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Sociological Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Durkheim’s Ideas on Social Solidarity

Consequently, the primary goal of this essay is to assess Durkheim's ideas on the concept of social solidarity and discuss the significance of its contribution to his functionalism-related theories.

Positivism and Subjectivity in Sociology

From the other side, the positivism theory described by Baronov might cause misunderstanding of the nature and structure of the real scientific knowledge and the desire to reduce it only to the empirical knowledge.

Social Exchange Theory and Human Relationships

The authors go further to argue that people tend to negotiate and comply with obligations of relationship building. In order to support the theory, the book uses the analogy of monetary value and exchange.

Voluntarism as a Social Transformation Instrument

One of the important elements that foster the culture of inclusion in the country is the aspect of voluntarism. Civic engagement in society is the key tool that promotes social equality and enables the members [...]

Theory Construction as a Disciplined Imagination

Paragraph three of section five continues the comparison addressed in the previous paragraph, where Weick indicates the likeliness of the relationship between theory construction and natural selection to the relationship between marine navigation and the [...]

Reality Construct and Perception of Others

On the other hand, reality construct is a sociological concept that explains how people perceive and present themselves in a social context. One of the best arenas for observing culture in action is a business.

Social Science Theory and Methodology

The question chosen for analysis is "How do violent video games affect family members' perceptions of teenagers?"This question will be particularly important to society because it might provide an explanation for increased separation of the [...]

Culture in “Youth Media”by Bill Osgerby

One of the issues that are often explored in mass media is the aggression, violence, and depravity of young people. One of the arguments which are expressed by many people is that the subcultures of [...]

Propaganda as a Social Phenomenon

Edgar Henderson, also comprehensively in propaganda scholarship, argues that propaganda is basically a social phenomenon owing to its objectivity and capacity to appeal to the psychological or sociopsychological dispositions of individuals.

Wellness and Its Five Dimensions

One of the most important aspects of obtaining physical wellness is the realization that behaviors, choices, and decisions affect the quality of life in various ways. In contrast, lack of emotional wellness results in destructive [...]

Social Life Aspects

The first book, 'Living in the world risk society' by Beck delves into the issue of risk, while the second book, 'The Marx-Engels reader' by Tucker, looks into class divisions.

Merton’s Role Theory Definition

This situation forced many employees in the company to become less effective. Every employee wanted the company to hire a new manager in order to emerge successful.

Impacts of Texting While Driving on the Accidents

The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates of accidents. Hypothesis: The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates [...]

Taking Initiative in Relationships

It is the ability to observe a situation, make the right personal judgment, and take the right action in response to this situation. Thus, by taking initiative, the secretary is expected to type and continue [...]

Benefits of Diversity

A number of my White colleagues became my friends and to this day, I am glad that I was part of the change.

Immigration in Ontario

As such, immigration policies should be re-evaluated to accommodate the needs of the immigrants and put in place measures that ensure Ontario exploit the economic benefits immigrants bring into the town.

Racial Discrimination in Social Institutions

The problem though with this particular concept that was being espoused was that after digging a little deeper into the article and examining the context of the situation, it can be seen that the development [...]

Social Construction of Illness

The social construction of illness relates to various perceptions and attitudes that define how people react to its existence in contemporary society.

Social Equality and Economic Growth

Social equality provides individuals with equal opportunities to contribute to the growth of the economy. Equality also ensures that the potential of the society is fully exploited to enhance the development of the entire community.

Why Does Everyone Want to Move to US?

As a result, the culture of independence practiced by the citizens of the United States in the aspect of family and the kinship facilitates the growth of an individual, since a person does not have [...]

Argument Against Monogamy

According to most people, abandoning monogamy would lead to a chaotic society where women are taken advantage of, and the moral fabric of the society is compromised.

Weddings, Marriage, and Money in the UAE

The author discusses the evolution of marriage by discussing the situation in days before the discovery of oil. To show how the changes transformed the society, the author discusses the era before the discovery of [...]

Love in Chinese Society

As a child, I felt that without love my family, and I could never have survived the harsh realities of relationships and be a part of a larger family, which is the community. The Chinese [...]

Society’s View on Single Motherhood

The society's view on single motherhood might be subjective without the understanding of social dynamics and evaluation of the institution's capacity to address single parenthood.

Nuestra Family’s Organizational Structure

One of the differences is in the organizational structure of Nuestra as compared to the Mexican Mafia. In comparison, there can be a leader of the entire organization when it comes to the Nuestra family.

Causes of Forced Migration

This essay will discuss such main causes of the forced migration as civil wars and environmental disasters and the potential consequences for displaced people and their host country that include the economic deprivation of immigrants [...]

Sociological Portrait: Elements and Concepts

From this point, I can state that my sociological portrait is based on such aspects as gender, social statuses, roles, family status and roles, culture and religion, education, and job experience; furthermore, the idea of [...]

Social Issues of Families in Poverty

With the tightened budget, parents of the families living in poverty struggle to make ends meet, and in the course of their struggles, they experience many stresses and depressions.

Exploitation Definition

This is one of the main aspects that can be identified. This is one of the issues that should be taken into account.

The Creative Class in the American Society

Although today the American society is only on the first stage to transform into the society of creative people, this tendency is observed clearly and the Creative Class can become extremely influential in the society [...]

