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115 Barack Obama Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Barack Obama Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy: Partners or Opponents?
    Yet, what I think is that Sarkozy is one of the best French presidents who really acts in the interests of his country and people.
  2. Obama’s speech on 2012 budget cuts
    On February 14th, 2011, the president of the United States of America, delivered a speech detailing his government’s vision for the county, alongside the speech, he presented the government’s suggested changes in 2012 fiscal budget. […]
  3. Should the Obama Generation Drop Out? by Charles Murray
    Although Murray emphasizes an importance of the reforms of the educational system, the information in his essay provides the description of the inability of many students to deal with college-level material and incapability to pay […]
  4. Obama’s Speech on The Issue of Gun Control
    In the case of the speech “Obama on Gun Control” this takes the form of the President attempting to convince the American public of the righteousness of his cause on the basis of the image […]
  5. Fiscal Policies by President Barrack Obama
    This research paper will further offer a comparison of the two as employed by the current president of United States of America then describe a statement of polices adopted by the White House.
  6. Is Barrack Obama like Hitler?
    According to his book, Obama on the other hand recognizes and desires to change the problems in the American functional government and state of politics. This has generated a lot of criticism and the continued […]
  7. Ad on Sex Education Distorts Obama Policy
    Obama has only one accomplishment in the field of education and that accomplishment was during the Illinois sex education bill, which did not even become a law.
  8. Compare and Contrast of the Historical Figures: Barrack Obama and Joel Osteen
    He is also the best selling author and he has sold million copies of his books in America and abroad; he was included in the list of the ‘ten most fascinating people’ by Barbara Walter.
  9. Barack Obama as President of the United States
    Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States of America and was often referred to as one of the ablest presidents of the progressive era.
  10. Analysis of Obama’s Victory Speech
    The use of “answer” again here indicates that he is ready to solve the problems that have been affecting the U.S.in the new century and echoes the theme of change.
  11. President Obama’s State of the Union Address on January 1, 2011
    Among the notable issues that the President addressed in the speech were the country’s economic policy, development and employment issues. However, despite the economic growth, the president acknowledged that many American citizens still lack jobs […]
  12. Evaluating Obama’s Presidency
    The president has also recognized the need to make adjustments in the education sector in order to produce graduates who fits in the global workplace. In his presidency, Obama has recognized the importance of the […]
  13. Memo to President Obama on the Possible Insolvency of the Postal Service
    The Postmaster General, in a prepared testimony that he is to deliver to the Congress, has stated that the Postal Service is in danger of insolvency.Mr.
  14. Hero’s journey: “Little Obama” Movie
    The belief of the movie is that these years were the most important one in laying ground to the character of Obama.
  15. Obama’s wars and the International Relations
    The rapid developments and the relatively limited presence of international media in Libya saw the imposition of a degree of uncertainty on the latest twists of the conflict drama.
  16. American Jobs Act Proposed By President Obama
    By accepting, passing, and enacting the bill as a whole, the US will be strengthening the economies of other countries at the expense of her own.
  17. Why did president Obama fail in his attempts to stop israel building settlement and prevent the Palestinians from applying for UN membership?
    Powerful states have strong influence in the international system and use of force is sometimes justified to bring peace and tranquility.
  18. The Views on the Debate of President Obama and Romney on 10/3/12
    The president received the backing from the Supreme Court when implementing the stipulations of the healthcare act. President Obama was right by supporting the enactment of sound policies that improve healthcare for average Americans.
  19. Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney on Health Care
    The health care system in the United States of America is subordinate to the private sector, the state, and County governments.
  20. Obama and Romney’s plans for higher education
    Romney plans to reduce the cost of a dollar in the federal government while boosting the private sectors of the government. One of the Romney’s plans seems to favor the higher education sector in the […]
  21. Obama’s Administration Seeking Peace with Iran
    Obama’s administration and the other governments who participated in the deal believe that the Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has offered appropriate evidence to prove that he is a modest leader aiming at advancing his country’s […]
  22. A Rhetoric Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speech “The Perfect Union”
    In his speech, Obama is very conscious and aware of his audience. The message contained in his speech is that of peace and unity.
