Violence Essay Examples and Topics

“Take Back the Night” Event

Take Back the Night is an annual event held in different countries around the world that aims to end sexual violence against women. I attended the event at the 519 Church Street Community Centre on September 20, 2014. It included a rally, a community fair, and a march on city streets. People were encouraged to […]

“The Case for Torture” by Michael Levin

The Case for Torture written by Michael Levin aims to stress the significance of the evaluation of the question regarding torture. As the matter of fact, the ongoing debates concerning the issue seem never to be stopped. The issue is controversial as there are relevant arguments for and against tortures. The major aim of the […]

Gender-Based Violence in India: Issues and Solutions

Introduction Gender-based violence is “a form of abuse and discrimination that makes it impossible for the targeted victims to achieve their potentials in life” (Menon 12). Gender-based violence is common in the underdeveloped world such as India. This analysis will identify the major challenges affecting women and children in India. Highlighting the Broader Gender Issue: […]

Reducing Violent Street Gangs and Delinquent Activity in a Cost-Effective Manner

Introduction The expansion of youth gang and crime problem supports the intention to analyze the phenomenon and to devise the effective and sustainable intervention protocols. The problem of urban gang and gang affair has been documented in various studies, surveys and reports des. A wide range of studies have provided substantial volume of knowledge applicable […]

The Relation between Violence, Power and Human Needs

Understanding power Power is the most sought after thing in the world today by a substantial number of entities. It is critical to begin by understanding the meaning of power in order to gain deeper insight into the essence of power in the contemporary society. Power is used in diverse entities in the society. More […]

Despotism within Domestic Sphere

Abstract This paper explores the extent to which women and, or men experience despotism within the domestic sphere. We examine various forms of power abuse within a domestic sphere and effects of such abuses. The paper reviews past studies in order to draw a logical conclusion on despotism within a domestic sphere. Studies show that […]

The Media and School Violence

Literature review Researchers have established a connection between exposure to media violence and school violence. Almond (2007) noted that effects of media violence on children and adolescents are determined by the length of exposure, age, and parental influence. Exposure to media violence encourages violent and aggressive behaviors in children, introduces new concepts of violence that […]

Understanding Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence

Cavanagh (2003) brings forth a scientific study exploring women experiences in relation to violence occasioned on them by their intimate male partners. The study takes cognizance of the contextual space within which the violence exists as well as the complex interactive relationship between intimate partners. The theoretical framework presented is strongly supported by three key […]

Teenage Dating and Domestic Violence

Abstract Violence is a part of our life. No matter how hard we try, it always finds a way to enter our homes and hearts. Domestic violence occurs when an individual uses force to injure another one physically, emotionally, sexually or financially. Women believe that they are abused because of not achieving household tasks, being […]

School Shootings: Adolescent Masculinities and Guns Amok

Parenting styles Parenting styles involves the way these adolescents (involving themselves in school shootings) were brought up by their parents. It is all about the social life that these victims were exposed to. You will find that most of the school shootings that occur originate from the social life of the victims. This means that […]

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Introduction The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is a not-for-profit organization that was started in 1978 with the primary objective of ending violence against women (NCADV, 2015). The organization has worked with legislators to develop public policies. Among the organization’s success stories is its involvement in the passage of the Violence against Women Act […]

Evaluation of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence

Description Perhaps, one of the most famous nonprofit organizations, Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) has become a household name in people’s lives all over the United States. Founded in 1975, the organization has been providing support for the victims of domestic violence ever since. According to the official mission statement of the organization, PADV is […]

Cross-cultural Aspects of Domestic Violence

This paper is aimed at discussing the research article that throws light on the cross-cultural aspects of family violence. The researchers focus on the factors influencing the resilience of adolescents to domestic abuse. The sample of the study includes students representing four countries. It is possible to say that this research does not show cross-cultural […]

The Media and School Violence

Introduction Violence in schools has seized media attention as they present a side of the adolescence or childhood that is beyond public imagination and creates extensive outcry. A more recent shooting occurred in Washington state high school where a teenager open fired in the cafeteria and then killed himself (Death Toll Rises to 5 in […]

“Speaking for Themselves” (SFT) Program

Introduction Today, in the 21st century, the physical, emotional, and psychological harm of children exposed to family-related conflicts has emerged as an essential concern for human services professionals dealing with domestic disputes (Fotheringham, Dunbar, & Hensley, 2013). In many developed countries across the world, the recognition of the association between domestic violence and mistreatment of […]

