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117 Social Justice Essay Topics & Examples

Social justice essays are an excellent tool for demonstrating your awareness of the current issues in society.

Inequality in society should be addressed, and social justice advocates are at the forefront of such initiatives. Everyone should be able to achieve their goals and dreams if they put in the effort, assuming of course that reaching that target is at all possible.

To that end, you should ask various social justice essay questions and investigate different situations, particularly those that surround marginalized communities.

While the civil rights movement has succeeded in eliminating discriminatory policies and gender segregation, people should remain vigilant so that inequality again.

There are many topics you can discuss in your essay, but is better to focus on something specific and conduct a detailed investigation. It is easy to take some examples of data that shows a situation that seems unequal and declare that the system is flawed.

However, the data may be inaccurate, and the causes may be different from what you initially perceive them to be. Many fields will be too small for statistic laws to apply, and so there will be a temporary prevalence of people with a specific trait.

Declarations of premature conclusions and calls to action based on these conjectures are not productive and will generally lead to harm.

Be sure to consider evidence from both sides when discussing the topic of injustice, especially in its sensitive applications.

The case of police officers and the racial disparity in arrests is a prominent example, as there is significant disagreement, and neither side can be considered entirely correct.

At other times, unequal treatments may be explained by racial and gender differences without the application of discriminatory practices, particularly with regards to cultural practices.

The importance of justice is above debate, but it is not always about declaring one side correct while the other is wrong and at fault. Humanity operates best when it is unified and follows the same purpose of fairness.

Lastly, try to avoid confusing equality with equity, as the two social justice essay topics are significantly different. The former involves similar starting conditions and opportunities for all people, though they will likely achieve varying successes in life.

The latter means equality of outcomes, meaning that the unsuccessful receive support, which logically has to come at the expense of those who succeed.

You may support either position, with equality being a more traditional concept that seems logical to many people and equity being considered effective at improving the conditions of marginalized communities. However, make your position clear, as the difference is critical and informs your personal concept of social justice.

Here are some additional tips for your paper:

  • Separate the points you make in your essay with social justice essay titles. These titles will help the reader navigate the paper and understand your main claims.
  • Try to introduce original ideas instead of contributing to ongoing debates. An essay does not allow enough space to let you add something that will change the situation to such discussions.
  • The topic of social justice is inherently political, as most suggestions will involve policy-level changes. However, you should try to distance yourself from politics and work with factual information.

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⭐ Top 10 Social Justice Issues to Write about

  1. Unemployment.
  2. Global Warming.
  3. School Shooting.
  4. Income Inequality.
  5. Global Pandemic.
  6. Social Security.
  7. Racial & LGBTQ Discrimination.
  8. Mental Health Stigma.
  9. Famine and Starvation.
  10. Discrimination in Voting.

