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82 Martin Luther King Topics & Essay Examples

Looking for Martin Luther King topics to research? Being one of the most prominent human rights activists in the 20th century, MLK is definitely worth writing about!

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and a civil rights defender who rose to fame in 1955. In his iconic “I have a dream” speech, he talked about civil and economic rights for people of color in the US.

In your Martin Luther King essay, you might want to focus on his ideas and philosophy. Why is MLK considered a hero? How did he change the world? In your paper, you can answer these questions. Another option is to look at the main themes Martin Luther King touched upon in his speeches. One more idea is to analyze the key quotes of MLK. Whether you are assigned an argumentative essay or a research paper, this article will be helpful. It contains a list of catchy MLK essay titles, best Martin Luther King topics, and research questions. Martin Luther King essay examples are added to inspire you even more.

🔝 Top Martin Luther King topics to Write about

  1. Martin Luther King: ideas and philosophy
  2. Why is MLK considered a hero?
  3. The Montgomery bus boycott: the significance
  4. I have a dream: rhetorical analysis
  5. MLK and the idea of peaceful protest
  6. Assassination of Martin Luther King
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. and Christian ideas
  8. Martin Luther King and his views on the Vietnam war
  9. MLK: the role in popular culture
  10. MLK assassination: conspiracy theories

🏆 Best Martin Luther King Essay Examples

  1. “Why We Can’t Wait” a Historical Document by Martin Luther King Jr.
    Many of the exceptional leaders in the past have spent some time in detention centers due to their aspiration to transform the society.
  2. “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Analysis. Martin Luther King Essay
    This letter from Birmingham Jail analysis essay shall highlight some of the issues discussed in the historic letter including King’s reason for being in Birmingham and why he felt compelled to break the law.
  3. Political Theories of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
    The struggle reached a climax in the mid 1960s, and in the midst of it all were two charismatic and articulate leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr.and Malcolm X.
  4. The 95 Theses by Martin Luther
    It involved many major powers in Europe, and the fight is said to have shattered a lot of central Europe land, resulting in permanent changes in European politics and culture.[1] Religious turmoil and warfare is […]
  5. The Black Arts Era: Contributions of Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.
    The era was heralded by the establishment of the Black Arts Movement in Harlem in the decade of the 1960s. Many historians view this movement as the artistic arm of the Black Power movement, representing […]
  6. “Why We can’t Wait” by Martin Luther King (Jr)
    He was quick to emphasize confidently that the reason for writing the letter was not in response to criticism but to the injustice, which was persistent in Birmingham. The letter is a strong response in […]
  7. Comparing Views on the Feminism of Wollstonecraft and Martin Luther King
    This means that if women are given and encouraged to have the same level of education as the men than the society would be a much better place as both the female and male genders […]
  8. Reliability of King’s arguments
    The major conclusion of the part of Martin Luther King’s speech touching upon the issue of Ho Chi Min’s land reform is that this reform was benevolent for the peasants, and can be categorized as […]
  9. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Rhetorical Analysis Essay
    He supports his argument in the next paragraph, where he puts it across that they have been governed by a combination of unjust and just law whereby there is a need to separate the two.
  10. The Dangers of Dogmatism With Approaches Adopted by Martin Luther King Jr and Plato
    Moreover, King justified his pursuit of justice on the streets from the fact that the protests he organized were essentially peaceful and nonviolent; meaning that all he was trying to do was get his message […]
  11. Changing the Unjust Laws: “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
    Therefore, the main aim of the letter was to push for the changing of the unjust laws as well as upholding the Supreme Court ruling of the year 1954.
  12. Martin Luther’s Translation of the Bible
    In fact, Shaff points out that “The spread of this version, imperfect as it was, proves the hunger and thirst of the German people for the pure word of God, and prepared the way for […]
  13. The Fight for Equality in Martin Luther King’s Life and Writings
    The south was defeated and as such one of the effects of the war was to help reconstruct this region by putting in democratic laws.
  14. Analyzing Martin Luther Speech “I Have a Dream”
    It is also imperative to note that Luther is addressing all Americans, both white and black, and hence the use of words “we” and “our”.
  15. Analysis of the Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail
    From the biblical stand, the king was justified to move in the hope that his contributions would bring change in the destined world.
  16. Forgiveness in Martin Luther’s Movement for Rights Blacks
    The bible teachings tell us that God exists in the holy trinity and the only way to forgive others is for us to be able to forgive our own transgressions.
  17. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
    Although Malcolm X did not favor violence, he had a strong objection on the subject of nonviolence philosophy on the blacks.
  18. “Use of Pathos: Martin Luther King’s “”I Have a Dream”””
    During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Junior had the privilege of giving several speeches whose main theme in almost all was on the freedom of the black Americans.’I have a dream’ was among the many […]

