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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Essay Examples and Topics

Drug Users as Role Models After Recovery

Today a lot of anonymous programs encourage addicts to have a supervisor and a role model who can help them to abandon their cacoethes and achieve a better future.
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Article on Opioid Epidemic Review

The authors provide the estimates of the budget losses in tax revenue associated with opioid use disorder. The authors also claim that the investment in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse disorders can mitigate [...]
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Leaders and the Drug Use

The presence of such people, who are leading big congregations, may be a danger to society. The way of thinking of people in society may be affected and may even lack self-awareness.
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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Holimon has succeeded in reviving some of her family relations, and she is still putting a lot of effort to get ahead in this area to the fullest extent possible.
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Tobacco Consumption and Obesity

In the study titled "Tobacco Use Moderates the Association Between Major Depression and Obesity", the researchers attempt to draw a relationship between tobacco consumption and its effects on obesity.
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Drug Treatment Programs for Criminal Offenders

This aspect of drug treatment programs for criminal offenders is both a pro and a con, because it is often subjected to doubts; as a result the very efficiency is often used for the aims [...]
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The Public Debate on Drugs

J rgen Habermas' theory of public sphere is a successful theoretical ground since he stipulated that the emergence of the new civic society in the eighteenth century was caused by the growing number of literate [...]
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The Methamphetamine Epidemic

There was an attempt to restrain the meth epidemic in the middle 80s when the U.S. Thereby, the first and the main place to pull of the meth is the human mind.
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Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

After the analysis of a series of data collected over a fixed six months period, by the concerned members globally, in connection to that, 15% of accidents, 36% of deaths due to fire, and 26% [...]
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Interview on a Social Worker

In the pursuit of his career dream as a social worker, he wants to attend a master's degree at Tulane University with great expectation that the university will provide the best opportunity for him to [...]
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The Main Causes of Drunken Driving

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America. If we have to curb alcoholism and the menace of drunk driving incidents, we need to relax the social [...]
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The Theoretical Underpinnings behind AA Practice

Neutral inquiries on the contributions to the scope of the drinking menace and analysis of the two models to come up with similarities in the theoretical approaches have been limited since their inception in 1970.
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The Addiction from Cocaine Main Aspects

The impact of the cocaine on the human brain can be explained by the chemical dopamine and its variations in the brain of the drug addict, as well as by three main areas of the [...]
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Drug Smuggling as a System of Distributing Drugs

Drug smuggling has entered internet business, gyms and competitions environments in the United States, and is easy to smuggle in the United States according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
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Should Alcoholic Beverages Be Legalized for All Ages?

Alcohol expectations vary across different cultures and this affects the mode of consumption and the age limit to which alcohol is taken. The loopholes in the law should also be amended to prevent any consumption [...]
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Dram Shop Act and the Sale of Alcohol

Laws were put in place for the accountability to establishments arising out of the self-service retailing of alcohol beverages to clearly drunk patrons or minors. It is clear that the dram act was put in [...]
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GHB, a Popular yet Lesser Known Drug

Though GHB can be produced in a kitchen or laboratory but is also made naturally by the brain "through the synthesis of a neurotransmitter called GABA.
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Drug Abuse and Sporting Activities

His comments made me realize that it would be unwise by the end of the day for any parent to leave their children under the mercy of the media where they learned that doing drugs [...]
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“Drug and Alcohol Findings” by Dufour

The main issues which are commonly focused on in this article are the criminal justice system on the drugs, overview of both national and international policies concerning alcohol and drugs, the patterns of the drug [...]
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Punishment for Drugs: A Possible Alternative.

As governments strive to control and prevent illegal actions entailed by drug addiction, measures are taken as to those involved in the distribution and consumption of drugs; and those measures vary depending on the level [...]
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Addiction: Is It a Disease or Moral Failing?

According to the journal article of clinical and research news, a disease can be defined as a complicated relationship existing between the environment of an individual and the general genetic makeup that combines together resulting [...]
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Genetic Predisposition to Alcohol

Through family studies it has been established that the likelihood of alcohol dependence and similar complications happening is more in the families of the individuals who have been affected as compared to in the people [...]
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The Drinking Age: Term Definition

I strongly believe that the drinking legal age should be lower to 18 years in the United States because it is just not the solution to all the problems as seen by the government and [...]
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Drinking and Alcoholism: Gender Divide in College

In general, the purpose of the research was to arrive at evidence-based recommendations for university policy and guidance programs that could more holistically help students avoid binge drinking or alcoholism and systematically cope with the [...]
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College Students in UK and Marijuana

The reasons for the punishments are very different but the result remains the same: marijuana is still used by the majority of students and is available for everyone.
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Sociology. Narcotic Drugs and Tests

Thus, hair analysis is the forensic test that is employed to understand the mode, pattern, and the degree of drug abuse for a long period of time.
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Smoking Causes and Plausible Arguments

In writing on the cause and effect of smoking we will examine the issue from the point of view of temporal precedence, covariation of the cause and effect and the explanations in regard to no [...]
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Teenage Smoking and Solution to This Problem

