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  1. African American Studies
    The studies ought to apply distinctive and appropriate analytical techniques that assist in studying of specific circumstances that captures and accounts for experiences of all the major societies of the African Diaspora especially outside the […]
  2. African Americans in America’s Prison Systems
    Statistics by various federal bureaus about the incarceration rates in United States reveals that there is a steady rise on the number of crimes and this is the reason why U.S.prisons experience a constant increase […]
  3. African Americans: The Legacy of Slavery in the U.S.
    This paper is about the slavery and the struggles that the slaves underwent and the revolution that took place in a bid to have the slaves freed and pronounced as equal American citizens.
  4. African American Literary Analysis Review
    Illustrating the plights of African-Americans, Edward Jones’ story, “lost in the city” describes the discontentment of Africans amid the White community.
  5. Perspectives in African American History and Culture
    The point is that a person has both, mind and body, and if a person could not accept the idea of being enslaved, he/she was not a slave.
  6. African Americans: Race and Ethnicity Identification
    For example, Oprah Winfrey, the media personality, producer, critic, and actress is considered to be of the richest African American people in the world.
  7. The African American Civil rights movement
    During the 1960s notable achievements were made including the passage of a Civil rights Act in 1964 that outlawed any form of discrimination towards people of a different “race, color or national origin in employment […]
  8. The Impact of Black Codes, Jim Crow, and Segregation on African Americans in the United States
    Slavery had various social, economic cultural and political implications for both the African Americans and the Whites after the civil war and in as much as it was officially abolished by the Lincoln administration, the […]
  9. How the Movie Crash Presents the African Americans
    Another aim that Haggis achieves in the movie is to reveal to the audience the different roles that each of the many races play in the modern America.
  10. African American Ethnic Group
    The environmental setup of the black people in America did not allow them to question the deeds of the white man and the inequalities they met.
  11. Latinos and African Americans: Friends or Foes?
    The People with Two Hearts: Between American and Spain One of the most peculiar things about the Latin Americans, or Hispanics, is the fact that they manage to keep their culture highly worshipped and yet […]
  12. Courting Practices between African Americans and Caucasian Americans
    The courtship practices of African American men who were mostly in their twenties and lacked any form of employment or respect in mainstream society were characterized to practice deceit, violence and disrespect against women. According […]
  13. The Historical Progression of African Americans During 1865-2011
    This was the beginning of the reconstruction era and urgency by African Americans to engage in politics so as to have their own voice and fight for their rights.
  14. African American Women and the Struggle for Racial Equality
    Thus, Sanders depicts the major activities and achievements of the most influential representatives of female fighters for equality. To my mind, in the very end of the article Sanders is too imprecise.
  15. The Journey of African American Rights Movements
    Among the most oppressed and discriminated races in America were the Americans of African origin in most of places they were seen as servant by the whites and most of them used to work in […]
  16. Effects of Alcohol on African American Teens
    Previous studies involving comparisons of drinking patterns and their effects upon the white and African Americans reveal that alcohol is the most abused drug among the African American youth.
  17. African Americans’ Struggle against Segregation and Isolation
    In order to understand the struggle of African Americans to achieve equality in America, it is important to go back to the starting point.
  18. Domestic Violence in the African American Community
    Previous research has suggested this due to the many causes and effects that are experienced by the members and especially the male members of the African American community.
  19. Economic and Social Inequalities in the United States between Whites, Asian Americans, Hispanics and African Americans
    Although, there are similarities in the wellbeing of whites and Asian American, Asian Americans are still seen as foreigners. However, to further isolate them, they are indentified with a tag inclined to the origin of […]
  20. HIV/AIDS among African Americans
    As the cases of the disease continued to increase unabated among African Americans, the government and health care system had to revise their preventive strategies to help in combating the epidemic.
  21. Importance of the church to African Americans
    Many of them appreciate the sense of acceptance that they get in churches and the feeling that others care for them.
  22. The Role of African American Churches
    Several studies conducted on the role of the church as a correctional facility in the community revealed that the presence of a strong church in the African American community helped to minimize instances of crime.
