treatment facilities provide another alternative source of water to meet the ever-rising needs for water in New York City. Direct piping is [...]

Vladimir Putin: President’s Success

What also inspires me, in respect to how modern Russia positions itself in the arena of international politics, is that it does not bow to the foreign pressure to allow the representatives of sexual minorities [...]

Russian Ideas’ Evolution in Politics and Economics

With help of the abovementioned facts, the analysis of the current state of the Russian Federation is conducted to evaluate the current position of Russia in the world.

Public Administration and Emerging Problems

While sharing a meal with the Canadian Prime Minister and other guests, he spots the Prime Minister eating a camembert cheese and uses that to criticize the role of the Minister of health in intending [...]

Public Service and Its Responsibilities

Public service or public administration is a field with a diverse scope, which main goal is to help in the advancement of policies and management to enable the government to carry its missions in a [...]

Humanitarianism and Related Controversies

In this article, the illustration of the Darfur crisis is examined. This article examines weather there are any justification, from the anthropological point of view, for military intervention, for example as it is in Afghanistan, [...]

Political Systems Centralization and Decentralization

The decentralization form of government adopts a devolution form of government where administration and distribution of resources are taken closer to people. The family acts as the smallest unit of government in a state or [...]

Provision of Health and Education Infrastructure

It is also imperative to note that the development of health care facilities was largely influenced by the health problems accrued by villagers as a result of the Ok Tedi Mining activities.

Political Correctness as a Necessary Evil

Of key importance is the role of the enforcers of the opinions since they are the determinants of the level at which the acceptable opinions work for the good of the society.

Autocracy Lesson in “The Wave” Film

First of all, he begins to see that the students within the group are hostile to people who are not the members of the Wave.

Transnational Organized Crime: Counterstrategy

However, this has seen several priority policies put in place by the President to combat the transnational organized crime networks that stance a deliberate danger to the United States and to the American populace.

Syrian Civil War Threating Turkey’s National Security

The paper explored all the possible causes of the ongoing Syrian civil crisis, with the historical perspective from the mayhem between Syria and Turkey being significantly imperative.

The Senkaku (Diaoyu Dao) Islands Ownership Dispute

Were China's sinking of the McArthur, the seizure of two crewmen, and destruction of the Rappahannock wrongful acts for which compensation is owed to Japan and the United States?

Barack Obama’s Second Presidential Term Agenda

The 2012 presidential elections of the United States marked the presidential election of the 57th quadrennial. In comparison to the optimism level of the historic election of 2008, 65% of the population was in support [...]

US Global Governance and Developing Countries

This is due to the fact that the situation in Afghanistan had reached a point of economic injury. To some extent, global governance has made a tremendous mark in restoring fragile political institutions and the [...]

Specifics of the LIFT Program

The report outlined the locations in which the program has been implemented in Wales. Finally, a reflection of the program is illustrated in the fifth section.

Factions, Interest Groups, and American Government

This is where Madison's idea of control comes in as he argues that for factions to prevail within a unified government the coercion need to be eliminated and minority group ideas' represented accordingly.

Argentina-Kenya International Trade in Agriculture

The use of manual labor and inefficient production processes can be considered as one of the main reasons behind the sheer "glut" of workers in the agricultural industry and, as such, this shows one area [...]

International Finance Institutions and Collaboration

Reduction of debt burdens: Just as in the HIPC initiative and the MDRI, the IMF and the World Bank work together to ensure that the external debt burden is moderated.

1994 Black Hawk Shootdown Incident Analysis

Impossibility to reach consensus and establish trustful and committed relationship is explained by the inability of the Operation Provide Comfort leader to come up the responsibilities and duties imposed on the team members.

Intelligence Analysis by Bar-Joseph and McDermott

I agree with the authors' viewpoint that to improve intelligence gathering and analysis, what we require is a change of the analyst rather than a change of the analysis method.

Health Politics, Policy and Planning

Therefore, the ability of the elderly population to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the policy of the country to promote better quality life have prolonged life expectancy age in the country.

Japan’s Superpower Development and America’s Input

Thus, Japan and the USA relationship helped the former not only overcome the consequence of the Second World War but helped Japan to learn the major western principles of success.

