Poverty Essay Examples and Topics

The Solution to World Poverty by Peter Singer

Introduction In Singer’s “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” he proposes that Americans should assume minimalist lifestyles in order to spread the wealth over the globe, which, as he claims, will alleviate world poverty. While his conclusion is wonderfully altruistic, his method is not only philosophical impossible, but financially irresponsible. His perspective is another problem. […]

The Poverty Across the US Culture

Introduction Many countries have tried to fight poverty using all their means but have not succeeded. They have come up with strategies intended to reduce the poverty levels, and most of them have ended up accelerating the encroachment of poverty on the citizens. Politicians have included plans that seem good enough to eradicate poverty, yet […]

History and Modern Day Reasons

Introduction Haiti is poor. In fact, the country is rated as one of the poorest and “one of the most overcrowded countries in the world” (Diamond 354). Despite the countless questions and answers that have been provided about the poverty in Haiti, the situation remains the same. In other words, the causes of poverty in […]

Homelessness in the US

Introduction Homelessness is a state of affairs in which an individual lacks a place that he/she calls home. It is a major problem in the United States because of its profound effects. The issue disturbs policy makers because of its vast effects that affect nearly every person in society. It is also true that deformed […]

Dissecting the American Society: Baltimore, Fear and the Fight for Life

Introduction Baltimore seems to have gained a rather bad reputation among the residents of the USA over the past few years. The so-called “drunk business” (SUPERTIMENEWS 8:50), as well as other illegal types of money making, which some parts of Baltimore are nowadays notorious for, clearly needs to be investigated and dealt with once and […]

Minority Population at Risk: Homelessness

The inability of homeless population to access same services from the public, command equal rights, and respect as well as get equal responsibilities like other social groups in society leaves this population at risk. Inequality among the homeless makes the study a social justice issue. Homelessness may occur when a person is not able to […]

Group presentation: New Delhi

Background The ability to identify internal issues affecting a slum area forms the basis for devising effective development and environmental models. Over the years, the growth of slums in many nations across the world has turned out to be a major problem that is strongly rooted in leadership, institutions and administrative structures. In New Delhi, […]

Globalization and the Issue of Poverty: Making the World a Better Place

Introduction Living in the XXI century is not easy. Since of the process of globalization, which has been going on for several decades running, is finally starting to have an effect on the world economics, politics and social life, it is necessary to adjust to the new rules and a practically new environment. Moreover, people […]

The Economic Effect of Issuing Food Stamps to Those in Poverty

Introduction There are several effects of issuing food stamps to people who are faced with abject poverty. The major effects are economic. These effects vary depending on location, eating habits, income and other socio-economic activities. In my research, I will find out and analyze various effects of issuing these food stamps. To achieve objectives of […]

Homelessness in Canadian Society

Canada is a developed country with a prosperous economy. Out of the 30 million people living in Canada, a massive 80% live in the urban areas. In the last 11 years, Canada has realized national budget surpluses as noted by the Organization for Economic Development and Co-Operation (Gaetz 21). Canada also has a strong and […]

“Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”

The essay “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits” is non-fiction and it as an autobiography written by Suki Kim. Suki Kim tells her story about how she and her family went from living a wealthy life to being bankrupt and having to start over in America after her father lost everything he had in […]

Overview of the Operations of Save the Children

Save the Children was born out of the need to address the plight of Children in Europe after the First World War in 1919. The founders were two sisters, Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton. The two sisters felt that action was needed to deal with the dire health and nutrition problems that children in Berlin […]

Hardin and Singer’s Arguments about Helping the Poor

This essay provides a critical look at views that have been presented by Garrett Hardin and Peter Singer on the subject of helping the poor people. The two authors express totally different views about how to deal with those who are poor. I will discuss the claims made by both writers and then conclude by […]

What Should You Do? Poverty Issue

Today, many people in the developing countries die of poverty related causes. However, at the same time, there are many and extravagant individuals who spent fortunes on luxuries. The momentous question arising from this is, ‘Are we responsible for other people?’ What should we do when faced with such situations? In reaction to this question, […]