  23. Population Health Assessment: The African Americans in Brooklyn
    The local authorities and the police represent the arm of the government in this community. The minority group in this community is the Hispanics who represent 10% of the entire population.
  24. Environmental Justice Issues Affecting African Americans: Water Pollution
    Water pollution in the 1960s occurred due to poor sewage systems in the urban and rural areas. Unlike in the 1960s, there are reduced cases of water pollution today.
  25. Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction Among African American Male Adolescents
    Among African American adolescents, there is high prevalence of abuse and addiction with regard to pharmaceutical drugs. There are numerous research undertakings with regard to the issue of abuse and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.
  26. African Americans and Hispanics
    All the challenges facing African Americans and Hispanics have been there for a very long time and the authorities do not seem to care the plight of these groups.
  27. African Americans-Prejudice and Discrimination
    This began during the civil war in which African Americans stood to fight against prejudice and discrimination. It is undeniable that African Americans have faced many challenges in the U.S.ranging from prejudice to racial discrimination.
  28. The African American Family
    As described in the “The Union of Two for Life and Jake” men and women were together, went through joy and sadness, tears and hardships, but managed to survive and look into the future.
  29. Racial Injustices and the Cost of Civil War: The African American Perspective
    Owing to the fact that academic interest in the Civil War has grown substantially in recent years, it is of immense importance to look into the racial injustices and the cost of Civil War from […]
  30. African American Theater
    Black people in America have basically subdued several forms of subjugation in the community and this can be attributed to the African American Theater.
  31. The Nature and Course of the African American Experience Between 1850 and 1915 was a Historical Change
    It was characterized by historic events that served to change the course of the African American from that of being dominated upon in economic, social, and cultural affairs to that of emancipation in these areas.
  32. Impact of Race, Gender and Place/Location on the shape and course of the African American experience between 1860 and 1915
    Secondly the few schools that were in existence were mostly established as a result of pity for the African American, and were only meant to teach them basic of reading and writing without emphasizing on […]
  33. African American Political History
    The advent of organizations like the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is widely perceived as necessary for this advancement of African Americans. This is what makes the organizations pivotal to the advancement of […]
  34. Experiences of Japanese Americans and African Americans
    Since the first Issei arrived and settled in Hawaii and California in the 19th century, they have contributed immensely to the political, social and economic development of the United States of America.
  35. African American Literature and Parody
    The pleasure of parody’s irony comes not from humor in particular but from the degree of engagement of the reader in the intertextual bouncing between complicity and distance.
  36. African Americans: Immigration and Ethnic Relations
    One of the most controversial aspects of the issue is that African Americans had to endure forced immigration. It is important to note that African Americans had to face lots of issues in a variety […]
  37. History of African Americans
    The readings that are going to be discussed in the paper tell the history of African Americans, their struggles for civil rights, and their integration into the social and political life of the country.
  38. African American Vernacular English Study
    Therefore, the African American variety of English language refers not only to grammar and vocabulary attributes that make the differences, but also to social and cultural dimension they form in society.

👍 Good Essay Topics on African Americans

  1. African Americans as ‘Outsiders or ‘Others’ in Society
    The poem relates to the history and heritage of African Americans as Hughes compares them to some of the greatest rivers of the world.
  2. African American Culture Psychological Processes
    The evolutionary perspectives of the African American community are mostly based on their survival from the period of slavery to the period of racial discrimination and segregation in America.
  3. Coronary Heart Diseases in African Americans: Intervention Plan
    The lack of patients and community involvement in the development of prevention strategies hinders the fight against coronary heart diseases in African Americans.
  4. African American Soldier in American Revolution
    It was revealed that the blacks were behind the American’s liberation from the British colonial rule, and this was witnessed with Ned Hector’s brevity to salvage his army at the battle of Brandywine.
  5. Miles Davis contribution to African American music
    Using this band, Miles was able to make the first significant contribution to jazz music through his album “The Birth of Cool”.
