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Australia’s Macroeconomic Policies

The unemployment rate had been above 3% once since the the1940s went above 4% in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s recessions. The inflation rate was above 10% in the early 1990s.

International Business: Should We Cry for Argentina?

Both local and international companies suffered the due loss of value of the peso. The president's idea to cut ties with the dollar led to devastating effects as the peso lost three times its value [...]

Australia: International Business Data

Situated in the southern hemisphere, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world with an area of 7,617,930 square kilometers. In addition to all these, Australia is credited to be one of the few countries [...]

Japanese Economy’ Development and Crisis

At the beginning of the industrial revolution in Japan, the concentration was primarily in the light-manufacturing sector. However, due to pressure from the trade unions in the US, the US government, along with the European [...]

Peter Coy Views on Macroeconomics

Peter Coy's article gives insight into the economic thought on the government's involvement in the economy. In the article by Peter Coy, critics view the free market as the only thought that can counterbalance the [...]

“Lectures in Macroeconomics” by Arnold Kling

Both increased productivity and trade are regarded as beneficial for the economy due to the potential ability to move labor resources from one sector that experiences productivity exceeding demand to those that encounters prevalence of [...]

Geopolitical Fears on Oil Prices

Regardless of the price of oil and oil products, the firms would have to purchase the same quantity of oil. This means that a geopolitical fear of oil prices will cause consumers to buy more [...]

Greece and Euro Zone

Majorly, this is because the current value of the euro in the international market has depreciated. This reduces the cost of exports in foreign countries and makes imports costly to local consumers and corporations.

Economy for Business and Favorable Investment Climate

A market economy is linked with decentralized decision-making and ex-post coordination, events that have promoted the system to be the best with regards to the allocation of scarce resources for the benefit and welfare of [...]

Macroeconomic Factors and Hong Kong Stock Returns

This chapter covers the background of the study, problem statement, research objectives and hypotheses and the significance of the study. He argues that the inverse relationship between inflation and real stock returns is as a [...]

Macroeconomic Coordination and Demand Shocks

Based on their needs, the most appropriate options are for the consumers, especially group two to borrow money in the form of loans, spend the money, and pay back the loan with interest. However, the [...]

Dubai Macroenvironmental Analysis for Banking

In this regard, it is essential for the company to analyze the strength of rival firms, the market position they occupy, strategies, and future actions. This is handy in isolating it as the best place [...]

American Savings and Consumption Rates

This in turn means that the revenue generated by firms on sales of goods and services to pay up wages for their workers and rent for to owners will be absent.

Australian Fiscal Policies in 2011-2012

Fiscal policy involves the use of government incentives to address the amount of money in circulation. Borrowing entails the use of treasury bills by the government to control the amount of money in circulation.

United States Debt and Its Effect on Tourism

If the value of the dollar continues to reduce, and the credit worthiness of the United States is maintained at these low levels, then it is likely that fewer tourists will stream out of the [...]

Australian Economic Situation and Resource Boom

According to the chamber of commerce and industry, the economy will grow by 5. 25 per cent in 2011/2012, which is a one per cent decline from the forecast made in September of 2011.

Shift Factors for the Economy in Equilibrium

In figure 1, the economy is in short-run equilibrium at the point E with quantity Q0 and price P0 an increase in international oil prices has the effect of shifting the aggregate supply curve inwards [...]

Goods, Economic Booms and Future Path of the US

Transfer of payment is the spending that the government makes to the welfare and social security systems such as a pension, child benefits as well as funds for the unemployed and aged.

The AA-DD Model in Monetary Economics

The AA-DD model consists of the G&S model, the money model, and the forex model. The DD curve represents an amalgamation of the GNP and exchange rates that sustain equilibrium in the G&S market.

The United States’ Economy and Current Issues

This article reviews in detail the impact of the policies of the Federal Government on the recession. Wherever the value of the house is lesser than the mortgaged amount or the money that the owner [...]

Political Risk and Legal Restrictions in Tanzania

Business development and growth in a region strongly depends on the socio-economic and political climate which exists in the country. Furthermore, the government has committed to investing in training and education for the population to [...]