Overall, the attempts made by anti-smoking campaigners hardly yield any results, because they mostly focus on harmfulness of tobacco smoking and the publics' awareness of the problem, itself, but they do not eradicate the underlying [...]
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Heroin Legalization in Switzerland

Thesis In Switzerland, the legalization of heroin should be prohibited because this drug will have a negative impact on the health of people and can lead to further popularization of the drug in society.
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Substance Abuse. Drinking by Caroline Knapp

She starts consuming alcohol in her early teens and became a regular drinker by the age of sixteen. During the misery stage, her thoughts and imaginations were immersed in a bottle of alcohol.
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Substance Abuse: Mandated Treatment Setting

Once they are admitted into the treatment programs, the doctors need to deal with not only the requirements stated for the patients but have to broaden their area of services and meet the difficult needs [...]
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Sex and Drugs in Southeast Asia

The country is therefore being urged to combat the exclusion of commercial sex workers and Injecting Drug Users to reverse the surging trend of the vice.
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Dubai Antismoking Campaigns: Effectiveness Evaluation

Of particular concern is to evaluate the effectiveness of the smoking bans in public places, workplaces, health clubs, hair salons, internet cafes, educational establishments, food courts, and the strategies being employed to minors under the [...]
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Ranking the Health Hazards of Drugs

Marijuana causes learning and memory problems as it affects the sensory organs that send impulses to the brain hence the response of the brain to impulses becomes slow. In general, it causes respiratory problems to [...]
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Smoking Cessation for Ages 15-30

The Encyclopedia of Surgery defines the term "Smoking Cessation" as an effort to "quit smoking" or "withdrawal from smoking". I aim to discuss the importance of the issue by highlighting the most recent statistics as [...]
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Juvenile Drinking as a Social Problem

You find that most of the students in the small towns do not usually have a lot of money since most of them are from the poor families and hence it's due to the cheapness [...]
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Lowering Drinking Age

The major argument that should be considered in support of lowering the legal drinking age, is that if an individual can be expected to serve in the army and survive the mental trauma that is [...]
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Recreational Drug Use Analysis

Of the millions of youngsters who test with or use drugs, the overpowering preponderance go on to maturity without a drug abuse mater.
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Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Adolescents

Dynamisms in the family and peer relationships coupled with alterations in cognition and growth related to puberty play a major role in the onset and escalation of the use of alcohol.
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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Causes, Effects, Treatment

First, it is necessary to indentify the age groups, most inclined to drug and alcohol addiction, and ascertain the major reasons for it. The research should discuss the problem of addiction from various standpoints therefore [...]
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The Failure of the Drug War

The threat of imprisonment is not sufficient to keep citizens from partaking in the drug, nor is it effective in ensuring the drug is not available on the street.
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Drug and Alcohol: Use and Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is a common problem around the world and teenagers are mainly facing this problem of decision making and behavior.
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Substance Abuse: A Case Study

Her parents were alcoholics so that by the time she was fourteen, she already had her first smoke and by the time she got a little older, she was drinking alcohol.
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Drugs, Values and Society: Methamphetamine Dangers

Methamphetamine production causes one of the most essential dangers in the current human society and it is of immense significance to understand what the general public needs to do in protecting themselves from threats of [...]
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“Twelve Steps” Program Analysis

The essence of this program is that a patient has to rely on God in order to conquer his affliction. The second step to be taken is to realize that some higher power can give [...]
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Drug Addiction: A General View of New Concepts

Users who are weak-minded or peer adulating, tend to imitate others and use the drug not because they really want to, but in order to appear 'cool' and 'one of the group.' This is a [...]
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Antidepressant Addiction and Abuse

Depressed addicts need to have a proper examination of their addictive behavior to be able to abstain from processes and substances for altering moods fully.
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Clements High School: Policy on Drug and Alcohol Need

Evans-Whipp and Beyers said that the policy for first-time substance users in the US is notifying the parents or guardians by the school administrator; violation of alcohol and another drug policies would entail suspension, referral [...]
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Social Effects of Marijuana

Research has shown that the use of marijuana affects the smoker's day-to-day lifestyle in relation to society, the environment, and day-to-day activities.
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Genetics of Alcoholism

Further, Genetic studies will help you to understand more about the heritability of alcohol dependence and which will positively help you to explore the correlation of alcoholism to other disorders like major depression.
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Drug Abuse in High School and College

With respect to social work and the problem of substance abuse, research has been carried out in terms of investigating the relationship between drug abuse and poverty, the effects of drug abuse on the society.
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Underage Drinking in a College Campus

The paper is also designed to bring to the attention of college students the unfavorable or negative effects that underage drinking brings about in the lives of the drinkers, their families and the campus community [...]
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  • Words: 1416

Alcohol Addiction Issue in USA

In order to do well in the group of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is better if the individual is talkative and open to conversations, as the main way of psychological therapy is telling stories about their [...]
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Alcoholism: Its Causes and Effects

This is because when the levels of CYP2E1 are high, there is a greater level of lipid peroxidation within the liver, thus a lower ability of the liver to fight against the toxins that have [...]
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Causes and Effects of Smoking in Public

