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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Houses Market and Ownership Transactions

From the statistics reviewed here, it was observed that distance or locality from the city center and also to a large extent size of the facility acquired largely explained the difference in pricing or the [...]

Common Property Resources’ Management

Similarly, using the findings of Cinner, through his investigations into the socioeconomic factors that influence customary marine tenure in the Indo-Pacific region, this paper shows that only a few socioeconomic changes support the common resource [...]

Succession Management and Career Planning

Notwithstanding, the diversification of the workforce in a business may ensure flexibility in the definition of the interdependent components that translate to the realization of an elastic business operation.

Citibank Analysis: Brief Overview and History

Citibank's history touches on the implementation of important historical milestones such as the development of the Transatlantic Cable, the development and commissioning of the Panama Canal, the initialization of the Marshall Plan, the development of [...]

The Peak Oil Issues

Peak oil is a situation where the extraction of oil from the existing oil reserves is at maximum, and from this point onwards, the production of oil dwindles.

The UPS Store: Supply and Demand

The expansiveness of the UPS products can lead to the company losing a big part of its customers. The quantity change can evoke a demand increase as well if the company lowers the prices for [...]

UPS Store Franchise as a Model of a Startup

Thus, the evaluation of the UPS's work shows that the franchise's land and labor productivity rank extremely high, due to the corporation's constant extensions. Consequently, the UPS store serves as a model of a prosperous [...]

M & I Bank Organisation’s Analysis

The bank has always provided its clients with advanced customer experiences, yet they were in need of special tools that would help the organisation to integrate and coordinate the functions of their back and front [...]

The Key Concepts in Economics

The essay elaborates four key points namely market economy, regulations and laws on economy, economic decisions, and pricing of goods with respect to the market structure of the USA.

UAE’s Main Economic Challenges

The paper evaluates UAE's main economic challenges, domestic issues, and its relations with the rest of the world. For example, the UAE is the largest consumer of U.

Economic Inequality and Colonialism

The participation of the European settlers in the development of these institutions played a significant role in the provocation of the economic weakness of the colonized countries.

Measuring Economic Performance

The second one is resource cost-income approach, which includes the sum of all the payments to suppliers of resources and other inputs used in producing goods and services during the year under the review.

John Locke’s and Karl Marx’s Economic Ideas

In his article Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest and the Raising of Value of Money, John Locke outlines the main theoretical provisions of what later became known as the amonetary' [...]

Economic Systems and Market Structures

Most of the forces emanating from the external business environment are beyond the control of business managers. Socialism - In this type of economic system refers to a system whereby the process of allocating resources [...]

Ricardo’s Labor Theory of Value

Also, the theory shifts away from evaluating the value of labor in terms of the wages paid to workers and labor-time involved in production to the determination of the quantity of labor input in the [...]

The Eurotunnel Project Financing

The project planning encouraged the private sector to own the entire work on the rail system. The two governments worked together to get a report for the sanctioning of the project.

Free Trade Area

In the case of the latter, the advocacy for FT could be explained by the fact that economic integration is considered to be beneficial to the economic welfare of member countries and for the global [...]

Efficient Markets and Taxation in the USA

The management should be aware of the issues so that the right approaches can be used to facilitate a culture of excellent performance. They are organized markets that rely on information that is used to [...]

McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

The coffee spilled when Stella was trying to add sugar and cream to it. Stella's decision to sue the company was misguided simply because she handled her coffee recklessly.

Unemployment Issue in the United States

Though a shrinkage in the number of vacancies and the rapid increase in the number of part-time jobs have had their toll on the unemployment rates, the lack of vacancies still remains the key cause [...]

World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund

Therefore, one of the variables of the present research will be time as it is essential to trace the development of the countries throughout the 2000s and 2010s to identify major factors affecting this growth.

“Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell

In this section, the main point is that the government has a lot of influence on the national economy, and sometimes, market failure can be attributed to government failures.

Changes of Import Indexes

The indexes measure the changes in aggregate prices that have occurred relative to the base year. It goes against the expected trend where the depreciation of the USD is supposed to cause an increase in [...]

International Business: Past, Present and Future

The availability of the internet is probably the single most important innovation of the 20th century that has increased the speed of communication and availability of information fundamental to conducting business.

The UN Foreign Aid for Lebanon

Speaking about the wars and conflicts which had a great impact on the country, it is possible to admit the role of foreign countries and United Nations in the attempts to make the compromise and [...]

Latin America Economic Development

The end of the twentieth century was characterized by the rise of emerging economies to the status of global players. It is noteworthy that up to the 1930s, Latin American countries had been oligarchic, and [...]

France and the Textile Industry

Over the years, the industry has played a major role in the growth of the French economy. In comparison to the largest economy in Europe, Germany recorded a GDP growth of -5.

The Housing Boom and Subsequent Bust

One of the factors that greatly influence price levels in the housing market is the prevailing rates of interest. It is well known that an increase in the rate of interest bears immeasurable weight on [...]

“Strategy & Society” by Porter and Kramer

It is important to focus on the interdependence of societies and companies because the effective strategy or framework related to corporate social responsibility can improve the organization's competitiveness.

“The World Is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman

The concept of market competitiveness occasioned by globalization has its roots well entrenched in the historical era of the industrial revolution when the demand for market and increasing focus on the quality of products became [...]

Unemployment and State of the US Economy

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the consideration of a great number of various key points at the same time is the guaranty of the efficient and prosperous economy of the state.

Shrimp Trade’ Industry

The Vietnamese trade ministry official asserted in the summary that the US could not deliberate over the shrimp trade row and that his government could not help shrimp farmers to renew trade links with the [...]

The United States National Debt

The current United States' "national debt is the sum of the arrears held by the US government, and it stands at $328 billion, which has shattered the record of $238 billion set in the past [...]

Florida’s Concept of Three Ts

There are other examples in which the lack of such a component as talent has blocked the way for the state to introduce the phenomenon of a Creative Class into its economic structure.

Household Spending Survey in Oman 2004-2014

During the period in question, Oman has experienced a significant growth of the average household income, which allowed the population to increase their spending, in particular, on cars, restaurants and hotels.

Full Employment in Economics

A number of factors in the economy can cause the stock market to crash. The model equates total income in the economy to a sum of expenditure in the economy.

Efficiency Wages Concept

Employers are said to pay efficiency wages to increase the cost of job loss and increase the effort and intensity of work.

UAE Airline Service Sector Customer Care

Also, it is paramount to say that the number of complaints depends on the expectations of the customers most of the time, and it is necessary to make sure that advertisements are reasonable depending on [...]

Positive and Negative Influences

Consequently, technological advancements have shaped the mode of operations and lifestyles of several individuals in the world. As such, the individuals enjoy the benefits that globalization presents in the form of increased marketing and working [...]

Marx’s Concept of Primitive Accumulation

Therefore, Marx confirms the relationship between political economy and the primitive accumulation of capital. Moreover, Marx explains in respect to the relationships or similarities existing between the primitive accumulation of capital and political economy.

Countertrade in the International Business

It is important to note that countertrade usually takes place in the world daily, and it is part and parcel of the international business. Subsequently, this has led to a decrease in the number of [...]

Expatriate Salespeople

Expatriate salespeople are the company's direct tie to the customer since through them the company is able to transfer its technology to the customers.

Labor Productivity in Marxist Analysis

According to Marx, the absolute surplus-value of labor is achieved by lengthening the working hours of the workers while the relative surplus-value is a product of proper utilization of available time to boost productivity.