Soccer Essay, Research Paper Examples

Miniature Camera on Soccer Shirt

Introduction The fact that modern technologies have made an enormous progress over the years should not be overlooked, and it is necessary to find new uses for some of the devices that have been developed. One of the most interesting devices that should be discussed is a miniature camera that has been used for many […]

Virtual Reality in Soccer Training

Recently, there has been an increased demand for the development of sports science. This area is recognized as an academic discipline and as a valid are of professional practice. The use of the technologies allows players to evaluate their performance by looking at the situation from a perspective of a viewer. Specifically virtual reality technologies […]

Soccer player Case Study – Karl Henning

Executive Summary Karl Henning was a Briton who migrated to the United States in 2000 after being awarded a scholarship. He had a passion for playing soccer and this made him participate in various competitive teams in England during his high school life. Apart from playing, he was talented in teaching kids how to play […]

Soccer World Cup

Introduction Soccer is a game that is played by two teams that are comprised of eleven players each. The sport has a large following in the whole world compared to the other sporting activities. The soccer world cup is held after every four consecutive years since 1930. The event takes one month to be completed […]

American Football in American Culture

American football evolved from British roots but has closer relations to Rugby that to soccer (Camp, 2009). It got its name from the fact that men playing it were on foot and not on horseback (Camp, 2009). Outside of the United States, the name football mainly refers to soccer. In this case, players use their […]