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112 Unemployment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. High Unemployment to Last for Years
    The best measure of unemployment is taking a sample of households, and taking the number of unemployed in that particular household and also looking at the number of people who have registered in employment agencies.
  2. Unemployment in UAE
    Unwillingness of Men and Women to Work in Certain Occupations One of the factors that have been cited as a cause of unemployment in UAE is that both men women have not been prepared to […]
  3. Relationship between Unemployment and Crime
    In the 1990s, the rate of unemployment was low and so was the rate of property crime. Crime rates increase steadily in society, and the rate of crime is connected to unemployment and low wages.
  4. Analysis of Unemployment and Inflation in the United States
    This was at the height of the recession that continues to grapple the country with major negative implications in the economy.
  5. Unemployment as Sosial Problem
    Many specialists predict that the problems are going to last for some period of time and the countries which are included in the Euro zone should try hard to remove the problem and to return […]
  6. Unemployment Problem in the US
    Millions of people experience short-term unemployment each year, which last a couple of weeks, during their switch of jobs due to the flexibility to the job market.
  7. Being Unemployed and the Impact of Unemployment as a Broad Issue
    In as much as we would like to take the issue of unemployment at an individual level, it is not possible since it touches on the society as whole and hence the need to discuss […]
  8. Employee Benefits, Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation
    Employee benefits are not counted as part of salary or wages earned by the employees and are provided to the employees in exchange for their contribution towards the organization.
  9. National Unemployment & Recession
    When the recession is severe, there is an increase in the rate of national unemployment and hence a rise in the number of unemployed individuals in the society.
  10. Unemployment Rates in the United States
    Bureau of Labor Statistics The rise in the unemployment rate in 2008 can be termed as cyclical unemployment rate, i.e.the unemployment that occurs due to changes in business cycle.
  11. Benefits Run Out for Spain’s Jobless: Theories of Unemployment
    The aim of the paper is to summarize the article on unemployment and establish a connection between the article and the economic theories unemployment.
  12. Historical Analysis on Unemployment
    The city of Los Angeles is one of the places that are worst hit by the catastrophe. The report summarizes that the situation is worse in the US and more particularly in Los Angeles because […]
  13. Unemployment Rates in the U.S.
    Chetty has found that 10 % increase in the UI benefits have resulted in the increase of unemployment duration by 4.8%.
  14. Unemployment in the US: Job Favoritism
    Spiggs, an official at the “Department of Labor,” insinuated that it could not be easy for the government to determine the extent of the setback.
  15. Youth Unemployment in the UK
    Such programmes have led to an increase in the level of people who are self-employed. This has led to rise of people who are self-employed in the UK over the years.
  16. Unemployment in Article by Mehdi Hasan
    The writer is of the opinion that job creation is more important for the euro zone populace than solving the problems of inflation and GDP growth.
  17. The current impact of inflation and unemployment on Germany’s political/economic system
    It is notable to recognize the fact that the rate of savings in the nation is quite high causing a dip in the rate of inflation.
  18. Labor and Unemployment Rate
    This ensures that these people make a useful contribution to the economic growth of the country. In addition, lack of stability may also reduce the need to have children.
  19. Causes and Effects of Unemployment
    Cyclical unemployment refers to a state in which claims in the economy fail to offer jobs to people. Hidden unemployment refers to unemployment of prospective workers due to errors made in generating statistics on unemployment.
  20. Immigrants in Qatar and the UAE: Laws and Regulations. The Threat of Unemployment vs. the Concern for Social Identity
    Focusing on the issues of immigration in general and the complexities which the GCC countries have in relation to the issue of immigration in particular, the given paper provides a detailed account of the current […]
  21. The Unemployment Reasons in the UAE
    In conclusion, the high unemployment rate in the UAE is a result of poor training, the influx of foreign expatriates and government failure to create more jobs for the locals.
  22. Unemployment as a Social Problem
    To gauge the rate of unemployment the number of the people who are idle is calculated versus the number of people who have been hired.
  23. Unemployment in New Jersey
    There has been a rise in the number of those employed from 143,328 in October 2012 to 143,568 in October 2013.
