Racism Essay Examples and Topics

How Racial Segregation Contributes to Minority’s Poverty?

Introduction Racial segregation has been the proverbial thorn in the flesh of the American society. A basic definition of racial segregation states that it is the separation of people along racial lines (Schelling 488). The separation of races would not be so much of an issue, were it not for the fact that, with racial […]

Consciousness and Persona

Introduction Racial prejudice has been in existence within the United States and other parts of the world for the longest time. Despite the many efforts that have been applied to curb the vice, it still prevails. Direct racism turned into discrimination, and it would later transform to segregation, which is all too evident in the […]

The Challenges of Racism Influential for the Life of Frederick Douglass and Barack Obama

Challenges Experienced in Childhood Frederick Douglass experienced the first challenges associated with racism during the first years of his life as a slave because he was separated from his mother and observed the slaves’ sufferings from beatings, physical tortures, and other cruel practices performed by slave owners. Douglass stated that those practices were “a common […]

Racism: Impact on Minorities in American Society

The election of President Barrack Obama was an indication that the US had finally come of age in as far as eradication of racism is concerned. However, critics argue that Americans were simply against the bullying of Iraq in a war that the previous president, George Bush, alleged was necessary to facilitate the destruction of […]

Self-Interest and Discrimination in Sociology

Self-interest is referred to as egocentrism, the practice of individuals taking advantage of opportunities. People with self-interest always center on personal welfare without any regard for others. People should stop self-interest in a society because it promotes egoism and a lack of social accountability to societal problems. Existence of such behavior in society shows a […]

Racism Against Native Americans

In the article “Let’s Spread the ‘Fun’ Around” Ward Churchill tries to explain why it is derogatory to name sports teams after American Indian names. He uses a number of racial and cultural abuses that are used in a derogatory way to refer to people of other cultures, races, sexual orientation and religious affiliations to […]

“Race in North America” by Audrey Smedley

Race, ethnicity, and culture are closely intertwined. Those are actually the latter two that create the intrinsic biological difference between the races. Ethnic clusters are people belonging to similar group, practicing common culture, and sharing similar traits. However, it is these similarities within the cluster that distinguishes them from other people. Audrey Smedley (2012) in […]

Race Relations in the United States

Introduction Race relations in the United States reflects the colonial and slave era when discrimination against some races was prevalent. The issue of prejudice against Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, and African Americans has taken place over the years. The marginalized groups do not exercise their basic rights, which include civil, social, economic, and […]

“Globalization and the unleashing of new racism: an introduction” by Macedo and Gounari

Racism continues to manifest in the world in different ways, such that anyone who proclaims the end of racism appears as completely blind to his or her surroundings. The identification of all Muslims as terrorists, the classification of all blacks as inferior people, the labeling of people from a particular ethnicity, religion or other groups […]

Victimization of the Black Americans

From time immemorial, America has been a platform of racial and cultural segregation. The Blacks in this country have, for a long time, faced unimaginable discrimination. There have been a number of indicators of racist brutality and violence against the black. The roles played by white women and white blacks in the fight against racism […]

Race Discrimination in the USA

Introduction Racism is the belief that a certain group is superior to another on the basis of their genetic makeup. Racial discrimination, which is a manifestation of racism, is still rife in modern America. It was blatant and open in the past, and was manifested as mistreatment between two individuals. However, racial discrimination has now […]

How Different Young Australians Experience Racism?

Introduction Everyone experiences or witnesses racism at some point in life. Race is not a biological categorisation, but is rather an artificial grouping of persons based on social constructions. Racial classification has little to do with scientifically certifiable facts such as genetics (Doane 2006). On the contrary, races are classified according to the way societies […]

Understanding Race and Racism

The term homophobia refers to a set of negative feelings towards people who engage in same sex relationships (homosexuals and lesbians). In most cases, homophobic people are usually heterosexuals. Homophobia is expressed in various forms including hatred, prejudice and discrimination among others. The worst forms of homophobia are the stigmatization and isolation or exclusion of […]

Race, Class, and Gender: Rothenberg’s book

Introduction Race, class, and gender are issues that many people find incredibly hard to appreciate and recognize as characteristics of diversity that define people not only in the United States but also on global platforms. From this dilemma, this paper focuses on conducting a critique of various articles appearing in Rothenberg’s book Race, Class, and […]

In Australia, Are Cultural Rights A Form Of Racism?

