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70 Driving Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Driving Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. On the Issue of Drunk Driving
    The concentration of alcohol in a driver’s blood is directly proportional to the driver’s ability to judge distances as well react appropriately to sudden happenings in the road.
  2. Dangers of Texting while Driving
    The research paper will present some statistics to prove that texting while driving is one of the biggest contributors of road accidents in American roads.
  3. Road Rage and the Possibilities of Slow Driving
    There is also a need for people to plan their daily activities early and give some time allowance to the expected driving time.
  4. The Use of the Cell Phone While Driving
    Indeed, many of the culprits of this dangerous practice are teens and the youth, ordinarily the most ardent expressers of popular culture in a society.
  5. Popular Culture: The Use of Phones and Texting While Driving
    Given that rituals and stereotypes are a part of beliefs, values, and norms that society holds at a given instance of history, the use of phones in texting while driving has rituals and stereotypes associated […]
  6. An Analysis of the Use of Cell Phones While Driving
    The first theory is the theory of mass society, and the second theory is the theory of the culture industry. The theory of mass society states that, popular culture is an intrinsic expression of the […]
  7. The Dangers of Using Cell Phone While Driving
    The authors further note the subsequent increase in the count of persons conversing on cell phones while driving unaware of the risks they pose to themselves and their passengers.
  8. Problem of the Elderly Driving in the US
    When comparing the survey results to accumulated scientific data as well as statistics on the number of vehicular accidents involving the elderly it can be seen that the respondents were unaware of the potential danger […]
  9. Banning Phone Use While Driving Will Save Lives
    For instance, a driver may receive a phone call or make one, and while tending to the call, takes his mind of the road and increasing the chances of causing an accident.
  10. Should People Be Banned From Using Cell Phones When Driving? Why or Why Not?
    Many people have blamed the cell phones to the current high increases in the number of road accidents witnessed worldwide, while others argue that the use of mobile phones while driving is not wholly to […]
  11. Drivers of Automobiles Should Be Prohibited From Using Cellular Phones While Driving
    When a driver is utilizing a hand-held or hands-free cellular phone at the same time as driving, she or he should dedicate part of their concentration to operating the handset and sustaining the phone discussion […]
  12. A Theoretical Analysis of the Act of Cell Phone Texting While Driving
    The past decade has seen the cell phone become the most common communication gadget in the world, and the US has one of the highest rates of cell phone use.
  13. Drunk Driving and Its Consequences
    In all states of the United States, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol beyond the set limit per state, according the countries legal definition, drunk driving is driving when one has […]
  14. Drunk Driving Problem in the Modern Society
    I strongly believe that drunk driving is the problem which must be solved, however, the solutions to the problem which have already existed could not eliminate the problem.
  15. Banning Texting While Driving Research
    To achieve the goals of the objectives proposed above, a comprehensive case study needs to be conducted on the risks of texting while driving and how the prohibition of the act will save lives.
  16. Banning Texting while Driving Saves Lives
    Other nations have limited use of phones, by teenagers, when driving, and a rising number of states and governments have prohibited the exact practice of texting while driving.
  17. Mothers Against Drunk Driving
    It is useful to victims of drunken driving and to the families of the deceased victims as a result of drunk driving.
  18. Age Limitation on Driving Privileges
    Thus, the increase in the level of accidents has forced the state to consider whether age is among the factors that have led to the increase in cases accidents.
  19. Effectiveness of Drinking & Driving Laws: An Evaluation of Mandatory Jail Sentences and License Sanctions
    While it is clear that legal sanctions such as lengthy jail sentences and license cancellations are administered by the courts with the view to punishing the offenders and forcing compliance with the law, it appears […]
  20. Texting While Driving Should Be Illegal
    To begin with, it has been observed from recent studies that have been conducted that majority of American citizens are in complete agreement that texting while one is driving should be banned as it is […]
  21. The Arguments by Debra Leach in “Drunken Driving”
    Due to the high death rates, most states in the US have restricted the amount of alcohol drivers should consume to 0.
  22. Cognitive Psychology on Driving and Phone Usage
    For this reason, it is quite difficult to multitask when the activities involved are driving and talking on the phone. Holding a phone when driving may cause the driver to use only one hand for […]
  23. Parking Solution in Driving
    The purpose of the present research is to consider the issue and come up with effective solutions to address the lack of parking spaces at FIT.