  24. Detrimental Effects of Unemployment on People’s Health
    It is necessary to note that unemployment is regarded as one of the social determinants of health discussed by Wilkinson and Marmot.
  25. Concept of Automation of Services and their Effect on Unemployment
    Increased wage rate has the effect of increasing the cost of production and since firms are in the business to make profits, they will increase the prices of their products.
  26. Unemployment in UK
    To analyze why unemployment is set to rise in the UK To illustrate the true level of unemployment in UK To evaluate how technology affects unemployment in UK To analyze how inflation affects UK unemployment […]
  27. Definition of Unemployment and Its Types
    The major limitation of the insurance programs policy is that the employees have to make regular contributions of some amount to the program.
  28. Unemployment in California
    The unemployment rate increased due to various reasons such as uncertainty arising from the slow growth in the economy, current slide in the stock market and the debt crisis from the European region, which spooked […]
  29. Reasons for Increasing Unemployment in U.S
    The credit crunch that was experienced between from 2007 to 2009 greatly battered the private sector labor market and resulted in a decline in the number of people who are gainfully employed in the US.
  30. The Euro Zone’s Rising Inflation and Unemployment Rate
    However, the euro zone found itself in a predicament from late 2009 after the economic downturns that faced some countries in the euro zone.
  31. Social Theory & its Relation to Social Problems: Unemployment.
    Furthermore, classical economists perceive unemployment as a result of excess supply that is influenced due to elevated price level of work labor.
  32. Unemployment
    The following are some of the advantages of using the hard system method It provides a deeper understanding and analysis of the problem of unemployment and answers the question of how to mitigate the unemployment […]
  33. Literature Review: The Graduation and Unemployment Difficulties of Adolescents With Learning and Behaviour Disabilities
    One of the causes of high school dropout of this group of students is the feeling of being out of place.
  34. Youth Unemployment in UK and Talent Management Challenges
    The economic recession that began in 2007 continues to affect a great number of U.K.businesses and one of its effects is the decrease in the number of jobs available to young people.
  35. Reasons and Solutions for Unemployment in USA
    Unemployment provides statistical evidence of the economic health and performance of a Government and is defined as a count of the number of people who are not actively engaged in gainful jobs, have failed to […]
  36. The Youth Unemployment Crisis in Spain
    In order to further identify the root cause of the problem of the high levels of unemployment in Spain, it is necessary to evaluate the evolution of the unemployment among the youth in the country, […]
  37. Predicting Unemployment Rates to Manage Inventory
    81 1949 6.1 0.04 4.74 1.32 1. 15 2000 4.0 1.82 6.
  38. The Unemployment Situation in the United States
    This article reviews the current unemployment situation in the United States and the actions that the Obama administration is taking to improve the situation.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Unemployment

  1. The Increasing Rate of Unemployment
    In the United State of America, the rate of unemployment was at its highest in the year 2007. The topic of unemployment is important due to the impact that it has on the current economy.
  2. Unemployment Effects on Lithuania Individuals
    The reduction is attributed to the efforts made by the government to resuscitate the economy through export promotion and improving efficiency in the public sector.
  3. Economic Issues: Unemployment in the United States
    In the first news article titled “The US has a Jobs Crisis: Here’s How to Fix it,” the authors use the latest statistics to demonstrate the problem of unemployment in the US, before relying on […]
  4. Youth Unemployment as a Social Issue
    Different factors have led to the high levels of youth unemployment, with the most widely studied of them being the skills that are available to the unemployed youths.
  5. Economic Stimulus and Unemployment
    The role of government in influencing the macroeconomic sphere of the economy is one that cannot be understated. One of the foremost negative effects of such fiscal policy is that the influx of government-induced money […]
  6. Unemployment in the United States
    It could be assumed that unemployment is a critical issue in the United States of America, as it has a strong impact on the society and other spheres of everyday life.
  7. Unemployment and Inflation Issues
    In most cases, if one is suffering structural unemployment, it is as a result of improvement in a certain area, or a change in the way things are done.
  8. Men’ and Women’ Unemployment Disparity
    Purpose of research: This study aimed at establishing the difference in gap of the rate of unemployment between women and men during the 2007 recession.
