Sociological Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Intersectionality and Gendered Racism

Intersectionality and gendered racism Intersectionality is a study that seeks to examine the level of oppression and discrimination that people of a minority group encounter in their daily lives. The intersectionality concept enables people to understand the different experiences with regard to the social categories of a person (“Intersecting Race, Class, and Gender” 1). It […]

Bicultural Paradigm in a Contemporary Society

Introduction Background Information The bicultural paradigm, which is adopted in this paper, is derived from an individual’s coexistence in a setting that has more than one cultural inclination. According to Kagawa-Singer (93), this form of a paradigm focuses on a number of areas. The areas include the language, behavior, and even emotional aspects of an […]

Polygamy Practice

Introduction Polygamy refers to the “practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time” (Zeitzen 13). The practice of being married to more than one wife is referred to as polygyny. On the other hand, a marriage relationship in which a woman has more than one husband is referred […]

Appearance is Everything

Sending a positive message to the society regarding one’s behavior and conduct is the aim of every person. The impression that people formulate about a given person during their first meeting is significant. First impression determines whether two people, especially those who are meeting for the first time, will have a cordial relationship or not. […]

Georgia Growth and Development

Georgia is a small Asian state located at the northern border, separating the Asian and European realms. This country is bordered by Russia in the north, with the Caucasus Mountains acting as a boundary between the two. The state borders both “Armenia and Turkey to the south and Azerbaijan to the east” (Suny 1994:1). This […]

Parents Need Help

This paper is aimed at discussing the essay On Snow Days Help Parents Work From Home, Too written by Emma Johnson (2014). Overall, this text throws light on the challenges faced by working families. In particular, the author examines the difficulties encountered by parents at the time when schools are closed due to snowfalls. Emma […]

Crack Cocaine Impacts on Black America

Drug Name The article “The Impact of Crack Cocaine on Black America” by LaVelle Hendricks and Angie Wilson examines how crack cocaine affects many African Americans in the country. The targeted drug in the article is cocaine. Crack cocaine is “a very addictive drug” (Hendricks and Wilson 1). The consumer “inhales the vapor produced from […]

Drug Use in U.S. Society

Drug Name The article “Tracing the U.S. heroin surge back south of the border as Mexican cannabis output falls” by Nick Miroff explains why heroin is a major challenge in the country today. The author begins by explaining how cheap heroin continues to spread across the country. The author uses the article to explain why […]

Reasons for Substance Abuse

People will always want to do the right thing in the eyes of others. In this regard, even those who are wrong will always have reasons to justify their acts. Consequently, though for a long time, people have been enlightened about the dangers of tobacco smoking to their health, millions still smoke while thousands join […]

Chinese Parenting Style

Culture and traditions play a key role in creating approaches to parenting and determining children’s response to criticism and motivation. Extrinsic motivation plays a smaller role compared to intrinsic motivation in self-actualization. The article “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” highlights the fact that parents who have high expectations and criticize poor performance by their children […]

Discrimination Due to Language Differences

The population of the United States of America is becoming more and more diverse due to multiple waves of immigration that have been striking this country since Columbus’ times. Rodriguez speaks about cultural diversity in a light key, treating the issue as a natural happening that is a part of everyday life of every person […]

Understanding of the Drug Dangers – Sociology

Drug addiction in the United States is fast becoming a menace. An article by Perez, Dunnan and Ford titled “Ready access, low cost, pill-like high: Heroin’s rise and fatal draw” reveals that many Americans are fast resorting to heroin due to its cheapness and ready availability. This is happening in the wake of thirty-seven lives […]

Drug Use in American Society – Sociology

Article Summary The author of the article educates the reader about the benefits of Cannabis sativa. The author begins by encouraging the reader to “let go of every established notion about marijuana in order to accept new scientific findings” (Gupta par. 2). The author does not ignore the psychological and mental effects of marijuana. The […]

Oppression from Anne Bishop’s Perspective

Cases of oppression are common in modern society. The situation is brought about by the various inequalities existing among different people in the community. To this end, it is noted that individuals have varying access to resources, including power, economic influence, and social status (Csiernik, 2003). In some instances, those in power may use their […]

