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African American Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Slavery and the Southern Society’s Development

The fact that quite a huge number of white people moved to the "Deep South" where cotton planting was among the most lucrative forms of income-generating activities, just goes to show that the whites relied [...]

Race Relationships Management: Knowledge Is Power

A lack of understanding of the trials and tribulations that the African American community has witnessed, particularly, the emotional weight of the years of oppression, leads to a significant discord between the vulnerable population and [...]

The Slave Experience

In this regard, one may claim that the era of enslavement was also represented by such activities as singing, dancing, and churchgoing, all of which were organized by masters for their Negroes and show a [...]

Slave Trade’s Impact on the Black Experience

Discussing the topic of the slave trade and its impact on the development of the Black race has always been complicated since that period of global history was characterized by the unequal treatment of people [...]

Life After Emancipation

With the emancipation of four million African Americans, the problem of their education and training arose. Those were the black church, the black school, and the Freedmen's Bureau.

African American Sociology, Psychology, History

Rather, it has to do with the ongoing progress in the field of empirical science, which in turn causes more and people to doubt the appropriateness of the Eurocentric approach to addressing the issues of [...]

Jamaican Family Cultural Practices

The history of the Jamaicans in the United States began in 1619 when some blacks from Jamaica, as well as from the Caribbean islands migrated to the United States.

African Americans in the American Revolution

Both the slave masters and the British colonizers sought the help of the African Americans during the American Revolution. The revolutionary nature of the American Revolution did not resonate with both the free and enslaved [...]

African and Modern Cultural Perspectives

The word refers to the dispersion of Africans across the United States in the aftermath of the Atlantic slave trade. The advent of slavery and the period of the trans-Atlantic trade had many implications in [...]

Ralph Bunche and James Meredith

He became an academic, adviser, political scientist, and a diplomat with the UN and in the administration of John F. Bunche had some of the most outstanding achievements in the African-American history.

Life of Slaves and Their Owners

With no personal freedoms, the slaves were often forced to sexual relationships with their owners both male and female. So, the lives of the slaves and their masters were completely different.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

The transatlantic slave trade influenced all the aspects of the white Americans and African Americans' lives in the 18th century because it became the significant social and economic phenomenon in the history of the country.

Democracy in Libya

In Yemen and Syria, the protests are still going on, with the Syria one becoming deadly because of the use of force to stop the protests.

African-Americans Social Reform

It was one of the biggest steps for consideration African-Americans as the equal members of the American society protected under the Constitution.

African-American Studies: Black Cowboys

The Black cowboys consisted of various groups such as the "Wrangler," who comprised of a common subtype cowboy, whose tasks were specifically riding on horsebacks to guide plowing cattle in the fields.

African American Soldiers during Vietnam War

In the 1960s and 70s, African Americans battled racial discrimination at home in the United States but also faced similar if not the same tension as a member of the Armed Forces while fighting in [...]

Christianity, Slavery and Colonialism Paradox

He is prominent in opposing the Atlanta Compromise Treaty that advocated for the subjection of the southern blacks to the whites' political rule. In conclusion, the paradox of Christianity, slavery, and colonialism has been a [...]

The Black Americans Ideologies and Stereotypes

The discipline of African-American studies is committed in the study of the black Americans. It specifically covers the North American region and the peripheries that were shaped and reshaped the history of the black people [...]

African Americans Community and Family

From the discussion, it is evident that the community and family formed central pillars in the lives of African Americans, especially in terms of helping them to maintain their identity, focus on their political and [...]

Stories of Rwanda’s Recovery from Genocide

Today, the killers and the victims of the genocide live side by side, and the government focuses on finding the effective measures and legacies to overcome the consequences of the genocide and to state the [...]

African American Women Writers

It makes people realize that she has deeply felt the pain and this gives her an understanding of others, and that reflects in her writing."The Song in the Front Yard" shows an attitude of a [...]

Bahrain Protests

The major focus of the uprising was the violation of human rights and people demanded the government to change the way it was carrying out the order.