  9. Inflation and Unemployment in the United States
    In the 21st century, there are so many issues in the economy of the United States. This is increasing the demand for skilled workers by the day as opposed to the unskilled.
  10. Unemployment in Saudi Arabia
    Much effort has been in place to from the government of Saudi Arabia in order to address the question of unemployment despite the fact that the nation is full of vast deposits of crude oil.
  11. Unemployment and State of the US Economy
    However, it is necessary to emphasize that the consideration of a great number of various key points at the same time is the guaranty of the efficient and prosperous economy of the state.
  12. Unemployment Issue in the United States
    Though a shrinkage in the number of vacancies and the rapid increase in the number of part-time jobs have had their toll on the unemployment rates, the lack of vacancies still remains the key cause […]
  13. Unemployment Rate of Saudi Arabia
    This paper discusses the impact of unemployment on the economy of a country and explores the rates of unemployment and GDP growth in Saudi Arabia.
  14. The US Unemployment Benefits Evaluation
    The timeliness of these statistics is essential for the gauging of the labor market health and in extension, the performance in of the economy in general. The analysis of the data provides for the selection […]
  15. The Level of Unemployment Among Veterans
    Veterans are some of the most important segments of the USA’s population, bearing in mind that they sacrificed their lives and time to serve the nation in the past.
  16. Unemployment in Sweden: Causes and Solutions
    This research looks at one of her most celebrated program that turned out later on to be the source of misery to a good number of her population; that is the welfare program that was […]
  17. Unemployment Rate as the Biggest National Economy Challenge
    The United States has the largest national economy and it is the largest trading nation in the world. The recent financial crisis of 2008 increased the rate of unemployment, and impacted the economy negatively.
  18. Unemployment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Causes and Solutions
    Various studies have concluded that there is a correlation between the level of unemployment in the country and the strength of the economy.
  19. Unemployment in Sydney: Spatial Patterns Analysis
    In contrast, such areas as North West Sydney or Upper North Shore that have the lowest level of unemployment and the highest level of household income.
  20. Unemployment Forms and Causes: Economic Standpoint
    Unemployment could be defined as the state in the economy where there are many people who are willing and able to work but they do not get a chance to employ their skills to the […]
  21. Policy: the Aftermath of War – Servicemen Facing Unemployment
    However, after retiring from their job with disabilities, the most significant issue that faces the transitioning service individuals to reintegrate effectively with the civilian society has been the need to find and cultivate organizational attachments […]
  22. Unemployment Reduction Strategy for Chesapeake, VA
    A comprehensive unemployment reduction strategy implemented within Chesapeake, VA, would drive the current unemployment rate of 4. The unemployment rate exacerbates local economic concerns in terms of healthcare costs, household income, and living standards.
  23. African Americans’ Unemployment Rate in 2014
    The African American racial group has the highest rate of unemployment in the United States, continuing a longstanding pattern whereby Blacks always find themselves at the periphery of the American labor force.
  24. Unemployment Insurance Policy in the United States
    Despite some of the efforts embraced by different communities, the issue of unemployment has continued to affect the welfare of many citizens in the country.
  25. Unemployment Insurance Extension in the US
    In this way, extended UI lets them realize that they are not forgotten by the rest of society, and there is still an opportunity to find an appropriate job.
  26. Spain and Its Unemployment Problems
    The low rate of employment is the most renowned characteristic of the Spanish economy as per the close of the Twentieth Century.
  27. Unemployment as a Sorting Criterion
    The researchers developed a study to evaluate the relationship between the length of unemployment and the stigmatization attitude associated with employers when they handle the affected job applicants.
  28. Unemployment as National Economic Health Indicator
    Unemployment is considered a key indicator of national economic health as it directly reflects on the efficiency of government policy and the population purchasing potential. The concept of the natural level of employment in the […]
  29. The Relationship Between Fiscal Spending and Unemployment
    The Obama administration passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in response to the financial crisis caused by the disappearance of the $5 trillion household wealth of the country in just 12 weeks.
  30. Unemployment as a Local Economic Issue
    The evaluation of these aspects is crucial to the current research for the reason that it would help highlight the weak spots of the modern employment apparatus and suggest novel ways of dealing with unemployment.