Introduction Racism is a destructive form of discrimination. This is because is devalues other people’s identity and denies them their right to exercise power. It destroys the unity within a community and leads to social divisions. It violates the democratic right of equality and the fair treatment of all people. One has to understand the […]

The imbalance numbers of blacks incarcerated

Statistics clearly show that a large number of African-Americans are arrested and incarcerated in the US today. This has been attributed to violation of drug laws especially in regard to drug trafficking and drug abuse among many other forms of crime such as robbery and street fighting (Merida, 2007). Due to high rates of arrests […]

Perspectives for explaining racial disparity in the U.S.

Introduction The US labor market is controlled by the demand and supply of knowledge and expertise. This is influenced by the interests and preferences of individuals willing to work. The US economy also attracts foreigners into the country. However, other factors, such as discrimination and racism, exist and control the market. This practice mostly affects […]

Analysis of Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Immigration History

The concept of race and ethnicity is closely interwoven with the immigration history of the United States and, therefore, the concepts provide essential issues for discussion. The analysis of such issues as stereotypic thinking, racial discrimination, and slavery also relate to the notions of race and ethnicity. The main challenges of discussing racial discrimination and […]

Racism and Ethnicity in United States

The history of immigration to the United States is characterized by racism and ethnicity. Indeed, most of the people living in the country can trace their origins from the various races of the world. History suggests that racism and ethnicity are relevant to numerous aspects that developed with time. Racism and ethnicity revolved around differences […]

Problems of Ethnic Discrimination in US

The level of ethnic discrimination influences the average socioeconomic status and upward mobility of the second generation immigrant minorities. This is the most notable distinguishing factor followed by the different rates of cultural assimilation between the immigrant minorities and the non-immigrant majorities. Ethnic/racial discrimination This issue determines the level of socioeconomic growth and the rate […]

Concept of Racialization in Modern Society

Racialization is a concept, believed to emanate from radicalism in the way a society lives. Through radicalism, a lifestyle is attained, which brings distinction of a definite race in life, even though it lives in the same environment. This concept is attained where the structuring of shared relations between different groups results from biological characteristics […]

Review of “Stigma: Note on the Management of Spoiled Identity” by Irving Goffmann

People living in a particular society possess a style and specific manner to conduct social interaction with other people. Many practices and norms of the society effectively alter peoples behavior each other along with their variant responses to the external society. Goffman was a great philosopher and writer of his time; he studied and understood […]

Critical Response: “White Privilege and Male Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh

The present article dwells upon the role of race and gender in the American society. The author argues that there is a privileged group in the USA. One of the major findings of the author is that everyone (contrasted to minorities) is affected by disproportions which exist in the society. Peggy McIntosh points out that […]

PBS Sorting People Assignment

‘Race’ is the word commonly used to describe any group of people with similar characteristics. According to the PBS’ ‘Race: The Power of Illusion’, race and racial groups are two different things. In the early days, whites were considered a race while African Americans were viewed as a racial group. This shows the element of […]

Racial and Ethnic Politics in Latin America

The article suggests that despite attempts by some of the Latin American regimes to assimilate the marginalized indigenous societies, the latter are still mainly subjugated culturally and economically. Official anti-racist positions slowly become the norm in Latin America and the integration of indigenous populations through indigenismo was given continental respectability in 1940 at the First […]

Indian Mascot Controversy

The American society’s treatment of Native Indians has been under sharp criticism from the American Indians and other minority groups for a long time. According to Spindel (25), a group of Americans perceives the American Indians’ culture as warlike and marked by traditional events such as dancing. However, others perceive the Natives as domicile and […]

The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of color blindness

The New Jim Crow is a book that elucidates the many types of similarities that exists between the former legal systems of Jim Crow and the present practice of accumulated incarceration with regards to the racial minorities. According to Alexander, most of the individuals in the United States of America who are colored are devastated […]

“Racial Propositions” a Book by Daniel HoSang

The author of the book unravels some important principles regarding California’s electoral laws for approximately fifty years ago. The scholar argues that citizens of California were tough on immigrants because they could pass laws that barred them from enjoying public services such as health care and free education (HoSang 11). The author observes that undocumented […]