Martyrdom Culture in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The culture of martyrdom is a threat to the peace process within the Middle East. The presence of organizations and institutions that encourage and tutor suicide bombing activities presents one of the obstacles to the [...]

Presidential Dictatorships Around the World

Various nations all over the world have been recognized to be having a government that comprises of the members of parliament plus the overall advisor who is the president.

Harper’s Government Inefficiency in Canada

This whole arrangement, in my view, is not only laughable but it also exposes one of the most predominant weaknesses of the conservative government the inability to streamline the public sector to achieve maximum productivity [...]

Election Campaign Promises and Population Benefits

While it may be true that political and economic realities often hinder such promises from being carried out, it is rather interesting to realize that a vast majority of people that have been elected into [...]

Israel’s Geopolitical Positioning in the Middle East

Nevertheless, by the end of the 20th century, it started to become increasingly clear to many Western politicians that, due to the process of Globalization and due to the fact with the collapse of the [...]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan

His other appointments also included the Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, the Minister for Community Development, Youth, and Sports, and the Minister of State for National Development.Dr.

Political Structures: Local and International

The author states the fact that the structure concept is based on the idea that the main units and their aspects are combined in different ways.

“Capitalism and Freedom” by Milton Friedman

In turn, the competition will be one of the factors that can improve the quality of education. Moreover, the increased competition can make school administrators more responsive to the suggestions and critique of parents who [...]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan

His other appointments also included the Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, the Minister for Community Development, Youth, and Sports, and the Minister of State for National Development.Dr.

War Purpose and Military Values

The topic of the project is related to the purpose of war and values of people that take active part in military conflicts.

Incrementalist vs. Rationalist Policymaking Approach

Policies are based on the pros and cons of each and every possible alternative, whereby the policy makers select the 'best', not the 'good' alternative, depending the pros and cons of each and every policy [...]

September 11 Attacks as a Political Impression

As a matter of fact, the aftermath of these attacks led to various political motivations that enabled me to know more about the political side of terrorism.

International Law and Its Adoption by Nation States

Now because most international laws as we have seen are actually natural laws that already exist in many of the countries globally, then it is obvious that many states will observe international laws since they [...]

Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties

Because Vienna Convention treaty redefines much of the general laws that are already in existence by classifying them in the context of the convention framework it means that it is not involved in creation of [...]

International System and Actors in the 21st Century

Stabilizing in the global system may either be soft or hard action, it can be hard with the intention of increasing or threatening the utilization of military influence of one nation in relation to the [...]

Canadian Government, Ministers, and Cabinet

As the Head of government, the prime minister is charged with the responsibility of being the head of the executive branch of the Canadian federal government.

Humanitarianism in Crisis: Ebola in West Africa

Because of the humanitarianism approach, whither the UNO promotes as the key tool for handling the problem, as well as the individual concerns of the current world leaders, the problem of Ebola has shifted from [...]

Indigenous Self-Government in Canada

Based on this, it has to establish self-government that will play the role of empowering the citizens to catch up with the rest of the world.

Native Hawaiian Civil Rights and Movements

However, Stainback was one of the proponents of statehood of the Hawaii before he changed his mind. In other words, the people were opting for statehood.

Voter Mobilization and Participation in America

In this situation, the researcher is faced with the problem of differentiating between the intent-to-treat effect and establishing the effects of real contact.

The Mystery of Capital in the Third World

The dominance of the West has grown since its victory in the Cold war and today, it controls most marketplaces to the disadvantage of most economies.

Asian Politics of Modern China and Japan

Discuss how these factors contributed to the rise of communist totalitarianism in modern China: the political implications of the Chinese political tradition of "oriental despotism;" Confucian culture; a century of foreign invasion and historical trauma, [...]

Arab Spring: Causes and Consequences

The author uses the history of military and diplomatic missions that have occurred in the last two centuries to support his view of international politics.

Protectionism and Free Trade System

The protectionist trade policy is advantageous in that it encourages and facilitates the growth of new industries by protecting them from foreign competition, creates jobs for domestic workers, and stimulates country-level economic growth in the [...]

Doha Round and Its Role for Trade Negotiations

The Doha Round is important for the trade negotiations and cannot be neglected by the developing countries; still, in spite of the clearly defined benefits like low trade tariffs and appropriate trade barriers, it is [...]