  31. Foreign Direct Investment Role in Unemployment
    The following report explores the evidence behind the claims of both the advocates and the opponents of globalization and one of its prominent manifestations foreign direct investment to determine whether its effect could be used […]
  32. Unemployment and Suicide Rates Correlation in the US
    The problem of correlation between the levels of unemployment and suicide rates has been previously investigated in the research literature. However, the association between unemployment and suicide rates was discovered in the data collected during […]
  33. Unemployment Values: Types and Impacts
    The first impact of unemployment on the economy is the extra financial costs that a government may have to incur when unemployed persons are paid some stipends.
  34. Robots as a Factor in Unemployment Patterns
    One of the prevailing arguments in regards to this problem is that the advent of the robot technology is contributing towards a high rate of unemployment.
  35. Self-Reported Community Health and Unemployment Rate
    The initiative to increase the number of job offerings instead of spending money on health fairs and educational programs can positively affect the mental well-being of the community.
  36. Unemployment and Its Social Consequences
    One of the impacts of unemployment that connects the unemployed individual with the social fraternity is the lost self-esteem that an individual suffers.
  37. Unemployment Rates in KNPR’s “State of Nevada”
    The discussion concentrated on unemployment rates in the State of Nevada and its potential solutions. The unemployment rate in the State of Nevada was 12% for March.
  38. Unemployment Types in Spain and the United States
    Firms and companies in Spain have no requirement to hire more people and this is because of the state of the economy.
  39. Business Cycle and Unemployment
    The other phase is the recovery phase which occurs after the recession and is seen by a steady rise on GDP.

📌 Simple & Easy Unemployment Essay Titles

  1. United States Unemployment Rates in 2013-2014
    In the first four months of 2014, the rate of unemployment in the United States dropped to about 6. 3 percent, and the number of the unemployed dropped by about 1.
  2. Econometrics: Poverty, Unemployment, Household Income
    The goal of this project is to come up with a model that relates to the poverty level in the United States and the unemployment rate and total household income.
  3. Consumer Price Index and Unemployment Rate
    The first issue is related to the tendency of consumers to adjust their preferences based on prices faster than the CPI can reflect, leading to inaccurate representations of the data in the index.
  4. Unemployment Rates and Credit Card Debts in the US
    The reduction of the unemployment rate is logical as changes have affected the labor market. Concerning debts on loans, too open system of bank lending to the population can be an additional factor causing this […]
  5. Unemployment and Social Exclusion
    In the countries of Europe, the rate of unemployment varies between 3 and 23 percent with the highest numbers in Ireland and Greece and the lowest in Iceland, Norway, Germany, and Malta; the United States […]
  6. Macroeconomics: Unemployment Rate in North America
    Such indicators of economic development as the labor force rate and the unemployment rate are the significant aspects of state development and its policies regarding the labor market.
  7. Youth Unemployment and Policy Solutions
    The inability to address the problem of unemployment in the given age group may result in the growth of criminal activity, child poverty, and people’s negative perceptions of life.
  8. How Falling Unemployment Affect College Enrollment
    It is common to associate the relationship between unemployment and college enrollment with the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the Great Recession on the border of the 2000s-2010s.
  9. Automation Impact on Unemployment
    Scope: The scope of the article is to analyze and overview the connection between productivity and employment figures in the US.
  10. The Philippines’ Unemployment, Inequality, Poverty
    However, despite the strong emphasis of the government on income equality and poverty reduction along with the growth of GDP, both poverty and economic and social inequality remain persistent in the Philippines.
  11. Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech on Unemployment Reaction
    As, I sat down to listen on the FDR’s speech over the radio, and being one of the unemployed labor in the country, I did hope that a better future was on the way.