Social Construction of Race and Gender

Introduction Race and gender have been considered socially constructed in our society, and despite the efforts that have been put by several human rights groups it, this perception is yet to change. According to Haslanger (2012: 43), “The term socially constructed, means that the society and culture has created specific roles, and that these roles […]

Solvent Abuse amongst First Nations in Canada

History of Solvent Abuse in First Nations Inhalant abuse, which is also called solvent abuse, volatile substance abuse, bagging, and huffing, is inhalation of volatile drugs that are evaporated to achieve shifts in mental state. Solvent abuse is a serious global problem, which is particularly typical of marginalized and minority groups. A number of social […]

A Community Report on The Southern Poverty Law Centre

Abstract Today, different societies in the world are grappling with various social issues that affect them. The current report was compiled to examine some of these social issues that are presently affecting different societies in the world. To this end, the author discussed the various social issues from the perspective of their (author’s) coursework. Some […]

Relationship between Institutionalized Racism and Marxism

Abstract The theory of institutional racism is frequently used in the field of sociology to explain any type of system of inequity that is based on race. The theory explains how race is used to differentiate society, particularly the institutions of government, private enterprises and institutions of higher learning, such as universities and colleges. An […]

American National Identity

For decades, the United States has been identified as a very socially complicated country. Sometimes, it is remarkably violent irrespective of the fact that it is overtly religious. The United States is extremely dedicated to freedom. Moreover, it is recognized for having an extremely anti- democratic society until the mid- twentieth century. United States’ national […]

“A Walk in the Night” and “A Dry White Season”

African apartheid and discrimination that some many people had to face has become the basis for a number of books and films. “A Walk in the Night” and “A Dry White Season” are two movies that describe the oppression people of African descent had to face. The discrimination and unequal treatment had no real basis, […]

Race and Ethnicity in the Book “Divergent Social Worlds”

Race and ethnicity have been a topic for a variety of surveys for many decades. Many researchers have provided data on particular areas. It is necessary to note that many studies have shown that there is certain correlation between ethnic structure of communities and the rate of crime within the communities. However, the conclusions drawn […]

Child Development in a Bi-Racial Family

Introduction Race distinguishes people based on the physical characteristics that make them appear different from each other. Race in the United States of America is more prominent in describing different people. During the slavery period race would justify the mistreatment of people who were enslaved. The people of the United States of America thought that […]

Democratic Racism in Canada

Despite historical and modern displays of racism as an intractable and pervasive reality in Canadian society, the overt denial of racism is delusionary because it allows Canadian to neglect the abhorrent reality in which a community is divided into white, privileged population and ethnical minorities. Indeed, the country ignores its rich historical background in which […]

The Ability to Embrace Full Membership in Canadian Society Is Influenced by One’s Objective Racial Identity

The main challenge of considering racism across time is strongly associated with terminology. Lack of a narrow-focused definition leads to misconception among the population in relation to the objective identification of its contextual issues, including historic background, social processes, and reforms. Introduction of democratic racism has resulted in social unrest among the members of indigenous […]

Social Construction of “Race” and “Racism” and Its Relationship to Democratic Racism in Canada

Racism is one of the most sophisticated concepts in terms of its changing nature. In Canada, this concept is interpreted with regard to the individual expression of attitudes or action against racial groups. It is also understood as violent actions and physical assaults against specific groups by bigoted individuals in the workplace, and other social […]

Critique: “Everything Isn’t Racial Profiling” by Linda Chavez

Introduction: Something People Should Know about Linda Chavez and Racial Profiling After 1919, racial inequality problems should have vanished without a trace; yet even in the present days, the problems on an uncomfortable subject of race manage somehow worm into the lives of millions of people, causing numerous debates, serious conflicts and several uncomfortable situations. […]

The Impact of Prejudice and Discrimination

Introduction Discrimination is defined as the intentional distinguished treatment of people based on the latter’s membership or perceived membership to a certain group, or their characteristics (Buxton, 2010). The treatment may be a denial of rights and privileges, which are otherwise granted to people of other groups or those that possess various characteristics. Discrimination exists […]

Representation of African-American identity and race, gender and class in the Bamboozled