  6. African Americans: Race and Ethnic Discrimination
    This group also remains one of the most discriminated even though the struggle of the 1960s has resulted in a number of improvements for African Americans. At that, there is tension based on issues associated […]
  7. Literacy Instruction for African American Students
    The research results state that the process of literacy instruction is hindered to an impressive degree by the misunderstandings between teachers and students due to the language issues.
  8. African Americans Problems in the Education Sector
    There is also a major revamp of the education system for the African Americans due to the reportedly high rates of dropouts both at primary and secondary levels.
  9. Participation in Clinical Trials by African Americans
    The main goal of this study is to ascertain the reasons behind the low participation of African Americans in clinical trials.
  10. African American Women Writers
    It makes people realize that she has deeply felt the pain and this gives her an understanding of others, and that reflects in her writing.”The Song in the Front Yard” shows an attitude of a […]
  11. Protests of African American Women Writers
    The poem is about a mother’s regret of losing her child and her vow to take care of her children in the future.
  12. Decreasing Health Disparities Among African Americans
    There is a need to eliminate this mistrust that is in existence in this country as a way of providing ethics in the healthcare sector.
  13. The Role of African American Women in the Civil Right Movement
    The role of women in the Civil Rights Movement started to change in the 1960s. Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers.
  14. African Americans Community and Family
    From the discussion, it is evident that the community and family formed central pillars in the lives of African Americans, especially in terms of helping them to maintain their identity, focus on their political and […]
  15. African American History and Its Importance in Modern Days
    Without a clear understanding of this part of history, slavery would not have evolved to the current citizenship, freedom and human rights that we enjoy in our constitution.
  16. African Americans Problems in Modern Age
    In this work he tries to outline the problem and trace it on the background of the history of the USA.
  17. African American Soldiers during Vietnam War
    In the 1960s and 70s, African Americans battled racial discrimination at home in the United States but also faced similar if not the same tension as a member of the Armed Forces while fighting in […]
  18. The Image of African Americans in Media
    Ethnography was chosen as a research method, whereas the analysis of the existing studies of the representation of African Americans in modern and traditional media was used as the means of retrieving the data.
  19. The African American and Maasai Culture as a Co-Culture
    According to their culture and tradition, it is the role of women to construct the huts. According to the culture and traditions of the Maasai, circumcision is valued as the most significant initiation process among […]
  20. African Americans in the American Revolution
    Both the slave masters and the British colonizers sought the help of the African Americans during the American Revolution. The revolutionary nature of the American Revolution did not resonate with both the free and enslaved […]
  21. Disproportionate Incarceration of African American Men
    Owing to the long period of incarceration and the crackdown on drug traffickers, the criminal justice system has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.
  22. African Americans in Langston Hughes’s Poems
    The tone and spirit of the poems display the author’s frustration with the fate of African Americans. In addition, because the poem is the brightest example of Harlem period, the presence of musical elements contributes […]
  23. African Americans Stereotypes in Editorial Cartoons
    In the past, media critics have alleged that African Americans are prejudiced and underrepresented in the media industry. In the research questions, the article below analyses how African Americans are depicted in editorial cartoons and […]
  24. Heart Disease in African Americans: Intervention
    According to the tests carried out among the target denizens of the population, 78% of the African Americans were in the risk area due to their unhealthy lifestyles, particularly improper dieting.
  25. History of Higher Education for African Americans
    Even if I had the opportunity to participate in higher education, I could not have managed to take advantage of it since it was expensive, and I would have nothing to eat after school.
  26. Harlem Renaissance: African American Art
    The use of OBSCURA cameras was one of the strategies that advanced the works of art that several artists of the time executed.
  27. Breast Cancer Awareness Among African Americans
    There are reasons that motivate women to seek mammography for example the belief that early detection will enable them treat the cancer in early stages, and their trust for the safety of mammogram. Social marketing […]
  28. How Does Obesity Affect African American Youth?
    The effect of obesity in African American children from the age of 5 to 18 years. What are the indirect effects of obesity on African American children?
