Social Justice Essay, Research Paper Examples

Social Justice in Education

Justice in every contemporary society is a matter of concern. Social justice as advocated by the human rights is focused towards ensuring that human rights are equally available to all persons regardless of their ethnic origins, religions, social status and gender (Gigacz, 2007). Religious institutions and schools are then mandated to ensure that schools have […]

Social justice and the black – white achievement gap

Introduction In Ohio alone, more than ten thousand of the students were not attaining the state’s academic standards. Findings indicated that a large number of children were completing schools before they could meet workplace demands or even those of postsecondary education. Mostly affected were children who come from the low-income communities, students from Hispanic and […]

Social Justice: Wray’s Essential Aspects of Biblical Law and Justice

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to evaluate Wray’s essential aspects of Biblical Law and Justice in light of what it offers religious educators for the classroom study of justice. A large portion of the Bible has been dedicated to the issue of law and justice. Therefore, religious educators who teach about justice in […]

Social Justice: The Catholic’s Social Teachings on Justice

Introduction According to Our Lady’s Parish (2012), God, who is regarded as the father of humankind, is just; therefore, the same is expected from His creation. Life is God-given and sacred. In this case, all human beings should strive to avoid activities that bring suffering and oppression to God’s creation. Imprisonment is a form of […]

Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work

Introduction Prostitution is recognized as one of the oldest professions in the world, and the practice of renting and hiring female bodies for certain monetary compensation has existed in human community for thousands of years. Regardless of the prolonged history of sex industry, it has been ignored until recently because of moral considerations. Blaming sex […]

Social Justice and the Australian Indigenous people

Introduction What is social justice? According to Sociology Guide (2010), social justice is the collective impartiality that ensures that fairness is exercised when it comes to administration of laws. Social justice also ensures that the people of a certain society are subjected to equal treatment by availing equality in all aspects of the society which […]

Is Social Justice the Same Thing as Political Egalitarianism? An Analysis from a Theory of Justice Perspective

Introduction The issue of social justice has occupied the minds of many scholars in the society for a long time. Scholars and philosophers such as St. Augustine, Plato and John Locke among others have all tried to define what social justice is and how a society can benefit from it. According to Zafirovski (2005), social […]

Social Justice and Gay Rights

Introduction The public’s perception of same sex relationships has undergone significant changes in the past century. As of the early 20th century, homosexual relations were shunned and criminalized in many nations through a number of sodomy laws. This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their […]