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86 Soccer Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

In your sports essay or research paper, you can write about FIFA players or compare soccer and American football. If you want even more ideas, check out this selection of 82 soccer topics to write about put together by our team.

⚽ Top 10 Soccer Research Topics

  1. Famous fixing scandals in soccer.
  2. The career of Lionel Messi.
  3. Psychology of soccer fans.
  4. Racism during football matches.
  5. What makes a great soccer player?
  6. Incapacitating injuries in soccer.
  7. The best approach to football practice.
  8. Medicine of professional soccer.
  9. Differences between female and male soccer.
  10. My passion for playing soccer.

🏆 Best Topics about Soccer

  1. Soccer Business as a Possible Investment: When Everything Depends on the Movement of a Foot
    Hence, there are a number of ways to promote soccer and, thus, increase its popularity, which will make people join soccer clubs and contribute to the development of business based on the given kind of […]
  2. American Football in American Culture
    America as a country came about as a melting pot of cultures because many immigrants from different parts of the world moved to the States in search of the American dream.
  3. What Defines Parental Techniques and Strategies: The Case of Soccer Moms
    However, it seems that Crohn’s idea of positive stepmothering is more relatable to the topic, since the technique of Chinese mothers, in fact, proves positive and does not seem to have any tangible effects on […]
  4. South Africa World Cup and Destination Marketing
    The host had to create an African impression in every aspect from architectural designs of the stadiums to the opening ceremony because the event was to be held in Africa.
  5. Soccer player – Karl Henning
    His marketing strategy will also help him increase his customers of the age of 6 to 10 who have a low level of awareness.
  6. Virtual Reality in Soccer Training
    The following work will focus on the analysis of the use of Virtual Reality in the training of soccer players with the evaluation of the practices adopted by particular soccer teams.
  7. Miniature Camera on Soccer Shirt
    The issue is that some of the motions and rapid movements may lead to confusion, and it is paramount to take all the necessary measures to make sure that the level of stability of is […]
  8. The Developement of Soccer in the Past Century
    The side that will have put in the most goals at their opponents’ side by the ending of the game is the winner.
  9. Football in Saudi Arabia: The Soccer Al Nasser Club
    The sport was introduced to the Kingdom following the relations between the Europeans and the Saudis in the 20th century. The club has many supporters in Riyadh and the rest of the country.
  10. Planning for an Intramural Soccer Event
    The same goes for the organization of games, recruitment of referees, and raising the money required to hold the event. The operational plan was a significant determinant of the success of the event.
  11. American Football’s and Soccer Comparison
    It is possible to say that the thirst to be better than the rest of people and to be the winner is in the nature of human being.
  12. Biosensors in Soccer Players’ Preparation
    The second step is associated with the formation of the movements and their absorption to specific imperatives in a situation where a few alterations will be required.
  13. Professional Soccer Player’s Training Methods
    As of the disadvantages of this method, it is, for the most part, limiting because using only words cannot help in developing new skills in the case of professional soccer players, as they need visualization […]
  14. Soccer Players Market and Transfer Contracts
    The aim of this essay is to provide the insight into the soccer players market and to describe some of the deals. The increase in the popularity of the game led to the creation of […]
  15. Soccer in England, Its History and Popularity
    With this in mind, it is possible to say that is the most popular game nowadays, soccer can be taken as a unique phenomenon in the world of sport.
  16. Football and Soccer: Differences and Similarities
    The team usually consists of eleven players and the game is played on a field that has goals on either end of the field.
  17. Soccer Team, Its Positions and Their Roles
    You are the last player on the field and as such, are at a vantage position to not only see how other players are organized in the field of play, but can actually predict the […]
  18. Superstar Effect in Soccer: When Fame Makes a Difference
    The Superstar Effect, which manifests itself in football stars receiving incentives and financial rewards that other team members do not, can be viewed as a graphic example of the phenomenon analyzed.
  19. Virtual Reality Technology in Soccer Training
    Therefore, it is imperative to invest in this area to protect the safety of our technology and ensure that we have a viable product.
  20. “Superstar Effect” in Soccer and Its Importance
    The importance of the “superstar effect” in soccer is hard to overestimate because superstar players generate more revenues for the team by drawing more interest to it, providing it with better sports results, and being […]
  21. Virtual Reality Technology and Soccer Training
    Moreover, the level of interactivity needs to be significant, and the most attention should be devoted to the modeling of situations that are viewed as the most problematic.
  22. Senior Management: Soccer Tournament
    It is chosen as the central deliverable because the successful organization of the tournament is the most desirable outcome of the project.
  23. Soccer in the US and American Exceptionalism
    Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of viewership and participation. The fact that America is not the best in terms of producing the best soccer talents explains why […]
  24. Soccer Influence on Sociopolitical Aspects of WWI
    During this period, many footballers and athletes were tempted or encouraged to join the militaries of their respective countries and become part of the ongoing war.
  25. Soccer: Transmitting Real Information on the Game
    However, a significant degree of controversy in the ways soccer players are depicted in the media tend to create a negative image of the game of millions.
  26. The First Aid Knowledge of Youth Soccer Coaches
    To establish the interrelationship between the years of work and success in the First Aid Assessment test, a Pearson Product Correlation was used.
  27. Canadian Women’s Soccer Team’s Sport Marketing
    This paper identifies the best sponsor for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team and how the two can collaborate to deliver positive results.
  28. Playing Soccer Game: Personal Experience
    During the game, I paid the main attention to team strategy and the configuration of players around the point of action.
  29. Soccer in America: Its History, Origin, Evolution, and Popularize This Sport Among Americans
    The coverage of the history of this game which is also popularly known as soccer is quite diverse and different ideas have been put across as to where the game originated and its evolution to […]
  30. The Development of Soccer Analysis
    The fifth chapter is devoted to the analysis of interesting and relevant issues of the reasons of low popularity of soccer in the United States where other sports like baseball and basketball are dominant.
  31. Cultural Values Embeded in Soccer
    One of the cultural values embedded in soccer is socialization; socialization is promoted by the soccer events that are organized by the world soccer governing body FIFA.
  32. European Soccer: The Final UEFA Cup Match
    On the whole with the rest of Shakhtar players the game spread out on the whole area of the field and change for rather long periods of time the halves of the field provoking alternate […]
  33. How Soccer Influences Society and Resolves Issues
    The fans are interested in the moves of the players and the scores. It is a game which the youngsters and parents alike.
  34. Soccer and National Identity
    The jubilation and merry that is evident during the topmost soccer challenge in the world commonly referred to as FIFA world cup is testimony to the immense love that fans have for this game as […]
  35. Soccer Articles About Kings of Diving
    Further, it is intriguing to realize that not only is it a commonplace practice, but it is utilized by some of the top players in the league.
  36. The Lack of Soccer Popularity in the U.S.
    Lack of soccer popularity can be traced from historic events as well as the lifestyle of Americans.”American children grow up with the mentality that soccer is to be played for fun which is not an […]