  24. Injury Prevention Intervention: Driving Injury in Young People
    According to Gielen and Sleet study, the trends indicate that despite the preventive measures, the likelihood for young people involved in injuries is increasing. The collective objectives are to reduce the probability of young people […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Driving

  1. Google Self Driving Car’s New Idea
    The main disadvantage of this project is that this car is just being developed and it is rather difficult to introduce it to the market.
  2. Personal Car Driving’ Importance
    To overcome the obstacle of reckless driving, other aspects of life have to be attained and taught as well, which has a positive effect to not only the person but the entire community in general.
  3. Why People Should Study Driving?
    A driver is therefore encouraged to be on alert and be on the lookout while driving to avoid risking the life of these stakeholders.
  4. The South Dakota Legislature on Texting and Driving
    According to the authors of the article, the South Dakota Legislature needs to acknowledge the perils of texting and driving and place a ban on the practice.
  5. Distracted Driving Behaviors in Adults
    The article notes that the results of the study highlighted the dangers of DDB other than texting and using cell phones.
  6. Technology Development and Texting while Driving
    Working thesis: Although certain modern gadgets can be used to avoid texting while driving, the development of the sphere of mobile technologies has the negative impact on the dangerous trend of messaging while driving a […]
  7. The New Application “Stop Texting and Driving App”
    The application installed in the driver’s smartphone will disable every function when the vehicle is in motion. The device and the application have more features in order to reduce the rate of having an accident.
  8. Impacts of Texting While Driving on the Accidents
    The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates of accidents. Hypothesis: The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates […]
  9. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Stage and Prognosis
    In this stage, the new technology can be said to be in the form of competition with the old technology where the old technology acts on the part of the defense while the new technology […]
  10. Driving under the Influence of Alcohol
    One of the implications of the adolescent and adult driving while intoxicated is enduring the life after the occurrence of breaking the law.
  11. Outcomes of the Phone Usage While Driving
    To the end of their lives, neither the victims’ loved ones nor the driver will be able to cope with the tragedy that resulted. The assertion that driving and texting or talking on the phone […]
  12. Public Policy: The Issue of Drunk Driving
    The Government puts a great amount of effort into the DUI policy to minimize the number of impaired drivers getting behind the wheel and mitigating the consequences of such conduct.
  13. Cell Phone Use in Driving and Recommended Policies
    Auditory, when on phone, drivers shift their focus to the sound of the phone instead of listening to the adjoining atmosphere on the road.
  14. Self-Driving Cars and Related Ethical Concerns
    The problem is, the general public is commonly not aware of the critical dangers of self-driving cars and is only interested in the uniqueness of the technology and its benefits.
  15. Policy for Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems
    The acceptance of the new technology will create the best environment for producing superior automobiles that conform to every testing, compliance, certification, and verification process.
  16. Saudi Women Driving Policy for Cars Market
    One of the outstanding policies that have attracted the attention of many countries focuses on the empowerment of Saudi Arabian women and allowing them to drive.
  17. Safe Driving Among American Youth as Health Issue
    It reviews the organization’s perspective on the issue and the strategies it proposes to reduce the risks of car accidents. The paper concentrates on safe driving for young people, summarizing the National Safety Council’s position […]
  18. Defense Tactics in Car Driving Accidents
    Illegal act, on the other hand, is a defense strategy that may be used by a defendant if a plaintiff is harmed while involved in an illegal action.
  19. Driving License Company’s Strategic Plan
    The company will have a psycho-neurological department that will primarily evaluate learners with special needs in order to measure their readiness for the rigors of IDL learning.
  20. Drunk Driving vs. Texting While Driving
    Specifically, it presents the issue of drunk driving and texting while driving to investigate which of the two distracters causes more accidents on the roads.
  21. 16 Years Old Children and Driving Permits
    In spite of the various advantages associated with allowing 16-year-old children to have driving permits, I still think that they should not be allowed the same.
  22. Driving Injury Statistics on Saudi Arabia’s Roads
    There are a lot of deaths caused by road accidents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Defensive driving is being introduced in Saudi Arabia so that the expertise of drivers on the roads can be […]
  23. Tougher Laws Against Drunk Driving: Persuasive Speech
    It must begin with laws that lower the limit so that drivers with a BAC of 0. 05 must not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.
