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Globalization and the World Economy

The current trends in the global economy development can be viewed as the foundation for considering the further political and financial changes on both the statewide and the global levels.

City Size and Urban Economics

On the other hand, city dwellers and people working in urban centers will find this topic of the relationship between city sizes and utility as very important since it elucidates the trade-off between agglomeration economies [...]

Globalization and Nation States

The opinions of the non-industrialized and developing nation-states are the least accounted for, with the countries leading the economic liberalization choosing where to invest and move their businesses.

Consumption and Retirement: Singapore’ Evidence

The authors review previous studies on the topic and suggest that the classical picture of the relationship between retirement and buying behaviors does not take into account the fact that people have different buying behaviors [...]

The European Crisis Problem

The assumption that those countries that are independent of the monetary union are in a beneficial position is supported by the fact that financial markets have more influential power over the union members they can [...]

The Sharing Economy Concept Definition

The forces that trigger such tendency and lead to the global recognition of the sharing economy are still adapting. As a business model, the sharing economy takes different forms and is characterized by unique features.

The Australian Trade and Tariff Industry

An overview of the essential information about the correlation between the exported and the imported goods, which the trade flow is typically defined as, is vital to the success of the strategies adopted by the [...]

Public Perception and Globalization

The history of the public perception of globalization is somewhat similar to the path undergone by the industry of food chemistry: once its benefits and advantages over traditional ways became apparent, it was trumpeted and [...]

Internship at Banque Saudi Fransi

The internship was a valuable experience as it allowed applying my theoretical knowledge to practice and understand the principle of banking operations from inside. The list of the main shareholders is represented in the table [...]

Asian Multinational Enterprises

The end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first century are marked with the growing role and influence of Asia Pacific multinational enterprises in the global economy.

Openness Tendencies for Colombia and Egypt

The purpose of this paper is to describe the openness tendencies for Colombia and Egypt, discuss the relationship between openness and development of countries, and analyze factors influencing openness.

Deficit Spending Methods Usage

To avoid adverse effects of emission, the supporters of the Keynesian perspective suggest the implementation of deficit spending as an effective method for the distribution of tax burdens in time and the consequent facilitation of [...]

Foreign Direct Investment Role in Unemployment

The following report explores the evidence behind the claims of both the advocates and the opponents of globalization and one of its prominent manifestations foreign direct investment to determine whether its effect could be used [...]

Foreign Direct Investment and Globalization

Also, it should be stressed that the project will benefit the local community as it will improve the labor market and inspire businesses to contribute to the well-being of the community within which they operate.

Globalization Evolution in the UAE

Attempting to answer the question of whether the process is more beneficial than harmful, the paper outlines the causes of globalization, its main types, and features that analyze its impact on economic growth and emphasize [...]

The Central African Republic Economy

However, certain issues hamper the development of the state, the steep rise in the corruption levels, and the subsequent reduction of the commodity prices being the key one. A gradual rise in the economic progress [...]

Retail Banking Products and Services

Using the examples and contrasting the products and services of Emirates NBD and Bank of Singapore will assist in understanding the key problems and consequences of the global business environment.

Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations

If the organization implements the anti-fraud activities, it will be able to experience all types of benefits and protect itself from fraudulent events.

Financial Activities and Management

Priority tasks of any financial manager are the competent allocation of resources, the assessment of risks and opportunities for a particular company, as well as the planning and control of costs. Finally, management companies monitor [...]

The Global Financial Crisis and Its Effect

The latest global financial crisis managed to restart a debate on the value of both the stakeholder as well as shareholder theories. This led to the managers being more attentive to the prices of the [...]

Unemployment as a Local Economic Issue

The evaluation of these aspects is crucial to the current research for the reason that it would help highlight the weak spots of the modern employment apparatus and suggest novel ways of dealing with unemployment.

Dubai Government Excellence Program

Dubai Government Excellence Program can be regarded as one of the factors contributing to the economic growth of the UAE. Nonetheless, it is important to take into account such factors as the fear of failure, [...]

