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Racism Essay Examples and Topics

Class and Race Barriers in America: Can We Overcome?

He was shoveling snow in front of a beautiful home, located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Connecticut. Third, even after he introduced himself as the homeowner, there was still a certain level of [...]

Racism in Australian Football League Sporting Clubs

In the context of the Australian environment, the readiness to accept the ideas of racial tolerance and cultural diversity can be considered the key assets. The theory of ethnocentrism can be used to analyze the [...]

Race Factor in University Admission Decisions

According to Wilkins, the reason why the deployment of 'affirmative action' in places of learning is being lawful is that: It allows academic institutions to recruit potential students out of 'society's rock bottom'; "Affirmative action...engages [...]

Identity Politics in American Writers’ Arguments

The general shift from the acknowledgment of inequality of individuals and households within the wide American spectra was an affirmation that the politics of identity had succeeded in compelling the elites to "love identity politics" [...]

Racial Discrimination in Australian Society

My sincerity and conviction on the issue of racial slurs convinced him that I was a champion of human rights, especially the rights of the minorities in the society.

Profiling as a Security Measure or Racist Activity

Profiling is a racist act in that it discriminates against certain people based on their race. Profiling is a racist act because it discriminates against people based on their race and ethnicity.

Identity Development Theories

The stages of the model provide an explicit interracial experience as a source of trigger that leads to the development of racial identity.

Racial Discrimination Forms Against Afro-Americas

The unfortunate racist quality to the functioning of the system of criminal justice in the U.S. As a result, the intensity of racial riots in the U.S.continues to rise.

Douglas’s Speech “What the Black Man Wants”

While arguments of the inferiority of the Negro were being used to deny them their rightful place in the nation, Douglas asserted that it was rather the humiliation that his race had had to endure [...]

White Privilege and Racism in American Society

It is also possible not to notice that White people are widely covered in the media, and the color of their skin is viewed as "normal" and "usual".

Racism, Privilege and Stereotyping Concepts

A privilege can be described as an unearned benefit or a set of those, which one group of people is given with, and the other one is deprived of.

American Race Relations as a Social Construct

However, in contemporary times of supposed equality and acceptance, bigotry has become more covert and intractable.*Race relations in modern America are defined by institutionalized racism that has been masked under the means of microaggressions and [...]

Racial Disparities in American Justice System

The premise suggests that people do not want to believe that there is racial bias in the system, to the point that they are not comfortable discussing solutions to the problem.

Kansas State University Community’s Racism Issues

It is good that the management of the institution moved with speed and expelled the students as a way of reassuring the public that racism is not tolerated in this institution.

Racism Against Roma and Afro-American People

The government proclaimed wars on drugs and criminality, which eventually lead to the incarceration of people of color. These people were unable to get a well-paid job and had to seek other income sources because [...]

Classism as a Complex Issue of Discrimination

Classism is not an issue that affects just a small sector of the population. To facilitate justice in society, the issue of classism needs to be studied.

Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real About Race in School

The book "Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real About Race in School" by Mica Pollock was written for the purpose of presenting a very thorough and detailed discussion of the issues of race and the problems of [...]

Courageous Conversations about Race

The ideas of the authors imply that teachers and school administrators need to begin the reevaluation of the rules and laws practices in their workplaces in regard to the effects they produce on different groups [...]

Black Men in Media

One of the most prominent peculiarities of a contemporary living in the US has to do with the fact that, as time goes on, the racial tensions undermine the integrity of American society from within.

Clint Smith and Vernā Myers’ Views on Racial Inequality

Clint Smith and Vern Myers both argued that the modern American society had to overcome its biases against black people using pathos, ethos, and logos to make their argument appeal to their audiences and evoke [...]

Impact of Racism as a Social Determinant of Health

In the context of the direct and indirect impact of racism as one of the contributors to shaping social determinants of health, it has been identified that health outcomes of Aboriginal Australians were directly influenced [...]