A Dramatistic Analysis of the Sandy Hook Shootings

Identification of the Problem Background On the morning of December 14, 2012, a mentally disturbed youth named Adam Lanza gained access to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 individuals using a Bushmaster rifle, before taking his own life with a single shot from a Glock handgun (Barron, 2012; Chaney & Robertson, 2013; Semeiks, 2013). […]

“Perception and attitude of pregnant women in a rural community north-west Nigeria to female genital mutilation” by Ashimi and Amole

Review and critique of the piece The authors of the article forming the basis of this review are Adewade O. Ashimi and Taiwo G. Amole. The title of their article is, “perception and attitude of pregnant women in a rural community in north-west Nigeria to female genital mutilation” (Ashimi & Amole, 2014). The article talked […]

Ganging Up on Gang Violence

Effectiveness of Gang Injunctions Street gang injunctions are useful laws or orders aimed at prohibiting members of gangs from participating in every social activity. Street gang injunctions do not work in the OC because of certain malpractices. These street gang injunctions are critical towards discouraging criminal activities. There are many gang injunctions in this country. […]

Youth Violence: Prevalence and Trends

Violence has become very rampant among the youths especially those in the adolescent stage between the age of 12 and 19. This can be attributed to several factors as this essay will show. It should be remembered that this is the stage in which one is trying to break away from childhood and establish his […]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Introduction There are various forms of human conflicts. The causes of these human conflicts vary. They include gender, tribal, and racial conflicts. Conflict between genders is a key theme in literature. However, gender violence concerning females during the time of war or other circumstances of dispute and conflict is a matter of utmost importance. Naturally, […]

Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation is often practiced in Northern and sub-Saharan Africa. The opponents of this surgery believe that it is supposed to increase sexual attractiveness of women or young girls. Moreover, there are no medical reasons to perform it. However, one cannot easily draw parallels between female genital mutilation and other procedures that women undertake […]

Gender Violence in the News

Gender-based violence against women is a subject that evokes memories of bizarre incidents witnessed in many countries across the globe. Regional groups, governments, and international bodies today recognise violence against women as an issue that is easily dismissible, yet it needs urgent redress. Due to the magnitude of attention that violence against women has received […]

Domestic Violence in the Lives of Women

Heise, L.L. (1998). Violence against women: An integrated, ecological framework. Sage Journals Online, 4, 262–290. This paper by Heise explains details the causes of domestic violence and classifies them as individual, relationship, community or society influences. She proceeds to illustrate how these determinants are interlinked and how they work together in the influence of domestic violence. She […]

Gang violence in Brazil: Favelas Case

This paper involves a description of the situation of gang violence in Brazil Rio de Janeiro Favelas. It also analyzes the growth of Favelas since 1980’s with a link to the debt crisis, economic transition and neo-liberalism reforms which have taken place in Brazil since then. The paper also brings forward the factors that have […]

Ethno Political Violence Cause and Effect

The development of ethnopolitical situations usually depends on crises in political and/or economical spheres. Laurie Nathan considers violence as one of the most significant symptoms of crises, which happen within one state and may spread over the others, and admits that four structural conditions become crucial for both economical and political crises (Nathan 1). After […]

Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses Regarding Domestic Violence and Their Effect on the Identification of Battered Women

Introduction The article ‘knowledge and attitudes of nurses regarding domestic violence and their effect on the identification of battered women’ is authored by Merav Ben Natan and Idit Rais and published in the 2010 publication of Journal of Trauma Nursing, volume 17 issue 2 from page 112 to 117. Natan and Rais (2010) address question […]

Domestic violence dangers mount with economic, seasonal pressures

Summary of the article The article, Domestic violence dangers mount with economic, seasonal pressures by Ortiz Elias reviews the effects of economic downturn on domestic violence since it propels seasonal pressures in the family. The author identifies financial conflict as a major cause of domestic violence especially during the cold season when cases of sexual […]

Impact of the Economic Status on Domestic Violence

Introduction Domestic abuse, otherwise known as spousal abuse, battering, or even domestic violence, includes expressions of certain patterns of behaviors that are abusive towards one’s partner in a relationship involving marriage, cohabitation, dating, or a familial affair. Domestic violence is acerbated in a number of ways including assaults, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economic deprivation, domineering, […]

Gang violence in Chicago and possible remedies

Introduction As the world strives to achieve maximum economic growth to accommodate the growing needs of gradually surging populace, criminality is constantly becoming a contentious issue across the entire globe and its ramifications are eminent in both developed and developing nations. With the world of globalization and industrialization marred with significantly numerous socio-economic challenges cutting […]

Dominance and “power plays” in relationships to assist clients to leave domestic violence

