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  1. The second industrial revolution and its social consequence
    In as much as there was a lot of changes in terms of the institutions that were present; together with the environmental conditions surrounding the changes, the economic play was so relevant and of great […]
  2. The Industrial Revolution
    It was the Industrial Revolution that saw the invention of the steam engine, which was used to power ships, trains and motor vehicles.
  3. Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the influence of Fidel Castro 53 years rule and the impact of the 1959 Cuban revolution to the modern day Cuba Republic.
  4. A Tale of Two Cities: A Balanced Portrayal of the French Revolution
    The novel paints a vivid picture of the French Revolution, the fervor and radicalism of the revolutionaries and the terror and bloodshed spread by the revolutionaries.
  5. Latin American Independence Movements-Haitian Revolution
    This was a respond to slavery the people of Haiti were exposed to by the French colonialist. In respect to human rights, which French top lawyers have admitted that slavery was against human rights, and […]
  6. Abigail Adams in American Revolution
    The presidency is a highly celebrated position and in her husband’s capacity, she was elevated to the eyes of the whole nation.
  7. Chemical Revolution
    Towards the end of the 18th century, many substances were identifiable in laboratory and the new Lavoisier concepts led to the replacement of the phlogiston theory.
  8. Conceptual Structure of the Chemical Revolution
    In explaining conceptual change in science, a description of the development of new conceptual structures and their impact on the existing concepts that lead to the replacement of the old concepts is important.
  9. American Women and the American Revolution
    Women’s standing, as much as they, in point of fact, turned out to be narrower and inflexibly defined subsequent to the war, was enhanced.
  10. The Industrial Revolution in the American History
    In addition, the grant enabled the building of railroads in the Indians’ territory leading to the destruction of their lives. As a result, the workers formed their institutions to deal with their jobs.
  11. History of the Egypt Revolution in 2011
    The government argued that these laws were meant to avoid the threat of terrorism in the country. The government officials who tried to fight corruption in the government were accused of fraud and harassed.
  12. Absolutism in French Revolution
    It means that the contemporaries of Louis XIV did not use this term, but preferred to use the word-combination “absolute power of the crown”, which they understood as the “concentration of sovereign authority in the […]
  13. Why the revolution will not be Tweeted
    The upheaval of social media has made people to lose the meaning of activism. This is to show that freshman needed more of activism not the social media to complete the resistance.
  14. The Agricultural Revolution: from the Neolithic Age to a New Era of Agricultural Growth
    The discovery of tools is recognized to be one of the most important events of human development, as it is a well-known fact that “The development of tools such as flint points, axes, weapons such […]
  15. The French Revolution
    The American Revolution: In 1775-1783, America experienced a revolution and the government of France sent its troops and navy to help the rebelling colonists. This consequently led to the rise of hunger and high prices […]
  16. History of French Revolution
    The whole French terrorism was a means of dealing with the rivals of the bourgeoisie that is feudalism and absolutism. In the estates general, there was the clergy, nobility and the rest of the people.
  17. The Causes, Characteristics, and Aims of Revolutions
    The declaration of the rights of French citizens in the document known as The Declaration of The Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which served as a liberty guide for the masses engaged in […]
  18. The Cuban Revolution: The Battle Worth Fighting for, the Results Worth Grieving about
    However, the causes for the revolt to occur were not the desperate stage of the economy and the increasing levels of prostitution.
  19. Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution
    With the fine details included in the memoir, it helps a reader to walk through the Chinese revolutionary era and witness the havoc that the revolution triggered by Mao Zedong had on the Chinese people. […]
  20. The Industrial Revolution Impact on the Gender Roles
    The population growth combined with the increased productivity of small parts of the country and the migration of the now landless people in search of work opportunities led to the phenomena of urbanization.
  21. French Revolution: Liberal and Radical Portions
    Of course, a hope that the presence of revolution promoted certain changes and made the government to think about the improvement of citizens’ lives and wellbeing was inherent to the French.
  22. Major social groups in France prior to the French revolution
    The First Estate consisted of the clergy; the second one was nobility while the third estate was known as the commoners. The major goal of the commoners was to attain more power and independence from […]
  23. Market Revolution
    It is also an aspect of industrialization and therefore brought change in the commerce sector through employment of advanced technology and improvement in the communication and transport infrastructure and the ultimate result was the general […]
  24. The Long-Term Impact of the Revolution on Economic Development
    The Commonwealth of England took over from the authoritarian English monarchy and continued up to 1653 when Oliver Cromwell led the Protectorate until his death in 1658.
  25. Long-term impact of the revolution on economic development
    The emergence of Russia as one of the most economically stable countries in the world may be attributed to the role played by the Bolshevik Revolution, with the main architects being Lenin and Stalin.