Introduction The modern American society is consumption-oriented, a case that is essentially fostered by the Media. Therefore, “much of what comes to pass as important is based often on the stories produced and disseminated by media institutions” (Brooks and Lisa ‘Gender, Race and media representation’ 297). This implies that many of the things that people […]

“Modernism and Eugenics” and “The Sun Always Rises”

Comparison One of the more interesting comparative traits between the article “Modernism and Eugenics” and that of the book “The Sun Always Rises” is in the portrayal of discrimination based on societal belief and specific traits rather than any actual adverse attribute about an individual (i.e. being an adulterer, womanizer, murderer, criminal etc.). This was […]

History of African Americans

The readings that are going to be discussed in the paper tell the history of African Americans, their struggles for civil rights, and their integration into the social and political life of the country. The examples provided by the authors illustrate how a certain ethnic or racial group may be discriminated by the society and […]

Research Paper Topic Proposal: Race and Crime in the United States

Introduction Although African Americans comprise approximately 13 percent of the total U.S. population, they usually represent a much larger proportion of people who are convicted of various offences and incarcerated (Mackey, & Levan, 2011, p. 99). This tendency is particularly noticeable among males whose age ranges from 25 to 29. Black males are much more […]

Color Blindness and Equality

While delivering his ruling in the case of Regents v. University of California v. Bakke, Justice Harry Blackmum, a judge of the US Supreme Court, upheld the decision by institutions of higher learning to use race as one of the guiding factors in selecting qualified students to join college. The court ruled out that the […]

Racism in family therapy by Laszloffy and Hardy

Laszloffy and Hardy (2000) have written an article devoted to the problems of addressing racism in family therapy. The article discusses in detail the classifications of discrimination which are three in number. The authors of the article are sure that the awareness of the type of the racism people suffer from may help in solving […]

Racial discrimination in US

In discussions that touch on race relations, understanding what is meant by specific terms is important. Race implies that the origin of human beings is common and that they originate from a common species. As a result, human beings are equal and any variations in what they achieve are based on economic, geographical, social, historical […]

Is Racism and Anti-Semitism still a Problem in the United States?

Introduction Racism and anti-Semitism are two forms of discrimination that have been practiced in the USA for generations. Historians indicate that racism was a core foundation of the United States of America as a white society and it resulted in the destruction of the native Indian population and the usage of Black slaves to provide […]

Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action

Introduction The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Affirmative Action were instituted to counter inequality. The ADA was instituted to offer civil rights protection to Americans with disabilities. ADA ensures equal opportunities for people with disabilities in government services and public accommodation. On the other hand, affirmative action was meant to introduce people of […]

Affirmative Action: Advantages and Controversy

Affirmative action can be said to be a positive step in enhancing the diverseness of some particular grouping, oftentimes to redress the impression of elusive preconception. It is the act of rendering preferential treatment to some minority groups such as women and ethnic minorities in employment and admission to schools. Thus, affirmative action came into […]

First Nations/Aboriginal People and Justice System

Introduction The terms First Nations and Aboriginal people are commonly used to refer to indigenous people in Canada. The group makes up about 4% of the total population in Canada. The Constitution Act, 1982 recognizes three groups categorized as Aboriginal people. They include Indians, Métis and Inuit. Large numbers of Aborigines occupy the northern part […]

Globalization and Racism

The sophistication and discovery of transport and communication coupled with the ever-evolving technological revolution have turned the world into a global village. People from the seven continents of the world mingle freely save for the few and insignificant challenges. Education is almost similar in most of the seven continents and people can access a job […]

Current Day Racism vs. Traditional Day Racism

The foremost characteristic of a traditional racism is the fact that, while deriving out of an empirically obtained scientific data, which suggests the objective nature of people’s inequality, this type of racism used to justify the institualization of a number of different racialist policies, such as Jim Crow laws in America, or the policy of […]

Media Patterns and Social Inequality

It is evident in almost all organizations today. “Forms of social inequality include gender inequality, racial inequality and even caste inequality” (Dines & Humez 24). This concept paper will examine media patterns in relation to social inequality. The media sector has evolved and broadened in all continents, with regard to both the job sector and […]

Muslims Report Rising Discrimination at Work by Steven Greenhouse

Introduction Discrimination all over the world has definitely become one of the hottest issues discussed by various authorities. Discrimination whether it is based on race, religion or any other, is magnified and has continuously taken the centre stage as globalization speedily continues to engulf the world. Through globalization labor shifts have been made possible as […]

