Socialization Essay Examples and Topics

Social Life Effects on People from Different Races

Introduction Virtually, everyone subscribes to a given native culture. The moment an individual traverses a locality to interact with other people from different places, such as school, workplace, or whatever social group, he/she comes across new cultures that may conflict with the beliefs and value systems of the native culture. Conversantly, the areas that receive […]

Article Summary: Analysis of Secondary Data: Research Starters

It is not always easy to collect primary data for analysis. There are various ethical and logistical constraints that may hinder the effective gathering of primary data. There are incidences when ethical considerations poses difficulties in carrying out a research process. In addition, logistical factors such as contact with the participants may have an impact […]

Comparative Source Examination

Brief Introduction In the critical review article, the views of Norman Kutcher on the formation of friendships are discussed in detail. Kutcher noted that friendship was extremely beneficial when it came to the formation of relationships in societies that subscribed to Confucianism. In particular, Kutcher talked about the fifth relationship, which was indeed a valued […]

The Best Age to Get Married

Introduction The family institution is a critical institution in many societies. In fact, this institution is recorded as the most important one in the society. It is here that young people are socialized to become who they are in the society. If a person grows to become a social nuisance, it can be traced back […]

Feelings about Marriage and Family Life

When entering into marriages, men and women have similar expectations: the prospect of establishing and bringing up a cohesive family. Marriage partners look forward to spending most of their time together and sharing domestic responsibilities. Nevertheless, as time goes on and domestic expenditures intensify, both parties look for ways to meet these costs, thus pushing […]

Car Accidents Causes and Measures

An accident is an event that happens unexpectedly but this does not imply that they cannot be prevented from occurring. The truth is that most accidents that happen along our roads can be prevented. If we first know the causes of car accidents along our roads, we can then find appropriate measures to be taken […]

Comparison of Life at Home and Away

Introduction Staying at home with one’s family is an easier and more preferable choice to make than going anywhere, but people may not realise that living without family support may help them develop a stronger character. It is evident that the last option is tougher but better for one’s personal growth. Life at home and […]

Peer Pressure: Facing Challenges

Introducing Initiative and Addressing Necessary Support The problem of peer pressure in community stands out when it comes to the welfare of teenagers. In particular, youth have difficulties in developing skills that will help them resist peer pressure from teenagers who are still abusing drugs. Therefore, the question of peer pressure needs to be addressed […]

Common Manifestations of Road Rage

Introduction Road rage is defined as an angry or aggressive behavior of a vehicle driver. There are many road rage behaviors which include rude gestures, verbal insults, unsafe or life threatening driving. Road rage resulting in assaults, collisions and altercations usually lead to injuries and even death. These aspects of road rage clearly indicate that […]

Superfund as a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

Introduction It now became a commonplace assumption among many social scientists that the issue of environmental protection does not only relate to sociological discourses’ subject matter, but that this issue is being embedded into the very matrix of sociology’s theoretical framework. This simply could not be otherwise, especially given the fact the realities of modern […]

Treating People Nicely

Introduction Nice treatment is a back to back practice between individual or among groups of people. Human beings are termed as social beings naturally. Interactions occur in various ways. That can be formally or informally. Of course the formal way would entail treatment in job places, meetings and so forth. Informal interactions could include the […]

The Marriage Notions

Introduction Relationships are extremely important in the life of different individuals and in the pursuit of ideal relationships many couples end up getting married. However, most couples end not getting married and choose to cohabit. Cohabitation has been regarded problematic by many in the society, but I do not agree with their assessment. Overview Cohabitation […]

Presentation of self in everyday life by Erving Goffman

This book offers a succinct exploration on perceptions and images carried along by individuals on daily basis. The author attempts to unmask the kind of comedic aspects that human beings portray in everyday life. In particular, Goffman puts a strong belief in dramaturgical model of an individual’s social life which he equates to theatrical plays. […]

Assumptions of Herbert Spencer and Karl Marx

Difference and similarity in Ontological view by Spencer and Herbert Ontology is the study of objects and their ties. It gives criteria on how to differentiate objects which are real or non real, abstract or concrete with their ties. In short it is the study of reality. Marx idea on how human’s perception suggests that […]

