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86 Discovery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Discovery Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Huntington’s Disease: The Discovery of the Huntington’s Gene
    Since the sex chromosomes are not involved in the production of this disease, both men and women are equally susceptible to Huntington’s disease The gene that causes huninton’s disease is dominant which means that only […]
  2. New ways of thinking versus discovery of new data
    In the sciences, new ways of thinking often spearhead the detection of new data or facts. A counterclaim made by some individuals to this argument is that the discovery of new facts led to the […]
  3. Gene Discovery: Ischaemic Stroke and Genetic Variations
    The scientists from the University of Oxford and other United Kingdom based research institutes sought to isolate a genetic variant to link to the disease to pave the way for development of suitable treatment.
  4. Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden’s Discovery Reveals Much about Archeology
    The characteristics and location of the long-dead young woman may suggest just how complex the diffusion of culture and the movement of peoples in ancient times must have been.
  5. The Discovery and the Consequential Conquest of America
    The arrival of the British colonists in America led to the oppression and exploitation of the native Indian communities. During the British rule in the American colonies, many changes occurred, and they were not in […]
  6. Age of discovery in Europe
    Achievement of geographical knowledge of the world: this was one of the main reasons that made the Europeans start the exploration of the world.
  7. Discovery of Polonium and Radium
    The curious mind of Pierre on why a substance seemed to defy a scientific law started the journey that led to the discovery of polonium and radium.
  8. History of Modern South Africa Began With The Discovery Of Diamonds And Gold
    Evidently the perception of South Africa as an overseas investment saw the exclusion of the locals in the participation of the mining business.
  9. Revisiting the Minority Issue Viewed from a Statistical Standpoint: The Discovery of the Century
    Dealing with the amount of Hispanic babies that have been born and the rates of death among the Hispanic children, the article offers the data that can be considered from a mathematical viewpoint for making […]
  10. Discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique
    Metal on metal hip prosthesis involves the use of a metal ball as the femoral head, which is connected to a metallic femoral stem running along the thighbone and joined at the hip with a […]
  11. Archeological Discovery: African Frankenstein
    The scientists were determined to find out the origins of the creature and to solve the secret of the grave. The scientists associated all of these objects with the remnants of the mummy and came […]
  12. Discovery Communications Company Analysis
    The assessment will analyze the leadership realignment present in the organization and how the leadership influences the management of the company.
  13. Mi’kmaq History and the Discovery of America
    The discovery of the existence of the Americas by explorers such as Columbus and the subsequent interactions between the Natives and the Europeans transformed the lives of the indigenous populations.
  14. Discovery Learning in Online Instructional Design
    It shows that learners experience different motivations for the learner, and the role of the instructional design is to ensure the motivation for learning remains high.
  15. Discovery Learning, Its Efficiency and Future
    In the process of reconsideration of the sphere of education and shifting the accents from scholastic to some innovative and cognitive forms of learning, the idea of discovery learning has appeared and became discussed.
  16. The Discovery of Oil Reserves in South Sudan
    According to the current set of regulations adopted in Sudan, approved in 2010, and used as the guidelines for the oil-and-gas financial strategies ever since the companies working in the identified industry are tax-exempt.
  17. Discovery Process: Investigation and the Law
    One of the major difficulties is to decide which data can be regarded as relevant as potentially any kind of information can be used as evidence in the court.
  18. Mobile Applications: User Discovery and Engagement
    The apps are programmed to cooperate with the operating systems of the devices and can take advantage of the features and options of the devices.
  19. Life Cycle of Photon: the Impact of Its Discovery
    Since its discovery in the early twentieth century, the photon has contributed greatly to the understanding of the fundamental physics, was used in the multitude of experiments to prove the dualistic nature of light, served […]
  20. Time Capsule Discovery: the 1960s
    The Missile Crisis was a 13-day negotiation between the USA and the USSR concerning the latter’s decision to place nuclear missiles in Cuba as a reaction to the US activities in Turkey and Italy.
  21. Europe in the World: Age of Discovery
    Starting from the fifteenth century, European interests around the world took the form of the colonial encirclement and formation of trading posts.
  22. Discovery of Offensive Language
    In support of this, Lawrence argues “offensive language is the source and function of the words themselves”. Lawrence is against the idea of using offensive language, which disgraces and depreciates women.
  23. Period of the Indians Discovery by Christopher Columbus
    Each extract from the letters is a unique opportunity to learn and try to understand the past and history.”The Diario of Christopher Columbus ” is the story of how the Admiral found the land and […]