Counting Homeless People in Seattle

Introduction Most people believe that urban areas offer good jobs with enormous allowances that will afford them comfortable lives. However, these people move to the city without realizing that job opportunities are not increasing at the same rate they are migrating into urban areas. This results in a high a high number of unemployed people […]

Analysis: “Life in a California Mission: Monterey in 1786” by La Pérouse, Jean-François de Galaup and Malcolm Margolin

Introduction The Journal of Jean François De La Pérouse is an article that recounts general events associated with1786 French expedition to Monterey, California. Jean François De La Pérouse recorded information on Spanish encounter with region’s peoples, cultures, animals, and plant life. Natives of Monterey bay found themselves lonely island since they were cut off from […]

Sociological Indicators of Energy Poverty

Access to energy has been viewed as one of the ways of uplifting the living standards of people (Center for American Progress, 2013). This case reflects on the physiological versus sociological indicators of energy poverty. The inadequate renewable energy supply is quite widespread. This has lead to limited access to other physical recourses that require […]

Perspectives on Poverty

Perspective This particular paper delves into my point of view regarding poverty and domestic violence. Initially, I did not correlate poverty and domestic violence as a single issue. I thought that it was either one or the other when it comes to social work cases. Unfortunately, this was not the case as I observed from […]

Concept of Poverty

Introduction Poverty is a widely useful and common concept in many spheres of socioeconomic development. Albeit a universal concept, many people have different conceptions of the term. In fact, Misturelli and Heffernan (2010) say the concept has different clusters of meanings and definitions. Other researchers believe the evolving nature of poverty contributes to its varied […]

“Urban and Rural Estimates of Poverty: Recent Advances in Spatial Microsimulation in Australia” by Tanton, R, Harding, A, and McNamara, J

Summary of the content The purpose of this article was to use “a spatial microsimulation model to calculate the rates of poverty for small areas in Australia” (Tanton, Harding & McNamara 2010, p. 52). The spatial microsimulation approach used in this research involved “reweighting data from Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) from surveys conducted by […]

Sustainability and Slums

Introduction Sustainable development is one of the core strategies of development adopted by many countries across the world. Although this awareness has reached that level, sustainability was not considered profoundly in the past. In that time, people focused on economic development without considering other crucial aspects such as environmental awareness, sociology and humanity. The introduction […]

Scholarly Research on Children at Risk

Summary of the Thesis Statistics show that one point two billion children globally below the age of eighteen are at risk. This can be translated to about fifty percent of the children population in countries that are developing. It further states that one in every five people in the globe is a child at risk. […]

Problem of Homelessness

Introduction According to the estimates conducted in 2006 in Canada, about 157,000 people face homelessness (Trypuc and Robinson, 2009). However, the problem becomes more complicated because the rates of homeless people increase over years. Thehomelessness growth is explained by a different composition of the Canadian community in terms of urban renewal, labor market, and availability […]

Economic Perspectives in Lives of the Poor

In spite of the developed opinions and stereotypes, the poor frequently start their own businesses because of impossibility to find the work and because of necessity to support their households. From this point, poor households try to operate their own businesses to receive some assets which are necessary for the everyday life, but these businesses […]

Hispanic Childhood Poverty in the United States

Executive Summary The topic of childhood poverty in Hispanic children and their families has been a mystery in America for a long time. The Hispanics refer to the Americans who are otherwise known as the Latinos. The Hispanic Americans have their roots in the western hemisphere where people speak the Spanish language. These people immigrated […]

Social Entrepreneurship and Successful Entrepreneur

For a business to succeed in the society, there are certain qualities that a businessperson should display. An entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages a business and posses unique features. When the entrepreneur meets the customers, he/she should be fair in judgement, intelligent in analysing their problems, honest and having a positive attitude […]

How Poverty Affects Children Development?

Abstract The research that will be done will focus mainly on children and poverty. It seeks to study how poverty affects children development; in order to successfully do this, it will deal with questions like; how is poverty related to development of children? Does severity of poverty amongst children vary in terms of sex? Does […]

How to live with 15300$

Introduction With the rising hard economy of this twenty first century, everyone has to know how to budget for the little annual income that they earn. This is extremely necessary in order to cater for the needs of families. A budget is a financial document used to project future income and expenses. The budgeting process […]

Why is poverty important in contemporary security studies?