Comparison of Narcissist Characters

Many authors have made use of narcissism as a theme of their literary stylistics. The phenomenon of narcissism refers to that state of an individual in which he or she may become the most egoistic, self-obsessed and selfish persons. There are many reasons for which authors have been using the phenomenon of narcissism in their […]

Teenage Pregnancy Causes and Effects

Introduction Teenage pregnancy can be defined as pregnancy that occurs in young girls below the age of twenty, regardless of whether they are married or of adult age (Christensen and Rosen 1). Teenage pregnancy has been increasing at an alarming rate especially in the United States, Africa, and United Kingdom. It has become a of […]

Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates

Introduction When couples get married they start their marriages happily with great love and high expectations of good lives. However, not all marriages continue in this manner as some of them end disastrously. Couples begin going through undesirable changes in their marriages after living together for some time. Their once happy moments turn into unending […]

Drivers of automobiles should be prohibited from using cellular phones while driving

Introduction Driving demands a large quantity of attentiveness in order to keep the highway, and the users secure. Currently, scores of citizens have a driving permit without being capable of driving in a liable manner. This reveals the issue regarding handsets. When we reflect on it, numerous other aspects add up to mishaps. Ingestion, eating, […]

Should people be banned from using cell phones when driving? Why or why not?

The 21st century has been associated with an advanced technology and in particular an enhancement in information technology. The advancement in communication through the use of mobile phone has greatly impacted many sectors positively. Cell phones are very important devices in the modern world because they have greatly boosted successful communication. Effective and efficient communication […]

The Movements and Reactions of Dogs in Crates and Outside Yards

At present, several dogs live as treasured cohorts and chums for the young and old similarly and frequently are treated as indispensible elements of the family. However, since most dog owners confine the dogs at home improperly during the day when they go to work, dogs undergo social withdrawal which in turn affects the movements […]

Was Vancouver Riots Behavior Normal?

Background information Vancouver riot was experienced during a match between the Canucks, Boston and Bruins in competition for the Stanley Cup. It was during the finals when Boston Bruins won 4-0 over the Canucks that the youths became violent, burning down buildings and vehicles and even injuring fellow human beings (CBC News). It is not […]

The dangers of using cell phone while driving

Cellular phones are currently very popular, with over 137 million subscribers in the United States by late 2002 (Strayer, Drews and Johnston 23). The authors further note the subsequent increase in the count of persons conversing on cell phones while driving unaware of the risks they pose to themselves and their passengers. In fact, Laberge-Nadeau […]

An Analysis of the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Introduction Popular culture encapsulates the society’s wholesome activities. Popular culture is the expression of a society’s common beliefs, practices, rituals and ideas through various expressions and materials identifiable with a given society (Browne, 2005, p.3). The cell phone is one of the most prevalent communication devices across the globe today. Nearly all teens and adults in […]

Marriage and Family

Introduction Marriage and Family is an interesting topic to be discussed within the context of this study. In order for the study to be helpful or resourceful to the reader, the researcher will embark on analysis of marriage and family as discussed in the three movies that include David Morrell’s First Blood, Pale Rider (1985) […]

What are the elements of Persuasion

Persuasion can be defined as the process by which a message induces a change in people’s internal mental systems or to their external behavior. The inner systems within an individual include elements such as beliefs, values, attitude or goals. Therefore, persuasion takes place when an individual influences another individual to change his beliefs, attitudes, values, […]

Home with no Father: Single Mothers

According to Biblical scriptures, a family was made up of two persons, that is, the husband and the wife. The two parents are supposed to raise their children together. Due to unavoidable circumstances one parent may be forced to perform the roles of the other partner. This may result from the death of one parent, […]

How to Have a Happy Marriage

Introduction In any matrimony scenario, developing a happy marriage is not a simple undertaking, as most individual perceive it to be; but rather, it is process, which requires a lot of sacrifices, insistence and, commitment. This is the case primarily because, as a partnership business, marriages also involves the coming together of individuals with difference […]

Loss of Innocence

The term “loss of innocence” is now being widely used in different spheres, especially in philosophy. This notion is usually associated with human age, meaning that getting older can lead people far from what they were at the very beginning, in their childhood. Indeed, the older a person is, the less naïve and lighthearted they […]

