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109 Smoking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Smoking is a well-known source of harm yet popular regardless, and so smoking essays should cover various aspects of the topic to identify the reasons behind the trend.

You will want to discuss the causes and effects of smoking and how they contributed to the persistent refusal of large parts of the population to abandon the habit even if they are aware of the dangers of cigarettes. You should provide examples of how one may become addicted to tobacco and give the rationales of smokers.

You should also discuss the various consequences of cigarette use such as lung cancer and identify their relationship with the habit. By discussing both sides of the issue, you will be able to write an excellent essay.

Reasons why one may begin smoking are among the most prominent smoking essay topics. It is not easy to begin to enjoy the habit, as the act of smoke inhalation can be difficult to control due to a lack of experience and unfamiliarity with the concept.

As such, people have to be convinced that the habit deserves consideration by various ideas or influences. The notion that “smoking is cool” among teenagers can contribute to the adoption of the trait, as can peer pressure.

If you can find polls and statistics on the primary factors that lead people to tweet, they will be helpful to your point. Factual data will identify the importance of each cause clearly, although you should be careful about bias.

The harmful effects of tobacco have been researched considerably more, with a large body of medical studies investigating the issue available to anyone.

Lung cancer is the foremost issue in the public mind because of the general worry associated with the condition and its often incurable nature, but smoking can lead to other severe illnesses.

Heart conditions remain a prominent consideration due to their lethal effects, and strokes or asthma deserve significant consideration, as well. Overall, smoking has few to no beneficial health effects but puts the user at risk of a variety of concerns.

As such, people should eventually quit once their health declines, but their refusal to do so deserves a separate investigation and can provide many interesting smoking essay titles.

One of the most prominent reasons why a person would continue smoking despite all the evidence of its dangers and the informational campaigns carried out to inform consumers is nicotine addiction.

The substance is capable of causing dependency, a trait that has led to numerous discussions of the lawfulness of the current state of cigarettes.

It is also among the most dangerous aspects of smoking, a fact you should mention.

Lastly, you can discuss the topics of alternatives to smoking in your smoking essay bodies, such as e-cigarettes, hookahs, and vapes, all of which still contain nicotine and can, therefore, lead to considerable harm. You may also want to discuss safe cigarette avoidance options and their issues.

Here are some additional tips for your essay:

  • Dependency is not the sole factor in cigarette consumption, and many make the choice, which you should respect, consciously.
  • Cite the latest medical research titles, as some past claims have been debunked and are no longer valid.
  • Mortality is not the sole indicator of the issues associated with smoking, and you should take chronic conditions into consideration.

