Space Studies Essay Examples and Topics

“Walking in the City” by Michel de Certeau

The notions of time and space are some of the most abstract notions the humanity came up with. These concepts are simultaneously clear and confusing, simple and incredibly complex. Space and time can be viewed as fixed and standard measures, but at the same time they are unique for every single viewer and the point […]

Comparison of Two Articles: How the Earth Was Created

It is always interesting and educative to read what different people think about the ways of how the world has been created. There are so many suggestions and powerful ideas that it is hard to believe that some of them are false, this is why it is better to compare them, define strong and weak […]

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Introduction Over the last one decade, several space agencies have had several missions, which form a core part of the Mars Exploration Program (MEP). Prior to the launching of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, several spacecrafts were already operating in the planet under the MEP. The Mars Odyssey was launched in early April 2001 and arrived […]

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous – Shoemaker (NEAR)

Introduction The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous – Shoemaker (NEAR) was launched in 1996. It was designed at Johns Hopkins University. The spacecraft was named in respect of the great planetary scientist known as Eugene Shoemaker. It was a computerized space explorer aimed at helping to conduct a study of asteroid Eros from a close distance. […]

Man in Space – Norm Thagard

For many years, man has always been interested in exploring the space. This is evidenced by many fictional scientific stories about the space that have been written. However, he has not made significant success in this endeavor. The greatest success that has been achieved is travelling to the moon in recent decades. Man continues to […]

Development of New Space Vehicles: Manned Flight to the Moon and Mars

Introduction-The Case for and History of Manned Flights Manned flights to space promise several rewards for the space industry and for humanity in general. Some of these rewards relate to the flight itself while others address themselves to the improvement in space exploration capabilities when man is present. First, manned flights require simpler flight control […]

America should continue to fund the Space Program

Unveiling the secrets of the unknown has ever been a basic instinct in human beings. Throughout the history of human civilizations, man has been eager to know the soil and the sky around which he lives in. all these eagerness resulted in great findings and finally man happens to live in an age of absolute […]