Introduction Generally, domestic violence is critical global concern. Even though women are the most affected group, this vice causes overwhelming problems to most families and social institution. In some cases, children have also been victimized by domestic violence. Most institutions are faced with serious challenges in responding to this issue within communities. Usually, the impacts […]

Comparison and Contrast of Fanon’s and Arendt’s Different Views on Violence

After the World War II, there was massive struggle for independence with most of the countries becoming independent nations because of decolonisation. The use of violence was inevitable in the quest for freedom. ‘The Battle of Algiers’ is one of the most influential political films in History that was directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. It portrays […]

Weapon Effect: Gun Carrying and Aggression

Introduction The problem of weapon development and use in the modern world does not stop the discussion whether arm race contributes to the violence in the world or not. There are a lot of different points of view which either contradict or develop this idea. Some scholars, politicians and military representatives agree that the mere […]

Violence against Native American Women

Native American women have several distinctive characteristics because of the distinct gender roles in the native culture. These roles define their place in the society in both positive and negative ways. Gender violence targeting the Native American women follows some of these patterns. The goal of this paper is to examine the factors contributing to […]

Juvenile Delinquency, Treatment, and Interventions

Juvenile delinquency is a societal problem since it threatens many families and communities in general. Due to the recent trends, there is a need to develop intervention for both the youth and their families. There are so many causes of delinquency behaviors. It is only after assessing them, that preventive measures can be attained and […]

Relationship between child maltreatment and youth violence

Abstract Background: The developmental relationships between child maltreatment, youth violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV) are well documented. However, very few studies document the relationship between child abuse/maltreatment and youth violence as separate entities. In the present study, the relationship between child maltreatment and youth violence is examined in the presence of other modifying socio-economic […]

Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work

Introduction Prostitution is recognized as one of the oldest professions in the world, and the practice of renting and hiring female bodies for certain monetary compensation has existed in human community for thousands of years. Regardless of the prolonged history of sex industry, it has been ignored until recently because of moral considerations. Blaming sex […]

Gang Violence Social Theories

Introduction In the world different people have tried to protect their identity as a group. These have led to formation of organized nonpolitical groups. Such groups often grow in number and aggressiveness resulting to gang violence. This paper seeks to study the social theories by explaining gang violence and comparing & contrasting the theories: disorganization, […]

Violence Against Women as a Global Phenomenon

According to Heise (1998, p. 262), Violence against women is any incidence of gender-based violence that ends up in, or is likely to end up in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women. This includes threats, coercion or unwarranted deprivations of freedom, whether occurring in private life or public. While the incidence of […]

School Violence in the USA: Causes and Solutions

Introduction In the recent years, there has been a marked rise in cases of juvenile violence. These cases have been highlighted by some especially tragic shootings that have taken place in school districts throughout the nation. Owing to the high publicity that school shootings have received through the years, policy makers have engaged in the […]

Child Welfare in the Together Youth Shelter

Abstract Child protection is becoming an increasingly significant topic at present. Being closed systems, families cannot be checked regarding the environment, which parents raise their children in, and how this environment affects children. As a result, a number of cases of domestic violence and child abuse pass unnoticed. To avoid the instances of family violence, […]

Domestic Violence against Women

Introduction Domestic violence against women refers to “any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, and mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts as coercion” (Renzetti and Bergen 32). Domestic violence against women is one of the oldest social and public health problems […]

Domestic Violence and Its Classification

Introduction Domestic violence refers to a practice or form of offensive doings by one or both associates in an intimate association. These associations can range from matrimony, dating, kin, acquaintances or cohabitation. Other names used to refer to domestic violence include; conjugal abuse, spousal abuse and family aggression. Domestic violence is meted out through various […]

The Link between Video Games and Behavioral Problems in Humans

For the concerns of this paper, there is a need to understand what is meant by human behavior and behavioral problems. The term human behavior is widely explained across various disciplines of study. Some of the academic disciplines that have been associated with the concern of human behavior include, but are not limited to, sociology, […]

The effects of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking on the society

In many cases, virtual space ensures the anonymity of Internet users and in this environment cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking become very widespread. These behaviors include several activities that can harm an individual; for example, one can mention intimidation, humiliation, or posting materials that can harm the reputation or career of a person (King-Ries 2011). Furthermore, one […]

The Main Cause of Increasing Violent Behavior among Youths is Violence in the Media

The rise of violence among young people is observed within the modern society. Many factors can affect the development of the youth’s negative behaviours and attitudes. The extreme rise of violence among young people today is the controversial point. That is why, in their studies, researchers provide different reasons as the factors provoking the young […]