“The Order of Things” by Malcolm Gladwell

In a typical day, an average human being grapples with several complex decisions, which call for difficult choices. The choices often depend on comparisons. As such, comparative data becomes handy in the process of seeking the most suitable option. Malcolm Gladwell observes, in his article, “The Order of Things,” that although people readily use existing […]

“Mary Poppins and Funeral Service” by Dale Clock

The present article dwells upon a way to improve funeral service and help people cope with grief. The author starts the article with a brilliant comparison as he compares the funeral service by taking medicine. The author refers to the experience of Mary Poppins (a fictional character) who tried to give a spoonful of sugar […]

Controlling Pregnancies of Adolescents

Adolescents face several challenges when it comes to controlling pregnancies because they are often vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. For instance, girls are likely to be abused because they have little understanding of the stages of growth and development. On the other hand, boys might fail to control themselves, leading to serious problems, such as […]

Education System Inequality

High-quality education is not only a fundamental right, a necessity for every citizen. Many sectors of the economy require education. The second objective of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal is to achieve universal primary education, which should be availed to all children, regardless of their race, sex, or socioeconomic background (Budig 37). Through education, […]

Arabian Oasis City Unayzah

Summary The chapter discusses the social transformation that the city of Unayzah underwent. It analyzes several social changes that resulted from the growth of the new city due to influx of people during the development stage. It discusses social changes in family ties, neighborhoods, and visiting patterns that people adopted. Moreover, it proves that family […]

Social Issues: Monogamy in Our Life

In a coherent society, humanity lives not according to the laws of nature but according to the laws, which society and social code dictate to people. Having decided the question of survival, humanity can afford its living taking into account the feelings and emotions of individuals and not caring about the best ways of growing […]

Sociology in the Article “Working Class Growing Pains” by Jennifer Silva

“Working Class Growing Pains” is Silva’s article about the challenges young working Americans face day by day when they try to earn for living. It is not an easy thing to follow the American Dream according to which there is always a way to success and prosperity and believe in its worthiness. Still, many young […]

Sociological Imagination Concept

Introduction This reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the concept of sociological imagination about the view of Mills. The paper will then develop an example of sociological imagination. Finally, the treatise explains how the examples are instrumental in understanding the importance of using the sociological imagination to analyze social problems. Sociological imagination Sociological Imagination is […]

Sociology by George Farkas

The black-white test score gap examined by George Farkas indicates at the significant discrepancies in the academic achievement of white and black students. These inequalities are a great concern to various professionals because they suggest that the current system of education can be very inefficient. More importantly, these differences may imply that the methods used […]

Disability Issues in Society

When it comes to the topic of disability in society, I am interested in learning about what are the current support mechanisms for people with disabilities. While it is true that various anti-discrimination laws have been passed to enable people with disabilities to get jobs and be able to live life “normally,” I want to […]

Social Issues: Abortions Prohibition

People have always been discussing different matters connected with the question of life. Questions of origin of our life, its sources and value have always been actual and keen, and philosophers of all epochs have been discussing them As a result of their discussion the idea of a great value of human life appeared and […]

Sociology: Effects of Grand Games Theft Auto and Violence

Which cultural activity or production is causing the moral panic? The article by Kolbert (2) looks at Grand theft and violence among teenagers as one of the cultural decay in the society that is causing moral panic in society. The author notes that children are influenced by the movies that they watch. They would consider […]

Social Issues: Choosing a Life Partner

Introduction Most people get into relationships without proper knowledge and insight into the factors that make a happy and successful marriage. Choosing a life partner entails a myriad of issues, including the partner’s background. Also, partners make significant impacts on one another. This paper will use two films [When Harry met Sally and Breaking Up] […]

Sociology: Sex and Violence in Pop Culture

Popular culture portrays sex and violence much more explicitly if to compare it with the past conception people have had towards the issue. Popular culture is the typical invention of modern civilization. It is not restricted to the activities perceived in everyday human life since it can be seen in various places. For instance, on […]

Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

The results of a conversation depending on the levels of communication between the parties that are involved. Some conversations, depending on the levels they are based upon, yield positive results and may create healthy relationships. The Social Penetration Theory by Irwin Altman states that the level of conversation defines communication and relationship. He argues that […]