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🏆 Best Smoking Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Public Health Communication: Quit Smoking
    To my mind, observing the effects of smoking by means of pictures should help to evaluate how dangerous smoking could be and what should be done to prevent deaths because of smoking. Smoking is a […]
  2. Should Smoking Tobacco Be Classified As an Illegal Drug?
    Although this is the case, the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable industries, a fact that has made it very hard for the government to illegalize the use of tobacco products.
  3. Smoking Cigarette Should Be Banned
    Ban on tobacco smoking has resulted to a decline in the number of smokers as the world is sensitized on the consequences incurred on 31st May.
  4. Business Ethics: Smoking Issue
    This is the identification of justice with an ideal of liberty and in this case whatever Charles Renford chooses to do should ensure that the liberty of all the parties to the dilemma is observed.
  5. Smoking and Its Negative Effects on Human Beings
    Therefore, people need to be made aware of dental and other health problems they are likely to experience as a result of smoking.
  6. Conclusion of Smoking Should Be Banned on College Campuses
    However, it is hard to impose such a ban in some colleges because of the mixed reactions that are held by different stakeholders about the issue of smoking, and the existing campus policies which give […]
  7. Trend Article Analysis-Smoking
    With an aim of studying the current trends in the smoking disparity, the authors of the article compared the annual prevalence rates among the non-Hispanic AIANs and non-Hispanic Whites.
  8. Smoking and Adolescents
    To reduce incidences of smoking, some countries have raised the age permissible for smoking from 16 years to 18 years in the hope that the raised age will reduce the number of adolescents accessing tobacco […]
  9. Smoking Ban in New York
    What must be understood is that the smoking ban that will be put into effect is a direct result of two rights clashing against each other, namely: the right of people to work/eat etc.in a […]
  10. Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned?
    Banning cigarette smoking would be of great benefit to the young people. Banning of cigarette smoking would therefore reduce stress levels in people.
  11. Dangers of Smoking Campaign
    The effects of this activity are there for everybody to see and that is why the society needs to stand up against smoking which can be proved by the resources that are used to treat […]
  12. Smoking Ban in the United States of America
    This is due to the health concerns which are or have been concerned with smoking. In addition to this, there is a negative implication to the non-smokers who work with or seek the services of […]
  13. Causes and Effects of Smoking
    Some people continue smoking as a result of the psychological addiction that is associated with nicotine that is present in cigarettes.
  14. Smoking: Effects, Reasons and Solutions
    This presentation provides harmful health effects of smoking, reasons for smoking, and solutions to smoking. Combination therapy that engages the drug Zyban, the concurrent using of NRT and counseling of smokers under smoking cessation program […]
  15. Smoking: Problems and Solutions
    To solve the problem, I would impose laws that restrict adults from smoking in the presence of children. In recognition of the problems that tobacco causes in the country, The Canadian government has taken steps […]
  16. Negative Impacts of Smoking on Individuals and Society
    Like, a boycott of tobacco promoting and advertising; restraints on smoking out in the public places and in the work environment; increase in tobacco taxation clubbed with measures to check pirating; huge and striking health […]
  17. Adverse Aspects of Smoking
    Any form of smoking has proofed to be the major cause of health damage of the most productive people in the world.
  18. No Smoking Employees
    The policy should not go beyond the work place because this would be tantamount to infringing on the privacy of the employees when this does not in any way affect their work performance.
  19. Effectiveness of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Smoking Cessation
    It is important to answer the question about the effectiveness of the CBT for smoking cessation with references to the racial and ethnic differences influencing the effectiveness of the CBT and to the comparison of […]
  20. Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Theory on Smoking Cessation