The Italian Race and Violent Crime

Introduction The world is reeling with crime from people of all lifestyles. Crime takes a variety of perspectives, but the bottom line is that the criminal justice systems of nations all over the world are staggering under the weight of staggering crime rates. Crime has been part of humanity since time immemorial; however, this aspect […]

Keep the world secure

Introduction How many people believe that guns are essential in defending themselves? Would they have the same feeling if they were aware of how often guns cause the death of innocent adults and children? This would definitely not be the case. The problem is that many magazines and other publications normally talk of the beauty […]

Domestic Violence and Social Initiatives in Solving the Problem

The reality of domestic violence in most homes is that many men and some women often show intolerance against those who face this issue. The main questions are always the same. Why victims of domestic violence do not just go away? If the problem of domestic violence is a social problem, why is not it […]

The Problem of Bullying

Bullying is primarily based on intimidation and fear. The victim is physically assaulted or psychologically tortured to bring him or her to submission. In most of the cases, bullying involves verbal intimidation, physical assault and psychological torture. Victims of bullying are usually physically weak, socially disadvantaged, or both. Since bullying takes various forms, it is […]

The Magic of the Family Meal

In her article The Magic of the Family Meal, Nancy Gibbs discusses the importance of family meals. In particular, the author argues that they can improve the relations between parents and their children. Overall, it is possible to agree with this argument; however, one should bear in mind that family meals bring benefits only in […]

Behind closed doors

Introduction The term “domestic violence” is used to denote the physical or emotional abuse that occurs in the homes. It is the repeated abusive act or behavior of one spouse directed to another who is in an intimate relationship. Physical abuse includes beating or hitting of the victim. On the other hand, emotional abuse includes […]

War and Violence: predisposition in human beings

Introduction We can trace war and violence from the beginning of recorded history of human beings. Even before then, humans have always been violent and at war for various reasons. Today, many people still prefer war and violence as means of solving some issues or world affairs. Human beings have perpetuated war and violence due […]

Comparison Article of Bystander Attitudes toward Victims of Violence: Who’s Worth Helping? by Laner, Benin and Ventrone

The main idea of the article Bystander Attitudes toward Victims of Violence: Who’s Worth Helping? by Laner, Benin and Ventrone is based on the reflections how the decision to help someone who is abused is dependent on whether, how or whom is abused. The article provides an analysis of the of bystander behavior in the […]

Problem of Domestic Abuse against Women

Introduction It has been reported that domestic abuse against women is highly prevalent and statistics indicate that one in four women suffer from such issues within the home (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 95). Domestic abuse has been described as involving actions such as physical violence, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. Despite the fact that such […]

Domestic Violence: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships

The family, which is the basic unit of society, is an institution that is always vulnerable to abuse; that can either be physical, psychological, financial or sexual in nature (Shipway 1). For the most part, it entails violence perpetrated by a male family member against a female one or vice versa. Physical violence on the […]

Domestic Violence against South Asian Women

Introduction The domestic violence against women continues to attract the attention of medical professionals and public administrators. according to Ahmed (2009), “domestic violence is a global phenomenon occurring among people of all races, ages, socioeconomic status, educational and religious backgrounds” (p. 1). Such cases are particularly widespread in South Asian communities. This paper will be […]

The Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can happen to people from all races, age, sexual orientation, social status and gender. Forms of domestic violence include rape, stalking and abusive behaviour against a person. Domestic violence has adverse effects on those who go through it as well as those who witness it. The effects range from physical injury, body and […]

Out of the Matt

It may seem like a surprise how the world is interconnected through a web link not seen by many. As human beings, we do not pause to think how interconnected things are. This is one of the reasons why there is a lot of violence in the society. We are filled with too much negativity […]

Does TV increase violence among children and teenagers?

Children between the ages of zero and six year are continuously learning and developing socially and emotionally. For an appropriate development, a child needs love and care from both parents. In the case of families experiencing domestic violence, the social and emotional development of children brought put in such families is affected negatively. Psychological wellness […]

Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: Is there desensitization?

The major concern of the article The article under consideration entitled “Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: Is there desensitization?” investigates the links between the violent content of TV programs, video games and the increase of the aggressive behavior in adolescents. The purpose of this research was to analyze the […]

The Negative Effects of Sex Abuse

There are so many cases that have been reported to have originated from domestic violence that is particularly afflicted to the youths, which expose them to many hardships. Many youths suffer a lot due to ill treatment that starts when they are still very young due to the fact that they are more vulnerable to […]

Effects of War on Economics, Politics, Society

War is harmful not just to the civilians but the soldiers as well. The effects range from physical, environmental, economic, psychological and even mental effects. All these effects depend on the magnitude of the war. War has enormous civil, political and moral consequences. A society’s happiness is usually diminished due to diminished morality. War leads […]