  24. Cell Phone Use While Driving: Policy Analysis
    Therefore, in a public policy debate, proponents of regulation would argue that per capita healthcare savings and resulting QALY measures are significant enough to justify a ban on the use of private cellphones in driving […]

💡 Most Interesting Driving Topics to Write about

  1. Cell Phone Use and Driving: Mian v. City of Ottawa
    However, the judge considers the disclosure of the disciplinary records to be irrelevant to the case. However, the Crown specifically stated that the disclosure of these records is not relevant to the case without O’Connor’s […]
  2. Uber Self-Driving Taxis’ Threats and Opportunities
    One of these challenges is the unwillingness of the customers to delegate control to a computer. The human will remain as a supervisor and will be able to take control of the vehicle whenever he […]
  3. Running a Business of Self-Driving Cars
    It is necessary to create a state program, the purpose of which will be to support manufacturers and stimulate the population to switch to self-driving vehicles.
  4. Self-Driving Car Manufacturers: Ethical and Legal Issues
    The ethical and legal questions surrounding the development of self-driving cars are at the center of the discussion in this area of the automotive industry.
  5. Automated Driving from Different Viewpoints
    However, it is essential to take into account that the automated driving system may feature various automation levels, depending on the involvement of the human and the capability of the technology.
  6. “Public Opinion on Automated Driving” by Kyriakidis et al.
    The researchers attempted to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the partially, highly, and fully automated driving as perceived by the users from diverse backgrounds to clarify the main concerns.
  7. Self-Driving Cars: Science and Policy Regulations
    One of the primary concerns about self-driving cars is whether they will benefit the public despite accidents and violations related to the introduction of the new technology.
  8. Teenage Drunk Driving Issue Analysis
    Therefore there is a need to analyze the relationship between drinking and driving and when it comes to teenagers, injuries take the form of fatal accidents.
  9. Drunk Driving Issue Analysis
    One finds that the deep changes in the body composition of drinkers after drinking; one would anticipate alcohol to have as a minimum various straight outcomes on behavior.
  10. Cause and Effect of Teenagers Crazy Driving
    They have to acknowledge that they are the childhood role model for the kids and this includes being the indirect driving teacher of the child.
  11. Local Crisis: Teenage Driving Fatalities in Alabama
    It was reported in the reader’s digest of the 2008 August edition that out of 50 states, Alabama had the 4th highest rate of deaths at 39.
  12. Cell Phones While Driving: Is It Legal?
    The message conveyed over the phone takes priority and driving takes a back seat which inevitably results in an accident, the severity of the same depends on more factors than one, the most important of […]
  13. The Impalement of Driving: Rising Fuels Costs for Teens
    Since they need transportation to and from their part-time job, which barely leaves little more than fuel money, teenagers definitely argue for the need to lower fuel costs.
  14. Raising the Legal Driving Age
    A large number of teenagers agree with the fact that the number of increasing accidents involving teenagers is largely because of the submission to adolescent influences on the part of the teenagers.
  15. Drunk Driving and Traffic Violations Issues
    A person who exceeded the norms of alcohol, and was driving home, is a violation that does not correspond to the punishment of spending a certain time in jail.
  16. “The Illogic of Youth Driving Culture” by Tilleczek
    However, all of the literature included is of recent origin and revolves within the time frame of 10 years and it presents a thorough outline of the problem and the possible solution.
  17. SAP AG in 2006: Driving Corporate Transformation
    In the application of the five forces analysis to understand ASAP AG’s case, the development of this new innovative technology must seek to understand the roles of the existing companies, potential new companies, substitute for […]
  18. The Main Causes of Drunken Driving
    Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America. If we have to curb alcoholism and the menace of drunk driving incidents, we need to relax the social […]
  19. Regulations on Multitasking While Driving
    Consequently, safe and effective driving is a task that demands concentration by the driver, and multi-tasking while driving should be discouraged and avoided for safety.
  20. Adolescent Drinking and Driving
    Therefore, because of such high rates of fatal accidents, there is a vital need to find a way to decrease the number of car crashes involving drunk teenagers.
  21. Public Service Ads Against Drunk Driving
    The PSA includes the imagery of glasses filled with alcoholic drinks crashing against each other with the sound of a car accident in the background.
  22. Addressing a Problem of Elderly Driving
    The authors claim that there are two possible ways to address the issue of elderly driving: developing social programs and integrating modern technology. These actions will be beneficial to the safety of older individuals and […]

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