Introduction One of the greatest challenges facing most economies today is lifting individuals out of poverty. This has become even more overwhelming given the financial crisis experienced a couple of years ago (Wilkin, 2002, p. 633). Approximately 1.5 billion individuals in the developing economies are poor and roughly half of this number lives in abject […]

Human Development. Role of Agriculture. Importance of Technology and Foreign Aid in Mozambique

Mozambique is a poor country even though its economy develops during the last several decades, which influences the poverty rates and gender equality. Recently females became widely occupied in politics, education and health. Still, the discrepancy between different parts of the country shows that their position regarding employment, agriculture and income varies. Emphasizing macroeconomic stability […]

Global poverty, social poverty, and education

Introduction Countries throughout the world have challenges that deter their economic, social, and intellectual development. However, challenges are more predominant in low income countries than the high income and upper middle income countries. While the wealthy countries suffer from social issues that pertain to morality and standards, their poor counterparts face several problems, which range […]

Issues underlying global poverty and provision of aid

Provision of aid programs to nations suffering from poverty has raised intense debate on the effectiveness of the practice in eradicating poverty. Proponents of the aid programs have lauded provision of aid as one of the most viable development steps that has seen many poor economies and needy nations all over the world gain wealth […]

Globalization & Development

Introduction The every day indulgence of any country determines its categorisation as either poor or rich. Many nations especially from Europe and America have well established systems of governance, which allow them to be categorised as rich. This paper gives the factors that determine the categorisation of a nation as either poor or rich. It […]

Book Review of the Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It by Paul Collier

Introduction Going by the scholarly reviews that have been done on the book The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier and the numerous praiseworthy comments that have made on it; this book is undoubtedly a geographically-oriented economic masterpiece worth being given a serious reading. According to Wolf (2007) of the venerated Financial Times, this book is […]

Homelessness in America

Executive Summary Homelessness has continued to be the most evident forms of systematic failure within the American society. For a long time, the majority of homeless people were simply individuals but the harsh economic conditions within the country have made more families and children homeless as well. This raises a big issue considering that 42% […]

Global Poverty, Social Poverty and Education

Introduction Various theories have been developed with focus on their link to global poverty, education and development. These include modernization, human capital, liberation, dependency, democratization, globalization, diversity and postcolonial theories, among others. The theories present numerous links between education and development in developing countries. For instance, human capital brought about specialization, which in turn led […]

How social media network can change the attitude of Australian youth

Introduction The main objective of this essay is to analyze how social media networks can change the attitude of the youths towards poverty war in Australia. If a change is to be effectively implemented, then the whole society has to be wholly involved. In the fight against poverty, there is a need to engage the […]

Group proposal: Ending chronic homelessness in United Kingdom

Introduction Each year, roughly 1% of the United Kingdom population, some 1-2 million people, experiences a period of homelessness that puts such individuals in contact with homeless care providers and no less than 750,000 individuals are homeless in the United Kingdom at any given period (Burt et al., 2010). People facing homelessness can gain from […]

Judicial Corruption in Developing Countries

Causes Legal systems are the source of Judicial Corruption in third-world countries. It originates from the judges and lawyers who are at the center of the legal systems in Africa. There are numerous causes associated with this form of corruption in Africa. There is a lingering culture of impunity in African leadership that is the […]

Poverty fighting in Saudi Arabia and in USA

Introduction Poverty is a major global scourge affecting billions of people around the world. Both developed and developing countries experience poverty-related problems. According to research on world demography, there are over three billion people who survive on less than $2.50 a day around the world. This population represents almost half of the world population. Additionally, […]

Rural Poverty in Indonesia

Introduction In spite of the recent occurrence of global economic recession, the economy of Indonesia has been going on growing at a steady rate, making the country to be classified among the middle-class countries. Due to Indonesia realizing constant economic growth, there has been a steady decrease in the overall poverty level in the country: […]

Poverty Effects on Child Development and Schooling

Effects of Poverty on Children Poverty is a major challenge that children from various backgrounds across the world experience. In various communities and societies, the word poverty takes different connotation and meanings. However, scholars agree that poverty results from social and economic processes that deny or deprive people their resources and assets they are entitled […]

Is Poverty Of Poor Countries In Anyway Due To Wealth Of The Rich?