📌 Most Interesting Soccer Topics to Write about

  1. The Impact of Economic Factors On A Soccer Club
  2. Unequal Pay Causes the Women’s Professional Soccer to Fail
  3. Turkish Super League Soccer Clubs’ Usage of Internet as a Tool for Marketing Purposes
  4. The Three Types of Shooting in Soccer: The Finesse Shot, the Power Shot, and the Chip Shot
  5. The Socio-Economic Determinants of International Soccer Performance
  6. The Returns to Scarce Talent: Footedness and Player Remuneration in European Soccer
  7. The Reasons Why America Hated Soccer
  8. The Impact of Managerial Quality on Organizational Performance: Evidence from German Soccer
  9. Transformational Leadership in Youth Soccer
  10. Team Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, And American Football
  11. The Bosman Ruling and the Emergence of a Single Market in Soccer Talent
  12. The Social, Physical, and Mental Benefits of Soccer
  13. The Voyage of a Fortunate Soccer Player
  14. Scandals and Corruption in World Cup Soccer
  15. The Effects Of Soccer On Soccer ‘s Influence On The World
  16. What Is The Attributes Of The Soccer Starting Line-Up
  17. The Professional Soccer Career of Bastian Schweinsteiger
  18. The United States Soccer Pay Rates For Top Players
  19. Rationale Behind Crazy Transfer Fee of English Soccer Players
  20. Similarities And Differences Between Football And Soccer

👍 Good Soccer Titles for Essays

  1. Youth Sports : The Benefits Of Youth Soccer
  2. The Importance Of Soccer Pre Game Warm Up
  3. The Social Interaction of a Men’s Soccer Team
  4. The Today ‘s Soccer Big West Conference Championship Game
  5. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Soccer Coach
  6. The Key Factor for the Lack of Success of the United States in International Soccer
  7. The Soccer Ball: Effect Of Air Pressure On The Movement Of The Soccer Ball
  8. The Inventors Of Modern Soccer English Soccer History
  9. The Economic Effects of the Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany with Regard to Different Financing
  10. The Twelfth Man? Refereeing Bias in English and German Soccer
  11. Work Incentives and Salary Distributions in Major League Soccer
  12. The Effect Of Physics On Soccer And How It Impacts The Team Game
  13. The Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany: Choosing Match Locations by Applying a Modified Cost-Benefit Model
  14. The History of Soccer in the World and America
  15. World Cup Soccer Football That Unites The World
  16. Professional Soccer Player As A Professional Athlete Player
  17. Willingness to Pay for Soccer Player Development in the United States
  18. Physiological Characteristics of Soccer Athletes
  19. The Soccer Community And The Martial Arts Community
  20. The Importance of Clubs in Helping Permanently Injured Soccer Players Get Proper Education

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