Drug and Alcohol Addiction Essay Examples and Topics

Alcohol Consumption in Adolescence

Over the years, adolescent alcohol consumption has been associated with a multiplicity of adverse psychosocial and behavioral consequences, including antisocial predispositions, mental health challenges as well as school difficulties (Mason & Spoth, 2011). Additionally, as acknowledged by these authors, adolescent alcohol use not only interrupts normal processes associated with brain development but also plays a […]

Effects of Alcohol

How Alcohol affects family When one goes through alcohol problems; harmful effects cost dearly and not only on the drinker, but also on the family members. Drinkers often have a blind-spot regarding the desolating effects alcohol can have on their families. USA recent data show that in four children, one is exposed to alcohol abusers […]

Drug Abuse Among the Youth

Theoretical analysis Case Selection Drug addiction is a critical topic of discussion in the prevailing society where young people under peer pressure are being subjected to their abuse. Most people who experience health problems that restrict them to enjoy life not only harbor depression, but also fail to attain the freedom of choosing the path […]

Another Choice, Another Chance

Introduction Another Choice, Another Chance (ACAC) is a non-profit organisation that helps young people overcome drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Since 1994, the organisation has operated a treatment facility at Sacramento, California (ACDC, 2012, p. 1). Since its inception, ACAC has helped thousands of youths overcome drug addiction. The main profile of clients who get […]

Recovery Movement Analysis

The emergence of Recovery Movement is strongly associated with a treatment approach to substance addicted patients. The main scope of the recovery movement is to prove the individual’s potential for recovery and resistance to the addiction. Initially, the concept evolved from the Alcoholics Anonymous, which first recognized the preference of dependency of people (Ankerberg, 2011). […]

The Concept of Addiction

Introduction Generally, addiction refers to the habitual psychological and physiologic reliance on a substance/drug that cannot be controlled. Alternatively, it may also refer to when an individual participates in a pleasurable activity of which a sustained use might be compulsive hence distorting the normal life routines. Generally, addiction has led to broken morals, malpractices, distorted […]

The American Image of Alcohol

Rates of alcoholism in two countries compared to US Two countries where the drinking age is 16 include Germany and Luxembourg among others (Deutsche Welle, 2012). This age limit has allowed various individuals to legally access alcohol despite the warnings. Considerably, the rates of drinking alcohol has increased in both countries with Germany and Luxembourg […]

The cultural context and ethics of prevention of drug abuse

Prevention of drug abuse is a critical provision among the youths and minority groups. There are prevention techniques outlined in the suggested article that can be related perfectly to the subject of culture and prevention covered in the text. Youths and other vulnerable communities have been victims to drug abuse and other related vices. Consequently, […]

Link between environment and addiction

There is a massive link between environment and addiction. Evidently, an environment where a person comes from can influence the aspects of drug abuse and the alleged addiction. The study undertaken with rats indicate that environment contribute considerably to the aspects of addiction due to numerous factors. Contextually, it is evident from the study that […]

Social issue: the death of the Whitney Houston

In February 11 201In February 11 2012, the music and entertainment fraternity suffered a blow by the death of the Whitney Houston. On the first page (A1) of the New York Times newspaper, the lifestyle and career of the late musician dominated the page. Written by Jon Pareles and his counterpart Adam Nagourney the two […]

Sociology and the Social World Model

We leave in a world where by sociology is very significant in solving the day to day problems. The social world model is particularly very significant in understanding and solving some of these problems. It acts as a framework for problem solving. The world is supposed to be viewed in an integrated and comprehensive manner […]

Social observation and analysis of Alcohol drinking

Introduction Social interaction forms are very important aspect of the human life. For a very long time, sociologists have been carrying out investigations to try and explain how the society functions. Some of their views are depicted in the theoretical perspectives which are used to guide sociologists in understanding the society and its members. This […]

Drug Misuse and Its Impact on Crime

Introduction Literature review is a necessary process that allows researchers to be aware of research that has been conducted in their area of interest (Webster and Watson, 2002). It thus avoids unnecessary repetition of research. Additionally it allows the researchers to integrate the work of other researchers into their own. By conducting literature review researchers […]

A study of drug use among students at London South Bank University

A research on drug abuse is categorized as a social research where the researcher is seeks to explain certain aspects of behaviour. A study of drug use among students at London South Bank University will have various opportunities and challenges as explained below: First opportunity is that secondary data is easily available from previous researches […]

Drug Abuse & Its Effects on families

Introduction Just like all the body parts are connected, so is the family unit and society. When one part of the body is ill or suffering, so is the rest of the body. Drug abuse is not a one man show per se, because it affects all the members of a family more so the […]

Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils

Most people hold the false belief that they are unable to live without money; therefore, they condition their lives from early childhood to gain wealth by whatever means possible. This conning into the love of money has resulted in various forms of evils such as stealing, kidnapping, and illegal use of drugs, which have destroyed […]