Introduction Developing countries are faced with various problems, the main one being poverty. Recent researches show that in most of these countries, the rich continue to be rich each day while the poor becomes poorer. Unlike in the developed countries like United Kingdom, economical imbalance is very common in the developing countries. There is the […]

The Bottom Billion

The Bottom Billion: The Issue Focused by Collier As it is today, the world has seen so many different ages of civilization that have so far had a great impact on the world itself. Each civilization age has brought about innovations that have been used to simplify the way people live for the sole purpose […]

The Bottom Billion

Introduction The Bottom Billion was authored by Paul Collier and was published in two 2007. In his book, Collier explores the reasons behind persistent poverty in developing countries. The citizens of these countries continue to live in abject poverty in spite of the international aid. He points out that, in more than fifty-eight countries, there […]

The Causes and Impacts of Homelessness

Introduction Homeless families and individuals live without adequate shelters and basic needs. The homeless is a category of people who face severe forms of economic and social conditions. There are hardly any homeless conditions that do not compromise human health or complicate their ability to access basic needs including, food, health, education and financial services. […]

Poverty Indicators in Developing Countries

Poverty Indicators in Developing Countries The World Bank produced its first global poverty estimates for developing countries. These estimates are found in the world development report of 1990, which used house hold survey data for 22 countries (Ravallion, et al., 2001). By incorporating data collected during the last fifteen years, that database has expanded considerably […]

Cause and Effect of Poverty

Poverty can be described in a number of ways. For example, the disparities in income and wealth are considered as a sign of poverty since the state is related to issues of scarcity and allocation of resources and influence. Although poverty is most prominent among developing countries, studies indicate that the condition is also noticeable […]

The Problem of Homeless People in Modern World

Introduction Homeless people are those with no physical shelter. Major cities in developed countries have considerable number of homeless people. Definitions of homelessness vary between countries and organisations. In Canada, most of the homeless people are considered as “normal forks who fallen through safety net” (Hargrave, 2005). The number of homeless people has rapidly increased […]

Socioeconomic Class in the United States

Introduction Estimates from the World Bank since the occurrence of global financial and economic crisis in 2007, shows that over thirty million people were rendered unemployed. This was followed by hiking of food prices making the majority of the world population languish in poverty. Decline in aggregate level of demand has had negative influence within […]

More Homeless than Athletes in 2010 by Paulsen

The challenge posed by homelessness became a complex issue in society today due to myriad of social problems inflicted to individuals, families and even governments. For instance, any government whose sizeable population does not have formal homes may be found distressed due to tarnished image alongside rising crime rate. While empirical research studies have highlighted […]

We Can Stop Poverty in Ghana Today

Introduction Since the day of announcing Ghana as an independent country (1975), it has been trying to solve the problem of poverty. Many problems which exist in the country are either caused by the poverty or can influence it. People don’t get appropriate health care, children don’t receive education, living standards and nutritional status are […]

Homelessness as the Social Phenomenon

Human beings are social creatures. Thousands of years ago, when people began settling in communities, the establishment of social infrastructures began. Human beings were first settled in small communities which grew to become bigger with time. As the communities became bigger and bigger, human beings got the chance to grow their social skills and utilize […]

Distribution of Resources in Society

In every society, resources are scarce; there are people who own more than others do. However, a society that is socially just considers the distribution of resources among its members to ensure there are equity, equality, and well distribution of available resources. This paper evaluates the proposition that society has an obligation to redistributes its […]

Poverty in the United States

The poverty threshold of the United States (U.S) indicates that an approximate of (13-17) percentage of the United States’ population fall below the poverty line. This translates to 39.1 million poor people. Those living in the rural areas are poorer compared to those in suburban areas. It has been found that the poverty is a […]

Peter Singer in the solution to world hunger

Introduction Hunger is the craving for food that causes uneasy sensations. A person who lacks food for a prolonged period becomes exhausted and malnourished in the end (De Onis, Frongillo, and Blossner 1128). Reports indicate that 13.1% of the population in the world is hungry. In 2010, an approximated 7.6 million children died due to […]

