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Influences on Political Economy Essay Examples and Topics

Political Systems as Factors of Economic Growth

In the 20th century, many events that transformed the global political structure had occurred: the collapse of the bipolar system of international relationships, development of independent sovereign states with the communist historical background, regime changes [...]

Greek Lending Institutions, Healthcare, Human Capital

The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of the IMF on social, economic, healthcare, and political development of Greece in order to determine whether receiving funding was beneficial or detrimental to the [...]

Joseph Schumpeter’s Impact on Modern Political Economy

Joseph Alois Schumpeter remains to be one of the most prominent and conservative American economists with Australian roots, who discussed the peculiarities of economic science, analyzed the problems of entrepreneurship, and developed new socio-economic systems [...]

Government’s Role in the Japanese Economic Miracle

Many scholars are in agreement that the Japanese government, under the auspices of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and subsequent agencies, was at the core of the so called economic miracle with the [...]

The US Monetary Policy: Federal Reserve

The transfer of value of the property and other assets also takes place based on money. It is notable that this leads to a low circulation of money within the market.

The Role of Industrialization in Development Economics

A developed country on the contrary is defined as a country which has the potential of providing its citizens with a healthy safe and free environment to live in.besides the parameters mentioned above, international monetary [...]

The realities of Tourism and Economic Development

At the same time, the improvement in the transportation sector, presence of luxurious hotels and other accommodation facilities, improvement in security and hospitality and most importantly, the presence of many tourist destinations capable of meeting [...]

China and America Economic Analysis

In light of all the economic indicators discussed, the world is watching China and it is expected in the next few years it be the world leader in the economy.

The Political Economy of Germany

Germany highly advocates for economic integration of the European Union because of the benefits that accrue to the functioning of the union.

Economics phenomenon

The forces of demand and supply influence market strength in any country's economy and they play a major role in trying to dictate the production and supply of goods in the economy.

Response to Rodrigo Mantica’s Paper

When an individual wants to offer donations to humanitarian organizations, the person is motivated by self interests of fulfilling their social responsibilities and not helping the less fortunate in society.

The History of Economic Analysis

The insights and governing interpretations of the medieval Rabbis on interest rates are that Talmud and Scripture prohibits it with respect to the law of natural justice. In case the borrower leaves the nation without [...]

Commanding heights

There is no one firm point of view shared by all the scholars, as some of them are sure that the state controls the commanding heights while others believe that the companies are the rule [...]

Impact of Gambling on the Bahamian Economy

Sources from the government of The Bahamas indicate that the first of gambling casinos in the name of the Bahamian Club opened for business from the capital of Nassau towards the close of the 1920s [...]

Labor Economy Generating Factors

As a variation of the market labor mobility, efficiency in 'allocative' contributors is significant in balancing the distribution of labor units between low and high employment values as part of the wage differential matrix.

The end of the free market

Its briefing is excellent and narrates the sequence of events from the rise and fall of communism to the effects of capitalism.

Hart-Landsburg and Burkett Argument

Despite the fact that SOEs were dominant during the 1970s and the 1980s, the growth of private entrepreneurship started to flourish during the late 1980s and in the 1990s.

Poverty as Capability Deprivation

In this paper, the importance of social justice manifests through the understanding of social deprivation, as opposed to the understanding of income levels in the achievement of social justice.

Ecuador in Modern World

Position of Ecuador in South America Colonization The Spaniards arrived in Ecuador in the brink of the Inca Civil War in the year 1531.

Labor and Unemployment Rate

This ensures that these people make a useful contribution to the economic growth of the country. In addition, lack of stability may also reduce the need to have children.

How Natural Disasters Affect the Economy

The accrual of physical capital plays a pivotal role in the growth of an economy. Using this method, it is evident that natural disasters improve the state of technology in a nation.

Poland Case Study

The paper discusses the political economy of Poland in the context of the European Union; it also looks into significant economic policies that are pursued by the country in relation to its membership in the [...]