Elected Representatives as Trustees and Delegates

The first approach holds that political representatives should indeed be trustees who first listen to their constituents' opinions and viewpoints before employing their sense of judgment to chart the way forward and act sorely in [...]

The Emirati Effort Targeted at the Security in the Region

The nuclear race between Iran and Israel have contributed to the instability and threatens the balance of power in the Gulf region, which leads to the need of creating a restraining force, hence, the UAE [...]

Millenium Development Goals: Creation and Progress

In 2010, countries converged to reaffirm their commitment to the attainment of the MDGs by the set deadline. Millennium development goals: achievements and prospects of meeting the targets in Africa.

History and Economic of East Asia

The Meiji Restoration marked the transformation of the military government into the imperial government leading to the restoration of the ancient Japanese government.

Strategic Intelligence of the USA

Perhaps, it is also crucial to consider the aspect of strategic assessment alongside the secrecy of national security matters. How is the strategic assessment of security matters conducted by the developed economies?

Canadian Elections: Stephen Harper vs. David Emerson

In this case, the power issue is the ability of the winning party in an election to appoint his opponent during the election to serve in the same cabinet after losing the election.

Political Regimes in China and the United States

The advantages of the political regime are also to be considered. The fact that people work for hand because they are afraid of poverty and do not want to lose their job is recognized to [...]

Benito Mussolini’s “Fascist Doctrine”

Mussolini was a fascist, and he believed in a fascist state that is strongly based on the popular support of the masses that slight resemblance to democracy could be confused with true democracy, but the [...]

Law and Ethics: Intelligence Information

This explains why there is an urgent need to streamline the operations of the IC to improve both the integration and effectiveness of intelligence information.

Strategic Intelligence Community

The establishment and existence of several committees on intelligence should not necessarily dilute the functions of the oversight and congressional organs. Hence, the resounding challenge facing the Intelligence Community is the lack of democratization of [...]

Public Diplomacy Issues Analysis

The global media and soft power aim to attract the 'the rest' without any forms of coercion in terms of cultures, political values, and foreign policies, all of which must be attractive to others.

Affordable Housing Policy for American Homeless

I have recently heard a politician saying that the government should offer more affordable housing to low-income housing. You may be right to some degree, but the task of government is to help those citizens [...]

Globalization Era and Internationalism Politics

The age of the Nation-State is over and it is easy to prove this statement is to consider the situation which exists in the modern world about the society, to check the political preferences and [...]

Sectarian Tensions in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula

The issue that will be addressed in this paper will revolve around the dangers of the current civil war in Yemen and how the impacts of the war can affect other countries within the same [...]

China’s Political Development in Gordon Chang’s Theory

They may believe that a political uprising in China will adversely affect the functioning of the economy. In conclusion, I may argue that the political development of China is a very complex process.

Realism and Idealism in the Statecraft Simulation

That way, the actions of all states during the World Wars I and II can be described as selfish and motivated by the pursuit of new resources or survival which fits into the realist approach.

Denby Constabulary Redesigning Arrest Process

That is in addition to supplementing the police services by the use of private security firms to perfect the roles performed by the police which gradually leads to lower costs.

Liberals and Conservatives’ Differences in Politics

Lakoff puts the state as a family and the government as a parent to illustrate opposing political views of conservatives/Right and liberals/Left even when the two use same the metaphor to discuss the same topic [...]

Korea’s and Germany’s Reunification Effects for the US

German unification resulted from the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, as well as, the bankruptcy of communism. At the rise of the Cold War, in Europe, Germany was a chief ally [...]

J. Gaddis on US Security and Adams’s Foreign Policy

The unilateralism strategy used by Adams Quincy is related to that of the subsequent presidents in the various ways. The strategy of preemption as illustrated was applied in the North American continent for more than [...]

Lobbying in the United States’ Political Culture

The aim of this bill is to improve the ethics and policies that govern the relationship between lawmakers and lobbyists. In the process, the common American is not involved in the process of developing the [...]

Memorial Park Governance Meeting in Sacramento

The meeting was a public hearing involving the use of the Memorial Park to accommodate the proposed "Organized Sports League Use Policy for the Memorial Park".