War on Poverty: Poverty Problem in US

More than three decades ago, it was discovered that a big percentage of people in the United States were living in abject poverty. This discovery prompted policy makers and other Americans to come up with federal programs and other initiatives from the private sectors to try to deal with the problem. Many leaders who have […]

Born Poor and Smart

Since poverty, which is defined as the lack of basic needs and cannot be considered a normal state, is constantly growing, according to the recent researches, it has to be dealt with. The ways to eradicate it have been discussed by Angela Locke in ”Born Poor and Smart”, Herbert Gans explored the roots of the […]

Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right

Introduction A human right according to the UN Organization (2010) refers to alienable rights if every human being which is inherent to them and upholds their dignity. Recognition of human rights is the foundation of peace, justice and freedom in the world. The declaration of human rights highlights the rights that every human being is […]

Consumerism: Affecting Families Living in Poverty in the United States

Introduction Consumerism refers to customers’ social and economic tendencies that encourage them to purchase goods and services in huge amounts. Consumerism is an unhealthy economical habit that often results from economic influence among peers. Studies show that most Americans go for shopping not because they are in need of what they want to buy, but […]

War on Poverty in US

The term war on poverty officially came into being in 1964 and referred to concerted government efforts to eradicate assiduous poverty in the United States of America (University of Virginia). The main intention of declaring war on poverty was to empower less fortunate members in United States of America both materially and intellectually so that […]

The Myth of the Culture of Poverty

Introduction Paul Gorski’s “The Myth of the Culture of Poverty” is a very informative article that talks about some of the commonly held stereotypes regarding poor people. This article explains that poor people have been unjustly judged by the society, which attributes their present state of affairs to the believes, values, and behavior they purportedly […]

Well-Being as a Happiness Definitions

It is always pleasant to experience positive emotions. Everyone strives to attain a positive mental state. There are various perspectives that define happiness. Many religious approaches and perceptions on happiness define happiness as a spiritual fulfillment that is transcended with inner peace and contentment. Such religious perspectives towards achieving happiness are advocated by religion factions […]

Low Income Marriage and Divorce VS. High Level of Income Marriage and Divorce

Divorce has become a common practice within the contemporary society. In particular, this practice is dominant in developed nations (Cornia 10). Governments have taken transformative legal considerations. The considerations aim at keeping up with the high rates of divorce. These measures are undertaken to ensure all people are acquainted with the legal implications in divorce. […]

How Globalization Influence Health and Lifestyle

The world has goals in different sectors, which include economic, health, transport and communication among others. The international health goals have led to gains in human life expectancy over the years; however, there are still inequalities in health considering that there is still persistence in the differences between the rich and poor. As the processes […]

Picture essay on poverty in Africa

Pictures have long been used to convey different messages throughout history. They have been used for cultural, political and other events in the society to put emphasis or communicate more directly to the audience. This paper seeks to use a series of pictures representing poverty in Africa to identify how pictorial representation describes the intended […]

Homeless in Ohio

Homeless individuals lack access to protection, sense of belonging and are affected by diseases and seclusion. They are compelled to stay in crisis shelters or live with acquaintances and family due to a lack of options. In life, there are three basic needs of life which are food, clothing and shelter. One without the other […]

Effects of deindustrialization and downsizing

Deindustrialization can be occasioned by a number of reasons. Common among them are the outsourcing of jobs, off shoring and introduction of new methods of production. Other causes may be related to the improvement in technology, which may lead to workers being redundant and the privatization of industries. The effects of both deindustrialization and downsizing […]

The Problem of Homeless Veterans in US

Introduction There are several veterans who are homeless in the United States of America and are estimated to range between 130, 000 and 200,000 at a given one night. Homeless veterans represent a fifth of all homeless people in America. There are also those veterans who struggle to meet the excessive rent burdens and this […]

Homeless Veterans

A veteran is an individual who served in the Air Force or Navy, who has been set free under circumstances other than discreditable ones. Veteran may also be defined as someone possessing enough experience in some field (Culhane 9). This person usually has a direct disclosure to operations of military conflict. Homelessness among veterans is […]