The Problem of Racism in Brazilian Football

Skidmore describes it as the relationships that could result into conflict and consciousness and determination of the people's status in a community or a particular group. In football, racism damages pride of the players and [...]

The Problem of Racism and Injustice

In particular, I agree with his determination to change the situation and to eradicate racism, however, I partially agree with his opinion about faith and making what he thinks is right, and, finally, I do [...]

Race and Education Level Relationships

Some of the underlying issues include segregation, lack of development in the education sector within the poor neighborhoods inhabited by the racial minorities, and the effect of social class on race and opportunities.

Racism as the Epitome of Moral Bankruptcy

The phenomenon of racism does not stand any criticism as the principle of a social hierarchy form all ethical frameworks, including Kantian and Utilitarian philosophies since it undermines the very basis of inherent worth as [...]

Racial Segregation in the Educational Context

In the article You are Either One of Us or You are Not: Racial Hierarchy and Non-Black Members of Black-Greek Letter Organizations, the authors address the problems of "racial segregation" in the educational context that [...]

Women of Color in American Beauty Perception

Occurrences in the recent past might imply that the typical achievement of the present generation of black female rappers is an indication of advancement while assessing how the womanhood of the women of color has [...]

African-American and Muslim-American Experiences

The racial policy of the United States has long historical roots, beginning with the oppression of the Indigenous population of America their persecution, massacres, and the creation of reservations.

Gentrification and Racial Bias in San Francisco

One of the main conclusions of this paper suggests that gentrification is closely related to racial stereotyping and a lack of respect for the needs of the lower layers of society, especially non-White communities, who [...]

What Racial Issues Exist in America Today?

The "immigration rates experienced over the past three centuries have made the United States one of the most racially-diverse nations in the globe".

Education Improving Race Relations

The last argument is embedded in the fact that education provides individuals with the skills and competencies to understand race and racial relations as mere social constructions that are not in any way biologically or [...]

Race in the United States and the Dominican Republic

The two nations chosen for the comparison are the United States of America and the Dominican Republic. As almost every person in the world knows, America is the most loyal country in the world, where [...]

Social Inequality in Australia

This paper seeks to interrogate the presence of social inequality and discrimination in Australia, focusing especially on the social disadvantages that are faced by the indigenous people as a result of it.

Asian Men and Black Women in Popular Magazines

The article "Invisibility of Asian men and Black women in popular magazines" explores the theme of racial stereotypes referring to the gendered component.

Racial Formation Theory in American History

The micro and macro-level social relations blur the border of the race and explain the particular phenomenon in terms of human racial identity.

Racial Tension in Hurston’s and Henderson’s Works

In her last paragraph, Zora Neale Hurston presents an optimistic view of race in America that echoes the idea of a melting pot; unfortunately, this is not the case, and George Henderson shows the falsity [...]

African Americans’ Oppression and Stereotypes

Moreover, the paper will provide insight into the role of social workers in the process of handling these challenges and determine the benefits of this experience for the further professional activities.

Native American Imagery Causing Prejudice

The concept of the Native people as savages and their implementation in business and commerce creates barriers to the development of the basis for moral respect.

Argument for Black Lives Matter

The movement was critical of Black Lives Matter because of the latter's anti-police messages and agenda and exaggerating the problem of police brutality in the United States.

Racial Slurs in the United States

Racial slurs remain one of the most significant problems in the territory of the United States of America. The following paper covers the particular results of this survey and will provide additional information about the [...]

Systemic Oppression and Racial Inequality

The purpose of the present paper is to review and evaluate the arguments presented by the authors writing about the concepts of racial inequality and oppression.

Racial Prejudice in China

Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has been considered as the world's superpower nation. Just like other Confucian states, China is viewed as a societal institution; this brings in the [...]

The Different Faces of Rankism

The powerful and successful are referred to as the "somebodies" whereas the weak and vulnerable are known as the "nobodies". The two major groups of people in such a society are the "Somebodies" and the [...]