  29. Education for African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes
    The topic of the research is the influence of education on the life and patient care of African Americans with type 2 diabetes.
  30. Peripheral Vascular Disease in African American Women
    Peripheral vascular disease refers to any “disease or disorder of the circulatory system that takes blood to the brain and heart”. A majority of the African American women that suffer from peripheral vascular disease do […]
  31. The Effects of Obesity on African American Children
    The primary purpose of this research study is to establish the effects of obesity among the African American children. Therefore, the goal of this research project is to establish the primary and secondary effects of […]
  32. The African American Woman’ Identity
    The paper will bring out the meaning of interlocking nature of oppression in relation to African American identity and how racial identity intersect with other aspects of identity such as gender and sexuality.
  33. African American Woman: Health Issues’ Case
    History of Present Illness: As for the history of the present condition, the patient claims that she has never had similar symptoms.
  34. African American Vernacular English and Standards
    This is the most common language in the world, in terms of the number of countries speaking it, and the second most spoken language, in terms of the number of people.
  35. African Americans’ Unemployment Rate in 2014
    The African American racial group has the highest rate of unemployment in the United States, continuing a longstanding pattern whereby Blacks always find themselves at the periphery of the American labor force.
  36. Jim Crow Laws for African Americans in the South
    Monroe remembered the time when a famous black musician was unable to sleep in one of the hotels in downtown Alabama because colored people were not allowed to avail of the said accommodation.
  37. African American Sociology, Psychology, History
    Rather, it has to do with the ongoing progress in the field of empirical science, which in turn causes more and people to doubt the appropriateness of the Eurocentric approach to addressing the issues of […]
  38. Robert R. Moton’s Role in African American History
    In conclusion, this article has helped to get a better understanding of the topic and what events took place at that time.

📌 Most Interesting African Americans Topics to Write about

  1. African Americans in Du Bois’ vs. Washington’s Views
    The author emphasizes the humanity, passion, and strength of the African American citizen despite the challenges experienced by the race in the country.
  2. Criminal Injustice Towards African Americans
    Most of the jails in the country are a common habitation of the black community as they for a huge percentage of the total who are behind the bars.
  3. African Americans’ Oppression and Stereotypes
    Moreover, the paper will provide insight into the role of social workers in the process of handling these challenges and determine the benefits of this experience for the further professional activities.
  4. Hypertension Control Among African Americans
    A randomized control trial and the presence of a control group with traditional blood pressure monitoring were established as the inclusion criteria for the initial search.
  5. King Jr. and Malcolm X in African American History
    Malcolm was able to sell his ideas to the African Americans in various meetings in the streets of Harlem and in major universities across the United States.
  6. Hypertension Effects on the African American Population
    As communication is believed to be one of the major components of disease prevention, the authors of the study and the campaign decided that the church as one of the most trusted institutions among African […]
  7. Prostate Cancer Among African American Men in New York
    An article “Study of the Relationship Between Black Men, Culture and Prostate Cancer Beliefs” written by Machirori, Patch, and Metcalfe and published in Cogent Medicine explores the ideas that Black men have about prostate cancer.
  8. African American Adolescent Patient’s Condition
    In the case under analysis, the issue of the generalized anxiety disorder is explored. Last year, X’s mother had to apply for the second job due to financial constraints, which led to a drop in […]
  9. HIV Rates Among African American Women
    For instance, the CDC introduced the HIV Surveillance and Prevention Funding program aimed to promote HIV testing among people of all ages and ethnicities, and expansion of access to HIV testing services.
  10. HIV Testing Among African American Women
    The expected long-term measurable goal of the initiative is the reduction of HIV incidence among the members of the target group.
  11. African American Literature Digest Continued
    The principal theses of the article are easy to enumerate; these are the origin of the African American literature, the stages of its development, its most famous writers and their impact on the literature and […]
  12. The Politics of Theorizing African American Families
    The main questions asked by the author in the work are the role of slavery and racial oppression to influence the aspects of the African American family’s progress in the sociological perspective; the effects of […]
  13. African American Family in the “Soul Food” Movie
    The family in the movie, called Joseph’s family, consists of Big Mama, the head of the family, who has three daughters: Terri, Bird and Maxine.