    The study concluded that CBT intervention was effective for African American smoking cessation. As a result, the study concluded that CBT intervention was effectual for smoking cessation among African Americans.
  21. Smoking Should Be Banned In the United States
    For numerous decades, smoking has remained the most disastrous problem in the universe in spite of the full awareness of the risk accompanied with its use.
  22. Studying the Government’s Anti-Smoking Measures
    The methodology of study includes the review of the articles devoted to the anti-smoking measures of the Federal Government and application of economic theories to them.
  23. The Rate of Smoking Among HIV Positive Cases.
    To determine if use of group work among HIV positive smokers will be an effective strategy in reducing smoking habit among the target cases, then it is essential that this study establish if use of […]
  24. Smoking’s Ethical Problem
    Since the job is urgent and therefore needed in a few days time, I would request her to work on the job with the promise that I will communicate her complaints to Frank and Alice […]
  25. The Realm of reality: Smoking
    In a nutshell, it can be argued that the definition of a man or a woman is different and not the same as in earlier days.
  26. Exposure to mass media proliferate smoking
    The chronological array of events in the study with actual days of research and findings, prints out reality and easily enable the readers to connect the subjects of the study with the actual events that […]
  27. Medical Coverage for Smoking Related Diseases
    However, one of the most oblivious reasons is that it is a deterrent to this behavior, which is harmful to the life of the smoker.
  28. Smoking as Activity Enhancer: Schizophrenia and Gender
    Once learning the effects which nicotine has on people’s health and the relation between gender and schizophrenia, one can possibly find the ways to prevent the latter and to protect the people in the high-risk […]
  29. Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places?
    Besides, smoking is an environmental hazard as much of the content in the cigarette contains chemicals and hydrocarbons that are considered to be dangerous to both life and environment.
  30. Smoking Bans in US
    The issue of whether to ban smoking indoors by the governments of various countries is popular as they try to take a step towards curbing the harmful effects of smoking.
  31. Smoking of Hookah
    The third component of a hookah is the hose. This is located at the bottom of the hookah and acts as a base.
  32. Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking?
    According to the article under consideration, increase in price of cigarettes can positively or negatively affect the rate of smoking among the youth.
  33. Smoking: pathophysiological effects
    In addition to the effects of smoking on the various body organs including the heart and lungs, smoking has also been shown to have adverse effects on the brain resulting to a compromise of the […]
  34. Core Functions of Public Health in the Context of Smoking and Heart Disease
    In the relation to our problem, heart attacks and smoking, it is important to gather the information devoted to the number of people who suffered from heart attacks and indicate the percentage rate of those […]
  35. Smoking Ban in the State of Florida
    These are the Total Ban Policy, the Partial Ban policy and the Liberated Smoking policy. The policy is authoritarian and ignores the interests of the smokers.
  36. Smoking policy
    Majority also think that went it comes to workplaces hotels and bars it would be more appropriate to provide specific smoking zones as opposed to total bans The implications of the policy adopted therefore affect […]
  37. Smoking Culture in Society
    Smoking culture refers to the practice of smoking tobacco by people in the society for the sheer satisfaction and delight it offers.
  38. The Program to Quit Smoking
    The second stage of the evaluation proves revealed the benefits of the program for the hospital in terms of discount rates for employees, age categories involved in the program. This process consists in selection of […]
  39. Combating Smoking: Taxation Policies vs. Education Policies
    This is a considerable provision in the realms of health; hence, the efforts created by the government to curb this trend should be supported fully. In this regard, there is need to reduce the mentioned […]
  40. The Program on Smoking Cessation for Employees
    Due to the fact that the main purpose of the program on smoking cessation consisted in improving healthy lifestyles of their employees, the focus on cost reduction and insurance seems to be irrelevant.

