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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Essay Examples and Topics

ACTIQ Prescription Drug Abuse

The fast-acting characteristic of ACTIQ is a result of being absorbed in the mucosal lining of the mouth. ACTIQ is a synthetic drug that is available as lozenges/lollipops, which are designed to be sucked in [...]

Prescription Drug Abuse and Lebanon Students

The first two authors are the representatives of the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at the American University of Beirut, and Martins is from the Department of Mental Health, the John Hopkins University.

Alcohol Abuse for Military-Connected

It should also be pointed out that in the earlier conversation Wilson expressed interest in transferring to a base that would be closer to home and revealed his intention to terminate service in order to [...]

Drug Abuse Decreasing: Financial Plan

Therefore, the first preferred sources for the program are the County Commission and the Alabama Department of Corrections. The program can be financed by the Montgomery County Commission in the short term and Alabama Department [...]

Problem of Drug Abuse in Schools

The research worked on the hypothesis that the treatment would reduce or result in the total cessation of drug use, and better relations with family and friends.

Drug Prevention Among Rural Hawaiian Youth

The article "An evaluation of the Ho ouna Pono curriculum: A pilot study of culturally grounded substance abuse prevention for rural Hawaiian youth" by Okamoto, Kulis, Helm, Lauricella, and Valdez emphasizes the significance of adopting [...]

Alcoholism and Sociological Imagination

In the context of the alcoholism social problem, it is possible to use the concept of sociological imagination to unify individual characteristics of the alcoholic and historical contexts of the problem to illuminate the dynamics [...]

Age Restrictions on Alcohol Consumption

In my opinion, the average minimum drinking age should be lowered to eighteen years of age because various sources have shown that drinking alcohol for many youths begins as early as the age of eleven [...]

Youth Drug Abuse Among, Education, and Policies

Although drug abuse encompasses improper use of drugs disregarding the prescriptions of medical practitioners, the principal challenges of drug abuse occasion from abuse of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Prevention of Alcohol Consumption Among Youth

The seriousness of the health problem stems from the fact that alcoholism among the youth has become part of a young and growing culture among many American students who see it as a "part-time activity".

Substance Abuse in Women

Towards the end of the 20th century, most of the studies focusing on substance abuse focused on the needs of men.

Poly Drug Use: Causes and Explanations

Due to the wide availability of alcohol, it is often used in combination with other drugs for an enhanced effect. Another reason for polydrug use is to alleviate the negative effects of a particular drug [...]

Drug Use and Abuse: Prevention and Treatment

Stress is laid on access to education and the distribution of social wealth. Because social inequality is a common problem, those affected by it are under the risk of becoming drug addicts.

Alcohol as the Most Common Depressant on Earth

While alcohol has medicinal properties and can potentially improve the mood, it has many unwanted side effects and causes more damage around the world than the rest of the drugs combined. The failures of anti-alcohol [...]

Children of Alcoholics and Substance Abusers

The presence of an alcoholic or substance abuser is a family that leaves an imprint on the relationships inside and outside of a family, as well as on the child development and the mental health [...]

Drug Addiction Issues in The Corner Miniseries

Probably the main reason why The Corner does deserve to be considered utterly insightful, in the sense of how it treats the theme of drug-addiction, is that it exposes the fallaciousness of the assumption that [...]

Disease Concept of Alcoholism

The universal definition of a disease is anything that is capable of causing an imbalance in the body's nervous system thus, going by this definition then it is a disease, but in this century whereby [...]

Drunk Driving Problems

One of the implications of the adolescent and adult driving while intoxicated is enduring the life after the occurrence of breaking the law.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Support

The family will also be forced to use the best strategies in order to take care of the affected person. Members of the family and relatives should also acquire similar skills in order to interact [...]

The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and Society

Fraser and Moore's case study describes a number of complex social processes and relations that usually surround the drug production and consumption like the development of stereotypes, neglect of the existing social norms, and human [...]

Addiction: Methods and Approaches

First and foremost it must be noted that the main difference between the methadone maintenance approach and the therapeutic community approach is that the former believes in illegal substance abstinence through the use of substitute [...]

Should Marijuana Be Treated Like Alcohol?

Considering the benefits that would accompany the legalization of marijuana and its treatment like alcohol, I strongly agree with Buckley's comparison; marijuana should be treated like alcohol. First, the use of marijuana affects the body [...]

Drug Producing: Theory, Practice and Law

Drug use can lead to a couple of dangerous choices, because the one using the drug usually has a poor lack of judgment when called upon to make a decision while under the influence of [...]

Young Adulthood and Substance Abuse

The impacts of drug abuse are not felt by the individual youth only; they are also felt at a family and societal level. The earlier the diagnosis and discovery of a drug abuse, the higher [...]

