Homelessness Essay, Research Paper Examples

Homelessness is a compound problem that consists of many different aspects and causes, and you want to discuss as many as possible in your essay on homelessness.

Some people encounter obstacles in their lives and end up on the streets while they try to find a new job and improve their livelihood. Others become homeless veterans, resigning to a life without a proper dwelling.

There are also rare people who choose a homeless lifestyle of their own volition due to personal beliefs. Such individuals may be better off than the rest, but they still warrant an inspection. Depending on the category you want to discuss, you will have to select an appropriate homelessness essay thesis.

You should discuss homelessness as a systemic issue that happens to a group of people. You may use individual cases as illustrations for some of your points, but anecdotal evidence is not sufficient for strong statements.

Statistics and scholarly articles are preferable sources, though you may use journalistic pieces to support a theoretical framework. If you do so, make sure that the articles maintain an objective tone and try to remain impartial instead of appealing to feelings.

Poor journalism is possibly even less trustworthy than the unsupervised websites your instructions may have warned you to avoid. Their use would damage the credibility of your essay and, therefore, its impact.

As can be seen from the above, the reasons why people may become homeless are an excellent topic for discussion. You can link the people who are temporarily homeless to the region’s economic performance or similar factors.

Additional research would be necessary to do so, including economic analyses and interviews with homeless people. Nevertheless, the discussion will show your insight and originality in linking different ideas to explain phenomena.

It will also demonstrate your knowledge of various economic and political topics and further your understanding of social factors. You can also use a discussion of the reasons why people may lose their homes as a homelessness essay hook to shift to their current situation.

On its own, homelessness may be viewed in a manner similar to that of unemployment, with some degree of it being unavoidable and necessary to power the real estate industry. However, when people remain without a residence for an extended period, their state becomes an issue and should be explored.

In your homelessness essay topics, you should discuss the reasons why homeless people may be unable to obtain a permanent home. Physical factors such as the inability to obtain a job or the high prices of housing are excellent examples.

Mental issues such as depression and other conditions also warrant discussion. You will be able to obtain a more complete overview of the issue by inspecting its various components.

Here are some additional tips for your essay:

  • The phenomenon of homelessness as it occurs on a societal level has been researched thoroughly. You may voice original ideas, but make sure that they are supported with strong evidence.
  • Try to differentiate between various categories of homeless people. Homogenizing them without considering their differences and attitudes may lead you to make mistaken assessments.
  • Try to consult historical data to identify periods when homelessness rose or fell and associate them with other events. You may discover effective or ineffective policy, economic growth and crises, or other ideas you can use.

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