  12. Youth Unemployment in Africa: A Challenge for Public Policy Makers
    With a large population to take care of the market for labour is overstretched from Johannesburg to Tangiers and cannot accommodate the influx of young job seekers leading to shortage or in some cases the […]
  13. The US and the Philippines: Unemployment and Inflation
    In cyclical terms, this rising inflation is actually the product and not the cause of these record-high oil prices and the idea that the U.S.had failed to think of the above-discussed alternatives to the energy […]
  14. Keynesian Theory of Unemployment
    This brings to the conclusion that during such times the government should implement policies that are aimed at increasing aggregate demand According to Robert the, policies which the government may implement in order to reduce […]
  15. Macroeconomics and Unemployment
    The author of the article is Jennifer Steinhauer and the source where the article is taken from is the newspaper “The New York Times”, issued on September 18, 2009, that is why the information under […]
  16. Measuring Unemployment Issues in Society
    Types of unemployment include; frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment, and structural unemployment. Seasonal unemployment is a result of the rise and fall of a particular job.
  17. Pakistan: GDP and Unemployment
    This shows a clear relationship between the economy of the country and the employment that it is able to generate. This unemployment is increasing in both the rural areas and the urban areas of the […]
  18. Gasoline Prices, Rates of Unemployment, Inflation, and Economic Growth
    The data which has been queried from the database are related to gasoline prices in California, the unemployment rate in the US, the inflation rate in the US, and Real GDP.
  19. The Take-Up of Unemployment Study in USA
    The take up of unemployment is beneficial because it will enable the living standard of people to increase and contributes to the general performance of the economy. Small business funding ensures that more people are […]
  20. The Future of Unemployment in the United States
    The significance of unemployment makes it a major issue that neither the federal government nor the citizens can ignore given the fact that is one of the indicators of the strength of the economy.
  21. Public Administration: Unemployment Economic Impact
    The “official” unemployment rate is released by the U. S government is not a correct reflection of the actual state of unemployment in the nation.
  22. Gender, Family, and Unemployment in Ontario’s Great Depression
    The introduction and all the background that Campbell gives are firmly in line with the goals of this course. The first part of the study is the business and the economic history.
  23. UAE and GCC Economic Analysis: Inflation and Unemployment
    This is explained by the fact that UAE is less dependent on oil trade, hence, the inflation and unemployment rate in the UAE is lower in comparison with the countries of GCC.
  24. Global Recession and Unemployment Growth Connection
    However, the increased unemployment and the collapse of the steel industry in the United States results from the domination of companies at the microeconomic level seeking an absolute advantage at international stage. Similarly, it has […]
  25. Relationship Between Unemployment and Crimes
    Agnew, argue that crime is caused by strain that a person face throughout life, and this can be contributed to the degree of educational inequality in society.
  26. Causes of Rising Unemployment
    However, this is usually not the case as the rate of employment opportunities being created are very few compared to the demands of the population and this means that many people will be unemployed regardless […]
  27. Unemployment as the Consequence of the Development of New Technologies. What Should Private Firms and Government Do?
    The development of new technologies has been considered to be the way to the high level of life on the one hand and one of the main reasons for unemployment on the other hand.
  28. Economic Development in Saudi Arabia: Unemployment Amongst Young Saudi Generation
    This will allow the investigative nature of the study to be attained. The questions will be developed in cognizance to the research topic and will be based on the set objectives.
  29. Macroeconomics in Unemployment
    Frictional unemployment is described as the unemployment that takes place because of the movement of people from one occupation to another.
  30. Unemployment Within the 20th Century
    The purpose of this research is about showing the issue of unemployment in the 20th century, the results that it led to, the human struggle against unemployment, and the predictions of unemployment in the future.
  31. KSA Vision 2030 and Its Impact on Unemployment
    This resolution intends to reduce the rates of unemployment in Saudi Arabia and increase employment opportunities for women in the kingdom.
  32. Unemployment and Underemployment
    This decision became a major step in relieving the social strain and allowing millions of people to survive the economic hardships caused by the imposed restrictions
  33. Gender Gap’s Effect on Unemployment Rate
    In fact, the latter, namely, the rise in the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased the rates of unemployment significantly.
  34. Unemployment Rates and Value of Houses
    The calculation carried is as follows:- The accompanying table shows the performance of real estate in some states Test the hypothesis that unemployment rate influences house values.Use.
  35. Court Sentencing: Juvenile Status and Unemployment
    These provisions allowed that based on prior criminal history and in consideration of the current offense, they could be transferred for trial in adults courts.

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