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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Marginal Concept in the Mining Industry

Over the years, the world governing bodies have closed down many coal-mining companies due to the increased pressure on the mining companies from the environmental conservation bodies, seeking to have the mining companies minimize the [...]

Distinction Between Capital and Expense

The speaker examined a variety of questions such as the definition of operational accounting, return on investment, the differences between capital costs and expenses, the law of diminishing returns, and many other issues related to [...]

American-South Korean Trade Agreement

It will enable companies from the US.to market their products in Korea since the Korean safety standards for automotive that create trade barriers will be eliminated.

Globalization of the Financial Flows and Market

It is difficult to dwell upon the benefit or harm of the "financialization" of the global economy to the economies of different countries as the way the capital market functions in different countries are different.

Middle Eastern Economic Underdevelopment

In his article, Timur Kuran pays attention to the fact that the modern recessing processes in the economy of the Middle Eastern countries in comparison with the economic growth of the Western countries can depend [...]

“State Capitalism Comes of Age” by Ian Bremmer

Thus, Bremmer concentrates on the discussion of the opposition of the models realized in such countries as Russia, China, Brazil, and India with basing on the principles of state capitalism and the model of free [...]

Cola Magic Company’s Microeconomics

The own price elasticity of demand is given by; Where p0 is the original price before the change, p1 is the price after the change; q0 is the original quantity before the change while the [...]

Economic Development: Prosperity and Poverty

The majority of the poor people in the slums and villages use small capital to run their businesses. Good institutions enforce the property rights of the majority in the society, create constraints for the elites, [...]

Volatility Concepts

First, it should be mentioned that volatility is essentially the measure of variability or fluctuations rather than the direction of the price.

UK Post-Brexit Challenges and Opportunities

The purpose of such blocs, historically, has been the establishment of trade standards, elimination of border restrictions, introduction of common quality, transportation, and inspection regulations, freedom of movement of goods and services, and the adoption [...]

Dubai Islamic Bank’s Ratio Analysis for 2012-2017

Here, different financial ratios of this bank will be presented by rearranging and simplifying the data from the financial statement of DIB group and the analysis will be done by creating relationship among the information [...]

The AA-DD Model in Monetary Economics

The AA-DD model consists of the G&S model, the money model, and the forex model. The DD curve represents an amalgamation of the GNP and exchange rates that sustain equilibrium in the G&S market.

Economic Events: Microeconomic Project

Depending on how much the oil prices increase, the effect on supply of beef is likely to be negative as the price of beef will go up prompting a decrease of demand for beef and [...]

Gatekeepers and Takeover Regulations

In fact, many gatekeepers distorted data which led to a lot of confusion and, eventually, to the global crisis. More so, it is possible to claim that gatekeepers can be considered to be responsible for [...]

Night Club Monopoly Competition in the UK

The operations in this model are that a recent monopoly will continue enjoying the supernormal profits in the short run. This occurs in the long run after the entry of a new similar but differentiated [...]

Economic Development Theories

For example, the IRD program in the Southern region of Africa encompasses the aspect of agricultural transformation relating to the restocking of animals and non-farm activities that involve brick building projects aimed at promoting social [...]

Analyzing Economy of the US

Failure to regulate the company would have led to the creation of a monopoly in the region. Therefore, a monopolist creates loss of welfare to the consumers.

Microeconomics Principles and Theories

Hence, when the price of the product or good decreases in a given economy; consumers benefit from buying more of that good. Elasticity of demand occurs when the consumer- demand declines drastically as a result [...]

Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policies and Labour Markets

Considering the situation from the point of view of control, it should be stated that fiscal policy is "changes in the taxing and spending of the federal government for purposes of expanding or contracting the [...]

Sovereign Debt Default

To begin with, the Sovereign Debt Default cases in most of the affected countries have been triggered by unwise lending. Fraudulent lending may also weaken the ability of a borrowing country to repay a given [...]

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Lewis also explores the bond market and exposes the institutions, banks, governments, and people who were aware of the impending doom on the stock market and the crisis but chose to stay quiet due to [...]

Venture Corporation: Financial Statements

The strong financial credentials of the company were the main reason for more than 88% increase in its stock price. The company's USP is "it is technical expertise in process re-engineering and materials sourcing".

How To Start Investing: Guide for Beginners

In this way, seed capital, information about the operation of monetary and currency systems, and the principles of risk management are crucial factors that enable the investment of money as safely as possible.

KitKat Product: Price Elasticity

Price elasticity is the category that characterizes the reaction of consumer demand to changes in pricing, i.e, it defines consumer behavior when the price is altered.

Emerging Market and Developing Economies

In the 17th century, the Dutch Republic became the 1st nation to develop and implement such a system. Great Britain was the first country to adopt the financial system of the Dutch Republic, in the [...]

Dow Jones Industrial Average Value

Using the historical closing price data of the last four years of Dow Jones industrial average, a forecast of the index value on the last trading day of the year 2017 is done to predict [...]

Commercial Bank of Dubai: Strategic Audit

The purpose of the given strategic audit report is to describe the current performance and mission of Commercial Bank of Dubai and analyze external and internal factors using EFAS matrix, IFAS matrix, and SFAS matrix.

Corporate Tax Assignment in the UK and the US

It is noteworthy that companies-residents of countries that have established income tax treaties with the US are only subjected to taxation "only to the extent the income is attributable to a permanent establishments in the [...]

The European Central Bank and Price Stability

The process of fostering price stability requires the ECB to engage in monetary policy actions that range from the definition of the financial guidelines to the promotion of the efficient operations of payment systems.

Deutsche Bank’s History and Its Current Position

The first sections will provide important information about the company and its structure, whereas the remaining part of the paper will concentrate on the $10-billion scandal and the problems faced by Deutsche Bank as a [...]