🏆 Best Social Justice Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Social Justice and Gay Rights
    This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their roots to the 1960s and the Stonewall Riots of 1969 which marked the birth of the gay […]
  2. Is Social Justice the Same Thing as Political Egalitarianism? An Analysis from a Theory of Justice Perspective
    This is the question that is likely to arise when one is analyzing social justice in the context of political developments in the society.
  3. Social Justice and the Australian Indigenous people
    The main idea behind the formation of the social justice commission was to give the indigenous Australian people choice by empowering them to stand up for their rights.
  4. Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work
    The negative attitude of the community and the criminalization of sex works made workers of his industry vulnerable and susceptible for the physical assaults of men in the street, their customers and even policemen.
  5. Social Justice: The Catholic’s Social Teachings on Justice
    The church also seeks to instill value in the prisoners’ lives through teachings and practices that accept prisoners as people who deserve to be treated with dignity.
  6. Social Justice: Wray’s Essential Aspects of Biblical Law and Justice
    Wray has conducted an extensive study on the subject of social justice and suggests that students taking any course on law or social justice must go back to the origins of these laws and justice, […]
  7. Prosperity and Social Justice
    The short story was also the subject of debate when it was first written because it failed to fit in any particular genre at the time.”The Yellow Wallpaper” was mostly considered a horror story when […]
  8. Setting an Agenda for Social Justice
    According to Wilkinson, Brundrett is a professor of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education, Community, and Leisure and the head of the Centre for Research and Evaluation, in the Liverpool John Moores University.
  9. Social justice and the black – white achievement gap
    From a national perspective, the achievement gap between the Black and White is reported to have narrowed down in 2007 as compared to the same gap in 1990.
  10. Social Justice in Education
    With a clear distinction between justice taught in class and justice allowed to thrive in the school environments, teachers can be able to observe how their students perceive and response to social injustices in the […]
  11. Education and Social Justice
    The society should also reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. The current level of inequality explains why “every school should reinvent itself in order to deal with social injustice”.
  12. Ethics Issues: Social Justice
    In other words, it is observed that an individual has a duty of ensuring that the law is followed while the government is expected to provide the basic rights and freedoms.
  13. David Miller’s Theory of Desert in Social Justice
    The dependence of rewards on the variety of external and conditional factors makes the public and scholars question the idea of the desert and its use for justice.
  14. U.S. Postal Service’s Ethics and Social Justice
    In spite of the fact that the current agency was organized in 1971, the background of the organization is related to the development of the first postal service in the country based on the U.S.
  15. Counselors as Social Justice Advocates
    The compelling vision of social justice is to achieve “free, full, and equal participation” of all groups in society to realize their aspirations and mutual needs.
  16. Administrative Constitutionalism and Social Justice
    The current point of view at the crimes and violence is predestined by the commercial pressure applied to the mass media sources. In the majority of the cases, popular media becomes the viral source of […]
  17. Black Lives Matter and Social Justice
    Social media is a new public platform that has proved to be extremely effective in fighting against the normalization of violence against African-Americans.
  18. Social Justice Issues: Elderly Minority Groups
    Students should know the peculiarities of the populations in question and should be aware of practices and services available to those patients.
  19. Health Care Services: Social Justice Analysis
    For instance, the level of poverty in the USA is on the rise, and many people simply have no funds to purchase their health insurance. In conclusion, it is possible to note that social justice […]
  20. The Book “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice”
    In that way, the authors noted that racial and ethnic differences tend to produce impact on lives of communities in the entirety of their aspects, and thus can aggravate other social justice issues.
  21. Social Justice Group Work for Homeless Young Mothers
    The group discussed in the article was started for the purpose of assisting residents address the problem of homelessness especially in aspects of parenting and during pregnancy periods.
  22. American Women’s Movements for Social Justice
    Like Alice Walker, Deborah Gray, and Collins, Tyra Banks continues the legacy of black women since she is ready to campaign against racism, sexism, and discrimination.
  23. Social Justice: Philosophy of Employment
    The philosophy of empowerment supports dignity and self-worth; as such, value to all people, regardless of their status or race is an important rule of empowerment.
  24. What Is Social Justice?
    To my mind, the two most important principles of justice that should be used to govern within a just society are the selection of highly virtuous state leaders and government representatives to put in charge […]
  25. Social Justice in Quality Health Care
    The provision of accessible health services is necessary to minimize the health risks of the low-income households and improve their quality of life.
  26. Social Justice and Educational Reform in the US
    People are free to develop their individual attitudes to the importance of social justice in education and leadership. Social justice may be used in the creation of job announcements, proposals, and statements to attract attention […]
  27. Social Justice for Indigenous Women in Canada
    However, the problem of social justice or, to be more accurate, the lack thereof becomes especially poignant when considering criminal issues and their management, as well as the factors that contribute to reducing the rates […]
  28. Advocating for Social Justice in Healthcare
    However, health care is also often related to the idea of social justice a term that describes the allocation of resources and benefits to people according to their needs and abilities.
  29. Christianity Religion and Asian World: Social Justice
    It was also said that the greatest botched opportunity in all church history was in the 1260s the court of the great Kublai Khan asked the Polos when they returned to Italy in 1269 to […]
  30. Equality of Opportunity and Social Justice: Affirmative Action
    If this is the situation in advanced nations of the world, the plight in the newly emerging states in Africa, Asia, and Latin America can easily be imagined as to how difficult would it be […]
  31. Social Justice and Feminism in America
    So as to make a change in this situation, the feminists in America took efforts to improve the condition of women.
  32. Social Justice and Ethics: Beneficiaries of U.S. Welfare Programs
    In United States the beneficiaries include the poor, the old, the disabled, survivors, farmers, corporations and any other individual who may be eligible.
  33. Re-Examining Criminal and Social Justice Systems: Reducing Incarceration Rates in the US
    The changes in criminal justice policy over the past decades and the alteration of the same from one of rehabilitative and social justice to one of retributive justice and increasing reliance on imprisonment as a […]
  34. Deaf Youth: Social Justice Through Media and Activism
    The Deaf Youth USA for instance strives to educate, inspire, and empower the deaf youth to make difference in the communities.
  35. Social Justice Perspective
    Thus public health deals not only with the guarantee of a long healthy life but also regulate and control the death rate, try to expand the life interval, and other things that the policy of […]