💡 Most Interesting Discovery Topics to Write about

  1. Self-Discovery and Development in Changing Environments
    In order to communicate successfully and meet the requirement of the new settings, I had to reconsider my attitude to life because it was difficult for me to understand new rules of social interaction.
  2. Activism and Career in the Self-Discovery Process
    The main argument that can be put forward is that both career and activism are the results of a developed self, but at the same time, they can change people’s perception of themselves and their […]
  3. The Discovery of the ‘Biological Marker’ of Homosexuality
    The discovery of the specific biological cause of homosexuality in one sex, but not the other, will most likely result in the following set of effects on people’s understanding of gender, sex and sexuality: The […]
  4. Self-Discovery Assignment
    This has pushed me to an understanding that I cannot define what my culture is because I tend to adapt to the situation I am in.
  5. Columbus’ Discovery for Western and Native Civilizations
    Instead, the article promotes the message of acknowledging the idea that the discovery of America led to immense progress, societal growth, innovation, and development.
  6. The Heirs of Columbus: Discovery and Innovation
    As such, the introduction of the New World to Europeans can be seen to have initiated the development of innovative thought in terms of anthropology, philosophy, social sciences, as well as biology, and geography.
  7. Eli Lilly: Recreating Drug Discovery for the 21st Century
    The prior mission of the discussed firm is the implementation of the idea of personalized pharmaceutics into the functioning of the given company.
  8. History: Age of Discovery 1450-1700
    The Age of Discovery, or as it is also called the Age of Exploration, was an epoch from the early 15th century and ongoing into the early 17th century, throughout which European vessels journeyed around […]
  9. The Term “Discovery”, Its Usage and Understanding
    This means, a well-substantiated and discovery, followed by the spread of the corresponding information, eliminates the necessity for each person to test the validity of the discovery and to obtain experience in this area: for […]
  10. Definitions of Discovery and the Revelation of Human Acts
    The writing focuses on the arevelation’ of the conspiracy, which in fact might have appeared merely fiction, or tale, invented by the government and investigators in order to intimidate the local slave community, as the […]
  11. American History: Europeans’ Discovery and Expansion
    The importance for the great geographical discoveries were made in the field of geographical knowledge and the development of navigation among the peoples of the East.
  12. Analysis of “European Discovery of America” by Todorov
    The author analyses the behavior of the Spanish explorers to the region and the resultant behavior and changes that were faced by the local people in the region, namely the American Indians and the Aztecs […]
  13. Biomedical Discovery of DNA Structure
    The first parts of the book comprised of the opening of Sir Lawrence Bragg, who gave an overview of the entire book and talked about the significance of Francis Crick and James Watson’s discovery with […]
  14. Discovery of Human Remains: Cadaver Dogs
    The practical dissemination of canine investigation activities in law enforcement activities is in sharp contrast with the lack of literature on the issue of requirements for cadaver dogs’ activities and training methods.
  15. PnP and Automatic Device Discovery
    In the same way USB, and other network devices functions with the help of the features like plug and play, or universal UpnP.
  16. European Discovery Of America
    The pattern had been set by the Spaniards, who governed the whole of their empire from a council of the Indies sitting in Madrid.
  17. Oswald T. Avery and the Discovery of the DNA
    Oswald Avery was a man driven with the desire to contribute to humanity but when he finally discovered something of utmost importance the world of science was not quick enough to give recognition to his […]
  18. Discovery and Justification by Kantorovich
    According to the author, the context of discovery is about the actual method and process that has allowed a new idea to come forth while the context of justification is about the manner in which […]
  19. A Passion Flower: Properties and Story of Discovery
    The foliage and shoots are medically used in the form of antispasmodic, styptic, sudorific, soporific, narcotic, depressant, and vasodilator in addition to being used in the healing of some female complaints.
  20. Blackberries: Properties and Story of Discovery
    The leaf of the plant is the part of the plant which is more frequently exploited in the form of a remedial herb, although the root of the plant also exhibits medical properties.

