Consumer Science Essay Examples and Topics

Consumer Science: Decision of Purchasing the Product

Any time an individual makes a purchase, many factors are often taken into consideration implying people are influenced to go for certain products and not others. In fact, these factors play a critical role in determining what is bought and the usage of the product. While some people are pushed by internal forces to choose […]

Microeconomics: Consumer Choice

Abstract Consumer choice is an aspect of microeconomics, which focuses on the consumers’ decision-making process. Firms always try to attract consumers to their products so that they can gain a competitive advantage over their market rivals. However, this can only be possible if the firm can understand the factors, which influence consumers when they are […]

Consumer Science: Online Shopping in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Online shopping is increasingly gaining currency among customers, not only in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but also globally. As demonstrated in the literature, the application of technology-based online services has achieved tremendous growth in recent years due to the wide penetration of the Internet and its capacity as a channel of information and […]

Consumerism in the Emirati Society

What Is Consumerism? Building an advanced community on a desert-like landscape, the Emirati society has utilized its oil resources to transform its traditional image, which is characterized by not only innovativeness but also a glamorous society. The definition of the term “consumerism” is aligned with the protection of consumer rights. Consumerism in this context, is […]

Consumer Law: Suing Companies Over Spilled Drinks

Suing companies because of the negative aftereffects of accidental spillage of hot drinks must not be allowed to continue. Tort reform and other preventive measures must be in place to discourage this type of lawsuit. If legal reform is not implemented, the justice system will suffer from unnecessary backlogs. More importantly, food and beverage companies […]

Consumer Science: Factors of Purchasing a Mobile Phone

Influence There are various factors that influence how a person can purchase a commodity from the market. The most pertinent attributes considered by a buyer while making the decision pay for a good have a psychological, social, personal, cultural, and/or situational nature. In a bid to deliberate on these factors, the above mind-map has been […]

Customer Service Definition

Describe a customer service situation where both the customer and the service provider ended up winning. Customer service is the provision of different services for customers to fulfill their need in some good and guarantee their satisfaction. However, not only the satisfaction of a customer should be achieved. There is an ideal situation in which […]

Chinese Products

Introduction In today’s globalized society, international business has largely expanded from the provision of quality goods and services. Increasingly, customers enjoy multiple options for sourcing products and services. Since many options for sourcing goods exist, the provision of quality products stand out as an important factor in making wise purchasing decisions for most importers. China […]

Dark Side of Customer Analytics

Introduction Customer analytics can be a useful tool for organizations to meet the needs of their clients more effectively. However, when handled unethically or irresponsibly, it could create a backlash from consumers who would opt out of the loyalty program and even abandon the grocery chain. The case study entails a grocery chain, which sold […]

How Do Brand Names Affect Customer Decision Making Process in Selecting Fast Food Restaurants in London?

Introduction In highly competitive industries such as the fast food or quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, a strong brand name typically marks the difference between success and failure. A strong, recognizable brand allows a QSR firm to best its competitors simply because customers have an expectation of the brand that translates into a form of […]

Consumer and Decision Making Behavior: Contrast and Similarities Between the Two Companies

Qantas and virgin Australia share many similarities since they are in the same industry. Both companies make sure that services offered to their customers are paramount hence making them acquire individual market share. This is done by these companies making sure that their airlines have records of safety. Consumers prefer travelling with airlines with a […]

Purchase and Product Involvement when Buying

Introduction Consumer involvement refers to that “state of mind that motivates a consumer to identify with a product or service offerings, their consumption patterns and consumption behavior”. Involvement enables consumers to develop the urge to search for or think about the available product categories before selecting a preferred brand and purchasing a product. Involvement reflects […]

Air Care Gap Analysis

Abstract Every airline company has its own unique operation and long term strategies. Just like in other industries such as the agricultural, banking and manufacturing sectors, airline industries across the globe have different goals. They get cargo ships, tourists’ small jets, military air crafts and private chattered crafts. Although all of them fall in the […]

Approaching Japan through the Study of Consumption

There is no need to stress the necessity to analyze the consumption issue, which has recently become the key driving force behind most of the present-day business, production, media and even education solutions. Being targeted at consuming the provided services, people are likely to stop being creative and focus on thoughtless consumption of the provided […]

