Political Economy Processes Essay Examples and Topics

Size of Government and Intervention in the Economy

Introduction The size of the government has become a sensitive issue in the last couple of years. The debate stems from the high cost of running the government. There have been concerns that a big government adds to the wage bill and does not help in service provision (Messmore, 2007). This paper will analyze the […]

Analysis of UK Economy

Introduction England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland all make up the United Kingdom (UK).The UK has a long and rich history in international affairs (Office for National Statistics 2011). In addition, it plays a vital role in the UN, NATO, and the EU. The Stonehenge people are believed to have been the earliest occupants of […]

India and Singapore’s Hard and Soft Infrastructure

Hard infrastructure refers to the physical assets put up to support an economy and its enterprises. Transport network, energy production and distribution, telecommunications and water management are examples of hard infrastructure. Soft infrastructure refers to both physical and non-physical assets that are used to provide the public with specialized services. Examples include cultural attitudes, legal […]

Hong Kong Economic Modernization

Introduction For a long time now, Hong Kong has acted as the bridge linking China to the rest of the world. Seemingly, this is no longer the case since China is further opening up. China is growing very fast and the current situation is far much different from what used to be the case close […]

The Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing in Indonesia

Introduction Maurice F Greaver II as cited by Susetio defines outsourcing as “…strategic use of outside parties to perform activities, traditionally handled by internal staff and resources” (1). There are several reasons why companies outsource some of their processes. The business world is increasing becoming competitive at the local and global level. Start up firms […]

Germany Economic Situation

Introduction Introduction to Germany Overview Germany is located in Europe and it is considered one of the most prosperous nations in this part of the world. It is a federal parliamentary republic that is made up of 16 semi- autonomous states (Fulbrook 23). The capital city of the nation which also serves as the political, […]

RMB in China

Is RMB trading at fair value? One of the subjects that have continued to raise a discussion is if the Chinese Yuan has been trading at its fair value. In 2007, China’s GDP was estimated to be over 10%, which was considered as its peak. The current-account surplus during the same year provided a strong […]

The Cuban Health Care

Today, to develop effectively according to the global economic tendencies and local ideological principles, the health care system of Cuba should balance between focusing on the traditional socialist patterns associated with the gift-giving principles and modern economic and market trends typical for the global community’s progress. This controversial situation of balancing between two extremes can […]

The current policies of land use in Australia

Land is a very important asset that must be planned for effectively in order to ensure that it gives maximum output while remaining sustainable. According to Koomen and Beurden (2011, p. 73), land is an asset which is scarce and very fragile, making it necessary to develop mechanisms of using it in a wise manner. […]

The development in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Introduction Historically, the UAE used to have a variety of issues concerning housing projects. Othman (2008) stresses that numerous projects were unsustainable and inefficient. At present, the governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have announced that a number of initiatives will commence (Sheikh Zayed housing programme 2013). For instance, the government is committed to provide […]

Economic Effects of the European Union on the 2004 Accession Countries

Abstract Ever since its inception, the European Union has gone through several changes. Originally, the founders’ motivation was to free Europe from the plaguing wars that devastated lives and properties. Nations geographically located within Europe and even those questionably considered European, aspire to become members. This paper focuses the discussion on the ten European countries, […]

Culture and Business Practice in Asia

Executive Summary Apollonian Solutions must incorporate the aspect of culture in its operations in order to achieve its objectives. Its basic organizational culture must be adapted to the Eastern Asia’s region where it is based. This region has two significant cultures created by communism and liberalism government systems. Operations in China and North Korea must […]

Introduction to Global Business

Introduction With the continued integration of the global economy, more countries are finding it necessary to cooperate with each other for the good of their individual economies. Physical barriers to interaction, such as geographical location, have been rendered irrelevant by the technological advancement that has improved communication and interaction between countries. Today, many countries of […]

Research of China’s economy

What would be the impact of China’s economy on the world’s trading system? Among the recent economies that the world has witnessed, growing through the ranks of the middle income earners, defying the odds to compete among the world’s largest income earners is China. This state boasts the world’s populous nation, accounting for 20% of […]

International Business

Introduction The term International business refers to companies having business operations in different nations across the globe. Globalization has made it possible for many countries particularly the developing and the underdeveloped nations to expand and receive foreign investments in their countries. The WTO alongside the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) among other trade […]

Japan’s economic stagnation

Reasons for Japan’s economic stagnation Japan’s economy, which was once an envy of various economic players in the world due to its robust growth during the 1980s, plummeted into constant stagnation that proved difficult for the country to revamp. Several economic scholars have cited various reasons for the stagnation. However, the solutions to the economic […]

What Are the Principal Components of a Business System in Asia?