Meth epidemic as a social problem

Methamphetamine, which commonly goes by the name “meth, speed, chalk, ice, crystal, glass, crank, yaba, tina, and tweak” (Byker), is a stimulant made from pseudoephedrine or ephedrine. The drug affects pleasure functions of the brain by making it to discharge dopamine (Byker). Meth users have various methods of consuming the drug, which include injection, snorting, […]

Ethics Aspects in Project Prevention

The main objective of Project Prevention is to discourage conception among adult addicts by offering incentives, in terms of money, to encourage them to undergo long-term birth-control procedures such as sterilization. The organization seeks to minimize the number of neglected and abused children because of the adverse effects that drug addiction has on parenting. Despite […]

The Effect of Gender, Age, and Race on the Use of Intravenous Drug

Abstract The use of intravenous drugs without doctors’ prescription has been on the rise in the United States. Drug addicts are currently injecting the drug into their blood stream in order to get instant effect. The research focused on some of the demographic factors that show prevalence in the usage of hard drugs. The research […]

Legalization of Marijuana: Arguments For and Against

There have been arguments about marijuana for a very long time now with some people supporting it while others opposing its use in the society. People have proposed that marijuana is very addictive and can cause dire health effects to people who use it. On the other hand, marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes […]

Alcoholism as a social problem

Introduction Traffic accidents, cardiovascular diseases, divorce, dysfunctional families have one contributory factor in common; alcoholism. Alcoholism is a condition in which a person finds himself or herself addicted or dependent on alcohol. It does not necessarily manifest in obvious ways, but the person loses control over their consumption of the substance. It has health, social, […]

The Impact of Drugs on Harlem Residents

Introduction Harlem is a low income area that has experienced high rates of drug abuse. This has led to many other problems such as violence, high mortality and prostitution. The drug businesses provide easy access to money enticing young men to get involved in the trade. It is a profitable business that is characterized by […]

Drug Prevention/Recovery Program Review

The Lebanese youths have been adversely affected by the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other harmful drugs. As a result, preventive and rehabilitative measures based on peer education have been put in place in order to curb the menace. Hence, a training program involving thirty young activists was put in place courtesy of the funding […]

Substance Abuse in the US

The study of substance abuse in the US shows an irregular trend in their use. Consumption of some the drug has increased while there is a decline in the use of others. The reasons leading to an increase and decrease in the usage are wide-ranging. The increase in the use of Crack for instance, has […]

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Position Section The main social problem of the paper lies in legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, but the negative effect of marijuana on youth development, as well as considering marijuana as dangerous medicine, does not allow the government to fulfill this purpose. The main target population affected by marijuana is adolescents. Using marijuana for recreational […]

“Cocaine: Abuse and Addiction” by National Institute on Drug Abuse

Cocaine and drug abuse Drug abuse has become an issue of concern in the society today. Despite of numerous education programs on drug related issues, people continue to abuse drugs and the youths are reported as the most affected group in the society. In the US, Africa-Americans turn out to be the most affected in […]

Marijuana, heroin and prescription opiate abuse and how are they related to the society

Summary of the article The article explores abuse of prescription drugs in the United States. It starts by asserting that opioid addiction levels are quite high in the country. Consequently, it compares the level of abuse of opioid to that of marijuana. The article goes on to state that addiction to opioid is quite predominant […]

Drunk Driving Problem in the Modern Society

Modern society has a lot of different problems which affect its place among other specific countries. I believe that a number of accidents because of drunk driving has increased for the recent 50 years. It is impossible to consider the level of importance of the situation as driving drunk people put at risk not only […]

Reasons behind Youth’s Engagement to Drug Abuse in the 21st Century

Question at Issue What are the reasons behind youths’ engagement in drug abuse in the 21st century? Enthymeme Although youths in the 21st century engage in drug abuse due to several factors, it suffices to declare factors such as the rising unemployment status, peer pressure, and their hiked tendency to copy their parents’ behaviors as […]

Drug Use in the American Society

The legalized use of the medical marijuana in several states of the USA is the controversial question which draws a lot of the public’s attention to its discussion. The use of marijuana is prohibited in many states of the country, but it is also legalized for the medical use in such states as California, Oregon, […]

Treatment Factors that Affect Adolescent Substance Treatment Placement

Introduction Adolescence is an important period of individual growth and development in which people go through remarkable physical, psychological, social, and biological changes as they near adulthood. These changes take place concurrently without the knowledge of the individuals undergoing the changes. The changes as well as the psychosocial factors revolving around the adolescents make them […]

Drug Abuse and Society

Drug abuse is one of the major social problems facing society. Many young people have resorted to use illicit drugs, and this has raised concerns. The problem of drug abuse has been a major concern in most of the western industrialized nations from early 1960s. Drug abuse has caused many negative impacts in the lives […]

Substance abuse

Introduction Drug abuse is another term used for substance abuse. Substance abuse signifies the continued consumption of a drug (substance) where the abuser makes use of the substance in quantities or with routines neither endorsed nor directed by healthcare experts. Substance abuse is not restricted to mood-changing or psychotropic substances. If an action is carried […]