Consumer Buying Behavior – Muffin Consumption

Introduction Studies such as those by Heffetz (2012) explain that in the case of the 45-65 age demographic, buying decisions on food are oriented more towards long term healthy food choices and, as such, they are willing to spend considerable amounts on food that they know is healthy (Heffetz, 801-818). Evidence of this can be […]

Internal, External and Situational Influences on Consumer Behaviour

The products that will be focused on this assessment will be meat products including poultry, new and/or used passenger cars, property (housing units) and dairy products. These four product purchases will be assessed for internal, external and situational influences to determine the type of consumer behaviour that accompanies the consumer’s decision process when purchasing any […]

Key Determinants of Customer Segmentation

Introduction This paper analyses different customer segmentation concepts and its implications to organizations. Key determinants of customer segmentation are identified; consideration of high customer segmentation and its impacts are also discussed. Lastly, consideration of the high and low customer segmentation approaches and its implications to the organization’s market mix are discussed with relevant examples. Customer […]

Consumers Perceptions on Service Quality in the Airline Industry

Introduction A business is actually run by the customers that it serves. It is essential that the customer’s expectations are fulfilled and the perception of the customer is continuously monitored in order to improve the service or product quality of any organization. This study is also focusing on the same theme to evaluate and absorb […]

Customer Satisfaction Management

Introduction Creating customers is an important thing in a business since it is the customers who determine the direction that the business takes. Even though time and effort are important factors in determining the improvements to be made in services and products, customers still remain to be the main determinants of the future success of […]

Consumer Behavior: Investigating Cultural Sensitivity

Consumer behavior is determined by various factors that influence the response of goods and services in the market place. One of those factors is the cultural factors or influence, where beliefs, values and perceptions of different communities determine consumer behavior. With globalization, the world has become a global village and as such, international marketing has […]

Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Asian Mobile Phone Market

Executive Summary Consumer behaviour attempts to understand the buyer’s decision making process, both individually and in group. Behaviour of the consumer is biased or subjective. Their decision-making process is influenced by numerous factors. Personal influencing factors are categorized into two: internal factors and external factors. This study explores the significance of consumer behaviour in developing […]

Value of Anti-Consumerist Movements

Introduction In the recent past, the process of critiquing consumerism has continued to occupy greater spaces in the mainstream business world. However, despite the constant denunciations, there remains to be no genuine or universally agreed analysis of consumerism. Processes of offering critiques have continued to elicit varied reactions as to which strategy offers the best […]

Unruly Customers and Turnover in Service Industry

Introduction The ‘customer is always right’ is a slogan popularized by the management to encourage staff to take customer complaints seriously. This view assumes that customers are always “rational and functional” in their encounters with employees (Reynolds & Harris, 2003, p. 145). While honest customer feedback is vital in improving business services or products and […]

Consumers’ Motivation and Satisfaction of Luxury Hotel in China

Introduction The hotel industry serves a significant role in fulfilling people’s luxury-related needs. According to Husic and Cicic (2009), luxury can be defined as a condition of immense consolation or stylishness, which involves massive expenditures. In the hotel industry, such luxury relates to superior services and packages, which are majorly affordable by the wealthy class […]

Disobedient Customers and Employee Turnover Intentions

Introduction “The customer is always right” is a slogan popularized by the management to encourage their staff to take customer complaints seriously (Zikmund & Babin, 2006). The underlying assumption is that customers are always “rational and functional” in their encounters with employees (Harris & Reynolds, 2003). While honest customer feedback is vital in improving business […]

Unruly Customers and Employee Turnover Intention

Introduction To promote service quality and customer satisfaction, most firms use the slogan ‘the customer is always right’. The underlying assumption is that customers are always “rational and functional” in their encounters with employees (Reynolds & Harris, 2003, p. 145). As such, managers instruct the retail staff to address customer complaints, including any product/service changes […]

The Emirati Consumers’ Buying Behaviors

Introduction There is no use denying the fact that modern world is based on market relations. Nowadays, every state is able to exist and function due to the main aspects of market-driven economy. People and organizations buy certain goods and in this way they promote further development of the whole industry. These regularities are peculiar […]

Consumers’ Motivation and Satisfaction of 5-Star Hotel in China

Introduction In the course of the last couple of decades, rising levels of consumers in China have become weary of going to chain hotels known for accommodating a huge number of customers (Erkutlu & Chafra 2006). 5-star hotels are the superior luxury hotels that realize intimate and high anticipations for global guest services and intensive […]