The Making of an Unequal Society

Stiglitz acknowledged that there are other forces at work but conceded that the major reason for the inequality is due to the actions of the wealthy, the corrupt and the opportunists.

Comparative Advantage

Comparative advantage can be defined as the efficiency of a country or a state to produce a certain commodity at a lower opportunity cost compared to another another country.

The Problem of Monopolies

Moreover, the lack of the substitutes is observed, and the company becomes a monopoly within the market. Thus, the situation was discussed by the government as critical because of Microsoft's possibility to develop into the [...]

Egypt’s Economic Structure

This has been attributed to the rapid expansion of the industrial sector, and the fact that less attention was paid to the sector by the government.

Saudi Arabia Economics Overview

The exploration and production of oil in Saudi Arabia has transformed the region into a major stakeholder in world petroleum reserves.

Gross Domestic Product

That is why when the information from the statistical reports is presented as the data which are related to the notion of the population's well-being in general it should be perceived as the reflection of [...]

The Truly Global Economy

Many people have had different questions regarding globalization, some asking whether it is the integration of economic, social, political and cultural systems across the world or the dominance of the developed countries in making decisions [...]

Hong Kong City

It is located in the northern side of the country while Hong Kong is located in the southern side of China's mainland.

The Peculiarities of Housing Crisis in the USA

Many researchers agree that one of the main causes of the financial crisis in the USA in 2007-2009 was the housing crisis which contributed to the development of the problem and to the increase of [...]

Blood Diamond from Sierra Leone

According to Lincoln, the government officials in Sierra Leone complained that it was difficult to control and manage the diamond industry and as a result the smuggling of illegal diamonds continued as late as 2009.

Economics of Water Bottling

The ripple effects of this enterprise include the impact on local residents' water and recreation, the health of distant drinkers of water stored in plastic bottles, the health of people living near the bottle manufacturing [...]

Marx’s Theory on Exploitation-Critical Analysis

According to Marx exploitation theory, the diversifications and intricacies of the need to amass economic power has led to a situation whereby some individuals or personalities take advantage of the labor/effort of other people and [...]

Companies and Monopolies

This has led to some of them adopting the use of monopoly in order to stay ahead of other companies in the market.

History of the Kharafi National Company in UAE

The approaches have enhanced the role of Kharafi National from service provider to that of a partner in business. Also, the expertise in the company has been expanded through general operations of a business and [...]

An economic approach to world Heritage

The culture of a given community would determine the history of such a community in terms of architectural designs of the past such as the Great Wall of China and so on.

Global Race for Energy

S comes second in production but the highest in terms of consumption and China is the second highest consumer of energy after the U.S.

Neoliberalism’ Various Definitions

Among the main points of Neoliberalism is the freedom of the market. One of the points of neoliberalism is the removal of labor unions so as to allow free mobility of capital.

Infrastructure Lebanon

The aftermath of the Lebanese Civil war led to a considerable damage to the rail network and interfered with the transportation system that gradually ceased.

Economics of Development

For instance, the systems should be able to define hegemonic view of the world in terms of development consequently arousing various players in the global arena to take part in economic progress.

Urbanization in Mexico

Some services are available in the urban areas but most of the residents are not in the position to pay for them.

The Worst Economic Crisis in the U.S.

The freezing of the economy is attributable to the shrinking of profits as well as collapse of several companies that had managed to employ thousands of employees.

Brazil and coffee

A major focus is given to the healthy properties of coffee by having medically qualified properties of coffee by having medically qualified professionals to advise the Brazilian coffee industry, something unique and pioneering in the [...]

The Next Industrial Revolution

Likewise, they must also realign their current institutions and businesses to conform to the rule of nature and reconsider the current business actions, consumers, and the public to enhance a new and a sustainable relationship [...]

Youth Unemployment in the UK

Such programmes have led to an increase in the level of people who are self-employed. This has led to rise of people who are self-employed in the UK over the years.

Mergers & Acquisitions

This option involved the sale of a percentage of the DuPont stake to the public. In addition to that is the fact that IPO's cost a lot of money.