Gender Identity and Addiction Treatment

Attributable to the greater impact of addiction in females when compared to males, many studies and caregivers propose the application of women-only programs in treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment

With this in mind, it should also be said that some assessment tool should be created for Sampson to be able to determine whether he has any symptoms of depression or not.

Prison-Based Drug Treatment Approaches

To measure the effectiveness of this kind of treatment, it is necessary to apply relapse treatment outcome model. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the effectiveness of TC drug treatment can be measured [...]

Alcohol Consumption in Adolescence

The hypotheses developed in this paper are of immense importance in guiding a study aimed at identifying credible evidence on how alcohol consumption during adolescence is associated with mental health challenges and increased STI risk [...]

Effects of Alcohol

Drinking and driving is unbecoming and reckless; driving is more than just moving a car and so drivers should make sure that they are attentive and cautious enough.

Drug Abuse Among the Youth

Essentially, this case study will allow the evaluation of the prevailing cases of drug abuse among the youth. In this regard, the pain and peer pleasure cannot be persevered to allow an explicit cure of [...]

Recovery Movement Analysis

The main scope of the recovery movement is to prove the individual's potential for recovery and resistance to the addiction. With regard to the above-presented analysis of the Recovery Movement, Minnesota Model of Treatment derives [...]

The Concept of Addiction

The recent developments in psychology, as well as intensive studies in the concept of addiction, has drawn considerable debates and concerns on the issue of relationships between the legal system and addiction.

The American Image of Alcohol

The legal drinking age is influential and acts as one of the contributors to drug abuse and addiction noticed among the youths and minority groups.

Link between environment and addiction

Environment is a critical contributor to the aspects of drug abuse and the alleged addiction. This indicates that the ultimate effect of a given drug is not the only contributor to drug abuse and addiction.

Sociology and the Social World Model

The difference in the drinking habits of the students who ascribe to the philosophical as well as those who ascribe to the technical lifestyles can be attributed to the time available for the two groups [...]

Drug Misuse and Its Impact on Crime

According to Best, et al, the aim of the study was to find out if there is a correlation between treatment for drug use using methadone and crime. The research conducted by Best, et al.has [...]

Drug Abuse & Its Effects on families

Focusing on the family seems to be by far, the most known and effective way of finding a solution with regards to the "war on drugs" since it more promising to end the vicious cycle [...]

Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils

The political issues concerning the use of drugs consist of, but not limited to, the substances that are defined as drugs, the means of supplying and controlling their use, and how the society relates with [...]

Ethics Aspects in Project Prevention

An analysis of the ethicality of Project Prevention's mission requires a delicate balance between respecting the autonomy of the mother and the right of the unborn child to receive appropriate parental care and love.

Alcoholism as a social problem

The first attempt to tackle the problem was in the 1920s when the government passed the prohibition Act. This may cause them to turn to alcohol as a way of neutralizing the problem.

The Impact of Drugs on Harlem Residents

Women form the bulk of the population and most of the time they are the heads of their families. The grim statistics prompted the government to investigate the causes of excess mortality in the area.

Drug Prevention/Recovery Program Review

In addition, other local stakeholders were also incorporated in the program with the aim of boosting the drugs awareness campaign. According to Arevian, the objectives of the training program were met as anticipated.

Substance Abuse in the US

The increase in the use of Crack for instance, has been because of the change in the mode of usage. This has been because of the use of the syringe.

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

The latter measure is not merely being advocated by the proponents of marijuana use since the legalization of marijuana has been supported by NAACP not because it fully backs the smoking of marijuana.

Drug Use in the American Society

The article describes the focus of the mother on the positive results of treatment and her plans to find the physician to assist her to treat the boy with the help of marijuana legally.

Drug Abuse and Society

Regardless of the many intervention measures that can be adopted to solve this problem of drug abuse, the most effective intervention measure is to create awareness to youths to enable them change their behaviors and [...]

Substance abuse

If an action is carried out with the use of objects in opposition to the regulations and strategies of the substance, it is as well abuse of the substance.

Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp

Many individuals tend to believe that the use of Marijuana is morally wrong as it alters the mental state of the user and leads to dangerous addictions and actions in the end.

Effects of Alcohol on African American Teens

Previous studies involving comparisons of drinking patterns and their effects upon the white and African Americans reveal that alcohol is the most abused drug among the African American youth.

Research Methods in Narcotics

In evaluating the validity of this hypothesis one is able to know the measures to take and expectations to be derived by the end of the research.

Drug Abuse as a Social Problem

This poses as problem to the society because many of the people who are unemployed will resort to different ways of seeking money and pleasure.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking [...]