Stella McCartney Digital Media Evaluation

Introduction Background to the study The global luxury industry has undergone remarkable evolution over the past five years despite the turbulent global economic environment. Some of the markets that have witnessed strong performance include the Latin America, Europe, China, and the United States. A report released by Bain & Company in 2012 projected that the […]

Areas of Potential Improvement that Would Enable More Trust Drivers to be Realized

Introduction In the contemporary society majority of consumers usually turn to internet for various shopping needs. Such process is referred to as online shopping. This concept contributes towards opening of e-business opportunities within international market, enabling consumers to access and purchase wide range of goods and services from any location. The process is made possible […]

Buying Decisions of Consumers

Since the introduction of the first Blackberry Smartphone in 2002, the Smartphone market has tremendously grown from a backdrop of information explosion. Park (2011) claims that the number of people who use Smartphones have tremendously grown to about one in every three adults. This increased the demand for Smartphones heralded the expansion of the Smartphone […]

Consumer Buying Process

A vast number of existing formulations of consumer decision making assume that consumers go through a specified succession of mental and behavioral stages in their decision processes as they engage in a convoluted search of the set of available alternatives to make a purchase. A widespread characteristic of many of the formulations is that they […]

Australia’s National Tobacco Campaign Tobacco Control

Executive Summary The government of Australia has embarked on Massive campaigns against tobacco consumption. It undertakes these functions through a number of government controlled organisations and civil society. The aim of the government is to influence and facilitate the change of behaviour in its citizens to one that condemn taking of tobacco products. Changing people’s […]

Customer Needs Versus Availability of Resources

Business organizations operate with the aim of making profits. This is achieved if the organization provides goods/services of superior quality to its customers. This is because quality goods/services help to widen the client base of organizations. Quality can only be achieved if the needs of customers are effectively studied and incorporated into the products/services offered […]

Influencing Consumer Behavior

Introduction Recession is a period when most firms are faced with the worst trading environment and generally, firms become victims of making critical and hard decisions in order to remain relevant in the market. According to Jose Chao Bacardi, vice president of the American Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division, recession presents an organization with opportunity […]

Consumer Preference towards the Shopping Environment

Introduction Many researches are focusing on consumer behavior and preferences in Malaysia because of the increased shopping activities in the region. The shopping environment in Malaysia has changed significantly over the last couple of years because of the economic gains achieved by the country. Malaysia is one of the upcoming global economies in terms of […]

Service sector analysis

Executive summary The research aims at investigating the reason behind participation in the service economy, and the challenges that organisations face when in the industry. In the report, it was found that the internet is one of the major reasons. It facilitates mass consumption of one product and thus transforms industries. Additionally, other entities do […]

Importance of Consumer Research in Business

Introduction Consumer research is an aspect of market research that focuses on the consumers’ inclinations, motivations, and purchasing behaviors through various methods (Czitrom and Spagon 17). Effective consumer research requires data collection through various methods, such as, sample observation, online surveys, direct interviews, phone interactions, and secondary data (for instance, demographic statistics). The importance of […]

Consumer Decision-Making Process on Buying Organic Foods

Introduction Shopping is an important aspect to all people and the economy. While purchasing is a normal behavior, challenges emerge when people overindulge in it without paying attention to its consequences. On April 1900, Paris held a world trade fair, which brought people from different consumer markets together to celebrate past technological achievements with the […]

Consumer Decision Making-Process for Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are increasingly becoming popular in the United States and many other European nations. In this project, the researcher was interested in investigating the consumer decision-making process when planning to buy hybrid cars. The researcher was interested in specific factors that make them buy this product, and the decision making process. To get this […]

Consumer Perception About Alteration in Marketing Mix: Franchise Business in Saudi Arabia

There is no use denying the fact that nowadays the world and society evolves rapidly. That is why, the main approaches towards the economy and marketing also change, obtaining new features. Aftermath of the world financial crisis influence the traditional approach to the sphere of marketing greatly and nowadays new and alternative ways to develop […]

WeChat Users’ Motivation, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Introduction The introduction of the internet has greatly changed many aspects of people’s life, including the way individuals communicate and interact nowadays (Nimrod 2015). Such change has been instigated by the availability of numerous social media platforms through which people can communicate easily with one another, such as the Instant Messaging (Pun 2015). Instant messaging […]