  26. Technological Change in the Industrial Revolution
    Just to sample the impact technological changes had on the general demographical patterns of England and Wales, a technological invention to improve the smelting of Coke saw the shift in population growth from the South […]
  27. Neolithic Revolution
    Neolithic revolution refers to an agricultural revolution that occurred between 8,000 and 5,000 BC, during which period the human way of life was transformed from historically practices that predominantly involved hunting and gathering to a […]
  28. To what extent did the Cold War play a role in the 1950s in catalyzing the Iranian revolution in 1979?
    S wanted the world to practice free trade while the Soviet union wanted nothing to do with international trade, the power rivalry where each of the nations wanted to dominate the other, another cause of […]
  29. Artists in Exile: How Refugees From Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American Performing Arts, by Joseph Horowitz
    Knowledge of the type of music in that era is will help in the understanding of the book especially the German way of expressing inner motion.
  30. The American Revolution and Independence Day Celebration
    This article will help us understand the American Revolution and determine whether Americans have a reason to celebrate Independency Day every Fourth of July or not, whether all American supported the war, and whether the […]
  31. Enlightenment and Revolution: Europe, the Americas, and India
    The main goals of enlightenment period were to gain freedom in all aspects of life like religion and government. They were based on the liberty and equality principles or else the rule of the people.
  32. French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812
    In the course of the war, a peace treaty was signed in 1763 where the Britons acquired most of the territory that belonged to the French.
  33. Industrial Revolution: Sea-Level Rise
    However, it is impossible to underestimate the impact of people on the processes related to climate change and, therefore, sea-level rise.
  34. The Zenger Trial as a Step Towards Revolution
    The paper will discuss the circumstances of the case against Zenger, the trial and the general consequences of the Zenger case with respect to revolution.
  35. Revolutions of the 1848
    The wave of revolutions that swept across Western Europe in 1848 brought what can be described as lasting reforms to the regimes that governed the affected territories; and even those that watched their neighbors’ revolts […]
  36. Industrial Revolution’ Process and Challenges
    In this case there was a shift from the use of human labor to the use of machines and modern tools.
  37. Mideast and Arab Revolutions 2011
    And, what appears to be particularly odd about Ben Ali’s dictatorship collapsing like a stack of cards, is that it happened in utterly spontaneous and unexpected manner all of the sudden, Ali realized that country’s […]
  38. Revolutions and Reforms in Egypt and the Arab World
    Revolution simply means that the old systems of governance that have caused the people so much misery must be done away with and in their place new structures of governance and power be introduced and […]
  39. Revolution in Haiti
    In 1991, there was an issue with the president of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide who had been democratically elected as the head of the country the previous year.
  40. Atlantic Slave Trade: Catalyst of the Industrial Revolution?
    British involvement in the Atlantic slave trade came as a result of three distinct factors: the expansion of the British Empire into new territories, the need for man power in order to operate newly established […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Revolution

  1. Financial Revolution in Australia in the 2004
    Most of the stakeholders are expecting this year’s investigation of the Coopers Review to outline a major breakthrough in the superannuation systems. Some people are of the view that to live in Australia equities should […]
  2. Does Social Media Influence Activism and Revolution on the World Stage?
    Social media still has a lot to prove in terms of its effect on activism and revolution on the world stage at this point in time.
  3. Revolution’s Positive Effects
    I believe I will prove my claim that revolutions, though causing deaths and destruction, always lead to positive changes in the society.
  4. 19th Century’s Impact of Haitian Revolution on Cuba
    The Haitian revolution had a great economic impact on Cuba in the 19th century. It is this revolution which led to the emancipation of slaves in Cuba years later.
  5. Industrial Revolution in England
    The inventions changed the agricultural way of life which by a large extent determined the nature of the industries which relies on it for the raw materials. As a result of the revolution, the population […]
  6. Summary of “Abraham Lincoln” and “The Second American Revolution” by James M. McPherson
    According to McPherson, the war, that is, the Civil War, was aimed at bringing about liberty and ensuring the extension of protection to the citizenry which he had a clue of the fact that the […]
  7. The American Revolution and Its Effects
    It is an acknowledgeable fact that the American Revolution was not a social revolution like the ones that were experienced in France, Russia or China, but it was a social revolution that was aimed at […]
  8. The Next Industrial Revolution
    Likewise, they must also realign their current institutions and businesses to conform to the rule of nature and reconsider the current business actions, consumers, and the public to enhance a new and a sustainable relationship […]
  9. Islamic thinkers on revolution
    Unfortunately, he notes that this form of revolution is conspicuously missing and thus the effectiveness of the revolutions undergoing in the present world are politically instigated.
  10. The Causes and Effect of the Computer Revolution
    Starting the discussion with the positive effect of the issue, it should be stated that the implementation of the computer technologies in the modern world has lead to the fact that most of the processes […]
  11. History of Russian Revolution in 1917
    Subsequent to the resignation of Romanovs, the provisional government was created by members of the parliament that was recognized as a legal government of Russia.
  12. The Sexual Revolution in Ireland
    Most of sexual practices spread due to the increased technology in the media services like the discovery of television in the 1950s which promoted means of communication in the entire state.