Racial Discrimination in Employment in the US

Another problem is that some individuals believe that it is necessary to make sure that additional measures of safety are taken in case people of color are present in the workplace.

Racial and Criminal Profiling

This paper is dedicated to studying the phenomenon of racial profiling, giving definitions for key terms associated with the problem, and assessing the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement practices. While the term is [...]

Racism in Media and Objective Coverage

Sanders, for example, indicates that the portrayal of black people in the media in the 1980s and 1990s was "demonizing," and the outcomes of such demonization included the negative attitude to the people of color [...]

Racist Chant at Oklahoma University and Fraternity

Some students were expelled from the university since they were the leaders during the racist chant that was sung on the bus. The Message in the racist was against the Blacks to participate in the [...]

Race Perception in American and Nigerian Cultures

In some parts of the world, racial discrimination is particularly rampant and it results to loss of lives. In fact, in some states it was impossible for blacks to get any form of employment.

Racism Elimination and Sociological Strategies

The analysis of sociological theory exploring racism and sociological strategies for combating it helps to understand that sociology plays an important role in reducing the manifestations of racism in communities across the globe.

Ethnicity and Justice in the United States

Although the unceasing fight for equality, which has been going in the United States since the Civil War, has brought a range of fruitful results, the effects of the equity movements are still somewhat lackluster, [...]

“Nigger” as a Racially Directed Slur

The word 'nigger' is derived from a Portuguese word 'negro' that is used to refer to black. On the other hand, the use of the N-word today is not connected to slavery, which happened many [...]

Racial and Cultural Diversity in the 21st Century

The development of cultural awareness is essential for every advocate and leader, and it is an intrinsic part of the professional competence which is liable for the successful communication, maintenance of objectivity, and compliance with [...]

Race, Ethnicity and Disasters in the United States

The article by Fothergill, Maestas, and Darlington examines the issues of race and ethnicity on the example of natural disaster research and addresses the existing challenges and corresponding solutions.

Police ‘Shooter Bias’ Against African-Americans

Certain police officers seem to be biased against African-Americans, as the latter is reported to be far more likely to be shot than detained compared to white people.

Racial Identity Development Model

At the fifth stage, there is a successful resolution of racial identity for Latinos attain complete acceptance of their ethnicity and race.

Social and Cultural Diversity and Racism

The best and experienced teachers were always taken to the schools of the whites, while on the other hand, the black kids had the most inexperienced teachers.

White Privilege: History and Understanding

That said: White privilege is an institutional set of benefits granted to those of us who, by race, resemble the people who dominate the powerful positions [and] have greater access to power and resources than [...]

Does Unconscious Racism Exist by Lincoln Quillian

The country, however, has made tremendous progress towards stemming from the vice, which culminated in the election of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. In the article, the author reviews some [...]

Muslims in the US: Prejudice and Discrimination

In the United States, for instance, the whites discriminate the black people to shield them from political positions, access to employment and health services, and other opportunities that are freely and easily accessible to the [...]

Racism and Discrimination in Religion Context

It is based on these passages, as well as numerous others, that the stance of the church has been one of tolerance of differences, the celebration of the unique and the acceptance that we are [...]

LULAC: Efforts to Promote Racial Equality

However, even after the official acceptance of Hispanic people as citizens with the full access to the civil rights and liberties, LULAC is still essential for the promotion of racial equality.

Racial Profiling in the United States

Shelby reveals that the effects of such events have been seen in the reduced number of crimes that have improved the quality of life in the US.

American Society’s Racist and Sexist Traits

American society can be considered as having both racist and sexist traits yet are not as overt as they were prior to the start of the American Civil Rights Movement during the mid 1900s and [...]

Eliminating Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes

Racial stereotypes are a complex of the misimpression and the prejudice one group of people has against the other. He does not contradistinguish himself of the society but tries to tell people he is also [...]

