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Microeconomics Essay Examples and Topics

Cola Magic Company’s Microeconomics

The own price elasticity of demand is given by; Where p0 is the original price before the change, p1 is the price after the change; q0 is the original quantity before the change while the [...]

Economic Events: Microeconomic Project

Depending on how much the oil prices increase, the effect on supply of beef is likely to be negative as the price of beef will go up prompting a decrease of demand for beef and [...]

Night Club Monopoly Competition in the UK

The operations in this model are that a recent monopoly will continue enjoying the supernormal profits in the short run. This occurs in the long run after the entry of a new similar but differentiated [...]

Microeconomics Principles and Theories

Hence, when the price of the product or good decreases in a given economy; consumers benefit from buying more of that good. Elasticity of demand occurs when the consumer- demand declines drastically as a result [...]

American Charter Schools’ Demand and Supply

The analysis of the performance of the charter schools to that of the public and traditional schools illustrated that the performance of the charter schools was exemplary as compared to the low rates of performance [...]

Business Operation and Perfect Competition

The paper also argues that another business operating under the condition of perfect competition makes supernormal returns in the short-run following the absence of competition and normal proceeds in the long term after rival businesses [...]

Gray Market Promotive Factors and Effects

Also, the paper establishes the impact of gray goods on authorized distributors, customers, manufacturers, gray market arbitrage, and the country. As a result, the authorized distributors may be demotivated and deprived of the incentive to [...]

Qatar Petroleum Company: Price of Oil

The key characteristics of the market environment that Qatar Petroleum operates in include long run profits and the interdependence of the company with smaller companies and other major players such as ExxonMobil.

Pareto Optimal Solutions in Economics

Taking into consideration the fact that the world's population is growing and the number of businesses increases rapidly, it is critical to pay attention to the resources used to fulfill diverse needs.

London Sites and Microeconomics History

The names are given the statues upon which the bridge rests, with such titles as the Statue of Agriculture, the Statue of Commerce, and more in a similar vein, cement the idea of the bridge [...]

Personal Income, Oil Price and Vehicle Demand

The focus of this paper is on estimating a demand function showing to what extent fluctuations in the OPEC oil price since 1990 and personal income predict the number of vehicles in the U.S.and personal [...]

Government Market Intervention in the US

It is the responsibility of the government to make the economy attractive. In this case, the government assumes that the public lacks the ability to make judgment on the consumption of certain goods.

Microeconomics of Customer Relationships

The contentious issue of the articles is measuring the contributions that customers provide to the development of the company. In the provided article, the author explores the Net Promoter Score model of quantifying customer's contributions [...]

Economies and Diseconomies of Scale

This arises from a situation where the firm is no longer able to manage its unit cost of production. However, between a total production capacity of 250 units and 300, the firm is no longer [...]

The UPS Store: Supply and Demand

The expansiveness of the UPS products can lead to the company losing a big part of its customers. The quantity change can evoke a demand increase as well if the company lowers the prices for [...]

UPS Store Franchise as a Model of a Startup

Thus, the evaluation of the UPS's work shows that the franchise's land and labor productivity rank extremely high, due to the corporation's constant extensions. Consequently, the UPS store serves as a model of a prosperous [...]

Khaki Pants Supply and Demand Factors

The price of the cloth used to make khaki pants falls The price of the product is more likely to decline, if the cost of cloth declines, because the manufacturing expenses of companies will diminish.

The East West link Project

The intention of the Victorian State Government to undertake the East West Link Project is a good move that will improve the state of infrastructure in the City of Melbourne.

Economic Factors on the Stock Market

The proponents of the integration approach peg their arguments on the capacity of international factors to be crucial in influencing returns on equities on the aspects of the equality of risk of premiums across all [...]

Third Sector Funding

These organizations focus on some of the critical sectors that are crucial to the growth of the economy. The significance of the third sector is better captured in the US where approximately 10% of the [...]

Microfinance in developing economies

Moreover, due to the fact that there are billions of the poor in the world, the efficiency and availability of these financial services should be approved for longer periods of time to insure their self-reliance.

Small Business Environment in Kenya

This study will also provide recommendations on how the country can improve its cons and take advantage of its pros to boost the growth of Small businesses The government of Kenya is currently involved in [...]

The Invisible Hand

The invisible hand therefore, is natural equilibrating component of the market, which provides a middle ground between producers and consumers with regard to their welfare. The invisible hand is mandated with the task of equilibrating [...]

Monopoly Profits

First are the natural monopolies which occur due to the fact that only the firm is able to access resources used in the production of the final product. Therefore, the equation TR=P*Q is represented by [...]

Retirement and its effect on the Economy

Principally those economic problems that the article highlights as arising from the effects of delayed retirement common to the experience of the United States problems, which the article's twin author's correctly point out somewhat unique [...]

Tasmanian Forestry Industry

This report looks at the importance of this association to Australia in general and to the members of the communities living in the region where the forest is located.

The Role of Service industries in Economy

This is because products involve more of architectural designs that will be aimed at producing more and better products into the market while for service industries the innovation process has to do with intangible designs [...]

Elasticity of Demand

In this regard, price elasticity of demand is defined as the percentage change in demand for a given commodity due to unit change in price of the commodity.

Markets and Society

As a result, the performance of the market will be reflected on the performance of institutions, both in the private sector and the public sector.

City of Cleveland

Provision of funds to the people by the federal government will greatly help the residents of Cleveland city together with the economy of the country. The city of Cleveland is a famous city in America.

Math Modeling For Economics

The product demand and supply and price changes are dynamic aspects of the system and can be modeled through a differential equation with a constant solution referred to as the equilibrium of the equation.

Diminishing marginal returns

This is due to the fact that if more of the input is added to the production process, a maximum point is reached where any additional value of inputs will result in a decrease in [...]

Markets, Prices and Price Setting

The price of milk decreases In the event that the price of milk decreases, the demand will increase resulting in increase in the quantity demanded and the shift of demand curve to the right.

Microeconomic Analysis

The forces of demand and supply in the market determine the prevailing market price. This is because, at prices below the equilibrium price, the product looks unattractive to the producers.

Elasticity of Demand

In this case, the amount of income spent on university services is small, that is why an increase in fee charges by English University resulted in a fall in a demand for applicants.

Supply and Demand in U. A. E.

Although the supply seems to meet the demand, the demand is constantly increasing, and the property begins to be reduced in supply as a large number of investors purchase the property.

Economies of Scope and the Modern Technology

Speaking of the other sphere of economies of scope that are considered in the given paper, the one concerning the telecommunication issues, it is necessary to explain that in the given sphere, "the existence of [...]

Alter the Use of Input

Two factors that may influence the use of wood in the firm include government policies and the price of substitute input, which in this case is plastic. This will therefore make the price elasticity of [...]

How people make economic decisions

It basically is the application of economic principles on one hand by consumers and on the other producers that the forces of demand and supply are founded and hence a market economy.

How People Make Economic Decisions

Principles of individual decision making entails the principle of tradeoffs, the principle of opportunity cost, the principle of rational margin and the principle of incentives The principle of trade-offs According to the principle, a decision [...]

Microcredit: A Tool for Poverty Alleviation

In recognition of the role that microfinance's can play in the eradication of poverty and hence the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, The UN duped 2005 as the "year of microcredit".

Demand and supply

Usually the higher the prices the higher the supply as opposed to the law of demand. This is to increase the supply of the commodity to meet the demand at a higher price.