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Consumer Science Essay Examples and Topics

Rational Behaviour in Consumer Economics

Therefore, even though rational behaviour would dictate that an employer use the services of a contractor for the supply of goods and services, the irrational decision to use employees is informed by the principle of [...]

Buyer-Supplier Relationships

The major principles of cooperation are joint efforts and supported interdependency that can lead to the development of competitive advantages. According to the extended typology of buyer-supplier relationships suggested by Kim and Choi, the collaboration [...]

Customer Insight: Identity and Consumption

This review is focused on the exploration of the theoretical approaches to the degree to which consumer behavior is influenced by the individuals' identities and the mechanisms of this phenomenon.

Consumer Information and Privacy

The use of technology has brought to the fore a number of concerns related to people's privacy. Therefore, corporations will have to find ways to ensure privacy and data security as it will translate into [...]

Consumption and Retirement: Singapore’ Evidence

The authors review previous studies on the topic and suggest that the classical picture of the relationship between retirement and buying behaviors does not take into account the fact that people have different buying behaviors [...]

Consumer Goods and Material Recall Process

As soon as the company discovers potential health-related or safety issues that are associated with the usage of the product, the organization should recall the product and announce it publicly.

The Value of a Customer Complaint

However, a complaint is one of the ways for the customer to inform the business on how to continue developing. Complaints are an efficient and effective way to inform the business that it has a [...]

Consumer Behavior and Cultural Values

The values of society would have an impact on the personality of a person. The behavior of an individual is heavily influenced by the cultural values of a particular society.

Income and Substitution Effects

The substitution effect on Adam's case will depend on his rationality for the reason that the reduced price means an increase in disposable income for chicken, and a constant income for vegetables.

The Article “Backyard without Fences”

The article focuses on the changes in the current the consumer products market, exploring the most profound factors that might prompt the declining of the "fence" that initially protected the markets of most consumer products [...]

Social Class and New Form of Consumption

Marx describes the workers as 'a class in itself' in the sense that they share the same objectives and relationships to the means of production, that is, they are laborers who are paid in wages.

How Stores Spy on You?

Consequently, shopping stores in the United States should respect the privacy of their customers and allow the customers to shop without the fear that people are monitoring them secretly.

Impacts of Culture on Consumer Behaviour

In addition, the impacts of the environment on the conduct of these consumers are made evident. For example, in the field of marketing, the phrase refers to acts and patterns of purchasing and buying.

McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

The coffee spilled when Stella was trying to add sugar and cream to it. Stella's decision to sue the company was misguided simply because she handled her coffee recklessly.

UAE Airline Service Sector Customer Care

Also, it is paramount to say that the number of complaints depends on the expectations of the customers most of the time, and it is necessary to make sure that advertisements are reasonable depending on [...]

Microeconomics: Consumer Choice

Consumer choice is one of the most important aspects of microeconomics, which seeks to determine some of the factors that influence the buyers' decisions in the market.

Consumerism in the Emirati Society

Consumerism in this context, is defined as the economic and social arrangement that is grounded on an orderly conception nurturing of the need to buy products in big amounts.

Customer Service Definition

The price on the marking label was not the same as the price in the check. Describe a customer service situation where the customer won at the expense of the service provider.

Chinese Products

The limited resources and the lack of proactive government measures to implement product safety rules inhibit the production of quality Chinese products.

Dark Side of Customer Analytics

A lot of ethical issues, concerning the availability of this information to the insurance company and its effect on the consumer, arise out of this predicament.

Air Care Gap Analysis

Since the quality of service sends more long-term impact to the customers, other tangible products and players in the service industry should ensure they have good strategies to handle their customers.

Approaching Japan through the Study of Consumption

In his Approaching the Japan through the study of consumption, the Chapter 1 to the book titled Contemporary urban Japan: A sociology of consumption, John Clammer specifies the major features of the Japanese consumption processes, [...]

Consumer Buying Behavior – Muffin Consumption

Not only that, the study "Disparities in the Frequency Of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by Socio-Demographic and Lifestyle Characteristics in Canada" which examined consumer trends in healthy eating revealed that as consumers age they tend [...]

Key Determinants of Customer Segmentation

Focusing on high customer segmentation, for instance, allows a business to adopt a market approach strategy with higher chances of success because of the clear identification of the customer needs within the market.

Customer Satisfaction Management

Even though time and effort are important factors in determining the improvements to be made in services and products, customers still remain to be the main determinants of the future success of the business.

Value of Anti-Consumerist Movements

Consumerism This is the conviction that the selling and buying of enormous quantities of consumer goods and services is valuable to the economy or an indication of how strong the economy is.

Unruly Customers and Employee Turnover Intention

The researcher will neither reveal the identity of the participants nor their responses to the organization to protect them from reprisals. They will communicate this information to the employees and schedule a day for the [...]

The Emirati Consumers’ Buying Behaviors

With this in mind, it is possible to say that one of the main variables of the whole research will be the level of satisfaction of people while buying certain kinds of goods and answers [...]

Stella McCartney Digital Media Evaluation

Purpose The purpose of this report is to appraise the future of digital with regard to luxury consumer experience. These social media platforms will provide the firm with an opportunity to create sufficient awareness of [...]

Buying Decisions of Consumers

Ilyas contends that the decision to buy a Smartphone is normally dependent on the level of satisfaction a customer experiences when the purchase ends.

Consumer Buying Process

Evaluation of alternatives is the third stage of the five-stage consumer buying process and entails evaluating the alternatives and selecting the one that meets the consumer needs and expectations.

Influencing Consumer Behavior

According to Jose Chao Bacardi, vice president of the American Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division, recession presents an organization with opportunity to reorganize and re-examine all the activities the organization is involved in, identifying the [...]

Service sector analysis

The purpose of the report is to determine the main reasons that cause organisations to participate in the service economy and the challenges that they face.

Importance of Consumer Research in Business

The smallest value is shown The descriptive statistics in Table 1 comprise the mean, median, mode, and sum of the values in the dataset. Dependent Variable: Amount Charged The values of B for "household size" [...]

The Decision-Making Process and Its Models

The main aim of the research paper is to provide an analysis of the consumer decision-making process basing on two models; the Consumer information Processing Model and the Model of the Hierarchy of Effects.

Consumer Behaviour Gap Inc

The spatial features or aspects of the store include its location, the display of handbags in the store and the level of crowding within the store.

Consumer behaviour change

In search for brands with the best quality, they change their buying behavior from buying products of other companies, as opposed to the ones they are used to buying.


In other words, designer products will now come to the mass market and the affluent will not be such a prime target market for sellers of these commodities.

Substitute Goods

The quantity of a product supplied in the market is directly proportional to the prices of the product in the market.

Permanent Income Hypothesis

Lagged income though good in predicting current income is unreliable in detecting the behavior of consumers of thinking of the future that makes up the hypothesis of permanent income.

Consumer Decision-Making Models: Analysis & Critique

Objectives The study sets out to achieve the following objectives: To critically analyze available literature on consumer behavior and CDP models as they relate to the hospitality industry; To identify, analyze and critique the Theory [...]

Consumer behaviour

The paper shall determine the extent these models are vague and all-encompassing, especially when applying to postmodern hospitality industry with the fragmented nature of consumer behaviour, and emerging trends in the global provision of products [...]

Consumer Behavior – Nike

An observer can measure the responses of the customer and find the actual information in regard of selection preferences that are based on the brand attachment.