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Economics Essay Examples and Topics

Islamic Banking: Sales and Lease-Centered Models

For instance, Masih asserts that irrespective of the extent of success recorded by banks in the Islamic world, such institutions have failed to faithfully utilize the PLS model as the original theoretical foundation of their [...]

Time Value of Money in Economies of Scale

Also, the investigation of the VoF becomes easier by means of scrutinizing the tradeoff between the TVM and the EoS. The TVM is also employed to reach the integration of infrastructure investment valuation and risk [...]

Globalization and International Trade

In this case, the country that has the advantage produces and sells more of this good, and another country has the opportunity of buying it at a cost that is lower than the cost of [...]

Bonds, Their Types and Ratings

When issued by the national or federal government, they are referred to as sovereign debt, and they get their support from the capacity of a country to tax the residents and to print currency.

International Trade: Import and Export

The selected country in this report is India, which is a developing country and presently experiencing high economic growth because of the increase in the demand for its products and services.

Islamic Finance and Maqasid Al-Shariah Nowadays

Riba al-Nasi a is one of the strictly forbidden forms of Islamic finance as underpinned in the Quran. Financial institutions in the Islamic world observe the provisions of sharia such as Maqasid Al-Shariah and riba, [...]

Trade With Cuba: Benefits and Drawbacks

Also, since Russia supports the system of governance adopted by Cuba, the friendship between the two countries, Russia and Cuba, improved, a factor that crippled the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

Consumer Goods and Material Recall Process

As soon as the company discovers potential health-related or safety issues that are associated with the usage of the product, the organization should recall the product and announce it publicly.

Economic Problems and Solution in the USA

The primary purpose of the paper is to examine the problem of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Stagflation of the 1970s and 1980s, and provide the Keynesian and monetarist solution.

Education Role for Global Citizenship

Despite the fact that many sources of information about fair trade and the methods of advertising are available to people and discussed at schools, colleges, and universities, people fail to comprehend one simple thing that [...]

Optimum Currency Area Theory and Its Evidence

The theory of optimum currency area is difficult to maintain at a large scale based on the original theoretical framework since it leads to the creation of severe destabilizing effects on the economic region but [...]

Education, Human Capital, and Economic Growth

In the broad sense, it is an intensive productive factor of economic development, including the educated part of the labor resources, knowledge, tools of intellectual and managerial work, and the environment of living and working.

Starbucks Company’s Position on Fair Trade

Nonetheless, when discovering Starbucks' operations in GCC countries, apart from the support of fair trade, the company faces a plethora of challenges related to specifics of culture and economic environment.

The Value of a Customer Complaint

However, a complaint is one of the ways for the customer to inform the business on how to continue developing. Complaints are an efficient and effective way to inform the business that it has a [...]

Business Operations Extending to India

Our team has conducted an investigation of the current economic and political situation in India to obtain information on how the country treats foreign investments and to find out about the legal business proceedings in [...]

Vietnamese Poverty and Productivity Increase

There was also a change in the percentage of the population that lived on or below the poverty line. In1993, 60% of the population was living on or below the poverty line through this reduced [...]

Monetary and Fiscal Policy of the US Government

Discussing the importance of federal funds rates for the economic development of the United States, it is necessary to mention that changes related to this factor have a significant influence on the situation in different [...]

Russia’s Transition to Capitalism

First, lack of a robust system of property rights was the greatest drawback to the successful implementation of the transition policies. Russia experienced the assassination of famous economists and lawyers that advocated the transition from [...]

Economic Policies During the 2008 Great Recession

The main impact of the recession in the economy includes the decline in production, the collapse of the financial markets, decrease in lending activity, the increase in interest rates on credits, growing unemployment, decline in [...]

Production Possibilities Curve on National Level

The creation of everything needed is due to the insufficient resources, and the option taken has features of the optimal mix. A curve below the production possibility curve of an economy shows underutilization of resources [...]

David Ricardo’s Liberal Economic Theories

However, it is still worth noting that, at a comparatively young age, he experienced a change in environment as his family moved to Amsterdam, which was swarming with financial and economic opportunities, Credited as the [...]

NIKE Inc.: Supply and Demand

The supply of the company is estimated to be sufficient for the existing level of demand. Due to the specific area of operation of NIKE Inc, which is the narrow sportswear market, the demand for [...]

European Energy Market Liberalization

The economic benefits of liberating the EU energy market amount to increase competition intensity between the market players, and therefore, the customer service quality and price balance optimization.