Libya: Economic and Political Aspects

In most of the cases, mining of minerals and extraction of oil often limit the ability of the locals to conduct other meaningful economic activities such as farming.

Saudi Arabia’s Prospects to Diversify Its Economy

Thanks to the efforts of the Arabian-American Oil Company, Saudi oil production rose exponentially and allowed for exporting the product to the other countries in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

Privatized Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water

One of the sectors that are vital in development is management of electricity and water in the country. Secondly, there is a need to look at the financial muscle of the individuals and professionals that [...]

Tanzanian Economic Drivers and Governmental Role

This growth has been influenced by the steady development of local private corporations and the consumption of local products and services. Some of the minerals are also used in local industries and construction which has [...]

Turkey Assessment by Philips Curve and Okun’s Law

The Philips curve shows the relation between the rate of inflation and the unemployment rate of a country. The paper will also measure the impact of Okun's law in the context of Turkey, considering the [...]

US Quantitative Easing, Its Reasons and Consequences

However, despite the temporary effectiveness of the strategy, the increase of the money supply can also diminish the value of the national currency and make the country's exports much cheaper. QE is a powerful tool [...]

Macroeconomic Indicators

Thus, to be a macro-economist in the company means to analyze these macroeconomic factors and suggest a strategy that considers the latest trends in the market or the industry.

Economics of the Business Environment

In response to the effects of the tragic economic meltdown and the rise in the world's interest rates, the British government has put in place strategies to cushion the possible implications.

Australian Resource Boom and Its Economic Impacts

This increase in mineral resources, in addition to the fact that the mining sector is one of the country's core sectors, implies that the impact of the resources boom has been felt by the entire [...]

Consumption and Investment Role in Economy

The level of profits, the rate of technological change, and the rate of change of national income also play a significant role in determining investment spending.

Middle East & North Africa Countries’ Economies

After the rapid development of the UAE economy and airlines, as well as the emphasis on the role of Gulf carriers, particularly, "Emirates, Etihad Airlines and Qatar Airways", the U.S.government has been trying to oust [...]

France Economic Performance

While the modern France has seen tremendous growth in the industrial sector, agriculture is still one of the most important economic activities for the generation of revenue for the government.

US Macroeconomic Indicators in 2005-2012

The decline in economic growth reported in the first quarter of the year 2012 is a reflection of a lower growth rate in fixed investments and inventory by businesses.

Singapore’s Economy and Living Standards

The leaders of the country focused on powerful initiatives to create a sense of consciousness and identity. The median age of the country's residents is around 39.

Economy of Argentina

This will in turn improve the rate of growth and progression with regard to the country's economy. The energy subsidies will lead to low cost of production and investment in the country.

UAE Macroeconomics and Global Economy Changes

The appearance of specific trends in the way countries interact, the high speed of globalization, and the emergence of new dominant agents impact the way economies evolve.

Expo 2020 as to Impact on UAE Economy

The recent article UAE infrastructure being built for EXPO 2020 to be permanent, published in The National, one of the leading UAE news portals, highlights the statement by the Minister of State and Managing Director [...]

Chinese Market Crash and Its Impacts on the UK

Although the issue of the Chinese market crash for the UK was initially lull, its persistence is likely to have significant impacts on the financial services of the UK and the EU in general.

The Relationship Between Fiscal Spending and Unemployment

The Obama administration passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in response to the financial crisis caused by the disappearance of the $5 trillion household wealth of the country in just 12 weeks.

American Economy’s Phase in the Business Cycle

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the data of National Accounts presented by the Bureau of Economic Analysis to evaluate the U.S.economy from the standpoint of the business cycle.

Southeast Asia: Energy Security and Economic Growth

The Southeast Asian peninsula is made up of the countries that are geographically positioned south of China, north of Australia, and east of India. The metropolitans are extensions of the cities to the periphery as [...]

Turkey’s Vision and Free Market Economics

However, today, Kurds born and brought up in Southeast Turkey communicate not only in Kurdish but also in Turkish while the majority of the rest of the population, especially the youths, use only the Turkish [...]

