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Importance of Quitting Smoking Essay

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2020

Smoking is a practice which involves the burning of a substance, for instance tobacco or cannabis, and later the smoke that emanates from it is inhaled. When referring to smoking, many people refer to tobacco smoking or cigarette smoking. The most widely used substance for smoking is tobacco, which is manufactured as cigarettes or hand-rolled tobacco. Smoking is an addictive habit and most smokers would attest that they wish they were able to stop the habit.

As much as it may seem to be a comfortable habit, smoking is in its actual sense not pleasurable and in any case it does not bring any relief. It is therefore the desire of many smokers to quit smoking. The knowledge that smoking can lead to serious health problems is one that is conscious in every smoker. This may make the smoker stay worried yet overcoming the addiction is a problem.

As such, quitting smoking is important since it helps relief the worry and the fear associated with possibility of developing cancer among other smoking-related illnesses. The smell that comes with smoking is very embarrassing and most people hate it.

Quitting smoking is therefore an important way of regaining self confidence by doing away with the embarrassing smell of cigarette smoke. Quitting smoking is an important way of shedding off the worry of the constant coughs and short breath brought about by smoking (Quit Smoking Review para 2-3).

Quitting smoking comes with a myriad of benefits which place more weight on the importance of quitting this addictive habit. If one quits smoking, it is no doubt that someone else is also saved from the problem of chain smoking. It is important that smokers reconsider their actions and identify that they spread the negative effects of smoking to persons who would not like to smoke.

It is therefore important to quit smoking if the problems associated with chain smoking are to be solved. The unborn are also beneficiaries of quitting smoking, especially among pregnant mothers. The elimination of very dangerous chemicals from the body motivates many people to avoid the practice. Most smokers thus find the health benefits as an encouraging gesture to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is important since it leads to saving of monies that would have been used to buy cigarettes. These daily savings resulting from quitting smoking can be put into wiser and productive ways such as helping the family to settle bills as well as saving the money for investing. The fact that every individual’s lifestyle seems to influence another person’s life is an important reason why it is advisable to quit smoking. For instance, parents can act as good role models to their children by choosing to quit smoking.

In such a case, children are able to appreciate that smoking is a harmful habit and they will view the parent as a proactive parent as far as achieving good health is concerned. Additionally, quitting smoking gives the individual whiter and good looking teeth coupled with a fresh breath (Quit Smoking Review para 4-5). Most smokers are prone to gum diseases among other mouth diseases in comparison to non-smokers.

The individual’s health is also greatly improved as the breathing system that was once clogged with tobacco particles becomes clear and the lung capacity improves generally by about 10% (Gilman & Xun 45). Young smokers may not experience the negative effects of smoking until their later years but lung capacity generally weakens and diminishes with age.

Further, quitting smoking increases the individual’s life span, as Gilman and Xun (51) notes that half of all long-term smokers die from smoking related diseases such as heart attacks, lung cancer and others such as chronic bronchitis.

Those who quit smoking at age 30 are at an advantage as they add almost 10 years of their life span. As earlier mentioned stress levels are lower after one quits smoking since one has overcome the annoying habit. Most smokers suffer from withdrawal effects especially from nicotine, and the pleasant feeling of satisfying a craving is very temporary. Thus, non-smokers can concentrate better than smokers.

The body senses are also improved to a great extent as the system gets rid of many toxic chemicals found in the body as a result of cigarette smoke. Additionally, the individual experiences more energy as two weeks after quitting smoking, the circulation improves making many physical activities much easier. Additionally, the immune system is improved as mild diseases such as flu, colds and headaches can be easily fought.

In general, quitting smoking is an important step towards realizing an overall improvement in quality of life. Quitting smoking is also an important measure of ensuring cleanliness in one’s environment (American Academy of Family Physicians para 6).

Once one has quit smoking, the cigarette butts and ashes that are common in houses or cars of the smoker are no longer seen. This leads to greater happiness to the individual as well as those who live with the smoker. In addition, there is no need to worry much over the possible fire outbreaks brought about by careless disposal of burning cigarette butts.

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