  13. The Egyptian Revolution
    The international community was lenient on the country with the IMF forgiving the debt owed the government in the late 1990s with the American government doing the same.
  14. The French Revolution Movie
    The movie by the name Marie Antoinette tells the story of the Austrian-born queen and the events leading to the collapse of the monarchy in France.
  15. Origins and trajectory of the French Revolution
    The Second Estate consisted of the nobility, another privileged group which held the highest positions in the government, the Church and the army.
  16. Industrial Revolution in Big Industries Across the US
    The drastic change in the industrial sector across the United States led to the spanning of mechanization, specialization, and division of labor between 1820 and 1870.
  17. The Ideas of Freedom and Slavery in Relation to the American Revolution
    Although many Founders discussed the phenomenon of slavery as violating the appeals for freedom and liberty for the Americans, the concepts of slavery and freedom could develop side by side because the Founders did not […]
  18. Road to Revolution
    The American Revolution was one of the key events that took place in America during the second phase of the eighteenth century.
  19. Cultural Revolution in China
    The Cultural Revolution that occurred in China between 1966 and 1976 is one of the greatest revolutions that impacted on several aspects in China.
  20. The First Industrial Revolution’ Social Consequences
    One of them is the changes in the standards of living. This is how the Industrial Revolution contributed to the rise of capitalism.
  21. The Down Fall of the Russian Revolution
    The powerful individuals, whose aim was to fulfil the interests of the owners of the means production, controlled the revolution. After the revolution, the Communist Party readjusted its objectives to reflect the aims of the […]
  22. Debate of Standard Living Condition in Britain During the Industrial Revolution
    He compiled the estimates of wages and the costs of living during and after the industrial revolution in order to get a fresh picture of the trends in real earnings during this time.
  23. Impacts of Mexican and Cuban Revolutions
    The revolution was one of the bloodiest in the twentieth century and it marked the defining event of the governance of modern Mexico.
  24. Revolution in physics and chemistry
    The urge to carry out a series of experiments and research led to the initiation and the ultimate breakthrough of chemical and physical revolution by ancient scientists.
  25. Middle East Revolutions
    The Middle East governments have been urged to listen to the plea of the people and change their tactics of ruling the people to serving the people.
  26. How Egypt’s Revolution Is Reshaping Local Advertising
    During the revolution, advertisers showed mixed response as it was reflected in their campaigns that the do not want to support the revolution but they do want to boost the energy level in the public.
  27. Humanities Scientific Revolution
    Therefore, the need to strengthen natural science as an independent discipline led to the establishment of scientific societies such as the Accademia del Cimento, the Academie des Sciences, and the Royal Society of London, which […]
  28. The Effects of Intellectual Revolution in US
    However, with the rapid advancement in technology that has been experienced in the last few decades, the level of rationalism and intellectuality of the people of the United States has become questionable.
  29. Napoleon: A Child and Destroyer of the Revolution
    The fathers of the revolution wanted to make the people free by destroying the “absolute monarchy” in the country. Napoleon supported the same idea by established new policies to safeguard the needs of the people.”He […]
  30. How Did the French Revolution Impacted the Issue of Slavery and the History of Santo Domingo?
    The French Revolution led to the spread of revolutionary ideas. After the French Revolution, the law prohibited slavery and abolished in Santo Domingo.
  31. Cultural Revolution and Education in China during 1960s-1970s
    Although researchers propose different views to answer the question, the general impact of the Cultural Revolution on the education in China during the 1960s-1970s can be discussed as negative because of the strong connection of […]
  32. Antitrust Revolution in The International Joint Venture
    The FTC commissioners and knew the perceived importance of the joint venture between the two companies to the economy of the United States.
  33. WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction
    In as much as soldiers and civilians garnered experience during WWI, it is imperative to acknowledge that the unsuitable environment at the forefront led to deterioration of health standards; furthermore, civilians were forced to live […]
  34. Thomas Kuhn’s Scientific Revolutions
    However, Kuhn notes that, this process of reconstructing and reconsidering assumptions and facts is tedious and time consuming; therefore, he offers a way of creating paradigms in the process of scientific revolution.
  35. Thomas Kuhn’s Scientific Revolution
    The implicit assumptions of a paradigm act as criterion that is used in study or to validate study. A paradigm shift is a radical change in the way science as a study and criterion for […]
  36. Evolution or Revolution
    Some historians claim that the foremost thing that led to the Revolutionary War was the influx of Europeans into the land of America and the dictatorial control.
  37. The effect of the French Revolution on Lazare Carnot
    The period of the French revolution was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and it can be perceived to have laid the groundwork and the birth of the new world socio-political order.
  38. Revolution and invasion
    This paper attempts to investigate the events in the Middle East that steered the Islamic revolution in Iran during 1979, the significance of the Arab Peninsula to the Middle East and other parts of the […]
  39. Twitter/Face Book revolution in Egypt
    Comparing their form of government with the West democrats like the US, the people of the region have sought to change the status quo.