  23. Michelle Obama’ Speech at the Democratic National Convention
    Michelle’s purpose was to introduce her husband as man who was more concerned about the common citizens’ concerns and who was willing and able to help everyone to realize his/her American dream because he himself […]
  24. On Guard, Mr. Opponent! Searching for the Logical Fallacies in October Debates. Obama vs. Romney
    Analyzing the conversation which Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had during the October debates, one can see distinctly that the outcomes of the above-mentioned debates depend considerable on the public’s opinion of each of the […]
  25. Barrack Obama and Race in Politics and Culture
    The objective of this paper is to identify and illustrate the following issues that play key roles in determining the future of politics in America.
  26. Advice for Obama
    The President has arguably neglected the economic recovery agenda that was the priority of the Democratic Party during his first term in office.
  27. Lifespan & Personality: Towards explaining President Barrack Obama’s Personality Traits
    President Barrack Obama from the perspective of developmental psychology by applying two theories of personality in the analyses of the influences throughout the lifespan.
  28. Analysis of media coverage of president Obama’s activities
    This was criticized by the media bitterly but when such amount was set for the Obama’s inauguration it seemed to be accepted by the media and the media did not raise a finger to question […]
  29. Obama’s American Jobs Act
    Obama wanted the American Jobs Act to be passed by the Congress as he believed that this act was the only necessary for the country. In conclusion, Obama’s American Jobs Act is a great opportunity […]
  30. Obama’s Speech in India
    The United States president said he was convinced and sure that, relating with India would make the interests of the two nations best advanced.
  31. Fiscal policies of president Bush and president Obama
    This has as a result led in implementation of a number of economic bailouts so as to increase the viability of the economy in the long run.
  32. Sumner, Wilson, Reagan, and Obama
    In this work, I take the view that while government has at time proven to be the very burden, the citizens need to be protected from, when run in line with the constitution and with […]
  33. Did Obama’s Stimulus Work?
    Moreover, the question of the act’s effectiveness is rather controversial because it is possible to discuss the results from the point of the immediate successes and long-term goals with references to the economic measures which […]
  34. President Obama: Manager of the Economy
    According to the speech of president Obama, God gives freedom and it is the responsibility of people to secure it all the time.
  35. President Obama’s Foreign Policy
    Thus, Obama wanted to establish a foreign policy to change how the U.S.was perceived by the Muslim world and improve the relations.
  36. President Obama’s Duties as the American CEO in his Second Term
    As the president and the chief executive of the United States, President Obama, under the federal constitution, is granted the powers to execute the laws, to appoint key federal officials and to grant pardons as […]
  37. President Obama’s National Export Initiative
    The conclusion will offer the author’s own opinion about the export initiative The proposed strategy that the National Exports Initiative is expected to follow has the following steps: 1) The government is to provide the […]
  38. Barrack Obama Genogram
    Payne, on the other hand, was born in the year 1922 in Wichita, Kansas and she died 86 years later on November 3, 2008 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  39. President Obama’s Higher Education Agenda
    Higher education in the United States of America has been dwindling for the last few years. He has been reinstating that economy of the United States of America relies heavily on education.
  40. US Foreign Policy During Obama Presidency
    The foreign policy of Bush gets placed in a dire light, even as news springs grieve that the Afghanistan policy of Obama is parallel to that of Bush.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Barack Obama

  1. The Controversial Health Policy in the USA Initiated by the Obama’s Administration
    In the United States of America, the concept of public policy does not only refer to the final outcome of a set of policies, but it also entails the making of decisions and analyses of […]
  2. How Obama’s First Election has been Affected by Racism
    The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America heralded the beginning of a new chapter in the country.
  3. Should Obama Nominate Another Woman or Two to Replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer?
    Looking at the current situation in the political world, it is impossible to omit the election of Barak Obama on the second term.
  4. Has President Obama’s Presidency Changed the US?
    Obama’s Presidency and Transformation of the US From the time the US acquired its independence, all presidents of the United States of America have had their failures and successes in terms of changing the nation.
  5. Obama’s First Election and Racism
    For African Americans, the march of Barack Obama towards the American presidency was the culmination of a long journey that started in the farmlands of the South during times of slavery.
  6. President Barack Obama’s Healthcare Reforms
    It is important to note that healthcare is one of the basic human needs in the world and specifically in the United States of America.