African Union Military Force in Darfur Conflict

The other criticism highlighted in the video is the use of a powerless African Union force to deal with the difficult conflict that faced the people of Darfur.

Intelligence Effect on the Foreign Relationships Quality

Consequently, the art of critical thinking and the elements that it consists of, especially the art of asking questions and listening to the opponent, is imperative to master for those willing to attain success in [...]

Perceived Retaliation Against Internal Whistleblowers

The study uses the power relations theory and assumes that perceived retaliation against whistleblowers is related to whistleblower psychological power, seriousness of wrongdoing, position of a wrongdoer, shift in jobs by whistleblowers and management support [...]

Police Officer Situational Analysis

The demographic factors that affect effective operation of the police personnel are castigated by the poor working environments, the poor living conditions that police officers are exposed to, the dwindling of the confidence in the [...]

Iranian Nuclear Program and Gulf Response

In my paper, I will aim to explore the validity of this statement, in regards to what accounts for the qualitative significance of GCC countries' reaction to the Iranian Nuclear Program, as such that that [...]

E-Government Trends and Economic Integration

In the case of the euro zone, all countries are required to align their agricultural, economic, and industrial legislation with the requirements laid down.

Capitalism System: David Harvey’s View

David Harvey tries to convince the viewers that capitalism is a horrible system that leads humanity to self-destruction on a global scale.

Capitalism Problem: Video Analysis

However, the lack of resources and their disproportionate distribution will inevitably lead to a serious crisis. Admittedly, people's nature will not change, and many people will not want to build a fair society where resources [...]

FedBizOpp: High Tech Government Contracting

That said this work discusses the reasons why FedBizOpp enhances opportunities for minorities, any possible improvements on the site, the elements considered when designing the website, and gives a detailed analysis of the services provided.

Why Citizens Must Vote?

It is reported that the citizens of Australia "have been required to vote in federal elections since 1924". The citizens of Australia are convinced that having mandatory voting enables their country to be a more [...]

The Governmental Policy Effect on the Transnational Companies

The strength of the article is the manner it describes how transnational companies can engage in activities that attract the public interest which would then put them on the right side with the politicians of [...]

Government Policies and Sources of Latecomer Firms

It analyses how the environment in the countries as manipulated by the governments results in the firms developing new strategies of adapting so as to remain relevant in business.

The American Political System

Of course, there are some controversies, but it is possible to note that the political system of the country does work.

Labor Market, Social Organizations and Wages in Capitalism

Therefore, employers are forced to pay efficiency wages to increase work intensity and the cost of job loss. The intention is to reduce wages as employees are pressurized to work harder and to the extreme.

Federalism of the United States

The end result showed that the federal government was using publicly owned land, which in the end, belonged to all citizens of the United States, thus the local state government had to make sure the [...]

Values of Government

Thus, the critics of the American government can say that the will of the nation is not properly represented by the state.

Atlanta Government’s Annual Performance Report

Finally, the issues that are connected to political problems with which the government is concerned and the challenges of the twenty-first century are recognized.

Nuclear Weapon Associated Dangers and Solutions

The launch of a nuclear weapon will not only destroy the infrastructure but also lead to severe casualties that will be greater than those during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

After listening to the professor of sociology talking about human rights, dignity, and humanity, as well as to the employees of rights of migration talking about the concept and meaning of DACA in PaloAlto, I [...]

Pakistani Nuclear Program Development and Factors

After the country's independence in 1947, it experienced a close relationship with the US; Pakistan received aid and the US enjoyed the benefits of having such a close ally in strategic proximity to China, India, [...]

Campaigns Process and Elections

It is the democratic right of citizens above the age of 18 years to take part in elections and elect their preferred leaders. It is the democratic right of people to take part in elections.

The Ground-Level Results of Welfare Reform

Specifically, the article demonstrates that there still exists a wide gap between the more worthy objectives behind welfare reform in the US, and the ground-level realities about the failure of welfare reform to meet these [...]

Positivism Theory as Applied in Political Science

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the positivism theory to determine its strengths and weaknesses. It led to the development of logical positivism that was based on the principle of verification.
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