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116 Brilliant Homelessness Essay Topics & Free Paper Examples

Homelessness is a compound problem that consists of many different aspects and causes, and you want to discuss as many as possible in your essay on homelessness. Check our article to get homelessness essay topics and thesis ideas, research questions, and inspiration from free paper examples!

🌎 How to Write a Homelessness Essay

Some people encounter obstacles in their lives and end up on the streets while they try to find a new job and improve their livelihood. Others become homeless veterans, resigning to a life without a proper dwelling.

There are also rare people who choose a homeless lifestyle of their own volition due to personal beliefs. Such individuals may be better off than the rest, but they still warrant an inspection. Depending on the category you want to discuss, you will have to select an appropriate homelessness essay thesis.

You should discuss homelessness as a systemic issue that happens to a group of people. You may use individual cases as illustrations for some of your points, but anecdotal evidence is not sufficient for strong statements.

Statistics and scholarly articles are preferable sources, though you may use journalistic pieces to support a theoretical framework. If you do so, make sure that the articles maintain an objective tone and try to remain impartial instead of appealing to feelings.

Poor journalism is possibly even less trustworthy than the unsupervised websites your instructions may have warned you to avoid. Their use would damage the credibility of your essay and, therefore, its impact.

As can be seen from the above, the reasons why people may become homeless are an excellent topic for discussion. You can link the people who are temporarily homeless to the region’s economic performance or similar factors.

Additional research would be necessary to do so, including economic analyses and interviews with homeless people. Nevertheless, the discussion will show your insight and originality in linking different ideas to explain phenomena.

It will also demonstrate your knowledge of various economic and political topics and further your understanding of social factors. You can also use a discussion of the reasons why people may lose their homes as a homelessness essay hook to shift to their current situation.

On its own, homelessness may be viewed in a manner similar to that of unemployment, with some degree of it being unavoidable and necessary to power the real estate industry. However, when people remain without a residence for an extended period, their state becomes an issue and should be explored.

In your homelessness essay topics, you should discuss the reasons why homeless people may be unable to obtain a permanent home. Physical factors such as the inability to obtain a job or the high prices of housing are excellent examples.

Mental issues such as depression and other conditions also warrant discussion. You will be able to obtain a more complete overview of the issue by inspecting its various components.

Here are some additional tips for your essay:

  • The phenomenon of homelessness as it occurs on a societal level has been researched thoroughly. You may voice original ideas, but make sure that they are supported with strong evidence.
  • Try to differentiate between various categories of homeless people. Homogenizing them without considering their differences and attitudes may lead you to make mistaken assessments.
  • Try to consult historical data to identify periods when homelessness rose or fell and associate them with other events. You may discover effective or ineffective policy, economic growth and crises, or other ideas you can use.

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🏆 Best Homelessness Topics & Essay Examples