Foreign Markets as Means of Expansion and Globalization

Introduction Today the businesses are aimed at expansion and globalization, so they are to examine foreign countries and their markets to select those that are likely to bring the most benefit. Companies gather lots of various information to make sure that the market segments they chose are decent targets. To do this, they consider the […]

The Decision-Making Process and Its Models

Abstract Consumer behavior is a subject of interest in the global marketplace, including the hospitality industry. The consumer decision-making process has been studied for many years and several models developed to try and explain how the consumers arrive at their purchase decisions (Barsky and Labagh, 1992). The marketers are required to understand their consumers and […]

Apple Inc.: Customer service

Customer service is referred to as the overall activity in identifying customer needs and satisfying customers in terms of such needs (“Operations Theory” par. 1). It plays an important role in the profitability of a business. The quality of products and services is directly related to the satisfaction level of customers. When customers are satisfied […]

Consumer Behaviour Gap Inc

Introduction Consumer behavior refers to “the decision making process and physical activity involved in acquiring, evaluating, using and disposing of goods and services”. Consumer behavior studies attempt to investigate the shopping patterns in terms of when, why, how, as well as, where individuals purchase or do not purchase a product. The importance of understanding consumer […]

Customer satisfaction and service delivery from X-restaurant

Introduction The business environment today has become highly competitive. Any business willing to sustain itself through tight competition and impressive profitability, in the long run, has to devote its efforts in attracting new customers as well as retaining existing ones (Hallowell, 1996, p. 27). Latest empirical research has demonstrated that the only way businesses can […]

Consumer behaviour change

Introduction Consumer behavior refers to buying trends exhibited by consumers in all markets. Consumer behaviors are not static as they change with the market dynamics. The behavior of consumers may be influenced by several factors. For example, consumer behavior may be influenced by peer pressure where consumers tend to buy certain brands because their friends […]

Consumer behaviour and decision models

Introduction In order to remain afloat in the competitive market, marketers have to study the behaviour of their existing and potential customers keenly in order to make a critical decision on the appropriate marketing strategy. Consumers are found to remain loyal to a product over some period of time if the quality of the product […]


Rental bags are now seen as a quick and easy way for consumers to access luxury brands that they might never have been able to afford using the usual, old fashioned way of consumption i.e. retailing. This move is a direct result of a transumerism culture and attitude. Transumerism in this case refers to a […]

Consumer Behavior and Child Targeted Advertisements

Introduction Consumer behavior refers to the response that is exhibited by consumers with respect to the availability of a commodity in the market. The reaction of a consumer can be studied with respect to the time the consumer takes to purchase the commodity after the sales promotion has been carried out. This paper seeks to […]

Substitute Goods

Substitute Goods; Pens and Pencils Substitute goods can be defined as those goods that customers views as alternative. They can also be seen as those goods that give consumers similar benefits. In other words, these goods satisfy the same needs. In most cases, the buyer takes several things into consideration before making their final decisions […]

Permanent Income Hypothesis

Consumers estimate future consumption and give current consumption set in fraction form. It can be in form of wealth or what is referred to as permanent income (Modigliani). According to Freidman (1978) the fraction should be near one. Robert Lucas (1976), however, criticizes the model due to a short lag that appears between past and […]

Consumer Buying Behavior in Car Industries

Consumer behavior Consumer behavior is the critical analysis of how, when, where and why people purchase or not purchase a particular commodity. It brings together the elements of economic, individualism, social status and sociology (Placeholder 5) (Holbrook, 1999). The main aim of consumer behavior is trying to comprehend the purchaser’s decision-making process made by a […]

Consumer Decision-Making Models: Analysis & Critique

Introduction The present paper attempts to critically analyse two CDP models, namely the Theory of Buyer Behaviour and the Consumer Decision Model, with a view to determine the extent to which they are vague and/or all-encompassing when applied to the postmodern hospitality industry. The fields of consumer behaviour in general, and consumer decision-making process in […]

A research investigation on purchasing intentions and customers loyalty towards Michelin in China

Abstract When customers in a business firm are loyal, they make the organization to attain uninterrupted flow of income and relatively lower costs of production due to favorable economies of scale. The improved income is usually as a result of increase in production whereas the cost of production is cut down due to the decrease […]