🥇 Most Interesting Smoking Topics to Write about

  1. Psychosocial Smoking Rehabilitation
    According to Getsios and Marton most of the economic models that evaluate the effects of smoke quitting rehabilitation consider the influence of a single quit attempt.
  2. The Change of my Smoking Behavior
    With the above understanding of my social class and peer friends, I was able to create a plan to avoid them in the instances that they were smoking.
  3. Electronic Cigarettes: Could they Help University Students Give Smoking Up?
    Electronic Cigarettes An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that simulates the act of smoking by producing a mist which gives the physical sensation and often the flavor and the nicotine just as the analog […]
  4. Ban of Tobacco Smoking in Jamaica
    The first part of the paper will address effects of tobacco smoking on personal health and the economy. Cognizant of its international obligation and the aforementioned health effects of tobacco smoke, Jamaica enacted a law […]
  5. “Thank You For Smoking” by Jason Reitman Film Analysis
    Despite the fact that by the end of the film the character changes his job, his nature remains the same: he believes himself to be born to talk and convince people.
  6. Cigarette Smoking in Public Places
    Those who argue against the idea of banning the smoking are of the opinion that some of them opt to smoke due to the stress that they acquire at their work places.
  7. Importance of Quitting Smoking
    As such, quitting smoking is important since it helps relief the worry and the fear associated with possibility of developing cancer among other smoking-related illnesses. It is therefore important to quit smoking if the problems […]
  8. People Should Quit Smoking
    Other counseling strategies such as telephone calls and social support also serves the ultimate goal of providing a modern approach in which counseling can be tailored to suit the counseling needs of an individual smoker. […]
  9. Understanding Advertising: Second-Hand Smoking
    The image of the boy caught by the smoke is in the center of the picture, and it is in contrast with the deep black background.
  10. Smoking Cessation Methods
    These methods are a part of NRT or nicotine replacement therapy, they work according to the principle of providing the smoker with small portions of nicotine to minimize the addiction gradually and at the same […]
  11. Suppressing Smoking Behavior and Its Effects
    The researchers observed that during the first and the second weeks of the suppressed behavior, the participants successfully managed to reduce their intake of cigarettes.
  12. Effects of Thought Suppression on Smoking Behavior
    In the article under analysis called I suppress, Therefore I smoke: Effects of Thought Suppression on Smoking Behavior, the authors dedicate their study to the evaluation of human behavior as well as the influence of […]
  13. Quitting Smoking: Strategies and Consequences
    Thus, for the world to realize a common positive improvement in population health, people must know the consequences of smoking not only for the smoker but also the society. The first step towards quitting smoking […]
  14. Behavior Modification Technique: Smoking Cessation
    Some of its advantages include: its mode of application is in a way similar to the act of smoking and it has very few side effects.
  15. Mobile Applications to Quit Smoking
    A critical insight that can be gleaned from the said report is that one of the major factors linked to failure is the fact that smokers were unable to quit the habit on their own […]
  16. Redwood Associates Company’s Smoking Ethical Issues
    Although employees are expected to know what morally they are supposed to undertake at their work place, it is the responsibility of the management and generally the Redwood’s hiring authority to give direction to its […]
  17. Status of Smoking around the World
    Economic factors and level of education have contributed a lot to the shift of balance in the status of smoking in the world.
  18. Smoking Ban and UK’s Beer Industry
    However, there is an intricate type of relationship between the UK beer sector, the smoking ban, and the authorities that one can only understand by going through the study in detail The history of smoking […]
  19. Smoking Habit, Its Causes and Effects
    Smoking is one of the factors that are considered the leading causes of several health problems in the current society. Smoking is a habit that may be easy to start, but getting out of this […]
  20. Cigarette Smoking and Parkinson’s Disease Risk
    Therefore, given the knowledge that cigarette smoking protects against the disease, it is necessary to determine the validity of these observations by finding the precise relationship between nicotine and PD.
  21. Tobacco Smoking and Its Dangers