  40. The Copernican Revolution
    The Copernican revolution was defined as the change of belief from the Ptolemaic theory to the Copernican theory. The revolution was dependent on two decisions namely the denunciation of the Ptolemaic theory as untrue, and […]

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Revolution

  1. The Rise and fall of Napoleon and The Cause of Revolution
    After the Robespierre and Jacobins taking the over the government in the year 1793, Napoleon took charge of the artillery and his achievements in the area made him the favorite at that time.
  2. Effects of the Industrial Revolution In Relation To World War I
    During the last period of the 19th century all the way to the early 20th century, Europe and America experienced revolutions in communication, transportation and weapons which were very crucial particularly in the manner in […]
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte and Its Revolutions
    In fact, by the time of his death, napoleon had acquired vast wealth due to his own ability and by the sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time.
  4. Effects of the American Revolution on Society
    In order for the women to fulfill, the role they needed to be educated first thus the emphasis of education for them in what came to be known as Republican Motherhood. Women faced limitations in […]
  5. The French Revolution and Napoleon’s Governance
    Like any substantial change in the political life of any country, the French Revolution consisted of several stages of the dramatic transformation of the state system, political and social life in France. During the decade […]
  6. The Impact of Scientific Revolution on Christianity
    Questioning the supremacy of church as the most powerful institution in the Western society, the scientific advances revolutionized the existing system of knowledge and became an important player in exploring the phenomena of the surrounding […]
  7. Smartphone as a Communication Sector Revolution
    The Smartphone has done much to pull the world towards the core of digital database. The youth has exploited this utility to download music and movies from the world over and store it for their […]
  8. The French revolution
    Romanticism was anchored in the work of the poets which was evident in the daily lives of the society. Besides, the role of women in romantic literature was significant, thus; they were greatest poets and […]
  9. UAE and Bahrain in the revolution
    It is worth mentioning that the above two principles especially Bahrain’s membership to the GCC is considered critical and exceptional in the sense that as opposed to the other crises in the middle east, Bahrain […]
  10. Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy
    Industrial revolution is a gradual development process which led to the transformation of early man’s way of living through sound innovation in various sectors of the economy.
  11. The Sexual Revolution
    It was the developments in the modern world, the considerable loss of power by the values of morality entrenched in Christianity, and the surfacing of permissive societies that finally led to the revolution.
  12. Rana Mitter’s “Bitter Revolution”
    The primary aim of the author of this book is to present the reader with the story of political revolution in China in the early twentieth century.
  13. Britain’s Industrial Revolution
    By the second part of the eighteenth century, Great Britain was regarded as one of the wealthiest nation across the globe due to industrial revolution.
  14. French revolution and the Napoleon era
    The enlightenment era consisted of quite a number of ideas that changed the French society in addition to growing wave of civilization in the West.
  15. The Cultural Revolution of China in the XX Century
    The theme of the book is to bring out the cultural revolution of China in the twentieth century. When the daughter, De Hong grew up, she joined the Communist Party of China as their employee […]
  16. Mexican and Russian Revolution
    Additionally, the top-down method involved spreading the benefits of the revolution from the government offices to the community and to the village to help the masses.
  17. Industrial and French Revolutions
    In addition, people from the middle classes were the greatest beneficiaries while peasants and the poor were the losers in the revolutions.
  18. Revolution in Tunisia
    Ben Ali then quickly rose to the ranks and became the general in the year 1979, then the Tunisian ambassador to Poland in 1980 and the Head of national security.
  19. American Revolution and the Crisis of the Constitution of the USA
    In whole, the American people paving the way to independence have to face challenges in the form of restricted provisions of Constitution, wrong interpretation and understanding of the American Revolution, and false representation of conservative […]
  20. Social Consequences of Industrial Revolution
    There were significant changes in the lives of most Europeans during the era of the industrial revolution. This is attributed to the introduction of machinery in the manufacturing industry.
  21. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap
    This will be addressed in this book review as we look at how the author represents his views, interpretations and research about the hip-hop culture2 In this book, Ogbar explores the lyrical world of rap […]
  22. Why the Scientific Revolution did not Take Place in China–Or Did It?
    The history of science and technology in China contributed much to the advancement of the global knowledge in science and technology.
  23. The Industrial Revolution and Beyond: Culture, Work, and Social Change
    The Industrial Revolution is the era of massive enormous technological advancements and social changes, which affected people to the extent which is often contrasted to the change from hunter and gathering to agriculture.
  24. Parallels between the Revolutions of 1848 and Arab Revolutions
    Some of the causes, ideals and the demands of the civilians who began the revolutions are significantly identical. Political ideas were spread by the critics of the governments and they led to the creation of […]
  25. Video Report “China’s Capitalist Revolution”
    In the 17th of May, he agreed but was then reluctant to send troops to the capital city of China. By the end of the day, Deng had already ordered the army to clear the […]
  26. Syria and the Revolution
    The government used extreme force on the protestors and the demonstrations spread rapidly to various other parts of the country. The ethnic divisions in Syria further complicate the conflict since the county’s elite and Assad’s […]
  27. Edmund Burke: Reflection on Liberty and the French Revolution
    One of the things that Burke seems not to appreciate is the fact that freedom and liberty are not a one-time achievement.
