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Macroeconomics Essay Examples and Topics

Middle East & North Africa Countries’ Economies

After the rapid development of the UAE economy and airlines, as well as the emphasis on the role of Gulf carriers, particularly, "Emirates, Etihad Airlines and Qatar Airways", the U.S.government has been trying to oust [...]

France Economic Performance

While the modern France has seen tremendous growth in the industrial sector, agriculture is still one of the most important economic activities for the generation of revenue for the government.

Economy of Argentina

This will in turn improve the rate of growth and progression with regard to the country's economy. The energy subsidies will lead to low cost of production and investment in the country.

Expo 2020 as to Impact on UAE Economy

The recent article UAE infrastructure being built for EXPO 2020 to be permanent, published in The National, one of the leading UAE news portals, highlights the statement by the Minister of State and Managing Director [...]

Turkey’s Vision and Free Market Economics

However, today, Kurds born and brought up in Southeast Turkey communicate not only in Kurdish but also in Turkish while the majority of the rest of the population, especially the youths, use only the Turkish [...]

Eurozone Economic Issues and Chaos Theory

The member states in a monetary union can be easily "coerced" into evasion of debts by the financial markets and the resultant outcome of the default directly and negatively affects the economy.

Deflation in the Quantity Theory of Money

The present paper analyzes the recent revelations using the quantity theory of money and concludes that the United States Federal Reserve can reverse the anticipated deflation tide by increasing the amount of money circulating in [...]

The Performance of the UAE Economy

The UAE is considered to be one of the most quickly developing economies of the world. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the development of UAE's economy in the past 10 15 years [...]

The UAE Economic Statecraft Policy Evaluation

1 Defining the performance of an organization in a variety of ways and facilitating the development of employee motivation, the given phenomenon can be considered the ultimate goal of the organization in question as well.

Systemic Risks

The UK culture entails the archetypes of human activities and representations accompanying the UK and its citizens. In such a system, the head of state and the head of government are two different people.

Russian Potential in Financial Consultancy

When diversifying, it is important to analyze the new market that the company will be operating in to ensure that the diversification will be of assistance to the business. In the country, there is freedom [...]

The State of the US Economy Today

The stated systems are currently the ones threatening to bring the economy of the United States to its knees and thus an intervention in the same is inevitable if any progress is to be made.

Financial Crisis of 2008 and Consumer Behavior

Although the main cause of the global financial crisis that began in 2007 was the bursting of the housing bubble, economists largely agree that the ensuing recession was the outcome of a combination of several [...]

Chinese Government Spending and US Economy

The paper first looks into the different sectors where the Chinese government has increased it's spending to the greatest extent and how the increase in Chinese government spending affect the US economy, business, and political [...]

Economic Development in Vietnam

The people of Vietnam had humble hopes that their country could now manage to move away from the rank of the poorest countries in the world by 2010, a position it had perpetually stayed in [...]

Gas Prices in the American Auto Industry

Here, just like in the 1980s, the automakers have failed to heed the suggestions of most analysts who note that the oil prices are bound to remain high for the longest time ever due to [...]

The Rising Cost of Gas

The high cost of gas in the cities has been attributed to the variety of gas blends, and the specific requirements for various parts of the country.

Macroeconomics Fundamentals and Terms

The unemployment rate is also used to evaluate the purchasing power of consumers in a particular economy. It is used to estimate the value of a currency and the purchasing power of consumers in a [...]

Jordan Economy and Its Comparison with Qatar

When comparing the standard of living of Jordan and Qatar, it can be seen that the difference is actually quite low, primarily due to the significant amount of investments the Jordanian government has made into [...]

Spain Economic Conditions

It is rather unfortunate to note though that due to both the debt crisis and the recent real estate bubble burst, banks within the country have been reluctant to lend money to all levels of [...]

Effective Business Environment in Canada

In the course of its operation, the camp has mainly targeted children both in the domestic and international market. For example, a firm can use the Internet to improve the market awareness of its products [...]

The Saudi Arabian Market Macro-Analysis

Most of the public expenditure aims to reduce unemployment rates and increase the growth of the non-oil sector; The fiscal and monetary policies should maintain a steady money flow in the next 12 months because [...]

Belgium Macroeconomic Data Analysis

In Belgium, expenditure by the central government and the regional governments is separate. In 2012, central government expenditure was 23% of the total government expenditure.

Bahrain Bay Economic Development

It is also to place the location on the map and make it known to organizations and other investors so that the region becomes the center for business and industrial activity, as well as for [...]

Sweden Gross Domestic Products

The increased rate of growth is the result of the increased productivity that has been experienced in the country. The labour productivity and economy productivity in general improved in Sweden more as compared to other [...]

Dubai Model: Trade and Tourism in the UAE

The primary critique of the Dubai model for growth and development is that it has focused on utilizing property development as a means of measuring the growth and success of the region instead of the [...]

The Economy of Singapore in 2010-2012

The purpose of this report is to analyze the economy of Singapore and it will concentrate on the historical background of this country, human development index, monetary authority of Singapore, banking sector and major players, [...]

The UAE Economy and Growth in 1990-2012

At the same time, the government entered in the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement to provide 100% foreign ownership and zero taxes; in addition, it was the prime goal of the policy maker to create [...]

The UN Foreign Aid for Lebanon

Speaking about the wars and conflicts which had a great impact on the country, it is possible to admit the role of foreign countries and United Nations in the attempts to make the compromise and [...]

Latin America Economic Development

The end of the twentieth century was characterized by the rise of emerging economies to the status of global players. It is noteworthy that up to the 1930s, Latin American countries had been oligarchic, and [...]

Unemployment and State of the US Economy

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the consideration of a great number of various key points at the same time is the guaranty of the efficient and prosperous economy of the state.

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Activities Influences

The paper evaluates the way in which different activities taking place in the economy affects businesses, households and government dealings. The choices households make in relation to purchase of grocery affect other large-scale factors.

Demand and Supply Correlation in the Market

The article in question dwells upon the demand and supply correlation in the commodity market in 2014. In conclusion, it is necessary to note that the article in question unveils the essence of supply and [...]

China’s Political Economy

According to, the productive forces are input factors that are used in the creating of good and services. On the other hand, the relations of production are the links between the forces of production.

Chinese Economics: the Great Leap Forward

However, much of the output of the industries satisfied the needs of the urban market rather than the agricultural sector. The resulting reduction in the supply of inputs discouraged production in the agricultural sector.

China’s Export-Led Growth

Job Creation The export-led growth strategy led to a significant reduction in the level of unemployment in China. To begin with, the strategy limits the growth of household incomes in the country.

Ethnic Diversity in Metropolitan Areas

While focusing on the first approach, it is important to note that the economic progress and the high household income of the population in the U.S.metropolitan areas is a direct result of high levels of [...]

Organizations and Economic Environment

Actually, more than half of the products and services in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act were dedicated to policies that would assist in economic growth and the capability of promoting continuous economic growth was [...]

Advantage of Hong Kong Relative

The advantage of Hong Kong relative to other Asian cities is that it is politically, culturally, geographically and economically attached to the largest and fastest-growing market in the world Mainland China.

Coffee Business in Romania

Structural factors, on the other hand, represent the transition of the banking system to net adverse liquidity position, concurrent to the increase in liquidity demand in the context of uncertainty concerning the economic outlook.