Poverty as a Peculiarity of the Economical Development

The introduction In my opinion, the definition of poverty is quite ambiguous. The term is associated with numerous aspects of life. For instance, Arturo Escobar is of the opinion that “almost all the definitions given to the word are woven around the concept of lack or deficiency (21). I fully agree with the opinion; however, […]

Homelessness in the United States

Homelessness is a staid predicament in the United States and according to a recent research; there are approximately seven million homeless people in America. Furthermore, the subject of homelessness has remained a mounting concern within the United States of America. Additionally, a variety of factors contributes to homelessness and they are deep within the makeup […]

World Hunger and Millennium Development Goals

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report of 2010, about one sixth of the world population lives in poverty. The report further clarified that of the poverty stricken people about 925 million suffer from chronic hunger. World Health Organization 2010 report estimated that 53% of infant and childhood death in developing countries are […]

The Problems of Poverty in the Modern World

Introduction Poverty creates scores of problems in the society; that is a fact that many people living in various parts of the world identify with. But what is poverty? Poverty can be defined as lack of certain or all basic or material things including, money, shelter, food and water, education, health, and clothing, among others. […]

Poverty among Women and Aboriginals

Introduction There is no conventionally agreed definition of poverty within the Canadian government but the federal government and social policy analysts only use national statistics on low income as the parameter to measure the incidence and depth of poverty. This essay seeks to briefly discuss why the Aboriginal people and women in Canada are more […]

American History

Introduction Everyone dreams of living the American dream. In fact, America is one of the most envied nations in the world. Its constitution, way of life, and the opportunities it offers to its people are favorable. No wonder it is the world super power and has resources to marshal troops in various stations throughout the […]

The Singer Solution to World Poverty

Introduction Perhaps if there was one issue that has always troubled mankind for ages is the issue of poverty. Across all nations, societies, old and the young, poverty seems to have taken the better hand of mankind. It is in this light that Singer comes out with a thought on how to end the world […]

Self-actualization and Self-transcendence

Self-actualization is a concept that people have advocated for ages. In creating the hierarchy of need, Abraham Maslow placed the concept on the apex of his tier, as a tremendously vital element, which points out how man comes to realize the need for others after he has managed to provide for all his other superficial needs. […]

Poverty in America Rural and Urban Difference (Education)

Introduction Research Question/Problem Government pays more attention to education in poor urban regions than in poor rural regions that leads to misbalance in the level of education in poverty rural and urban areas of the United States of America. Background of the problem The problem is not new as much research has been conducted in […]

Arguments against Peter Singer’s Solution to World Poverty

Introduction The article The Singer solution to world poverty was written by Peter Singer. Peter Singer has also authored the Animal Liberation (1975) and has served as the editor of the Bioethics Journal. The article compares the lives of people in the developed world represented by America and that of developing world represented by Brazil; […]

Contemporary Political Culture

Introduction Poverty comes as a result of oppression of individuals in society. Oppression on the other hand cannot perpetrate its self without the constructive or deductive participation by the oppressed. The social setups in society have segregated and branded individuals as poor for lack of common societal indicators of not being poor. This inadequacy is […]

Mitch Snyder and the CCNV

Introduction The Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) is a community-based group founded in the early 70s to express outrage on faith and moral matters. This organization led by Father Guinan with the assistance of students from the George Washington Foundation was more concerned with bringing a voice of reason to a society that had become […]

Inequality: Causes and Consequences

Introduction The 21st century has been characterized by an emphasis on democracy and an upholding of the principle of equality which holds that selection is on a basis of merit. Equality of opportunity has been pursued with the view of ensuring equal opportunity to all the members of the society. Despite this emphasis on equality, […]

America, the Solution to the World’s Poor Children

Introduction One of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); eight goals adopted by United Nations member states is to eradicate poverty in the world especially in the developing and the underdeveloped countries. The United States of America as one of the G8 countries has established agencies like UNICEF and Oxfam to fight against poverty. However, there […]

Poverty and its Effects on Childhood Education

Introduction The effects of poverty on the extent of children’s educational attainment have been the subject of academic debates for quite some time now. The reason for this is simple – there is a strongly defined rationale in assumption that, due to being exposed to poverty, children get to be deprived of a number of […]

