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Poverty Essay Examples and Topics

Poverty Effect on Children

1 million children, aged between 5 to 17 years old, were noted to be from low income families which, as explained by George Stokes, & Wilkinson, can result in a lack of access to a [...]

Global Conflict and Poverty Crisis

The contemporary issue of global conflict and poverty crisis requires the attention of international communities and governments. The study of international conflicts and poverty crisis is important for individuals, communities, and nations across the world.

Poverty: $2.00 a Day in America

When conversations about the poor occur in the city of Washington, they usually discuss the struggles of the working poor, forgetting about the issues that the non-working poor face day by day.

Poverty Controversy in the USA

The essay provides a consistent discussion of poverty in the USA as well as verifies the standards of socioeconomic life in America against those, which exist in the developing countries.

Animal Production and Food Availability

On the one hand, the idea voiced by Robins seems quite legitimate while the idea of using the existing resources responsibly appears to be obvious, in most cases, people seem to overlook it, adopting the [...]

The Homeless Population Reducing

The number of homeless Americans is increasing and these people, in the vast majority of cases, are also suffering from numerous diseases including HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, various mental disorders and so on.

Homelessness as a Social Issue

Research further indicates that the group is at a high risk of suffering from addiction in an effort to contain stress and ignominy associated with homelessness.

The Solution to World Poverty by Peter Singer

Therefore, in the worst case scenario, the implementation of the plan proposed by Singer will lead to the financial instability for not only the beneficiaries, but also for the people donating for the wellbeing of [...]

The Poverty Across the US Culture

This paper argues that the prevalence of poverty in most parts of the US is a result of poor strategizing, the lack of education, mistakes in choosing courses, the disappearance of low-skill jobs and a [...]

History and Modern Day Reasons

The paper argues that the absence of goodwill from the political leadership, the absence of inspiration by the citizens, and a collective unbelief by the citizenry that Haiti can rise up from its poor state [...]

Homelessness in the US

The existing policies do not address the problem of homelessness in the US. The constitution was adjusted in 1949 to cater for the needs of the poor in society.

Group presentation: New Delhi

The growth of massive slum dwelling areas similar to the Yamuna Pushta in Delhi in spite of the developments in the adjacent city must be viewed as a factor attached to leadership and its application [...]

Counting Homeless People in Seattle

This research paper explores the possibilities of solving the problem of homeless and street families through counting them and presenting the best alternatives and suggestions on how this exercise should be done.

Perspectives on Poverty

It is based on this that in the next section, I have utilized my educational experience in order to create a method to address the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of a social [...]

Concept of Poverty

The main difference between this definition and other definitions of poverty highlighted in this paper is the broad understanding of the concept.

Sustainability and Slums

Under each aspect of sustainability, the discussion will touch the expectation of sustainability, the policies that focus on the issues, the problems experienced in comparison to those policies, and the solutions to those afflictions.

Scholarly Research on Children at Risk

This is because such children are at a position of failing to be fruitful in the society. It is going without food for several days, lacking a roof over one's head, it is illnesses brought [...]

Problem of Homelessness

With regard to the focus group, it is necessary to highlight the reasons for the increased number of homeless individuals, analyze the consequences of the problem for social welfare of the town, and provide new [...]

How Poverty Affects Children Development?

The fact is that as much as it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that children get their needs, the inability of the parents and guardians to provide these basic needs to [...]

How to live with 15300$

This ensures that the children wear the clothes for a long period of time. This is because there are no issues of drug abuse like alcoholism which result to quarrels in the family.

Globalization & Development

The distinction between the poor countries and the developed countries can be established considering the availability of the natural resources, as well as the extent of their exploitation.

Homelessness in America

It is estimated that the majority of those who are homeless live in central cities and they constitute 71% of all the people who are homeless in America.

Poverty fighting in Saudi Arabia and in USA

This report discuses some of the poverty prevention programs that have been adopted by Saudi Arabia and the United States in dealing with a global problem, threatening the lives of billions of people around the [...]

Rural Poverty in Indonesia

As on one hand a larger number of people living in poverty are found in the rural areas, on the other hand, there exists "a division in which the pace of poverty reduction slows down [...]

Poverty Effects on Child Development and Schooling

To help children from low-income families cope with poverty, interventions touching in the child's development and educational outcomes are essential. Those programs campaign against the effects of poverty among children by providing basic nutritional, academic, [...]