  1. Homelessness as the Scourge of the Modern Society: The Causes, the Outcomes and the Means to Eliminate It
    Although the results of poverty are rather explicit and unequivocal, the issue is rather hard to define, since it has a number of facets, such as the economical, the political and the financial proper.
  2. Homelessness in Vancouver, Canada: Discussing its Causes & Effects
    The second cause, which is characteristic of the city of Vancouver, is the increase in the number of poor people. Another cause of homelessness in Vancouver, which is diametrically related to low assistance levels, is […]
  3. Homelessness as a Global Social Issue
    In the US, homelessness is on the increase because of economic melt- down and foreclosures. Moreover, differences in perception of homelessness by liberal and conservative on homeless have increased homelessness in the US.
  4. Homelessness in the United States
    Additionally, a variety of factors contributes to homelessness and they are deep within the makeup of the economy thus homelessness has remained an area of concern to the government, the social service providers and the […]
  5. Homelessness and Schizophrenia
    It is essential to consider that lack of a proper home can exert pressure in an individual, to the extent of mental burdening.
  6. Homelessness as the Social Phenomenon
    Another thing that makes the fight against homelessness more difficult is the existence of the phenomenon of hidden homelessness.”First among the reasons for the persistent undercount of the number of people who are under the […]
  7. Poverty, Homelessness and Discrimination in Australia: The case of the Aboriginal
    He described the various aspects of the ownership of the means of production in the form of factories, machines and technology and emerging system of relations of production as an important determinants of classes.
  8. The Causes and Impacts of Homelessness
    Liberalists argue that homelessness results from the general nature and the poor economic structures and the manner in which finances and resources are distributed in the society.
  9. Group proposal: Ending chronic homelessness in United Kingdom
    This planning team, working in collaboration with the agency, used a strategic procedure in reviewing current achievements and in developing suggestions for the scope and tactics to be the outline of the 2013 activities, the […]
  10. Public Policy: Homelessness
    The major stakeholder in the issue of homelessness is the government. It is laughable for citizens of the great nation to stay in the cold.
  11. Approaching Homelessness in America
    It is estimated that the majority of those who are homeless live in central cities and they constitute 71% of all the people who are homeless in America.
  12. Crimes, Homelessness, Mental Disorders
    However, several problems in the Australian society have become a serious cause for concern, specifically because these problems have a direct impact on the future of the young people and consequently the future of Australia.
  13. Homelessness Problem in the Kenora District
    With regard to the focus group, it is necessary to highlight the reasons for the increased number of homeless individuals, analyze the consequences of the problem for social welfare of the town, and provide new […]
  14. Policy Analysis: Homelessness
    This paper identifies some of the solutions to the problem and analyzes the viability of each solution. It is only through evaluation that policy makers can account for each cent spent in the project.
  15. Homelessness in Canadian Society
    As a result, the demand for housing has surpassed the supply because of changes in government policies and efforts to address the issue of homelessness.
  16. Minority Population at Risk: Homelessness
    For example, in improving the conditions of the homeless, employers should review the employment requirements and level of competencies in order to absorb the unemployed homeless.
  17. Homelessness in the US
    The existing policies do not address the problem of homelessness in the US. The constitution was adjusted in 1949 to cater for the needs of the poor in society.
  18. Homelessness in Phoenix Arizona State
    People have different views regarding the help rendered to the homeless people, and indeed, there are those who feel that Arizona State should pay no attention to the homeless people.
  19. Catholic Dealing with Poverty and Homelessness
    The idea of “common good” will support many people in the world. The practice will support many people in the world.
  20. Homelessness as a Social Issue
    Research further indicates that the group is at a high risk of suffering from addiction in an effort to contain stress and ignominy associated with homelessness.
  21. Issue of Homelessness in America
    Currently the numbers of homeless families have significantly increased compared with the number in 1980s and earlier. However, the numbers of homeless individuals and families have considerably augmented by over thirty percent in the last […]
  22. Homelessness and School Readiness Evaluation
    Rog expected to define and underline the necessities of homeless families and their mechanisms of coping with the situation, review the correlation between homelessness in families, child and domestic abuse, and incidents of rape, and […]
  23. Homelessness in “Light in August” and “Wise Blood”
    The concept of home is commonly regarded in relation to the process of formation of individual identity, and, in almost every culture, the definition of a home serves as an indicator of a person’s wholeness […]
  24. Los Angeles: Housing, Homelessness, Drugs, Crimes
    For example, it is evident that Los Angeles has a number of gangs and groups living in the neighborhood. In this regard, agents recorded a significant decrease in the sale of houses in Los Angeles.
  25. American Homelessness, Its Causes and Solutions
    The United States of America has a fair share of the homeless. In the absence of poverty, the population would afford decent housing and avoid residing on the streets.
  26. Homelessness in the US as a Solvable Problem
    The problem is believed to be caused by a wide range of social issues that have affected the country for the past centuries.
  27. Aboriginal Homelessness in Vancouver
    One of the examples of institutionalized discrimination is the existence of the Indian Act, first established to define the “Indian Status” and control the identity of Indigenous people.
  28. Homelessness Among Students in the United States
    The number of homeless students is increasing due to rising costs of living and the lack of programs aimed at assisting this vulnerable population.
  29. A Look at Homelessness in Chicago
    When speaking about this problem in the context of the American city of Chicago, Illinois, it is worth noting that here, the level of homelessness is quite high.
  30. The Needs of Students Experiencing Homelessness
    Thus, counselors will have a possibility to identify common patterns in the target learners’ behaviors and design the interventions that will help manage the emotional and psychological concerns of homeless students. It is crucial that […]
  31. Mental Illness and Homelessness in the United States
    Hence, there is a need to establish elaborate policies for addressing the problem of mental illness among homeless people in all regions in the US.