Race and Ethnic Groups Diversity in America

The group makes the racial majority with 77% of the US population. This state of play was based on matters such as segregations, favoritisms, and inequality in resource distribution The interviewing involved a one on [...]

Discrimination in the USA: Cases and Policies

Discrimination affects the victims to the extent that they are not able to participate fully in a group, or they are not able to behave the way they should in the group. The movement was [...]

Affirmative Action Policy Pros and Cons

Women and ethnic minority groups are subjects of discrimination and exclusion especially in the labor and education sectors. The introduction of affirmative action abolished this lack of access to education and gave minority groups an [...]

Racism in the Setting the Rising Sun Postcard

Analyzing the postcard entitled: "Setting the Rising Sun" requires background information on racism and the significance of the surprise attack of Pearl Harbor on the general consciousness of the American people. It is easy to [...]

Racial and Ethnic Conflicts in “The Help” Film

The theories developed by the researchers help individuals to better understand the complex nature of the environment they live in. The phenomena will be analyzed in the context of the movie "The Help".

Dominant Ideology and Contradiction

America was no exception to dominant ideologies and contradictions long before the period of the Declaration of Independence to present days.

“Racist Love” by Frank Chin and Jeffery Paul Chan

The authors of the article "Racist Love" offer useful arguments to describe the impacts of racism. The existence of resistance by the minority also describes the nature of racism.

The Effects of Racism on Learners Academic Outcomes

Many studies that have been conducted to investigate the causes of poor performance outcomes among African-American students, especially those who come from poor economic backgrounds.

Does Racism and Discrimination Still Exist Today?

This fact explains why racism and discrimination are inseparable in many parts of the globe. Sex discrimination continues to affect the goals and expectations of many women in our society.

White Privilege, Its History and Modern State

The matter of white privilege is especially acute for the people of other races who experience it in every sphere of life from unskilled work to art and the most complex scientific research.

English Literature Impact on Racism Among Africans

Examining the topic of race and racism in language has not been a grave issue in the recent years, particularly because most of the discourse experts are whites.

Race Mixture in Nakashima’s An Invisible Monster

The article under consideration exemplifies the attempts of the American society to overcome the pressure of multi-racism through creating the scientific background for rejecting the idea of mixed-race people.

“The Cosmopolitan Canopy” a Book by Elijah Anderson

The difference in interaction is mostly as a result of the background of individuals living in the area. Anderson demonstrates the mood of racial discrimination and civility cosmopolitanism in the Philadelphia City Center.

Race Understanding Concept

This is because the concept of race has a negative connotation in the society. For example in some societies, especially the western society; the concept of race implies un-fair treatment and discrimination of a particular [...]

Jerrell Shofner’s Views on the Racial Discrimination

Thus, the illegal treatment of the colored workers, their oppression, and the issue of the forced labor in relation to the absence of payments, the developed system of fines, the impossibility to break the agreement, [...]

Racial and Social Class in South Africa

No doubt, the anti-apartheid movement was found and directed mainly to oppose the racial segregation in South Africa, but racial segregation in the country defined everything else notably; the economic and social status of the [...]

The Evolution of the Race Meaning

The natural evolvement of people biologically, shows that there is no difference in the levels of development of certain nations and so, the concepts of race and its qualities are completely constructed by the society.

Toys Influence on Gender and Racial Socialisation

Toys could be black or white, and this brings about racial affiliations which may have adverse effects on the children and their socialization in the long term, depending on how the toys are acquired and [...]

Relationship Between Racial Identity and Religion

Furthermore, the alignment of African-Americans to the Egyptian Coptic Church and Ethiopian Orthodox Church especially in North America can be traced back to the close identification of African-Americans to the only independent and black nation [...]

Prejudice and Discrimination Reduction Prospects

Famed as the conflict theory, this situation to a large extent results in the springing up of these social ills since one group of individuals tends to believe that they are better than the others [...]