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Two-Faced Affirmative Action

In some years, the period between the late part of the twentieth century and the early part of the twenty-first century will be discussed by the American sociologists and historians as the era developed under [...]

Partitioning and Wars

The increasing hostility between the U.S.and USSR led to the creation of two states, namely the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

Hitler’s Actions and 8-Steps for Leading Change

He further rallied his allies to convince the unstable Reichstag to pass the dictatorial Act that initiated the Nazi revolution. He could design and enforce his purpose to people with the help of his self-dramatizing [...]

Political and Cultural Rebellions in 1960s

The Afro-Americans argued that the concept of civility was a construction of the white people which was objectively aimed at perpetuating racial equality and the culture of color segregation. The Principle of civil disobedience was [...]

Cold War Orthodoxy

The realization of the American citizens that there was a distance between the thoughts of the policy makers and the realities on the battlefield led to an intensified opposition to the war.

Black Women in Feminism and the Media

This paper examines the myths of Black women's sexuality in the U.S.and Africa. The paper further discusses the differences and similarities in issues related to sexuality in Black feminism in the U.S.and Africa.

Popular Culture and American History

These people are sure that the popular culture in this perspective has a positive effect and shows the society its problems, the popular culture directs the situation for better outcomes, for the reduction of the [...]

The Oral History’s Concept

Oral history is not folklore, rumor or gossip and oral historians tend to authenticate their answers by scrutinizing them and place them in a precise chronological framework Oral historians are also concerned about storage of [...]

Genocide and the Right to Be Free

The focus on the order is the main duty of a policeman even if the order is based on organizing the raid to find the red-haired men as the representatives of the minority.

American History During the Vietnam War

In the quest to figure out the events that took place in the history of America, I had an opportunity to interview a close family friend who was one of the African American soldiers during [...]

American Foreign Policy by Frank Ninkovich

When the Munich Agreement failed in 1938 to maintain peace, the United State policymakers advised Roosevelt that the country was not capable of preserving its security, without the support of other nations. In this regard, [...]

The History of the Arab World

In the beginning, the British aim was to commercialize the Indian Ocean trade route because it provided the commercial control of all the regions around India.

Teaching Writing and Racist Cartoons

The three texts on the subject of teaching writing, especially at the beginning college level, are illuminating and encourage me to think about my writing, and learning to write better, differently. IN that magazine, women's [...]

The Silk Road’s History

Basically, the Silk Road was the name given to the trade route that existed in Asia and linked East Asia with Central Asia, South Asia and the Mediterranean regions.

Decolonization Process Analysis

The Second World War precipitated the process of decolonization because the American president had declared that the war aimed at liberating all people in the world.

Asian Women and Families Today and 50 Years Ago

Yan says that this difference stems from the changing societal perception about the role of women in the society and the increased appreciation of the nuclear family structure as the main basis for societal progression.

Sulla’s Acts Against Roman People and Senate

To emphasize the cruelty of Sulla, Plutarch provides examples of Sulla's multiple murders and accuses him of slaughter against the city. The second act of Sulla that gave offense to the Romans and the Senate [...]

Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Roman Senate

Sulla earned the secret dislike of the senate because he ordered to kill Gaius Marius a person who once spared Sulla's life. Sulla did several things to offend the Roman people and the senate.

Meiji Era in Historical Investigations

These influenced and motivated the creation of the first empire that survived in the faults of Qin of 221-207 BCE, followed by the Han Empire of 202BCE to 220 CE that led to the romance [...]

Changes in the Global Community

In what ways were the crises of imperialism, war, and economics both the cause and the result of changes in the degree of global community between 1870 and 1945?

European Land Explorations in 1400-1650

In 1492, Christopher Columbus became the first European to step on the American continent. After the success of this exploration, the European nations started to establish their presence in Africa and the Americas.

Childhood During the Revolution and War Years

Word Count: 542 "The Story of Grandmother" differs greatly from that of the ones written by Perrault and the Brothers Grimm."The Story of Grandmother" does not seem to be something that would be read to [...]

The African Burial Ground in the New York Area

However, the Trinity Church later took control of the burial site and proceeded to prohibit the burial of people of African descent in this area. The new burial location was in the outskirts of the [...]

Chicano Studies: Spanish Conquest in North America

The first article "Pueblos, Spaniards, and History" by David Weber, focuses on the controversial relationship between the Pueblos and the Spaniards."Pueblos, Spaniards, and History" appears in the 2000 Edition of Michael Ornelas' book "Between the [...]

Nostradamus’s Position as a Great Prophet

Nostradamus traveled a lot, and on one of his visits to Italy, he became interested in the occult. The detractors of Nostradamus declare that his reputation as a prophet is manufactured by his supporters.

British Empire and Imperial Culture

The British Empire was the largest in the entire world and its power and influence were universally felt. The desire to gain more power and become the most powerful nation in the world led to [...]

Industrialization and Factory Systems

The second industrial revolution took place in the mid 19th century after the invention of the steam engine and electricity as well as the construction of canals, power lines, and railways, and the invention of [...]

Spanish-Aztec Encounter and Columbian Exchange

The Spanish soldiers, under the command of Hernan Cortes, overpowered the Aztecs in 1521 despite the fact that the Spanish army was outnumbered by the Aztec armies. The Spanish were amazed by the practices and [...]

Two-Party System Rise in 1796-1840 in the US

The identification of the crisis can be made through the erosion of the five functions of the political parties. The political parties in America were considered to be useful and helpful until the early years [...]

Chinese History in “The Mao’s Years” Video

Additionally, the economic and social initiatives of the government caused the Great Chinese Famine, and this event merits the attention of historians because it illustrates how poor planning and lack of professionalism can condemn millions [...]

Christian Reconquest of Iberian Peninsula

Some of the areas covered include but are not limited to the savaging of the al-Andalus, proliferation of Christian kingdoms, the assault of Murabit Iberia, early societal structures, and the culture of Iberian people during [...]

Roosevelt’s First New Deal and the Second New Deal

This decision enabled the federal government to construct dams along the Tennessee River to stop flooding and initiate the generation of affordable hydroelectric power for the resident communities. In August, FDR signed the Social Security [...]

Slavery and the Southern Society’s Development

The fact that quite a huge number of white people moved to the "Deep South" where cotton planting was among the most lucrative forms of income-generating activities, just goes to show that the whites relied [...]

Commerce, Medicine, Science in the Dutch Golden Age

He gives an immensely enlightening analysis of science and medicine in the Dutch Golden Age."The new philosophy" of the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries appertains to the period of the scientific revolution that was taking [...]

Dedan Kimathi: Criminal or Heroic Pioneer

Kimathi was viewed as a criminal in Britain, as well as among the British settlers in Kenya since he interfered with the colonial rule by demanding for the representation of Africans in the legislative council.