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Violence Essay Examples and Topics

Prevention of Violence: How Long Will I Cry?

The idea, which I would like to propose, is the social support of the younger generation at the level of community and educational institutions that are engaged in teaching the children of this neighborhood.

Violent Acts and Their Ineffectiveness

Nonetheless, despite having positive intentions of expanding people's rights, the violence has to be discovered as an abnormality since it is an inconsistent aspect for the functioning of the democracy while nonviolence and functional behavior [...]

Mass Shooting, Its Definition and Differences

Since it is easy to purchase handguns in America, and the recent incidents of mass shootings occurred in America, the supporters of this worldview insisted that mass-murdering students and teenagers are a uniquely American phenomenon.

Violent Extremism in the Arab World

The demise of nationalism and the surge of communitarianism in the Arab world after the Arab Spring is an issue that has attracted the attention of many scholars around the world.

Violence in an Adolescent Relationship

With this in mind, the given research is significant because it will reveal the factors that influence violence in adolescent relationships, and provide a basis to alleviate the situation for the affected parties. The independent [...]

Same-Sex Domestic Violence Problem

Domestic violence in gay or lesbian relationships is a serious matter since the rates of domestic violence in such relationships are almost equivalent to domestic violence in heterosexual relationships. There are a number of misconceptions [...]

School Violence Problem

Many psychologists would refer the roots of such violence to be from experiences of individual imbalance, poor parenting and lack of ways to uphold traditional practices and eventually having a guilty conscience which drives most [...]

Workplace Violence: Causes, Impacts and Prevention

Though rampage killing could occur in the place of work, it is more frequent for workplace violence to be nonlethal. Other causes of workplace violence encompass failure to get promoted, dictatorial management, pressure, and relationship [...]

Child Punishment and Alternative Theories

Reasons supporting physical punishment During parenting, it is important for parents to find time with their children and engage them in socio-cultural talks, which enable them to learn what the society expects of them and [...]

“Take Back the Night” Event

The main goal of the event was to create awareness regarding the dangers of sexual violence against women as well as its adverse effects on families and society.

The Media and School Violence

Exposure to media violence encourages violent and aggressive behaviors in children, introduces new concepts of violence that children have been unaware of, and augments negative experiences of violence and abuse.

The Media and School Violence

Framing shows the power to communicate a text to the desired population and analysis of the framing of the news helps to understand the influence that the news may have on the human consciousness.

“Speaking for Themselves” (SFT) Program

It is important to note that the roles of human services professionals in the SFT program are manifold, with two of the most important ones being facilitating the physical, emotional, and psychological safety of children [...]

Ganging Up on Gang Violence

The incarceration of a father will affect the lives of his children. The practice will also address most of the issues affecting the society.

Youth Violence: Prevalence and Trends

Failure to live up to the expectations of the society, parents, teachers, and even peers may lead to feelings of inadequacy. In order to regain this respect and get attention, the adolescents engage in violence.

Female Genital Mutilation

This is why it is difficult to compare female genital mutilation with other procedures that can be performed in more developed countries.

Gender Violence in the News

Due to the magnitude of attention that violence against women has received in the recent past, the media too has increasingly highlighted cases of violence against women on a wider scale.

Domestic Violence in the Lives of Women

She gives particular focus on the social and traditional aspects of the community that heavily contribute to the eruption and sustenance of violence against women in households. In the part 1 of the book, Renzetti [...]

Gang violence in Brazil: Favelas Case

This makes the Favelas' residents vulnerable both to the forces and to the drug dealers. In conclusion, gang violence has been a serious threat to the security of Favelas residents and the country as whole.

Gang violence in Chicago and possible remedies

Several factors might have elicited the growth and development of gang violence in Chicago and United States in general, though the nature and extent of gang violence vary from one region to another depending on [...]

Gang Violence Social Theories

This paper seeks to study the social theories by explaining gang violence and comparing & contrasting the theories: disorganization, strain & cultural, differential association, technique of neutralization, social bond theory and social reaction theory. These [...]

Child Welfare in the Together Youth Shelter

About the Together Youth Shelter: Stability as the Top Priority Appealing to families in order to address their issues and solve the rates of child negligence in the community is an incredibly challenging task.

Domestic Violence against Women

Domestic violence against women refers to "any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, and mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts as [...]

Domestic Violence and Its Classification

Sexual abuse is the other common form of maltreatment which is on the rise and refers to any circumstance in which force is utilized to get involvement in undesired intimate action. Emotional maltreatment entails inconsistent [...]

The Italian Race and Violent Crime

In this respect, in 1901, the Boston Sunday Globe posed the following question, "Is the Italian more prone to violent crime than any other race?" and several individuals of Italian origin responded to the question.

Keep the world secure

The problem is that many magazines and other publications normally talk of the beauty and power of the guns in defending oneself without ever talking of the many individuals that are hurt, and in most [...]

The Problem of Bullying

While most states in the United States of America have laws to protect people from bullying, the federal government is yet to enact an anti-bullying law.

The Magic of the Family Meal

In her article The Magic of the Family Meal, Nancy Gibbs discusses the importance of family meals. In particular, the author argues that they can improve the relations between parents and their children.

Behind closed doors

The term "domestic violence" is used to denote the physical or emotional abuse that occurs in the homes. Therefore, it has contributed to the spread of domestic violence in the country.

Out of the Matt

As such, we become mindful of others and see things in a new light and this gives us the chance to extend natural warmth and love towards others.

The Negative Effects of Sex Abuse

Youths who have suffered sexual cruelty in most cases happen to have been abused when they were young since at the tender age they are very prone to any kind of maltreatment due to the [...]

Norm Violation Paper

Violating this norm of social behavior I want to see the reaction of people and their readiness to face the norm violation.

On the Origins of Violence

Given that they have had close ties in their crimes, the most probable pointer to origin of violence is biological. In order to reduce such type of violence, it is quite essential that environment is [...]

Origins of Violence

Due to the rising proportions of violence in America taking interest in Colorado a research program known as CSPV was established to help the community in preventing violence.

Parents Should Spank Their Children

While some parents uphold spanking as the most appropriate mode of disciplining their children, others argue that inflicting physical pain to the child can lead to negative consequences in the future. The parents should be [...]

School Violence, Its Causes and Prevention

According to Benbenishty and Astor, school violence is a global issue that needs concerted interventions from various countries and stakeholders in formulation of theories and policies to avert increasing trends of violence in schools.