Eurozone Economic Issues and Chaos Theory

The member states in a monetary union can be easily "coerced" into evasion of debts by the financial markets and the resultant outcome of the default directly and negatively affects the economy.

Social Progress Index in Nations Measurement

According to Green, the GDP is flawed and cannot be used to address the challenges of the 21st century since it was developed to address the economic challenges of the 20th century.

India’s Economic Progress and Trade

Recently, the economy was projected to rise due to the increased inflow of investments and revival of 100 projects that were stalled in the past years.

Deflation in the Quantity Theory of Money

The present paper analyzes the recent revelations using the quantity theory of money and concludes that the United States Federal Reserve can reverse the anticipated deflation tide by increasing the amount of money circulating in [...]

Account Deficit and Its Impact on the United States

According to the existing definition, the term "account deficit" is used to describe the situation in which the value of the goods imported into the country is higher than that of the goods exported from [...]

Australian Economic Indicators in 2008-2014

The Australian financial system is one of the economies in the developed world that had a better performance both in the wake of and after the global financial crisis.

Azerbaijan Macroeconomic Risk Analysis

When entering the gas and oil sector of Azerbaijan, the CEO of the company should determine whether the risk factors outweigh the positive aspects of the industry.

The Performance of the UAE Economy

The UAE is considered to be one of the most quickly developing economies of the world. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the development of UAE's economy in the past 10 15 years [...]

Purchasing Power Parity and Brand-Related Pricing

It means that if the price level in the country will grow by 50 percent, while the price level in other countries will remain the same, then the value of the dollar, expressed in the [...]

The UAE’s Weak Economic Situation

The UAE has slow growth in lending and preference in liquidity. This is due to uncertainties in the market and low rates of interests.

South African as a Developing Economy

The country was colonized by the Dutch and became independent in the year 1994 after a long period of unrest between the whites and Africans.

The UAE Economic Statecraft Policy Evaluation

1 Defining the performance of an organization in a variety of ways and facilitating the development of employee motivation, the given phenomenon can be considered the ultimate goal of the organization in question as well.

Systemic Risks

The UK culture entails the archetypes of human activities and representations accompanying the UK and its citizens. In such a system, the head of state and the head of government are two different people.

Russian Potential in Financial Consultancy

When diversifying, it is important to analyze the new market that the company will be operating in to ensure that the diversification will be of assistance to the business. In the country, there is freedom [...]

Immigrant Workers in Canadian National Economy

Seeing that the goal of the given paper is to generate a theory concerning the phenomenon in question, i.e, the immigration rates in Canada and their effect on the state economy, the adoption of a [...]

Austrian Economics and European Union Membership

After becoming a federal state in 1804, Austria participated in the Napoleonic wars making it one of the greatest states of the period. The level of animosity led to the WWI, leading to the creation [...]

The State of the US Economy Today

The stated systems are currently the ones threatening to bring the economy of the United States to its knees and thus an intervention in the same is inevitable if any progress is to be made.

Brazil Economy Strategy and Development

Brazil adopted the import substitution strategy after years of trying to develop Brazil and change its economy from that of a developing world to that of a developed country.

Financial Crisis of 2008 and Consumer Behavior

Although the main cause of the global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the bursting of the housing bubble, economists largely agree that the ensuing recession was the outcome of a combination of several [...]

US Economy Recession in the Too Big to Fail Film

Too Big to fail is an important movie for current and future managers because it highlights the roles of various stakeholders in the economy and the helps managers to understand the dynamics and impacts of [...]

Chinese Government Spending and US Economy

The paper first looks into the different sectors where the Chinese government has increased it's spending to the greatest extent and how the increase in Chinese government spending affect the US economy, business, and political [...]

US Economic Growth: Projected Trends for 2016-2018

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the United States is one of the largest economies in the globe. This fact explains why the country is the largest economy in the world today.

Economic Development in Vietnam

The people of Vietnam had humble hopes that their country could now manage to move away from the rank of the poorest countries in the world by 2010, a position it had perpetually stayed in [...]

Gas Prices in the American Auto Industry

Here, just like in the 1980s, the automakers have failed to heed the suggestions of most analysts who note that the oil prices are bound to remain high for the longest time ever due to [...]
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