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The Russian Revolution Cause and Effect Essay

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2019

The Russian revolution refers to a series of events that took place in Russia in the 1917. The Russian revolution has remained one of the most notable events of recent history.

This revolution was important because it led to the successful struggle over democracy. Tandem to this, it also promoted the independence of the non-Russian people. This paper highlights the causes of the Russian revolution. This paper will also highlight the events that took place during the revolution.

The Background and Cause of the Russian Revolution

Different studies have shown that the Russian revolution was, initially, a political movement that brought down the monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II and made the establishment of a new government system a key problem of the revolution.

Nicholas II came into power in 1894, when there were rapid changes in Russia. Russia was going through hard times; therefore, it needed enthusiastic and ingenious administration to push it through the hard times. However, Nicholas and his government were unable to provide that.

Nicholas lacked the ability to implement radical policies. His government, therefore, was ineffective, as it could not carter for the needs of the Russian citizens. As a result, there was a mass protest in Russia that led to the formation of different movements, which later on overthrew Nicholas II government.

Events That Took Place During the February and October Revolution

The February Revolution

In February 1917, the Tsarist autocracy collapsed in the face of popular revolution and the withdrawal of elite support for the regime. Revolutionary historians agree that the events of this revolution took place in the environment of intense military setbacks during World War I.

It was during this revolution when the members of Duma assumed control of Russia and formed the Provisional Government.

Revolutionary historians reveal that, in the February revolution, the dual relationship of the Provision Government and the Petrograd soviet emerged spontaneously, and the government accepted it largely because it had no choice.

The provisional Government represented the elite revolution while the newly revived Petrograd soviet represented the popular revolution.

The dual relationship was formed because there were many strikes, rebellions and protest, particularly among workers, who were demanding for better pays and good working condition.

Therefore, while the provisional Government was concentrating on the war with other countries, such as Germany, the Bolshevik party and other soviets were intensively campaigning against the conflict in the country.

October Revolution

Lenin overthrew the Russian Provisional Government during the October revolution. Lenin had observed that the Provisional Government was ineffective and was not addressing the needs of the majority. Therefore, on 25 October, he led many revolutionaries against this Government.

This happened after the move by Lenin to reverse the stance taken under Kamenev and Stalin’s direction became successful. Stalin and Kamenev had taken over Pravda editorial board and adopted a conciliatory position towards the Provisional Government.

However, Lenin, in his famous “April theses” rejected this move. He claimed that Kamenev and Stalin’s strategies were not effective. As was indicated in his April Theses, Lenin repudiated the Provisional Government and called for workers and peasants’ state, based on the soviets.

This revolution, therefore, overturned the Provisional Government and established the Soviet Union.


While the February revolution overturned Tsar Nicholas II and established a Provisional Government. The October revolution led to the establishment of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the two revolutions created a massive transformation in Russia.

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