  28. The Scientific Revolution
    The supporters of humanistic theory agree with the ideas of great influence of people on the development of science. The emergence of the Western culture has given rise to the development of new directions of […]
  29. Critical Analysis of Dissertation: “Imperialism and the modern world – wars and revolutions or democratic peace?”
    Moreover, it explores the changing world systems after the Second World War and the interest on the concept of democratic peace as captured in the abstract.
  30. The History of the Mexican Revolution in 1910-1942
    Looking at the time when the events took place, the beginning of the 20th century and the barbaric circumstances which supported the revolution, it is possible to predict that nothing similar may be seen in […]
  31. The First World War and the Russian Revolution
    Scholars argue that Russia’s involvement in the First World War and the economic consequences are the primary causes of the revolution.
  32. The Philosophical Revolution of Early Seventeenth Century
    He promoted the Scientific Revolution to a great extent since he believed that experiments were instrumental in correcting the evidence of the senses and revealing truths obscured by nature.”Through the astute use of experiments, the […]
  33. The Libyan Revolution
    The revolution was mainly a clash between forces loyal to Gadaffi and forces that were against his rule and that sought to oust him from power. The revolution was effective in ending the oppressive and […]
  34. The China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)
    One of the greatest events which had a notable effect on shaping of Chinese history was the China’s Cultural Revolution also known as the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”. Biao was one of Mao’s main allies […]
  35. Impacts of Industrial Revolution
    When he was sent to England, the effects of industrialization that he saw at Manchester prompted him to write about the Condition of the Working Class in England, a book that was published first in […]
  36. A History of the Cuban Revolution
    The main reason behind the revolution was to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista. Batista decided to grab power and remained the country’s leader until the end of the revolution in December 1958.
  37. The First Industry Revolution: A Description of Impacts
    It is important to note that the description will sample some work and lives of key members of the Lunar Society, a provincial scientific society, because the society occupies an exceptional place in the history […]
  38. Operational Management in Paul Markillie’s A Third Industrial Revolution
    Notably, the author argues that when the future industries digitize their operations the world will witness a shift in the manufacturing industries from developing countries to developed countries.
  39. Born Red – The Chinese Cultural Revolution
    The actions of the learned and the Chinese administration from the start of the People’s Republic to the Hundred Flowers Bloom era in 1956 were characterized by a certain trend, which included the division among […]
  40. Locke vs. Burke: From Political Authority and Glorious Revolution to the Interpretation of Liberalism and Conservatism
    Therefore, it seems that the Glorious Revolution was more of a revelation for the people of their power to choose and to change.

🎓 Writing Prompts for Revolution

  1. America and Iran Relation After 1979 Revolution
    This support has strengthened the terrorist who have integrated their operation, an action that has served to alienate further the relations between the two countries resulting in the US calling for sanctions against Iran and […]
  2. The Critical Analysis of the Keynesian Revolution
    In spite of the fact that there is the extensive critique of Keynes’s theory and approach in the works which followed the publication of Keynes’s book and in the modern economists’ investigations, the Keynesian Revolution […]
  3. Historiography of science and the scientific revolution
    His contribution to the field of philosophy of science resulted in a paradigm shift on various aspects of positivists’ doctrine and insights into the history of science1.
  4. The Reasons behind the Success of the 1949 Communist Revolution in China
    The emergence of the state of Communist China in 1949 was one of the most significant events of the 20th century and the Communist Revolution which led to its emergence is hailed as one of […]
  5. Revolution in Cairo
    The success of that protest led to the formalization of the movement with a mission to organize and mobilize ordinary people to fight for their rights.
  6. Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow
    Thus for any revolutionary, the central role of management is to unearth a novel set of initiatives that provide the foundation for operating the following time of evolutionary development.
  7. The Relationship between the Rubber Boom and the Second Industrial Revolution
    The practical use of rubber was not well developed until 1800s when the first rubber factory was built in the United Kingdom, France and the United States increasing the demand of the product in the […]
  8. The Nazi Revolution
    As a result of the contributions made by the members of the party most notably of whom is Hitler and the socio-economic realities of the time, the party was able to grow in size and […]
  9. Revolution: America and France
    Between 1775 and 1815, a revolution was witnessed in warfare that corresponded with the advent of American and French revolutions. Military personnel were made to take a new oath of commitment to France and unwilling […]
  10. African American Soldier in American Revolution
    It was revealed that the blacks were behind the American’s liberation from the British colonial rule, and this was witnessed with Ned Hector’s brevity to salvage his army at the battle of Brandywine.