📌 Most Interesting Social Justice Topics to Write about

  1. The People Demand Social Justice: The Social Protest in Israel as an Agoral Gathering
  2. The Woman Who Spoke of Love and Social Justice
  3. Peace and Eco-Social Justice: Failed Distributive Justice, Violence and Militancy in India
  4. Spirituality, Women ‘s Issues, Sustainability, and Social Justice
  5. Multicultural Counseling Social Justice and Advocacy Reaction
  6. The Paradox of Dominate Ideologies in The Fight of Social Justice
  7. Letter from Birmingham Jail’ by Martin Luther King Jr. and Social Justice
  8. Richard Spencer and the Issues of Social Justice and White Nationalism
  9. The Moving Beyond Pity and Inspiration: Disability as a social Justice Issue by Eli Clare
  10. The Importance of Human Rights and Social Justice
  11. Social Justice: The Role of Higher Education, Criminality and Race
  12. Turning Points in the Lives of Chinese and Indian Women Leaders Working Toward Social Justice
  13. Paulo Freire’s Social Justice Idea
  14. Producing and Practicing Social Justice in Education
  15. Urban Social Justice: The Gentrification Debate
  16. Multicultural Counseling Social Justice and Advocacy Reaction
  17. The Role of Education in Society as Explained in Conell’s Social Justice in Education
  18. The Issues of the Canadian Social Services and Social Justice Domain
  19. Wellbeing, Freedom, and Social Justice: The Capability Approach
  20. The Principle of Social Justice and Advocacy Support
  21. The Biblical Prophets’ Teachings on the Love of God in Social Justice
  22. The Relationship Between Free Market and Social Justice

👍 Good Social Justice Research Topics

  1. Uneasy Bedfellows: Social Justice and Neo-Liberal Practice in the Housing Market
  2. The Ethics of Pricing and Access to Health Care: A Social Justice Issue
  3. Measuring Attitudes Toward Distributive Justice: The Basic Social Justice Orientations Scale
  4. The Importance of the Covenant House as a Symbol of Christian Social Justice
  5. Social Justice Orientation and Multicultural Environment
  6. The New Political Economy of J. S. Mill: The Means to Social Justice
  7. The ‘s Coat of Arms Are Trust, Empathy, and Social Justice
  8. The Vietnam War and Its Impact on The Creation of Social Justice
  9. Race Relations and Social Justice Problems
  10. Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Nonmetropolitan America
  11. Rape Culture, Rapth, and the Cycles of Social Justice
  12. The Three Social Justice Issues That Fires Me Up as a Citizen in the United States
  13. Reading Baldwin After Harvey: Why Climate Change Is a Social Justice Issue
  14. The Importance of Social Justice Is Universal Across
  15. Effective Practice During The Social Justice System
  16. The Issue of Social Justice Activism in Various Social Media Networks
  17. Sustainable Development and Social Justice: Expanding the Rawlsian Framework of Global Justice
  18. Once Upon Today: Teaching for Social Justice with Postmodern Picturebook
  19. The Congressional Black Caucus Use of Social Media for Social Justice Issues
  20. The Effective Teaching Techniques of Lisa Espinosa in Providing Information on the Topic of Cultural Relevance and Social Justice

❓ Research Questions about Social Justice

  1. Reading Baldwin After Harvey: Why Climate Change Is a Social Justice Issue?
  2. How Does Social Justice Highlight the Relationship Between Social Welfare and Crime Control?
  3. Social Justice and Academic Success: Is Individual Effort Enough?
  4. Rawls’s Theory of Social Justice: How Decisions Are Made?
  5. Are Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Similar Exploring the Perceptions?
  6. How Arc Advances Social Justice?
  7. What Are the Different Factors Affect Social Justice?
  8. What Does the Information Society Mean for Social Justice and Civil Society?
  9. What Is the Connection Between Curricular Practices, Social Justice and Democratic Purpose in the United States Education System?
  10. How the United States Has Both Market and Social Justice?
  11. What Is the Impact of Social Justice on The United States?
  12. What Is the Impact of Social Justice on Human Development?
  13. How Does Social Justice Actions Project?
  14. When High Pressure, System Constraints, and a Social Justice Mission Collide?
  15. What Is the Concept of Social Justice Social Work?
  16. What Is the Connection Between Free Market and Social Justice?
  17. What Is the Goal of Social Justice Education?
  18. What Social Justice Issues Are You Most Passionate About?
  19. What Is Consist Social Justice Western Perspectives?
  20. How Social Justice Course Changed My Outlook?
  21. What Are the Three Social Justice Issues That Fires Up as a Citizen in the United States?
  22. What Has Limited the Impact of UK Disability Equality Law on Social Justice?
  23. What Is Rawls’ Expanding Framework for Global Justice?
  24. How Does the Film “Lord of Flies” Relate to Social Justice?
  25. Does the Legal System Promote Social Justice?
  26. Are the People Demand Social Justice?
  27. Social Justice and the University Community: Does Campus?
  28. What Does “Social Justice” Mean?
  29. What Does Teaching for Social Justice Mean for Teachers?
  30. Why Is Education a Social Justice and Right for Each Child?

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