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US Debt Limit and the Kenyan Famine Essay (Critical Writing)

The US debt limit has sharply come under scrutiny in the recent past and is considered a significant issue due to its impacts. The legislatures need to take an immediate action to avert a situation which would lead to the whole of the US economy being negatively affected.

Currently attempts are being made to ensure that the debt limit is raised to avoid possible defaults being realized as this will certainly negatively impact the economy. The only challenge is the arm twisting being witnessed between the two parties with each of them turning down the proposals of the other. Despite this challenge, officials from both parties “have expressed cautious optimism about the chances of raising the US debt limit by Tuesday and averting possible default” (BBC 1).

This issue of US debt has literary been covered by all media houses due to the significance it holds. President Barrack Obama is doing all he can to ensure that debt default does not occur. Different views have been aired with different people making suggestions through television channels as well as radio stations. The issue is current as its effects will be felt immediately if a solution is not found by Tuesday i.e. second of August.

It can be argued that the issue is associated with a lot of emotions and suspense significantly because of the way it will likely impact the economic. Literary every sector of the economy is likely to be affected if the legislatures failure to raise the debt limit in time. It should be noted that the value US dollar will likely lose value to foreign currencies and this will adversely affected business people especially those engaged in international business.

The Kenyan Famine

The Kenyan famine is another piece of news which has hit the international headlines in a significant way. It is reported that Kenyans in a region called Turkana have been dying of hunger while the government is said not to be doing enough about the situation. The local newspapers and media houses have comprehensively covered the event with some of the images shown been quite emotional.

Officials from various developed countries have visited the region and have expressed much concern about the event. Local corporate bodies have joined hands and started a project dubbed Kenyans for Kenyans whereby citizens of the country including the corporate bodies are making an attempt to raise 500 million Kenyans shillings for food purchase to feed people in that region (Ngumo 1).

The government leadership has been sharply accused of laxity. This was especially triggered by the government spokesman who claimed that no person had died of hunger in Kenyan as there was no documentary evidence to show that.

It is quite contradicting that in the same country there are regions which have realized huge harvests of potatoes and cabbages that the same are being fed on animals because there is no one interested in buying them. The Kenyan famine has evoked a lot of emotions especially among the citizens of the country who strongly feel that their country has a huge potential agriculturally to feed its people only that the nation’s leadership has been quite selfish and non –visionary.

This case of famine has depicted Kenya in a very negative way at the international level. It has continuously being viewed as a big shame that such a fertile country is unable to feed itself while nations located in deserts such as Israel and Egypt are able to feed themselves and even export excess of the agricultural produce (Ngumo 1).

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