Sociology: Divorce’s Effect on Families Financial Status

Literature Review Global divorce rates have been on the increase due to several factors affecting the couple. Different motives have been identified to cause divorce (Graaf & Kalmijn, 2006). It has been argued that the motives that were considered serious have recently become less important. Research indicates that divorce affects the financial well-being of families […]

Social Issues: Equity Among the African Demographics

Even in the wake of the 21st-century, the issue of discrimination still remains topical. Combined with the problem of poverty and lack of educational resources, it takes a truly monstrous scale, affecting not only the lives of women in a number of regions of Africa, but also the entire African population, as the lack of […]

Social Issues: Science Versus Indigenous Ways of Living

Introduction Living in the information era presupposes being able to acquire new knowledge and use it properly. As far as the acquisition tools are concerned, however, a major conflict seems to have emerged. While the scientific method of qualitative or qualitative research has been defined as the most efficient means of acquiring the necessary information, […]

Early Childhood Socialization

Early childhood socialization is very important. The impact it has on the child is arguably permanent. Thus, for the child, in this case, he will grow up with a dislike for the English language simply because he heard some comments about the language when he was younger. Similarly, there is a small likelihood that the […]

Culture and Background Effect on Individual and Conformity

Introduction Sociologists and psychologists pay much attention to the factors that shape the worldviews of people and their behavior. Very often, much attention is paid to the person’s attitudes towards conformity and individualism. Overall, the term conformity can be described as the willingness of a person to imitate the behavior of the majority. At the […]

Social Issues: “A critical Mess” by Scott Rowan

In his article “A critical Mess”, Scott Rowan highlights the problems associated with the monthly cycling event ‘Critical Mass’ in the streets of Chicago. In his argument, Rowan, the president of Sherpa Multimedia, explains the pains and frustrations that the Chicago community undergoes when the cyclists take to the streets demonstrating their riding skills and […]

Social Issues: Child Observation in Khalifa Park

In this activity, the researcher visited Khalifa Park to monitor the games that children play, and the pattern of their games. Some of the common games that children were playing in this park include Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, Parachute, Football, Traffic Corp, Jump-Rope, Marbles, Simon Says, Blind Man’s Bluff, and Cat’s Cradle. Most […]

Breaching Social Norms Experiment

Methods The proponent of this study attempted to violate a social norm. The social norm that was violated can be described as “invading personal space.” In the Western world and other societies all over the world, there is a concept called “personal space.” In this cultural framework, strangers and to some extent, friends and relatives […]

Social Issues: Smartphones’ Positive Impacts

There are many people who are not happy with the current popularity of smartphones. They believe that it hurts young people. They also believe that many are guilty of inappropriate use of smartphones, such as texting while driving and using it during dinnertime (Archer 1). Although users need to learn how to appropriately use smartphones, […]

Social Issues: On Hegemony and Direct Rule by A. Gramsci

Introduction The hegemony is the concept used in History and Political Sciences. The understanding of the term requires the review of the historians and political scientists’ work on the topic. The aim of this essay is to analyze the article On Hegemony and Direct Rule by Antonio Gramsci. The subject of the article The article […]

Social Issues: Racism Definition

Introduction Race and ethnicity play significant roles in the field of sociology. The race is a socially constructed perception referring to a group of people who are understood to possess similar physical characteristics. Several theoretical perspectives can be adopted in understanding the problem of racism. This essay adopts three fundamental theories to explore the problem […]

Social Issues: Urban Livability and Sustainability

Constant movements of people from rural homes to urban centers have been due to several reasons, such as the search for employment and better social services. With the unceasing movema ents of humans to cities, the unrelenting demand for services has pushed up the prices of social amenities and other basic services. For example, purchasing […]

Social Issues: Racism

Introduction Racism refers to the act of ascribing certain traits and stereotypes to individuals based on their race. It also includes the belief that certain races are superior to others and should be treated differently (Anti-Defamation League par1). Racism is a global issue that has been debated for many years. For example, racism is rife […]

Does Life Reward Those Who are Kind and Selfless?