  11. Significance of the Jet Revolution
    The most important breakthrough in the industry occurred in the 1950s and this was in the form of the invention of the jet engine and its subsequent adoption in commercial planes.
  12. The Cultural Revolution in China
    The need to address Mao’s interests in the rivalry with his opponents was disguised in the fight for the preservation of socialism in China through the Cultural Revolution.
  13. Was the American Revolution Really Revolutionary?
    The nature of the American Revolution is considered to be better understandable relying on the ideas offered by Wood because one of the main purposes which should be achieved are connected with an idea of […]
  14. How Chinese Cultural Revolution Influenced Modern Democracy in China
    Unfortunately, the fact that the proletariat was going to be at the helm of the state destroyed any possibility of establishing the principles of democracy and equality in China at the moment.
  15. Collective Invention during Industrial Revolution
    The major similarity between collective invention and heroic individual invention is that both provided important source of innovations during the early stages of industrialization.
  16. “China in Revolution, 1911-1949”
    The director and the writer of the movie pride in a deep understanding of the Chinese history as they give an almost accurate recount of the events that unfolded in China between 1911 and 1949.
  17. Cultural Revolution in China in “Hibiscus Town”
    The social environment: semblance of equality While the issue concerning the unfair treatment of the owners of small business, as well as the dictatorship of Mao Zedong and his party might be too on the […]
  18. “The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business” by Alfred Chandler
    Hence, the author intends to use the American historical perspectives of business and economics in relation to capitalism to advise the readers on the importance of history in the decision-making process in various sectors of […]
  19. The Russian Revolution
    This revolution, therefore, overturned the Provisional Government and established the Soviet Union. While the February revolution overturned Tsar Nicholas II and established a Provisional Government.
  20. 3D Printers in “Third Industrial Revolution”
    Another significant advantage of 3D printing is that it leads to increased efficiency as nearly all raw material can be utilized in the manufacturing process.
  21. The Global Revolution in Mobile
    As earlier pointed out, users are currently able to use mobile phones with cameras and a huge amount of memory, and it is possible owing to the existence of 5G technology.
  22. The Revolution of Digital Technology
    The revolution have been characterized by rapid developments in the information technology with the computers becoming,faster,cheaper,powerful and smaller and this has information technology to be part and parcel of lives as it is embedded in […]
  23. The Russian Revolution by Sheila Fitzpatrick
    The author of this book defines the following frames: “The timespan of the Russian Revolution runs from February 1917 to the Great Purge of 1937-8. The first theme is the Bolsheviks’ vision of the revolution […]
  24. The Thatcher Revolution
    The next section of the essay will be the critical analysis part, which will illuminate on issues such as the sources of information for the book, how professional it is, and the credibility of the […]
  25. ‘On Revolution and the Printed Word’ by Elizabeth Eisenstein
    The arguments made by Eisenstein are analysed in relation to the effects of print medium in the society. In addition, the increasing popularity of the internet has affected the relevance of printing mediums in the […]
  26. Liberty! The American Revolution
    The thirteen colonies were not strangers to the oppressions and intolerable acts of the British parliament. The oppressions of the colonies by the British became a regular occurrence and the people sought a solution.
  27. Ronald Reagan revolution through Obama
    This strategy weakened the economy of the Soviet Union as it tried to keep the pace to be recognized globally like the US, and in the process, the move stopped the advancement of the soviet […]
  28. Enlightenment and revolution
    The bourgeois class contributed significantly to the enlargement of the gap in the social class and gave room for the rising prominence of intellectuality in the public sphere.
  29. Significance of Chinese Revolution Led by Mao Zedong in Term of the Search for Modern China
    However, there was always a great wave of violence and sufferings of the people from the countryside which was entirely ignored by the Chinese government and considered merely part of the inevitable cost of revolutionary.
  30. Impact of Rebellion on the American Revolution
    The rebellion was retrogressive to the cause of the American Revolution because it facilitated the spread of the ruling class and further hardened the position of the ruling class regarding the hierarchical arrangement of slavery.
  31. Iranian Revolution and the Gulf States
    Effects of the Iranian revolution on the religious relationship between Iran and the Gulf states Khomeini is a key figure, who led the revolution of Iran in the year 1979.
  32. Scientific Revolution
    In France, Voltaire and colleagues struggled to enlighten the society that strongly held the culture of church and monarchy.d’Alembert, Montesquieu, and Pierre were some of the arebellious’ who supported Voltaire in the campaign for freedom […]
  33. Western’s Revolutions and History
    Factors Contributing to the Industrial Revolution One of the factors contributing to the industrial revolution in Europe was the invention of machines to simplify human labor.
  34. The Scientific Revolution Significance
    People used religion to explain the happenings of and within the universe by viewing the universe as godly beginning with nothing to do with scientific development.
  35. Asian Studies in the Book “Son of the Revolution” by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro
    Written by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro in 1983, the book Son of the Revolution is a classical masterpiece, which highlights the tribulations of the Chinese people during the Mao’s regime.
