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Medieval History Essay Examples and Topics

Christian Reconquest of Iberian Peninsula

Some of the areas covered include but are not limited to the savaging of the al-Andalus, proliferation of Christian kingdoms, the assault of Murabit Iberia, early societal structures, and the culture of Iberian people during [...]

Women’s Role in Medicine in the Middle Ages

Speaking about the particular role of women in medieval medicine and its further development, it is necessary to say that women were supposed to fulfill a wide range of important tasks even though they were [...]

The Crusades and the Investiture Controversy

In comparing the Crusades to the Investiture Controversy, it is possible to state that the similarities between these two historical phenomena are found in their relationship with both the religious and political development of European [...]

Causes for Emergence of Europe during the Middle Ages

The development of New German Kingdoms, rise of the Orthodox Church, and a sophisticated leadership and establishment of Charlemagne's empire could be regarded as the primary contributors to the rapid and strong emergence of Europe, [...]

Witch Hunting History

Despite the fact that a lot of research has been done on the history of witch prosecution and the part of the Church in it, it is still debatable whether its power exceeded the influence [...]

The Mongol Empire, Its Culture, Trade, Religion

The cultural, religious and trade factors formed the basis of strengthening and expansion of the Mongol Empire. The cultural, religious and trade formed the basis of strengthening and expansion of the Mongol Empire.

The Black Death and Michael Dols’s Theory

The biggest problem is that many believed that it cannot be contagious because of religious reasons, and it has led to numerous casualties. However, the issue is that it was not possible to control the [...]

The Medieval Crusades History

However, the Christian armies were unable to hold on to the captured land and at the end; the Holy Land remained in the hands of the Muslims.

The Aspects of the First Crusade

Although the Europeans started the First Crusade in order to respond to the religious goal of freeing the Holy Land from the Muslims, the actions of the crusaders were also influenced by the economic and [...]

The Crusaders and the Church

The information about the spoiling and mistreatment of pilgrims angered the crowd and hence they were ready to take whatever action the Pope told them would be necessary to take back the Holy land.

War and Crusades

According to Brad, It is important for the state to have these rights as stipulated by the international law for the well being of its citizens and to promote peaceful interactions.

West European Studies

The audiences were also impressed by Bede's demonstration of the harmony in England despite the Kingdoms that existed during the time of the penning of the text.

Plague Disease Myths

The rich in the society managed to flee from the country, and as a result, the poor were the ones who were left vulnerable to the disease.

The Christian Crusades

In addition to the spread of the gospel, the crusades were also organized as a strategy for the Christians and the leaders to exemplify their wealth and religious zeal.

Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain

At Fez, he continued to win the hearts of many through his knowledge and doctrines of the Ash'anya school. For instance, he was exiled from the city of Fez, after the fuqaba heard his theology, [...]

Rome in the Middle Ages and Cultural Transformation

Hence, the remnants of the great Roman Empire had been preserved in the philosophical, scientific, and artistic achievements representing the major cultural sources influencing the reformation of the European society in the Middle Ages.

London during the Roman Age: A Critical Overview

In attempting to digest how the city of London looked like during the Roman age, extant literature demonstrate that the "...trail trenches dug in 1985 revealed distinct evidence of timber-built workshops and houses built in [...]

The Term Crusade

The paper will look into the events of the crusades, the Arab view of the crusades, their response to the crusades as well as their reaction to the west after the crusades.

Impact of the Black Death

An obvious social impact of the plague is the fact that the Black Death led to a significant reduction in the human population of the affected areas.

Chivalry in the First Crusade

Undoubtedly, the ideals of chivalry played a major role in the huge success that the First Crusade achieved. This paper set out to argue that the First Crusade represented the perfection of the chivalric ideal.

The Knights Templar

One of the relatives of the founding knights, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, managed to convince the Pope about its activities and the Church endorsed it in 1129.