Harms of racism

Racism refers to “the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities that are entirely attributed to their race”. This means that the characteristics of human beings and their abilities to perform particular roles in life are entirely determined by their genetics. The traits associated with the various races are used to […]

Discrimination of certain categories of the population

Gender Amongst the many social forces that orient the society to behave in a particular way, gender has played a substantial contribution to the manner in which responsibilities were shared since the onset of the human race. In one way or another, women were prejudiced and allocated roles that were more of considered inappropriate to […]

Analysis Stuart Hall, “Gramsci’s relevance to the study of race and ethnicity”

Introduction Equity basically involves the perceptions of fairness in a broader context involving a number a concepts such as gender equity, equity in the distribution of resources, racial equity and many more. The equity theory is normally based on the principle of fairness. This essay attempts to evaluate the work of Stuart Hall, “Gramsci’s relevance […]

Remaking Manhood Through Race and Civilization

Gail Bederman’s piece entitled “Remaking manhood through race and civilization” is an important contribution to the study of race relations and power. Bederman said that authority comes from power and power emanates from gender and race. The author explained this idea by first choosing a context to focus on and in that regard she chose […]

Sociology for Educators

Introduction The issues of racism and male dominance; have lived with us since days in memorial. These issues are central to performance of any venture. It has a unique trait that involves its practitioners being in denial as well as its prevalence being differentiated over time. This affects many sectors; in this paper however we […]

Comparative argument about race, class, or gender stratification

Research from the ancient years has shown an incredible increase in the levels of incarceration in the United States. It is proposed that the increase amounts to 44 percent. The increase in the incarceration rates is said to have exceeded the levels of crime. The incarceration rates have always been high in Canada as compared […]

Comparison of Racism in the United States and South Africa

Although the world is on it path to full cultural-globalisation, it is still dragging with racisms which can be traced since the colonial and slave trade era (Winant 14). The United States, which is the world largest economy, encourages people of different races to interact and conduct business together, it is in the forefront advocating […]

How and why should people be treated as equals?

Introduction AlbertEinstein once remarked that before God we are equally wise-and equally foolish. What Einstein did was contribute to a debate that rages up to today on whether all men are equal. It is debatable to say that God made us equal or that we are equal in His eyes as the bible scriptures imply. […]

The Historical Roots of Racism in Australia

This essay considers primary texts by Quan Wei, Ouyang Yu and Merlinda Bobis. Further I considered two secondary texts by Ang and Lo. All the texts provide insight on the issue of racism in Australia. The primary texts, which are categorized as being of the multicultural genre, indicate clearly the identity dilemma faced by Asians […]

Racism Is Not All About Individual Attitude

Introduction Racism can be defined as a belief in which a particular race considers itself to be either superior or inferior in comparison with other races. This mainly occurs due to existence of a number of various innate moral or social traits (Anti-defamation League, 2004, p. 4). Alternatively, racism can be defined to include negative […]

Discrimination, Prejudice and Racism in the United States

1. The society is portrayed as a greatly unjust arena, where someone’s skin color bears his or her credentials. As observed by Dr. King, rampant inequality had infiltrated all spheres of society; furthermore, it targets the minority people of color. They were barred from carrying out specialized jobs, due to the perception that they were […]

Race in United States

Introduction United States has stood to be one of the world’s economic power houses. The country has been recognized as one of the nations with more than enough resources that could fully support its citizens. This however, resulted in some negative effects which include ecological destruction and racial discrimination. Though considered as having some of […]

The Failure of the Assimilation

Looking at the United States of America from the ethnical point of view it is impossible to avoid the fact that this country is inhabited by different peoples. Considering the history of the USA it is possible to come across some policies which were aimed at assimilating those peoples to the American standards and beliefs. […]

Messages about Race in the Media

Introduction Racism is perception that traits and capabilities can be linked to people from a particular race. This can also be used to depict a situation where people from one racial affiliation are seen to be more important than others are. Prejudice and segregation have for a long time been used as potent weapons promoting […]