Teenage Pregnancy Major Causes and Solutions

Historically, teenage pregnancy was not regarded as a social problem, it was rather a norm. Fifteen-years-old mothers were not an exception for the rule, but rather the rule. Even nowadays in many countries teenage pregnancy is a norm due to various historical, political, economical and cultural reasons. Nevertheless, in developed countries teenage pregnancy is a […]

The Rich and the Rest

The issue of poverty is a never ending topic of discussion all over the world. This is even true in a supposedly rich country like the United States of America. This is my observation as I scan the daily newspapers, watch the six o’clock news and listen to my neighbors when they have nothing else […]

Problem of Societal Inequalities in Modern Society

Introduction The society focuses so much on us as individuals, blaming us for the conditions in our lives then forgets about the forces at work against us to succeed in life. It has an outright role to play in the molding of our lives, but it is only to a certain extend. It defines us […]

Immigrants on poverty

Fortuny et al. (2) explain that immigrant status has a way of affecting families through their education. They report that immigrants’ children tend to report lower enrollment rates than their native counterparts. This applies especially to children between the ages of 3 and 5. The low rates are particularly attributed to children of Central American, […]

Poverty in the Bronx: Negative Effects of Poverty Essay

Introduction South Bronx is found among the administrative divisions New York City, the richest city in the world. There is a region in New York called Southern Bronx, which is different from South Bronx. South Bronx is strictly the southwestern part of the borough of Bronx and Bronx is the only borough in New York […]

What causes poverty in the world

This essay discusses the causes of poverty in the world. Poverty and related social inequality are as old as human history. Over the years, people have postulated many causes of poverty and social inequality. The many causes of poverty not withstanding, many definitions of the phenomena have been established. Whichever the definition, poverty is associated […]

Rich and Poor Nations (Planet of Slums)

Explosion of Slums in Third world Countries Davis exploration of the future expectations of urbanization in the radical yet unequally and highly unstable global world indicates that urbanization and industrialization are incoherent. Urbanization always forms aspects of industrialization and economical escalation in most developed countries, but the developing countries are full of shanty housing units […]

Justification for the title, ‘There are no children here’

As depicted in the book, the Alex Kotlowitz describes the living conditions of the poor people in Chicago city as substandard for human survival. This can be explained by the several instances in which he puts the main characters in the story, LaJoe River and her two sons, Pharaoh River and Lafeyette River. These instances […]

Poverty in Brazil

Salardi, P (2009). Brazilian poverty between and within groups: decomposition by geographical, group-specific poverty lines. Review of urban & regional development studies, Vol 21, issue 1. The article illustrating a study conducted in Brazil argues the setting of poverty and how it is deliberated. The exploration scrutinizes Brazilian poverty by investigating environmental dissimilarities in the […]

Why Poverty Rates are higher among Single Black Mothers

Introduction This paper examines why the rate of poverty is higher among single black mothers than among single white mothers. The paper presents findings from a library based research. Analysis of library sources indicates that there are many factors that contribute to a higher rate of poverty among single black mothers as compared to single […]

“City of God” by Fernando Meirelles

The life in Rio de Janeiro can seem to be the never ended festival with a lot of smiling people and bright colors. Nevertheless, the reality of the people’s life in the city can be far from this vivid picture. Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by the territories known as favelas where the peculiarities of […]

Implications of Poverty on Global Health and Research Methodologies Available To Medical Anthropologists

Implications of poverty on global health Poverty has been identified to exist in most if not all countries around the world. Inequality between the poor and the wealthy has been growing and at an alarming rate and inadvertently putting a strain on global health issues. A report by Shah (2009) indicates that eighty percent of […]

Homelessness as World Problem

Homelessness is a serious social issue affecting the society globally. In the US, homelessness is on the increase because of economic melt- down and foreclosures. Homelessness affects young adults, people dismissed from prisons and people without health insurance. In addition, these groups have severe problems such as physical disabilities; suffer from alcoholism and mental illnesses […]

Homelessness as the Scourge of the Modern Society: The Causes, the Outcomes and the Means to Eliminate It

It goes without saying that homelessness is one of the greatest problems of the modern society and that it has to be dealt with as soon as possible. According to the recent researches, life conditions in the world’s major countries has slightly improved since recently, yet the rates of poverty leave much to be desired […]