The American People to 1865

The increasing number of the slaves in the region shortly changed the white farmers' perception and treatment of the African workers.

Role of the Press in Civil Rights

This paper proves that although the black press started the push for Civil Rights in the south, the integration of the nation's press turned the tables on segregation."The Race Beat" outlines the progress of media [...]

Globalization and Race

The concepts of colonialism and imperialism as the base of the progress of the racial capitalism traditionally depend on the racial discrimination toward the Africans moved to America as slaves and toward the developed Africans' [...]

Harlem Renaissance

Nevertheless, one of the most vital changes that laced the Harem Renaissance was the culture of music as explored in the remaining section of the paper.

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

As slavery is a social issue that depicts discrimination in terms of color, the treatment of slaves by the whites gives an impression to African Americans that they are the minority group and less human.

Loury, Douglass, and King Jr.

Loury addressed the challenge to liberals and conservatives that was in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Loury found it difficult to sell the idea of self help and reliance among the black because [...]

Racial Capitalism and Colonialism

The oppressions brought by racial capitalism are responsible for the transformation of the culture of Africans in the Diaspora in their attempt to raise against it.

African Diaspora in the Modern World

The explanation concerning African Diaspora as a process describes a continuous trend related to the formation of African Diaspora through migration where the Diasporas and Africa continue to maintain linkages. The African race as a [...]

History of Black Nationalism

The black movement passed a message of thinking about the racial identity and the empowerment of the free blacks in the United States.

The Issue of the African diaspora

Thus, in their article "Unfinished Migrations: Reflections on the African Diaspora and the Making of the Modern World", Patterson and Kelley provide the investigation of the African diaspora scholarship basing on the mentioned concepts, and [...]

African-Americans in the 1960s

Furthermore, the voting right act of 1965 restored and protected the voting rights of the African-Americans. Therefore, this demonstrated the disparities and the level of segregation that the whites showed to their African-American counterparts.

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

He points to the existence of drudge markets as proof of slavery and calls for the abolishment of the trade. The comparison of the colonial oppression and slavery infers to the audience the notion that [...]

Biography of Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Black Panther Party fell into disarray in 1970, and Abu-Jamal joined radio journalism where he was called as the 'voice of the voiceless'.

African American Political History

The advent of organizations like the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is widely perceived as necessary for this advancement of African Americans. This is what makes the organizations pivotal to the advancement of [...]

Civil Rights-Black Power Movement

Barack Obama was aware of the violence and oppression of black people in the United States. It shows self determination of the black people in struggles for civil rights- black power.

Nat Turner and the Slave Revolt

The belief of his explanations by other slaves initiated the planning of the "Nat Turner's revolt". This became the beginning of a journey to slave rebellion in the South.

Journey towards Freedom

All of the slaves desired to have freedom, but the means of attaining that was still unknown. His intention was to kill all the slave owners in Charleston and free the slaves.

The Civil War Dilemmas: Slave-Owner Relations

From other letters, it becomes clear that the vast majority of people could not realize a true essence of slavery and properly define the reasons of why people had to be divided into slaves and [...]

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a term used collectively by social thinkers to represent the efforts by African-Americans to transcend the white-favored government systems in the new states, especially New York, from the southern states where [...]

Impact of Civil Rights Movement

The freedom to vote for all Americans became central in the civil rights movements, and one of its successes was the legislation that culminated in the enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Social and Political Conflicts: Analysis

The Declaration stated that the Constitution of the United States restricted the power of the certain states. After the long period of slavery, the Declaration of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was the breakthrough [...]

African Americans-Prejudice and Discrimination

This began during the civil war in which African Americans stood to fight against prejudice and discrimination. It is undeniable that African Americans have faced many challenges in the U.S.ranging from prejudice to racial discrimination.

Response to Panther Film

By founding the organization called Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the members were strongly convinced that using armed struggle was the only way to prove the power and dominance of the black community over the [...]