Racial or ethnical discrimination

Even though some people state that racial or ethnical discrimination and prejudice are issues of the past, there is still double standard in the US society. Ethnic minorities have to face various issues related to prejudice or discrimination. It is possible to consider the concepts of discrimination and prejudice from different theoretical perspectives. In the […]

The Otherness of Racists

There are various reasons why a person can feel enmity toward other people. In many cases, this attitude can be explained by differences in opinions, religious beliefs, ideologies, behavioral norms, or even race. These distinctions can be viewed as underlying causes of conflict. There are some people who I perceive as enemies or at least […]

This American Life: Take a Negro Home

This episode consists of three parts. The prologue contains an excerpt from a newspaper article aimed at showing that racial integration is not possible. Such articles were often published by many journalists in Southern parts of the United States. In particular, they were supposed to demonstrate that the segregation of white and black people had […]

Eyes on the Prize

Racial discrimination has been the most contentious issue in America. The issue has been highlighted by various tools of communications such as books, movies, articles, and periodicals. One of the remarkable communication tools on this subject is ‘Eyes on the Prize’ movie. The movie brings into perspective the topic of racial discrimination and roles of […]

The African American Family

Human beings are social creatures spending a lot of time socializing, interacting and participating in activities that involve others. A family is a unit, a close organization of people who are related by blood and genes and so have a unique common trait that makes them a single “organism”, with own culture, beliefs and traditions. […]

The Problems of Residential Segregation in USA

Introduction Residential segregation is an ongoing problem within the U.S. that indicates a deep societal inclination towards bias for certain ethnic and social groups within the general population of the country. This form of community formation (i.e. Caucasians in one neighborhood, African Americans in another) extends to various social situations related to economic opportunity, education […]

Promotion of Racism in US Through Sports

Introduction The United States of America is one of the nations occupied with people from different minor races apart from the whites. The dominant minor groups include the Indians (Native Americans or red Indians), the African Americans, and the Hispanics among others. Unfortunately, the issue of racism, discrimination, and oppression of the minor races has […]

Gender and the Black Freedom Movement

Introduction In the recent past, scholars and historians have focused commendable attention on the activities of Afro-Americans in the United States that led to their liberation. Historians have thus produced numerous analyses of civil rights organizations, history of the intellectual aspects of the liberation thoughts of the black Americans, biographies of people who played key […]

White Privilege

Racism is a social construct that differentiates people in the society according to color and privileges. Conventionally, the blacks have no privileges while the whites have privileges in that they can access social, political and economic perquisites in the society. Since racism is a social construct that renders the whites as privileged and the blacks […]

Racism in U.S. Criminal Justice System

Introduction In ensuring that people interact and live in harmony there are rules and regulations that are usually stipulated. This is usually the case for all countries around the world. The police are the ones who are mostly entitled to arrest the offenders before taking them to courts. In most countries, parliament is the ones […]

Race and gender

The major foundation and the cornerstone that binds a given people together, aside from the tribal affiliations is the race to which each of us belongs. Stereotypes aside, the perceptions that we hold or believe in to a large extent determine our attitudes towards a certain group of people who fall within the brackets of […]

Sociology and the Family

Introduction The subject of family in the sociological arena has been studied and researched by several scholars. Explanations of the characteristic features and behavioral patterns of the family have been discussed in many journals and books. One journal in particular has discussed this issue in detailed and its explanations have been so vividly done such […]

Professor’s Ahmed’s: Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam

Introduction Professor Akbar S. Ahmed in his book “Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam” critically looks at the wide-ranging experiences that Muslim have undergone in the U.S, and American individuality influenced by its origins and history. Additionally he looks into the experiences that various religious assemblies have gone through and the effects they have […]

The Aging Population

Introduction There has been a general trend of increase in the life expectancy of the population of many countries. This has been brought about by the governments taking measures to improve the quality of healthcare. Diseases which used to kill people in large numbers are now much more reduced; thus, the reduced mortality may be […]

Racism, Colonialism and the Emergence of Third World

Racism refers to actions that a specific group of people may take due to the prejudice, looking down upon, or even hostility towards a specific group of people based on their ethnic origin, which may be manifested in skin colour or otherwise (Fredrickson, 2002, p 1). On the other hand, colonialism can be defined as […]