Overcoming Disparities

In spite of the developed and supported the concept of equality related to the aspects of the U.S.social and economic spheres of life, differences in the income levels of males and females who can belong [...]

Individualism Consequences

The writer dedicates the second half of the book to exploring the consequences of individualism as seen in GenMe members. The first consequence, which perhaps draws attention to the root cause of individualism in GenMe, [...]

“A Defence of Abortion” by Thomson

Thomson argues that the proportional rationale for opposing abortion is a product of substitution; instance in generalization and quantification of what the society considers as logic, irrespective of hidden fallacies surrounding the limits of the [...]

Prohibiting Teenage Relationship

Parents can monitor their child's academic progress, engage them in conversations about romance and relationships, and give them career advice and guidance. Parental involvement in their children's academic and social lives helps parents to understand [...]

Single Mothers’ Social Issues

The little consideration given to single women living in poverty distorts the women and their families. The single mothers who have a heavy burden of caring for their children need help from the government.

Taking a Responsibility

Responsibilities in My Life: The Reason to Wake up in the Morning As for now, my basic responsibilities are studying well and learning to take care of myself.

Social Work in Health Systems

Once the social workers learn of the psychological problem from patients they will give advice while they are within or outside the health centers to increase the rate of recovery.

Prosperity in Middle East

I believe religious fanaticism in the Middle East is the cause of war, which has slowed development to bring prosperity in the region.

Impact of Technology on Society

Postman's intellectual target which is to illustrate how technopoly redefines culture is illustrated in his book, "Technopoly: The surrender of Culture to Technology" Therefore, this essay presents a critical analysis on the impact of technology [...]

The Commercialization of Sport

Sports and gender largely cover how gender has contributed to the development of sports round the world. Football, basketball, extreme sports, and boxing are some of the men sports that are largely covered.

Parent Interview and Infant Observation

Describe your diet regimen during pregnancy The mother ensured a steady and consistent intake of a balanced diet during pregnancy. According to her, the intake of a balanced diet helped in reducing the effects and [...]

Immigrants in Los Angeles

In the course of the history of the Chinese diaspora development, the immigrants have seen the rise and fall of Chinatown, especially over the years of Great Depression, which leads to the question whether the [...]

Early Intervention Strategies

The society upholds the idea that the needy and the physically challenged should be provided with the necessary care. The fourth tenet observes that adults have a role to play in shaping the lives of [...]

Animal Rights Arguments

Instead of using shared pain and pleasure to show the similarities between people and animals, he strives to elevate animals to human status.

The Socioeconomic Profile of Germany

It is worth to mention that the decline is likely to lead to a subsequent decline of the working population since most of the people who die are in their working ages.

Family Conflicts

Regarding role playing, the mother is longer a house wife in the sense that she is expected to undertake the affairs of the home while the father provides for the family.

Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

To justify the validity of her suggestion, in this respect, Turkle points out to the phenomenon of more and more individuals deciding in favor of robots/robotized dolls, as their intimate companions: "We come to see [...]

Introduction to American Deaf Culture

The book "Introduction to American Deaf Culture" provides the best perspectives on the experiences and lives of deaf people. According to the book, "such individuals are critical members of the deaf culture or society".

Technology-Obsessed People

To justify the validity of her suggestion, in this respect, Turkle points out to the phenomenon of more and more individuals deciding in favor of robots/robotized dolls, as their intimate companions: "We come to see [...]

Living in Modernity

It is imperative to mention that the era of modernity has been committed to development of ideas which have ensured that production and use of reliable knowledge is made possible in order to foster the [...]

Multiculturalism and Citizenship

From its beginning, the idea of the United States included the process of integration of the people from different cultural, social, ethnic backgrounds.

Control Theory

The social life of a society is usually characterized by people who conform to the norms of society and the ones who are deviant.

Sociological Effects on Aggressive Behavior

As a result, this fact turns out to be a cause and effect relationship, where an individual may be caused to believe that having high levels of testosterone causes people to show signs of anti-social [...]

Patterns of Behaviors

In social exchange theory, it is clear that people assess the benefits and risks to decide whether they will stay in a relationship or look for another.

The Concept of “Spurious Relationships”

This is a negative correlation because the young people may enjoy violence in the television as a source of entertainment but the behavior acquired turn out to contradict the expectations of the society.

Human Behavior Prediction

It is important to understand that individuals may be tempted to act in a particular manner following their free choices; however, they have to restrain themselves, therefore acting according to the expectations of the society.

Unequal Wealth Distribution

In this book, there is an illustration of the benefits the poor get from the rich. The farmer was a doctor who dedicated his time, service and income to the community he lived in.

Love and Hate

This essay is going to expound on the theme of love and hate concerning two poems "My Husband's Back" by Susan Minot and "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet.

Respect and Its Significance

Respect is thus imperative in any society since a great deal of the collectively desirable quality, virtues and morals which establish human dignity, and give the best out of a person and the society at [...]

Importance of Quitting Smoking

As such, quitting smoking is important since it helps relief the worry and the fear associated with possibility of developing cancer among other smoking-related illnesses. It is therefore important to quit smoking if the problems [...]

Information Privacy Perspectives

Information privacy popularly known as data privacy, gives an individual the right to data about themselves; that the data should not be readily accessible to other people and organization, and in conditions where another party [...]

The Social Contract Aspects

This move will see to it that the wealthy in the society bear the cost of the budget by increasing the taxes for this social class.