We Should Use Tax Money to Enforce Mandatory Drug Treatments on Drug

Introduction The use of tax money to enforce mandatory treatment has attracted mixed reactions across the globe. Often, people look at this issue from different perspectives based on their social, economic or religion aspects. Proponents of this debate argue that just like terrorism, robbery and burglary among other crimes are fought using the tax money; […]

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Dependency among Adolescents

Introduction The abuse of drugs and alcohol among the adolescent is a major problem in the United States and other developed nations. Even though statistics indicate a decline in drug and alcohol among adolescents, this group is still at risk of committing serious crimes and engaging in risky sexual behavior as result of drug use. […]

Use of Marijuana and Its Consequences

Marijuana is a drug obtained from a plant called cannabis sativa. Another name for cannabis sativa is hemp. The plant was grown in the United States of America for agricultural purposes during the colonial period up to the beginning of the 20th century. It was used in the manufacture of birdseed, clothes, lacquer and ropes. […]

Substance Abuse: Effects and Measures to curb it

A million Little Pieces, written by James Frey is a must-read inspiring chef-d’oeuvre starring Frey, a 23-year-old drug addict. The book opens with Frey, the protagonist and narrator, waking up badly tattered inside an airplane. The memoir portrays a stark reality of a young man’s life ruled by drugs and alcohol abuse. For instance, Frey […]

The Moral and Ethical Reasons Why Marijuana should be legal

When we hear the word “Marijuana”, a very negative feeling about it gets into our nerves. We think about how dangerous and harmful it is and how it should be avoided at all costs. News around us paints a very grim picture of cannabis. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is more exposed lie […]

Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp

The substantiation of marijuana and Hemp is a concern among the Americans. As such, the authorities focus on whether or not to legalize the growth, sell, or purchase of marijuana. Marijuana flowers contain “an active chemical compound known as cannabinoids” (Morgan 7). This compound is psychoactive, and its consumption is primarily for leisure and remedial […]

Effects of Alcohol on African American Teens

Introduction Alcohol abuse among the teens presents serious health and social concerns. In particular, underage drinking is linked to many adverse health effects such as memory loss, impaired neurological development, and poor academic performance among the youth. The social effects are even more disturbing. Risky sexual behaviors, impaired decision-making, drug addiction, substance abuse, youth crime, […]

Research Methods in Narcotics

Narcotics are compounds that have additive effects on the body and sometimes, it may have a medicinal value for relieving pain. Apparently, people who take narcotics normally have their mood being altered and they can also experience change in behavior. With the aim of researching on the effect of narcotic, it is of importance to […]

History of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholism is the excessive intake of alcohol, which leads to addiction and poor health. AA is a group that aims at helping alcohol addicts and other people to stay sober. Christians argue that AA has Christian root because it was attached to Oxford Group, which is also called Moral Re-Armament (MRA). Historians believe that the […]

How extensive is the drug problem among American Youth today?

Abstract Prescription drug abuse has increased in the recent years. More youth are being introduced to prescription drug abuse than anytime before. For the first time in the history of America, the number of new abusers of prescription drugs was at par with that of marijuana users. Depressants, stimulants and opioids have become among the […]

Drug Abuse as a Social Problem

Drug abuse is the consistent use of drugs, legal or illegal to satisfy ones pleasure. By doing this it becomes a problem to the society at large because many vices arise from continued use of drugs. Something needs to be done and more so urgently to curb this menace called drug abuse. This paper will […]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Introduction For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. The youth in the society get engaged in abusing substances that they feel all help them forget their problems. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking […]

Boyz N the Hood (R language, sex, violence)

Boyz and the Hood is a film portraying a powerful drama that reveals the aspects of growing up in the black neighborhoods of the American urban areas. Hood has been used as a short form of neighborhood. The film was written and directed by John Singleton, who grew up in the hood of South Central […]

Alcohol Abuse Issues

In the findings of the NationalCenteronAddictionandSubstanceAbuse,the statistics reveals that almost80%ofhighschoolstudentshave tasted alcohol (“Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age?” 1). Despite the legal drinking age in America being at twenty-one years of age, a substantial number of us may have direct experience of alcohol consumption. Often, some teenagers believe that […]

Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse

Introduction Illicit drug use is a major social problem with significant impacts on both the social and economic aspects of any country. The dramatic improvements in communication and technology coupled with global economic liberalization have contributed to growth of international trade. At the same time, the social and political environment has led to improved trade […]

Drinking and driving

Introduction Driving while drunk is collectively known as impaired driving where one drives when under alcohol or any other drug influence. In some countries such as Canada, drinking and driving is an offence and one could be jailed for although cancelling of driving licenses and fines are the most used punishments for such offences. Driving […]

The Relationship between Drugs and Crime

Introduction The perception that drug use is associated with crime has reigned not only among sociology researchers but it has also been perpetuated by the media. In addition to social problems, drug use has been associated with harms that are suffered by users. Whereas there is truth in these views, an elaborate look into these […]