Does life reward those who are kind and selfless? To help a stranger is something most will not do but those who will represent the kindness of all humanity. But sometimes, there are situations that are traumatic and can change the course of a person’s life. A stressful event influences the individuality of a person […]

Social Issues: Non-Mainstream Body Modification

Introduction Over the last two decades, there has been a surge in body modifications especially piercing and tattooing in the West. While most body modifications are acceptable in society and are popular amongst the youth, other body modifications fall outside the category of mainstream body modifiers. Young people not only exercise social rebellion through the […]

Social Diversity in Values: Baby Boomers and Generation X

While it is clear that the American society places a lot of emphasis on generations, contemporary organizational thought demonstrates that each generation has its unique system of values, communication styles, work culture, and attitudes. Nowadays, more than ever before, the generation issue is constantly revisited by analysts, policy makers, and mainstream commentators as they seek […]

What Defines Us as Human? – Social Issues

Scientists and scholars try to answer the question of defining people as human and the aspects of this definition during many centuries. That is why the question of what can define people as human remains to be rather controversial and requiring answers developed from several perspectives. Thus, it is possible to focus on being human […]

Social Issues: Ethnicity-based Jury Nullification

Influence of ethnicity on courtroom proceedings and judicial practices Recent reports have indicated that cases of jury nullification based on the racial or ethnic background are on the rise. Rush (2000) defines jury nullification as, “A jury who believes that the defendant is guilty of the charges but for their reasons have decided to hand […]

The Immigrants’ Life in the US Society

It is not surprising that the United States is called the country of immigrants. Immigrants take a substantial part in the population of the USA. However, many of them went a difficult path to become a U.S. citizen. The issues of immigration remain an urgent topic for debates in American society. The aim of this […]

“The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” by Erving Goffman

Which conveys more information about a person, verbal or nonverbal cues? Irving Goffman talked about the presentation of the self in the public place whereby he underscored the fact that the first impression plays a critical role in determining the interpersonal interactions, as well as the behavior of the individual. This implies that other people […]

Social Issues: Hollywood Effects on Suburban Families

Introduction Hollywood, which is the most famous and influential motion picture industry in the world, has had some significant impacts on American life through the decades. One period when these impacts were especially felt was in the 1950s. This was the period immediately after the devastating Second World War, and it was characterized by significant […]

The American Dream’s Concept

The American dream 2013 focuses on making life better for its citizens and immigrants. It entails the aggressiveness instilled in the residents of America once they find themselves in various quagmires of life. The dream aims at improving the living standards of the Americans by ensuring they seize any opportunity that comes their way. Money […]

Café as a Set of Social Interaction

This report details the observations made on the structural dimension of gender within a set of social interaction. A busy café located in South East London was the setting for the observation, and here, every aspect of the selected object of study was well captured using the participant observation technique. There were various key aspects […]

The Discussion of WikiLeaks as a Social Issue

Today, information is discussed as one of the most important values. The development of the Internet and media support the idea that people need more information every day, and they are inclined to use any resources to receive the necessary facts or data. The circulation of information on the Internet with the help of the […]

Wasting Time with Strangers Online: Purpose and Benefit

Today, in the 21st century, the debate is ongoing about how the proliferation of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is affecting users’ productive and cognitive capacities. Indeed, scholars agree that the escalating popularity of these sites among Internet users across the world necessitates an introspection of their shorter-term and longer-term effects on […]

Social Issues: Demographic Transition Definition

Introduction This paper is not only going to define demographic transition, but also describe its four phases. Additionally, it is also going to show some of the factors which can lead to a reduction in the crude birth rate (CBR) and crude death rate (CDR). Living conditions in developed countries in phase IV and Programs, […]

Sexuality Through a Lens of Heterosexual Relationships

Introduction Arguably, society has always perceived sexuality through a narrow lens of heterosexual relationships (a romantic relationship between a man and a woman). This perception has often defined traditional romantic relationships. Through this framework, human sexuality was predictable. It defined people’s identity, gender, societal roles, and other attributes associated with sexuality. For example, traditionally, men […]

Discrimination Definition and Characteristics

Discrimination occurs when one is treated in an unfavorable way because of his or her characteristic. Some of these characteristics include age, race, disability, or even political beliefs. This unfair treatment is usually due to prejudice against that person. Discrimination can happen in different ways. It can be either direct or indirect. Direct discrimination refers […]

