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Real and Complex Numbers

It is, therefore, correct to assert that complex real numbers help in the derivation of complex numbers. One of the distinctive properties of real numbers is the real number binomials.

Mathematics: Discovered or Created?

Another viable explanation of the existence of mathematics is that it is merely part of the human creation. The argument for mathematics being part of human discovery is far-fetched and fanatical.

Quantitative Approach to Research

Post-positivist approach says that the scientists are parts of the reality and can never be detached enough to be completely objective in the way they percept the reality. The levels are connected and each level [...]

P-Value Definition and Role

The decision criterion using the P-value is that we reject the null hypothesis when the P-value is less than or equal to the significance level. 049, the null hypothesis is more strongly rejected than when [...]

Statistics Process

The process of statistics involves the use of statistical tools to troubleshoot and solve problems. The process of statistics can be defined as the precise and accurate way of analyzing data in order to solve [...]

Statistics as Evidence

Analysis of "Big Data" is a vital process whose outcome can be used to learn patterns of behavior that are useful in predicting the future.

Sampling Methods and Statistics

Sampling may be defined as the process of selecting an appropriate representation of a population for the purpose of attaining information regarding the overall population.

Value of Correlation

Correlation can be established in two different ways, first using the graphical method; whereby, the two variables are plotted on a graph and a line of best fit is drawn to assess whether there is [...]

Qualitative Research Method Analysis

This implies that the objective of qualitative research study is to assist the research correspondents and information users to comprehend the reasons why things are the way they appear to be and understand the milieu.

Data Results of Statistics

In the analysis of data, there are four types of scales used in the measurement. Just like the nominal scale, ordinal scale is a scale used in qualitative data belonging to the same category.

Probability Concepts and Applications

The second type of probability is the logical probability, which maintains the notion of the classical understanding that possibilities could be established theoretically through an assessment of the extent of options.

A Linear Regression Analysis of Product

Figure 1: A scatter plot for time of polishing against diameter of product There is a linear, positive relationship between the time that is spent polishing a product and the size of the product, as [...]

Odds Ratio in Logistic Regression

The explanatory power is important in interpreting odds ratio, which describe the nature and the strength of the relationship between burnout, the dependent variable, and coping style and stress from teaching, the independent variables. From [...]

Independent Samples t-test with SPSS

Statistically, the independent samples t-test indicates that the difference in the duration of eating Big Mac specials between overweight individuals and normal weight individuals is statistically significant, t = -3.

Qualitative research design and methods

Unlike quantitative research where an investigator manipulates variables or recreates the natural setting in the lab, qualitative research aims at assessing behaviours in it's undisturbed from. It raises a series of sub questions that are [...]


A probability experiment refers to the analysis that depicts the possibility an event occurring in the future through the performance of a series of examination.

Concepts of Research Methods

To ensure the gaps and the weaknesses in the research are overcome, the researcher should confirm the information provided by the secondary information vis a vis other sources of information preferably the primary sources of [...]

Geometry, Space, Manipulative, and Technology

In this research report, the focus of the study will be centered on the topic of geometry, space, manipulative, and technology. This is the part of the research that facilitates understanding of the geometry and [...]

Calculus: a golden ball

F is the dependent variable and represents the curve of the ball as it relies on the values of x which in turn refers to the balls length to obtain its own.

Nash Equilibrium Theory

In the question, we will calculate the Nash equilibrium as follows: Let Si1 be the ith row of S1, and Sj2 be the jth column of S2 We then solve the linear program based on [...]


If an indefinite integral function is F and given a certain function f, the function F or the integral is determined such that F' equals the original function f.


The correlation studies result in the determination of the correlation coefficient which is a measure of the strength of the relationship between variables.

Developing a Mathematical Disposition

The importance of reasoning is to encourage a learner to use of mathematics to explore real-world phenomena. The importance of this aspect is to appreciate the role of mathematics as a tool and language.

t-Test Discussion

Using the formula of the t-test, one obtains a positive value when the first mean is larger than the second and a negative t-test value when the second mean is larger than the first.

Game Theory in Life

Embracing peace can work for the benefit of both nations if Iran acts in the interest of peace by not manufacturing nuclear weapons, and Israel trusts Iran.

Quantitative data analysis

The authors also show how the analysis of quantitative data is significant by giving various examples of data sets to illustrate the process of data analysis.

Measurements’ Standarts

Measurement refers to the process of determining the proportion of a physical quantity such as temperature, time, volume, area, weight and length. Civil engineering involves the extensive use of measurement and scales.

Pythagoras Theories

The goal of this paper is to examine the life of Pythagoras to uncover some of the important issues that his work brought about.

Mandelbrot Set

The size of a vector is denoted by a scalar quantity which is considered as quantity that has only the magnitude but does not have direction.

Algebra and Business

It is possible to state that the processes of the development of our society and the progress of the role of algebra in it are interdependent.

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Kovalevskaya's contributions to the development of Euler's equations are explained in a publication titled, "on the property of a system of equations".