Consumer behaviour

Abstract This paper critically focuses on Consumer Decision-making Process models of purchase and post-purchase in relation to the hospitality industry. The paper shall determine the extent these models are vague and all-encompassing, especially when applying to postmodern hospitality industry with the fragmented nature of consumer behaviour, and emerging trends in the global provision of products […]

Consumer Behaviour: Paper-less society through reduction of Yellow Pages and increasing online books

How we can reduce the yellow pages The use of internet Yellow pages reduces the use of printed yellow pages. In fact, with proper employee training, the business owners are assured of approximately 300% ROI for $12,000 modest investment (Amanda 2008). Switching to online yellow pages is a move that promotes a paperless society that […]

Consumers’ Buyer Behaviour and Motivations towards Product Packaging

Introduction Background Consumers respond to packaging with a whole set of prejudices, reactions and individual preferences that help make some products winners and some brand managers choose early retirement. Packages allow manufacturers to talk. If advertising is the first word, then the package is the last one. The point of packaging design is to close […]

Consumer empowerment: How influential is user generated content towards consumers purchase intentions of beauty products?

The ability to motivate consumers throughout their buying experience demands up to date user-generated content which may be enhanced through recommendations obtained from online opinion experts and regular feedbacks from customers. As such, it is prudent for company managers to play active roles in designing beauty products, advertising and brand promotion in addition to retailing […]

Consumer Behavior – Nike

Consumer responses towards the product are based on distinguish feature and reliability factor. There are several immunity may occur during the selection of Nike sports shoes due to the demographic characteristic of a consumer. Consumer behavior is rational in front of Nike product selection. The basal concept leads towards the customer retention via offering the […]

Customer Centric Organizations and Product Centric Organizations

Introduction and Definition of Customer Centric In the modern-day era, the way business is conducted changing with most organizations realizing that the key to success lies with the number one priority of the organization who is the customer. Organizations are (Davis 2004, pp. 14) becoming aware that consumers may not enjoy products that are designed […]

How Customer Relationship Management Affects an Organization

Abstract It is extremely important for any organization to treat their consumers well and satisfactorily since it is them who decide whether the business will succeed or fail (Windham, 2001, p.14). Consumers are complicated individuals and are all led by a different set of motives that later define a pattern of their consumer behavior. Commercial […]

The Role of the Fashion Buyer Considering Buying for Different Organisations and Categories

Introduction Dwelling upon the role of the fashion buyer considering buying for different organisations and categories, the role of buyer in the modern life should be understood. Modern economics is based on the marketing relations. All the products and services are bought and sold. The customer is placed on the first place as the competence […]

Understanding of Buyers’ Behavior

Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to understand the consumer buying behavior. The findings that were noted are that a consumer has diverse requirements and wishes. The marketers should search for relationships between their products and lifestyle group, for example for a middle-aged she would prioritize her needs to cosmetic surgery this […]

Advanced Consumer Behaviour

Introduction To be successful, marketing managers must concentrate on understanding their consumers’ wants and needs in a clear and concise manner. Marketers must strive to understand their consumers’ behaviour when it comes to consumption of their services. This knowledge will enable marketers in the hospitality industry to develop sophisticated marketing programs when targeting specific markets. […]

Theories of consumer behaviour

Introduction Solomon (2011) defines consumer behavior as “the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose off products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires’” (p. 41). Studying the behavior of consumers is very important because it helps develop marketing strategies and public policies. It also promotes social marketing which […]

Consumer Behavior: A Case Study of Apple’s iPod

Introduction With the availability of a large number of products that serve to satisfy the same need, it becomes very had for the consumer to make a choice as to which product to by and which one to avoid. This is why the marketers have to come in to find out ways of to changing […]

Challenges Facing the Resort Industry

Introduction Resorts, like other business enterprises face many challenges. They are sensitive areas as they are places used for recreation and relaxation by most tourists and therefore affected by slight changes. People visiting resorts have many options to choose from, thus those managing them must be of the right standards to attract clients. The standards […]

Challenges Facing the Cruise Industry

Cruise ship tourism is one of two major components of marine based tourism. The other component of marine based tourism is yachting. In the past few years the cruise ship industry has shown steady and impressive rates of growth. It is expected to be a growth industry for a number of years to come. However, […]

