Formal Sciences Essay Examples and Topics

Eye-path and Memory-prediction Framework

Introduction Online marketing and advertising actively develop nowadays, and modern advertisers need to focus on the customers’ attitudes and behaviours in the context of the effectiveness of the advertisement’s location on the web page. Thus, it is important to answer the questions on how customers look at advertisements, focus their attention, and how their eye […]

The Role of Uncertainty in the Scientific Method

Introduction In Science every piece of knowledge is established through a rigorous methodology that seeks to keep balance with all other concepts already proven to be true. There are methods of proof that are used for both the experimental and the theoretical. It is well accepted that scientific methods change with various scientific disciplines and […]

The Different Types of Research Methods Comparison

Introduction Qualitative research is the method in which researchers find out about how man behaves and the reasons behind those behaviors. Qualitative research usually involves a smaller sample of individuals. However, the sample is usually focused. Collection of data (primary research) for a qualitative study may be done through various methods including carrying out in-depth […]