Effects of Video Games on Children

Introduction Most of the popular video games in the market are characterized by their ability to allow players to role-play in various situations, unfortunately, most of these situations normally involve violence. There has been unease at the effect that this exposure could have on children, considering that video games are fast becoming a favorite past […]

Domestic Violence and Elderly Abuse- A Policy Statement

Introduction In a fast paced world driven by economic and commercial considerations, it is not hard to find people getting mistreated. When the people under question are weak, such treatment is all the more pronounced. That is possibly the reason why people who have a hard time at the office, vent out their feelings at […]

Domestic Violence as a Social and Public Health Problem

Introduction Domestic violence is an abusive behavior caused by one or more partners in an intimate relationship, for example, marriage or family. It may be physical, emotional or even be inform of economic deprivation. This paper looks critically at the article titled 1 in 4 Women deal with Domestic Violence dated October 12, 2010. The […]

Norm Violation Paper

Living in the modern world, we got used to follow specific norms. Some norms are so natural, that we even cannot imagine that we may violate them. For example, attending public restrooms, men and women always go the ones which are identified for their gender. It is almost impossible to see a woman in a […]

Guns Should Be Controlled or Restricted in the USA

Introduction Some Americans are inclined to accentuate their freedom provided in the democratic society with references to different aspects of the social life and legal policies. The possibility to have handguns to use them for protecting the property or life is also discussed in the context of stating the human rights and freedoms. However, the […]

On the Origins of Violence

Violence has always been part of humankind. However, what continues to elude thoughts is the very cause of violence. While some theorists attach it to social and cultural values (sociological causes), others believe that violence is caused by neurobiological factors (biological causes). On the other hand, some believe that violence stem from both biological and […]

Origins of Violence

Introduction Violence is a universal vice that threatens the peace of a community, its life, health and happiness of everyone residing in the community. The fact that violence is so pervasive, it is seen as part of human life and it is a fact of livelihood that needs response from the community members rather than […]

Parents Should Spank Their Children

It is not in doubt that children should face disciplinary action incase of a misconduct. However, spanking, which is the most preferred disciplinarymethod, has aroused a heated debate on its effectiveness. While some parents uphold spanking as the most appropriate mode of disciplining their children, others argue that inflicting physical pain to the child can […]

Gandhi’s definition(s) of nonviolent passive resistance

Nonviolent action as a phrase was first explained explicitly by Gandhi. The term is a political technique that has been applied since 494 BC when it was adopted by Plebeians of Rome to seek redress for their grievances. Since then, the technique has been applied in almost every part of the world by different groups […]

Community and Domestic Violence: Elder Abuse

An estimation of about several thousands of American elderly people experience domestic violence in the form of elderly abuse in their homes. The violence violates their rights by making them feel neglected, abused, and exploited. Generally, the term elderly abuse can refer to intentional mistreatment act by a person to a vulnerable adult that causes […]

School Violence, Its Causes and Prevention

School violence has become an international issue in education systems because it has affected not only delivery of educational services, but also lives of students. Since education systems in various countries aim at enhancing intellectual capacity and shaping development of behaviors in society, it is critical in development of a peaceful and prosperous society, which […]

Proposal to help fight against domestic violence in Pocatello, Idaho

Domestic violence is a problem that is prevalent in the American society and latest statistics show that it is running out of control. Therefore effort must be made to stem the spread of this vice which has now been declared a criminal offence. While statistics explain the extent to which this social vice has been […]

Preventing School Violence

Introduction Today no special mechanism is standard for preventing school violence due to diversity in social status, economical status, and location. Schools implement various measures to prevent violence such as warning signals, checklists and, policies for zero tolerance but the dangers still persists, because some of these measures end up exacerbating the issue. Hypothetically, the […]

Cyber Pedophiles

Introduction The Internet is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for pedophiles. This research paper is based on literature review and intended to identify the specific challenges facing crime preventers such as law enforcement officers, parents and concerned communities while dealing with cyber pedophiles. The study has a literature review section, where data from other researches […]

School Shootings

The word ‘school shooting’ implies acts carried out by either intruders or students within a school. These incidences are usually confused with other forms of school violence like Bath School tragedy where a homemade bomb exploded leaving behind several causalities. Is there a certain ‘type’ of students most likely to carry out these atrocious acts? […]

Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World

Introduction Our world is changing day by day: lots of scientists try to present numerous innovations, which improve people’s life, make it easier, and finally, help people become more powerful and control other people. Nowadays, the list of innovations, which have changed or are still changing the world and our history, is really long; and […]