Concepts why marriage matters

Introduction In normal life scenarios as Sullivan (197) argues, “marriage is a communal practice that brings families together in a matrimonial celebration, as individuals endeavor to make new homes; form new connected families; filled with love and happiness, as a way of giving life a new perspective”. Therefore, since marriage is the primary determinant of […]

Philosophy of Peace

Peace is an element that majority of people live to pursue either consciously or unconsciously. Ironically a great percent of peace seekers are the one that do it unknowingly. One will ask why this is so. Well, I will consider this a vital question and embark to say that our daily struggles are meant to […]

Healthy interpersonal relationship

Introduction Interpersonal relationship can be defined as an association, connections or social affiliations between two or more individuals. Interpersonal relationships vary in terms of levels of intimacy and revolve around a common objective or shared interest. Interpersonal relationship is very important amongst a group of individuals; it is a skill that enables one relate well […]

Marriage is Outdated and no Longer Suits Modern Lifestyles and Attitudes

Marriage is a social unification between two persons that make them legally, socially and emotionally attached. The UK and other westernized countries are increasingly becoming secular. The religious and nonreligious persons view marriage as unnecessary and out dated. Certain issues make them have such feelings towards the union. These issues include; high rates of divorce, […]

Money or Family Values First? Which Way to Go

The fast paced life and major shifts in socioeconomic front witnessed in the 21st century has necessitated major re-alliances and re-alignments of what people consider important for their wellbeing and survival. Principles and philosophies that not so long ago served to preserve the social fabric have been discarded, and their place taken by the inordinate […]

Abortion and Its Effects

Thesis The main objective of the paper focuses on abortion and its effects and it is equally an analysis of the developmental problems associated with this act. Another significance of the study regards on various approaches and theories in support or against abortion. The paper also forms an analysis over other probable choices in the […]

Santa Claus and Mythical Creatures

A mythical creature is a monster that is prominent in myths and folklores. They include mythical beings, basilisks, monsters, cockatrice, hellhound and centaur among others. They are believed to possess some supernatural powers albeit to some extent. The aim of this paper is to study the Santa Claus as an example of one of such […]

Apartment living in downtown area versus country side living

Many people wonder whether to have a city life or take the option of country side. There are a number of pros and cons in choosing either of the lifestyle in whichever setting one settles for. For one to make a perfect decision, it is advisable to make careful examination of each and every aspect. […]

Transracial and International Adoptions

In many societies, children have the privilege of growing up with either both or one of their birth parents present. Therefore, the perception of adoption is that of a family with fragile ties, for the adopted child is not from the family’s bloodline. Transracial and international adoptions are superlatively more precarious due to the fact […]

Future of Japanese Families

Introduction It is difficult to overlook the role of the family in the social organization of the Japanese family. However, this perception not only applies to the Japanese context because in most societies, the family is an important unit of social organization. Japan however provides an interesting scenario for understanding the effect of social and […]

Is telling the truth all the time the basis of any relationship?

People perform different tasks in their daily lives some of which require them to interact with other people while others do not. This is justified by the fact that human beings are social in nature. Apart from the tasks that people get involved in, they also go through different experiences in their lives. Integrity is […]

Korean Immigrants and Refugees in New York

The Korean population in the US is about one million (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). This is an increase of 1500 percent since 1970 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). The Korean immigrants and refugees are concentrated in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC. New York is the second largest city […]

How Children’s Cartoons Are Politicized

Introduction With examples like Mulan 1998 vs. Tom & Jerry, cartoons have created considerable political controversies worldwide. Globalization and technological advancements have impacted on the children’s lives and entertainment (Cantor & Wilson, 2003). Cartoons have been specifically used occasionally for children’s entertainment. Evidently, this has been noted to occur within all social environments. These include […]

Family Issues: Parents Should Stay at Home When They Have Babies

Children are a blessing to couples. When a family has a newborn baby, the choice to have one parent or both of them to stay at home to care for the infant during this crucial period is a family decision. Most people uphold certain principles when it comes to matters that concern their families. For […]

Similarities between small and big families

Both small and big families have similarities and differences, in the way they live and conduct their activities. Whether a family is small or big, there are basic needs that each family requires such as food, clothing, shelter etc. It is the nature of every family to have the head, who is probably the father, […]