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Slavery in America Essay

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Updated: Nov 2nd, 2018

By 1750, most slaves in America were not African born but America born. Several slaves worked in sugar, cotton and tobacco plantation. Very few of these slaves were African born, because the reduction in the importation of slaves from Africa.

Majority of these slaves were born in America, but they were descendants of Africans who were imported in America (Ira 112-115). During this time, there were three slavery systems.

Slavery in South Carolina and Georgia low country was very harsh than the one in the Northern colonies. Most Slaves were imported from Africa to work on sugar, cotton and rice plantations. The slaves were forced to work in very harsh conditions including working in very hot marshy areas. they were affected by tropical diseases such as malaria which led to the death of several slaves.

The number of enslaved population imported from Africa reduced in Chesapeake area, and in the Carolina Georgia low country. By 1750, the Chesapeake had the largest number of slaves in the mainland British America, but the majority of these slaves were American born or the Creoles.

Slaves in Chesapeake enjoyed good working conditions with less exposure to subtropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever (Edmund 111-112). Most of these Slaves were given permission by their slaveholders to have to choose their sex partners and subsequently give birth to children.

Consequently the bearing of children naturally increased the number of slaves in this region leading to a reduction in number of slaves imported from Africa. Children worked with their parents in large plantations and lived with them in the slave cabins. This led to Creole slaves dominating this area (Allan 145-148). As the number of slaves imported from Africa reduced, the slave culture became more American. This led to the formation of African-American communities in America.

The whites less controlled these slaves. They were more exposed to the culture of the whites than those slaves from other regions. The American born slaves introduced Christianity on their traditional ceremonies such as emotional singing, and on death rituals (Edmund 111-112).

The slaves combined their musical instruments with American musical instruments to develop songs that expressed had African rhythm All these led to the development of Africa-American communities in America. The slaves who were born in America developed African American culture out of slavery. The development of afro-American culture had a significant effect on the establishment of African American communities (Ira 112-115).

The new African-American culture influenced children of the white who were put under the care of black servants on the plantations. Many of the African practices, values, and beliefs were blended with white culture. African American traditions were evident in American literature and religion and in other fields. The African American culture developed to become a significant part of American culture.

African American culture led to a transformative impact on the American culture, which developed, into African-American communities (Allan 145-148). The culture of African slaves who were born in America has greatly influenced the American culture. The African-American communities were developed out of the American born slaves in America.

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