👍 Good Homeless Essay Topics

  1. Social Work and Homelessness Research Methodology
    A randomized controlled trial will be conducted to answer the following research question: what is the effectiveness of the Housing First program to street homelessness based on the experiences of both human service professionals and […]
  2. Anti-Homelessness Program’s Cost Benefit Analysis
    For the first program, the major benefit is the reduction of homelessness among adolescents and young adults as one of the most serious current social problems.
  3. Social Work and Homelessness in the United States
    The new study will analyze how different programs such as the Housing First have managed to minimize the impacts of homelessness.
  4. Housing Families Inc. Addressing Homelessness
    The organization’s mission is to eliminate family homelessness with the help of providing a safe shelter and high-quality services for homeless families in need in Massachusetts.
  5. The Issue of Homelessness in Modern World
    The problem is viewed from various perspectives by different authors, and many conclusions are valuable in terms of drawing attention to the issue.
  6. Overpopulation and Homelessness in the Modern World
    According to the United Nations, more than half of the population resides in urban areas, making the problem of homelessness visible: cities cannot keep up with the high demand for housing, resulting in people living […]
  7. Homelessness Studies and Their Ethical Dimensions
    It is clear that the individuals were not made aware of the consequences of these experiments. Such research can be made ethical if researchers devote more attention to people’s health during and after the trials’ […]
  8. Mental Healthcare Quality and Homelessness Levels
    According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.
  9. Homelessness: A Huge Social Problem in Canada
    Lastly, homelessness was chosen as a topic of research because there is very little information about the issue especially in relation to health.
  10. The Problem of Homelessness in the US
    That is why every government tries to provide the strategies for homelessness to help people to deal with the problem, but not all of them are successful.
  11. The Problem of Homelessness
    It should be pointed out that status of homeless people in the society varies from one country to another: in the United States, Western Europe or Australia, they have better opportunities of deriving support of […]
  12. Homelessness as a Cause of Concern Around the World
    Shortage and high cost of housing and the increasing cost of health care are becoming the main reasons for homelessness amongst people in most parts of the developed world. In the absence of houses to […]
  13. The Problem of Homelessness: Media View
    It understands the role of the media in problem construction and the definition of the weight the matter carries to the public.
  14. The Problem of Homelessness in Metropolitan Areas
    In this sense, the authors identify four types of causes, which might appear one after another in a cycle: the underlying causes; the direct causes or catalysts which result in the loss of a home […]
  15. The Homelessness Problem in the US: Issue Review
    A report dubbed “The changing character of homelessness in the United States” identifies a new breed of homeless in the US. According to them this was a contributing factor to the rising level of the […]
  16. Health Implications of Homelessness: Experiences and Emotional Feelings
    This study considers the aspect of health implications in homelessness through the essay written by a noted writer, Lars Eighner, through his various essay, significant among them being called ‘On dumpster diving.’ In this article […]
  17. The Hidden Homelessness in the City of Los Angeles
    Private organizations as well as volunteer groups have come to the rescue of homeless Skid Row’s residents, offering them shelter and other necessities.
  18. Media’s Role in Framing Homelessness
    Apart from this whatever the weakness or merits of the commission’s plan are, there also exists a great and a huge gap between the policy’s level and the ways for an ordinary citizens in order […]
  19. Mumbai Great Problem: Homelessness Problem in Cities
    From the discussion of the categories of the homeless, it is clear that it can prove to be difficult to define what homelessness truly is.
  20. The York Region Alliance to End Homelessness
    The following are the objectives of the organization; To ensure that there is safe storage of furniture and other properties that belong to persons living in temporary shelters and those properties that have been donated […]
  21. Persuasive Speech on Homelessness and Eradicating It in Society
    The truth of the matter is that majority of the homeless are people with dreams, ambitions and desire to succeed. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, paucity has been the key […]
  22. Homelessness in the Context of Middle-Range Theories
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the selected vulnerable group and its current health and social issues and then to analyze the application of several middle-range theories to the mentioned issues.
  23. Optimizing Urban Planning to Address Homelessness
    Researchers use sensitivity analysis to assess the contribution of single preference parameters to the uncertainty of the ranking of alternatives. In the same manner, authorities can create a database consisting of all the shelters for […]
  24. Urban Planning Optimization and Homelessness
    Therefore, the urban planning should be revised regarding those private providers’ interests: the risk of failure for future city development would strongly increase in the areas of possible economic concern.
  25. Political Issue of Homelessness: Finding Solutions
    Despite the undoubted successes of the Trump administration in the economic sphere – it appeared possible to significantly reduce unemployment and overcome the mortgage crisis – the number of homeless people is constantly growing.
  26. Debunking the Myths on Homelessness: Misconceptions About the Social Status and Mental Health
    The point of concern is that the housing market, particularly in the United States, does not have enough low-cost living space that is affordable to the economical marginals and people with low income.
  27. Kids and Youth Homelessness: Facts and Statistics in the United States
    There have been numerous government interventions in the form of policies since the times of the Great Depression, but the number of homeless children and teenagers has only increased.
  28. The Impact of Homelessness in California: Economic and Other Reasons
    The crisis intensified after the recession of 2008 when prices soared up, and now hundreds of thousands of people live in their tents or vehicles in LA, San Francisco, and other cities.
  29. The Problem of Homelessness in Australia: Social, Political, and Political Dynamics
    The involvement and collaboration of all key partners and stakeholders will make it possible for the country to overcome this problem.
  30. A Need for an Effective Homelessness Policy in Florida
    3 million disparity in the number of units available for rent and the number of households exacerbated the problem of homelessness in the country.