  7. Ronald Reagan revolution through Obama
    This strategy weakened the economy of the Soviet Union as it tried to keep the pace to be recognized globally like the US, and in the process, the move stopped the advancement of the soviet […]
  8. Comparing the Challenges that Being Black Creates for Douglass and Obama
    The books “Dreams from my father” by Barack Obama and Frederick Douglass’s “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” provide some of the best examples of using personal narratives to portray the […]
  9. The Challenges of Racism Influential for the Life of Frederick Douglass and Barack Obama
    However, Douglass became an influential anti-slavery and human rights activist because in the early childhood he learnt the power of education to fight inequality with the help of his literary and public speaking skills to […]
  10. The Challenges that Being Black Creates for Douglass and Obama
    However, that is not the case since a lot of racism was evident in the twentieth century, and Barack Obama was one of the victims.
  11. Obama’s Health Care Reform and Utilitarian Theory
    Florida Blue The foreseeable good of the health care reform in Florida Blue is that it will increase the number of patients and thus improve its growth.
  12. Obama’s Brain Mapping Project
    It can be considered that the government has failed to recognize the importance of such an establishment until recently According to CNN, the US president has launched a $100 million funding for the establishment of […]
  13. Michelle Obama’s Remarks on American Dream
    She added that the main goal was to secure the blessings of liberty and to bring about the fulfillment of the promise of equality.
  14. Political Rhetoric: Barack Obama’s March 18 Speech
    The context of the speech was reassuring white voters that they did not stand a chance to lose anything based on a statement of a renown Black American Pastor. The speech used the pattern of […]
  15. President Barrack Obama 2013 Inaugural Speech
    He asserts that the process of inaugurating a president is part and parcel of the constitutional order to elevate the status and sovereignty of a nation.
  16. Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Speech
    In his speech, Barack Obama makes a magnificent attempt to address the issues of racial dishonesty and white privilege that is still observed in America, to describe the “black anger” that is inherent to the […]
  17. Peniel Joseph’ Views on Barack Obama
    The first chapter of the book dubbed “Re-imagining Black power movement” looks at Obama’s rise to power as a defining moment in the US.
  18. Historical Event: Barack Obama’s Election
    The United States of America has had a shameful racial history characterized by the discrimination of the non-white citizens in the country.
  19. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Comparison
    These policies are based on the premise that the main concern of the government should be social welfare. Nevertheless, Mitt Romney does not say that the government should pay no attention to the work of […]
  20. King’s and Obama’s Views on Racism in America
    If this assertion is made today, Barack Obama will disagree with MLK’s statement, as seen in the excerpt to the speech entitled A Perfect Union: The profound mistake of Reverend Wright’s sermons is not that […]
  21. Presidential Campaign: Barack Obama’s Message and Its Power
    It is clear that the candidate is one of the leaders of the movement for the change supported by thousands of Americans.
  22. Obama’s Policy: Delta and Northwest Airlines’ Case
    70 % of the Delta’s employees discarded the Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and in the previous month, 52% of the flight crew chose not to unionize.
  23. First Presidential Debate: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
    Despite Obama was talking longer than Romney in the debate, most Americans thought that he was less dominant. However, most people believed that Romney controlled the agenda of the debate.
  24. Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney’s Economic Plans
    However, Obama defended his plan by claiming that the only reason that it failed in some sectors is due to the failing state of the economy when he took over the presidency.
  25. ‘Obama’s Deal’ Documentary Analysis
    After the struggle which was won by the president following the singing of the health reform, a surprise in the support that the president and his party had enjoyed was realized to have faded from […]
  26. Three Problems that Obama Should Fix
    The efforts by Obama to deliver this promise has been dealt a big blow due to the problems he is encountering and which he has to fix to continue with his bid to fulfill his […]
  27. New York Times: Obama Vows to Push Immigration Changes
    Despite this bias, the report provides a fair view of the Democratic Party and the president’s view of the republicans on the issue of immigration.
  28. Barack Obama and Race Impact on American Politics
    A detailed explanation of this last statement from a deeper perspective helps in determining how race impacts the views of voters and people of American society and how Obama directed and structured his campaign to […]
  29. Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech and Rhetoric
    Obama seems to be talking from a point of experience and his understanding of the challenges he articulates is a proof to his assertion.
  30. Did President Obama Save the Auto Industry?
    As a result of all the failure, such industry giants as General Motors and Chrysler were unable to pay their bills, and to avoid a collapse had to plead for the government’s help.