Stereotypes in Social Groups

Introduction Stereotypes are virtually present in any social group because they form part of the social identities that people assign each other basing on beliefs, norms, traditions, and physical features. Fundamentally, stereotypes are attributes that people assign to specific groups of people depending on their social, cultural, traditional, and physical attributes. In essence, stereotypes are […]

The Human Morals Evolution

Since ancient times the greatest thinkers of the human kind were trying to figure out the nature of people, explain certain behaviors, peculiarities, choices and desires. Human brain is, indeed, a very complicated and unstable object to study. The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once described a human as a “social animal”. Does it mean that […]

Social Issues: Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is a controversial topic. Some people support it, but others oppose it fiercely. The type of discipline that parents should give to children differs from one culture to another. In some cultures, corporal punishment is permissible, and in others, it is a crime. Moreover, some religious people believe that corporal punishment is important […]

Social Issues: Teen Pregnancy

Abstract Teen pregnancy has become common due to various reasons that explain the nature of parenting, education, and socialization in modern societies. The need to identify with groups, curiosity, peer pressure, parental negligence, and bad role models contribute to the increase of teen pregnancies. Emile Durkheim explained that deviance is important in society because it […]

Celebrities and their Effects on the American Society

Introduction The contemporary American society is characterized by celebrities and their positive and negative impacts on both the young and the old. The culture is evident in mainstream media where television programs, magazine articles, and other outlets seem to focus more on these individuals than on other issues affecting the society. As such, one can […]

Structural Functionalism and Social Conflict Theories

In the contemporary world, human life is taking a different shape that is somewhat difficult to explain. To some extent, people are trying to maintain some solidarity within their communities. The members of a community share common values; they work together to facilitate the development of a community project whenever a need arises. However, from […]

Social Issues: Police Protection of the Ku Klux Klan

The situation when the police protected the Ku Klux Klan while gassing and arresting the demonstrators can seem to be unexpected and controversial because people are often inclined to associate the Ku Klux Klan with the ideas of the white nationalism and issues of racial prejudice and discrimination, with the Ku Klux Klan’s violent slogans, […]

Sociology: “Knowing And Being Known by Animals” by John Grim

Grim begins by discussing the mutuality of knowing between humans and animals. It does not matter that animals can be directly perceived. The ability to be known and also interact with animals began during the era of hunting and gathering. This is why Grim is suggesting that restorative ecology can indeed replace some of the […]

Social Issues: Rites and Ceremonies in People Life

The life of a person as the member of the group or community is associated with definite rites and ceremonies which are followed to respond to the traditions, and cultural values developed during the centuries of the group’s historical progress. Many rites can be discussed as the rites of intensification because they determine the period […]

Sociology Theoretical Perspectives

Contemporary sociological thought demonstrates that individuals view the social world using different perspectives and theoretical frameworks. While a perspective is simply a way of assessing the social world, a theory can be described as a set of interconnected propositions or principles intended to provide answers to a particular phenomenon, hence assisting us to explain and […]

Social Issues: Humanism and Racism

In the videos that were examined for this paper, one of the primary notions that stood out when it came to the issue of “race” was the concept of cultural imposition and how societies viewed their cultures as being “superior” thus justifying their subjugation of a people under the guise of cultural benevolence. Cultural imposition […]

Social Issues: Leisure Lifestyle

Leisure is a term with unclear meaning, implying that it does not have a universally agreed definition. Leisure is something personal, a state of mind, or quality of emotion (Olson, 2008). People use their leisure time differently, but some terminologies are fundamental, one of them being perceived freedom, which means that an individual ought to […]

Social Issues: The Art of Living in Solitude

While comparatively tolerable a few decades before, being single seems to have become a major problem for a range of people in the 21st century. Those, who are not engaged in any kind of relationships, are constantly being reminded of what they consider a problem – even the Facebook service annoyingly offers the user to […]

Social Issues of Human Behavior: Nature and Nurture

For over a hundred years, scientists have tried to come up with plausible explanations for how human behaviors develop and persist. Two of the most convincing explanations given are nature and nurture. According to the nature view, behaviors are developed from the biological makeup of an individual. On the other hand, the nurture view asserts […]

Social Issues: Appropriateness of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action can be discussed as a policy developed to address the issue of racial discrimination in American society. The problem is in the fact that the focus on affirmative action as the way to respond to the minority’s needs is often considered as a controversial idea because of different attitudes to the policy represented […]

Social Issues: Gentrification in Harlem

Harlem is the name of the neighborhood which consists of three Manhattan districts of New York City. The neighborhood is known as the center of the large African-American cultural community. The cultural growth of Harlem began in the early part of the 20th century when many black inhabitants of the community became known because of […]

Social Issues: How Identities are Constructed?

