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83 Archaeology Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Archaeology Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Chichen Itza Archeologic Site
    The archeological site is located in Yucatan Peninsula and presents one of the most famous archeological sites in Mexico, “Chichen Itza has been considered one of the most important sites in the north portion of […]
  2. Jamestown Rediscovery Artifacts: What Archeology Can Tell Us
    An analysis of just three of them an iron cooking pot leg, a horse bridle bit, and the so-called JR102C can provide some significant insights into the lifestyle, the social structure, and even the political […]
  3. Cultural Innovations: An Archaeological Examination of Prehistoric Economics, Agriculture and Family Life
    The type of structures made were and still are determined by the availability of building materials, the level of development of building tools, the climatic conditions, and the economic resources available to the builder.
  4. Archaeological Site Report From the Ancient Near East: Carchemish
    The excavation of the site was done and documented on behalf of the British museum and most of the material is derived from the report by Hogarth commissioned by the museum.
  5. Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden’s Discovery Reveals Much About Archeology
    The characteristics and location of the long-dead young woman may suggest just how complex the diffusion of culture and the movement of peoples in ancient times must have been.
  6. Examining an Archeological Site: The Pyramids of Egypt
    Another Issue in relation to the construction of the pyramids is with regard to how the huge blocks of stones used for the pyramid construction were transported from the quarries up to the site of […]
  7. Human Evolution and Archaeology
    Therefore, natural selection can lead to the extinct of a specific population or individual. In brief, natural selection, mutation, gene flow and genetic drift are evolution forces, which determine the viability or continuation of a […]
  8. Teotihuacan: The Importance of the Site to the Archaeologists
    The big population made the site one of the largest cities of the world during the 1st millennium of the AD era.
  9. Comparison of Two Archaeological Papers on the Extinction of Animals Due to the Activities of Human Societies.
    In this study, the varying trends on the abundance of certain species were used to describe changes observed in the hunting practices and the animal species that were hunted.
  10. Fieldwalking in Archaeology: A Method of Archaeological Research
    The second technique, which is grid walking, is where the survey area is divided into squares, and the field walkers use the fixed amount of time to work on each square collecting all the materials […]
  11. Archaeology of Ancient People
    This was followed by the discovery of Australopithecus africanus that dated between 3 million and 4 million years ago. The next fossils discovered were of Australopithecus robustus that dated between 2 million and 3 million […]
  12. Archeology: The Bull-headed Harp and Sound Box
    In total, four scenes are depicted in the sound box, and scholars think that they are depicting a party in the spirit world, or the land of the dead. Also, the depictions of the men […]
  13. Archeology: The Enigma of Queen Hatshepsut
    Queen Hatshepsut’s remains have not been found completely, and there is much evidence to discuss the role of Thutmose III in the female pharaoh’s disappearance.
  14. Archeological Discovery: African Frankenstein
    The scientists were determined to find out the origins of the creature and to solve the secret of the grave. The scientists associated all of these objects with the remnants of the mummy and came […]
  15. Forbidden Archeology Against Mainstream Evolution Theories
    Most of the views about forbidden archeology are contained in a 1993 book titled “Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race”.
  16. The Neolithic Period Archaeological Sites Discovering
    The site is situated in Gloucestershire, and the settlement dates back to ca. The site is also remarkable as it sheds light on one of the most questionable religious practices in the history of humanity.
  17. The Neolithic Period: Areas of Archaeological Discoveries
    The archaeological team examined the site and discovered many similarities between the famous Stonehenge and Woodhenge the entrances of the wooden circle are aligned in the way that would allow the sun rays to enter […]
  18. Ceramics Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
    On the other hand, archaeologists use the chemical constituents of a ceramic to identify the origin of the ingredients used in its manufacture.
  19. Archeology: Scientific Approach vs. Mysticism
    Despite the vast number of such kind of writings, the scientific approach that is commonly implemented in archeology proves that there is no room for mystery in the history of humankind, showing the importance of […]
  20. Umm al-Nar: Geoarchaeology and Cultural Heritage
    This report aims at revealing the essentials of the Umm al-Nar site along with its significance in the framework of cultural heritage and tourism to understand the role of this geoarchaeological complex in nowadays national […]
  21. Crusades in Geoarchaeology and Artifact Analysis
    In the case of the Crusades, the type of information that can be discovered is the probable dates of the Crusades, the type of people involved, and the rationale for the happening.
  22. Alpine Archaeology Study Evaluation
    The study has also revealed the shift in lifestyle of the inhabitants of the French Alps from hunting and gathering of food to mechanised agriculture.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Archaeology