  31. Obama’s Presidency and Racism in the USA
    Irrespective of this criticism and even disappointment, it is possible to note that the presidency of Barak Obama is an important milestone that can eventually lead to the era of true racial justice in the […]
  32. Is Obama “The Reagan of the Left”?
    This fact, alongside Obama’s ambitious nature and his investment in the progress of American prosperity, is the reason why he is sometimes referred to as “the Reagan of the Left”.
  33. Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” Speech Analysis
    The purpose of the speech is to convince the audience that he is the man who can make people live better.
  34. Obama Campaign vs. Save the Children Initiative
    Save the Children organization focuses on the future and the context needed to improve the lives of children in the US and worldwide.
  35. Barack Obama’s Second Presidential Term Agenda
    The 2012 presidential elections of the United States marked the presidential election of the 57th quadrennial. In comparison to the optimism level of the historic election of 2008, 65% of the population was in support […]
  36. Sociological Concepts for “Obama Gets It Right”
    In order to avoid condemning other segments of the population in terms of the troubles afflicting the black people, the president noted that they were responsible for these problems.
  37. President Obama’s State of the Union Speeches
    In this case, the political stream is the concern of the public about the environmental problems and the use of dirty energy.
  38. Barack Obama’s Presidential Leadership and Charisma
    According to the report, charisma is one of the traits associated with leadership. The authors also note that although charisma is associated with leadership, it is not a determinant of leadership qualities.
  39. Barack Obama’s Charisma in Leadership
    According to the report, charisma falls under leadership’s vision and it can be a misleading trait of leadership that can be used to manipulate subjects.
  40. “Barack Obama: Miles Traveled, Miles to Go” by Erin Kaplan
    The first one is the 2009 rise of Obama to the presidency, and the other one is the part where Obama experienced challenges as the president in 2010.

🧑🏽 Good Research Topics about Barack Obama

  1. Analysis of Barack Hussein Obama’s Inaugural Speech
  2. Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Eulogies of Robert F. Kennedy and Barack Obama
  3. Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speech at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial
  4. Comparison between the Campaign Platforms of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  5. Analysis of President Barack Obama’s Actions of Legalizing Same Sex Marriages and Medicinal Marijuana through the Lens of Lao-Tzu
  6. Comparison Of I Have A Dream By Martin Luther King And Victory Speech By Barack Obama
  7. Analysis of President Barack Obama’s Speech on the Death of Osama Bin Laden and the Fight against the Al-Qaeda
  8. Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama’s Interfaith Prayer
  9. Barack Obama Examined Through an Adlerian Framework Superiority Striving
  10. Analysis of the Advertisements for the Current Presidential Campaigns for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  11. Comparison between Barack Obama and John McCain
  12. Conflict: Obama and Vocal Orchestra
  13. How Does Barack Obama Engage His Audience?
  14. How Does Barack Obama Use Language to Create Impact in His Speech?
  15. How the Current Economic Crisis has Changed Barack Obama’s Plans and Policies for the United States?
  16. How Will Obama Change the United States of America?
  17. What Is Making Barack Obama to Be a President in the US?
  18. Who Is Barack Obama?
  19. Differences in the Methods of Dealing with Economic Downturns between President Herbert Hoover and President Barack Obama

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Barack Obama

  1. Barack Obama and Birth Abortion Ban
  2. Comparison of the Art of Rhetoric in Ancient and Modern Times, Based on Gorgias’ Arguments as Well as a Speech by Barack Obama
  3. Argument in Favor of Increasing Minimum Wage in America as Proposed by President Barack Obama
  4. Barack Obama and the Bush Tax Cut
  5. Barack Obama: Biography & First Black American President
  6. Comparison of the Administrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama
  7. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Daniel Craig and others – 1 is 2 Many – Campus Sexual Assault
  8. Barack Obama & Martin L.King: the Crossed Fate of Two Emblematic Eaders
  9. Political Centralism: The Development of Political Consciousness
  10. Barack Obama – Oval Office Speech on End of Operation Iraqi Freedom Mission
  11. Barack Obama – Oval Office Speech to the Nation on BP Oil Spill Disaster
  12. Syria and US Military Action Address to the Nation
  13. Barack Obama – Speech on the Iraq War at Federal Plaza, Chicago
  14. Dreams From My Father by Barack
  15. Barack Obama: Speech To The Nation On Passage Of New Health Care Reform Bill
  16. Call for Stricter Gun Control Laws, Comfort in a Time of Distress, and Eulogy to the Victims of the SAndy Hook Shooting in the Emotional Speech of President Barack Obama

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