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American Ex-Presidents Essay Examples and Topics

The Heroic Deeds of George Washington

This presentation explores the heroic deeds of George Washington. The most admired qualities of George Washington include courage, confidence, and statesmanship.

Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford as Presidents

In addition to excellent academic performance, Nixon was also the leader of the student's body in the college. In the Navy, he rose in ranks to a lieutenant commander and served in the pacific especially [...]

Bill Clinton’s Impeachment from Post-9/11 Perspective

Impeachment is the act of removing a public official from a public office due to misconduct in the office. His actions in the Watergate scandal clearly depicted the kind of person he was, something that [...]

Andrew Jackson’s Role in American History

His reflection of Americans confidence and liberty was portrayed as early as when he was captured by the British soldiers and refused to clean the boots of their officer.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is one of the most significant events in the history of the United States. C, and was one of the most shocking events of the era, resulting in a long [...]

Andrew Jackson Presidency

The election of 1828 that saw Jackson ascend to power as the U.S.president remains critical in the political history of the United States of America.

Is Obama “The Reagan of the Left”?

This fact, alongside Obama's ambitious nature and his investment in the progress of American prosperity, is the reason why he is sometimes referred to as "the Reagan of the Left".

Ronald Reagan’s Presidency and His Incompetence

The main goal of this paper is to analyze Reagan's era to identify episodes that highlight his incompetence to exercise the power of being president Various specialists highlight that the period of Ronald Reagan's presidency [...]

Abraham Lincoln: Life and Quotes

He hoped to share his fame and reach the mind of the general public in this way. As a result of the debates, Lincoln's name and his position became known to the wide population even [...]

Obama’s Presidency and Racism in the USA

Irrespective of this criticism and even disappointment, it is possible to note that the presidency of Barak Obama is an important milestone that can eventually lead to the era of true racial justice in the [...]

President Wilson’s Fourteen Principles

Wilson's 14 points were a set of principles proposed by President Woodrow to end the First World War and to mitigate the recurrence of similar wars in the future.

The Speeches of Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan

Johnson and Reagan used similar reasoning lines, emphasized the need to realize the dream of the Founding Fathers, and used strong arguments and language mean to persuade their audiences.

President Johnson in the Civil Rights Movement

The problem of gay and lesbian rights appeared to be rather challenging and disruptive to the society. They include hippies and other social layers that were not eager to change things while others were trying [...]

Barack Obama and Race Impact on American Politics

A detailed explanation of this last statement from a deeper perspective helps in determining how race impacts the views of voters and people of American society and how Obama directed and structured his campaign to [...]

James Monroe’s “Annual Message to Congress”

Monroe emphasizes the independent position of the United States regarding the political ambitions of the European powers. John Calhoun's "A Disquisition of Government" of 1845 addresses the subject of community, distinguishing between two types of [...]

Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address

The election of Thomas Jefferson served as a pivotal point in the contemporary history of the world. Jefferson did not completely dismiss the virtues and strengths of a federal government, which was later proven during [...]

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Presidential Era

Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States of America. Roosevelt was involved in reviving the economy and the recover started immediately he was sworn in as the president of the United States.

George Washington’s Leadership Style and Character

From an in-depth analysis of his presidency and leadership the three events, it is worth noting that Washington was a visionary leader and a skilful individual whose patriotism, courage and dedication to the people and [...]

George Washington and Neo-Classical Imagery

George Washington continued to warn the nation of the potential dangers that threaten public unity such as political ties with foreigners and division of states based on geographical discriminations.

Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points

Another of the flaws inherent in the 14 points was the fact that they were inherently dependent on the negotiating power of Wilson.

The Congress by George Bush

The general state of the economy was subject to criticism by a balanced budget and discipline in spending by the central government.

Reading Response Paper: Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy

The political environment of the 1960s was characterized by calls of self-determination and self-preservation of states and governments around the world. However, all the assertions of the president in the speech are founded on the [...]

Andrew Jackson’s Policies toward Native Americans

He was the seventh president of the United States and a core founder of the Democratic Party. The law supported for the resettlement of Native Americans on the west of Mississippi River in Indian Territory.

Abraham Lincoln Biography

He also implemented an act on National Banking, which led to the establishment of a common currency in the nation and allowed for the development of a union of all the banks in the nation.

Barrack Obama Genogram

Payne, on the other hand, was born in the year 1922 in Wichita, Kansas and she died 86 years later on November 3, 2008 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

History of President Eisenhower

In addition to his leading role as a peace and desegregation crusader, prior to his election as the 34th American president and even after his rise to the top seat, Eisenhower was a well known [...]

James Madison’s Leadership Qualities

It is only through humble submission as evidenced by the willingness to listen to the admonition and suggestions of a superior that the qualities of a good leader can be established in the person's heart [...]

Andrew Jackson: A True Man of the People

During the battle of the Tennessee troops and the Creeks in 1812, Jackson was the commanding officer and he helped in delivering victory to the Tennessee troops.

Reagan and the Arms Race

S and the Soviet Union, therefore this paper is going to focus on this and bring out the reasons behind the arms race.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

His alleged authorship of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, Profiles in Courage, cannot be ascertained, and many critics and historians agree that his participation in the actual writing and research of the content of the [...]

The Hermitage in US

The Hermitage is a historic landmark and museum that mirrors the life history of Andrew Jackson and the history of the United States.[1] Thus, the hermitage is a historic site that reminds Americans of a [...]

Thomas Jefferson

In 1776, he was preferred to outline the Declaration of Independence owing to his pose in the Continental Congress, which has been unanimously considered as a bond of the US and international autonomies.

The History Of The Republican George Herbert Walker Bush

President Nixon subsequently nominated him to the post of US ambassador to the UN, and his subsequent unanimous confirmation by the Senate was testament to the bi-partisan appeal that he radiated as a politician.

George Walker Bush

He brought in the support and vote for the Christian Conservatives, and his father was elected as the 41st president of America.

Thomas Jefferson’s Biography

Jefferson, while a member of the committee mandated to draft a declaration of independence, was selected by the committee to write the draft which he did and was later adopted.
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