Tax Reform in the United States

Furthermore, the adoption of the Consumption Tax as the foundation for the current fiscal system will encourage the residents of the United States to change their buying behavior.

The Necessity of a Budget Narrative

To give the funder an opportunity to evaluate the project's financial costs and understand whether the implementation of the project is real, the budget narrative is necessary.

Middle East Effect on Global Trade

Second, the region has a favorable geographic location at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, which allows it to be in the center of international trade.

Innovation Role in the UAE Economy

The proximate reasons were the need to conquer the world through colonialism that made it necessary for them to use their military and economic power to influence cultural and political structure of other countries around [...]

Nigeria’s Economic Potential and Development

If the value of the country's informal sector is factored in, the 2012 GDP figure ascends to about $630 billion. The government of Nigeria is seeking to privatize the NRC to restore the infrastructural and [...]

Middle East & North Africa Countries’ Economies

After the rapid development of the UAE economy and airlines, as well as the emphasis on the role of Gulf carriers, particularly, "Emirates, Etihad Airlines and Qatar Airways", the U.S.government has been trying to oust [...]

Banking Industry Guidance

Moreover, the guidance points out the essentiality of the regular risk assessment that is critical in the context of the rapidly changing environment.

Foreign Investment in Argentina

In regards to the influx of FDI, Argentina is ranked sixth in the region. In regards to the human development indices, Argentina enjoys the highest index in the Latin American region.

France Economic Performance

While the modern France has seen tremendous growth in the industrial sector, agriculture is still one of the most important economic activities for the generation of revenue for the government.

The US Budget Making Process

After creating the budget, the Congress must then pass a law that is signed by the president authorizing the government to spend the money through the authorization bill. The presence of long-term and short-term deficits [...]

Gray Market Promotive Factors and Effects

Also, the paper establishes the impact of gray goods on authorized distributors, customers, manufacturers, gray market arbitrage, and the country. As a result, the authorized distributors may be demotivated and deprived of the incentive to [...]

The World Bank and Good Governance

The paper works to determine the issues that are related to the concept and demonstrates the intricate relationship that the World Bank, donors, and recipients create as the idea of good governance is being promoted [...]

UAE Investments in Argentina

With the lack of development in Argentina in areas of food and food security, UAE can use such opportunity to invest in the food industry of Argentina.

Free Trade Agreement in Malaysian Beef Industry

Another important aspect of the economic growth of the country is the ability to arrange free trade agreements with the help of which Malaysia can reduce trade barriers that may exist between different countries and [...]

Insider Trading, Earnings Quality and Accrual Mispricing

Secondly, it is also important to point out that one of the objectives of the test is to identify the associating between the appearance of the income-increasing accruals and the insider sales, particularly, if "income-increasing [...]

Financial Forecasting in Social Networks

Earlier, the major sources of information for financial forecasting used to come from specialized publications, financial periodicals, and companies' reports; however, with the development of technology and popularization of the Internet, specialized financial information became [...]

Factors Explaining Exports and Imports

In the same way, the current study identifies and correlates factors that affect the trade of African countries. To investigate the impact of micro and macroeconomic factors on trade of the selected African countries using [...]

The Globalization of Markets

The main theme identified in the article "The Globalization of Markets" is that business organizations should learn to operate as if the whole world was a single market.

Barclays Bank’s Innovations

These are challenges that this firm has to deal with in order to remain relevant in the market. However, the stiff market competition, the changing technological world, and stringent regulatory policies are all affecting the [...]

Chinese Yuan vs. American Dollar in 2012

When the international currency, more specifically the American dollar, fetches very little in value of a local currency, then that implies that the local currency is strong, which in turn corresponds to the strength of [...]

Qatar Petroleum Company: Price of Oil

The key characteristics of the market environment that Qatar Petroleum operates in include long run profits and the interdependence of the company with smaller companies and other major players such as ExxonMobil.