  36. The Techno Revolution in the Film “Future intelligence”
    The pictures of smart technology and the portrayals of the life that the people of the future are going to lead is, doubtlessly, one of the strongest elements of the movie.
  37. History: Evolution of the Scientific Revolution
    The onset of the scientific revolution is associated with Copernican technical inventions of 1543 and the discovery of motion science by Galileo.
  38. Revolution in the Middle East
    In spite of the injustices experienced by the citizens in the Middle East, their leaders said that the countries were not similar to Tunisia.
  39. Impact of Revolution on Slavery and Women
    Freed slaves and other opponents of the slave trade in the north agitated for release and freedom of slaves in the south.
  40. The Industrial Revolution Influence on American Life
    The paper argues that the growth of the physical territory of the United States and its influence on social, political, and economic life were realized because of the industrial revolution of the 19th century.

🥇 Most Interesting Revolution Topics to Write about

  1. The Ribonucleic Acid Revolution
  2. The Revolution of 1848 in France
  3. The Market Revolution Effects
  4. Industrial Revolution History
  5. Chinese Writers About Love and Revolution Literature Analysis
  6. Cultural Revolution and Its Effects on the Family Cohesiveness
  7. Revolutions’ History and Definition
  8. Industrial Revolution’s Effects in American Family Life
  9. French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
  10. American Revolution of 1774
  11. Women Status after the American Revolution
  12. The American Revolution
  13. Innovation, Revolution and Global Crisis
  14. Post American Revolution Period: Washington Presidency
  15. American, French and Haitian Revolutions
  16. Scientific Revolution History
  17. Scientific Revolution History: Attitude of Mechanization
  18. Market Revolution and Urban Population
  19. Technology Revolution in Learning
  20. Egypt Political Situation Before and After the Revolution
  21. Chinese Revolution
  22. Market Revolution Implications on American Cities
  23. African Americans in the American Revolution
  24. The Arab World Revolutions: Causes and Effects
  25. Military Affairs: Revolution and Development
  26. Yemen Revolution and Foreign Involvement
  27. The Red Guard Role in the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  28. The Cuban Revolution History
  29. The Information Technology Revolution
  30. The Arab Spring’ Revolutions and Its Solutions
  31. The Industrial Revolution: Transportation Methods’ Transformations
  32. Industrial Revolution Role in the Britain Development
  33. Iraq and Iran’s Revolutions History and Causes
  34. The Ukrainian Revolution of 2014
  35. Chinese National Identity and Communist Revolution
  36. Galileo Galilei and His Role in the Scientific Revolution
  37. Industrial Revolution in the United States
  38. Why the Revolutions of 1989 Did Not Result in Bloodbaths?
  39. Battle of Brandywine in the American Revolution
  40. The Market Revolution of the Nineteenth Century

📌 Simple & Easy Revolution Essay Titles

  1. Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and Muslim Brotherhood
  2. Imperialism and Revolutions in East Asia
  3. Neoclassicism in French Revolution
  4. Environmental Revolution: Air Pollution in China
  5. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China
  6. The Cuban Revolution Brief History
  7. Bureaucracy, Class and Mao’s Continuous Revolution
  8. The Cultural Revolution at the Margins Chinese Socialism
  9. The Persian Constitutional Revolution Factors
  10. The Chinese Cultural Revolution
  11. The American Revolution as a People’s Revolution
  12. Lean Revolution and Boeing’s Innovations
  13. Jeff Bezos’s Leadership and the Amazon Revolution
  14. American Revolution Against British Power
  15. The Revolution of 1776 and Its Prerequisites
  16. MTV’s Revolution in the Music Industry
  17. British Industrial Revolution and Social Changes
  18. Middle Eastern Revolutions, Causes and Outcomes
  19. Industrialization, Enlightenment, French Revolution
  20. American Revolution in Historical Misrepresentation
  21. Vietnam War and American Revolution Comparison
  22. The Age of Revolution in Latin America
  23. Second Industrial Revolution in Europe
  24. The French Revolution Role in the History
  25. French Revolution and War Periods
  26. Food Scarcity Factor in French Revolution
  27. Hunan Cultural Revolution and Popular Radicalization
  28. Chinese Cultural Revolution and Committees
  29. Alkali Industry in European Industrial Revolution
  30. Russian Revolution in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”
  31. The Columbian Exchange’s Impact and Price Revolution
  32. Shakespeare’s Universality: Here’s Fine Revolution
  33. Industrial Revolution After the Civil War
  34. Scientific Revolution’ Study for 7th Grade Students
  35. American Revolution in the United States’ History
  36. The Iranian Revolution Causes
  37. “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn
  38. Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
  39. The Digital Revolution Creating
  40. The Workplace Revolution and Its Effects
  41. Solar Power Revolution
  42. French Revolution and Societal Transformation
  43. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Role in the French Revolution