💡 Memorable Research Topics about Homelessness

  1. Combating Homelessness With Affordable Housing
  2. Culture and Individual Development of Homelessness
  3. The Impact of the American Economic System on Homelessness
  4. Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Social Intervention
  5. The Federal Strategic Plan For Prevent and End Homelessness
  6. Homelessness and Other Issues Caused by the Mergers and Advancement of Companies in the United States
  7. Overview Homelessness and the Lawson Panhandling in America
  8. Family Homelessness and Its Effects on Children
  9. The Link Between Mental Illness and Homelessness
  10. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Lifetime Prevalence of Homelessness in the United States
  11. Analysis Homelessness Postmodernist and Feminist Perspective
  12. Homelessness and Substance Abuse
  13. Analysis Homelessness and the Effect It Has on Social Health
  14. Homelessness and Domestic Violence Awareness
  15. Child Abuse and Neglect, Homelessness, and Marital Problems
  16. Homelessness Among Formerly Incarcerated African American Men: Contributors and Consequences
  17. Overview City Life, Homelessness, Race, and Sociology
  18. Homelessness: Rates, Causes, Conflicts and Solutions
  19. General Information Abouthomelessness Among Those With Mental Illness
  20. Dealing With the Problem of Homelessness in the United States
  21. Features the Homelessness Among Youth in Canada
  22. Helping People With a Chronic Homelessness Problem
  23. Analysis Homelessness Amongst Marginalized LGBTQ Youth
  24. Homelessness, Property Rights and Institutional Logics
  25. Domestic Violence and Homelessness Among Women

❓ Research Questions about Homelessness

  1. Why Has Homelessness Gained Worldwide Attention?
  2. Homelessness Is an Epidemic That Affects Everyone?
  3. What Are the Ways To Prevent Youth Homelessness?
  4. How Is Homelessness in Connecticut Fought With Supportive Housing?
  5. What Are the Consequences of Homelessness for Women?
  6. How Does Social Inequality Contribute to Homelessness in the United States?
  7. Can Symbolic Interactionism Help With Homelessness?
  8. How Aware of Homelessness and Domestic Violence in European Countries?
  9. What Are the Main Causes and Consequences of Homelessness?
  10. How Can People Help Solve the Problem of Homelessness?
  11. What Are the Social Justice Challenges for the Homeless?
  12. How Does New York Fight Homelessness?
  13. What Are the Problems and Consequences of Homelessness in New York?
  14. How Does Homelessness Affect Society?
  15. What Causes Homelessness Across America?
  16. How Can You Avoid Homelessness Using Rent Control?
  17. Why Is Domestic Violence Seen as a Cause of Homelessness Among Women?
  18. Does Public Housing Reduce Homelessness?
  19. What Are the Social Issues of the Size of Homelessness in Savannah, Georgia?
  20. How Does Homelessness Affect Children?
  21. What Are the Problems of Homelessness in America and Their Future Solutions?
  22. Homelessness and Why You Should Think Twice Before Aiding the Homeless?
  23. Why Are There So Many Homeless American Veterans?
  24. What Is Canada’s Homelessness Policy?
  25. How Do Denver Area Fight Homelessness?
  26. What Is the Relationship of Homelessness, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse?
  27. What Are the Reasons for Youth Homelessness?
  28. How Do You Fight Homelessness With Shelters?
  29. What Are the Problems and Consequences of Homelessness?
  30. How To Help Homelessness With Permanent Assisted Housing?

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