  14. African American Family Cultural Background
    They have a unique culture that is characterized by a unique parenting style, structure of the family, the role of gender in the family, and their views on marriage.
  15. The Impact of Poverty in African American Communities
    At the time of the Great Migration, many of the northern African American communities contended with the context of poverty and the reality of residential segregation as the ghetto slowly began to form, and Black […]
  16. African American History After Reconstruction
    The bureau also helped champion African Americans’ rights by pushing for the 14th and 15th amendments of the constitution that would give African Americans voting rights.
  17. African American History in the 20th Century
    The NAACP was radical since it fought many legal battles and fought against ideologies of some of the most prominent African American leaders like those of the late Booker Washington and the government.
  18. African American Greek Sororities in Colleges
    The National Pan-Hellenic Council is a national organization that comprises nine African American Greek sororities and fraternities. The members of this organization are usually referred to as the ‘Divine 9’ and include: Alpha Kappa Alpha […]
  19. Racism in African American Studies and History
    This implied that most of the freed African American slaves who had no masters found it easier to sojourn in the lower south than traverse the long distance to the slave-free states in the north.
  20. African American Religious Communities in the US
    The importance of humanity in United States was highly promoted by these African American communities, through their services to their fellow Christians.
  21. African Americans’ Representation in Today’s Media
    Trailer trash depictions of their lifestyle and outlook in life were often seen as the reality of these people by the viewers, thus affecting the image of the race across the board.
  22. Irish Tap Dancing in African American Culture
    Because of the negative effects of cultural appropriation and the continuous influences of other cultures, the African American dance has been affected by the borrowings of its key techniques by the Irish culture.”Velocity” is a […]
  23. African American History of Struggle for Freedom
    The history of the Jacksons Rainbow coalition shows the rise of the support of the African American politicians in the Democratic party.
  24. Stress Among African American College Students
    Although each article has a different approach, the focus of the investigation, and methods, all of them are more or less related to the topic of the negative effect of stress on African American college […]
  25. Diabetes Education for African American Women
    The present paper aims to identify health promotion and disease prevention issues specific to the selected group and develop a plan of teaching for these females.
  26. Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on African Americans
    From the perspective of the social order, to live as an African American in the United States, and New Orleans in particular can mean risks of becoming a victim of violence, rape, and even murders […]
  27. Cardiovascular Disease in African American Women: Reasons
    In order to understand the reason for heart disease being a health disparity amongst African American women, it is essential to focus on the behaviors within this population that may be affecting their health directly.
  28. Combating Heart Disease in the African American Community of Kings County, NY
    Accordingly, people should be aware of the optimal parameters of a healthy person, and the popularization of physical activity, along with the correction of eating habits, can be a valuable way to achieve positive results.
  29. African American Males in Higher Education
    The programs seem to affect these blacks as they lack the right to complain concerning the education they get and thus they end up performing any job in the country that is of low ranks.
  30. Two Movements in African American
    Abolitionist movement which began between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War was a great mobilization of efforts of black people to abolish the slavery both in the United States and in other countries that […]
  31. Cultural Diversity: Mexican Americans and African Americans
    Where most of the people have immigrated to America in pursuit of the “American Dream” of success, others have been forced into this country as slaves of the natives.
  32. Underground Railroad and African American Families
    The routes of escaping were usually many, and the participants of the Underground railroad had a specific part of the operation.
  33. Whiteness Privilege: African American Socioeconomic Gap
    In addition to the increased access to services and the ability to climb the ladder of success, the removal of restrictions served to assure that African Americans can live in the more “desirable” neighborhoods.
  34. African American Umpires in the Negro Leagues
    The roles of the minor leaguers are to develop and to prepare the young players to participant in big leagues and to ensure that they carry out local businesses successful.