  1. Feminist Archaeologists’ Interpretations of the Past
    Feminist archeology examines the roles and activities of women in the past societies. They strive to understand the roles that women and men played in the past societies.
  2. Archaeological Thematics of Sites
    The aim of this paper is to examine the methods for analysis and interpretation of archaeological sites, artifacts, ecofacts, and features.
  3. Archaeological Sites in Oregon
    At the same time, many shallow bodies of freshwater which could support weed growth eventually turned into marches, which altered the vegetation of the region and the dietary habits of the tribes in the area.
  4. The Tel Burna Archeological Excavation Project
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of the Tel Burna site, the methodology employed by the archeologists, and the contributions made by the project.
  5. Virtual Archaeological Site’s Possibilities
    Therefore, archaeologists are likely to understand the major purpose of the area but will fail to reconstruct the full picture and understand the space, people, and epoch correctly.
  6. Pueblo Culture and Archeology in National Parks
    People enter the condition of trance and are able to access great resources of their own body, as well as the power of the Great Force.
  7. Archaeological Evidence Perceptions: Early Civilizations
    Finally, sites are the last category of excavated evidence and refer to complete sets of all the above-mentioned archaeological objects, the analysis of which defines the nature of a place and the quality of life […]
  8. Radiocarbon Dating as an Archaeological Tool
    It will also describe the use of accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dating for establishing the age of beeswax figures and charcoal paintings in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
  9. History and Theory of Archaeology: Museum Field Trip
    One can argue that the principles of archeological theory manifest themselves in the collections that are showcased in the museum. This is one of the details that can be identified.
  10. Archaeological Study of Roman Life and Behavior
    Although this discovery may lack the size and drama of the Muse Cycle that has been discovered at the Hospitium de Sulpicii or the visual beauty of the fresco that once covered the back wall […]
  11. Events in Archaeology: Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
    The article “2,000 year old nails may be tied to the crucifixion” by the Associated Foreign Press details how two Roman nails found in the burial cave of a Jewish high priest, supposedly the very […]
  12. The Expression of “Hong Kong Obsession” in Xi Xi’s “Marvels of a Floating City” and Dung Kai Cheung’s “The Atlas: Archeology of an Imaginary City”
    1 However, irrespective of the choice of the level of imagery, both authors employ it, which gives their stories a peculiar character and arouses mixed feelings on the part of the reader.
  13. Narmer Palette, an Egyptian Archeological Find
    The evidence shows that it was created in the era of the unification of Egypt and possibly tells about the victory of Upper Egypt over the Lower.
  14. Archaeology: The Nan Madol and the Lapaha of Tonga as the Wonders of the World
    Some of these architectural structures that some people consider as mystical and mysterious are the pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx, The Aztec pyramids, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Wall of China, the Hanging […]
  15. Ethical Aspects of Archaeology
    The caretakers of the archaeological records should harness their profession for the gain of all populace; this in practice occurs when they investigate and construe the records. The next ethical issue in this order is […]
  16. Fulacht Fiadh – Exploring the Archeological Cites in the United Kingdom
    First, it is argued that in the overwhelming majority of cases, Fulacht fiadh can be found in Ireland, though archeological findings indicate that similar constructions exist not only in Ireland but also in other parts […]
  17. Archaeological Theory Today
    The internal reasons dealt on the development of archaeological theory which emphasizes the New Archaeology on a critical approach to method and theory.
  18. Dendrochronology and Tree-Ring Studies in Archaeology
    The majority of general factors that avoid the use of dendrochronological dating include: An insufficient quantity of rings, the existence of a group inappropriate for dating through dendrochronology, the lack of convincing indication of chronologies […]
  19. Roman Archaeology and Architecture from Augustus to Nero
    Among several architecture achievements, it is necessary to single out the construction of the Forum Augustum and the evolution of the citizens’ dwellings. The Temple of Mars Ultor reflected the martial character of the Roman […]
  20. Carrying Out a Personal Study of Garbology
    In the study, I scrutinized myself in terms of eating habits and compared this information with the one that I had gathered from my garbage. Most importantly, the data that I gathered in this study […]
  21. Pompeii: a Popular Archaeological Site
    In light of this brief background, the discovery of Pompeii as an archaeological site was thus a rediscovery of the ancient town of Pompeii.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Archaeology

  1. Archaeology: Applying Typological Concepts to a World You Know Well
  2. Cultural Influences, Archaeology, and City Morphology of Classical Athens
  3. Archaeology and Mortuary Practices: The Ancient Human Remains
  4. Classical Athens: City Morphology, Archaeology, and Cultural Influences
  5. Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  6. Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology
  7. Archaeology: Processual and Post Processual
  8. World Systems Theory in Archaeology
  9. Archaeology and the Polis of Ancient Greece
  10. Interpreting Archaeology and Historical Texts
  11. Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Modern Greek Identity
  12. Connection Between Nationalism and Archaeology
  13. Archaeology: Jordan and Petra Great Temple
  14. Early Farmers: The View From Archaeology and Science
  15. Archaeology: Imperialism, Colonialism, and Nationalism
  16. Creating Heritage: Vikings, Jorvik, and Public Interest Archaeology
  17. Artifacts of History: Archaeology, Historiography and Indian Pasts
  18. Relationship Between Archaeology and History
  19. Archaeology Value and Weaknesses
  20. Who Owns the Past: The Ethical Problems and Issues Faced by Archaeology in Terms of Questions

⭐ Simple & Easy Archaeology Essay Titles

  1. Archaeology, Traditional Cultures, and Oral History
  2. Experimental Archaeology and Its Forms
  3. Archaeology: The History and Early Human
  4. Scientific Methods for Accurate Dating in Archaeology
  5. Archaeology, Authenticity, and Aesthetics of Douris’s Dionysiac Scenes “Dancing Satyrs and Maenads” Cup
  6. Archaeology and the Academic Study of the Bible
  7. Dancing Satyrs and Maenads Cup and a Consideration of Douris’s Dionysiac Scenes in Terms of Aesthetics, Archaeology, and Authenticity
  8. Archaeology and the People of the Dizzy Valley
  9. Archaeology and Modern Human Origins in Europe
  10. Psychology Meets Archaeology: Psychoarchaeoacoustics for Understanding Ancient Minds and Their Relationship to the Sacred
  11. Archaeology: Pompei and Herculaneum
  12. Deviant Burial Practices Within the Field of Archaeology
  13. Archaeology Theory and Methods: Harappan
  14. The Economic, Social, Political, and Environmental Importance of Information Learned Due to Archaeology
  15. Arguing Against Lawful Explanations in Archaeology
  16. Archaeology: Ireland the Archaeological Site of Tara
  17. Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade: Approaches Protecting Classical Underwater Archaeology Sites
  18. Archaeology and the Trojan War
  19. Bringing History and Archaeology Together
  20. Archaeology and Aerial Photography’s Advantages and Disadvantages

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