The Bottom Billion

He uses it when referring to the countries in the world, which make up the majority of the billion population of the world that unfortunately sits at the bottom of the world in terms of [...]

The Bottom Billion

The citizens of these countries continue to live in abject poverty in spite of the international aid. Paul Collier clearly explains that the development and political stability of these nations are essential to the stability [...]

Cause and Effect of Poverty

For example, the disparities in income and wealth are considered as a sign of poverty since the state is related to issues of scarcity and allocation of resources and influence.

Socioeconomic Class in the United States

The wealthy in the American society assists in building businesses from the ground up and at the same time support the growth of the existing enterprises and this act as one of the potential means [...]

More Homeless than Athletes in 2010 by Paulsen

As analyzed in this paper and from the article More Homeless than Athletes in 2010 by Paulsen, it is evident that prolonged homelessness among individuals in Tyee Vancouver is likely to increase their population and [...]

Homelessness as the Social Phenomenon

Another thing that makes the fight against homelessness more difficult is the existence of the phenomenon of hidden homelessness."First among the reasons for the persistent undercount of the number of people who are under the [...]

Distribution of Resources in Society

Societies are the owners of resources, they develop the resources then periodically the government comes up with measures aimed at redistributing such resources to the larger society. The beneficiaries of a distributive Justice system are [...]

Poverty in the United States

Inadequate fundamental learning, a wide gap between the incomes of the o-level learners and the professionals, among others, are some of the cited causes of the poverty, but lack of employment is the root cause.

Born Poor and Smart

The ways to eradicate it have been discussed by Angela Locke in "Born Poor and Smart", Herbert Gans explored the roots of the problem and the ways to fight it in his article "The war [...]

War on Poverty in US

The term war on poverty officially came into being in 1964 and referred to concerted government efforts to eradicate assiduous poverty in the United States of America.

The Myth of the Culture of Poverty

Unfortunately, rather all of the stereotypes regarding poor people are widespread in many societies and this has served to further increase the problem of generational poverty. Poor people are regarded to be in the state [...]

Poverty in Africa

These pictures have been published online to show the world the gravity of the poverty situation in the African continent. The pictures represent the suffering of majority of the African people as a result of [...]

Homeless in Ohio

The causes of homelessness in the current Ohio include the rising costs of housing, poverty and the lack of affordable housing. There are various effects of homelessness to the community and to the homeless.

Effects of deindustrialization and downsizing

The effects of both deindustrialization and downsizing that are evidenced due to changing demographics and changing geographic locations of industries depending on the costs to be incurred have very many negative consequences on both the [...]

The Problem of Homeless Veterans in US

The records at the department of Veteran affairs in the US indicate that majority of the homeless veterans are males, and only four percent are females. The needs and the demands of the homeless veterans [...]

Homeless Veterans

The lack of jobs leads to idleness which is the major cause of the veterans' addiction to drug abuse. The alarming increase in the number of the homeless veterans is due to continuing war in [...]

Homelessness in the United States

Additionally, a variety of factors contributes to homelessness and they are deep within the makeup of the economy thus homelessness has remained an area of concern to the government, the social service providers and the [...]

The Problems of Poverty in the Modern World

It is interesting to note that practically, all the problems that are linked to poverty, are either directly or indirectly caused by lack of or inadequacy of money, thus, it can confidently be said that [...]

American History

In fact, according to her, these conditions are unlivable and can be referred to as another form of servant class. To this extent, it is possible to concur with Ehrenreich that these conditions are unlivable [...]

Self-actualization and Self-transcendence

Whereas self-actualization is the way to go about in gaining wealth, self-transcendence is the principle to apply during the retention, utilization, and building of such wealth while still enjoying the above processes and finding reasons [...]

Contemporary Political Culture

Despite the willingness of the poor to move away and work their way out of it, the prevailing political and social environment makes the war against the poor inevitable.

Mitch Snyder and the CCNV

Despite being a community-based group, the tenacity of the CCNV gained popularity and attracted the attention of the federal government, which was forced to act on the issues raised by the group.

Inequality: Causes and Consequences

Considering the significance that the issue of social inequality holds for the well being of the society, it makes sense to explore the subject of social inequality and highlight its causes.