Culture, ethnicity, gender, race, and geographical location are the main attributes used to identify people. They help people to understand the connections they have with other people in different regions. In modern times, many people identify themselves with their countries of birth, and this makes them eligible for citizenship rights and other social and economic […]

Social Issues: Charitable Donations

Introduction Many people across the globe make charitable contributions. For instance, in 2000, nearly 90 percent of the Americans contributed to charitable organizations. In 2009, nearly $330 was donated to charitable organizations by individuals in the United States of America (U.S.A). This constitutes 75 percent of the total donations made to charitable organizations in the […]

Social Issues: Game Theory in Daily Life

Introduction Game theory can be described as the study of cooperation and conflict. Its concepts are applicable in situations where the actions of a large number of actors are inter-dependent. Such actors can be individual people, groups of people, institutions, or a mix of different entities. The theory enables the formulation of a language, creation […]

Social Issues: Arranged Marriages

An arranged marriage refers to a marital union, in which an individual’s spouse is chosen by parents or relatives (Divakaruni 45). The individual has little influence or no deciding power in the choice of a partner to marry. Arranged marriages are common in the Orient. However, in Western countries, individuals usually choose their partners or […]

Social Issues: Common Sense and Intuition

Briefly, Gladwell’s book tries to make an argument against the traditional perception that for one to make a decision, he or she must take a long time to consider multiple alternatives and possible outcomes. The author postulates that the decisions a person makes on his or her feet instinctively “without thinking” can be just as […]

Sociology: Homelessness in Phoenix Arizona State

Introduction Homelessness is the state of not having a suitable shelter to reside. Homeless people can live in the streets or live in makeshift dwellings. People staying in refugee camps often move from one temporary camp to another, and they form part of the homeless people in the country. Cases have occurred where some homeless […]

The Perspectives of White and Non-White Communities

Introduction Growing concerns about wealth inequality have dominated social and economic debates in America. Particularly, an area of growing concern is the wealth inequality across the racial divide. For example, Meschede (1) says there is a significant wealth gap between white people and racial minorities in America. A 2009 representative survey showed that white families […]

How Cellular Phones Have Changed Us Socially?

Introduction The discovery of the mobile phone is one of the most interesting scientific innovations around the globe. Over the past two decades, a gradual change of technology from simple to high-tech communication gadgets has completely altered the initial role of the mobile phone. The first idea was to create a voice communication gadget to […]

Relationships in Films “West Side Story” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”

Introduction Relationships play an important role in all types of narratives, including novels, films, musicals, songs, and poems. In the film industry, relationships between two or more individuals are often used to drive the plot. The purpose of this paper is to analyze relationships in films from two perspectives- the creation of relationships and breaking […]

Social Issues in the Book “The Academic Illusion” by Ken Robinson

In the introductory part of the article, the author focuses on how intelligence is measured (Robinson 81). After that, he illustrates how science has triumphed over time. The section shows how education has been passed over and changed from time immemorial. Before the introduction of mass education, education was only restricted to church members. However, […]

Social Issues: Property Ownership

Forster describes the character of individuals about what they own. Forster bought a piece of wood with a check he received after getting returns from the sale of a book he had written. The wood did not have much monetary value, but it was Forster’s first piece of property, he must have valued it too […]

French People and Americans

Summary French people and Americans have different ways of developing, defining, and appreciating friendship. These differences cause conflicts and misunderstandings between friends from America and France. However, they all value friendship because of its role in life. In America, there is no distinction between a friend, an acquaintance, and a colleague. In contrast, French people […]

The Eight Forms of Intelligence

Introduction Researchers and scholars have conducted a myriad of studies to make inquiries on life’s deepest questions whose answers have proved quite elusive to many inquisitive minds. Ancient philosophers and psychologists sought to tackle issues that perplexed the populace of the world’s nations. They accomplished this goal by rolling out a plethora of inventions and […]