Overview of the components of business systems in Asia Asia is termed as one of the regions that have undergone a long history of civilization that has affected the transformation of social, political and economic transformation in the region. More often than not, the Asian countries that come into the limelight when talking about business […]

Economy of United Arab Emirates

Introduction United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federal state located in the Middle East region. It is precisely found in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia on the Persian Gulf and it borders Oman and Saudi Arabia (USA International Publications, 2007). Moreover, the federal neighbors Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Iran. UAE […]

Real estate bubble in China

Introduction In the past decade, China housing sector has experienced rapid growth. The growth in the housing market has been adjunct to the increased housing prices. The Chinese government has put in place various policies as well as strategies that are geared towards supporting home ownership. Despite these policies and programs, owning a home in […]

The World Economic Forum – Risk Outlook 2013

Introduction More than ever, the world is susceptible to various risks that may hinder excellence of the global populations. With regard to the World Economic Forum report, eighth edition version for 2013, “the world is more at risk as the evident persistent economic weakness saps our ability to tackle environmental challenges” (World Economic Forum 2013 […]

Japanese Economy and Its International Business Potential

Introduction Japan and the United states are two of the world’s largest economic powers, and they together account for the world’s 30 percent of the Global Domestic Product, a large position of international trade and a bigger portion of international investment. The economic power of the two countries makes them powerful actors in the international […]

Economics of Russia and Ukraine

Introduction Background of the Study Russia’s economy is booming as it has been for the past six years; since 1998 its economy has been growing at well over six percent a year with most, if not all, of its economical growth being attributed to increasing oil, gas and mineral prices (Vaknin 2006, p 1). As […]

California’s GDP

Introduction If California would be considered as an individual country, it could be having an economy larger than most nations. The state used to be fifth on the list of world’s largest economies as measured by GDP (gross domestic product). However, it recently slipped to ninth position behind Brazil, UK and Italy according to a […]

Obstacles Faced by Multinationals

Multinational enterprises in emerging economies have the challenge of accessing technology and knowledge for production. They usually depend on expertise from foreign partners that may dictate the terms of their partnership. Many of them lack the knowledge needed to market and sell their goods to foreign markets. They may find it difficult to compete with […]

Success of China Economy

Introduction There has been a phenomenal growth of the Chinese economy over the last decade. The exceptional growth in China has been forecasted to continue in most of the sectors. The main problem faced by China is the lack of mobility of resources from one place to where they are needed. China’s GDP in 2000 […]

Review: “The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes” by Brown, Lauder and Ashton

Over the last few decades, Western economies have over emphasized the role of education in relation to economic advancement. In this book, the authors argue that investing in human capital does not necessarily have positive impacts on the economy. The authors of “The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes” include Phillip […]

Global Economics and Financial Markets: FDI Policies and Further Direction. Case Study Analysis

Looking back at the economical and financial strategies of the late XX century, one can hardly believe that the ideas of globalization have been suggested so recently. Indeed, a lot has been done; however, there are still many projects that need to be implemented as soon as possible. Since trade in some of the countries, […]

New Zealand Cluster Program

Introduction Clusters refer to the “geographic concentration of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers and associated institutions in a particular field in a country or a region”. Clusters are formed in order to improve the productivity and competitiveness of companies in a region. New Zealand is among the countries that pursed the cluster development strategy […]

Socio-Economic and Educational Characteristics of Appalachia-KY

Introduction The term Appalachia refers to distinctive-cultural counties, which are located, in the eastern part of the United States of America. The Appalachian regions include various states such as; Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, among others. The inhabitants of the Appalachian regions were seen as illiterates, who accounted to high levels of poverty […]

The Regulation of OHS in Australia

Introduction The OHS regulation in Australia has undergone transformations owing to elevated levels of industrialization and material processing. The “National Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2002-2012” is operational in Australia since its adoption in 2002 by the Ministry of Workplace relations (CCH Australia Limited, OHS Industry and Legal Authorities & Freehills 2007, p. 200). This […]

The Ethiopian Economy

Structure of the Ethiopian economy The structure and driving force of the Ethiopian economy is based on geographic locations of the economic activities, the kind of technology, and the behavioral characteristics of the factors of production. Geographic locations are classified into either rural or urban areas. In addition to that, the economy of the country […]

Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE and the Effects of the Crises on the UAE and the Gulf