👨🏿 Martin Luther King Essay Titles

  1. Martin Luther Kning and The March on Washington
    To elaborate his point of view he refers to the Constitution which stated that people were equal in terms of their political rights, and shows how African-Americans were disfranchised by the government.
  2. Analysis of “I Have a Dream “, by Martin Luther King, Jr.
    They are used in the speech to capture the attention of the audience. Repetition is used throughout the speech to put an emphasis on the main idea of the message.
  3. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Foundation
    The Memorial is located in the South West region of the National Mall. It is believed that Martin Luther King, Jr.influenced and continues to influence every visitor in the museum.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream“
    Martin Luther King is optimistic that African Americans will have basic rights including voting and other social rights in the future.
  5. Martin Luther King’s Speech: A Summary
    King noted that the constitution and the Declaration of Independence guaranteed the freedom and equality of all the citizens of the country.
  6. Why the Philosophy of King is More Effective in Fighting Racism than Malcolm’s?
    The idea of harmony and respect of all human beings is a result of his Christian foundation as well as the philosophy of Gandhi that he encountered later on in his life.
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    He observed that the Whites had continually segregated and oppressed the Negroes despite the fact that, the latter had tried to emancipate themselves from the demeaning chains of racial prejudice and segregation that clouded the […]
  8. Obtaining Objective Truth in Regards to Martin Luther King’s Role in the Fight for Equality in the United States
    Historians and Scholar’s View of Martin Luther King’s Role in the Fight for Equality in the United States Historians and scholars have made a lot of contributions to discovering the life of Martin Luther King […]
  9. How could King be more upset with moderate whites than violent extremists like clansmen?
    In his letter, King is trying to persuade and win the authority of the white man who in the real sense had acted as a hindrance to the attainment of the various goals of the […]
  10. Martin Luther King’s Speech, “I Have a Dream”
    One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination…….
  11. Martin Luther King’s Last Speech
    He says that just like the biblical Jews who suffered in the wilderness, but their descendants finally reached the Promised Land, so will the descendants of the black people in the United States.
  12. Martin Luther King Junior
    Other clauses repeated in the speech include; ‘Now is the time’ found in the sixth paragraph of the speech, where Martin was emphasizing that the time of freedom had come.’Let freedom ring’ is another clause […]
  13. Biographical History of Martin Luther King Jr
    In this case, he can be boldly referred to as one of the best orators that the country has ever had. As a matter of fact, this march was done to demand for freedom and […]
  14. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech Analysis
    The speech has become a symbol of a new era of freedom and symbol of the American civil rights movement.”I Have a Dream” is a representation of the “America Dream” about a free and equal […]
  15. The Significance of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation in History of Western Civilization
    In his attempts to reform the protestant church, Luther wrote several letters to the leaders of the church such as Bishops and the clergy.
  16. Martin Luther: Sacramental Practices
    According to Marius: In Reformed Theology, the Lord’s Supper and Baptism are sacraments, which are external signs by which God seals the promise of goodwill toward people in order to sustain the weakness of faith […]
  17. Loury, Douglass, and King Jr.
    Loury addressed the challenge to liberals and conservatives that was in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Loury found it difficult to sell the idea of self help and reliance among the black because […]
  18. Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Movement
    Martin Luther King noticed the negative trend and he took his stand to make people see the devastating effects of the war.