The research has further indicated that the carcinogens are in higher concentrations in the second hand smoke rather than in the mainstream smoke which makes it more harmful for people to smoke publicly.
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Cigar Smoking and Relation to Disease

The article "Effect of cigar smoking on the risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer in Men" by Iribarren et al.is a longitudinal study of cigar smokers and the impact of cigar [...]
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Military Substance Abuse Issue Analysis

Military substance abuse, therefore, refers to the people working in the department of defense and in one way or the other are overindulging themselves in drug abuse or rather depending on a drug or chemical [...]
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Quitting Smoking: Motivation and Brain

As these are some of the observed motivations for smoking, quitting smoking is actually very easy in the sense that you just have to set your mind on quitting smoking.
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Solving the Problem on Drug Withdrawal

Drug abuse is certainly one of the most concerning illnesses of the society affecting not only the person abusing the drug but even the larger aspect of the society.
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“Leaving Las Vegas”: Film Studies

In the past and present artistic and medical literature, and also in today's movies the condition of alcoholic intoxication was made equivalent to madness.
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Drunk Driving Issue Analysis

One finds that the deep changes in the body composition of drinkers after drinking; one would anticipate alcohol to have as a minimum various straight outcomes on behavior.
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Colleen’s Risk Assessment Analysis

Colleen is at high risk according to the Missouri risk assessment; she had a total score of 9 which is in the range for High risk: A score of 8+.
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Teenage Drunk Driving Issue Analysis

Therefore there is a need to analyze the relationship between drinking and driving and when it comes to teenagers, injuries take the form of fatal accidents.
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Defining the Drug Problem

After the turn of the century, the federal government began to control the sale and use of opiates. Is it the nature of the drugs consumed that makes the consumer dangerous to others or is [...]
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Opium Addiction: Cause and Effect

The traffic of opium became unlawful only at the beginning of the 20th century when the scientists discovered the real properties of this drug and found out that it causes addiction.
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Legal Drinking Age and Its Consequences

However, in many cases, it is not the drinking itself that results in some negative consequences, it is mainly the irresponsible drinking that leads to that.
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Marijuana: To Legalize or Not to Legalize?

Marijuana, which is also known under dozens of nicknames such as weed or pot, is now the most widespread illegal drug across the US. Moreover, the vast majority of marijuana abusers claim pot to be [...]
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Creativity and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

Nowadays, the frequency of LSD consumption is relatively lower than in the middle of the 20th century, when there were even festivals dedicated to LSD and aesthetic outcomes of its use. On the one hand, [...]
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Opioid Treatment: Avoiding Drug Dependency

First of all, the presence of such medications increases the levels of drug abuse and crime, as many opioid dependants are likely to commit robberies in order to get the needed dose.
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Cocaine Use in the Modern United States

Back in the 19th century, people believed cocaine to cure fatigue and kill the pain. In 2014, for example, the number of cocaine abusers was approximately one and a half million people.
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Reducing Alcohol Consumption by Increasing Prices

Hence, would a significant increase in price restrain people from alcohol consumption, or would people, on the contrary, continue to poison themselves with cheap but illegally produced beverages?
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Vaping Crisis in Jersey: Pros and Cons

The numbers are not as fascinating as in the cigarette industry, but it is a significant contribution and it would be unfortunate to lose that money.
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Depression in People with Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholic depression in the presence of alcohol dependence is a mood disorder that occurs quite often in the structure of the course of alcohol dependence syndrome during the period of withdrawal syndrome and alcoholic psychoses.
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Modern Society as a Drug Use Influencer

However, the impression people usually get from the process is their own expectations of the drug being combined with the general effect of the consumption. To sum everything up, it is now evident that people [...]
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Drugs, Behavior and Deaths in Modern Society

However, on the other hand, legally approved drugs like cigarettes and alcohol have a high level of tolerance, and, eventually, chronic toxicity caused by them leads to lethal incidents.
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  • Words: 302

Mass Culture’s Influence on Attitude to Drugs

The widespread use of drugs across the US is predetermined by a variety of historical and psychological patterns. Today, when drugs' structure is almost fully examined, and their recreational use is prohibited by law, the [...]
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Certification in Substance Abuse Counseling

Therefore, the presence of tolerance to alcohol is clear from the interview. In summary, the assessment generated substantial evidence that the client has a problematic pattern of alcohol use leading to clinically significant impairment or [...]
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  • Words: 1424

Addictions Assessment Process

The first four stages are designed to assist in making the correct diagnosis and determining the level of care to ensure further rehabilitation of the client. The psychiatrist attended to the PTSD and mental issues [...]
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  • Words: 587

Addiction Assessment Tools

Terrance is to use two assessment tools: the Drug Abuse Screening Test and the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. In short, Terrance is recommended to use these two tools for a quick and low-cost assessment [...]
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  • Words: 326

Addiction Assessment Tool Evaluation

The purpose of the present paper is to conduct a review of the 10-item yes/no Drug Abuse Screening Test to evaluate its benefits and limitations.
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  • Words: 570

Alcohol Addiction: Case Study

The psychological content of codependency is evidence of the uniqueness of health disorders and personal functioning of a family member as compared with alcohol-related disorders.
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  • Words: 623