Introduction The current economic status of UAE economy The global crisis that hit the world adversely affected the economies of developing countries. This is because these countries lacked the ability to withstand the external forces that resulted from the collapse of the major world’s economies from which they depended forcing them to restructure their operating […]

Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Canada’s growth may be attributed to the service industry that employs two thirds of the country’s population. Its key industries include manufacturing, energy, agriculture, fishing, electricity, forestry, automotive, airspace, social programs, transportation and tourism (Wehinger, 2010 p. 67). Canada’s economic statistics Its GDP was calculated to be$ 1.839trillion in 2013 Its GDP growth was rated […]

Effects of Procurement Fraud on the US National Economy

Abstract With many organizations continuously opting for suppliers from the emerging markets, the opportunity for potential fraud and corruption is rising every day. This claim is evident in the case of public procurement. Fraud and corruption may take different forms. The basic understanding of fraud is the intention by a person or group of people […]

Economies of Greece

Introduction Greece is a capitalist economy, which is comprised of different economic sectors. The public sector accounts for approximately 40% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Moreover, the country’s per capita GDP is approximately 75% of the leading economies in the Eurozone. The tourism sector accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP. The country’s […]

Experience of Northeast and Southeast Asia

Compare and contrast the experience of Northeast with Southeast Asia Geography and institutions play a key role in the long-term growth and development of an economy. Geography determines the ecology, climate and nature of economic activities carried out in a particular region. If the ecology is favorable, it can provide ample fauna and floral species […]

Public Transport Infrastructure in Australia

Facilitating the communication between different elements of the city infrastructure is a crucial task, and the transportation system is what the success of communication hinges on. With the integration of improved transportation system principles into the infrastructure of Melbourne, the environment for purring the growth of local SMEs has been created. Affecting the PPP (public–private […]

The Status of Melbourne’s Economy

Melbourne’s Current Economic Situation The economy of Melbourne City is very diverse. The city is a centre all types of transactions. Many business persons specialise in manufacturing, information technology, academics, research, finance, logistics, tourism and transport (Brain and Hylands 14). This city houses the main offices of the four largest companies in Australia. The sizes […]

Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy

Introduction This paper is aimed at examining the Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy which has to achieve several objectives. In particular, it is supposed to promote the economic development of the city. Moreover, this plan should improve the experiences of residents. One should examine the way in which economic principles were applied to the development of […]

The Political Economy of African Countries

This paper will provide a critical and analytical perspective on global development. It will focus on the political economy of debt and inequality in the context of African countries. The analysis will be based on the perspectives of Brown (1997) concerning economic development in Africa. The central tenet of Brown’s argument is that Africa has […]

The Economic Environment of UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is among the top ten oil-producing countries in the world. Located in the Arabian Gulf, the UAE demographic statistics indicate a population of about 4.32 million people with a free-market economy. Additionally, the country does not restrict private-sector enterprises and has enacted policies that encourage foreign investment and international trade. […]

The Economic Environment of the UAE

Introduction The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently experiencing a positive economic growth. The UAE has “an economic freedom score of 71.4” (Young, 2014, p. 8). This fact makes the UAE has become one of the freest markets in the globe. The region’s economy has been showing new improvements. The UAE region has been using […]

The Transition of Russia to Capitalism

Russia, in an attempt to end communism and adopt capitalism, engaged herself in a number of reforms after the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR or the Soviet Union). Beginning late 1980s, the new nation started massive economic reforms aimed at relieving the state ownership of the process of production and encouraging […]

Economic Value Added (EVA)

How can Economic Value Added (EVA) statements be used to improve financial statement reporting, results, and success? What are some problems found with EVA? In order to gauge financial growth and development of a firm, an entity or portfolio, Economic Value Added (EVA) may be used. In this particular measurement, it is presumed that the […]

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Chile

The Choice of a Country Chile My choice of a country is Chile. Today the Chilean government is oriented to search for foreign investment providing capital for the economic development of the country (Doing Business in Chile 2008). What I wish to learn This is why I am interested to learn about the business climate […]

Qatar’s Economic Diversification

Abstract With the aim to investigate, the economic diversification of Qatar, this paper has looked over the relevant literature review of economic diversification that encouraged and developed the conceptual framework of such economic strategy. By using secondary data, this paper scrutinized the economic diversification of Qatar from three arguments, such as, development of financial sector […]

Differences Between Founding a Company in the US and in Europe

There are definitely marked differences between founding a company in the US and Europe especially in regards to venture capital. To begin with, it is worth to explore the background knowledge on the application of the term ‘venture capital’. Companies that are in their start up stages often require significant monetary boost so that they […]