Consumer Behavior-Individual analysis

Introduction It is normally the duty of most governments of states to finance almost all sectors of their economies such as health, sport, and education just to mention a few. However, there are international and local organizations that come in to help the government ensure that the society acquires all the essential needs. Most of […]

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Introduction To ensure success in a highly competitive world it is important that an organization puts emphasis on customer satisfaction. Findings indicate that it is much easier to retain an existing customer than attract a new one. That is why it is important for any business entity to understand the needs of its customers and […]

Consumer’s attitude towards counterfeit products

Executive summary Government agencies, intellectual property units, and other law enforcement agents have made many efforts to stop practices aimed at violating intellectual rights, counterfeiting and pirating individuals’ innovations (Yang, 2002). Such efforts have been targeted to discourage production and trade of fake products. While trying to understand why some consumers choose fake or illegal […]

The Age of Hyperspecialization

In their article, Thomas Malone, Robert Laubacher and Tammy Johns discuss such a concept as hyperspecialization. This term can be defined as breaking or decomposing the work that is usually performed by a single person into separate elements or pieces. Moreover, these pieces should be done by two or more people. The authors believe that […]

What encourages customers to choose a particular type of store to patronize?

Introduction Rob and Pablo, the co-proprietors of SNOG (a chain of U.K. based yogurt shops), mention that the secret behind their success lies not only in the type of product they sell but rather in the way in which they make each transaction an “experience” for their customers. What these two entrepreneurs are referring to […]

Researching Consumer Behaviour

Introduction “Consumer behaviour is the way that consumers act or behave when looking for, buying, and using products” (Dougherty, 2007). It focuses on how consumers choose and dispose services and products. The decision making process is complex and involves many psychological processes. Consumers must take time to recognize their needs, find possible, effective, economical, and […]

The phenomenon of consumerism

Today sociologists and historians actively discuss the development of the phenomenon of consumerism in the modern society with paying much attention to its positive and negative aspects. Consumerism is one of the main features according to which it is possible to characterize the contemporary society in the developed countries. It has a long history of […]

Consumer Decision-Making Models in Hospitality Contexts: An Evaluation & Critique

Abstract The present report utilized secondary research and positivist research philosophy to critically evaluate two Consumer Decision-making Process (CDP) models – the Consumer Decision Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior –, with the aim to bring into the limelight the dark spots of the models when applied to the hospitality industry. Current literature, though […]

Advanced Consumer Behavior: Consumer Decision-Making Process

Abstract The aim of this paper is to critique the consumer decision-making process (CDP) in the context of the hospitality industry. The analysis is underpinned by the premise that postmodernism, globalization and the fragmented nature of consumer behavior has great influence on the decisions of the postmodern consumer. Thus, the traditional CDP models might not […]

Consumer behavior

Introduction As compared to Australia, Malaysia is a developing country whose consumers still direct most of their consumption towards expenditure on basic commodities. Consumer behavior on any basis is driven by many factors hence hard to know the exact reasons why people buy. While most consumers may be driven by need, others buy due to […]

The Chinese Consumer Culture Phenomena

Consumption Behavior in China since the Regime of Mao China has one of the most attractive markets in the world. A report by Weightman (78) shows that many investors have considered venturing into this country because of a number of reasons. The first reason why this market is extremely attractive is the population. China is […]

Consumer behaviour

Introduction Consumer behaviour is the general function of a customer’s preference and taste as well as the resultant utility. Consumers have variant perceptions of the satisfaction they expect to derive from a certain good or service which comprises their taste. On the other hand, a consumer has a certain degree of bias towards a given […]

Piracy: Marketing Strategies Encouraging Consumers to Purchase Music Legally

Various attempts have been made to curb illegal downloading of music from peer-to-peer (P2P) websites. Governmental agencies and some recording companies often place much emphasis on penalizing people who are engaged in piracy (Sinha & Mandel 2000, p. 2). However, it is necessary to provide positive incentives to consumers. They should see the benefits of […]

Organization behavior – Consumer decision-making is a process

Introduction Marketers all over the world rely upon their understanding of the consumer decision-making process to be successful in their day-to-day practices. Consumer behaviour captures all the activities of consumers that range from searching of the suitable products or services, their utility, all the way to the disposal of such products or services. Different scholars […]