The issues of identity among “mixed-race/ethnic” persons in the United States

Introduction Racism is a destructive form of discrimination; it devalues other people’s identity and denies them their right to exercise power, it destroys the unity within a community, and leads to social divisions. In addition, it violates the democratic right of equality and the fair treatment of all people. Racism is a world wide phenomenon […]

How Racial Discourses Subtend Military Projects

Introduction Danticat writes about the 1937 massacre of Haitians by a Dominican dictator, Refael Trujillo (3). Between October 2nd and 4th the Dominican Republic solders under the political influence of prominent landowners slaughtered approximately 15,000 – 20,000 immigrants from Haiti at the massacre river (Danticat, 3). The reason for massacre was to force out the […]

Racism in Brazil

Introduction Black Brazilians endured slavery conditions while working in the agricultural plantations of the Whites during the 19th century. When their slavery conditions became worse with time, they decided to fight for their rights by embarking on massive demonstrations against the police and the whites, paralyzing public order all over the country. This slavery crisis […]

Mixed Race Marriage

Treating people with dignity regardless of their skin color is a pre-requisite that of national integration. The United State of America has been struggling with racism for many years now. There have been attempts to fight it by encouraging interracial marriages as a way of improving national integration. The report from Pew Research Centre indicates […]

White Privilledge

Migration and globalization have encouraged the growth of multi-racial communities. These factors have contributed positively towards cultural diversity. However, they have contributed to issues of racism and discrimination (Schaefer, 2011). This paper analyzes the issue of white privilege. This issue has been notorious for sparking conflicts between races in the in America. This paper focuses […]

The Problem of the Racial Inequality in US

Introduction The United States is one of the nations where racial discrimination has been a common practice for a very long time. However, there has been a concerted effort in this society to fight this vice. This country is composed of people of different races. Many people from other nations around the world have acquired […]

African Americans and Hispanics

The minority groups in the United States still face a lot challenges that are yet to be solved. African Americans and Hispanics are the most affected minority groups when it comes to inequality and discrimination (Free, 2003). The African American community still encounters racial and economic discrimination within the American society. The past governments have […]

Barrack Obama and race in politics and culture

Introduction The United States is considered the most developed and sophisticated nation in the world due to its democratic institutions, culture and processes. However, very few people will recall the black days and events that engulfed this nation before and after the First World War. Today, Barrack Obama is the president of this most powerful […]

A Comparative Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Stratification in the US and Canada

Introduction United States (US) and Canada share many political, economic, and social ties. Both countries have also experienced similar changes in their immigration policies as they have welcomed immigrants as permanent residents in their countries. Starting from the early sixties, and gradually through the century, both the US and Canada have changed their immigration policies […]

Comparative essay on race stratification

Introduction Minority isolation is a stark reality in North America. However, its manifestation and magnitude differs tremendously between Canada and the US. While Canada has ethnic enclaves, its housing patterns do not represent the extreme stigmatization and isolation that is prevalent in US ghettos. In fact, research shows that the prevalence of racialized ghettos in […]

Racial Inequality in America in 1998

Racial inequality in the United States is still a contentious issue. The demographic population of the US may be a possible explanation for this social ill because as commentator Ben Wattenberg importunes, the United States has become the “world’s first multinational society” (Lee, 2012, p. 2). Today, most nations across the world look up to […]

Racism and Segregation in the United States

History is the recorded instances in time that describe events and the major actors are people. The way they treat each other reflects on everything that surrounds them and causes changes in the world and how future generations turn out. Racism and segregation of many different peoples have been known to exist for a long […]

Racial Tension in the US

Introduction This essay highlights three recent cases (2013) of racial tension in the US. Racism has deep roots in the US history. One can trace it from the period of slavery. Despite efforts to eradicate it, racism persists until now in the US. Students at Hopkins High School have claimed that there are racial issues […]

Treating Race and Ethnicity in History

The fact that American history is strongly associated with racial and ethnic issues in undeniable. Over the centuries, the migrated ethnic groups faced rigid discrimination on the part of dominating population. The indigenous population of America also confronted significant social and cultural pressure on the part of white people coming from Europe. The point is […]

Race and Discrimination

The term race refers to different things in the contemporary society. Individuals view it from an aspect of social interactions, physical appearances, genetics and culture. Experts who look into issues of race assert that race refers to biological differences that exist between and among individuals. They judge these differences according to physical appearance and internal […]