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Women’s Role in Medicine in the Middle Ages

Speaking about the particular role of women in medieval medicine and its further development, it is necessary to say that women were supposed to fulfill a wide range of important tasks even though they were [...]

American Economic History from the 17th Century

In addition to that, he did not believe the promotion of manufactures to be significant for the country. Fortunately, the overall attitudes of the representatives of the US were rather positive, and they were happy [...]

Pre-Industrial Societies

Patricia Crone has created a work where she discusses the trends and elements of pre-industrial societies in the world, particularly those that existed in the West. Farming was a key element in the pre-industrial era [...]

Revolutionary Science in the 17th Century

The key to the understanding of why science made a revolution in the 17th century is associated with the fact that it displaced the Earth and humans from being the center of the universe, with [...]

Augustus’s Individual Autocratic Government

The scope of the Empire and the incapability of the Senate to ensure efficient management of power and the increasing importance of the army's role were the major factors that provoked the thoughts in various [...]

The Crusades and the Investiture Controversy

In comparing the Crusades to the Investiture Controversy, it is possible to state that the similarities between these two historical phenomena are found in their relationship with both the religious and political development of European [...]

French Revolution and Societal Transformation

The French Revolution was a period of political and social instabilities in France, which lasted between 1789 and 1799, and was partially planned and carried out by Napoleon in the course of the French Empire [...]

Ottoman Empire in World History

The main reason for this is the fact that Britain had stakes in India, Egypt, and the Mediterranean all of which were under significant impact from the Ottoman Empire. The stability of the empire was [...]

The General Allotment Act of 1887 in US History

Nevertheless, the Act was widely seen as a measure of control and assimilation that facilitated the whites' occupation of the lands native to Indians and affected the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people.

Charlemagne’s Establishment of Missi Messengers

De Litteris Colendis and General Capitulary of the Missi are the documents that demonstrate Charlemagne's concern with spreading education and establishing Missi's institution, royal messengers, who had to supervise various parts of the kingdom.

Humans, States, Religion in Pre-Industrial Period

This paper explores the nature of the relationship between the human, the state, and the supernatural in pre-industrial societies. One case of a state in which religion provided a structure for the political establishment is [...]

The Trial of Tempel Anneke in Germany

The attempt to use her magical powers to punish the offender and recover the goods led to her arrest for practicing witchcraft. She astonished them, and the jury, and the residents had more reason to [...]

Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech

Churchill believes the Soviet Union "desires the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines". This was the reason Churchill was trying to urge the US to be alert to the [...]

Andrew Jackson Presidency

The election of 1828 that saw Jackson ascend to power as the U.S.president remains critical in the political history of the United States of America.

Hiram Fong: Political and Life History

In 1935, he graduated and returned to Honolulu where he was employed as a city clerk and after a short period, he was promoted to deputy city attorney. After the war, he returned to Honolulu [...]

The Era of Reconstruction to 1920

At the onset of the Era of Reconstruction, the issue of freedom became dominant in the United States. The depowered groups of the population in the United States during the time of Reconstruction and the [...]

The Reconstruction Period History

The American society went from the period of Reconstruction after the civil war in the Gilded Age, which is considered to be the epoch of intense economic and demographic growth by the progressive era because [...]

Printing Culture and the Chinese Society

Despite efforts by the Qin dynasty to limit the access of these texts to the government and aristocratic circles, the spread of intellectualism proceeded undeterred. The inability of the government to regulate the spread of [...]

The US Foreign Politics Evolution

The ties that the country kept with the rest of the world were mostly economic, based on exports and imports. The first major experience of the USA in global foreign politics came with the beginning [...]

Women and Their Achievement

There are many examples in the past and present that demonstrate the variety of women's achievements and support the idea that each woman can accomplish even more than she believes.

The Paris Club History

The mere idea of confronting the consequences of the application of a gunboat policy or further economic sanctions is more than enough for borrowers to capitulate to the demands of lending institutions. It is a [...]

Is Obama “The Reagan of the Left”?

This fact, alongside Obama's ambitious nature and his investment in the progress of American prosperity, is the reason why he is sometimes referred to as "the Reagan of the Left".

The Course of the US History

The course of the history of the United States was changed many times due to the efforts of different activists. The main goal of this paper is to demonstrate how their actions, decisions, and leadership [...]

Ronald Reagan’s Presidency and His Incompetence

The main goal of this paper is to analyze Reagan's era to identify episodes that highlight his incompetence to exercise the power of being president Various specialists highlight that the period of Ronald Reagan's presidency [...]

Unraveling of America

The stark contrast between the fundamental visions and ideologies of the Soviet Union and the United States caused a distrust between the two giants and facilitated the fear of each other's military strength.

America During the Cold War

One of such pages was the Cold War - the period of geopolitical tension that started after the World War II between the US and the Soviet Union.

Women Roles in the Ptolemaic Court

The attempt to figure out the role that women played in Ptolemaic courts uncovered a radical transition regarding the significance of women from Ptolemy I, the first Ptolemaic king, to the beginning of the reign [...]

The Ottoman Empire: Social and Political Structure

Regarding, the internal organization, the military-feudal system was established, and the land was owned conditionally because the Sultan had the principal right of proprietorship of all the conquered lands. Moreover, there was a new balance [...]

The Rise of Absolutism in Europe

The yearning for democracy was a testament to the progressiveness of a society. It has been argued that the rise of absolutism was a fundamental shift in the power structures of the continent.

The Middle East in the Age of Nasser

Under the rule of Gamal Abd al-Nasser, Egypt's administration aimed to create favorable material, moral, and ideological conditions for the development of national culture and growth through the adoption of reforms and the establishment of [...]