Customer Behavior Profile

Introduction The concept of market segmentation is important in the sense that it can effectively be used to sell products online through electronic media advertising and messages. And, online media such as computer and mobile internet connections make it easier for advertising messages to reach many people across the globe. Focusing on market segmentation, e-marketing […]

Gender and Consumer Culture

Marketers, industrialists and other beneficiaries of consumer culture are aware of the multifaceted nature of gender in a modern, western state. However, they opt to stereotype masculine and feminine characteristics in order to perpetuate insecurities that stimulate the purchase of more of their goods. To understand how these stereotypes of gender came about, one must […]

The Types of Shoppers

According to the classical theory of consumerism which refers the public to the middle of the 20th century, women are discussed as the target audience of different kinds of shops. Nevertheless, today the situation is different, and men are also interested in the process of buying new things and clothes, and they often express the […]

Consumer Behavior and Culture

Failures and successes of any business enterprise depend on the behavior of its consumers. The behavior of the end-user consumer affects both the producer of final goods as well as the intermediaries who distribute the products from the point of production to the point of consumption. Understanding consumer behavior can play a great role in […]

Men and Women as Consumers

This paper examines the similarities and differences that exist between men and women in their consumer role. It looks at how the different sexes view shopping, consume different products and think about their prices. Comparison Both men and women love shopping either in supermarkets or shopping malls. However, men are rare shoppers than women when […]

Effect of the Concept on Consumer Behaviour

Perception The most important and critical aspect about a product is the perception of the potential consumers. Mostly, perception affects the marketing of a product and its overall sales (Quester et al., 2011, p. 27). The perception of the customers might increase or reduce the demands for a given product, thus affects it marketing. For […]

Consumer Behavior: How, Why and When Consumers Buy Goods?

Discussion Consumer behavior can be described as how consumers buy and consume goods and services. Consumer bahaviour is basically concerned with studying the various consumers purchasing and consumption patterns. Consumer behavior will address the fundamental questions of how, why and when consumers buy goods. It is also concerned with how consumers consume goods and later […]

The Impact of Customer Relationship Management Systems on Businesses

Overview of CRM CRM refers to a business philosophy and strategy supported by the information technology, formulated to improve the nature of human interactions between businesses and customers. The concept of CRM is a continuous and strategic initiative demanding a dynamic strategy for managing customer relationships. According to Hornstein Associates, CRM refers to the provision […]

Advanced Consumer Behavior: consumer decision-making process

Abstract The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. As such, hoteliers and other industry players are to offer products and services true to the consumer tastes. However, to achieve this effectively, they need techniques and tools that can model accurately such important process as a consumer’s choice making process. With […]

Consumer Decision-Making Process

Background on Consumer Behaviors and Consumer Decision-Making Process The hospitality industry is one of the leading economical sectors of the world. This can be attributed to the fact that this industry has a viable environment for career building and development of individuals, women included. The estimated value of the hospitality industry is $4 trillion in […]

Consumer Behaviour: a Purchase Decision Process

According to Sheth, Mittal, and Newman (1999), consumer behaviour can be defined as the mental and physical activities performed by households and business consumers that end up in decisions and actions to pay for, purchase, and use products and services. Before purchasing, a consumer must go through a purchase decision process. This process involves stages […]

The Consumer Behavior in Hospitality Industry

Introduction The business industry has recorded considerable growth in the recent past. Businesses in the local and global scene have expanded, with several investors being attracted to some common line of operations. The increased number of players in the market for a particular product or service has led to the current high level of competition […]

Best Food Superstores

Executive summary Customers of Best Food Superstores are disgruntled because of the unpleasant experiences they go through while shopping at the store. Brenda, who has been a customer for the last 30 years, has decided to make her complaints known to the president of Best Food Superstores by writing him a letter. Some of the […]

The effect of retail service quality and product quality on customer loyalty

Summary of Key Issues in the Article The above quality management journal focuses on the effects of retail service quality and product quality dimension, with Hong Kong being its location of study. When the economy faces recession, success is based on how retailers are able to acquire customer loyalty by responding to customers’ demand. Customer […]

Customers and Their Needs – Marketing Channels

Adopting an effective marketing channel has become a critical factor today since a marketing channel plays pivotal role that impacts in positioning, placement, promotions, advertising, pricing and other important marketing decision. Studies indicate that meeting diverse needs of customers requires marketing channel decisions that ensures services and products are competently offered to consumers for consumption. […]