📌 Simple & Easy Discovery Essay Titles

  1. The Road to Self Discovery Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad
  2. The History of Scientific Research and the Discovery of the X-Ray in Radiography
  3. The Navigation Of Christopher Columbus And The Age Of Discovery
  4. The Phenomenal Discovery of Vitamins and Citrus Fruits
  5. The Voyage Of Discovery And Publication Theology Religion
  6. The Multi-Faceted Approach to Truth Discovery and Knowledge-Seeking
  7. The Restriction of Scientific Discovery and Its Risks to Humanity
  8. The Role of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and the Age of Discovery
  9. The Pros and Cons of Columbus’ Discovery of the Americas
  10. The Triumph Of Fleming ‘s Discovery Of Penicillin
  11. ‘When No Man Was His Own’: Magic and Self-Discovery in The Tempest
  12. The journey of discovery of Holden Caulfield in the novel The Catcher in the Rye
  13. The Influences of Politics, Science, and Discovery on Jules Verne’s Twen
  14. Writers During The Age of Discovery and The Romantic Period
  15. The Significance of the Discovery of Air Travel in Society Today
  16. The Salient Discovery Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay
  17. University of Arizona’s Discovery of Fluorine in Drinking Water and Efforts to Solve the Issue
  18. Vulnerability Discovery Models for a Software System Using Stochastic Differential Equations
  19. Women’s Self-Discovery During Late American Romanticism
  20. The World Before and After the Discovery of Chemistry

👍 Good Essay Topics on Discovery

  1. Using Event B to Specify Context Awareness for Service Discovery in Pervasive Environments
  2. Weighted False Discovery Rate Control in Large-Scale Multiple Testing
  3. Understanding the Impacts of Dark Pools on Price Discovery
  4. William Wollaston’s Original 1802 Discovery of the Spectrum of Sunlight
  5. William Harvey & His Discovery of Blood Circulation
  6. The Late Middle Ages : The Age Of Discovery And Innovation
  7. The Journey Of Self Discovery Of Identity And Culture
  8. The Origin Of European History In The Discovery Channel World Geography
  9. Why The Discovery Of Insulin Is A Defining Moment In Canadian History
  10. The Most Important Discovery in the Last 100 Years
  11. The Natural Inquisitiveness of People That Led Them to the Discovery of Many Geological Wonders
  12. The Process of Discovery in Life of Pi, a Film by Ang Li and Big Eyes, a Film by Tim Burton
  13. The Importance of Christopher Columbus’ Discovery of America for the Progress of Humanity
  14. What Makes Zeolites Interesting Since Their Discovery?
  15. The Struggle and Discovery of Identity in the Movie Boys Don’t Cry Directed by Kimberly Peirce
  16. The Real Exchange Rate and the Fiscal Aspects of a Natural Resource Discovery
  17. When Uncertainty Is Beneficial: Interesting Implications for the Hydrocarbon Discovery Process
  18. The Life of Christian Johann Doppler and His Discovery of the Doppler Effect
  19. The Microraptor Fossil Discovery Sheds Light On The Evolution Of Flight
  20. The Importance of the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll in Archaeology
  21. The Rewards of Self-Discovery: Learning and Firm Exporter Dynamics
  22. The Quest for Self Discovery in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha
  23. The Self-Discovery Journey of Chris McCandless in the Novel Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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