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50 Famine Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Famine Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Famine, Affluence, and Morality
    He claims that giving a certain amount to Bengal would result to suffering of individuals and their dependants, which will correspond to the suffering he relieved in Bengal.
  2. US Debt Limit and the Kenyan Famine
    The only challenge is the arm twisting being witnessed between the two parties with each of them turning down the proposals of the other.
  3. Irish Potato Famine
    According to the Irish people, the famine was the worst in their history in terms of scale, duration and effects. Irish potato famine had a lot of implications to the Irish people and the world […]
  4. What are Contributing Factors to North Korean Famine?
    Natsios illustrates the preceding periods of food shortage – 1945 to 46, 1954 to 55 and 1970 to 1973 resulted in institutional changes in agriculture, the pile of which was connected to the famine witnessed […]
  5. The Effect of Famine in North Korea
    The ceasefire of 1953 marked the end of the Korean War but since then the relationship between the government of North Korea and America, Canada, Japan, Europe, the European Union, as well as South Korea […]
  6. “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” by Peter Singer
    It argues that while Singer’s argument for the suffering and death from lack of basic necessities is bad, his conclusion that it is the duty of the wealthy to do something to alleviate the suffering […]
  7. South Sudan Famine Crisis: National Perspective
    The latter should not be limited to humanitarian aid: the primary causes of the issue, which include the ongoing conflict in the region, need to be investigated and addressed before more than a half of […]
  8. Great Irish Famine and British Government’s Response
    That system was in operation in all but four poor law unions but relief, under the 1838 act, could be given only to inmates of workhouses.
  9. Famine in Africa in “Surrender or Starve” by Robert Kaplan
    The accounts in the books explore the influence of religious, ethnic and class conflicts in the region to the famine. Relationship between the Ethiopian government and USSR led to influx of weapons and money that […]
  10. The Great Potato Famine: Analysis of the Causes
    It is often argued that that the inaction of the British government aggravated the effects of the famine. In addition to that, several historians believe that the Potato famine can be considered as an act […]

⭐ Good Research Topics about Famine

  1. The Modern Age: Can Economic, Land Use, and Climatic Stresses Lead To Famine, Disease, Warfare, and Death
  2. Independence, Famine, and Soviet Rule
  3. Drought and Famine Relationships in Sudan: Policy Implications
  4. Famine in European History
  5. Blood, Tears, Poverty, Famine and Socio-Economic Problems: Western Imperialism’s Negative Effect on Southeast Asia
  6. Climate, Population, and Famine in Northern Italy: General Tendencies and Malthusian Crisis in 1450-1800
  7. Famine Mortality, Rational Political Inactivity, and International Food Aid
  8. North Korea: Disaster, Hunger, Famine and Rebuild
  9. Famine Demography: Perspectives From the Past and Present
  10. Propaganda, War, Famine, and Death in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”
  11. Famine and Scarcity in Late Medieval and Early Modern England: The Regulation of Grain Marketing
  12. How Our Ancestors Handled the Problems of Overpopulation, Famine, and Disease
  13. The Causes and Consequences of Periodic Famine: Today’s Humanitarian Disasters
  14. Famine Theory: How Diabetes, Obesity and the Thrifty Gene Are Related
  15. Fuel and Famine: Rural Energy Crisis in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  16. The Difference Between Famine and Food Insecurity
  17. The Causes and Effects of Famine in Ethiopia and Sudan
  18. Market Segmentation and Famine in Ancien Regime France
  19. Joseph Stalin’s Forced Famine
  20. Fertility Trends, Excess Mortality, and the Great Irish Famine

👍 Simple & Easy Famine Essay Titles

  1. The Cause and Effects of Famine in Developing Countries
  2. Medieval Famine Northwestern Europe
  3. The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory
  4. Early Life Undernutrition and Chronic Diseases at Older Ages: The Effects of the Dutch Famine on Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes
  5. The Difference Between Famine and Food Insecurity
  6. Medieval Famine as Agricultural Catastrophe
  7. Population Crash: Prospects for Famine in the Twenty-First Century
  8. Global Famine Sustainable Food Production
  9. After the Famine: Emigration From Ireland in 1850–1913
  10. Fetal Origins, Childhood Development, and Famine
  11. Famine Disease and Famine Mortality: Demography and Endemic Poverty
  12. Trauma, and Memory: Famines Past, Famine’s Future
  13. Famine, Death, and Madness: Schizophrenia in Early Adulthood After Prenatal Exposure to the Famine
  14. China’s Great Famine: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
  15. Overpopulation: Famine and Planet Earth
  16. Food Availability, Food Entitlements, and Radicalism During the Chinese Great Leap Forward Famine
  17. Famine and Famine Relief – Coping Strategy at the District Level
  18. Identifying the Intergenerational Effects of the Famine on Infant Mortality
  19. Living Through the Great Chinese Famine: Early-Life Experiences and Managerial Decisions
  20. Rationing Without Government: The West Coast Gas Famine of 1920

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