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Drunk Driving Problem in the Modern Society Research Paper

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Updated: Sep 9th, 2019

Modern society has a lot of different problems which affect its place among other specific countries. I believe that a number of accidents because of drunk driving has increased for the recent 50 years. It is impossible to consider the level of importance of the situation as driving drunk people put at risk not only themselves but also those who appear on their way.

Unfortunately, there are countries where the consumption of small doses of alcohol is allowed, still it is impossible to predict how even the smallest dose of alcohol may affect a particular person. I strongly believe that drunk driving is the problem which must be solved, however, the solutions to the problem which have already existed could not eliminate the problem. Neither fines no the fear to appear at prison affects human decision to drive a car being drunk.

Trying to consider the existing situation where drunk driving is involved, it should be remembered that every 30 minutes a person dies because of the involvement into the alcohol-related car crash incident (Drunk Driving Prevention). Such statistics is terrifying as it does not mean that a person who has been drunk is dead, there are a lot of cases when people who just appeared in a close location to a drunk driver are dead.

There are a lot of children who die because of adult irresponsibility. To make the situation clear, I would like to offer several cases with the involvement of drunk driving. On July 12, 2012 a 12-year-old boy was killed and another one was injured as a result of the incident with car driven by a drunk man. Instead of giving help to the injured a man run even faster, however, as a result, he was caught by the police (Elona).

Many adults and children appear in the similar situations when drivers even do not want to assist those whose lives they have spoiled. Moreover, many people being charged with drunk driving after release from jail continue their crimes. Thus, 22 years old Daniel Polites guilty in a death of a Belleville child and charged for it 5 years ago again appears before court. He is charged because of the same drunk driving reason (Marks).

A number of cases where drunk drives are involved are numerous and a number of deaths because of this reason frustrates even more. About 11,000 were killed in 2009 because of drunk driving. Even though the rate of such cases reduced for the past 5 years by 30%, the situation still remains crucial as each 3rd case where people die involves drunk driving (Drinking and Driving; Griffin).

There are a lot of reasons why drunk driving should be one of the first problems which needs solution. First of all, alcohol negatively affects all human decisions, therefore, when people drink and drive cars, they cannot control their actions affectively, therefore, they become the reasons for car incidents which may cause injuries.

Second, drunk driving creates a particular risk for those who are not in the car. Those who drive under the alcohol addiction or those who sit in a car with a drunk driver make their choices intentionally. However, those who appear on the way of drunken drivers do not make such choices. Finally, drunk driving is at the first place among the reasons of human deaths.

These are just several, but however, very important reasons which are to be considered by the government with the purpose to implement some actions. The existing methods of fighting with drunk driving are not very affective as people still continue driving after alcohol consuming.

The first reason to cope with drunken driving is that those who drink cannot react adequately to the surrounding situations. The reaction of those who have not consumed alcohol is fast. People can complete several tasks immediately and they also can react to unpredicted situations fast.

It is very important as being drunk and driving a car people have to follow many specific processes. First of all, the speed limit should be considered. A driver should notice the signs behind the road and make necessary arrangements in accordance with their meaning. Moreover, a driver should follow the road and make sure that there are no people on the way. Almost all of these processes should be completed simultaneously and fast.

Very often a life of a person depends on his/her reaction. When person is not under alcohol affect, he she is able to complete all these processes, however, some people are unable to do it due to the numerous tasks and reactions. The alcohol consumption makes human brain react slower. This is the main reason why alcohol consumption is to be battled. People under alcohol are unable to react appropriately and it may lead to unpredictable and irreversible situations.

Drunk drivers risk their own lives. Driving a car after alcohol consumption people cannot react appropriately to some situations and as a result they appear in a car crash incident. There are many cases when people cannot cope with driving and appear on the sidelines. The car is crashed and a person is lucky if stays alive.

This is the most spread scenario for these cases. There are also situations when a drunken driver has friends with him/her and their deaths may be on his/her consciousness. Drunken people cannot make decisions adequately, therefore, they usually appear in the situations when they sincerely regret about their actions in alcohol addiction.

The situations when people drive cars in a drunken condition and when their friends sit with them are considered as a personal choice. No one makes people act in such a way. However, in most cases the car crash with the drunk drivers involves those who just walk or stay behind the road. People do not have choices in such cases. People do not have an opportunity to react as they are caught by the incident. They walk not far from the road however not on a road.

They do not predict that anyone is going to hit them. This is one of the most devastating reasons why drunken driving must be considered. The inability of solving this problem has lead to the fact that car crashes with drunken drivers involved are the leading reason for human deaths in accidents. Is this not a reason? Drunk driving must be battled as it is one of the most frequent reasons for human deaths.

Even though the government does all possible to prevent drunk driving, it does not cope with the problem. There are a lot of actions which may be done by the state, by the health care professionals, by the employers, and by everyone in the society. The actions the government may implement should enforce 0.08% blood alcohol concentration, increase the number of the sobriety checkpoints, increase the tax on alcohol, and implement a minimum legal age laws.

All these actions are to be applied in the society and there should be a department which should strictly follow the activities implementation. Employers may create punishment for those who have been noticed in the drunk driving. Health promotion may be applied in the workplace. The responsibility of the health care professionals is to deliver to the society the information that car crashes because of drunk driving is the leading reason for death. Professional opinion is usually valued more.

Moreover, everyone may contribute to problem solution by means of the following actions. First, one should never drive after alcohol consumption. Second, it is so easy to follow friends when you are together. Not allowing those to drive drunk is another positive affect. One may speak to the doctors about the affect of drunken driving.

Therefore, it may be concluded that the reasons for solving the problem of drunken driving as the first-hand one are significant. Being the leader among the reasons of human deaths, the problem should be affected from different sides.

People are to be involved into the problem solution as only affecting the issue together may bring some improvements and may help reduce the number of car crashes with the involvement of the drunk drivers is essential. Drunk driving remains the leading reason for human deaths all over the world. It is essential to consider the situation from another point of view and to implement new actions for fighting the issue.

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