  35. Defence Made by the African American Slaves
    Those who ran away in the forests and wilderness of the undeveloped parts of the country were termed as “marooned” slaves.
  36. Vietnam War Perceptions of African American Leaders
    Externally, the country was embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam and internally, rejection of the ‘establishment’ typified by the ‘Counter-culture movement’ and the Black Civil rights movement was gaining momentum.
  37. African American Women’s Gender Relations and Experience Under Slavery
    When the New England Confederation was formed in 1643 to promote matters of common concern for the New England Colonies, one provision of the compact was for the rendition of bondservants.
  38. African American Representation in Commercials
    McDonald’s has been a leader in the use of commercials to reach African American consumers, which has been a drastic shift from the traditional approach. McDonald’s has gone to the extent of adopting African American […]

💡 Simple & Easy African Americans Essay Titles

  1. Sources of Stress Among African American Students
    This study may support the earlier report that has highlighted the role of cigarette and alcohol in association with stress. In another study researchers have described the role of racial identity and the consequences of […]
  2. African American Studies: Women’s Local Movements
    In part I of the book, the writer explores the various activities of the African American Women in the civil rights struggle that took place in the first half of the 20th century.
  3. Harlem Renaissance and African American Culture
    The Harlem Reissuance grew after the abolition of slavery and later culminated into a greater force with the consequences brought about by WWI and the change in the cultural and social structure in the American […]
  4. Humanistic Tradition. Women and African Americans’ Fight
    The goals which African Americans and women in post-WWII America pursued were similar because both of them wanted independence and equality with the former wishing to get free from slavery and oppression and the latter […]
  5. Lincoln and African Americans’ Role in the Abolition of Slavery
    This paper seeks to compare and contrast the role of Abraham Lincoln and the African Americans in bringing slavery to an end in the US.
  6. Impact of Philosophies of African American Authors
    The philosophical heritage of the US from the side of African American authors is significant to evaluate on the prospects of freedom, religion, education, and social importance of Black population for the United States.
  7. Infant Deaths Rates in Predominantly African Americans
    The study aims to answer the following research questions: Is there a relationship between maternal education levels and infant mortality rates among the black community?
  8. Mohammed Ali Clay and African Americans
    In addition, Ali Mohammed was a very courageous boxer, who through his courage defeated many opponents and the application of other boxing skills made him a great fighter in the world making him the heavyweight […]
  9. African American Stereotypes Still Reinforced in the Media
    It is through the analysis of film that we can understand the values and ideologies emerging from our culture and gain a glimpse into how the powers that be define us, a sort of ‘single […]
  10. African Americans and Hispanics in New Jersey
    In fact, “African-American history starts in the 1500s with the first Africans coming from Mexico and the Caribbean to the Spanish territories of Florida, Texas, and other parts of the South”.
  11. The Impact of Incarceration in the African American Family
    This race to incarceration is the perfect example of the racism effect in the US systems as more of the African Americans are detained.
  12. African Americans Conspiracy Theory Among About Not Trusting the Government
    They believe that cure for the virus was long discovered but the government bears all the effort of introducing it to the market.
  13. Lynching History of African Americans: An Absurd Illegal Justice System in the 19th Century
    Another attempt to explain the origin of lynch law is that of regulators and moderators. According to Rhodes, this theory is not applicable because the name of the law and order maintenance unit was aregulators’ […]
  14. Creation and Consequence Situation of African Americans
    Our forefathers found their way into the United States as slaves, who had been captured and shipped to work in the various expansive farmlands, such as cotton farms, in the northern and southern regions of […]
  15. Status of Women and Free African Americans
    To begin with, it is necessary to emphasize that the period of American independence was featured with the absence of rights for women and African Americans.
  16. Identity in African American Literature
    The blindfolds enable the boys to hide the truth of their identity from themselves during the fight, but their identities are further warped into acceptance of white domination and black suppression as they scramble for […]
  17. Norms, and Characteristics of African American and Hispanic Living in Florida
    The two minority groups selected for my research are African American people and Hispanic groups with whom I am familiar from my locality.
