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Hashima Islands as a World Heritage Site

This paper includes insights into the history of the island and provides a brief analysis of the significance of the site as well as the debate on the development of the human society in general [...]

The Persian Constitutional Revolution Factors

Various assessments of the events that took place in Iran require an in-depth revision of the history of the constitutional revolution studying its background and impact of this revolution on the subsequent social and political [...]

The Emergence of the Bipolar World

It demonstrates that the consequences of the bipolarity and the Cold War emerging from it were not positive because the world felt constant pressure resulting from the confrontation between the United States of America and [...]

The United States as a Policeman of the World

The United States' military interventions observed during the past five years demonstrated the necessity of developing the position of the world "policeman" for the nation because the U.S.role is to prevent the progress of extremism, [...]

Contraception in the United States Before 1860

In times of agricultural society, when men were farmers and their wives milked cows, which their children then drove to pasture, most families believed that "the more children, the better". Therefore, birth control and contraception [...]

Great Britain Industrialization Reasons

The industrialization was inevitable in Britain because: Britain has already been one of the leading countries in the world. In the following paper, the background and significance of the industrialization will be discussed.

Jamaican Family Cultural Practices

The history of the Jamaicans in the United States began in 1619 when some blacks from Jamaica, as well as from the Caribbean islands migrated to the United States.

The Renewal of Imperial Conflict

Nevertheless, when the Indians returned to the territory of Ohio and established the republics there, the conflicts occurred. The British captured the French lands in the North, but by the end of the war in [...]

Indians and Colonists Relations and Conflicts

In the middle of the 17th century, the authorities of the Virginia Company established the Jamestown settlement. The architecture in the Indian villages was simple, and the lack of churches made the Puritans confused.

The Progressive Era Significance

The progressives also considered the minimal salaries for females, provided the industrial accident insurance and created the limitations for the child labor at the state level.

The “Big Businesses” History in the US

The industrialization of the US has caused a radical change in all the aspects of the country's life. The cities of the US, therefore, reflected the change that the country was subjected to in the [...]

History of the Periplus

The manuscript was supposedly written in the middle of the first century A.D.by a merchant of the Egyptian Greek origin. In the time of Periplus, Egypt had become a part of the Roman Empire and [...]

Burt Rutan Biographical Studies

Through his company, he designed several planes that have left a legacy in the aviation industry. The success is a major achievement in the aviation industry, especially for the private industry and the rejuvenation of [...]

The Wagner Act and Strikes in America

Apart from providing the workers with the essential rights, the Act mitigated the violence that had characterized the previous strikes, for example, and the railroad strikes of 1877, the Homestead strike, and the Ludlow strike [...]

Immigration in USA

The Irish population has had a significant effect on the culture and social life of the United States, as they greatly contributed in arts, more particularly folk music, traditions of their homeland and participation in [...]

The Reconstruction Era History and Aspects

However, the new President did not gather the Congress, opting for issuing his own proclamations that granted the amnesty to all the southern people except for those in the position of power or exceptionally rich [...]

The Republic of Venice Rise and Fall

Taking the best from the economic growth in Italy in the XI-XIII centuries, Venice became one of the most important political, trade and financial centers in Northern Italy and the Adriatic.

Women in New France Lifestyle Options

However, since women were fewer in New France, women especially nun were vital individuals in the education of the locals and other migrants and hence were more involved in community activities that in France since [...]

The Guild System in Germany

Dating back to the Middle Ages, guilds for a long time had been the key representations of local self-government and created the basement of the modern European city self-regulation.

Marcus Garvey: Afro-American Political Leader

Being the enthusiast of the capitalistic ideas, he was convinced that the Afro-Americans, as well as other black people all over the world, had to combine their efforts for a creation of such institutions that [...]

Rwanda Genocide: Process and Outcomes

It will describe the Tutsi-favored political system and land distribution system that contributed to the occurrence of the Genocide. The Europeans were of the opinion that the Tutsi did not originate from the region.

The Progressive Era in the US

It is possible to single out a number of persons who can be regarded as symbols of the Progressive Era, symbols that contributed into development of particular areas in the US society.

Latin America Colonization Period

The arrival of Europeans changed the lives of the indigenous population through many ways; for example, there was a massive decline in the population of the indigenous people due to numerous European diseases that they [...]

American Frontier Myth and the Cowboy

The pioneers first settled on the East and they set out to conquer and establish settlements in the west of the country. In the minds of many Americans, the cowboy embodies the virtues of the [...]

Ancient Indian and Roman Civilizations

Traditionally, the system had four main categories, namely 'Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras.' The Brahmins were highest in the ladder of social stratification, while the Sudras comprised the lowest group.

The Cuban Revolution Brief History

During the summer, Batista sent troops to the mountains to flush out and eliminate the rebels. At the end of the year, Fidel sent Guevara and Cienfuegos to the plains and divided his army.

The Fall of Rome

When observed in another way, the primary cause of the collapse was the conflict between the need to manage wealth and the desire to spend it.

Industrialization After the American Civil War

Industrialization that occurred in the USA in the 19th-20th centuries changed the face of the country. At the same time, development of business, unfair practices of entrepreneurs and various deadly accidents led to creation of [...]

US Anti-Communism in “Memories of the Red Decade”

The intended audience of the article includes historians and scholars interested in this subject, ideological sympathizers of the author, and the students of History Departments willing to study the inside of Communist moods and movements [...]

History of the Barbarians

The population bordering the Roman Empire included "the Irish and Picts of the British Isles, the highly civilized Persians on the Syrian Frontier, the Berbers of North Africa, Asiatic nomads like the Sarmatians, and many [...]

The Indian Great Rebellion of 1857

The emergence of the British rule expressed a lot of optimism and the establishment of an era, which would unlock all the challenges of beliefs and traditions in South Asia, thus opening the way for [...]

Founding Fathers as Democratic Reformers

In fact, he describes them as 'superb democratic politicians.' The author affirms that the founding fathers dedicated their efforts to serving the Americans within an autonomous framework that welcomed the decisions of the public.'James Madison [...]

The United States People During 1920-2000

While orienting to gaining the material resources and economic benefits and to stating the position of the superpower in the world, it is possible to shift the attention from the moral norms to the economic [...]

Potlatch Ban and Eurocentrism in Canada

The rank of the party hosting the ceremony was established based on the quantity of the gifts they gave away; the more the gifts the host gave, the higher his rank in the Native Canadian [...]