⭐ Creative Titles for MLK Essay

  1. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail
    He raises the stakes in his letter by pointing out “…the intent of our peaceful, active action is to generate a crisis-filled situation that will certainly necessitate commencement of negotiations”. King’s letter reveal a man […]
  2. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Comparison
    In the entire history of the United States, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were the greatest advocators of freedom and civil rights. He believed that the whites were not to be allowed to misbehave […]
  3. Martin Luther King Theory: Issue of Power
    The letter teaches people of faith that they should use peaceful means in demanding for their rights. In conclusion, them letter by Martin Luther advocated for the respect of human rights.
  4. “I Have a Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King Jr
    Unlike previous presentations, the speech had an influence on the overall realization and implementation of statutory provisions that were critical to the sustenance of equality and justice in society.
  5. “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Luther King
    Throughout, however, he refers back to the notion of time, the moment, and in this, he is addressing the concept of Kairos.
  6. Martin Luther King’s Leadership in Historical Context
    The ideological commitment, articulation of the values, and the goals of the civil rights movements made King one of the leaders of all time.
  7. Dr. Martin Luther King’s Speech I Have a Dream
    For example, at the beginning of the speech where he began by lamenting on the precarious justice system in the United States that was tilted against the Negros, he figuratively used the terms “promissory note,” […]
  8. The Civil Rights Movement: Martin King and Malcolm X’s Views
    King also stressed that the major concepts he adopted were taken from the “Sermon on the Mount and the Gandhian method of nonviolent resistance”.
  9. The Speech “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King
    It could be said that the primary goal of the paper is to examine the effectiveness of the speech while evaluating the impact on the audience, occasion, speaker, and the lines of the speech.
  10. Martin Luther King Jr. as a Born Leader
    King was a trait leader, as he was able to translate his vision or his dream to others and make them enthusiastic about it.
  11. “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King
    The fact that the word segregation was used in the second half of the 20th century is astonishing. In 1963, the city of Birmingham was considered a fortress of segregation.
  12. “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King: What We Already Achieved
    Martin Luther King is a figure of world significance whose famous speech influenced millions of people and led to significant reforms in the U.S. Yet, there are still certain areas in which the U.S.and would […]
  13. Martin Luther King’s Psychological Portrait
    Martin Luther King is one of the most prominent figures in the history of the United States who had a profound impact on the development of the country.
  14. Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill’s Leadership Styles
    This move that paved the way for his growth in the military career later led to his emergence as a renowned leader in Britain and across the world.
  15. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Social and Political Philosophy
    C: “An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law”. C: “An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law”.
  16. Martin Luther King and His Impact on Society
    The ability of people to refuse to follow the regime is a major way how Martin Luther King accomplished change and respect towards the African American population.
  17. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Who Is Closer to Success?
    Martin Luther King Jr.and Malcolm X are remembered for their outstanding fight for civil rights in the United States at a time when the black community faced oppression and inequality in different ways.
  18. Martin Luther King’s Public Speech
    In terms of strength and persuasive characteristics, the part of the speech, where King, makes an appeal to the Declaration of Independence is the most effective because he uses all three modes of appeal and […]

📝 Interesting Martin Luther King Essay Topics

  1. Leadership Lessons From Martin Luther King Jr.
    Born in 1929, Luther King Jr.lived during World War I and in the post-war era of the United States, which was characterized by the severe oppression and segregation of African-Americans within the country. Lessons to […]
  2. Ethical Leadership: Martin Luther King
    All individuals were expected to consider his actions and embrace the idea of morality. Through the use of a positive community culture and empowerment tactics, King managed to model such desirable behaviors.
  3. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Leadership Analysis
    By studying the activity of prominent activists of the past and the key prerequisites to their success, it is possible to learn more about the art of leading others.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Malcolm X’s Leadership Styles
    Thesis: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both charismatic leaders, but the latter was more of a transformational leader as well because of his idealistic views and his ability to inspire his followers to […]
  5. Rousseau’s the Social Contract vs. Martin Luther King
    His “Social Contract” is one of the most intriguing writings of Rousseau because he defends man, though being part of the society has its own right in terms of privacy.
  6. Social Ethics. Letter from Martin Luther King Jr.
    The Letter that Martin Luther King wrote to eight ministers in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 was in response to their published appeal to their congregations to stop demonstrating against the unjust segregation laws that had […]
  7. A Short Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr
    The aim of the proposed study is to explore the factors between the occurrence of King’s principles in a world of racial discrimination and the impact of non-violence and civil disobedience in the world of […]
  8. Martin Luther King Argument From Birmingham Jail
    King provides a clear background of the real reasons of his arrestment and his desire to grab attention of the Christian society of Birmingham’s clergymen in Alabama.Dr.
  9. “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King: What Has Changed
    The constitution was drafted by the framers in such a manner that only White men who owned acres of land and property would be given the right to voice their opinion and decide the functioning […]
  10. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Critique
    The purpose of the king’s speech was to motivate the endorsement of change within the Americans, and the state, in relation to Americans’ inappropriate views towards unlike races or tribal groups in America.
  11. Martin Luther King Junior, Great American Leader
    I have always been aware of the fact that if I were to succeed in my life and become a great person, then I would have to develop a solid personality and character.
  12. Life of Martin Luther King and Modern Life
    Martin Luther King lived in the middle of the 20th century facing the problems of the American society of that time.
  13. Historical Figures: Martin Luther King Jr.
    In his speeches, he also addressed controversial and urgent topics like the war in Vietnam and poverty opposing the policies that instigated it.’Freedom’ the word that he often used had the central place in his […]
  14. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
    Under the leadership of Martin Luther King, whom the activists chose as their representative and leader, they protested the arrest with a bus boycott that put a strain on the town’s economy.
  15. The Martin Luther King Assassination
    Martin Luther King is often regarded as one of the most courageous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement in the history of the USA.
  16. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Great Pastor
    King’s life was a continuation of the commitment his family had made to advance the ministry and mission of the Christian church.
  17. Martin Luther King and His Trace in Chicago History
    The campaign targeted to improve the situation in the black neighborhoods and make stress the discrimination practices of realtors and housing officials of the city.
  18. John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln: Principles of Leadership
    In this regard, John Kennedy stated in general that, “We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or make it the last”.

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