    Sufficient evidence also indicates that smoking is correlated with alcohol use and that it is capable of affecting one’s mental state to the point of heightening the risks of development of disorders.
  22. Philip Morris Company’s Smoking Prevention Activity
    Philip Morris admits the existence of scientific proof that smoking leads to lung cancer in addition to other severe illnesses even after years of disputing such findings from health professionals.
  23. Smoking Cessation and Patient Education in Nursing
    Pack-years are the concept that is used to determine the health risks of a smoking patient. The most important step in the management plan is to determine a date when the man should quit smoking.
  24. The Smoking Ban: Arguments Comparison
    The first argument against banning smoking employs the idea that smoking in specially designated areas cannot do harm to the health of non-smokers as the latter are supposed to avoid these areas.
  25. Ban Smoking Near the Child: Issues of Morality
    The decision to ban smoking near the child on father’s request is one of the demonstrative examples. The father’s appeal to the Supreme Court of California with the requirement to prohibit his ex-wife from smoking […]
  26. Smoking Bans: Preventive Measures
    There have been several public smoking bans that have proved to be promising since the issue of smoking prohibits smoking in all public places. This means it is a way of reducing the exposure to […]
  27. Smoking Cessation in Patients With COPD
    The strategy of assessing these papers to determine their usefulness in EBP should include these characteristics, the overall quality of the findings, and their applicability in a particular situation. The following article is a study […]
  28. South Illinois University’s Smoking Ban Benefits
    The purpose of this letter is to assess the possible benefits of the plan and provide an analysis of the costs and consequences of the smoking ban introduction.
  29. Smoking Experience and Hidden Dangers
    When my best college friend Jane started smoking, my eyes opened on the complex nature of the problem and on the multiple negative effects of smoking both on the smoker and on the surrounding society.
  30. Smoking Among Teenagers as Highlighted in Articles
    The use of tobacco through smoking is a trend among adolescents and teenagers with the number of young people who involve themselves in smoking is growing each day.
  31. Vancouver Coastal Health Smoking Cessation Program
    The present paper provides an evaluation of the Vancouver Coastal Health smoking cessation program from the viewpoint of the social cognitive theory and the theory of planned behavior.
  32. Social Marketing: The Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign
    The agreement of November 1998 between 46 states, five territories of the United States, the District of Columbia, and representatives of the tobacco industry gave start to the introduction of the Truth campaign.
  33. Smoking Epidemiology Among High School Students
    In this way, with the help of a cross-sectional study, professionals can minimalize the risk of students being afraid to reveal the fact that they smoke. In this way, the number of students who smoke […]
  34. Stopping Tobacco Smoking: Lifestyle Management Plan
    In addition, to set objective goals, I have learned that undertaking my plan with reference to the modifying behaviour is essential for the achievement of the intended goals. The main intention of the plan is […]
  35. Hypnotherapy Session for Smoking Cessation
    When I reached the age of sixty, I realized that I no longer wanted to be a smoker who was unable to take control of one’s lifestyle.
  36. Indoor Smoking Restriction Effects at the Workplace
    Regrettably, they have neglected research on the effect of the legislation on the employees and employers. In this research, the target population will be the employees and employers of various companies.
  37. Teenagers Motivated to Smoking
    While the rest of the factors also matter much in the process of shaping the habit of smoking, it is the necessity to mimic the company members, the leader, or any other authority that defines […]
  38. Alcohol and Smoking Impact on Cancer Risk
    The research question is to determine the quantity of the impact that different levels of alcohol ingestion combined with smoking behavioral patterns make on men and women in terms of the risks of cancer.
  39. Tobacco Debates in “Thank You for Smoking”
    The advantage of Nick’s strategy is that it offers the consumer a role model to follow: if smoking is considered to be ‘cool’, more people, especially young ones, will try to become ‘cool’ using cigarettes.
  40. Microeconomics: Cigarette Taxes and Public Smoking Ban
    The problem of passive smoking will be minimized when the number of smokers decreases. It is agreeable that the meager incomes of such families will be used to purchase cigarettes.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Smoking

