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Galileo Galilei and His Discoveries Essay (Article)

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Updated: May 6th, 2020

The findings that Galileo published in his book the Starry Messenger gave birth to modern science. These ideas created room for arguments. They were supported by the minorities of the society. It also gained acceptance from the action of the clergy and Catholic adherents.

Galileo was a Tuscan Italian citizen who specialized in astronomy and mathematics. He also was a Physicist and engineer as well as one of the key figures in the scientific revolution. His careful analysis of the French instrument led him to discover one of the most sophisticated and improved telescopes of his time. He illustrated how powerful it was in the Starry Messenger publication. He also mentioned it in the Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany.

The world took up the philosophical ideas of the early discoveries. The traditional Ptolemaic Aristotelian conception took a center stage in the world history. The Geocentric model held the view that all motion in the heavens was a uniform circular motion. They also proposed that the bodies in heaven were unique. They have superior qualities that are unchangeable. It means that the stars, the moon, and other heavenly bodies cannot change their illumination.

They also acknowledged that the Earth does not move or rotate. It is stationary at the center of all celestial materials. The Sun, the Moon and other planets and stars rotate around it. By this, they implied that the Creator made the mankind rule from the center of the universe. The Catholic Church adopted these geocentric principles and made it the Christian dogma.

The society of Christians also baptized the Greek philosophers who supported the views. Since the Catholic Church was the most dominant denomination of Christians that ruled the world, the Papal acceptance of the model meant that it became part of the Christian reference for scientific truth. The model joined scientific views and religious ideas together. There were also some Bible verses that the church leaders used to support such scientific opinions.

What the proponents of the geocentric did not realize was that when people acknowledge the scientific views of their time, they must also accept that there would be developments and new improvements. The search for knowledge continues from generation to generation.

They should have foreseen the challenge of the Heliocentric model of Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler. Instead, they closed their eyes to reasoning and development. They needed to understand that the careless use of scripture to validate themselves was biblically punitive in itself. Some scriptures did not have the literal meaning which went hand in hand with the interpretations acquired.

Galileo Galilei used his invented telescope to view the sky and noted some important aspects that would determine the future knowledge on science. It is important to disassociate the principles of Science from religious and spiritual doctrines.

Galileo discovered three basic views from his telescope and observations. The first one was that the Moon had similar physical features that were also on the Earth. The Moon had mountains, hills, valleys and water bodies. Due to poor observations of his challengers, they claimed that the Moon was smooth and had no other physical features.

They saw what they wanted to see due to the poor visual images of their lenses. Galileo was able to draw clear diagrams because he had a formal training as an artist. What created more disharmony in his work was the discovery of Jupiter with its four largest moons. Geocentric discoveries had taught and recorded that everything rotated around the earth because the earth was the center that was holding everything in place.

If one is to take a literal example of the planet using people, then one person should sit in the center representing the Sun. The sun should be bright colored and stationary. There should be circular lines where other planets including the Earth orbit the sun. The first planet should be the Mercury, followed by Venus, then the Earth.

The fourth one should be Mass, followed by Jupiter with four moons rotating around it. Jupiter should also have the four planets which are its satellites. The audience must also know that as the planets go round the sun, they also rotate on their axis. And that is why people see different shapes of the moon and different sizes of the stars.

Galileo wrote a letter to the Grand Duchess explaining how he had worked there for the leadership of the land. He also sought her protection since those who were trying to destroy his discoveries had wrong motives and intentions.

The views they use to disassociate themselves from his development are unfounded and lack basis. They go around spreading heresy and creating hatred against Galileo. It would have been good for them if they had allowed Galileo to have a chance to defend himself rather than stop him from continuing with his work.

The respected people of the society and the holy office of Catholic have had an opportunity to learn from the past discoveries. Previously, there had been nothing but the promotion of one doctrine by the church and the state. It would have been be an honor if they had been more flexible and heard Galileo’s views without passing judgment.

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