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American Civil War Essay Examples and Topics

Industrialization Period After the American Civil War

The leadership roles of authority, through the government, took the responsibility of promoting peaceful relationship and mobilization among the Americans. The introduction of the new business opportunities from the traders were affected by the disruption [...]

The American Civil War’ Issues

There are a lot of reasons why the North won the Civil War and the South lost. The North had a strong merchant marine fleet and a lot of naval ships that managed to blockade [...]

Sectionalism in the American History

In the past, the United States observed some incidents of sectionalism and has continued to play a major part in the current affairs in the country, such as in politics and economic development.

American Civil War Issues

In the following weeks after the capture, both the Union army and the Union navy worked together, gaining ground upstream till the clash that later would be named the Battle of Shilloh.

Civil Rights Movement: Purposes and Effects

The civil rights movement was a popular lobby group created to advocate for equality in the United States for both blacks and whites. To a large extent, the civil rights movement completely transformed the lives [...]

North Carolina’s Role in the Civil War

This research paper focuses on the role that the state of North Carolina played during the Civil War to ensure victory against the adversary. Firstly, North Carolina provided close to 134,000 personnel to help in [...]

American History: the Road to Civil War

Though the Civil War occurred in the 19th century, the roadmap to the war began back in the 17th century. In 1807, the United States senate passed a law that led to the abolition of [...]

The Terrible War

The war happened because of economical, political and cultural differences between the Northern states and the Southern states. In the late 1970s to 1860s, slavery was the norm in most of the Southern states.

Civil War in United States

In the early 19th century, the main issue that threatened the unity of the North and the South was slavery. In this view, the North and the South gradually differed on the issue of slavery, [...]

Civil War Paper: Valley of the shadow

The valley of the shadow explains the history the citizens especially the blacks had to go. The free blacks got involved in farming as this constituted a large part of the valley prosperity and wealth.

Why Confederate and Union Soldiers Fought?

The American civil war was idealistic since the combatants were driven particularly by principles rather than comrade power."A large number of those men in blue and gray were intensely aware of the issues at stake [...]

The United States Civil war

At the end of the war, the Union forces were declared the victors because of a number of strengths and advantages they had over their opponents.

Letters from the Civil War

In relation to the opposition of the election and ideas of President Lincoln, 11 states on the Southern part of the United States of America separated from the rest of the states and formed the [...]