  18. Culture and Disease: Tuberculosis and African Americans
    In this paper we will discuss in details about tuberculosis and why the African Americans have been thinking of the disease and how different treatment options, cultural beliefs and values have been impacting on the […]
  19. How Slavery Has Affected the Lives and Families of the African Americans?
    This paper will focus on how slavery in the earlier years has affected the lives and families of the African Americans in the year 2009.
  20. The Distribution of African American Workers From 1900-1960
    There was huge discrepancies of occupation of black Americans and the natives in distribution of work as it is has been discussed by which is summarized herein below on the distribution of African American workers […]
  21. The African American Literature
    African American literature during this turbulent period in the lives of African Americans was heavily influenced by the rise in radicalism, enlightenment and the advent of industrialization.
  22. African Americans in the Spanish-American War
    After America witnessed the sinking of the Maine, it became clear that they had to engage in war with the Spaniards. The Spanish American war was crucial to African Americans in a number of ways.
  23. Gwendolyn Brooks, an African American Poet
    Thus, the author always sought to forewarn the youngsters of the negative results of their thoughtless actions and tried to motivate them to gain education and become successful in life.
  24. African American Stereotypes: History and Sources
    Over time I have always held the view that white Americans are superior to the blacks in terms of intelligence and strength.
  25. The African American History: The Historical Weight of 1776
    A number of us, who arrived unexpectedly, became indentured to Virginia masters through a bidding process that was to some extent similar to later slave auctions that would become all in all widespread in the […]
  26. Was Stowe a Racist in Her Presentation of African Americans in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”?
    Among the literature discussing of slavery as one of the blights on the history of the U.S., Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” takes an important yet controversial place.
  27. Racist Presentation of African Americans in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
    Due to the excessive focus on the role of white Americans in the liberation of African American slaves, the novel introduces a rather racist concept of an African American person.
  28. African Americans and Development of Pidgin English
    The African American English possesses features of native, African languages and the American language introduced during the colonial era and handed down through generations as part of a common cultural heritage.
  29. The Color Purple: Oppression and Pain of an African American Woman
    Adapted from Alice Walker’s novel by the same name, the movie delves into the life of a girl who was sexually abused by her father before being sold off to an irresponsible and cruel husband.
  30. Health Reform Influences the Poor, Immigrants, and African Americans
    The physician explained that it was necessary to draw more attention to the health of African Americans to protect whites from the disease.
  31. The American South in African American Authors’ Works
    The complex nature of the relationships between African American authors and the American South as the heart of the U.S.traditions and simultaneously the source of the racist ideology that led to the discriminatory attitudes and […]
  32. Assimilated African Americans: Modern Racist Items
    The wardrobe item with a controversial style was a black balaclava sweater with red fringing in the form of large lips on the collar and an opening for the mouth in the middle.
  33. Fighting for the Rights in African American Studies
    The importance of intersectionality in fighting for the rights of vulnerable groups is undeniable, and it needs to be incorporated into the process of liberation to ensure that no one is left behind.
  34. African Americans Civil Rights Gains
    The 1930s and the 1940s in the U.S.were characterized by continuing discrimination of African Americans in the majority of the spheres of life in the country.
  35. African American Politicians During the Conservative Era
    The struggle of these people yielded significant results for the advancement of African Americans and laid the foundation for further expansion of the rights of black people.
  36. Overweight and Obesity Among African Americans
    One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to be the body’s “sewer system”, drawing toxins from the cells and dumping them into the blood.
  37. African American Lit: “The Heroic Slave” by Frederick Douglass
    Freedom is not that simple, thus Frederick Douglass saw fit to write The Heroic Slave in which he portrays this vision for freedom; the idea of becoming a free man, and using the struggle he […]

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1. IvyPanda. "151 African Americans Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 9, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/african-americans-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda. "151 African Americans Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 9, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/african-americans-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda. 2022. "151 African Americans Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 9, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/african-americans-essay-topics/.


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