Relational Overview of America and Chinese Economies

Introduction Market economy is characterized by free movement of goods and services. The market involves price determination by laws of supply and demand without interference from the government. In contrast, a socialist market does not allow the market to dictate prices. Prices in a socialist market are set by external forces, such as government. For […]

Internationalization on Developing Countries

According to Van den Cate, the world no longer consists of closed national economies. Accordingly, all countries have opened their borders to international trade. For that reason, the idea of a borderless economy is now real (Van den Cate). Additionally, the need to open economies to foreign investments has resulted into internationalization. Consequently, developing countries’ […]

The Extent to Which FDI Inflows have Influenced GDP Growth in China

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Gross Domestic Product or economic growth of China. To establish the relationship between the two variables, the paper analysed concluded research works, carefully examined the country’s FDI trends and linked them to the country’s GDP growth over the last 15 years extending from 1990 […]

The Global Political Economy

There are three main theories and worldviews involved in analyzing the global political economy. The first of these worldviews is liberalism. Under liberalism, individual corporations are regarded as the basic units of analysis. Moreover, the market is superior to the state, and the government plays a minimal role in the economy. The theory was developed […]

Economies of the UAE and Australia

Introduction Macroeconomic theories are important in understanding trade between countries and economies. In the case of Australia and the United Arab Emirates, there are different characteristics and features that define the economies of these republics with marked diversity in resources and sources of revenue. There are few published studies giving comparison between countries in the […]

Statistical Analysis of the Republic Of Pakistan

Three major issues affecting Pakistan and it economy Illiteracy – only 50% of the total population of people above “15 in Pakistan know how to read and write” (Arby 35). This results in a great percentage of people living below the poverty line and who are struggling for basic necessities. The technology adoption is also […]

National Policy Decisions

The policy makers who are faced with the dilemma of increasing output but maintain interest rates at the current state need to take into account both the fiscal policy and the monetary policy. The fiscal policy uses the government resources to influence demand thus, leading to effects in output of the economy (Arnold 2010). To […]

Understanding Business Functions

Introduction Businesses usually carry out various activities in pursuit of their organizational objectives. These objectives differ from organization to organization depending on the nature of their business. However, there are those functions that are common in almost all organizations such as planning, budgeting, strategizing and performance measurement. These functions usually help the organization to streamline […]

International Business in United Arab Emirates

Country Analysis The United Arab Emirates is a federal republic consisting of seven states referred to as emirates. Geographically, the United Arab Emirates is located on the south eastern part of the greater Arabian Peninsula which is itself found in the South Western part of the Asian continent (the gulf of Persia). UAE neighbors the […]

Expanding to a New International Market

Introduction East Africa is one of the fastest growing regions of Africa, with cities like Nairobi, Kigali and Kampala developing into prosperous and reputable trading centres in the world. Nairobi, for example, is home to Africa’s largest and one of the world’s best airlines, Kenya Airways. It is also home to Safaricom, Africa’s biggest mobile […]

The East African Market: Population Demographics and Economic Segments

Introduction The East African market is one that continues to grow and attract both foreign and domestic businesses. Although ethnically the region is quite diverse, it is not as advanced economically and therefore can be divided into very basic market segments. The two main parameters that can best be used to segment that market are […]

Should STEP Export its Products to the Middle Eastern Region?

Introduction STEP has been one of the profitable firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the plastics industry. The products of this company are not only important in the local economy, but also in other markets globally. With the increasing globalizations taking place, this firm cannot afford to restrict its operations to the borders […]

United Arab Emirates Economy

Based on the socio-economic indicators such as HDI, GDP growth and GDP per capita, we notice that the United Arab Emirates is a highly developed economy that has grown quite rapidly over recent years. Since 2004 when the GDP of the UAE grew by 11.9 percent, it has continued to grow at high rates over […]

Opening a detergent plant in two Asian countries

This paper will provide valuable information on the opportunities of opening a detergent plant in Pakistan and Mongolia which should be considered by Spring Clean Products. It is important that both these countries have rich deposits of the raw materials which are required for the manufacturing processes within the detergent plant, including sodium chloride, phosphate […]

Don’t Enter the Dragon

Introduction The state visit and the pompous reception of China’s president Hu Jintao to the US served to show how important the economies of these two countries are to each other. China has the capacity to produce and American has a ready market for its products and also enough money to invest in the Chinese […]