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Space Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Nanosatellites and Their Usage in Education

Nanosatellites are currently gaining more and more popularity in industries that are interested in commercial and research opportunities because the benefits of their production process are hard to overlook. Satellites go in and out of [...]

System Engineering Practices in Space projects

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering which is concerned with the production of spacecraft and aircraft; it involves using the discoveries of such fields as avionics, aerodynamics, materials science and engineering, and so on, [...]

Space Programs: Progress or Waste of Money?

According to Ehrenfreund, the ingenuity to develop technologies and work in space is part of the progress that comes from space programs. Space programs have led to the development of technologies that improve air transport.

Outer Space and Its Impact on the Earth

As the name implies, the outer space exists in a void area where there is no atmosphere of the Earth. The temperature varies with the time of the earth day on the outer space area [...]

The Solar System Formation and the Earth Evolution

Limited opportunities are explored under the subject of cosmogony, the field which focused on the question: 'Which processes contributed to the formation of Solar System, as well as how it evolved since its formation?' Despite [...]

The Origin of Galaxies: Theories Explaining

The Milky Ways which is a form of the spiral galaxies are the gyrating disks commonly loaded with hydrogen gas. The most acceptable models for the formation of galaxies have been two types, the gravitational [...]

The Kepler Space Observatory

The first was to identify the terrestrial planets that existed in the habitable zone of the huge number of stars that the mission was going to analyze.

Safety Role in Space Tourism

The space tourism industry is in its infancy and insurance companies have not yet developed policies and procedures to cover risks associated with it. In the case of space tourism, developing advanced tracking and navigation [...]

Space Tourism and Safety

However, the safety of every space tourist should be prioritized in order to make the industry more sustainable. Governments and other agencies should implement new regulations in order to improve the level of safety.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

The objectives include the search for past and/or present life on the planet, assess the presence and nature of the resources available in the planet for human exploration as well as understanding the climate and [...]

Man in Space – Norm Thagard

Man continues to make space travel attempts through advanced technology with the intention of exploring the space. The second technology used in space travel was the use of cordless power tools.

America should continue to fund the Space Program

In the recent years, it is a fashion among people to use the country's name synonymous with scientific and technological advancements."Space operations are emerging as the one of the distinctive attributes of the sole remaining [...]