Qualitative Research Studies in Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice involves providing quality care to patients, which is associated with better patient results as well as satisfaction. Evidence-based practice entails continuous research in search of novel practices, policies, and interventions that can better patient outcome. Irrespective of the fact that valuable knowledge and strong evidence emanate from qualitative and quantitative methods of research, […]

Diversity in Community and the Means to Address It

Introduction Striving for the needs of the community is not easy; to address each of the community member’s problems and concerns, an individual approach is highly recommended. Without taking into consideration the specifics of an ethnical background of the community members, be it students, employees, owners of small business, etc., it is impossible to be […]

Tattoo Disadvantages

Over the years, people have gone for body piercings and tattoos for several reasons. Those who get tattooed argue that it helps them gain recognition from the rest of society. Although tattoos may be socially beneficial, there are many negative impacts of getting tattooed. In this regard, I do not accept tattoos. Tattoos have more […]

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is a social order that borrows ideologies from Darwinism. In this respect, the social order alleges that only individuals with suitable survival features deserve to live under certain conditions. In other words, social Darwinism advocates for natural selection. Social Darwinism before the 19th century The social Darwinism progress before the 19th century was […]

People’s Refuse as a Source of Information

The refuse that people dispose of can be a valuable source of information about individuals or households. In particular, it can throw light on their economic status, spending habits or lifestyles (Rathje and Cullen 10). This information can be of some interest to archeologists and anthropologists. This paper is aimed at discussing the application of […]

Dating Sites

This paper focuses on dating sites among gay Latino men aged between 25 to 30 years. In addition, it discusses the preferences of Women in Los Angeles who are looking for men. The research indicates that men value their career more than family because society values the career of the man more than that of […]

Global Stratification

Canada Saudi Arabia United States Japan Afghanistan Mali infant mortality (deaths per 1000 live births) 4.85 15.61 6 2.21 121.63 108.7 Life expectancy in years 81.48 74.35 78.49 83.91 49.72 53.06 Fertility (births per 1000 women) 10.28 19.19 13.7 8.39 39.3 46.6 GDP per capita PPP in dollars $41,500 $25,700 $49,800 $36,200 $1,000 $1,100 Source: […]

Brazil Society History

In what ways is Brazil a neo-slave society? In what ways do indigenous communities represent a counter-public to this facet of Brazilian society? Neo-slavery is not only systematic, but is also considered to be deceptive (Warren 49). It is a general exploitation that majority of individuals tend to ignore, since most of them benefit. Neo-slavery […]

Generations Differences

Societies change as a result of development which is closely associated with the sequential changes of generations. Each new generation is characterized by specific features which help distinguish it from the previous ones. Generations develop at the background of political, economic, social, and cultural changes, and these processes are interdependent because new generations propose new […]

Locus of Control

Introduction Locus of control, as a concept, has generated a lot of research in a wide range of various psychological fields. This concept can be applied in such fields as the psychology of education, the psychology of health and clinical psychology. However, debates have arisen on whether world measures regarding this concept are useful. There […]

Respect in Daily Lives

Respect is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life. Through respect, everyone can act kindly and treat others well. Respect implies putting into consideration of how other people feel. By treating others, in the same manner, you would like them to treat you, is a good show of respect. Most of the people claim to show […]

Individual Influences of Conformity and Obedience

An individual confronted by certain circumstances or explicit social forces may the struggle to comprehend them and respond accordingly. Such a response may emanate from external sources or private judgment. The study on individual influence assumes that in nature, the state of orderliness exists. On the same note, it may also be discovered and described […]

What is a Parent?

Society defines a parent as the two people who share a deep sexual intimacy that produces an offspring whom they spend the rest of their lives caring for. Being a parent is an act of guiding your child from the womb into adulthood and beyond. Parents and children share a deep emotional bond that is […]

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

What techniques are used by the group leader in an alcoholic anonymous (AA) meeting? Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting is an international fellowship whose aim is to help alcoholics achieve sobriety (Yalom, 2005, p.58). In an AA meeting, the Chairperson or group leader opens the session with a preamble of Alcoholics Anonymous followed by brief introductory […]