  44. Abbasid Revolution’s Social and Political Reasons
  45. Industrial Revolution Influence on US Civil War
  46. American Revolution and the Current Issues: Course
  47. American Revolution: Perspective of a Soldier
  48. “Bring on the Learning Revolution!” by Sir Ken Robinson
  49. The American Revolution and Political Legitimacy Evolution
  50. Robespierre’s Influence During the French Revolution
  51. French Revolution, Its Social Causes and Legacies
  52. European History from 1848 Revolution to Great War
  53. American Revolution and Its Historical Stages
  54. Economic Wellbeing During the Industrial Revolution
  55. Childhood During the Revolution and War Years
  56. The American Revolution Causes: English and American Views
  57. The Agricultural Revolutions: Timeline, Causes, Inventions
  58. “Reflections on the Revolution in France” by Edmund Burke
  59. The Effects of Social Media on Egypt Revolution
  60. Social Inequality, Constitution, and Revolution
  61. Modernist Revolution in Art History
  62. The Industrial Revolution Changes and Effects
  63. The Green Revolution: Waging a War Against Hunger
  64. The Third Industrial Revolution
  65. Music Distribution Revolution
  66. Role of Social Media in Activism and Revolution
  67. Nintendo Corporation’s Revolution Project
  68. Mao’s China: Movements, Revolutions, and Campaigns
  69. Revolutions in the Arab World
  70. Communist Revolutions in China and North Korea
  71. Industrial Revolution: Technological Advancements and Society
  72. “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Kuhn
  73. Information Revolution and State Power
  74. Social Change in the Industrial Revolution
  75. Market and Cotton Revolutions in America
  76. Colin Kaepernick’s Protest: The Revolution Will Be Televised
  77. The Impact of Urban-Industrial Revolution on the Quality of Life of the Average Male Worker
  78. Green Revolution in the Modern World
  79. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Economy
  80. Agricultural Revolution and Changes to Ancient Societies in Terms of the State, Urbanization, and Labor
  81. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  82. American Market Revolution and Its Influences
  83. Revolution and the Power of Ideas
  84. The History of Revolution in China 1919-1949
  85. Automotive Revolution: Potential Market Segments
  86. Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact on Airports
  87. Technological Revolutions and Social Challenges
  88. The Iranian Revolution: Conflicts Between Leaders
  89. American and French Revolutions in Comparison
  90. French and American Revolutions Compared
  91. The French Revolution and Its Factors
  92. Bolshevik Propaganda in the Russian Revolution
  93. Haitian Revolution in 1791-1804 Analysis
  94. ‘An Energy Revolution for the Greenhouse Century’ by Martin Hoffert
  95. Causes of the 1917 Russian Revolution
  96. The Shoemaker and the Tea Party: Memory and the American Revolution: Book Analysis
  97. Race and Revolution in USA
  98. Industrial Revolution Period Review
  99. Russian Revolutions, Fascism, and Totalitarianism
  100. Industrial Revolution and the Development of Politics and Political Institutions in Britain and France
  101. Russian Revolution and International Reaction
  102. American Revolution: Causes and Conservative Movement
  103. The History of American Revolution
  104. The American Revolution From 1763 to 1777
  105. French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars: Idea of Nation
  106. Development of the American Nation and the Industrial Revolution
  107. 20th Century Europe Self Destructed in Wars and Revolutions
  108. Venezuelan Revolution, Its Origin and Consequences
  109. Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’
  110. “Will You Survive the Services Revolution? by Karmarker
  111. English Civil War and Glorious Revolution
  112. The American Revolution U.S. History
  113. The Effect of the Industrial Revolution 1700 in Society
  114. The Russian Revolution 1917
  115. American Industrial Revolution: Economic Ideas
  116. Why The Haitian Revolution is So Important
  117. The History of Mexican Revolution From 1910 to 1920
  118. How Revolutionary Was the French Revolution?
  119. Boulton & Watt Steam Engine and Industrial Revolution
  120. Music and the French Revolution
  121. French Revolution and the European Music
  122. World War I Within the Context of Military Revolution
  123. Industrial Revolution Impact on European Society
  124. Russian Revolution in “Cement” by Gladkov
  125. Western Civilization: The French Revolution 1789-99
  126. Benjamin Franklin and the American Revolution
  127. American Revolution: An Impact on the Nation
  128. American History: The History of 19th and 20th Century Revolutions
  129. Women During the French Revolution: Olympe de Gouges
  130. French Revolution in World History
  131. Neolithic Revolution and Climate Change
  132. China’s Retail Revolution Analysis
  133. Russian Revolutions Since 1905
  134. Change of Life for the Common Person in the West From Industrial Revolution to Present
  135. US Economy During Industrial and Information Revolutions
  136. The Revolutions 1789-1815 and 1848
  137. The History of the Cuban Revolution
  138. Implication of the Industrial Revolution to America
  139. Enlightenment Ideas During the French Revolution Period
  140. American Revolution Information

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