  1. Smoking Should Be Banned Internationally
    The questions refer to the knowledge concerning the consequences of smoking and the opinions on smoking bans. 80 % of respondents agree that smoking is among the leading causes of death and 63, 3 % […]
  2. Smoking in the US: Statistics and Healthcare Costs
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco smoking is the greatest preventable cause of death in the US.
  3. Public Health and Smoking Prevention
    Smoking among adults over 18 years old is a public health issue that requires intervention due to statistical evidence of its effects over the past decades.
  4. Clinical Effects of Cigarette Smoking
    Smoking is a practice that should be avoided or controlled rigorously since it is a risk factor for diseases such as cancer, affects the health outcomes of direct and passive cigarette users, children, and pregnant […]
  5. Lipton et al.’s “Smoking Bans” Rhetorical Analysis
    The purpose of the article is to show why smoking bans aim at protecting the public and the children of smokers.
  6. Legislation Reform of Public Smoking
    Therefore, the benefit of the bill is that the health hazard will be decreased using banning smoking in public parks and beaches.
  7. Environmental Health: Tabaco Smoking and an Increased Concentration of Carbon Monoxide
    The small size of the town, which is around 225000 people, is one of the reasons for high statistics in diseases of heart rate.
  8. New Jersey Legislation on Smoking
    The advantages and disadvantages of the legislation were discussed in this case because of the complexity of the topic at hand as well as the potential effects of the solution on the sphere of public […]
  9. Smoking and Youth Culture in Germany
    The report also assailed the Federal Government for siding the interest of the cigarette industry instead of the health of the citizens.
  10. The Importance of Nurses in Smoking-Cessation Programs
    When a patient is admitted to the hospital, the nursing staff has the best opportunity to assist them in quitting in part because of the inability to smoke in the hospital combined with the educational […]
  11. Smoking in Adolescents: A New Threat to the Society
    Of the newer concerns about the risks of smoking and the increase in its prevalence, the most disturbing is the increase in the incidences of smoking among the adolescents around the world.
  12. Health Effects of Tobacco Smoking in Hispanic Men
    The Health Effects of Tobacco Smoking can be attributed to active tobacco smoking rather than inhalation of tobacco smoke from environment and passive smoking.
  13. Quitting Smoking: Motivation and Brain
    As these are some of the observed motivations for smoking, quitting smoking is actually very easy in the sense that you just have to set your mind on quitting smoking.
  14. Cigar Smoking and Relation to Disease
    The article “Effect of cigar smoking on the risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer in Men” by Iribarren et al.is a longitudinal study of cigar smokers and the impact of cigar […]
  15. Causes and Effects of Smoking in Public
    The research has further indicated that the carcinogens are in higher concentrations in the second hand smoke rather than in the mainstream smoke which makes it more harmful for people to smoke publicly.
  16. Partnership in Working About Smoking and Tobacco Use
    The study related to smoking and tobacco use, which is one of the problematic areas in terms of the health of the population.
  17. “Passive Smoking Greater Health Hazard: Nimhans” by Stephen David
    The article focuses on analyzing the findings of the study and compares them to the reactions to the ban on public smoking.
  18. Media Effects on Teen Smoking
    But that is not how an adult human brain works, let alone the young and impressionable minds of teenagers, usually the ads targeted at the youth always play upon elements that are familiar and appealing […]
  19. Factors Affecting the Success in Quitting Smoking of Smokers in West Perth, WA Australia
    Causing a wide array of diseases, health smoking is the second cause of death in the world. In Australia, the problem of smoking is extremely burning due to the high rates of diseases and deaths […]
  20. Motivational Interviewing as a Smoking Cessation Intervention for Patients with Cancer
    The dependent variable is the cessation of smoking in 3 months of the interventions. The study is based on the author’s belief that cessation of smoking influences cancer-treated patients by improving the efficacy of treatment.
  21. Smoking Qualitative Research: Critical Analysis
    Qualitative research allows researchers to explore a wide array of dimensions of the social world, including the texture and weave of everyday life, the understandings, experiences and imaginings of our research participants, the way that […]
  22. Smoking Cessation for Ages 15-30
    The Encyclopedia of Surgery defines the term “Smoking Cessation” as an effort to “quit smoking” or “withdrawal from smoking”. I aim to discuss the importance of the issue by highlighting the most recent statistics as […]
  23. Marketing a Smoking Cessation Program
    In the case of the smoking cessation program, the target group is made up of smokers who can be further subdivided into segments such as heavy, medium, and light smokers.
  24. Post Smoking Cessation Weight Gain
    The aim of this paper is to present, in brief, the correlation between smoking cessation and weigh gain from biological and psychological viewpoints.
  25. Smoking and Its Effects on Human Body
    The investigators explain the effects of smoking on the breath as follows: the rapid pulse rate of smokers decreases the stroke volume during rest since the venous return is not affected and the ventricles lose […]
  26. Teenage Smoking and Solution to This Problem
    Overall, the attempts made by anti-smoking campaigners hardly yield any results, because they mostly focus on harmfulness of tobacco smoking and the publics’ awareness of the problem, itself, but they do not eradicate the underlying […]
  27. Smoking Causes and Plausible Arguments
    In writing on the cause and effect of smoking we will examine the issue from the point of view of temporal precedence, covariation of the cause and effect and the explanations in regard to no […]
  28. Smoking and its Effect on the Brain
    Since the output of the brain is behavior and thoughts, dysfunction of the brain may result in highly complex behavioral symptoms. The work of neurons is to transmit information and coordinate messengers in the brain […]
  29. Smoking Behavior Under Clinical Observation
    The physiological aspect that influences smokers and is perceived as the immediate effect of smoking can be summarized as follows: Within ten seconds of the first inhalation, nicotine, a potent alkaloid, passes into the bloodstream, […]

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