Expo 2020 as to Impact on UAE Economy

The recent article UAE infrastructure being built for EXPO 2020 to be permanent, published in The National, one of the leading UAE news portals, highlights the statement by the Minister of State and Managing Director [...]

Ethiopia’s Development, Healthcare, Human Capital

However, even though health service delivery is not decently managed, there is a lack of health and workforce financing, and health technologies, the country receives help from the outside that improves the current condition. It [...]

Mexican Trucking and Free Trade Agreement

The North American Free Trade Agreement is aimed at the removal of customs barriers and encouragement of the movement of goods and services between NAFTA countries as well as the creation and maintenance of conditions [...]

Markets: Social or Economic Foundations?

The modern capitalism is the consequence of expansion of markets as frameworks for the production and allocation of commodities. In his work of Economy and Society, Max Weber dedicates a brief section to the concept [...]

Apple Company’s Investment Benefits

Therefore, one of the central questions is whether the investment in Apple is justified and potentially profitable, and what advantages the participation in the work of this corporation gives a shareholder.

“Business Laid Bare” by Richard Branson

I fully trust that the programme would prop my undergraduate knowledge to expose me further to a world of finance and investment and adequately equip me with the required skills required in financial analysis and [...]

China’s Current Development Strategy

Over the last three decades, China has experienced consistent economic development in unprecedented levels, which resulted in taking the country to the second biggest economy in the world.

Fordism, Its Benefits and Critique

It is, therefore, the duty of the managers to choose the theory that best fits their organization and that which contributes to organizational success. The theory was meant to increase the level of production in [...]

Market Failures and Impact of Human Activities

Stern insists that it is the most problematic market failure in history, and it would be reasonable to conduct a global economic analysis because it is quite evident that possible risks are enormous, and the [...]

Springdale City’s Public Budgeting and Finance

Thus, the objective of this paper is to interpret all the implications related to the case of the city of Springdale in order to provide precise recommendations regarding the city's audit follow-up system, in particular, [...]

Financial Crisis and Great Recession Causality

The financial crisis is typically viewed as a primary factor behind the development of the Great Recession. Instead, the financial crisis of 2008 can be deemed a prerequisite of the Great Recession as well as [...]

Globalization of the Chinese Manufactories

The unprecedented growth of Chinese manufacturers, including Lenovo in the computers sector, and Huawei in the telecoms sector, among other players, has enhanced the country's competitiveness of in the global markets. Further, the paper addresses [...]

Saudi Arabian Commercial and Investment Banks

The report shows a growth prospect in the country in client lending because of the increase in the borrowing capacity of the people. Further, both commercial and investment banks are competing in the lending market [...]

Japan’s Period of Affluence

The rapid growth of the Japanese economy in the period between 1955 and 1973 remains as one of the unprecedented developments in the history Japan.

Moral Economy in Islamic Finance

In other words, the quest for a moral economy does not begin and end with a successful ouster of a dictator or the installation of a new form of government.

Scarcity as a Current Economic Issue

The phenomenon of scarcity may lead to the creation of the bandwagon effect because of peoples; willingness to follow the standards set within their society and, therefore, make the choices that are similar to those [...]

Pareto Optimal Solutions in Economics

Taking into consideration the fact that the world's population is growing and the number of businesses increases rapidly, it is critical to pay attention to the resources used to fulfill diverse needs.

The US, Canada and Mexico’s Free Trade Agreement

The purpose of this work is to track the history of the development of trade relations between the largest countries on the North American continent and to assess the effectiveness of such association as the [...]

Poor Economics and Global Poverty

In the given paper, we will discuss and analyze the factors contributing to the increase in poverty rates, review the consequences and effects of poverty on individuals and the society as a whole, and outline [...]

Scarcity, Decision-Making, and Macroeconomics

The inability to concentrate on a particular task due to distractive thoughts about an ill parent/child or the need to make provision for a family usually plays a huge disservice in the matters of general [...]

Joseph Schumpeter’s Impact on Modern Political Economy

Joseph Alois Schumpeter remains to be one of the most prominent and conservative American economists with Australian roots, who discussed the peculiarities of economic science, analyzed the problems of entrepreneurship, and developed new socio-economic systems [...]

Unemployment as National Economic Health Indicator

Unemployment is considered a key indicator of national economic health as it directly reflects on the efficiency of government policy and the population purchasing potential. The concept of the natural level of employment in the [...]